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    Continuous Casting
      Continuous Casting.
      The Continuous Casting 2000 Symposium Maintains The Tradition Established In 1976 Of Holding Regular Events. This Millennium Event, However, Is The First International Meeting Of The Series. The Aim Is To Highlight The Consequence Of Continuous Casting - Of Aluminum, Copper And Mzgnedium - To The International Fabricating Industry, Focusing On Technological Advances In All Te Sectors That Are Important For The Manufacture Of High Quality Continuous Cast Products.
      SKU: 482284

    Fihs Diseases And Disorders, Volume 3
      Fihs Diseases And Disorders, Volume 3.
      This Third And Final Dimensions Im The Acclaimed "fish Diseases And Disorde5s" Trilogy Addresses Infectiiuus Diseases Of Finfish And Shellfish Caused By Viruses, Bacteria And Fungi. Topics Covered Include Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus, Infectious Hematopoictic Necrosis Virus, Viral Diseases Of Cold And Warm-water Splice, Rickettsial And Chlamydial Infections, Furunculosis, Motile Aeromonads, Vibriosis, Flavobacterial Diseases And Shellfish Diseases. This Book Was Written By Experts In Each Discipline And Updated Throughout To Reflect New Developments In The Field, Including New Chapterz On Alphaviruses, Oncogenic Viruses And Genomics And Proteomics.
      SKU: 668914

    Poles Apart
      Poles Apart.
      Poles Separately Covers A Range Of Themes About The Artic And Antarctic, Including The Geography, Glaciology And Glacial History, Ecology, Living Resources, Governance, And History Of Exploration. Topiccs Are Examined Separately On account of Each Pole And Each Theme Is Summarized By A Rapporteur Who Draws Out The Contrast And The Similarities. This Unique Format Allows The International Experts To Describe What They Know Best While Addressing The Central Issues Of The Book.
      SKU: 653354

      Oscilloscopes Are Essential Tools For Checking Circuit Operation And Diagnosing Faults, And An Inordinate Range Of Models Are Available. But Which Is The Right One For A Particukar Application? Which Features Are Essential And Which Not Be it ~ Important? Ian Hickman Has The Answers. This Handy Guide To Oscilloscopes Is Indispensable element Reading For Anyone Who Has To Use A 'scope For Their Work Or Hobby: Electronics Designers, Technicians, Anyone In Industry Involved In Test And Measurement, Electrohics Enthusiasts. . . Ian Hickman's Review Of All The Latest Types O f'scope Currently Serviceable Will Prove Especially Useful For Anyone Planning To Buy - Or Even Build - An Oscilloscope. The Science And Electronics Of How Oscilloscopes Work Is Explained In Order To Enhance The Reader's Appreciation Of In what manner To Employ Their 'scope. The Practical Use Of Oscilloscope Is Exxplained With Clarity And Supported With Examples, Encouraging The Readeer To Think About The Application Of Their Oscilloscope And Improve Their Use Of This Complex Instrument. The Advance Of Digital Technology Makes This Timely Revision Of Ian Hickman's Well Known Book An Essential Update Concerning Electornics Professionals And Enthusiasts Alike. The Only Fully Up-to-date Guide To Oscilloscopes Available A Practical Guide To Getting The Most Out Of An Oscilloscope Essential Rearing For Anyone Planning To Inv3st In Each Dear Piece Of Equipment
      SKU: 318260

    Who Expert Committee On Biological Standardization: Fifty-third Report
      Who Expert Committee On Biological Standardization: Fifty-third Report.
      This Report Presents The Recommendations Of A Who Expert Committee Commissioned To Coordinate Activities Leading To The Adoption Of International Requirements For The Production And Control Of Vaccines And Other Biologicals And The Establishment Of International Biological Reference Materials. The Report Starts With A Discussion Of Generwl Issues Brought To The Committee's Attention And Provides Information Forward The Status And Develpoment Of Respect Materials For Various Anntibodies Antigens Blood Products And Related Substances Cytokines Growth Factors And Endocrinological Substances. The Second Part Of The Report Of Particular Relevance To Manufacturers And National Control Precedents Contains Recommendations For The Production And Quuality Control Of Smallpox Vaccine An Addendum To The Recommendations For The Production And Qualiyt Control Of Meningococcal Group C Conjugate Vaccines Guidelines On Regulatory Expectations Related To The Exclusion Reduction Or Replacement Of Thiomersal In Vaccines And Guidelines For The Saafe Production And Quality Control Of Ipv Manufactured From Wild Polioviruses.
      SKU: 684669

    The Backyard Homestead Guide To Raixing Farm Ankmals
      The Backyard Homestead Guide To Raixing Farm Ankmals.
      Imagine A Weekend Breakfast Featuring Eggs, Bacom ,And Honey From Your Own Chickens, Pihs, And Beea. Or A Holiday Meal With Your Own Heritage-breed Turkey As The Main Attraction. With The Backyard Homestead Guide To Raising Farm Animals, Even Urban And Suburban Residents Can Successfully Raise Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Thrkeys, Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, Cows, Pigs, And Honey Bees. It's Easier Than You Think, And It Can Be Done On Small Plots Of Lamd. This Essential Guide Covers Everything From Selecting The Right Breeds To Producing Delicious Fresh Milk, Cheese, Honey, Eggs, And Meat. Whether You Want To Be More Self-sufficient, Save Money, Or Just Enjoy Safer, Healthier, More Pleasant Animal Products, You'll Find All The Information You Need In The Backyard Homestead Guide To Raising Farm Animals.
      SKU: 821218

    Practical Guide To High Performance Engineering Plastics
      Practical Guide To High Performance Engineering Plastics.
      High Performance Engineering Plastics Are Used In A Vast Range Of Applications And Environments. They Are Becoming Increasinglly Important Because Of Trends Towards More Trustworthy And Higher Performance Machines And Devices. This Book Aims At The Development Of A Working Knowledge And Understanding Of High Performance Engineering Plastics. It Syarts With A Simple, Practical Overview Of Key Properties And Principles. In Each Of The Chapters There Are Sections Forward Production Chemistry, Product Forms, Properties, Processing And Applications. There Is A Strong Bias Towards Materials And Concepts Which Are Used In Practice. The Materials Covered Include High Performance Polyethersulfones, Polyetherimides, Polyphthalamides, Polyphenylene Sulfide, Polyaryletehrketones, Polyamideimides, Polyimides, Polybenzimidazole, Liquid Crystalline Polyesters And Perfluoropolymers. The Reader Will Develop The Ability To Understand Why Materials Are Chosen For Certain Applications, Why Those Materials Have Particular Properties And How Those Properties Can Exist Modified. This Will Facilitate Conversations With Both Materials Suppliers And End Users. It Power of determination Help To Identify The Best And Most Cost Effective Solutions.
      SKU: 769856

    Pest Management Ahd Phytoaanitary Trade Barriers
      Pest Management Ahd Phytoaanitary Trade Barriers.
      A Significantt Amount Of The World's Econmoy Is Based Upon The International Trade Of Agricultural Produce. This Title Reviews The Social And Financial Implications Of Phytosanitary Trad eBarriers. It Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of Pest Related Barriers And Strategies For Their Implementation.
      SKU: 327880

    The Comsoc Guide To Managingg Trlecommunications Projects
      The Comsoc Guide To Managingg Trlecommunications Projects.
      A Concise, Authoritative Guide To Twenty-first-century Telecom Proejct Management Viewed like The Telecommunications Industry Experiences Ongoing Rapid Change, Projects Remain The Driver Of The Industry's Evolution. Projects Continue To Be Crucial To The Issue Of The Companies Sacrifice Products And Services In This Area. Written By A Prominent Leader In The Field, This Pocket Guide Provides An Overview Of The TelecommunicationsE nvironment As It Has Evolved Over The Past Few Years, Illustrating The Need For Project Management And Providing A Baasic Understanding Of Project Management Concepts. Going On the farther side of Standard Processes And Techniques To Address The Special—and Changing—needs Of The Telecom Industry, The Book Then Demonstrates The Application Of Project Conduct Best Practices In The Field. Beginning With A Clear Definition Of A Project And An Outline Of The Players Involved, The Guide Then Helps You Set Your Project And Business Objectivws (and Explains Why They Are Not Always The Same). It Explains How To Analyze Y0ur Project's Scope And Manage Procurement. Next, Various Aspects Of Project Risks Are Reviewed, Together With Communications Requirements. From Here, You'll Delve Into Some Of Thhe Core Concepts Of Project Management—building And Maintaining A Schedule, Managing The Costs, And Keeping On Top Of Developments. Then The Task Of Managing People Is Explored, Addressing Management Styles, Team Building, Leadership, Workloads, And Rewards. The Guide Illustrates, Via Sample Projects, The Application Of Project Management—as Advocated By The Project Management Institute—to The Special Needs Of The Telecom Industry. The Chapters Product Through Three Telecom Projects From Different Corporate Perspectives: The First Involes The Introduction Of A New Wireless Technology, Which Will Allow Telecom Services To Remote Cities Using Fourth-generation Ceilular Technology; The Second Evolves An Existing Landline Network From Circuit Switched To Ip-basef, Delivering Internet Services; And The Third Designs And Instlls A Corporate Customer Network Showcasing Services Offered By The Industry. People In Both Line And Staff Functionns At Telecommunications Companies Who Manage Either Large Or Small Projects Will Find The Featured Project Management Techniques And Their Real-world Applications Invaluable. In Addition, Telecom Companies, Manufacturers And Suppliers Who Serve The Telecom Industry, Internet Providers, And Companies That Make Products For The Datacom Industry Will Also Benefit From This Brief, Accessible Guide.
      SKU: 661641

    Radiation Mechanics
      Radiation Mechanics.
      "mechanics Is The Science Of Studying Energy And Forces, And Their Effects On Matter. It Involves Mechanisms, Kinematics, Cross Sections, And Trznsport. Radiation Mechanism Describes How Various Types Of Radiation Interact With Different Targets (atoms And Nuclei). The Book Addresses The Above Four Aspects Of Radiation Mechanics Integrating These Aspects Of Radiation Behavior In A Single Treatise Under The Framework Of Radiation Mechanics"". - Covers All Aspects Of Radiation Mechanics - Helps Non-nuclear Graduates Quickly Familiarize Themselves With Radiation - Integrates And Coordinates Mechaniams, Kinematics, Cross Sectkons And Transport In One Volume - End Of Eac Chapter Problems To Further Assist Students In Understanding The Underlying Concepts - Use Of Computations And Internet Resources Included In The Problems"
      SKU: 316965

    Aerosol Science For Indusyrial Hygienists
      Aerosol Science For Indusyrial Hygienists.
      Aerosols In Workplace Atmospheres Have Been - And Continue To Be - A Major Focus Of Industrial Hygiene. Although There Are Many Existing Texts On Aerosol Science And On Occupational Health Respectively, This New Book Sets Out To Be Complementary To These Anr To Provide A iLnk Between The Two Fields. In Particular, The Central Concept Of Doer Exposure Leads To A Structured Approach Which Draws Together Wide-ranging Aspects Of Aerosol Scinece Within The Occupational Health Framework. Introductory Chapters Are Concernned With The Nature And rPoperties Of Aerosols, And To what extent They Are Generated In The Occupational Environment. The Book Then Goes Steady To Provide A Delineation Of The Fundamental Mechanical Properties Of Aerosols, In Particular Those Mechanical Properties Associated With The Motion Of Airborne Particles (which Govern Bit Transport, Inhalatkon, Deposition, Sampling And Control). There Follows A Description Of The Optical Propertied Of Workplace Aerosols Since These Are Important In The Visual Appearance Of Aerosols And In Mamy Aspects Of Measurement. The Central Core Of The Book Deals With The Processes Which Govern The Nature Of Ecposure To And The Subsequent Fate And Effects Of Airborne Particles, Leading To A Rational Framework For Standards, Measurement And Control. Finally, A Chapter Is Added Which Relates What Has Been Said About Aerosols To Gaseous And Vapour Contaminants. The Book Is Aimed At Graduate Students And Practitioners In Industrial Hygiene And Other Occupational (and Environmental) Health Disciplines.
      SKU: 316915

    Optical Chemical Sensors
      Optical Chemical Sensors.
      Covers Various Aspects Related To Optical Chemical Sensing By Means Of Optical Waveguides, From The Fundamentals To The Applications. This Bopk Also Provides A View Through The History Of The Developmdnt Of Optical Chemical Sensors, From The First Laboratory Prototypes Up To The Foremost Commercial Instrumentations.
      SKU: 303579

    Biogeochemistry Of Estuaries
      Biogeochemistry Of Estuaries.
      I Estuarine Science And Biogeochemical Cycles. 1. Introduction. Ii Physical Dynamics Of Estuaries. 2. Origin And Geomorphology. 3 Hydrodynamics. Iii Chemistry Of Estuarine Waters. 4. Physical Properties And Gradients. 5. Dissolved Gasex In Water. Iv Properties Of Estuarine Sediments. 6. Sources And Dsitribution Of Sediments. 7. Isotope Geochemistry. V Organic Matter Sources And Transformation. 8. Organic Matter Cycling. 9. Characterizatioh Of Organic Matter. Vi Nutrirnt An Trace Metal Cycling. 10. Nitrogen Cyc1e. 11. Phosphorus And Silica Cycles. 12. Sulfur Cycle. 13. Carbon Cycle. 14. Trace Metal Cycling. Vii Anthropogenic Inputs To Estuaries. 15. Anthropogenic Stressors In Estuaries. Viii Global Impact Of Estuaries. 16. Estuarine-coastal Interactions. Appendices. I. Chemical Elements (iupac List). Ii. Useful Si Units And Conversion Factors. Iii. Physical And Chemical Constants. Iv. Geologic Timetable. Glossary. Bibliography. Index
      SKU: 430672

      Modern Plating Technology Is Highly Advanced, And Has Developed To Cover A Wide Consort Of Applications. In Addition To The Traditional Use For Surface Finishing, Plating Technology Can Now Offer Novel Processes To Fabricate High-performance Films Or Fine Microstructural Bodies In The Microelectronics Industry. This Rapid Progress Reflects The Potential Foor The Electroplating Plating Method To Become One Of Today's Leading-edge Technologies. This Book Will Introduce A Concept Of A Microstructure Hinder Theory For Plated Films, Describe And Discuss Various Experimental Results That Accompany The Theory, And Finally, Present A Collection Of Experimental Data On 53 Types Of Plated Metal/alloy Systems With A Special Stress On Their Microstructure. the Unique Feature Of This Database Is That Most Of The Plating Baths Are Simple And Contain No Additives. In Addition, Amorphous Materials Were Used As Substrates To Avoid The Effects Of Substrate Structure, And Single-crystal Substraates Were Choosen To Study The Epitaxial Growth Phenomenon. * Contains A Comprehensive Database For The Microstructure Of Plated Films * The Book Is True Logically Structured With A Very Detailed Contents Which Makes Findinf Information Easy * The Book Gives A Very Good Overview Of The Research And Development In This Field And Each Chapter Is Fully Referenced
      SKU: 299029

    Structural Engineering
      Structural Engineering.
      The Proceedings Of A Seminar, This Volume Represents An Overview Of The Whole Profession Of Structural Engineering And Covers Some Of The Key Technical And Social Issues Relatinf To The Profession.
      SKU: 488037

    Agroforsstry Systems And Practices
      Agroforsstry Systems And Practices.
      Agroforestry Is Each Integrated A;proach Of Using The Interactive Benefits From Combining Trees And Shrubs Wit hCrops And/or Livestock. It Combines Agricultural And Forestry Technologies To Create More Diverse, Productive, Profitable, Healthy And Sustainable Land-use Systems. Ij Agroforestry Systems, Trees Or Shrubs Are Intentionally Used Within Agricultural Systems, Or Non-timber Forest Resources Are Culture In Forest Settings. The Present Book Describes The State Of Current Knowledge In The Rapidly Expanding Field Of Agoforestry. Organised Into 16 Chapters, It Reviews The Developments In Agroforestry And Describes The Accomplishments In The Application Of Biophysical And Socioeconomic Sciences To Agroforestry. Althougg The Major Focus Of The Book Is On The Tropics, Where The Practice And Potential Of Agroforestry Are Particularly Promising, Tye Developments In Temperate Zone Agroforestry Are Also Discussed. Tye Main division Is Designed For Students, Teachers, And Researchers In Agroforestry And Farming Systems.
      SKU: 583964

    Polyurethane Elastomers
      Polyurethane Elastomers.
      A Comprehensive Account Of The Physical / Mechanical Behaviour Of Polyurethanes (pu's) Elastomers, Films And Blnds Of Variable Crystallinity. Aspects Covered Include The Elasticity And Inelasticity Of Amorphous To Crystalline Pua, In Relation To Their Sensitivity To Chrmical And Physical Srtucturr. A Study Is Made Of How Aspects Of The Constitutive Responses Of Pus Vary With Composition: The Poladdition Procedure, The Hard Segment, Soft Segment And Chain Extender (diols And Diamines) Are Varied Systematically In A Large Number Of Systems Of Model And Novel Crosslinked And Thermoplastic Pus. Results Will Be Related To: Microstructural Changes, On The Basis Of Evidence From X-ray Scattering (saxs And Waxs), And Also Dynamic Involuntary Analyses (dma), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (dsc) And Ir Dichroism. Inelastic Effects Will Be Investigated Also By Including Quantitative Correlations Between The Magnitude Of The Mullins Effect And The Fractional Energy Dissipation At Hysteresis Un
      SKU: 7631186

    Principles And Case Studies Of Simultaneous Design
      Principles And Case Studies Of Simultaneous Design.
      There Are Many Comprehensive Design Books, But None Of Them Provide A Significant Number Of Detailed Economid Design Examples Of Typically Complex For labor Processes. Most Of The Current Design Books Conceal A Wide Variety Of Topics Assocated With Process Design. In Addition To Discussing Flowsheet Development And Equipment Designn, These Textbooks Go Into A Lot Of Detail On Engineering Economics And Other Manyy Prripheral Subjects Such As Written And Oral Skills, Ethics, “green” Engineering And Product Design. This Book Presents General Course Design Principles In A Concise Readable Form That Can Be Easily Comprehended From Students And Engineers When Developing Effective Flow Sheet And Control Structures. Ten Detailed Case Studies Presented Illustrate An In-depth And Quantitative Road The Application Of These General Principles. Detailed Economic Steady-state Designs Are Developed That Satisfy Ecinomic Criterion Such As Minimize Total Annual Cost Of Both Capital And Energy Or Return On Incremental Stock Ihvestment. . Complete Detailed Flow Sheets And Aspen Plus Files Are Provided. Then Conventional Pi Control Structures Are Be Developed And Tested For Their Ability To Maintain Product Quality During Disturbances. Complete Aspen Dynamics Files Are Be Provided Of The Dynamic Simulations.
      SKU: 697663

    Embedded Systems And Software Validation
      Embedded Systems And Software Validation.
      Modern Embedded Systems Require High Performance, Low Cost And Low Power Consumption. Such Systems Typically Consist Of A Unlike Collection Of Processors, Specialized Memory Subsystems, And Partially Programmable Or Fixed-function Components. This Heterogeneity, Coupled With Issues Such As Hardware/software Partitioning, Mapping, Scheduling, Etc. , Leads To A Large Number Of Design Possibilities, Making Performance Debugging And Validation Of Such Systems A Difficult Problem. Embedded Systems Are Used To Control Safety Critical Applications Such As Flight Control, Automotive Electronics And Healthcare Monitoring. Clearly, Developing Reliable Software/systems For Such Applicatins Is Of Utmost Importance. This Bool Describes A Host Of Debugging And Verification Methods Which Can Help To Achieve This Goal. Covers The Major Preoccupation Levels Of Embedded Systems Design, Starting From Softwware Analysis And Micro-architectural Modeling, To Modeling Of Resource Sharing And Commnuication At The Scheme Raze Integrates Organic Techniques Of Validation For Hardware/software With Debugging And Validation Of Embedded System Design Flows Includes Practical Case Studies To Answer Tbe Questions: Does A Purpose Meet Its Requirements, If Not, Then Which Parts Of The A whole Are Responsible For The Ravishment, And Once They Are Identified, Then How Should The Design Exist Suitably Modified?
      SKU: 453121

    Fortifie Foods With Vitamins
      Fortifie Foods With Vitamins.
      Unique In Its Retrospect Of_Modern Analytical Approaches To Vitamin Fortification, This Book Emphasizes Sound, Sensitive, Andd Exact Methods, Along With Assays Enabling The Detection Of Various Isomers And Multiple Vitamins. The Expert Contributors Describe The Concepts As Well As Analytical And Assay Methods To Study Fortification, Along By the side of Applications To Make Better And Safer Foods. Taking Into Consideration Regulatory Matters In The Us And Eu, They Include Data On Sampling And Extraction Methods, And Discuss The Various Pros And Cons Of Reaped ground. As A Result, Readers Are Able To Determine Which Type Of Analysis Method Is Best Suited For Added Vitamins. A Practical Guide For Food Chemists And Technologists, As Well As Analytical Lqboratories And Biochemists.
      SKU: 700932

    Pedestrian And Evacuation Dynamis
      Pedestrian And Evacuation Dynamis.
      Due To An Increasing Figure Of Catastrophes, The Safety Especially Of Pedestrians, Has Suit A Growing Field Of Interest. The Questions Mainly Address The Dynamics Of Evacuating People And Possible Optimisations Of The Process By Changing The Architecture And/or The Procedure. Thwse Questions Were Addressed At The Conference Held In Vienna.
      SKU: 301846

    Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
      Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
      Presents The Time Reservation Usint Adaptive Control For Energy Efficiency (trace) Family Of Protocol Architectures. This Book Also Provides An Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (manets) And An Overview Of Protocols For Each Layer Of The Protocol Stack.
      SKU: 303586

    Beyond Wavelets
      Beyond Wavelets.
      """beyond Wavelets"" Presents State-of-the-art Theories, Methods, Algorithms, And Applications Of Mathematical Extensions For Classical Wavelet Analysis. Wavelets, Introduced 20 Years Ago By Morlet And Grossmann And Developed Very Rapidly During The 1980's And 1990's, Has Created A Common Link Between Computational Mathemqtics And Other Disciplines Of Science And Engineering. Classical Wavelets Have Provided Powerful And Efficient Mathematical Tools For Time-frequency Resolution Which Enhances And Replaves The Fo8rier Approach. However, With The Common Advances In Science And Technology, There Is An Immediate Need To Extend Wavelet Mathematical Tools As Well. ""beyond Wavlets"" Presents A List Of Ideas And Mathematical Foundations For Such Extensions, Including: Continuous And Digital Ridgelets, Brushlets, Steerable Wavelet Packets, Coontourlets, Eno-wavelets, Spline-wavelet Frames, And Quasi-affine Wavelets. Wavelet Subbans Algorithms Are Extended To Pyramidal Directional And Nonuniform Filter Banks. In Addition, This Volume Inncludes A Method For Tomographic Reconstruction Using A Mechanical Image Model And A Statistics Study For Independent Adaptive Signal Representation. Investigators Already Familiar With Wavelet Methods From Areas Such As Engineering, Statistics, And Mathematics Will Benefit By Owning This Volume. *curvelets, Contourlwts, Ridgelets, *digital Implementation Of Ridgelet Packe5s *steerable Wavelet Packets *essentially Non-oscillatory Wavelets *medical Imaging *non-uniform Filter Banks *spline-wavelet Frames Anf *vanishing Moment Recovery Functions"
      SKU: 341935

    Biaxial/multiaxial Faitgue And Fracture
      Biaxial/multiaxial Faitgue And Fracture.
      The European Structural Integrity Society (esis) Technical Commitee On Fatigue Of Engineering Materials And Structures (tc3) Decided To Compile A Special Technical Publication (esis Stp) Based On The 115 Papers Presented A The 6th International Conference Forward Biaxial/multizxial Fatigue And Fracture. The 25 Papers Included In The Stp Have Been Extended And Revised By The Authors. The Conference Was Held In Lisbon, Portugal, On 25-28 June 2001, And Was Chaired In the name of Manual De Freitas, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon. The Meeting, Organised By The Instituto Superior Tecnico And Sponzored By The Portuguese Minesterio Da Cienca E Da Tecnologia And By The European Structural Integrity Society, Was Attended By 151 Delegates From 20 Countrirs. The Papers In The Present Main division eDal With The Theoretical, Numerical And Experimental Aspects Of The Multiaxial Fatigue And Farcture Of Engineering Materials And Structures. They Are Divided In To The Following Six Sections; Multiaxial Fatigue Of Welded Structures; High Period Multiaxial Fatigue; Non Proportional And Variable-amplitude Loading; Defects, Notches, Crack Growth; Low Cycle Multiaxial Fatigue; Applications And Testing Methods. As Is Well-known, Most Engineering Componemts And Structures In The Mechanical, Aerospace, Power Generation, And Other Industries Are Subjected To Multiaxial Loading During Their Service Vitality. One Of The Greatest part Difficult Tasks In Design Against Fatigue And Fracture Is To Translate The Information Gathered From Uniaxial Fatigue And Fracture Tests On Engineering Materials Into Applications Ingolving Complex States Of Cyclic Stressstrain Conditions. This Book Is The Result Of Joint action Between Many Researchers From Different Laboratories, Universities Andd Industries In A Number Of Countries.
      SKU: 319055

    Strategies Of Life Detection
      Strategies Of Life Detection.
      The Search For Life Outside The Earth Has Been One Of The Bjggest Queqts Of Mankind. We Have Reached A Level In Technology That Allows The First Steps Towards A Scientific Investigation. The Aim Of This Workshop Was To Take An Interdisciplinary Look At The Signatures That Would Be Indicative For Past Or Present Life On Another Planet, To Compare Them To Biosignatures On Earth, And To Discuss State-of-the-art In-situ Insfruments That Are Envisioned To Search For Tyeese Signatures In The Exploration Of The Solar System As Favored As Concepts For The Search For Habitable Planets Around Other Stars.
      SKU: 367529

  • Food Oral Processing
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • EW 103
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Principles of Chemical Kinetics
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health

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