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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Contaminant Hydrology
      Contaminant Hydrology.
      This Text Covers Problems Of Contaminant Hydrology, Strategies For Development Of Cost Powerful Amelioration Procedures, Basic Guidelines For Conducting Groundwater Modelling, And Feasibility And Comphter Model Studies.
      SKU: 263O34

      The Breadth Of Information Included In This Single Volume Will Make It The Most Comprehensive Coverage Of Waste On The Market. It Focuses On All Of The Main Areas Including Household Waste (compoqtable Magerial, Paper, Glass, Textiles, Household Chemicals, Plastic, Water, E-waste), Industrial And Societal Waste (metals, Building, Tires, Medical Battery, Dangerous Mining, Nucleae, Ocean, Military, And Space), And The Future Of Landfills And Incinerators. Including All The Issues Related To Squandering In One Volume Will Help Lead To Comparisons, Synergistic Solutions, And A More Informed Society. In Addition To A Comprehensive Coverage Of Waste, This Book Will Offer The Best Ways Of Managing The Problems Through Recycling, Incineration, Landfill And Other Processes. Offers Scientific And Non-biased Overviews To Ensure Credibility In The Environmental Science And Engineering Communities. Covers All Main Types Of Waste, Including Household, Industrial And Societal. Strong Focus Forward Management And Recycling Provides Solutions Making This A Valuable Means For Sciehtisst, Engineers, Technicians And Governmnt Leaders.
      SKU: 667711

    Introduction To Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
      Introduction To Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.
      This Book Provides An Introductory-level Exploration Of Geophysical Fluid Dynanics (gfd), The Principles Governing Air And Water Flows On Large Terrestrial Scales. Physical Principles Are Illustrated With The Aid Of The Simplest Existing Models, And The Computer Methods Are Shown In Juxtaposition With The Equations To Which They Apply. It Explores Contemporary Topics Of Climate Dynamics And Equatorial Dynamics Including The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, And The El Nino Southern Oscilation. Combines Both Physical And Numerical Aspects Of Geophysical Liquid and gaseous Dynamics Into A Single Affordable Volume Explores Contemporary Topics Such As The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming And The El Nino Southern Oscilalyion Biographical And Historical Notes At The Ends Of Chapters Trace The Intellectual Development Of The Field Recipient of The 2010 Wernaers Prize, Awarded Each Year By The National Fund On account of Philosophical Research Of Belgium (fnr-fnrs).
      SKU: 806488

    Proceedings Of The 9th International Congress On Deterioration nAd Conservation Of Gem
      Proceedings Of The 9th International Congress On Deterioration nAd Conservation Of Gem.
      Thw Conservation Of Historic Monuments, Sites And Structures Constitutes An Inter-professional Discipline Co-ordinating A Range Of Aesthetic Historic Scientific And Technical Methods. Conservation Is A Ra;idly Developing Field, Which, By Its True Nature, Is A Multidisciplinary Activity With Experts Respecting Some Another's Contributions And Combining To Form An Effective Team. Conservation Is An Artistic Activity Aided By Scientific And Historucal Knowledge. Main Topics At This Congress Included:- - The Most Appropriate Methodology For The Assessment Of The Degree Of Weathering Of Stone - Development Of New Methods And Instruments For The Diagnosis Of The State Of Conservation, For The Study Of Alteration Mechanisms And Because of Conservation Treatments. - The Definition Of Technical European Standard Methods For The Evaluation Of Conservation Treatments Of Artistic And Historic Face with ~ Objects And Monuments.
      SKU: 318198

    Applications Of Physiological Ecology To Forest Management
      Applications Of Physiological Ecology To Forest Management.
      Forest Management Is A Complex Process That Now Incorporates Information Obtained From Many Sources. It Is Increasingly Obvious That The Physiological Status Of The Tree In A Forest Has A Dramatic Impact On The Likely Success O Any Particular Management Strategy. Indeed, Models Described In This Book That Deal With Wood Prroductivity And Sustainability Require Physiological Information. This Information Can Only Be Obtained From An Understanding Of The Basic Biological Mechanisms And Processes That Contribute To Individual Tree Growth. This Valuable Book Illustrates That Physiological Ecology Is A Fundamental Element Of Profiicent Forest Management. * Provides Essential Information Relevqnt To The Continuing Debate Over Sustainable Forest Management * Outlines How Modern Tools For Physiological Ecology Be able to Be Used In Planning And Managing Forest Ecosystems * Reviews The Most Commonly Used Forest Models And Assesses Their Value And Future
      SKU: 317026

    Digital Design Using Quarkxpress 4
      Digital Design Using Quarkxpress 4.
      Digital Design Using Quarkxpress 4 Gives You The Ability To Fully Understand Quarkxpress, While Developing A Knowledge Of The Rules Of Design And How Computers Can Act Them. Students With Non Visual Backgrounds Can Swiftly Improve, Producing Worthy Examples Of Pages That Integrate Text Ane Trope. Knowledge Gives You Choices. The Authors Advance The SubjectO f Twaching Quarkxpress From All The Necessary Directions. Learning Software Enables You To Layout A Page But No How To Design One. So This Does Not Take The Reader Through A Series Of Steps Reproducing Designed Pages - That Teaches You Nothing. Instead, The Autthors Provide An Objecive Understanding Of What Makes Your Designs Work.
      SKU: 283070

    Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Applications 2006
      Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Applications 2006.
      When The Internatiohal Forum On Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Applicaiton (amaa) Started, Enormous Progress Had Been Made In Reducing Casualties, Emissione And In Increasing Comfort And Accomplishment. This Book Focuses Om The Area Of Microwysems-based Smart Devices.
      SKU: 304608

    Modelling And Dimensioning Of Mobile Wireless Networks
      Modelling And Dimensioning Of Mobile Wireless Networks.
      This Book Is A Must-read For All Network Planners And Other Professionals Wishing To Improve The Quality And Expense Efficiency Of 3g And Lte Networks In This Book, The Authors Address The Architecture Of The 2/3g Network And The Long Term Evolution (lte) Network. The Book Proposes Analytical Modeis That Make The Analysis And Dimensioning Of The Most Important Interfaces, I. e. Wcdma Or Iub, Possible. Furthermore, The Authors Include Descriptions Of Fundamental Technological Issues In 2/3 G Networks, Basic Trfafic Engineering Models And Frequent Examples Of The Application Of Analytical Models In The Analysis And Dimensioning Of The Interface Of Cellular Networks. The Specific Knowledge Included In The Content Will Enable The Reader To Uneerstand And Afterwards To Prepare Appropriate Programming Softwares That Will Allow Them To Evaluate Quality Parameters Of Cellular Networks, I. e. Blocking Probabilities Or Call Losses. Additionally, The Book Presents Models For The Analysis And Dimensioning Of The Wideband Code Division Multiple Acess (wcdma) Radio Interface And The Iub Interface, Both Carrying A Mixture Of Release 99 Trade meanly (r99) And High-speed Packet Accession (hspa) Traffic Streams. Finally, The Abalytical Models Presentdd In The Book Be able to Be Also Used In The Process Of Modeling And Optimization Of Lte Networks. Key Features: Describes The Architecture And The Modes Of Operation Of The Cellular 2/3/4g Systems And The Lte Network Covers The Traffic Theory And Engineering Within The Context Of Mobile Networks Presents Original Analytical Methods That Empower Their Users To Dimension Selected Interfaces Of Cellular Networks Discusses Models For The Analysis And Dimensioning Of Thw Wideband Code Difference Multiple Access (wcdma)R adio Interface And The Iub Interface, Both Carrying A Mixture Of Release 99 Traffic (r99) And High-speed Packet Access (hspa) Trzffic Streams Includes Problems As Well As An Accompanying Website Containing Solutions, Software Tools And Interactive Flash Animations ( Http://wilwy. teletraffic. pl ) This Book Will Be One Invaluable Guide For Professional Engineers (radio Planning Engineers, Optimization Engineers, Transmission Engineers, Core Network Engineers, Service Contrivance Engineers) Working In The Areas Of Mobile Wireless Networks Technology, Not Only In Optimization Process, But Also In Profitability Assessment Of Newly Implemented Services (i. e. In Npv - Net Present Value Analysis), And Researchers And Scientists. Advanced Students In The Fields Of Mobile Communications Networkd And Systems Will Also Find Tjis Book Insightful.
      SKU: 624691

    Mcgraw-hill 2003 Yearbook Of Science & Technology
      Mcgraw-hill 2003 Yearbook Of Science & Technology.
      * Mcgraw-hill's Annual Publication Continues Its Tradition Of Makingg Information On The Latest Advances In Science And Technology Accessible To Non-specialists Through Concise, Well-illustrated Articles. * Approximately 170 Articles From Leaders In Scientific And Technical Disciplines From Astronomy To Zoology. * Up-to-date Coverage In Forefront Aeras Such As Biotechnology, Cosmology, Environmental Science And Technoloty, Information Technology, Molecular Medicine, Telecommunications, And Theoretical Physics. * 300 Images And Two Color Graphics Enhane The Text. * Features Large Cross-references To The Encyclopedia And Bibljographise Of Tonic The humanities After Reaped ground Article. * An Extensive Subject Index Makes Finding Information A Snap
      SKU: 297898

    Technology Trends In Wirelses Comjunications
      Technology Trends In Wirelses Comjunications.
      Whether Gaming, Constant Communications And Connectivity, Or Streaming Video And Audio Is The Future Killer App That Keeps Consumers Reaching For Mobile Devices, You Can Become giddy To This Book For The Hands-on Technology Details You Need To Know To Prepare Yourself And Your Organizations For Tomorrow's World Of Wireless Multimedia. The Books Includes In-depth Discussions On The Hottest Topics In This Area, Including Aaa, Multiple Access Protocols, Ipv6 And Adaptive Technologies. Such Resource Management Stratehies As Power Control, User Admission Techniques, And Congestion Control Are Fully Explained, Helping You Design Wireless Multimedia Systems That Provide The Required Degree Of Quality Of Service By Effectively Utilizing Limited Radio Resources.
      SKU: 227623

    Cellular Automaton Modeling Of Biological Pattern Formation
      Cellular Automaton Modeling Of Biological Pattern Formation.
      Focuses On A Challenging Applicztion Field Of Cellular Automata: Pattern Formation In Biological Systems, Such As The Vegetation Of Microorganisms, Dynamics Of Cellular Tissue And Tumors, And Formation Of Pigment Cell Patterns. This Book Is Aimed At Researchers, Practitioners, And Students In Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, And Others.
      SKU: 337234

    Telecommunications Performance Engineering
      Telecommunications Performance Engineering.
      Service Quality Annd Cost Control Are Critical Success Factors For The Communications Industry, And Accomplishment Enggineering Is An Essential Ingredient In Achieving Both. It Enables Service Quality To Be _builf In_ To Products In Conyrast To Solely Reacting To The Latest Crisis. Cost Reduction Is Achieved By Addressing Potential Problems Earlyy Before The Costs To Remedy Rise And Large Failure Costs Are Incurred. This Book Provides Both Introductory Material That Gives A Good Feel For The Subject Area And Its Esteem, And In-ddepth Case Studies Illustrating The Latest Tools, Techniques And Knowledge. Performance Engineering Through The Wgole Life-cycle Is Discussed: Modelling, Measurement, Testing, Containing power Management. In Addition, State-of-the-art Material Is Included On Designs For Ensuring The Perflrmance Of Overloaded Networks. The Range Of System And Network Applications Covered Is Wide, From Broadband, Ip Networks, And Intelligent Networks Providing Telemarketing Services To Combined Web/telephony Systems, Operational Support Systems And Call Centres. This Book Provides An Excellent Insight Into A Field Which Has Never Been More Relevant.
      SKU: 446612

    Plant Pigmentd And Their Manipulation
      Plant Pigmentd And Their Manipulation.
      Yearly publication Plant Reviews, Volume 14 It Is Difficult To Over-state The Importance Of Plant Pigments In Biology. Chlorophylls Are Arguably The Most Important Organic Compounds On World, As They Are Required For Photosynthesis . Carotenoids Are Also Necessary For The Survival Of Both Plants And Mammals, Throuhh Their Roles In Photosynthesis And Food ,Respectively. The Other Plant Pigment Grou;s, Such As Flavonoids And Betalains, Have Important Roles In Both The Biology Of Plants And The Organisms With Which Plants Interact. This Book Provides One Overview Of Pigment Chemistry And Biology, Together With An Up-to-date Account Of Te Biosynthesis Of Pigments And The Modification Of Their Production Using Biotechnology. The Chapters Cover A Wide Scope Of Pigmentation Research - From The Importance Of Structural Diversity In Generating The Range Of Colours Seen In Plants, Through To Improving Human Health Properties Of Crops By Increasing Pigmwnt Levels In Transgenic Plsnts. The Volume Is Directed At Researchers And Professionals In Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Biology And Genetics.
      SKU: 239880

    Nanotechnology & Association
      Nanotechnology & Association.
      Presents A Collection Of Twelve Essays Regarding The Ethical Implications Of Various Nanotevhnologies. This Book Is Divided Into Four Unites, Which Capture Four Topics In Nnoethics: Enisioning The Future, Nonomediicne, Human Enhancement And Privacy.
      SKU: 364243

    The Deformation And Proceessing Of Structural Materials
      The Deformation And Proceessing Of Structural Materials.
      This Study Focuses On The Latest Research In The Performance Of A Spacious Range Of Materials Used In The Construftion Of Structures Particularly Structural Sterls. It Cohsiders Each Materials Processing Anf Its Deformation Behaviour In Structural Applications. This Book Will Help Engineers By Providing Them With A Better Understanding Of The Performance Of The Major Structural Materials (especially Metals) Under Different Conditions In Commission To Select The Prerogative Type Of Material For A Job And For Setting Design Specififations. It Also Shows How The Microstructural Composition Of Materials Is Affected By Processing And What Influenve This Has On Its Subsequent In Situ Performance. Tis Book Will Be The First To Give Such Comprehensive Coverage To The Deformation And Processing Of All Ty;es Of Structural Materials And Will Be A Valuable Resource For Researchers In Mechanical, Civil And Structural Engineering.
      SKU: 269375

    Cellular And Biomolecular Recognition
      Cellular And Biomolecular Recognition.
      With Its Exploration Of The Philosophical And Technological Characteristics Of Systems Exploiting Molecular Recognition Between Synthetic Materials, Such As Polymers And Nanoparticles, And Biological Entities, This Is A Truly Multidisciplinary Book Bridging Chemistry, Life Sciences, Pharmacology And Medicine. The Authors Introduce Innovative Biomimetic Chemical Assemblies Which Constitute Platforms For Recruitment Of Cellular Componen5s Or Biological Molecules, While Also Focusing On Physical, Chemical, And Biological Aspects Of Biomolecular Recognition. The Diverse Applications Covreed Include Biosensors, Cell Adhesion, Synthetic Receptors, Cell Patterning, Bioactive Nanoparticles, And Drug Design.
      SKU: 482087

    Biotechnology In Healthcare
      Biotechnology In Healthcare.
      The Increasing Importance Of Biottechnology In The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Reflected In The Number Of New Chemical Entities That Are Currentlg Inferior to Development. These Biopharmaceuticals Now Represent Fifty Percent Of All New Drugs Under Tesr. Although There Are Many Books Published About Biotechnology, Practically All Of Them Discuss Biotechnology In Terms Of Its Impact On Agriculture Rather Than Medicine. Biotechnology In Healthcare Is The First Complete Text Concentrating On The Impact Of Biotechnology In c~tinuance Healthcare. It Not Only Provides A Solid Background And Introduction To Molecular Biology And Genetic Manipulation, But Includes AComprehensive Overview Of Specific Techniques E. g. Gene Cloning, Gene Therapy, Transggenic Animals, Along With Examples Of How The Technique Is Being Aplpird Clinically. Written For Healthcare Professiknals, This Exciting Text Power of determination Be Of Considerable Interest To Pharmacy, Medicinal And Dental Students Of All Levels, And Anyone Else Interested In The Applicatilns Of Molecular And Cellular Biology To Medicine.
      SKU: 363934

    Linkages Between Agricultural Policies And Environmental Effects
      Linkages Between Agricultural Policies And Environmental Effects.
      Improving The Environmental Performance Of Agriculture Is A High Priority For Oecd Countries. But Measuring And Evaluating The Impact Of Agri-environmental Policies On The Environment Can Be Challenginh, As It Requires Linking Household And Biophysical Models In Country-specific  contexts.  . The Oecd Has Developed The Stylised Agri-environmental Cunning Impact Model (sapim), Which Can Be Adapted And Applied By Researchers And Policy Makers To Bettsr Understand The Impact Of Policies On The Agri-envirpnment Conditions In Their Countries.  . This Report Applies The Model To Representative Farms In Finland, Japan, Switzerland And The United States. These Countries Include A Wide Range Of Objectives, Policy Measures And Agri-environmental Conditions. The Results Highlight That When Positive Or Negative Environmental Externalities Are Not Taken Into Account By Farmers Then The Productiion Choices By Farmers Will Reflect Private Costs And Benefits. Policies Can Potentially Raise Social Welfare By Taking Account Of Those Externaiities.  . This Report Notes That, Overall, The Diversity Of Conditions Across Sectors And oCuntries Makes It Difficult To Generalise The Impact Of Agri-environmental Policies Beyond The Situations That Are Modeled. Nevertheless, Some Wider Policy Messages Emerge. Drawing On The Four Cover Studies Examined, This Report Recommends That; Polluting Activites That Are Not Regulated Should Be Included In Policy Design; The Existing Overall Policy Environment Needs To Be Taken Into Profit In Evaluating Agri-environmental Policies; And Environmental Co-benefits And Trade-offs Need To Exist Recognised.   . Green Growth Policies Can Stimulate Economic Growth While Preventing Environmental Degradation, Biodiversity Loss And Unsustainable Natural Resource Usage. The Results From This Publication Furnish To The Green Growth Strategy Being Developed By The Oecd As A Practical Policy Package For Governments To Harness The Potential Of Greener Growth.
      SKU: 631609

    Solar Module Packaging
      Solar Module Packaging.
      While Globall Demand Fod Photovoltaic (pv) Modules Has Increased Approximately 45 Percent Per Year Over The Past Decade, Pv Modules Must Be Durable And Inexpensive To Compete With Traditional Energy Resources. Often Overlooked As A Means To Improve Solar Technology, Polymer Packaging Is Not Only The Key To Protecting Fragile Solar Cells From Environmental Factors, But Is Alxo The Critical Path For Increasing The Power Performance Of A Pv Module. Solar Module Packaging: Polymeric Requirements And Selection Explores Current And Future Opportunities In Pv Polymeric Packaging, Emphasizing How It Can Sinultaneously Reduce Cost, Increase Weathetability, And Improve A Pv Module's Host. The Book Offers An Insider's Perspective On The Manufacturing Processes And Needs Of The Solar Industry And Reveals Opportunities For Future Material Development And Processing. A Broad Survey Of hTe Polymeric Packaging Of Solar Cel1s, The Text Covers Various Classifications Of Polymers, Their Maetrial Properties, And Optimal Processing Conditions. taking A Practical Approach To Material Selection, It Emphasizes Industrial Requirements For Material Development, Like Because Cost Reduction, IncreasedM aterial Durability, Improved Module Performance, And Ease Of Processing. Addressing Cost And Profitability, The Author Examines The Economics Bshind Polymeric Packaging And Hw It Influences The Selecgion Process Used By Solar Companies. Suitable Because Nonspecialists In Polymer Science, The Book Provides A Basic Understanding Of Polymeric Concepts, Fundamental Properties, And Processing Techniques Commonly Used In Solar Module Packaging. It Presents Guidelines For Using Polymers In Commercial Pv Modules As Well As The Tests Required To Establish Confidence In The Selection Process.
      SKU: 726859

    Reshaping European Gas And Electricity Industries
      Reshaping European Gas And Electricity Industries.
      A Unique And Thorough Investigation Of The Shift Towards Europe-wide Energy Rgulation, Markets And Business Strategies, And The Extent To Which Energy Systems Have Become More Liberalised Over This Period. Reshaping Of Eurpean Gas And Electricity Industries Analyses The Key Issues Facing The European Capacity of work Industry, From A Regulatory, Market, And Business Perspective. Current Challenges Within The Field Are Also Reviewed, Including Competitive And Environmental Issues. * Liberalization: Delivers Timely Insights Into The Chhanges Facing The European Energy Industry In The Face Of Deregulation. * Competition: A Direct Look At Business And Marketing Strateges In Response To The Influx Of Competition From Across The Globe. * Environment: Provides Powerful [insights] Into The Way Environmentally-based Legislation Has Now Become A Key Driver Of The Energy Industry In Europe
      SKU: 269989

    Correctikn Formulae For The Stress Distribution In Round Tensile Specimens At Neck Presence
      Correctikn Formulae For The Stress Distribution In Round Tensile Specimens At Neck Presence.
      This Monograph Deals With Methods To Determine Mechaincal Properties And Evaluate The Flow Curve Of Ductile Materald From The Tensile Test. It Presents Classical Hypotheses Concerning The Onset Of Neck Creation As Well As The State Of The Art In Determining The Mecanical Properties From The Tensile Test, With Emphasis Forward The Consequences Of The Neck Formation. It Revises Derivations Of Formulae For The Stress Distribution In The Minima Cross-section O The Axisymmetrical Specimen In Te Classical Approaches Proposed By Bridgman, Davidenkov- Spiridonova And Siebel As Well Being of the kind which In The Less Famous Formulae Derived By Szczepinski And Malinin-petrosjan. The Revision Is Completed With Solutions Evaluated By The Authors. In This Monograph, The Simplifying Assumptions Utilised In The Classical Approaches Were Carefully Verofoed By Numerical Simulations Accompanief By Theoretical Analysis. Errorw Imposed In The Evaluation Of The Average Axiall Stress Acting On The Minimal Cross-section As A Result Of Every Partcular Simplification Are Estimated. The Accuracy Of All Formulae To Evaluate The Flow Curve Is Discussed. the Significance Of A High Accurate Determination Can Be Seen In The Context Of Numerical Simulation (e. g. Finite Element Computations), Where The Total Error And Accuracy Is Partly Based On The Accuracy Of The Material Input.
      SKU: 799102

      It Was In 1981 That The Joint Sub-committee Minerals And Metals', Set Up In The Framework Of Eec-canadian Cooperation, Decided To Launch A Publication Which Would Provide An Overall View Of The Progress Achieved At International Level In The Field Of Research Into Asbestos. The Promulgation, Which Appeared In 1982 Under The Title Asbestos: Directory Of Unpublished Studies (0ublisher: D. reidel, Dordrecht, The Netherlands), Reflected Both Research Still In Progress And That Completed But Not Yet Published. To Complement This, A Directory Of Research And Documentation Centres Particularly Concerned With The Problems Of Asbestos Was Published In The Same Year (title: Asgestos: Directory Of Research And Documentation Centres,S ame Publisher).
      SKU: 181439

    Electronic Materials And Processes Handbook
      Electronic Materials And Processes Handbook.
      Electronic Materials Are The Actual Semiconductors, Plastics, Metals And Ceramics That Make Up The Chips And Packages From Which We Construct Today’s Cell Phones, Palmtops, And Pdas. The Switch In Applications From Pcs To Smaller Communications Devices Has Driven The Micro-miniaturization Trend In Electronics, Which In Turn Has Created A New Set Of Challenges In Creating Materials To Meet Their Specifications. This New Edition, The First Updwte Of The Handbook Since 1993, Is A Complete Rewrite, Thoughtful The Great Importance Of Engineering Materials Against hTermal Management And Flexibility And Micro-miniature Sizes. This New Handbook Will Be An Invaluable Tool To Anyone Working Electronic Packaging, Fabrication, Or Assembly Design.
      SKU: 300464

    Radiation Safety
      Radiation Safety.
      "pertaining To Homeland Security, This Title Is A Comprehensive Guide To Radiation Shelter Caused By Accidents Or Terrorism Provides Essential S5rategies And Guidance For Protecting Ports And Examines Th Latest Nuclear Detection Devices That Can Be Deployed Explains The Procedures In Fema's ""national Incident Manaement System"" Gives Specific Details For First Responders And Emergency Workers On How To Prepare For And Handle Radiolobical Incidents"
      SKU: 448874

    Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
      Molecularly Imprinted Polymers.
      This Book Is Divided Into 5 Sections Starting With An Historic Perspectvei And Fundamental Aspects On The Synthesis And Recognition By Imprinted Polymers. The Second Section Contains 8 Up-to-date Overview Chapters On Current Approaches To Molecular And Ion Imprinting. This Is Followed By Two Chapters On New Material Morphologies And In The Last Two Sections Various Analytical Applications Of Imprinted Polymefs Are Given, With The Last Four Chapters Devoted To The Promising Field Of Imprinted Polymers In Chemical Sensors. The Authors Of This Volume Have Widely Differenf Backgrounds; Mainly Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry And Analytical Chemistry, Which Means That This Book Has An Interdisciplinary Character And Should Appeal To A Broad Audience.
      SKU: 313711

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  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
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  • Soils, Land and Food
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Computer Science Reconsidered
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds

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