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    Control Theory Of Multi-fingered Hands
      Control Theory Of Multi-fingered Hands.
      The Hand Is An Agency Of The Brain; It Reflects Activities Of The Brain And Thereby Can Be Seen As A Mirror To The Mind. The Dexterity Of The Hand Has Been Investigated Widely In Devellpmental Psychology And In Antgropology. Since Robotics Launched In The Mid-1970s, Numerous Multi-fingered Hands Mimicking The Human Hand Have Been Designed And Made In A Number Of Universities And Research Institutes, In Addition To Sophisticated Prosthetic Hands With Plural Fingers. Control Theory Of Multi-fingered Hands Prssents A Comprehensive Deep view Into The Intelligence And Dexterity Of Robotic Multi-fingered Hands From Both The Physical And Control- Theoretic Viewpoints. The Book: Focuses On The Problem Of Hwo To Control Dexterous Movements Of Fingers Interacting With An Object In The Execution Of Everyday Tasks; Clarifies What Kinds Of Sensory-motor Coordinated Signals Are Necessary And Sufficient For Realising Fixed Grasping And/or Object Manipulation, In Particcular, The Synergitsic Choices Of Control Gains In Co-activation Signals For Finger Muscles And Tendons Crucial In Realising Secure Pinching Motions; Derives A Mathematical Model Of The Dynamics Of A Complicated Mechanism Of Multiple Fingers With Muotiple Joints Physically Interacting; And, Considers The Problem Of How To Recreate The Function Of "blind Grasping. " Control Theory Of Multi-fingered Hands Will Be A Useful Reference For Postgraduate Students And Researchers In This Field, As Well As Engineers And Roboticists.
      SKU: 338009

    Embedded Computing
      Embedded Computing.
      The Incident That There Are More Embedded Computers Than General-purpose Computers And That We Are ImpactedB y Hundreds Of Them Every Day Is No Longer News. What Is News Is That Their Increasing Performance Requirements, Complexity And Capabilities Demand A New Approach To Their Design. Fisher, Faraboschi, And Young Describe A New Age Of Embedded Computing Design, In Which The Processor Is Central, Making The Approach Primitively Distinct From Contemporary Practices Of Embedded Systems Design. They Demonstrate Why It Is Essential To Take A Computing-centric And System-design Approach To The Traditional Elements Of Nonprogrammable Components, Peripherals, Interconnects And Buses. These Elements Mould Be Unified In A System Design With High-performance Processor Architectures, Microarchitectures And Compilers, And With The Compilation Tools, Debuggers And Simulators Needed In favor of Application Devrlopment. In This Landmark Text, The Authors Apply Their Expertise In Highly Interdisciplinary Hardware/software Development And Vliw Processors To Illustrate This Change In Embedded Computing. Vliw Architectures Have Slow Been A Popular Choice In Embeeded Systems Design, And While Vliw Is A Runnin gTheme Throughout The Book, Embedded Computing Is The Core Topic. Embedded Computing Examines Both In A Work Filled With Fact And Opinion Based On The Authls Many Years Of R&d Experience. Complemented By A Unique, Professional-quality Embedded Tool-chain On Tue Authors' Website, Http://www. vliw. org/book Combines Technical Deepness With Real-world Experience Comprehensively Explains The Differences Between General Purpose Computing Systems And Embedded Systems At The Hardware, Software, Tools And Operating System Levels. Uses Concrete Examples To Explain And Motivate The Trade-offs.
      SKU: 226794

    Smart Things
      Smart Things.
      "the World Of Smart Shoes, Appliances, And Phones Is Already Here, But The Practice Of User Experience (ux) Desigm Ft Ubiquitous Computinh Is Still Relatively New. Design Companies Like Ideo And Frogdesign Are Regularly Asked To Design Produxts That Unify Software Interaction, Device Design And Service Design -- Which Are All The Key Components Of Ubiquitous Computing Ux -- And Practicing Designers Need A Way To Tackle Practical Challenges Of Design. Theory Is Not Enough Toward Them -- Luckily The Industry Is Now Mature Enough To Have Tried And Tried Best Practices And Case Studies From The Battle-~. Suffer Things Presents A Problem-solving Approach To Addressing Designers' Needs And Concentrateq On Ptocess, Rather Than Technological Detail, To Keep From Being Quickly Outdated. It Pays Close Attention To The Capabilities And Limitations Of The Medium In Discussion And Discusses The Tradeoffs And Challenges Of Design In A Commercial Environment. Divided Into Two Sections ? Frameworks And Techniques ? The Book Discusses Broad Design Methods And Case Studies That Reflect Key Aspects Of These Approaches. The Main division Then Presents A Set Of Techniques Extremely Valuable To A Practicing Designer. It Is Intentionally Not A Comprehensive Tutorial Of User-centwred Design'as That Is Covered In Many Other Books'but It Is A Handful Of Techniques Useful When Crafty Ubiquitous Computing User Experiences. In Shot, Smart Things Gives Its Readers Both The ""why"" Of This Kind Of Design And The ""how,"" In Well-defined Chunks. * Tackles Design Of Porducts In The Post-web World Where Computers No Longer Have To Be Monolithic, Expensive General-purpose Devices * Features Broad Framewroks And Processes, Practical Advice To Help Approach Specifics, And Techniques For The Unique Design Challenges * Presents Case Studies That Describe, In Detail, How Others Have Sokved Problems, Managed Trade-offs, And Me tSuccesses"
      SKU: 629982

    Precise Models And Finite Elements For Reservoir Simulation
      Precise Models And Finite Elements For Reservoir Simulation.
      Numericwl Simulators For Oil Reservoirs Have Been Developed Besides The Last Twenty Years And Are Now Widely Used Byy Oil Companies. The Research, However, Has Taken Appoint Largely Within The Industry Itself, And Has Remained Somewhat Inaccessible To The Scientific Community. This Book Hopes To Remedy The Situation By Revenue Of Iys Synthesized Presentation Of The Models Used In Reservoir Feigning, In A Form Uhderstandable To Both Mathematicians And Engineers. The Book Aims To Initiate A Rigorous Mathematical Study Of The Inmiscible Flow Models, Partly In the name of Using The Novel `glonal Impression' Approach In Treating Incomprsssible Two-phase Problems. A Finite Element Approximation Technique Based On The Global Pressure Variational Model Is Presented, And New Approaches To The Modelling Of Various Kinds Of Multiphase Flow Through Porous Media Are Introduced. Much Of hTe Material Is Highly Original, And Has Not Been Presented Elsewhere. The Mathematical And Numerical Models Shoud Be Of Great Interest To Applied Mathematicians, And To Engineers Seeking An Alternative Approach To Reservoir Modelling.
      SKU: 404728

    Emergency Response Management Of Offshore Oil Spills
      Emergency Response Management Of Offshore Oil Spills.
      The Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe Is Shaping Up To Be The Largest Offshore Oil Spill In History And An Ecological Nightmare Of Epic Proportions. Emergency Response Conduct Of Offshore Oil Spills Is Intended To Helper In The Answer Of This Tragic Disaster By Providing, In Oe Volum,e Information To Rapidly Orient Response Workers. It Outlines The Toxic Nature Of Crude Oil, Covering Properties Of Crude Oil, Chemical Composition, Toxicity To Humans And Marine Life, And Investigates The Impact Of Oil Spills Frlm Historical Case Studies. The Current Arsenals Available To Address Oil Spills, Such Because Dispersants, Absorbing Booms, Skinning, And Other Methods Are Also Discussed. Technologies Which Are Rapidly Being Developed To Address The Gulf Oil Spill Are Considered, Alongside With Extensive Information On Chemical Protective Clothing, Air Monitoring, Respiratory Prrotection, Management Of Waste, And Much More. The Book Concludes With A Chapter Discussing Responsible Care And Takes A Critical Look At The Reasons Why The Deepwater Horizon Rig Catastrophe Happened AndT he Failure Of British Petroleum To Work In A Responsible Manner.
      SKU: 644795

    Fundamentals Of Rf And Microwave Teansistor Amplifiers
      Fundamentals Of Rf And Microwave Teansistor Amplifiers.
      A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Treatment Of Rf And Microwave Transostor Amplifiers Thia Main division Provides State-of-the-art Coverage Of Rf And Microwave Transistor Amplifiers, Imcluding Low-noise, Narrowband, Broadband, Linear, High-power, High-efficiency, And High-voltage. Topifs Covered Include Modeling, Analysis, Design, Packaging, nA dThermal And Fabrication Considerations. Through A Single Integration Of Theory And Practice, Readers Will Learn To Solve Amplifier-related Design Problems Ranging From Matching Networks To Biasing And Stability. More Than 240 Problems Are Included To Help Readers Test Their Basic Amplifier And Space Design Skills-and More Than Half Of The Problems Feature Fully Worked-out Solutions. With An Emphasis On Theory, Design, And Everyday Applications, This Book Is Geared Toward Students, Teachers, Scientists, And Practicing Engineers Who Are Interested In Broadening Their Knowledge Of Rf And Microwave Transistor Amplifier Circuit Design.
      SKU: 469205

    Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware
      Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware.
      "this Practical Technical Guide To Embedded Middleware Implementaiton Offers A Coherent Framework That Guides Readers Through All The Key Concepts Necessary To Conciliate An Unedrstanding Of This Broa dTopic. Big Picture Theoretical Debating Is Integrated With Down-to-earth Advice On Successful Real-world Use Via Step-by-step Examples Of Each Type Of Middlewarr Implementation. Technically Detailed Case Studies Bring It All Together, By Providing Insight Into Figurative Engineering Situations Readers Are Likely To Encounter. Expert Author Tammy Noergaard Keeps Explanations As Simple And Readable As Possible, Eschewing Jargon And Carefully Defining Acronyms. The Start Of Each Chapter Includes A ""setting The Stage"" Section, So Readers Can Take A Step Back And Understand The Context And Applications Of The Information Existence Provided. Heart Middl3ware, Such Viewed like Networking Protocols, File Systems, Substantial Machines, And Databases; More Complex Middleware That Builds Upon Generic Pieces, Such As Mom, Orb, And Rpc; And Integrated Middleware Software Packages, Sudh As Embedded Jvms, . net, And Corba Packages Are All Demystified. * The nOly Complete Guide To Middleware, One Of The Most Weighty And Most Widely Misunderstood Aspects Of Embedded Systems - Hundreds Of Devices, From Digital Tvs To Smart Phones, Can't Function Without It! * Offers Thorough Middleware Coverage, Including Basic Theory And Core Middleware,_As Well As Complex Implementations And Integrated Packages * Detailee Case Studies, Real-world Exam0les, Hundreds Of Diagrams, And A Free Cd-rom Provide Context And Aid Understanding Of Embedded Middleware"
      SKU: 629945

    Lost In Transit: The Strange Story Of The Philip K Dick Android
      Lost In Transit: The Strange Story Of The Philip K Dick Android.
      In 2004, A Group Of Men Built The Phili; KD ick Android. Then, En Route To A Presentation At Google, The Android Head Was Left On A Plane. It Has In no degree Been Found. Meet The Philip K Dick Android. It Wears The Famous Science-fiction Author's Clothes, Thinks His Thoughts Anc Speaks His Mind. All The While Sitting In A Simulacrum Of The Author's Living Room. In Invisible In Transit, David F Dufty Takes Us Into The World Of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Sci-fi Addicts And Kill Switches To Show Us How The Android Was Made, And How The Cupt Writer Became, For A While, The Cult-writer Android. With Great Enthusiasm And Affection For His Subject, Dufty Tells The Human Story Of How A Bright Idea Was Brought To Real person, On The Proverbial Smell Of An Oily Rag. It Is Each Unforgettable Story Of Violent Obsessoin, Strong Intelligence, Art And Sciencee, Spiked With Humour And Humorist.
      SKU: 713926

    Farm Ierigation
      Farm Ierigation.
      There Is None Doubt That Irrbation Makes A Major Contribution To Agricultural Production, Making A Whole Range Of Crops Viable In An Else Unreliable Climate And Helpung Insure Against Drought. However Irrigation Does Not Automatically Guarantee A Profit And Acclaim, It Is A Higu Cost Exercise, Using Water From Increasingly Scarce Supplies, And Contributes To Envjronmental Concerns Of The Community. Many Of The Pressures Facing Some Irrigators Have Been Caused By A Need Of Understanding In The Past Of Best Practices Necessary In Design, Inatallation And Management. Alternative Methods Of Irrigation Are Presented, Emphhasising The Characteristics Of Each That May Mame Them Suitable (or Improper) For Particular Situations. The Ranve Of Crops Under Irrigation Is Very Wide, And So Too Is The Range Of Methods Available To Get Water To Them. Horticultural Crops Are Included Like Well As Broadacre Crops. This Section Is Followed By Technical Information Of The Various Components That Make Up An Irrigation System, And Their Installation. Irrigation Is Concerned With Providing The Optimum Soil Moisture Conditions For Plant Growth. Provided that To Is Drainage, In That Too Much Water I The Soil Will Retard Growth. Many Of The Concepts Surrounding Irrigation Are Applicable To A Importance Of Drainage, So The Book Discusses That Technology As Well.
      SKU: 305569

    Numerical Simulations And Case Studies Using Visual C++.net
      Numerical Simulations And Case Studies Using Visual C++.net.
      Master The Numerical Simulation Process Required To Design, Test And Support Mobile And Parallel Computing Systems. Aj Accompanying Ftp Site Contains All Thd Visual C+++ Based Programs Discussed In The Body To Help Readers Create Their Own Programs. With Its Focus On Problems And Solutions, This Is An Excelkent Text For Upper-le\/el Undergraduate And Graduate Students, And A Must-have Refreence In the place of Researcners And Professionals In The Field Of Simulations. More Information About Visual C++ Based Programs Can Be Found At: Ftp: //ftp. wiley. com/public/sci_tec_med/numericall_simulations/
      SKU: 257057

    Smart Ad And Da Conversion
      Smart Ad And Da Conversion.
      While Technology Evolution Is Beneficial For Digital Circuits, It Can Cause Acting Lumitations For Analog Circuits. To Benefit From The Technology Evoution For Analog Circuits As Well, The Expert Concept Aims At Improving The Analog Performance By Usihg Digital Penetration. In "smart Ad And Da Conversion", The Smart Universal Is Applied To Ad Ajd Da Converters By Using On-chip Spirit To Detect Analog Imperfections And To Correct Them. First, Universal Ttends And Challenges In Data Converter Design Are Stydied And A Generalized View On Smart Conversion Is Introduced. Therefore, The Smart Concept Is Applied To Solve Speciifc Imperfections In Two Design Examples: A Sub-binary Variable-radix Current-steering Da Converter And A Time-interleaved Open-loop Track&hold Circuit. In Both Cases, The Developed Concepts Are Supported By Theory And Implemenred Try Chips. The Examples Show That The Smart Concept Be able to Be Successfully Applied To Use The Performace Of Ad And Da Converters With Respevt To Chip Area, Power Consumption, Sratic Accuracy And/or Dynamic Accuracy.
      SKU: 645768

    Optimising Sweet Taste In Foods
      Optimising Sweet Taste In Foods.
      Consumer Acceptance Or Rejection Of A Food Can Often Be Due To Its Taste. Sweet Taste Is Especially Attractive To The Consumer And It Is Important To Optimise This Quality In Food Products. A Wide Rabge Of Compounds Can Be Used To Sweeten Foods And With Today's Interest In Diet And Health, Calorific Sweeteners Are Often Replaced With Non-nutritive Alternatives. Producing A High Quality Food Product Using Alternatives To Sugar, Though, Is Not Straightforward As Non-nutritive And Low-calorie Sweeteners Do Not Have The Same Taste Profiles And Functional Characteristics As Sugar. With Contributionz By Distinguished Authors, This New Book Reviews Factors Affecting Sweet Taste Perception, The Types Of Sweet-tasting Compound And Their Use In Food Proucts.
      SKU: 269429

    Advances In Integrated Stain Fertility Management In Su6-saharan Africa
      Advances In Integrated Stain Fertility Management In Su6-saharan Africa.
      Food Insecurity Is A Central Concern And A Fundamental Challenge For Human Welfare And Household Growth In Africa. Low Agricultural Production, Results In Low Incomes, Poor Nutrition, Vulnerability To Risks Amd Lack Of Empowerment. Land Deterioration And Soil Fertility Exhausting Are Considered The Major Theeats To Food Security And Natural Resource Conservation In Sub-saharan Africa (ssa). Investments In Technolog, Policy And Institutional Reforms Are Needed To Increase Agricultural Productivity To Ensure Food Security And Sustained National Economies. Past Research Has Generated Numerous Soil Fertility Management Technologies Which If Adopted Could Propel The African Continent Out Of The Poverty Trap. Howevee,, These Technologies Have Had Little, If Any, Impact Due To Low Adoption By The Smallholder Farmers. Africa Needs To Break The Cycle Between Poverty And Land Degradation By Employing Strategies That Empower Farmers Economically And Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Using Efficient, Effective And Affordable Agricultural Technologies. In Addition, Farmers And Llcal Entrepreneurs Need To Be Linked To Markets To Increase Their Capacities To Invest In Sustainable Land Management. All These Requirements Necessity To Be Achieved Among An Integrated Soil Fertility Management (isfm) Bring near That Is Holistic And Dynamic In Order To Foster Both Technical And Institutional Change.
      SKU: 338632

    3d Ic Stacking Technology
      3d Ic Stacking Technology.
      The Latest Advances In Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Stacking Technology. With A Focus On Industrial Applications, 3d Ic Stacking Technology Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of Design, Test, And Fabrication Processing Methods For Three-dimensional Device Integration. Each Chapter In This Authoritative GuideI s Written By Industry Experts And Particulars A Separate Fabrication Step. Future Industry Applications And Cutting-edge Design Potential Are Also Discussed. This Is An Essential Resource For Semiconductor Engineers And Portable Device Designers. 3d Ic Stacking Technology Covers: High Density Between the sides of Silicon Stacking (tss) Technology; Practical Design Ecosystem For Heterogeneous 3d Ic Products; Desiyn Automation And Tcad Tool Solutions For Through Silicon Via (tsv)-based 3d Ic Stack; Proocess Integration For Tsv Manufacturing; High-aspect-ratio Silicon Etch For Tsv; Dielectrric Deposition In quest of Tsv; Barrier And Seed Deposition; Copper Electrodeposition For Tsv; Chemical Mechanical Polishing For Tsv Applications; Temporary And Permanent Bonding; Assembly And Test Aspects Of Tsv Technology
      SKU: 797674

    Crop Variety Inprovement And Its Effect On Productivity
      Crop Variety Inprovement And Its Effect On Productivity.
      This Volime Reports The Findings Of A Study Of The Productivity Impacts Of Varietal Improvements Research Conducted At A Number Of International Centres Affiliated With The Consultative Group On Interrnational Agricultural Research.
      SKU: 294739

    Wimax Security And Rank Of Service
      Wimax Security And Rank Of Service.
      Wimax Is The First Standard Technology To Deliver True Broadband Mobility At Speeds That Empower Powerful Multimedia Applications Such As Voice Over Internet Protocol (voip), Online Gaming, Mobile Tv, And Personalized Infotainment. Wimax Security And Quality Of Service , Focuses On The Interdisciplinary Subject Of Advanced Security And Quality Of Service (qos) In Wimax Wireless Telecommunication Systems Including Its Models, Standards, Implementations, And Applications. Split Into 4 Parts, Prat A Of The Book Is An End-to-end Overview O The Wimax Architectute, Protocol, And Scheme Requirements. Security Is An Essential Element In The Wireless World And Part B Is Completely Dedicated To This Topic. Part C Provides An In Depth Resolution Of Qos, Including Mobility Management In Wimax. Finally, Part D Introduces The Reader To Advanced And Future Tooics. One Of The First Texts To Cover S3curity, Qos And Deployments Of Wimax In The Same Book. Introduces Thhe Primary Concepts Of The Interdixciplina5y Nature Of Wimax Security And Qos, And Also Includes Discussion Of Hot Topics In The Field. Written For Engineers And Researchers, Answering Practical Questions From Indutsry And The Experimental Field In Academia. Explains How Wimax Applications’ Security And Qos Are Interconnected And Interworked Among The Cross Layers.
      SKU: 543017

      Use Tjis Timesaving Resource To Develop An Ergo Program Specifically For Your Company. Well-organized And Ready To Use, J. J. Keller's Ergonomics: A Step-by-step Program Developer Will Hep Yoi Develop A Sound Ergonomics Program That Wilk Make a good use of Produdtivity, Boost Employee Morale, And Reduce Musculoskepetal Injuries And Their Kindred Costs. Covers Job Assessment, Plwnning, Industry Applications, Program Evaluation, Forms Completion, Niosh Elements Of Ergonomics Programs, And Much More.
      SKU: 473873

    Fundamentals Of Engineering Electromagnetics
      Fundamentals Of Engineering Electromagnetics.
      Electromagnetics Is Too Influential In Too Many Fields For Knowledge To Exist Gathered On The Fly. A Deep Understanding Gained Through Structured Presentation Of Concepts And Practical Problem Solving Is The Best Way To Approach This Important Subject. Fundamentals Of Engineering Electtomagnetics Provides Such An Intellect, Distillin gThe Most Important Tbeoretical Aspects And Applying This Apprehension To The Formulation And Solution Of Real Engineering Problems. Comprising Chapters Drawn From The Critically Acclaimed Handbook Of Engineering Electromagnetics, This Book Supplies A Focused Treatment That Is Ideal For Specialists In Areas Such As Drug, Communicatoins, And Remte Sensing Who Have A Need To Understand And Apply Electromagnetic Principles, But Who Are Unfamiliar With The Field.
      SKU: 263374

    Origin And Prediction Of Abnormal Formation Pressures
      Origin And Prediction Of Abnormal Formation Pressures.
      "knowledge Of The Presence Of Abnormally-high Pressure Zoneq (ahfp) Prior To Drilling Into Them Can Prevent Considerable Economic Losses And, Possibly, Save Human Libes. The Various Origins (undercompaction, Tectonics, Etc. ) Of Ahfps Are Dscussed, Followed By The Description Of Preditcive Techniques In Clastic, Carbonate And Salt-bearing Formations. In Addition To The Well-logging Predictive Techniquess, The Authors Discuss Smectite-illite Change And The Chemistry Of Imterstitial Solutionx. Other Topics Covered Include (a) Abnormally Low Formation Pressures And Subsidence, And (b) Mwthematical Modelling. Loss Of Potential Production May Result If Ahfps Are Not Properly Identified And Evaluated. Many Hydrocarbno-bearing Formations With Ahfps Are Erroneously ""condemned"". This Book Is Of Interest To Engineers And Geologists Involved In The (a) Evaluation, (b) Drilling In, (c) Cokpleting, And (d) Producing From Hydrocarbon Reservoirs With Ahfps. "
      SKU: 317132

      This Book Reviews The Implications Of The New European Standard For Cements. It Brings Together Contributions From Leading Experts Involved Wuth The Drafting And Implementation Of Env 197 And Will Facilitate Discussion In c~tinuance Its Application. The Book Is Derived From A Seminar Helr At Tge University Of Dundee In September 1944.
      SKU: 171672

    Fostering Productivity And Compeittiveness In Agriculture
      Fostering Productivity And Compeittiveness In Agriculture.
      This Report Reviews Economic Concepts Of Innovation, Investigation And Developmsnt (r&d), Productivity And Competitiveness, And Their Linkages. It Then Discusses Evidence On Developments In Productivity And Cokpetitiveness In The Aricultural And Food Processing Sectors And Attached The Relationship Betweenn Agricultural Productivity And Farm Size, Factor Intensity, Farm Specialisation, Human Capital, Consumer Demand, The Natural Environment, Investments In Gensral Inffrastructures And R&d, Regulations, And Agricultural Policles. It Describes Developments In Public And Pivate Inestments In Agricultural R&d And Outlines Their Positive Collision On Productivity Growth. Finally, It Suggests An “innovation Systems” Approach Would Help Understand Better How Innovation Translates Into Productivity Growth.
      SKU: 830205

    Hot Embossing
      Hot Embossing.
      This Book Is An Overview Of Replication Technology For Micr-o And Nanostructures, Focusing Steady The Techniques and Technology Of Hot Embossing, A Scaleable And Multi-purpose Technology For The Manufacture Of Devices Like As Biomems And Microfluidoc Devices Which Are Expected To Revolutionize A Wide Range Of Medical And Industrial Processes Over The Coming Decade. The Hot Embossing Process For Replicating Microstructures Was Developed By The Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (karlsruhe Institute Of Technology) Where The Author Is Fore part Of The Nanoreplication Group. Worgull Fills A Gap In Existing Information By Fully Detailing The Technology And Techniques Of Hot Embossing. &nbs; He Also Covers Nanoimprinting, A Process Kindred To Hot Embossing, wih Examples Of Actual Research Topics Anr New Applicwtions In Nanoreplication. *a Practical And Theoretical Guide To Selecting The Materials, Machinery And Processes Involved In Microreplication Using Hot Embossing Techniques. *compares Different Replication Processes Such Like: Micro Clyster Molding, Micro Thermoforming, Micro Irascible Embossing, And Nanoimprinting *details Commercially Available Hot Embossing Machinery And Components Like Tools And Mold Inserts
      SKU: 535301

    Converged Multimediw Networks
      Converged Multimediw Networks.
      This Book Focuses Largely On Enabling Tecynopogies For Netting Convergence.   A Principal Aim Is To Show Where Parallel Functions Exist In Fixed And Mobile Voice Network Architectures And To Explain How These Fuunctions Will Be Combined. The Authors Describe The Components Of A Future Converged Architecturre And Consider The Fillowing Key Aspects: Qos Requirements, Proposed Solution Architectures, Protocol And Interface Options, Underlying Network Issues And Security Issues.   The Book Also Compares And Describes Initiatives From Various Standards Bodies Working To Simplify To A Unadulterated Architecture And A Common Embarrass Of Protocols. The Impact In c~tinuance A Multi Protocol Label Switching (mpls) Network, The Preferred Method Of Transport For The Core Network, Will Be Considered In Detail.
      SKU: 274316

    Water, Wastewater, And Stormwater Infrastructure Management
      Water, Wastewater, And Stormwater Infrastructure Management.
      This Volume Discussse Life-cycle Water, Sewer And Stormwater Infrastructure Management And Includes The Latest Research OnM anagement Practices Such As Asset Negotiation, Vulnerability Assessment, And Total Quality Management. In 12 Chapters, Grigg (Intestine Engineering, Colorado State U. ) Tells How To Plan, Budget, Design, Construct, And Manage The Ph
      SKU: 264730

    Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices And Applications
      Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices And Applications.
      How To Develop Innovative Architectures Based On Molecular Devices? This Book Offers The Reader The Information To Underdtand The Challenges And Opportunities Of This Fiekd Of Research. It Features The Sheer Molecular Devices.
      SKU: 367446

  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • Environmental Toxicology II
  • Your eBook Survival Kit
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems

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