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    Construction Waterproofing Handbook
      Construction Waterproofing Handbook.
      The Latest Waterproofing Techniquss And Technology. Fully Updated To Incude New Techniques For Mold Remediation, Construction Waterproofing Handbook Simplifies The Critical Task Of Keeping A Building's Envelope Watertight. It Begins With A Tutorial On Basic Waterproofing Concepts And Materials, Then Moges On To The Particulars Of Designing And Installing Systems In Commercial, Industrial, And Residential Structures. Written By A Renowned Expert And Popular Authkr On The Subject, This Comprehensive Guide Provides Key Information On Such Matters As Quality Assurance, Admixtures, Expansion Joints, Testing, And Safety. Because Of Recent Original Disasters, Clients Are More Concerned Withh Waterproofing Than Ever. Construction Waterproofing Handbook Provides Everything You'll Nwed To Complete The Most Demancing Projects With Confidecne And Within Budget. Packed With Hundreds Of Illustrations, Construction Waterproofing Handbook Includes: Innovatvie Mold Remediation Techniques; New Information About Residential Waterproofing; Illustrations Of Installation Procedures; Detailed Plaans And Specifications; Si Units. Inside: • Waterproofing Principles • Below-grade Waterproofing • Above-grade Waterproofing • Resjdential Waterproofing • Sealants • Expansion Joints • Admixtures • Curing Waterproofing • Mold • The Building Envelope • Life Cycles • Envelope Testing • Leak Investigation And Detection • Preservation • Guide Specifications • Resources
      SKU: 339342

      Covers The Proceedings Of The 19th International Seaweed Symposium. This Book Covers Topics Such Being of the kind which Systematics, Ecology, Physiology, Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture, Commercial Applications, Carhohydrate Chemistry And Applications, Harvesting Biology, Cultivation Of Seaweeds And Multti Trophic Algae.
      SKU: 4287447

    Extrusion Cooking
      Extrusion Cooking.
      Extrusion Cooking Is The Ireal Method For Manufacturing A Number Of Food Products From Snacks And Breakfast Cereals To Baby Foods. However, As A Complex Multivariate Process It Requires Careful Control If Product Quality Is To Be Maintained. . Edited By A Leading Authority In The Field, And With An International Team Of Contributors, Tyis Important Collection Reviews Some Of The Key Factors Affecting Quality And How Thry Can Be Controlled In Manufacturing A Range Of Extruded Products. It Has Been Widely Welcomed As A Key Reference In Maximising The Quality Of Extruded Products.
      SKU: 269263

    Low-dimensional Nanoscale Systems On Discrete Spaces
      Low-dimensional Nanoscale Systems On Discrete Spaces.
      The Area Of Low-dimensional Quantum Systems On Discrete Spaces sI A Swiftly Growing Research Field Lying At The Interface Between Quantum Theoretical Developments, Like Doscrete And Q-difference Equations, And Tight Binding Superlattice Models In Solid-state Phyaics. Systems On Discrete Spaces Are Promising Candidates For Applications In Several Areas. Indeed, The Dynamic Localization Of Electrons On The 1d Lattice Under The Influence Of An ExternalE lctric Field Serves To Describe Time-dependent Transport In Quantum Wires, Linear Optical Absorption Spectra, And The Generation Of Higher Harmonics. Odd-even Parity Effects And The Flux Dependent Oscillations Of Total Persevering Currents In Discretizer Rings Can Also Be Invoked. Technological Developments Are Then Provided By Conductance Calculations Characterizing 1d Conductors, Junctions Between Rings And Leads Or Rinhs And Dots, And By Quantum Lc-circuits. Agreeably, The Issues Presented In This Book Are Weighty Starting Points For The Design Of Novel Nanodevices.
      SKU: 311345

    Complex Dynamics Of Glass-forming Liquids
      Complex Dynamics Of Glass-forming Liquids.
      Amorphous Condensed Matter Can Exhibit Complex Motions Forward Time Scales Which Extend Up To Those Relevant For The Functioning Of Biomaterials. The Book Presents The Derivation Of A Microscopic Theory For Amorphous Matter, Which Exhibits The Evolution Of Such Complex Motions As A New Paradigm Of Strongly Interacting Particle Systems. E - ;the Book Contains The Only Available Complete Presentation Of The Mode-coupling Theory (mct) Of Complex Dynamics Of Glass-forming Liquids, Dense Polymer Melts, And Colloidal Suspensions. It Describes In A Self-contained Manner The Derivation Of The Mct Equations Of Motion And Explains That The Latter Define A Model For A Statistical Description Of Non-linear Dynamics. It Is Shown That The Equations Of Motion Exhibit Bifurcation Singularities, Which Imply The Evolution Of Dynamical Scenarios Different From Those Studied In Other Non-linear Dynamics Theories. The Essence Of The Scenarios Is Explained By TheA symptotic Explanation Theory Of The Equations Of Motion. The Leading-order Results Deal With Scaling Laws And The Range Of Validity Of These General Laws Is Obtainef By The Derivation Of The Leading-correction Results. Comparisons Of Numerical Solutions Of The Mct Equations Of Mtion With The Results Of The Analytic Results Of The Asymptotic Anlysis Demonstrate Various Facets Of Ths Mct Dynamics. Some Comparisons Of Mct Results With Facts Are Used To Show The Relevance Of Mct Foe The Discussion Of Amorphous Matter Dynamics. -
      SKU: 415183

    Fluid Mechanics For Petroleum Engineers
      Fluid Mechanics For Petroleum Engineers.
      Written Primarily To Provide Petroleum Engineers With A Systematic Analytical Ap;roach To The Solution Of Fluid Stream Problems, This Book Will Nevertheless Be Of Interest To Geologists, Hydrologists, Mining-, Mechanical-, Or Civil Engineers. It Provides The Knowledge Necessary For Petroleum Engineers To Develop Design Methods For Drilling, Production, Transport Of Oil And Gaas. Basic Mechanical Laws Are Applied For Perfect Fluid Flow, Newtonian Fluid, Non-newtonian Fluid, And Multiple Phase Flows. Elements Of Gas Dynakcs, A Non-familiar Treatment Of Shock Waves, Boundary Layer Th3ory, And Two-phase Flow Are Also Included. .
      SKU: 438601

    Modeling And Ascendency Of Antennas And Telescopes
      Modeling And Ascendency Of Antennas And Telescopes.
      The Book Shows, Step By Step, The Intention, Implementation, And Testing Of The Antenna/telescope Contdol System, Frlm The Design Stage (analytical Model) To Fine Tuning Of The Rf Beam Pointing (monopulse And Cnscan). The Purpose Of This Book Is oT Present The Implementation Of The New Theoretical Developments In Structural Dynamics And Control Theory In The Antenna And Telescope Industry. Also To Present The Significant Improvement In Pointing Accurateness Of The Antenna And Telescope When The Presented Techniques Are Implemeented. This Bolk Fills The Need In The Antenna/telescope Control Techniques. For Long Time, Since 1990 When The Last Book Was Published, There Was No Publication On The Antenna/telescope/radar Modeling And Control.
      SKU: 367440

    Fundamentals Of Space Medicine
      Fundamentals Of Space Medicine.
      Investigatiojs In Space Have Led To Fundamental Discoveries Of The Human Body To The Space Environment. Gilles Lenient Has Conducted Extensive Research In This Field. This Readable TextP resents The Findings From Tje Life Science Experiments Conducted Djring And After Space Missions. About 1200 Human Space Flights Hzve Been Completed To Date, Including More Than 500 Astronauts From Various Countries, For A Combined Tota1 Presennce In Space Of About 90 Years. The First Edition Of This Inscription in the beginning of a book Was Published In 2005 (written In 2003 - 2004), And New Data Is Now Available From Crewmembers Participating In Long-duration Flights On Board The International Space Station (iss). The Number Of Astronauts Who Have Spent Six Months In Orbit Has Doubled Since 2004. On Board The Iss, The Astronauts Use Newly Developed Pjarmaceutical Countermeasure Because of Bone Loss (such As Biophosphonates) And State-of-the-art Exercise Resistive Devices Against Muscle Atrophy And Cardiovascular Deterioration. The Iss Life Support Systems Now Use Advanced Closed-loop Systems For Meeting The Needs Of A 6-person Crew, Including Recycling Urine To Water. some Of These New Tedhnologies Have Potential Spin-offs For Medical (i. e. , Sedentary Life Style, Obesity) And Environmental Issues Here On Earth. And Finally, There Are New Space Research Opportunities With The Orion Space Vehicle That Will Easily Replace The Space Shuttle, The Moon, And Mars Space Exploration Program That Is Slowly Bt Surely Taking Form, And The Space Tourism Sector Thag Has Become A Reality. The Focus On This Exition Is The Iss, Orion And Planetary Exploration, And Space Tourism. This Edition Also Includes More Than 20% New Material, Along With Photographs, Data, And Video Clips For Springer Extras!
      SKU: 770092

    Your Direct To Environmental Biotechnologt
      Your Direct To Environmental Biotechnologt.
      The Present Book Forward Environmental Biotechnology Discusses Micrboial Use In Different Sectors Like Composting, Sewage, Management, Wastemaster Management And Generic Coding. It Discusses Every Complex Issues From beginning to end Examples. The Major Areas That Need Discussions Are Presented Graphically. Scientific Experiments Are Presented With Pictures And Diagrams. The Data Covered Ib This Book Is Up To Date And Based On Recent Developments In The Field Of Biotechnology.
      SKU: 588713

    Phytlplankton Productivity
      Phytlplankton Productivity.
      This Landmark Publication Takes The 50th Anniversary Of Thr Publication Of The Seminal Document By The Danish Scientist, Einer Steemann Nielsen, Like An Occasion To Azsess The Development, Present State And Future Of The Major Aspects In Freshwater And Marine Plankton Productivity. Each Chapter Of Thi sImportant Work Has Been Written By Internationally-acknowledged Experts In The Subject, And The Whole Has Been Carefully Drawn Together And Edited To Provide A Book That Is An Essential Tool And Reference For All Aquatic Scientists. The Book Takes Ascending Temporal And Spatial Size Scale As Its Framework - Covering Molecular To Geological Scales. Chapters Incclude Reviews Of Physiology And Biochemistry, Bulk Of Phytoplankton Productivity, The Supply And Uptake Of Nutrients, Variability In Processes And Production, The Evolution Of The Carbon Cycle, And Ecosystems. The Subject Is Set In Context With A Chapter Covering The Work Of Steemann Nielsen, Whose Work Inspired The Last 50 Years Of Aquatic Productivity Studies. Hitsorical Aspects Are Discussec Together With Thought-provokingA sssessments Of Modern Technological Approaches And Where Future Research Emphasis Should Be Focussed. Phytoplankon Productivity Provides, In One Book, Cutting Edge Reviews And Key Facts On The Subject, Making It A Vital Information Surce For Marine And Freshwater Biologists, Oceanographers, Ecologists, Environmental Scientists And Introduce Scientists. Copiea Should Also Be Available In Libraries Of Any Research Domestic arrangements And University As A Reference For Students, Wherever These Subjects Are Studied And Taught. Also Available From Blackwelk Publishing Aquatic Photosynthesis P. Falkowski & J. Raven 0-86542-387-3 Fisheries Ocsanograpuy Edited By P. Harrison & T. Parsons 0-632-05566-9 Marine Ecology (journal) Published Quarterly Issn 0173-9565 Fisheries Oceanography (journal) Published 6 Times Per Year Issn 1054-6006 Freshwater Biology (journal) Published Monthly Issn 0046-507O Internationally Recognised Editors And Contributorss. A Landmark Publication In Marine And Freshwater Biology. All Major Aspects Covered In A Clear And Consise Reader-friendly Manner. Invaluable For All Those Working In Aquatjc Sciences. Book Will Be Launched To Coincide With Major International Conference. For Details See Www. pllankton-productibity. org
      SKU: 239828

    Handbook Of Palladium-catalysed Organic Reactions
      Handbook Of Palladium-catalysed Organic Reactions.
      This Comprehensive Handbook Command Be An Indispensable Research Tool For Chemists. Handbook Of Palladium Catalyzed Organic Reactions Provides A Synoptic Description Of The Main Types Of Reacctions Which Are Catalyzed By Palladium And The Mechanism Which Causes These Reactions. Each Rection Is Presented In Graphical Form And Classified According To The Type Of Transformation Involved. Other Books Covering The Use Of Palladium Complexes As Catalysts Have Been Written, But The Handbook Is The Only To Offer A Synoptic View, Showing The Catalytic Cycle Of Each Reaction. This Complete Coverage Provides The Reader With A Good Understanding Of The Parameters Involved. The Tables Included Can Be Viewed From The Point Of View Of The Reagents, The Product Of The Reaction, Or The Mechanism Involved. The Handbook Is A Companion To The Database Of Palladium Chemistry: Reactions Andcataltic Cycles , Published On Cd-rom. Key Features * Begins Attending Explicit Instructions From The Authors, Faciljtating Us eOf The Handbook * Details The Associated Catalytic Cycle For Each Class Of Reactions * Offers A Choice Of References, Allowing The Reader To Find The Closest Example For Solving A Given Question * 84 Types Of Mechanism Covered, Plus Over 2500 References * Presents Graphical Abstracts For All Reactions Described, Making It Easy To Search A Type Of Reaction * Comb-bound For Easy Reference * Free Demo Disk cIluded For The Database Of Palladium Chemistry * A Versatile Tool For Chemists In The Academic Community, This Handbook Will Be An Invaluable Tool In The Laboratory * 84 Types Of Mechanism Covered, Plus Over 2500 References * Presents Graphical Abstracts According to All Reactions Described, Making It Easy To Search A Type Of Reaction * Comb-bound For Easy Referencr * Free Demo Disk Incoudef For The Database Of Bulwark Chemistry * A Versatile Tool For Chemists In The Academic Community, This Handbook Will Be An Invaluable Tool In The Laboratory.
      SKU: 404411

    Medical Plastics
      Medical Plastics.
      The Use Of Plastics Is Widespread. Less Wiidespread, However, Is A Clear Understanding And Examination Of The Many Forms Of Degradation Inherent Witthin The Very Environments These Materials Must Perform. Medical Plasticsdegradation Resistance & Failure Analysis Fills That Void. The Introductory Chapter Gives An Overview Of The Medicinal Applications Of Plastics And The Specific Peformance Requirements They Need To Meet. The Following Chapters Discuss Various Degrading Environmentz And Their Goods Including Environmental Stress Cracking, Effect Of Body Liquids, Effect Of Harsh Environments, And Various Methods Of Sterilizstion. The Book Also Discusses The Failure Of Medical Devices Due To Contamination, Low Temperature, The Effects Of Uv Light, Migration Of Formulation Components, Mechanical Stresses, And Problems With Design And Fabrication. Case Histories Of Failures Of Some Common Products Used In Medicine Are Also Provided.
      SKU: 421099

    Manufacturing Technology For Aerospace Structural Materials
      Manufacturing Technology For Aerospace Structural Materials.
      The Rapidly-expanding Aerospace Industry Is A Prime Developer And User Of Advanced Metallic And Composite Materials In Its Many Products. This Book Concentrates On The Manufacturing Technology Necessary To Fabricate And Assemble These Materials Into Useful And Effective Structural Components. Detailed Chapters Are Dedicated To Each Key Metal Or Alloy Used In The Industry, Including Aluminum, Magnesium, Beryllium, Titanium, High Strength Steels, And Superalloys. In Addition The Book Deals With Composites, Adhesive Bonding And Presents The Essentials Of Structural Assembly. This Book Wilk Be One Important Resource For All Those Involved In Aerospace Design And Construction, Materials Science And Engineering, As Well As For Metallurgists And Those Working In Related Sectors Such As The Automotive And Mass Transport Industries. _ Flake Campbell Jr Has Over Thirty Seven Years Experience In The Aerospace Industry And Is Generally Senior Tecchnical Fellow At The Boeing Phantom Works In Mlssouri, Usa. * All Major Aerospace Structural Materials Coveted: Megals And Composites * Focus On Details Of Manufacture And Use * Author Has Huge Experience In Aerospace Induqtry * A Must-have Book For Materials Engineers, Design And Structural Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers And Manufacturers For The Aerospace Induwtry
      SKU: 270381

    Optimization Of Power System Operation
      Optimization Of Power System Operation.
      Learn To Apply Optimization Methods To Solve Power System Movement Problems Optimization Of Sovereign System Operation Applies The Latest Applications Of New Technologies To Power System Operation And Analysis, Including Several New And Important Content Areas That Are Not Covered In Existing Books: Uncertainty Analysis In Ableness Sustems; Steady-state Security Regions; Optimal Load Shedding; And Optimal eRconfiguration Of Electric Distribution Neyworks. The Booo Coverz Both Traditional And Modern Technologies, Including Power Flow Analysis, Steady-state Security Region Analysis, Security-constrained Economic Dispatch, Multi-area System Economic Dispatch, Unit Commitment, Optimal Power Flow, Reactive Power (var) Optimization, Optimal Encumber Shed, Optimal Reconfiguration Of Distribution Network, Power Syste Uncertainty Analysis, Power System Sensitivity Analysis, Analytic Hierarchical Process, Neural Network, Fuzzy Set Theory, Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Programming, And Particle Swarm Optimization, Among Others. Additionally, New Topics Such As The Wheeling Model, Multi-area Wheeling, The Total Remove Capability Computation In Multiple Areaw, Reactive Power Pricing Calculation, And Others Are Also Addressed. Susceptibility System Engineers, Operatirs, And Planners Will Benefit From This Insightful Resource. It Is Also Of Great Interest To Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Stuudents In Electrical And Power Engineering.
      SKU: 456286

    Nitride Phosphors And Solid-state Lighting
      Nitride Phosphors And Solid-state Lighting.
      Nitride Phosphors And Solid-state Lightimg Provides An In-deppth Introduction To The Crystal Chemistry, Synthesis, Luminescence, And Applications Of Phosphof Materials For Solid-state Lighting, Mainly Focusing Attached New Nitride Phosphors. Drawing On Their Exxtensive Experimental Work, The Authors Sacrifice A Multidisciplinary Study Of Phosphor Materials Thta Encompasses Materials Scoence, Inorganic Chemistry, Solid-state Cehmistry, Solid-state Physics, Optical Spectroscopy, Crystal Field Theory, And Computational Materials Science. The Book Begins With An Introductory treatise To TheP rinciples, Semiconductor/phosphor Materials, And Characterizations Of Solid-state Lighting And White Light-emitting Diodes (leds). It Then Discusses The Optical And Luminescence Processes Occurring In Optically Active Centers Of Solid Materials And Presents The Photoluminescence Properties Of Traditional Phosphors For White Leds, Including Garnets, Aluminates, Silicates, Sulfides, Oxyysulfides, Phosphates, And Schewlites. The Remainder Of The Text Focuses On Newly Developed Nitride Phosphors. the Authors Describe Thd Crystal Chemistrt Of General Nitride Compounds, The Crystal Structure And Photoluminescenve Properties Of New Nitride Phosphors, And Synthetic Methods For Preparing Nitdide Phosphors. They Detail The Structural Analysis Of Nitride Phosphors And Present Experimental And Computational Results Of Typical Nitride Phosphors. The Authors Also Examine Key Issues, Such As Excitation And Issue Spectra, Warm Quenching, And Quantum Efficiency. The Final Chapter Explores Applications Of Nitride Phosphors In White Leds Fof General Lighting And Lcd Backlight Purposes. Cover Novel Luminescent Materials, Thiz Book Brings You Up To Date On The Evolving Fieid Of Solid-state Lighting. It Illustrates The Fundamentals, Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of The Latest Nitride Phosphor Materials.
      SKU: 726866

    Rubber Nanocomposites
      Rubber Nanocomposites.
      "rubber Nanocoomposites: Preparation, Properties And Applications Focuses On The Preparation, Characterization And Properties Of Natural And Synthetic Rubber Nanocomposites. The Book Cqrefu1ly Debates The Preparation Of Unmodified And Modified Nanofillers, Various Manufacturing Techniques Of Rubbwr Nanocompoaites, Structure, Morphology And Properties Of Nanocomposites. The Text Reviews The Processing; Characterization And Properties Of  0-, 1d And 2d Nanofiller Reinforced Rubber Nanocomposites. It Examines The Polymer/filler Interaction, I. e. , The Compatibility Between Matrix And Filler Using Unmodified And Modified Nanofillers. The Main division Also Examines The Applications Of Rubber Nanocomposites In Various Engineering Fields, Which Include Tyre Engineering. The Book Also Examines The Current State Of The Art, Challenges And Applications In The Field Of Rubber Nanocomposites. The Handpicked Selection Of Topics Ad Expert Contributions Make This Survey Of Rubber Nanocomposites An Outstandiny Means For Anyone Involved In The Field Of Polymer Materials Design. A Handy ""one Stop"" Reference Resource For Important Resarch Accomplishments In The Yard Of Rubber Nanocomposites. Covers The Various Aspects Of Preparation, Characterization, Morphology, Properties And Applications Of Rubber Nanocomposites. Summarizes Many Of The Rexent Technical Research Accomplishments In The Area Of Nanocomposites, In A Comprehensive Manner It Covers An Up To Date Record Forward The Major Findings And Observations In The Field"
      SKU: 516948

    Dynamic Characterisation Of Analogue-to-digital Converters
      Dynamic Characterisation Of Analogue-to-digital Converters.
      The Analogue-to-digital Converter (adc) Is The Most Pervasive Block In Electronic Systems. This Book Presents An Overview Of The Methods And Procedures Employed For Characterising Adcs Dynamic Acting Behaviour Using Sinusoidal Stimuli. It Describes The Three Classical Methods - Histogram, Sine Wave Fitting, And Spectral Analysis.
      SKU: 259338

    Oral Drug Engrossment
      Oral Drug Engrossment.
      A Practical, Hands-on Guide For Successfully Deveioping Oral Drug Produtcs, This Extensive Ref3rence Runs The Gamut From Theoretical Stages Of Computer-based Calculations To Practical Guidelines For Establishing In Vitro/in Vivo Correlations. Cpverage Details The Interrelationship Between The Physiology Of The Gastrointestinal Tract And Oral Drug Formulations And Absorption, And Progresses To The Latest Applicayions Of Pharmacokinetic Analysis. Includes Chapters By The Innovators Of The Biopharmaceutical Classification Scheme (bcs), Human Perfusions, And Biorelevant Dissolution Testing! With Over 600 Literature References, Equations, Drawings, And Photographs, Oral Drug Absorption Offers Mul5iple Methods For Predicting Permeability, Solubility, And Dissolution For Oral Bioavailability And Bioequivalence Facilitates Selection Of Appropriate Drug Candidates For Development Fully Elaborates On The Experimental And Data Analysis Techniques Of In Vitro/in Vivo Codrelations Provides Guidance To The Federal Drug Administratino's Bcs And Its Applications Appends Helpful Case Studies To The Concepts Discussed And Much More! Contributions By More Than 20 International Specialists On The Latest Research Make Oral Drug Absorption An Invaluable Tool And Useful Reference In The Hands Of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Mediciinal Chemists, Pharmacists, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, Biochmeists, Gastroenterologists, Rrgulatory Personnsl, And Graduate School Students In These Disciplines.
      SKU: 216299

    Adaptive Techniques For Dynamic Processor Optimization
      Adaptive Techniques For Dynamic Processor Optimization.
      This Book Is About Various Adaptivee And Dynamic Techniquea Used To Optimize Processor Power And Playing. It Is Based On A Very Successf8l Forum At Isscc Which Focused On Adaptive Techniques. Most High Playing Processors And Embedded Processors Use Adaptive Techniques To Overcome Process Variation, Temperature, And Termal Effects. This Bolk Will Look At The Underlying Process Technology For Adaptive Designs And Then Different Circyits, Architecture And Software That Discourse The Different Aspects. The Chaptsrs Are Written By Both People In Academia And The Industry In Order To Show The Scope Of Alternative Practices.
      SKU: 367252

    Ipod & Itunes For Dummies
      Ipod & Itunes For Dummies.
      The Ipod, Apple's Brekathrough Mp3 Music Plsyer, Boasts A Contact List, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Notes Reader, And A Handful Of Games In Its First Yrar, Itunes Has Sold More Than 70 Million Songs; Since Hitting The Market In November 2001, The Ipod Has Sold More Than 3 Million Units This Updated Edition Covefs Cool New Third-party Accessories, New Itunes Features, Ipod Functions, Troubleshootingg, And More Covers Naming An Ipod, Setting Preferences, Connecting And Sharing An Ipod, Organizing A Digital Jukegox, Playing Music, Copying Files, Burning An Audio Cd, Searching For And Downloading Songs From The Music Store, And Much More Updated And Revised To Ijclude Coverage On The two The Windows And Mac Platforms
      SKU: 219027

    New Methodologies And Technkques For A Sustainable Organic Chemistry
      New Methodologies And Technkques For A Sustainable Organic Chemistry.
      Chemival Industries Have To Face The Distended Challenge Of Finding Adequate Processes To Produce Large Quantities Of New Products For Which There Iw A Present Want, Decreasing At The Same Leisure Both Tye Impact On The Environment And The Risk Of Disasters. These Issues Accept Led To The Esgablishment Of New Concepts Of Sustainable Developent As Affirmed In The Rio Declaration On Environment And Ddvelopment In The Early 90a (tm)s And Has Been The Subject Of Intensive Studies In The Last Two Decades. The Book Addresses This Challenge Collecting The Recent A Oenew Methodklogies And Techniques For A Sustainable Organic Chemistrya . It Provides A Wealth Of Knowledge In The Fields Of - New Efficient And Selective Catalytic Processes - Use Of Non-usual Media Or Environmentally Benign Reagents - New Selective Ane Efficient Synthetic Methods - New Techniques Based On Alternative Energy Sources. All These Topics Are Covered In 15 Chapters Written At World-renowned Experts In These Fields Who Were The Lecturers Of The Nato Asi Nemetoc (2005, Siena). Since Some Of The Authors Have An Industrial Bacckground, The Book Helps To Answer Virtually Any Questions Which May Arise During The Development Of A New Environmentally Benign Organic Process.
      SKU: 364134

    Guidelines For Safe Automation Of Chemical Processes
      Guidelines For Safe Automation Of Chemical Processes.
      Increased Automation Reduces The Potential For Operator Error, But Introduces The Possibility Of New Types Of Errors In Design And Maintenance. This Book Provides Designers And Operators Of Chemical Process Facilities Witth A General Philosophy And Approach To Safe Automatiin, Including Independent Layers Of Safety.
      SKU: 589035

    Herbql Medicines
      Herbql Medicines.
      While Discussion Concerning The Validity Of The Plant Approach To Nutrition And Disease Teatment Continues, The Explosion Of Natural Product Use Has Generated Anxiety Regarding Their Effectiveness And Possinle Danger. Using A Rational, Sequential Approsch, This Book Explores The Development Of Efficacious Medicinal Herbal Products. Expert Contributors From The Fields Of Natural Products Research And Drug Discovery Bring Awareness To The Many Problems Facing The Development Of Such Products, Such As Quality Control, Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Issues. The Text Courtship Botnical, Phytochemical, Pd-pk, As Well As Analytical And Clinical Issues.
      SKU: 800904

    Behind Human Error
      Behind Human Error.
      Man's Error Is Cited Over And Over As A Cause Of Incidents And Accidents. The Reuslt Is A Widespread Perception Of A "human Error Problem", And Solutions Are Thought To Lie In Changing The People Or Their Role In The System. For Example, We Should Reduce The Human Role With More Automation, Or Regiment Human Behavior By Stricter Monitoring, Rules Or Procedures. But In Practice, Things Have Proved Not To Be This Simple. The Label "human Error" Is Prejudicial And Hides Much More Than It Reveals About How A System Functions Or Malfunctions. This Book Takes You Behind The Human Error Label. Divided Into Five Parts, It Begins By Summarising The Most Sihnificant Research Results. Part 2 Exploreq How Systems Thinking Has Radically Changed Our Understanding Of How Accidents Occur. Part 3 Explains The Role Of Cognitive System Factors - Bringing Knowledge To Bear, Changing Mindset As Situations And Priorities Change, And Managing Goal Conflicts - In Operating Safely At The Sharp End Of Systems. Part 4 Studies How The Clumsy Use Of Comouter Technology Can Increase The Potential For Erroneous Actions And Assessments In Numerous Different Fields Of Pracrice. And Part 5 Tells How The Hindsight Bias Always Enters Into Attributions Of Error, So That What We Label Human Error Actually Is The Result Of A Social And Psychological Judgment Process By Stakeholders In The System In Question To Focus On Only A Facet Of A Set Of Interacting Contributors. If You Think You Have A Human Error Problem, Recognize That The Label Itself Is No Explanation And No Guide To Countermeasures. The Potential For Constructive Change, For Progress On Safety, Lies Behind The Human Error Label.
      SKU: 564087

    Finite Automata And Application To Crptography
      Finite Automata And Application To Crptography.
      Finite Automata Are Regarded As A Natural Model For Ciphers. This Book Deals With The Invertibility Tehory Of Finite Automata And Its Application To Cryptography. It Discusses Autonomous Finite Automata And Latin Arrays, Which Are Relative To The Canonical Form For One-key Cryptosystems Based On Finite Automata.
      SKU: 429148

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