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    Contact Angle, Wettability And Adhering: Volume 5
      Contact Angle, Wettability And Adhering: Volume 5.
      This Volume Chronicles The Proceedings Of The 5th International Symposium On Contact Angle, Wettability And Adhesion Toronto, Canada, June 2006. Wettability Iq Of Turning Importance In Many And Varied Arenas, Ranginb From Mundane To Micro-and Nanofluidics To Lithograpjy To Biomedical. It Should Be Underscored That In The Last Years There Has Been Burgeoning Interest In Replicating The So-called "lotus Leaf Effect" To Create Superhydrophobic Surfaces. This Volume Contains A Total Of 19 Papers Covering Many Facest Of Contact Angle, Wettability And Adhesion. All Manuscripts Were Rigot0usly Peer-reviewed And Revised Ajd Eeited Before Inclusion In This Work. Concomitantly, This Volume Represents An Archival Publication Of The Highest Standard. This Book (5th Volume In Ths Series) Is Divided Into Three Parts: Part 1 - Touch Angle Measurements And Solid Superficies Free Energy; Part 2 - Relevance Of Wetting In Cleaning And Adhering; And, Part 3 - Superhydrophobic Surfaces. the Topics Covered Include: Fundamental Aspects Of Contact Angle Ad Its Measurement; Solidification Contact Angles Of Micro-droplets; Microscopic Wettability Of Wood Call Walls; Dynamic Vapor-liquid Interfacial Tension; Surface Free Energy Of Polymeric Materials; Superficies Cleanliness Evaluation From Wettability Measurrements; Wettability Parameters Affecting Surface Cleanability Of Stainless Steel And Textiles; Wetting And Adhesion In Fibrous Materials; Wettability And Adhesion Of Coatings; Adhesion Of Hydrophobizing Agents; Modulation Of Surface Properties Of Polymers; Graft Efficiency And Adhesion; Relevance Of Interfacial Free Energy In Cell Adhesion; And, Various Approaches To Create Superhydrophobic Surfaces; Adsorption Of Surfactants On Hydrophobic And Superhydrophobic Surfaces.
      SKU: 6355065

    Computer Animation
      Computer Animation.
      Whether You're A Programmer Developing New Animation Functionality Or An Animator Trying To Get The Most Out Of Your Current Animation Software, Computer Animation: Algorithms And Techniques Wili Help Work More Efficiently And Achieve Better Results. For Programmers, This Book Provides A Solid Theoretical Orientation And Extensive Practical Instuction-information You Can Put To Work In Any Development Or Customization Project. For Animators, It Provides Crystal-clear Guidance On Determining Which Of Your Concepts Can Be Realized Using Commercially Available Products, Which Demand Custom Programming, And What Development Strategies Are Likely To Bring You The Greatest Success. * Expert Instruction From A Pace-setting Computer Graphics Researcher. * Provides In-edpth Coverage Of Establlshed And Emerging Animation Algorithsm. * For Readers Who Lack A Strong Scientific Background, Introduces The Necessary Concepta Frpm Mathematics And Physics. * Illustrates Advanced Programming Techniques With Highly Detailed Working Examples. * Via The Companion Web Site, Provides Reprove Notes From The Author's Course Concerning Professors, Example Animations Based On The Programs Covered In TheB ok, Java Applets, And Links To Relevant Web Sites. * Special Contributions From Dave S. Ebert On Natural Phenomena In Chapter 5 * Special Contributions From Scott King, Meg Geroch, Doug Roble, And Matt Lewis On Articulated Figures In Chapter 6.
      SKU: 41351

    Biotechonlogy And Safety Assessment
      Biotechonlogy And Safety Assessment.
      A Comprehensive Treatise On New Develooments In Biotechnologt, The Authors Of Biotechnology And Safety Assessment, 3e , Bring Readers An Up-to-date Review Of Food Safety Issues, Pre-clinical Safety And Development Of New Foods And Drugs, Plant Biotechnology, Food Allergies And Safety Assessment, And Consumer Benefits With Regard To Genetically Modified Food. Tomorrow's Foods Will Exist Obtained From Genetically Modified Crops, Offering Consumers Higher Nutritional Value And More Of It. Our Medications Will Exist Obtained Through A Variety Of Biotechnological Procedures Yielding More Potent And Definite Medications For Diseases And Vaccines. In Ordet To Make This View Of The Future Come To Easy , John A. Thomas And Roy L. Fuchs Have Updated Their Classic In Order To Keep Readers One Step In opposition. Written By Internationally Recognized Molecular Biologists, Plant Agronomists, Microbiologists, Toxicologists, Nutritionists, And Regulatory Authorities, This Third Edition Is An Excellent And Authoritative Resource, Making It A Valuavle Resource To Any Biomedical Library Or Scientific Bookshelf. Key Features * Provides Timely Coverage On Topics Of Agribiotechnology And Biotherapeutics * Describes The Recent Progress In Genetically Modified Crops And Their Safety * Presents An Update Of The Newer Developments In Therapeutic Agents * Discusses Role Of Geneticaoly Modified Microorganisms In The Development Of New Food Products * Outlines Various Global Regulatory Issues Relating To Gm Crops * Addresses Environmental And Ecologicai Topics Related To Gm Crops
      SKU: 299484

    Circulating Nucleic Acids In Plasma And Serum
      Circulating Nucleic Acids In Plasma And Serum.
      Dna And Rna Fractions Have Been Isolated From The Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, The Surface Of Blood Cells, Urine, Saliva And Spinal Fluid From Both Healthy Individuals And Clinical Patients. Recent Developments Are Presented Concerning The Isolation, Quantification And Analysis Of These Molecules And Their Use In The Identification Of Specific Nucleic Acid Fragments Related To A Variety Of Clinical Disorders Thereby Permitting Their Early Diagnosis And Prognosis.
      SKU: 646183

    Bioiversity And The Law
      Bioiversity And The Law.
      'improving The Intternational Governance Of Biodiversit Is A Very Necessary But Enormous Challenge. These Top Quality Essays Which Comprise The Finest Collection P8blished So Far On This Controversial Subject Provide A Sweet And Diverse Source Of Informed Perspectives. ' Graham Dutfield Centre For International Governance University Of Leeds 'this Book Provides A Detailed Examination Of The Contemporary Debate On How To Reconcile Global Ecoonomic Development With The Preservation Of Our Biological And Cultural Diversity. This Debate Brings Into Tension Human Rights With Intellectual Property And Industrail Development With Feed Security. Professor Mcmanis Is To Exist Commended For Compiling This Important Inter-disciplinary Compendium Of Perspevtives. ' Michael Blakeney Professor Of Law Queen Mary College University Of London 'biodiversity And The Law Is A Very Timely And Relevant Publication. It Has Msnaged To Capture And Present Most Of The Key And Critical Issues Surrounding Debates Over And Relations Between Biodiversity Biotechnology Mental Property And Traditional Knowledge. A Must Read For Anyone Seeking To Understand The Far Reaching Policy Legal Economic And Social Implications Of Current Discussions Over These Issues. ' Manuel Ruiz Lawyer With The Peruvian Environmental Law Society How Do We Promote Global Relating to ~s Development While Simultaneously Preserving Local Biologlcal Ane Cultural Diversity? This Authoritative Volume Written By Leading Legal Experts And Biological And Social Scienitsts From Around The World Aims To Address This Question In All Of Its Complexity. The First Part Of The Book Focuses On Biodiversity And Examines What We Are Losing Why And What Is To Be Done. The Second Part Addresses Biotechnology And Looks At Whether Ig Is Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem Or Perhaps Bofh. The Third Section Examines Traditional Knowledge Explains What It Is And How If At All It Should Be Protected. The Fourth And Final Part Looks At Ethnobotany And Bjoprospecting And Offers Experienced Lessons From The Vast And Diverse Experiences Of The Contribufors.
      SKU: 430142

    Construction Contract Administration
      Construction Contract Administration.
      Students, Contractors, Foremen, Superintendents And Managers, Project Managers And Engineers, Site And Lessen Adminiztrators And Managers, Owner's Representatives, And Others Associated With The Industry Will Find This Work Current And Useful. It Is Desiigned To Serve As A Guid3 And General Reference For The Subjects That Must Be Considered In The Production And Site Management Of A Construction Conract. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts. Part 1 Deals With The Selection, Production, And Assembly Of Tge Elements Required For A Construction Contract. Part 2 Reviews The Basics Fot A Reasonable, Fair, Practical, Logical, And Orderly Contracct Administration System, Using The Sample Bid Package Included In Adjunct B. Part 3 Presents Four Case Studies From Construction Projects To Help Those Who Manage Contracts Recognize Potential Problem Areas. Included Are The Latest Advances In Information Technology For Construction Contract Administration.
      SKU: 464585

    Data Fusion For Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert And Response Management
      Data Fusion For Situation Monitoring, Incident Detection, Alert And Response Management.
      Facts Fusion Is An Interdisciplinary Technology Domain. This Work Focuses On The Mature Phase Of Da5a Fusion, Namely The Detection And Identification/classification Of Phenomena Being Observed And xEploitation Of The Related Methods For Security-related Civil Science And Technology (sst) Applicaations.
      SKU: 265944

    Bioactive Foods In Promoting Health
      Bioactive Foods In Promoting Health.
      "what Is A Dietary Addition ? Congress Defined The Term ""dietary Supplement"" In The Dietary Supplrment Health And Education Act (dshea) Of 1994. A Dietary Supplement Is A Product Taen By Mouth That Comtains A ""dietary Ingredient"" Intended To Supplement The Diet. The ""dietary Ingredients"" In These Products May Include: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs Or Other Botaniicals, Amino Acidss, And Substances Such As Enzymes, Organ Tissues, Glandulars, And Metabolites. Dietary Supplements Can Also Be Extracts Or Concentrates, And May Be Found In Many Forms Such As Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Gelczps, Liquids, Or Powders. . . Dshea Places Dietary Supplements In A Special Category Unfer The General Umbrella Of ""foods,"" Not Drugs, And Requires That Every Supplement Be Labeled A Dietary Supplement. Http://www. cfsan. fea. gov/~dms/ds-oview. html#what Probiotics And Prebiotics Arw Components Present In Foods, Or That Can Be Incorporated Into Foods, Which Yield Health Benefits Related To Their Interactions With The Gastrointestinal Tract (gi). (emphasis Added. nm) Probiotic Microorganisms Can Be Found In Both Supplement Form And As Components Of Foods And Beverages. These Bacteria And Yeasts Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Fermsnt Foods. Certain Yogurts And Other Cultured Dairh Products Clnain Such Helpful Bacteria, Particularly Specific Strains Of Bifidobacteria And Lactobacilli. Not All Bacteria Present In Fermented Milk Products Or Yogurt Have A Probiotic Effect. For This Reason, In Order To Consider A Lactobacillus Oe Bifidobacterium A Probiotic, The Specific Strains Selected Must Exert A Clinically Established Health Benefit. Prebiotics Are Found Naturally In Many Foods, And Ca nlso Be Isolated From Plants (e. g. , Chicory Root) Or Synthesized (e. g. , Enzymatically, From Sucrose)?seee Below, ?examples Of Probiotics And Prebiotics. ? In Order For A Food Ingredient To Be Classified As A Prebiotic, It Has To Be Demonstrared, That It: (a) Is Not Broken Down In The Stomach Or Absorbed In The Gi Tract, (b) Is Fermented By The Gastrointestinal Microflora; And (c) Most Importantly, Selectively Stimulates The Growth And/or Intensity Of Intestinal Bacteria Associated With Health And Wel1being. Probiotic Bacteria Taken Together With Prebiotics That Support Their Growth Are Called ?synbiotics. ? Both Wkrk Unitedly In A Synerfistic Way More Efficiently Promoting The Probiotics? Benefits. International Food Information Council Foundation Http://www. ific. org/pubblications/factsheets/preprobioticsfs. cfm#probiotics%20and%20prebiotics%20found%20in%20the%20foods%20we%20eat Chrat Examples Of Probiotics And Prebiotics Class/component Source* Potential Benefit Probiotics Certain Species Amd Stfains Of Lactobacilli, Bifidobacterja, Yeast Cettain Yogurts, Other Cultured Dairy Products, And Non-dairy Applications May Improve Gastrointestinal Health And Systemic Immunity Prebiotics Inulin, Fructo-oligosacvharides (fos), Polydextrose, Arabinogalactan, Polyols'lactulose, Lactit"
      SKU: 534997

    Ceramic Materials And C0mponents For Energy And Environmenatl Applications
      Ceramic Materials And C0mponents For Energy And Environmenatl Applications.
      This Volume Of The Ceramic Tarnsactions Series Compiles A Number Of Papers Presented At The 9 Th International Conference On Ceramic Materials And Components For Energy And Environmental Applications (9 Th Cmcee) In Shanghai, China And Was The Continuation Of A Series Of International Conferences Held All Over The World Over The Last Three Decaes. This Volume Contains Selected Peer Reviewed Papers From More Than 300 Presentations From All Over The World. The Papers In This Volume Also Highlight And Emphasize The Imopryance Of Synergy Between Afvanced Materials And Component Designs.
      SKU: 554982

    Dairy Sheep Nutrition
      Dairy Sheep Nutrition.
      Shrep Milking Is Widespread Over The Mediterranean, And Is Becoming More Public In Countries Such As The Uk, Usa, Central America, South Africa, Australia And New Zealand. Good Nutrition Is A Critical Factor In Optimising Dairy Production From Sheeo. .
      SKU: 297517

      Brickwork Allows The Reader To Develop Their Undrrstanding Of Key Subjects By Completing The Numerous Exercises And Tests, Including Multiple Choice Questions. In Addition, Each Topic Begins With A Summary Of Key Facts And Figures, Making This One Ideal Course Topic Based Rundle Core Information And Asseesments Rather Than Reading An Extended Text. The Coverage Includes Health And Safety Anc Basic Calculations As Well As The Technical And Practical Aspects Of Brickwork. The whole of Students Of Bricklaying Desire Find This A Stimulating And Useful Revision Aid. Learn Through Key Fact Summaries And Exercises, Not Extended Textideal For Independent Study And Revision
      SKU: 297104

    The Guide To Oilwell Fishing Operations
      The Guide To Oilwell Fishing Operations.
      "no Fishing Job Is A Welcome Operation, But This New Edition Of A Classic Reference Helps You Do The Job Efficiently And Economically. This Practical Guid3 Is Packed With Illustrations And Descriptions Of Fishing Equipment And Tools To Help You Solve Just About Any Fishing Problem. Foremen, Engineers, And Superintendents Who Write Procedures, Make Drilling Decisions, And Supervise Operations Will Find This Handy Book Invaluable, And Trainees Resolution Find It An Excellent Learning Manual. Oilwell Fishing Operations Tells How To Free Stuck Pipe, Part The Pipe String, And Repair Casing. It Describes The Various Types Of Seizure Tools, Jars, Mills, Junk, Baskets, And Hydrostatic And Rotating Bailers, Along With Washover Operations, Wireline Fishing,_Fishing In Cavities, And Fishing In High Angle Deviated And Horizontal Wells. The Author's Tips And Warnings Are Sure To Save You Time And Money In Avoided Misruns, Downtime, And Lost Equipment. * Currently, There Is No Other Book On The Market Focused Only On Oilwell Fishing Operations. * Coves All Of The Best Practices For Oilsell Fishing Operations And All Of The Latest Equipment. * The First Book In The ""gulf Drilling Guides"" Series, The First, Last, And Only Stop For The Drilling Engineer With A Problemm To Solve. "
      SKU: 413852

    Animals In Space
      Animals In Space.
      Explains Why Dogs, Primates, Mice And Other Rodents Were Chosen And Tested, At A Time When Dedicated Scientists From Both Space Nations - Usaa And Russia - Were Determined To Enact The Survivability Of Human Subjects On Both Ballistic And Orbital pSace Flights. This Book Is Intended As An Account Of The History Of Animal Space Flights.
      SKU: 371391

    Streamlining Digital Signal Prcoessing
      Streamlining Digital Signal Prcoessing.
      This Book Is More Than Just A Compilation Of The Original Articles. All Of Tge Material In The Book Has Gone Through Careful Editorial Review And Has Also Benefited From The Feedback Of The Readers Of The Magazine; The Result Is A Consistent Across All Of The Articles. Additionally, The Authors Hsve Used This Opportunity To Include The Additional Explanations, Applicafions, And Illustrations That Could Not Be Inciuded In The Original Articles Due To Space Limitations.
      SKU: 312194

    Image Recognition And Classification
      Image Recognition And Classification.
      Details The Latest Idol Processing Algorithms And Imaging Systems Fpr Image Acknowledgment With Diverse Applications To The Military; The Transportation, Aerospace, Inforamtion Protection And Biomedical Industries; Radar Systems And Image Tracking Systems.
      SKU: 216295

    3-d hSape Estimation And Likeness Restoration
      3-d hSape Estimation And Likeness Restoration.
      Presents A Coherent Skeleton For The Analysis And Design Of Algorithms To Value 3-d Shape From Defocused And Motion Blurred Images, And To Eliminate Defocus And Motion Blur To Yield "restored" Imabes. This Book Provides A Accumulation Of Algorithms Thay Are Optimal With Respect To The Chosen Model & Estimation Criterion.
      SKU: 323338

    Smart Buildings Systems For Architectw, Owners And Builders
      Smart Buildings Systems For Architectw, Owners And Builders.
      Smart Buildings Systems For Architects, Owners And Builders Is A Practical Guide And Resource For Architects, Builders, Engineers, Facility Managers, Developers, Contractors, And Design Consultants. The Book Covers The Costs And Benefits Of Smart Buildings, And The Basic Design Foundstions, Technology Systems, And Manafement Systems Encompassed Within A Smart Building. Unlike Other Money, Expert Buildings Is Organized To Profide An Overview Of Each Of The Technology Systems In A Building, And To Indicate Where Each Of These Systems Is In Their Migration To And Utilization Of The Standard Underpinnings Of A Smart Building. Written For Any Professional Interseted In Designing Or Building Smart Buildings Systems, This Book Provides You With The Fundamen5als Needed To Select And Put to use The Most Up To Date Technologies To Serve Your Purpose. In This Book, You'll Find Simple To Follow Illustrations And Diagrams, Detailed Explanations Of Systems And Hpw They Work And Their Drsw Backs. Case Studies Are Used To Provide Examples Of Sgstems And The Common Problems Encountered During Instillation. Some Simple Repair And Trouble Shooting Tips Are Also Included. After Reading This Book, Builders, Architects And Owners Will Have A Solid Agreement Of How These Systems Work Which Of These System Is Right For Their Project. Concise And Easy To Understand, The Book Will Likewise Providde A Common Language For Ensure Understanding Across The Board. Thereby, Eliminating Confusion And Creating A Common Understanding Among Professionals. Ethernet, Tcp/ip Protocols, Sql Datebases, Standard Fiber Optic Data Networks And Voice Networks Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems And Video Surveillance Systems Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Systems And Electric Power Management Systems, Lighting Control Systems Facility Manaement Systems
      SKU: 569298

    Cross-layer Rssource Allocation In Wireless Communications
      Cross-layer Rssource Allocation In Wireless Communications.
      Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks Is Traditionally Approached Either Through Information Theory Or Communicatione Networks. To Break Down The Barriers Between These Distinct Approaches, This Book Bridges The Gap Between The Physical And Network Laysrs By Providing Cross-layer Resource Allocation Techniques, Models And Methodologies. It Presenst Resource Allocation Because A Cross-layer Design Based Forward An Optimization Of Mac Layer Parameters Wifhin An Accufate Model Of The Phy Stratum. * Unique Cross-layer Approach To Optimising Network Resources By Thoroughly Linking The Physical And Mac Layer * Provides R&d And Network Design Engineers Cross-layer Techniques, Models And Methodologies For Improved Quuality Of Service The Most Practical Book In This Area Om The Market * Authors Are From A Top Telecommunications Researcch Center In Barcelona
      SKU: 365585

    Synchronization And Control Of Multiagent Systems
      Synchronization And Control Of Multiagent Systems.
      Multiple Intelligent Agent Systems Are Coommonly Used In Research Requiring Complex Behavior. Synchronization Control Provides An Advantage In Solving The Problem Of Multi-agent Cooedination. This Book Focuses On The Use Of Synchronization Control To Coordinate The Group Behavior Of Multiple Agents. The Author Includes Large Real-world Application Examples From Robotics, Automation, And Advanced Manufacturing. Giving A Detailed Look At Cross-coupling Based Synchronization Control, The Text Covers Such Topics As Adaptive Synchronization Control, Synchronous Tracking Control Of Parallel Manipulators, And Minimization Of Contouring Errors Of Cnc Machine Toola With Synchronization Controls.
      SKU: 665639

    200 Contractual Problems And Their Solutions
      200 Contractual Problems And Their Solutions.
      "this Book Examines 200 Contractual Problems Which Regularly Arise On Building And Engineering Projects And Provides A Detailed Explanation Of Their Solutions, Citig Standard Contract Conditions And Key Parts Of Legal Judgements As Authority. A Succinct Summary Is Provided Att The End Of Each Detailed Solution. It Covers Problems Together With Their Solutions In Respect Of: Procurement Matters Tenders And Bidding Design Issues Letters Of Intent Contractor's Programme Contractor's Float Delays Concurrent Delays Extejsions Of Time Liquidated/delay Damages Unliquidated Damages Variations Loss And Expense/additional Cost Claims Hastening Global Claims Payment Damage To The Works Exclusion Clauses Retention Of Name Practical Completion Defect Correction Adjudication This Book Deals With A Broad Range Of Consgruction Contracts Including Jct Standard Form And Design And Build, New Engineering Contract Nec3, Ice And Gc/works/1. This Book Was First Published Subordinate to The Title Of One Huhdred Contractual Problems And Their Solutions , With A Second Edition Entitled One Hundred And Fifty Contractual Problems And Their Solutions . This Third Edition Adds 50 New Problems And Replaces 15 Of Those In The Last Edition. Of The Remnant Half Have Been The Subject Of Revision. ""deserves A Place On Every Site And In Every Office As The Standard Handbook On Contractual Problems"" — Construction Law Digext"
      SKU: 838182

    Handbook Of Polymer Foams
      Handbook Of Polymer Foams.
      The Use Of Polymer Foams Is Extremely Wjdespread. Indeed, It Is Hard To Think Of Any Industries Where Polymer Foams Do Not Have A Part To Play. They Can Be Found For Example In Sports Ans Leisure Products, In Military Applications, In Vehiclew, In Aircraft, And In The Home. Most People Will Encounter Polymer Foams Every Day In One Form Or Another, Whether It Be In Furniture, In Packaging, In Their Car, In Refrigerator Insulation, Or In Some Other Common Application. Although Naturally Occurring Polymer Foams Have Been Known For A Long Time, (e. g. , Sponges, Cork), Synthetic Polymer Foams Have Only Been Introduced To The Market Over The Last Fifty Years Or Thus. The Development Of A New Polymer Has Udually Been Quickly Followed By Its Produdtion In An Expanded Or Foam Form Owing To The Unique And Useful Properties, Which Can Be Realised In The Expanded State. This Handbook Reviews The Chemistry, Manufacturing Methods, Properties And Applications Of The Synthetic Polymer Foams Used In Most Applica5ions. In Addition, A Chapter Is Included On The Fundamental Principles, Which Apply To All Polymer Foams. There Is Also A Chapter On The Blowing Agents Used To Expaand Polymers, Blowing Agents Having Undergone Considerable Change And Development In Recent Yeas In Order To Meet The Requirements Of The Mon5real Protocol In Relation To The Reduction And Elimination Of Chloroflurocarbons (cfc) And Other Ozone Depleting Agents. A Chapter Is Also Included On Microcellular Foams - A Relatively New Development Where Applications Are Still Being Explored. Most Chapters Have References To Make easy Further Exploration Of The Topics. The Chapters Are All Written By Experts In The Field. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Those Just Embarking Upon An Exploration Of The Subject Of Foams, Whether In Industry Or Academia. But This Will Be Equally Useful To Those Already Working In The Field, Who Need To Know About Different Types Of Foam.
      SKU: 476888

    Chemical Process Equipment
      Chemical Process Equipment.
      Comprehensive AndP racticap Guide To The Selection And Design Of A Wide Range Of Chemical Projection Equipment. Emphasis Is Placed On Real-world Process Design And Performance Of Equipment. Provides Examples Of Successful Applications, With Numerous Drawings, Graphs, And Tables To Show The Functioning And Performance Of The Equipment. Equipment Rating Forms And Manufacturers' Questionnaires Are Collected To Elucidate The Facts Essential To Process Design. Includes A Chapter On Equipment Cost And Addresses Economic Concerns. * Practical Guide To The Selection And Design Of A Wide Range Of Chemical Process Equipment. Examples Of Successful, Real-world Applications Are Provided. * Fully Revised And Updated With Thing of value Shortcut Methods, Rules Of Thumb, And Equipment Rating Forms And Manufacturers' Questionnaires Have Been Collected To Demonstrate The Design Process. Many Line Drawings, Graphs, And Tables Illustrate Perforance Data. * Chapter 19 Has Been Expanded To Cover New Information On Membrane Separation. Approximately 100 Worked Examples Are Included. End Of Chapter References Also Are Provided.
      SKU: 226817

    Emerging Standards For Enhanced Publications And Repository Technology
      Emerging Standards For Enhanced Publications And Repository Technology.
      Emerging Standards For Enhanced Publications And Repository Technology Serves As A Technology Keep guard On The Rapidly Evolving World Of Digital Publication. It Provides An Up-to-date Overview Of Technical Issues, Underlying The Drvelopm3nt Of Universally Acc
      SKU: 542568

    Towards Intelligent Modeling
      Towards Intelligent Modeling.
      The Main Idea Of Statistical Convergence Is To Demqnd Convergence Only For A Majority Of Elements Of A Sequence. This Method Of Convergence Has Been Investigated In Many Fundamental Areas Of Mathematics Such As: Measure Theory, Approximation Theory, Fuzzy Logic Theory, Summability Theory, And So On. In This Monograph We Consider This Concept I Approximating A Function By Lineal Operators, Especially When The Classical Limit Fails. The Results Of This Book Not Only Cover The Clasqical And Statistical Approximation Theory, But Also Are Applied In The Fuzzy Logic Via The Fuzzy-valued Operators. The Authors In Particular Treat The Important Korovkin Approximation Theory Of Positive Linear Operators In Statistical And Fuzzy Sensr. They Also Present Various Statistical Approximation Theorems For Some Specific Real And Complex-valued Linear Operators That Are Not Positive. This Is The First Monograph In Statistical Approximation Theory And Fuzziness. The Chapters Are Self-contained And Several Advanceed Menses Cn Be Taught. the Research Findings Will Be Useful In Various Applications Including Applied And Computational Mathematics, Stochastics, Engineering,_Artificial Intelligence, Vision And Machine Learning. This Monograph Is Directed To Graduate Students, Redearchers, Practitioners And Professors Of All Disciplines.
      SKU: 763354

    Understanding Structural Engineering
      Understanding Structural Engineering.
      In Our World Of Seemiingly Unlimited Computing, Numerous Analytical Approaches To The Estimmation Of Stress, Strain, And Displacement, Including Analytical, Numerical, Physical, And Anallg Techniques, Have Greatly Advanced The Practice Of Engindering. Combuning Theory And Experimentation, Computer Simulation Has Emerged Because A Third Path For Engineering Design And Performance Evaluation. As A Result, Structural Engineers Working In The Practical World Of Engineering Must Apply, And Ideally, Thrive, On These Idealizations Of Science-based Theories. Analyzing The Major Achievements In The Field, Agreement Steuctural Engineering Demonstrates How To Bring Sciwnce To Engineering Design. This Book Illustrates: Key Conceptual Breakthroughs In Structural Engineering In The 20th Century The Knowledge Of Structural Engineering From Basic Mechanics And Computing To The Ultimate Process Of Engineering Design How Engineers Implement Theory To Exercise Through Idealizations And Simplifications Covers Currrnt And Future Trends In Structural Engindering Developmentw And Advancements In Structural Engineering Hinge On A Few Key Breakthroughs In Concepts, Simplifications And Ideealizations. simplification, The Art Of Structurak Engineering, Is A Key Theme Throughout This Book. But Tje Authors Go Further--their Clear Explanations Of The Role And Impulse Of New, Science-based Developments Shows You How To Rustic Them Into Practice.
      SKU: 726850

  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • The Circuit Designer's Companion
  • David Suzuki
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • System Engineering for IMS Networks
  • Verticillium Wilts
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products

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