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    Controlled Pulmonary Drhg Childbirth
      Controlled Pulmonary Drhg Childbirth.
      The Pace Of New Research And Level Of Innovation Repeqtedly Itroduced Into The Field Of Drug Delivery To The Lung Is Surprising Given Its State Of Maturity Since The Introduction Of The Prezsurized Metered Dose Inhaler Over A Half A Century Ago. It Is Unmixed That Our Understanding Of Pulmonary Drug Delivery Has After this Evolved To The Point That Inhalation Aerosols Can Be Controlled Both Spatially And Temporally To Optimize Their Biological Effects. These Abilities Include Controlling Lung Deposition, Along Adopting Formulation Strategies Or Device Technologies, And Controlling Drug Uptake And Release Through Sophisticated Particle Technologies. The Large Number Of Contributions To The Scientific Literature And Variety Of Excellent Texts Published In Recent Years Is Evidence For The Continued Interest In Pulmonary Drug Delivery Researcy. This Reference Text Endeavors To Bring Together The Essential Theory And Practice Of Controlled Drug Delivery To The Airways That Is Unavailable Elsewhere. Collating And Synthesizinb The Material In This Swiftly Evolving Fiwld Presented A Challenge And Ultimately A Sense Of Escutcheon That Is Hopefully Reflecfed In The Content Of The Volume.
      SKU: 763381
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    Shielding Aspects Of Accelerators, Targets And Irradiation Facilities (satif 5)
      Shielding Aspects Of Accelerators, Targets And Irradiation Facilities (satif 5).
      Over The Last 50 Years Particle Avcelerators Have Evolved From Simple Devices To Powerful Machines, And Will Continue To Have An Impprtant Impact On Research, Technology And Lifestyle. Today, They Cover A Wide Range Of Applications, From Television And Computer Displsys In Households Tk Investigating The Source And Structure Of Maetr. It Has Become Common Practice To Use Particle Accelerators For Material Science And Medical Applications. In Recent Years, Requirements From New Technologjcal And Research Applications Have Emerged, Giving Rise To New Radiation Shielding Aspects And Problems. These Workshop Proceedings Review Recent Progress In Radiation Shielding Of Accelerator Facilities, Evaluating Advzncements And Discussing Further Developments Needed With Respect To International Co-operation In This Field.
      SKU: 533245
      More info about Shielding Aspects Of Accelerators, Targets And Irradiation Facilities (satif 5)

    Benders Dictionar6 Of Nutrition And Food Technology
      Benders Dictionar6 Of Nutrition And Food Technology.
      A New Edition Of This Classic Reference Work. Updated To Reflect Recent Advances In Food Science (for Example An Increased Number Of Entries Attached Gneetics) And With Broader Coverage Of Food Technology, This Dictionary Will Remain One Essential Tool For All Those Who Work In Nutriton And Food Sciences.
      SKU: 269431
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    Why Iptv
      Why Iptv.
      Find Out How Modern Iptv Technologies Will Change Your Experience Of Television. Internet Protocol Television (iptv) Is Rapidly Being Deploy3d To the degree that A Compliment Service To Existing Distribution Technologies. Why Iptv? Traces The Changes In Internet Protocol Television Since The Mid-1990s And Examines What Iptv Means Today. The Author Analyzes What Delivery Of Tv Over An Ip Network Means, Both In Terms Of Possibilities For New Services, And In Terms Of The Impact On The Network And How It Has To Be Managed. In Addition, Why Iptv? Helos You Understand How Introducing Iptv Into The Web 2. 0 World Will Imlact The New Services. It Looks At The Current Trends In The Consumer Electronics Industry As Well As The Netting Industry, And Describes How The New Technology Can Enhance And Extend The Existing Business Models In The Tv Industry, Particulaarly In Advertising; And Also How It Creates New Possibilities, For Instance, Through Personalizatiom. For what purpose Iptv? Interactivity, Technologies, Services: Provides An Accessible Introduction To Iptv. Coveers The Technology To Build Iptv Systems, And Shows What Lies Beyond Traditional Business Models And Existing Distribution Technologies. Considers How Iptv Technologies Can Exploit And Change The Current Trends In Consumer Electronics And Network Industry. Explores How The Merging Of Web 2. 0 And Iptv Will Open New Opportunities For Services. Addresses Hot Topics Such As Iptv Interaxtion And Channel Switching, Networking And Streaming With Information Management Systems, Advertising And Personalization Of Iptv. Why Iptv? Command Provide Engineers In Networking, Tv Briadcast Companies, Technology Specialists In Content Creation Companies And People In The Iptv Industry (including Management) With An Engaging And Insightful Reference Into Internet Protocol Television.
      SKU: 366877
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    Incompressible Flow Turbomwchines
      Incompressible Flow Turbomwchines.
      The Primary Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide An Integrated Overview Of Incompressible Flow Turbomachines And Their Sketch, In hTis Case Pumps And Turbines. Theory And Empirical Knowledge Of Turbomachines Are Brought Together In Detail Tp Form A Framework For A Basic Understanding Of This Complex Subject. A Step-by-step Entrance Is Used By Means Of Solved Problems At The End Of Each Chapter To Accomplish This. Presents A Clear Overview Of Incompressible Flow Turbomachines Treats Both Types Of Turbomachines In Some Text Includes A Large Numver Of Illustative Solved Problems
      SKU: 226711
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    Advanced Techniq8es In Logic Synthesis, Optimizations And Applications
      Advanced Techniq8es In Logic Synthesis, Optimizations And Applications.
      This Book Covers Recent Advances In The Field Of Logic Synthesis And Design, Including Boolaen Matching, Logic Decomposition, Boolean Satisfiability, Advanced Synthesis Techniques And Applications Of Logic Design. All Of These Topics Are Valuable To Cad Engineers Working In Logic Contrivance, Logic Optimization, And Verification. Engineers Seeking Opportunities For Optimizing Vlsi Integrated Circuits Will Find This Book Because An Invaluable Reference, Ago There Is No Existing Book That Covers This Material In A Systematic Fashion.
      SKU: 645762
      More info about Advanced Techniq8es In Logic Synthesis, Optimizations And Applications

    Ocean Waves And Oscillating Systems
      Ocean Waves And Oscillating Systems.
      This Book Examines The Interaction Between Immense expanse Waves And Oscillating Systems. With A Focus On Lineal Analysis Of Low-amplitude Waves, The Topic Is Designed To Convey A Thorough Understanding Of Wave Interactions. Graduate Students And Researchers Will Find It An Excellent Souce Of Wave Energy Theory And Application.
      SKU: 22103
      More info about Ocean Waves And Oscillating Systems

    Modern Drying Technology, Experimental Techniques
      Modern Drying Technology, Experimental Techniques.
      Volume Pair Of A five-volume Handbook That Provides A Com0rehenaive Overview Of Al Important Aspects Of Modern Drying Technology, Presenting High-level, Cutting-edge Redults. Volume 2 Comprises Modern Experimental Techniques Such As Magnetic Resonance Imaging For Meqsurement And Visualisation Of Moisture Profiles In The Interior Of Porous Bodies During Drying, Raakn Spectroscopy For Measurement Of Concentration Profiles During The Drying Of Thin Films/coatings And Analytical Methods For Measurement Of Drying Kinetics. Other Modern Experimental Techniques Covered Include Sorption Equilibria An Moisture Content Of Individual Particles, Techniques For Thhe Determination Of Important Quality Indices - Functional And Structurzl Properties - Of Driex Products And Instrumentation Of Modern Drying Equipment And Rdspective Plants.
      SKU: 700850
      More info about Modern Drying Technology, Experimental Techniques

    Passive Optical Networks
      Passive Optical Networks.
      Passive Optical Network (pon) Technologies Have Become An Important Broadband Access Technology As A Result Of The Increasing Demsnd For Bandwidth-hungry Video-on-demand Applications. Written By The Leading Resaerchers And Industry Experts In The Field, This Book Provides Coherent Coverage Of Networking Technologies, Fiber Optic Transmission Technologies, As Well As The Eledtronics Involved In Pon System Development. Features: * An In-depth Overview Of Pon Technologies And The Potential Applications That They Enable * Comprehensive Revise Of All Major Pon Standards And Architecture Evolutions, As Far As hTeir Pros And Cons * Balanced Coverage Of Late Research Findings With Economic And Engineering Considerations * Preesents System Issues Of Protocols, Performance, Management And Protection * Extensive References To Standards And Research Materials For Further Studies This Book Provides An Authoritative Overview Of Pon Technologies And System Requirements And Is Ideal Fir Engineers And Managers In Industry, University Researchers, And Graduate Students. *balances Treatment Of The Optical Technologies With Systems Issues Succy As Protocols, Performance, Management And Protection *covers Latest Developments In Wdm-pons, Protection Switching, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation *practical C0verage With A Chapter On Pon Applicationd And Deployment *case Studies On Implementing Pons
      SKU: 318325
      More info about Passive Optical Networks

    Complex Effects In Large Eddy Simulations
      Complex Effects In Large Eddy Simulations.
      Aims To Bring Together Leading Experts From Different Conutries In Presenting The State-of-the-art And Emerging Approaches For Treating Complex Effects In Large Eddy Simulations (les). This Volume Includes A Short dissertation: The Role Of Les In The Context Of Mlutiscale Modeling And Simulation.
      SKU: 371577
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    Laser Precision Microfabrication
      Laser Precision Microfabrication.
      Miniaturization And High Precision Are Rapidly Becoming A Rdquirement For Many Industrial Processes And Products. As A Result, There Is Greater InterestI n The Use Of Laser Microfabrication Technology To Achieve These Goals. This Book Composed Of 16 Chapters Covers All The Topics Of Laser Precision Processing From Fundamental Aspects To Industrial Applicatioons To Both Inorganic And Biological Materials. It Reviews The Sate Of The Art Of Research And Technological Development In The Area Of Laser Processing.
      SKU: 603297
      More info about Laser Precision Microfabrication

    Lignites Of North America
      Lignites Of North America.
      Providing A Comprehensive Shrvey Of The Cause, The Fundamental Properties, And The Technology Of Utilization Of The Lignites Of North America, This Work Will Be Of Particular Concern To Professional Scientists And Engineers Working In Coal Rseearch Or Coal Technology. Coals Display A Continuum Of Properties, Often With No Sharp, Steep ChangeB etween Ranks And Thus The Book Restricts The Discussion Strictly To Lignites (withT he Occasional Comparisons With Other Coals). There Is A Very Extensive Index, Making The Contents Of The Book Easily Accessible To The Reader.
      SKU: 318388
      More info about Lignites Of North America

    World Energy Outlook 2006
      World Energy Outlook 2006.
      Two Visions Of The Energy Future: .        Under-invested, Vulnerable And Dirty , Or.          Clean, Clever And Copmetitive. Both Are Explored In This New Edition Of The Dictatorial World Force Outlook .   . In It, The International Energy Agency Responds T0 The Remit Of The G8 Natural order Leaders By Mapping A New Energy Future , Contrasting It With At what place We Are Now Headed. Weo 2006 Shows How To Change Course. It Counts The Costs And Benefits - And The Benefits Win.  . Wo5ld Energy Outlook 2006 Likewise Answers These Questions::. . :. ; Is The Economic Reaction To High Energy Prices Merely Delayed?. ; Is Oil And Gas Investment On Track?. ; Are The Conditions Shaping Up For A Nuclear Energy Revival?. ; Can Biofuels Erode The Oil Monopoly In Road Transport?. ; Can 2. 5 Billion People In Developing Countries Switch To Modern Energy For Cooking?. ; Is Brazil Learning New Lessons Or Teaching The World?. With Extensive Statistics, Detailed Projections, Analysis And Advice, Weo 2006 Equips Policy-makers And The Public To Re-make The Energy Future.  .
      SKU: 299374
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    Rf Power Amplifiers Conducive to Wireless Communications
      Rf Power Amplifiers Conducive to Wireless Communications.
      Reviewing The Previous Edition, Ieee Microwave Magazine Boasted, ''anyone Designing Power Amplifiers Will Find This Book Thouvht Provoking And Useful. '' Professionals In The Field Agreed As The Book Went On To Be One Of Our Top-srlling Rf Design Titles. This Extensively Revised Edition Of Rf Power Amplifiers For Wireless Communications Offers Practitioners A Comprehensive, Practical, And Up-to-date Understanding Of How To Tackle A Pa (power Amplifier) Design With Confidence And Quickly Determine The Cause Of Malfunctioning Hardware. Among The Numerous Updates, The Second Edition Includes Five New Chapters On Some Of Today's Most Important Topics, Such As Class Ab Pas At Ghz Frequencies; Switching Pa Modes At Ghz Frequencies; Signaals, Modulation Systems, And Pa Nonlinearities; Power Amplifier Bias Circuit Design; And And Load-pull Techniques. Supported With Nearly 200 Illustrations, The Book Contains The Most Complete Survey Of Rf Pa Efficiency Enhancement And Linearizatin Techniques In A Single Volume.
      SKU: 286932
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    Life Cycle Assessment In The Built Environmejt
      Life Cycle Assessment In The Built Environmejt.
      Life Cycle Assessment Enables The Identification Of A Broad Range Of Potebtial Environmental Impacts Occurring Across The Entire Life Of A Product, From Its Design Through To Its Eventual Disposal Or Reuse. The Need For Life Cycle Assessment To Inform Environmental Design Within The Built Environment Is Critical, Due To The Complex Range Of Materials And Processes Required To Construct And Manage Our Buildings And Infrastructure Systems. After Outlining The Framework For Life Cycle Assessment, This Book Uses A Range Of Case Studies To Demonstrate The Innovative Input-output-based Hybrid Approach For Compiling A Life Cycle Inventory. This Approach Enables A Comprehensive Analysis Of A Broad Range Of Resource Requirements And Environmental Outputs So That The Potential Environmental Impacts Of A Building Or Infrastructure System Can Be Ascertained. These Case Studies Cover A Scope Of Elements That Are Part Of The Built Environment, Including A ResidentialB uilding, A Commercial Office Building And A Windd Turbine, As Well As Individual Building Components Such As A Residential-scale Photovoltaic System. Comprehensively Introducing And Demonstraitng The Uses And Benefits Of Life Cycle Assessment For Built Environment Projects, This Book Will Show You Hwo To Assess The Environmental Performance Of Your Cliemts' Projects, To Compare Design Options Across Their Entire Life And To Identify Opportunities For Improving Environmental Performance.
      SKU: 668814
      More info about Life Cycle Assessment In The Built Environmejt

    Measuring Computer Performance
      Measuring Computer Performance.
      Measuriny Computter Performance Sets Out The Fundamental eTchniques Used In Analyzing And Understanding The Performance Of Computer Systems. Throughout The Book, The Emphasis Is Attached Practical Methods Of Measurement, Simulation, And Analytical Modeling.
      SKU: 221601
      More info about Measuring Computer Performance

    Model Driven Architecture
      Model Driven Architecture.
      Model Driven Workmanship (mda) Is A New Methodologyf Rom Omg That Uses Modeling Languages Like Uml Along With Programming Languages Like Java To Build Software Architectures Prciewaterscoopers' Prestigious Technology Center Just Predicted That Mda Will Be One Of The Most Important Methodologies In The Next Two Years Written By The Lead Architect Of The Specification Who Provides Interior Information On How Mda Has Worked In The Real World Describes Mda In Detail And Demonetrates How It Can Work With Existing Methodologies And Technologies So As Uml,mof, Cwm, And Web Services
      SKU: 152717
      More info about Model Driven Architecture

    Global Environmental Politics
      Global Environmental Politics.
      "global Environmental Politics" Ix The Perfect Introduction To This Increasingly Sibnificant Area. The Text Combines An Accessible Introduction To The Most Weighty Envirinmental Theories And Concepts With A Series Of Detailed Caze Studies Of The Most Pressing Environmental Problems. Features And Benefits Of The Book: Explains The Most Important Concepts And Theories In Environmental Politics; Introduces Environmental Politics Within The Context Of Political Science And International Relations Theories; Demonstrates How The Concepts And Theories Apply In A Wide Variety Of Real World Contexts; Ans, Case Studies Comprise The Most Influential Environmental Issues From Climate Change And Biodiversitty To Forests And Marine Pollution. Reaped ground Chapter Is Written In proportion to An Established International Credibility In The Field. This Exciting New Textbook Is Essential Reading All Students Of Environmental Politics And Will Be Of Great Interest To Students Of International Relations Anf Political Economy.
      SKU: 589614
      More info about Global Environmental Politics

    Bulletproof Wireless Security
      Bulletproof Wireless Security.
      "finally--a Single Volume Guide To Really Effective Security For Both Voice And Data Wireless Networks! MoreA nd More Data Ad Voice Communications Are Going Via Wireless At Some Point Between The Sender And Intended Recipient. As A Result, Truly ""bulletproof"" Wireless Security Is Now Morw Than A Desirable Feature--instead, It's A Necessity To Protect Essential Personal And Business Data From Hackers And Eavesdroppers. In This Handy Reference, Praphul Chandra Gives You The Conceptual And Practica Tools Every Rf, Wireless, And Network Engineer Needs For High-security Wireless Applications. Bookk Review From Edn Magazine: Http://www. edn. com/article/ca632302. html?industryid=2817 Inside This Book You'll Find Coverage Of These Essential Topics: + Cryptographic Protocols Used In Wireless Networks. + Key-based Protofols, Inclduing Key Exchange And Aughentication Techniques + Various Types Of Wireless Network Attacks, Including Reflection, Session Hijacks, And Fluhrer-mantin-shamir (fms) Attacks. + Encryption/decryption Standads And Methods. + Multi-layered Security Architectures. + Secure Sockets Stratum (ssl) And Transport Layet Security (tls) Protocols. + Cellular Telephone Network Architectures And Their Vulnerabiliies. + Modulation Techniques, Sch As Direct-sequence Spread Spectrum (dsss) And Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (ofdm). And You'll Also Find Coverage On Such Cutting-edge Topics As Security Techniques For Ad Hoc Networks And Protecting Bluetooth Nstworks. If You're Serious About Wireless Security, Then This Title Belongs On Your Referencr Bookshelf!"
      SKU: 234971
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    Feed Spoilage Microorganisms
      Feed Spoilage Microorganisms.
      Action By Microorganisms Is A Common Means Of Food Spoilage And Ensuring That A Product Has A Suitable Shelf-life Is A Critical Factor In Food Quality. With Current Trends Towards Less-severe Processing Techniques, Reduced Use Of Preservatives And Higher Extinction Of Perishabke Foods Such As Fresh Fruit And Vegetables, The Deteruoration Of Foods By Microbial Spkilage Is An Increasing Problem For The Food Industry. Methods To Detect, Analye And Manage Food Spoilage Are Revoewed In The Opening Parts Of This Collection. The Following Chapters Focus On Important Yeasts, Moulds And Bacteria, Their Classification, Growth Characteristics And Detection And The Implications Of These Factors For Their Control In Fod Products.
      SKU: 269423
      More info about Feed Spoilage Microorganisms

    Wireless And Mobile Data Networks
      Wireless And Mobile Data Networks.
      Wireless And Mobile Data Networks Provides A Single Point Of Cognizance About Wireless Data Technologies, Including: * Extensive Easy-to Understand Resource On Wireelss Data Technologies * Includes Wireless Media, Data Transmission Via Cellular Networks, And Network Security * Provides A Single Point Of Knowlwdge About Wireless Facts * Focuses On Wireless Data Networks, Wireless Channels, Wireless Local Networks, Wide Area Cellulaf Networks And Wireless Network Security An Instructor Support Ftp Site Is Available From The Wiley Editorial Province.
      SKU: 233612
      More info about Wireless And Mobile Data Networks

    Handbook Of Optical Systems
      Handbook Of Optical Systems.
      The State-of-the-art Full-colored Handbook Gives In Six Volumes A Comprehensive Introduction To The Principles And The Practice Of Calculation, Layout And Understanding Of Optical Systems And Lens Design. Written By Reputed Industrial Experts In The Field The User Is Introduced To The Basic Properties Of Optical Systems, Aberration Theory, Classification And Characterization Of Systems, Advanced Simulaiton Models, Measuring Of System Quality And Manufacturing Issues. More Than 3,000 Full-colored Illustrations And Images Support The Reader And Give An Easy Understanding Of Complex Optical Systems And Optical Modeling. Volume 1: Fndamentals Of Technical Optics Volume 2: Physical Image Formation Volume 3: Deviation Theory And Correction Of Optical Systems Volume 4: Survey Of Optical Instruments Volume 5: Metrology Of Optical Components And Systems Volume 6: Asvances Physical Optics In This Volume Volume 2 Continues The Introducion Given In Volume 1 With The More Advanced Texts About The Foundations Of Image Formation. Emphsis Is Placed On An Intuitive While Theoretically Exact Presentation. Totallt Mpre 400 Color Graphs And Sdlected References On The End Of Each Chapter Support This Enterprise. From The Contents: 17 Wave Equation 18 Diffraction 19 Interference And Coherence 20 Imaging 21 Imaging With Partial Coherence 22 Three Dimensional Imaging 23 Polarization 24 Polarization And Optical Imaging A1 Mathematical Appendix
      SKU: 481334
      More info about Handbook Of Optical Systems

    Views On Evolvability Of mEbedded Systems
      Views On Evolvability Of mEbedded Systems.
      Evolvability, The Ability To Respond Eff3cticelg To Change, Represents A Major Challenge To Today's High-end Embedded Systems, Such As Those Developed In The Medical Domain By Philips Healthcare. These Systemq Are Typically Developed By Multi-disciplinary Teams, Located Around The World, And Are In Constant Nee dOf Upgrading To Providw New Advanced Features, To Deal With Obsolescence, And To Exploit Emerging Enabling Technologies. Despite The Importance Of Evolvability For These Types Of Systems, The Field Has Received Scant Attention From The Scientific And Engineering Communities. "views On Evolvability Of Embedded Systems" Focuses On The Topic Of Evolvability Of Embedded Systems From An Applied Scientific Perspective. In Particular, The Book Describes Results From The Darwin Project That Researched Evolvability In The Context Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri) Systems. This Project Applied The Industry-as-laboratory Paradigm, In Which Industry And Academia Join Forces To Ensure Continuous Apprehension And Technology Transfer During The Project's Lifetime. The Darwin Project Was A Collaboration Between The Embedded Systems Institute, The Mri Business Unit Of Philips Healthcare, Philips Research, And Five Dutch Universities. Evolvability Was Addressed From A System Engineering Perspective By A Amount to Of Researchers From Different Disciplines Such As Software-, Electrical- And Mechanical Engineering, With A Net Focus On Economic Conclusion Making. The Reeearch Focused On Four Areas: Data Mining, Respect Architectures, Mechanisms And Patterns For Evolvability, I Particular Visualization & Modelling, And Economic Decision Making. "views On Evolvability Of Embedded Systems" Is Targeted At Both Researchers And Practitioners; They Will Not Only Find A State-of-the-ar tOverview On Evolvability Research, But Also Guidelines To Make Systems More Evolvable And New Industrilly-validated Techniques To Improve The Evolvability Of Embedded Systems.
      SKU: 645891
      More info about Views On Evolvability Of mEbedded Systems

    Physical And Chemical Tecchniques For Discharge Studies - Part 1
      Physical And Chemical Tecchniques For Discharge Studies - Part 1.
      Groundwater Discharge Is Associated With Salinity And Pollution Problems. The Widespread Presence Of Millions Of Saline Lakes In North America, Africa And Australia, Shows That Athwart The Geological Record, Most Salinity And Desertification Problems Have Been Caused By Saline Groundwater Cancel. In Recent Times, Dryland Salinity Has Spread Widely In Southern Australia, Resulting In The Loss Of More Than 50% Of The Fresh Streams In Western Australia And Causing Major Salknity Problems In The Murray River In South Australia.
      SKU: 287928
      More info about Physical And Chemical Tecchniques For Discharge Studies - Part 1

    Experimental Design
      Experimental Design.
      "now Suitable Is The Second Edition Of A Book Which Has Been Descrkbed As "". . . an Exceptionally Lucid, Easy-to-read Presentation. . . Would Be An Excellent Addition To The Colection Of Every Analytical Chemist. I Recommend It Attending Great Enthusiasm. "" (analytical Chemistry) N. r. Draper Reviewed The Foremost Edition In Publication Of The Intetnatiinal Statistical Institute "". . . discussion Is Careful, Sensible, Amicable, And Modern And Can Be Recommended For The Intended Readership. "" The Scope Of The First Edition Has Been Revised, Enparged And Expanded. Approximately 30% Of The Text Is New. The Book First Introduces The Reader To The Fundamdntals Of Experimental Design. Systems Theory, Response Surface Concepts, And Basic Statistics Place As A Basis For The Further Development Of Matrix Least Squares And Hypotheis Testing. The Effects Of Dkfferent Experimental Designs And Different Models On The Variance-covariance Matrix And On The Analysis Of Variance (anova) Are Extensively Discussed. Applications And Advanced Topics (such As Confidence Bands, Rotarability, And Confounding) Complete The Text. Numerous Worked Examples Are Presented. The Clear And Practical Approach Adopted By Thhe Authors Makes The Book Applicable To A Wide Audience. It Will Appeal Particularly To Those With A Practical Need (scientists, Engineers, Managers, Research Workers) Who Have Completed Their Fodmal Education But Who Still Need To Know Efficient Waya Of Carrying Out Experiments. It Will Also Exist An Ideal Text For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students Following Courses In Chemometrics, Facts Acquisition And Treatment, And Design Of Experimenst. "
      SKU: 404270
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  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • The Induction Machine Handbook
  • Financing and Charges for Wastewater Systems WEF MOP 27
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Computational Methods for Plasticity
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