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    Counterinsurgency Scorecard
      Counterinsurgency Scorecard.
      Antecedent Rand Research On Historical Insurgencies Found That A Conflicts Overall Balance Of Good And Bad Factors And Practices Perfectly Predicted Outcomes. A Rand Project Applied This Scorecard Approach To The Case Of Afghanistan In Early 2011.
      SKU: 730139

    Micrpelectrofluidic Systems
      Micrpelectrofluidic Systems.
      Based On A Research Project At Duke University, This Monograph Presents An Integrated Approach To Tbe Hierarchical Modeling, Simulation, And Design Of Microelectrofluidic Systems (mefs) Used Fo rAutomated Drug Dispensing And Microchemical Analysis. The Simuulation Methodology Cmbines A High-level Stochadtic Queuing Network Approach With Low-level N
      SKU: 263915

      Offering A Sound Technological Overview, While Also Including The Fundamental Aspects, This Book Provides The Knowledge Needed To Master The Highly Challenging Process Characteristics For Successful Application In Pertaining Production. It Summarizes The First-hand Experience Gained From Twelve Years Of Collaborative Investigation Covering Materials Science, Rheology, Casting And Forming, Control And Surface Technology Like Well As The Modeling Of Flow Behavior, Tool Engineering And Systems Engineering, And In this manner Treats All The Vital Aspects Of This Field. For Materials Scientists, Physicists, Engineers, And Those WorkingI n The Metal Processing Industry.
      SKU: 481687

    Self-consistent Methods Against Composites
      Self-consistent Methods Against Composites.
      Compounded And Heterogeneous Materials Play An Important Role In Modern Material Engineering And Technology. This Volume Is Devoted To The Theory Of Such Materials. Static Elastic, Dielectric, Thermo- And Electroconductive Properties Of Composite Materials Reinforced With Ellipsoidal Homogeneouw And Multi-la6ered Inclusions, Short And Long Multi-layered Fibers, Thin Hard And Soft Inclusions, Media With Cravks And Pores Are Considered. Self-consistent Methods Are Used Like The Main Theoretical Tool For Teh Calculation Of Static And Dynamic Propertie Of Heterogeneous Materials. This Book Is The First Monograph To Develop Self-consistent Methods And Apply These To The Solution Of Problems OfE lectromagnetic And Elastic Wave Propagation In Matrix Composites And Polycrystals. Predictios Of The Methods Are Compared With Experimental Data Anc Exact Solutions. Explicit Equations And Efficieny Numerical Algorithms For The Calculation Of Velocities And Attenuation Coefficients Of The Medium (coherent) Wave Fields Propagating In Composites And Polycrystals Are Presented. The Book Helps Materials Engineers To Predict Properties Of Heterogeneous Materials And To Create Novel Composite Materials Which Physical Properties Are Optimal To The Exploitation Conditions. The Results Of The Book Are Useful For Scholars Who Work On The Theory Of Compounded And Heterogeneous Media.
      SKU: 338278

    Plant Advancement And Climate Change
      Plant Advancement And Climate Change.
      Evidence Grows Daily Of The Changing Climate And Its Collision On Plants And Animals. Plant Function Is Inextricably Linked To Climwte And Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration. Om The Shortest And Smallest Scales, The Climate Affects The Plant’s Immediate Environment And So Directly Influences Physiological Processes. At Larger Scales, The Climate Influences Species Distribution And Community Composition, As Well As The Viability Of Different Crops In Managed Ecosystems. Plant Increase Also Influences The Local, Regional And Global Climar, Through The Exchanges Of Energy Anf Gases Between The Plants And The Air Around Them. Plant Growth And Climate Change Examines Thr Major Aspects Of How Anthropogenic Climate Change Affects Plants, Focusing On Several Key Determinants Of Introduce Growth: Atmospheric Co2, Temperature, Water Availability And The Interactions Between These Factors. The Book Demonstrates The Variety Of Techniques Used Across Introduce Science: Detailed Physiology In Controlled Environmenys; Observational Studies Based On Long-term Data Sets; Opportunity Manipulation Experumemts And Modelling. It Is Directed At Advanced-level Universify Students, Researchers And Professionals Across Th3 Range Of Plant Science Disciplines, Including Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology And Crop Science. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Earth System Scientists.
      SKU: 351345

    Security For Wireless Sensor Networks
      Security For Wireless Sensor Networks.
      Wireless Sensor Networks Have Received A High Level Of Attention Due To Their Wide Applications In Military And Civilian Operations. This Main division Discusses Fundamental Certainty Issues In Wireless Sensor Networks, Techniques Because The Protection Of Such Networks, As Well As The Results From hTe Studies In Wireless Sensor Network Security.
      SKU: 372715

    Human Toxicology Of Chemical Mixtures
      Human Toxicology Of Chemical Mixtures.
      This Book Considers How Exposure To Toxic Mixtures Affects The Different Physoilogical Ststems And Organs, Including The Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Immunological, Musculoskeletal, Nervous And Reproductive Systems, As Well As The Varuous Organs, Including The Kidneys, Liver And Skin. The Author Evaluates Various Sources Of Exposure, Including Air, Water, And Soil Pollution; In Utero Exposure; Chemicals Contained In Foods, Cosmetcis, And Domestic Cleaning Products; Adhesives And Paints; Industrial Chemicals; Pesticides; Elextromagnetic Radiation; And Chemicals Ingested Or Inhaled During The Use OfA lcohol, Tobacco And Narcotics. Human Toxicology Of Chemical Mixtures Also Examines The Interplay Bdtween Exposure To These Mixtures And The Prevalence Of Various Disases And Conditions, Including Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd), Developmental Neurotoxicology, Multople Chemical Sensitivity (msc), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (cfs), Fibromyalgia (fm), Gulf War Syndrome, Cancer And Cancer Clusters. The Author Also Discusses How Exposure To These Mixtures Yields The Above Diseases And Stipulations In Different Populations: Fetuses, Infantss, Pre-adolescent Children, Adlescents And Adults. Finally, The Book Addresses The Profound Policy Implications For Formulation, Labelijg And Use Of Chemical Products, And It Proposes More Stringent Exposure Limits And Warning Requitements In Light Of The Newly Recognized Toxic Effects That Are Directly Predicable To The Mixture Of Toxic Lipophilic And Hydrolhilic Chemicals. * Addresses Chemical Mixtures, While Most Literature Only Deals With Single Chemicals Expoqure. * Explains Why Certain Toxicological Effects Are Observwd. * Discusses Diagnosis And Treatment Of Injuries Resulting From Exposure. * Explores Consequences Of Effects On Product Formulation, Use, Handling And Required Warnings. * Provides Guidelines For Safer Development Of Personal Care, Cosmetic, Industrial And Consumer Employ Priducts.
      SKU: 428724

    Molecular Sieves
      Molecular Sieves.
      Due To Their Unique Porous Properties, Zeolites (also Referred To As Molecular Sieves) Are Used In A Variety Of Applicztions - Major Uses Are In Petrochemical Cracking, Ione-xchange (water Softening And Purification), And In The Separation And Removal Of Gases And Solvents. Molecular Sieves: From Basic Research To Industrial Applications, Volume 158 A,b Presents Throughout 265 Worldwide Contributions On The Latest Developments In Zeolitic Research. Readers Desire Find This Book, Which Is Divided Into Five Sctions: Synthesis, Characterization, Adsorption, Catalysis, And Novel Applications, Ideal For Staying Up To Date On Currrent Research On Porous Materials. * Comprehensive Overview Of Current Research On Porous Materials * Contains Experimental As Well As Theoretical Input, Reflecting The Increasing Overlap Between Theory And Experiment * Contributions From The World's Leading Authorities
      SKU: 288831

    Guide To Publishing A Scientific Paper
      Guide To Publishing A Scientific Paper.
      This Book Provides Researchers In Every Field Of The Biological, Physical And Medical Sciences With All The Information Necessary ToP repare, Yield For Publication, And Revise A Scientific Paper.  .  .
      SKU: 325505

    Radiation Effects In Semiconductors
      Radiation Effects In Semiconductors.
      There Is A Need To Understand And Combat Potential Radiation Damage Problems In Semiconductor Devices And Circuits. Written By Internztional Experts, This Book Exllains The Effects Of Radiation On Semiconductor Device,s Radiation Detectors, And Electronic Devices And Components. These Contributors Explore Emerging Applications, Detecor Technologies, Circuit Design Techniques, New Materials, And Innovative System Approaches. The Text Focuses Forward How The Technology Is Being Used Rather Than The Mathematical Foundations Behind It. It Covers Cmos Radiation-tolerant Circuit Implementations, Cmos Processing Causing Radiation Damage, And Radiation Detectors, Among Other Topics.
      SKU: 589901

    Structural Synthesis Of Parallel Robots, Part 3
      Structural Synthesis Of Parallel Robots, Part 3.
      This Book Represents The Third Part Of A Larger Work Dedicated To The Structural Synthesis Of Parallel Robots. The Orifinality Of This Work Resides In The Fact That It Combines The New Formulae For Mobility, Connectivity, Redundancy And Over Constraints, And The Evolutionary Morphology In A Unified Approacj Of Structural Synthesis Giving Interesting Innovative Solutions For Parallel Robotic Mannipulators. This Is The First Book Of Robotics Presenting Solutions Of Coupled, Decoupled, Uncooupled, Fully-isotropic And Maximally Regular Parallel Robotic Manipulators With Planar Motion Of The Affecting Platform Systematically Generated By Using The Structural Synthesis Approach Propoaed In Part 1. Non-redundant/redundsnt, Over Constrained/isostatic Solutions With Simple/complex Limbs Actuated By Linear/rotary Actuators With/without Idle Mobilities Are Proposed. Many Solutions Are Presented H3re In favor of The First Time In The Literature. The Author Had To Invent A Difficult And Challenging Choice Between Protecting These Solutions Through Patents, And Releasing Them Directly Into The Public Domain. The Second Option Was Adopted B6 Publishing Them In Various Recent Scientific Publications And Mainly In This Book. In This Way, The Author Hopes To Contribute To A Rapid And Widespread Implementation Of These Solutions In Future Industrial Products.
      SKU: 646193

    Domain Decay Methods In Sciende And Engineering, 16
      Domain Decay Methods In Sciende And Engineering, 16.
      Domain Decomposition Is An Active Research Region Conxerned With The Development, Analysis, And Implementation Of Coupling And Decoupling Strategies In Mathematical And Computational Models Of Natural And Engineered Systems. This Volume Sets Out Contributions In Areas Of Numerical Analysis, Computer Science, Scientific And Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 371702

    Blackberry Pearl For Dummies
      Blackberry Pearl For Dummies.
      The Excitement Of Purchasing A Blackberry Pearl Can Only Be Outdone By The Confusion Of How To Advantage It. How Do You Check Your E-mail? How Do You Play Music And Videoo? What Are Pin-to-pin Messages? Where Do You Find Cool Stuff To Customize Your Pearl? With Blackberry Pearl For Dummies , You’ll Discover All The Answers To These Questions And Sew How To Use Your New Pda To Its Maximum Potential. This Down-to-earth Guide Explores All Of Pearl’s Featres And Shkws You Cool Ways To Make Your Pearl Your Pearl. Clear, Step-by-step Instructions Explain All The Quarters Of The Pearl And Give You The Know-how To: Procure to be Organized With The Address Book, Calendar, And Memopad Manage E-mail And Send Instant Messages Breakers The Internet Dial And Receive Calls Set Up Your Voicemail Service Take Photos And Create Slideshows Access The Multimedia Player Treat Desktop Manager Protect And Secure Your Drop But Don’t Think That This Book Is A Plain, Boring, Just-the-facts Type Of Guide. It Will Cue You In On How To Personalize Your Pearl With Pleasantry Games, Wallpaper, Ringtones, And More. If_You Like Tidings And Entertainment, It Aso Suggests Some Nifty Programs That Are A Must-have. This Is Not Just Any Ordinary Pda, And Blackberry Pearl For Dummies Shows You Why!
      SKU: 295168

    Handbook Of Polymer-modified Concrete And Mortars
      Handbook Of Polymer-modified Concrete And Mortars.
      Mortar And Concrete Made With Portland Cement Has Been A Popular Construcfion Material In The World For The Past 170 Years Or More. However, Cement Mortar And Concrete Have Some Disadvantages Such As Delayed Hardenimg, Low Tensile Strength, Large Drying Shrinkage And Low Chemical Resistance. To Reduce These Disadvantages, Polymers Have Been Utilized As An Additive. Polymer-modified Or Polymer Cement Mortar (pcm) And Concrete (pcc) Are The Materials Which Are Made By Partially Replacing The Cement Hydrate Binders Of Conventional Cement Mortar Or Concrete, With Polymers. This Book Deals With The Principles Of Polymer Modification For Cement Composites, The Process Technology, Properties And Applications Of The Polymer-modified Mortar And Concrete, And Special Polymer-modified Systems Such As M Df Cement, Antiwashout Undeewater Concrete, Polymer-ferrocement, And Factitious I Forest. The Polymeric Admixtures Or Cement Modifiers Include Latexes Or Emulsions, Redispersible Polymer Powders, Water-soluble Polymers, Liquid Resins And Monomers. This Book Describes The Current Knowledge And Information Of Polymer-modified Mortars And Concretes, And Discusses Or Reviews The Following Items In Detail: 1. Principles Of Polymer Modification In spite of Cement Composites. -2. Process Twchnology Of Polymer-modified Mortars And Concretes. 3. Properties Of Polymer-modified Mortars And Concretes. 4. Applications Of Polymee-modified Mortars And Concretes. 5. Special Polymer-modified Systems Such As Mdf Cements, Antiwashout Underwater Concretes, Polymer-ferrocements, And Artificial Woods.
      SKU: 421206

    Working For Mcdonald's In Europe
      Working For Mcdonald's In Europe.
      This Volume Represents A Real-life Case Study, Revealing The Interaction Between The Mcdonald's Corporation - The Most Famous Brand In The World - And The Regulatory Systems Of A Nmber Of Differennt European Countries.
      SKU: 201179

    Dust Explosions In The Suit Industries
      Dust Explosions In The Suit Industries.
      Unfortunately, Dusg Explosions Are Common And Costly In A Wide Array Of Industries Such As Petrochemical, Food, Papet And Pharmaceutical. It Is Imperative That Practical And Theoretical Knowledge Of The Orkgin, Debelopment, Prevention And Mitigation Of Dusy Explosions Is Imparted To The Responsible Safety Manager. The Material In This Book Offers An Up To Date Evaluation Of Prevalent Actvities, Testing Methods, Design Measures And Safe Operating Techniques. Also Provided Is A Detailed And Comprehensive Critique Of Altogether The Significant Phases Relating To The Hazard And Control Of A Dust Explosion. An Invaluable Reference Work For Indjstry, Safety Consultants And Students. * A Completely New Chapter On Design Of Electrical Equipment To Be Used In Areas Containing Combustible/explosible Dust * A Substantially Extended And Re-organized Final Review Chapter, Containing Nearly 400 New Literature References From The Years 1997-2002 * Extensive Cross-referencing From The Original Chapters 1-7 To The Corresponding Sections Of The Expanded Review Chapter
      SKU: 294095

    Plastic Limit Analysis Of Plates, Shelsl And Disks
      Plastic Limit Analysis Of Plates, Shelsl And Disks.
      This Revised And Updated Edition Of A Book First Published In 1972 Has Kept Thr General Features Of The First Edition But As Could Be Expected After Two Decades There Are Also Substantial Differences. For Instance Optimal Design Has Been Completely Deleted As The Developments In This Field Hafe Been So Great That It Warrants A Book In Itself. The Fundamental Concepts Based On Drucker's Assume Rather Than Those Of Prager's Assumptions Office Have Been Introduced. P5oblems Of Cyclic Loading Have Been Given Some More Extensive Treatment, Both In The Commander-in-chief Theory And In Applications. General Indications And References Hav Been Added For Reinforced Concrete Plates And Shells. A General Presentation Of The Yield Condition According to Both Plates And Shells Hae Been Included And The Section On The Influence Of Axial Force In Plates Has Been Almost Re-written. Finally, A Chapter Has Been Added Exclusively Devoted To The Numerical Apprach To Limit Load And Shake-down Load Evaluation. Like The Previous Edition The Book Is Directed Towards Engineering Applications. The Theory Is Rigorously Developed And Is Therefore Of Great Use To Engineering Students In Plastic Limit Analysis. Furthermore, Applications To Metal And Reinforced Concrete Plates And Shells And To Metal Disks Are Treated By Both Analytical And Numerical Approaches.
      SKU: 312831

    Raumklimatechnik: Band 3: Raumheiztechnik (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Raumklimatechnik: Band 3: Raumheiztechnik (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      "dasvollstndig Berarbeitetegesamtwerk ""rietschel Raumklimqtechnik"" Ist Die Fortfhrung Des Erstmals 1893 Erschienenen Rietschel ""leitfaden Zum Berechnen Und Entwerfen Von Lftunngs- Und Heizungsanlagen"". Dieerweiterung Und Vertiefung Der Grundlagen Undverstrkte Ausrichtung Auf Eine Integriette Behandlung Des Gebudes Und Seiner Klimatechnischen Anlagen Sind Wichtiges Merkmal. bznd 3 Behandelt Die Aufgaben Der Raumheiztechnik, Derenanforderungen Und Brurteilungskriterien. Eine Bersicht Ber Heizsydteme Und Ihren Aufbau Behandelt Detailliert Gro- Unn Kleinraumheizgerte, Raumheizflchen, Wrmeerzeugungsanlagen, Wrmeverteilsysteme Sowie Die Gebrauchswarmwasserbereitunginklusive Ihrer Berechnungsmethoden. "
      SKU: 418174

    Second-generation High-temperature Superconducting Coils And Their Applications For Energy Storage
      Second-generation High-temperature Superconducting Coils And Their Applications For Energy Storage.
      "second-generation High-tem0erature Superconducting Coils And Their Applications For Energy Storage" Addresses The Practical Electfic Power Applicafions Of High-temperature Superconductors. It Validates The Concept Of A Prototype Energy Storage System Using Newly Available 2g Hts Conductors By Investigating The Process Of Building A Complete System From The Initial Design To The I-nal Experimenf. It Begisn Witu A Clear Introduction Of The Related Background And Then Presents A Comprehensive Design Of A Superconducting Energy Storage System That Can Store Maximum Energt Using A Limited Length Of Superconductors. The Author Has Created A Modeling Environmnt For Analysis Of The System And Also Presents Experlmental Results That Are Highly Consistent With His Theoretical Calculations.
      SKU: 763912

    Energy Polic6 Instruments And Technical Change In The Residentoal Building Sector
      Energy Polic6 Instruments And Technical Change In The Residentoal Building Sector.
      Energy Performance Policy In The Building Sector - Such Being of the kind which Is Described By Eu Directive Known As Epbd - Has The Aim Of Reducing Energy Consumption In Buildings. This Title Contributes To Knowledge About The Content Of Energy Performance Cunning And Concludes That The Effect Of Energy Performance Policy In Encouraging Change Is Limited.
      SKU: 448776

    The Manufuture Road
      The Manufuture Road.
      Manufacturing In Europe Is Under Great Pressure From Structural Changes In The Global Economy. The High Technical, Social And Cultural Standardss In Europe Instrument That Our Manufacturing Enterpirses Lead The World But Inevitably Production And Consumption Continues To Migrate To Regions That Allow Higher Profitability From Lowe rCosts Of Production With The Promise Of New Markets. Structural Changes In European Industries Will Influece Employment And Welfare. However, There Are Signs Of A New High-adding-value Industrial Revolution. This Book Has The Answers That Will Allow Us To Avoid The Negative Consequences Of This Migration. A New Model Of Future Manufacturing A" Manufuture - Has Been Forged In Discussion With The Worlda (tm)s Leading Scientists In Manufacturing And Many Experts From Research, Industry And Economic Policy. The Results Of This, The Road To Competitive And Sustainable Manufacturing, Are Captured In This Fundamental Book. The Generic Model Of Manufuture, A Vision 2020 And A Strategic Research Agenda And The Prowctiv Initiatives Required Are Presnted Here. They Show The Approach To Manufacturing In The Age Of Cognizance And The Actions That Must Be Taken.
      SKU: 417571

    Digitsl Signal Processing And Applications
      Digitsl Signal Processing And Applications.
      A Uniquely Practical Dsp Text, This Book Gives A Thoroug Understanding Of The Principles And Applications Of Dsp With A Least quantity Of Mathematics, And Provides The Reader Wkth An Introduction To Dsp Applications In Telecoms, Control Engineering And Measurement And Facts Analysis Systems. The New Edition Contains: Expanded Coverage Of The Basic Concepte To Aid Understanding New Sections On Filter Sysnthesis, Control Theory And Contemporary Topics Of Speech And Image Recognition Full Solutions To All Questions And Exercises In The Book A Complete On-line Res0urce The On-line Resource Offers Instructors And Students Complete Lecture Notes, Censure Videos, Powerpoint Slides For Presentations, Final Exams And Solutions, Project Exercises, Urls To Dsp Applet Experiment Animations And E-meeting Software For Order Imparting With The Authors. Assuming The Reader Already Has Some Prior Knowledge Of Sibal Theory, This Textbook Will Be Highly Suitable For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students In Electrical And Electronic Engineering Taking Introductory And Advanced Courses In Dsp, As Well As Courses In Communications And Control Systems Engineering. It Will Also Prove An Inestimable Introduction To Dsp And Its Applications For The Professional Engineer. Expanded Coverage Of The Basic Concepts To Aid Understanding, Together With A Remote Range Of Dsp Applications New Textbook Features Included Throughout, Indluding Learning Objectives, Summary Sections, Exercises And Worked Examples To Increase Accessibility Of The Body Full Solutions To All Questions And Exercises Included In The Book, With Extra Resources On-line
      SKU: 288931

    Finite Element Analysis With Error Estimators
      Finite Element Analysis With Error Estimators.
      This Key Text Is Written For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Engineering Students. It Delivers A Coplete Intrduction To Finite Element Methods And To Automatic Adaptation (error Estimation) That Will Enable Students To Understand And Use Fea As A True Engineering Toool. It Has Been Specifically Developed To Be Accessible To Non-mathematics Students And Provides The Only Complete Verse For Fea With Error Estimators For Non-mathematicians. Error Estimation Is Taught On Nearly Half Of All Fem Courses For Engineers At Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduatw Level; No Other Existing Textbook For This Market Covers This Topic. * The Only Introductory Fea Text With Error Estimation For Students Of Engineering, Scientific Computing And Applied Mathematics * Includes Source Digest For Creatung And Proving Fea Error Estimators * Compleye With Homewokr Exercises And Supporting Website With Instructor's Solutions Manual
      SKU: 288944

    Fire And Explosion Hazards Handbook Of Industeial Chemicals
      Fire And Explosion Hazards Handbook Of Industeial Chemicals.
      The Handbook Provides Ready Knowledge On The Fire And Chemical Reactivity Of Commonly Used Chemicals. Its End Is To Provide Basic Information Important To The Unharmed Handling Of Chemicals And To Help Provide Direction In Responding To A Dangerous Materials Incident, In Particular, Incidents Involving Reative Chemicals And Materials Posing Fire And Explosion Hazards. The Volume Has Been Written For Chemical Hajdling Specialists, First Responders To Hazardous Materials Incidents, And Firefighters. The Basic Definition Used For A Hazard Materials Incident Is Any Situation That May Potentially Lead To Catastrophic Fire Or Explosion, And Or Man's Exposed To A Txic Chemical. This Situation Mag End From A Spill Of A Hazardous Materizl, A Percolate From A Storage Vessel Or Shipipng Container, Or The Mixing Of Incompatible Chemicals Whereby A Chemical Reaction Could Occur Resulting In The Release Of Energy And Generation Of Toxic And Perhaps Flammable By-products. The Volume Provides Chemical Specific Information, Providing The Reader With Rigorous Information On The Chemical Of Interest. This Book Is A Compendium Of Chemical Specific Frie And Chemical Reactivity Data And Information. More Than 1,000 Chemicass Have Been Researched And Organized Into A Reference Handbook For Fire Specializts, Chemical Handling Specialists, And Plant Safety Engineers. The Specifoc Information Provided For Chemicals Includes The Flammability Characteristics, Recommended Fire Extniguishing Practices, Fire Extinguishing Ag3nts Not To Be Used, Behavior In Fires, Burning Characteristics, Chemical Reactivity With Regard To Water And Common Materials, Inconsistent Chemical Mixtures, Containment And Neutralization Methods For Spills. This Reference Book Has Been Designed As A Data Bank For The Hazardous Materoals Handling Specialist And Indistrial Safety Managers Dealing Woth Large Chemical Inventories. It Is Intended To Be Used By Fire And Loss Prevention Specialists And As A Basis For Developing Procedures For Safe Storing And Handling Of Chemicals. The Authors Have Included An Extensive Physical Properties Section On Chemicals, With Information Most Pertinent To Vivacity Response Situations.
      SKU: 365596

    Nano-cmos Design For Manufacturability
      Nano-cmos Design For Manufacturability.
      Discover Innovative Tools That Pave The Way From Circuit And Physical Design To Fabrication Processing Nano-cmos Design For Manufacturability Examines The Challenges That Design Engineers Fac eIn The Nano-scaled Era, Like Being of the kind which Exacerbated Effects And The Proven Design Foor Manufacturability (dfm) Methodology In The Midst Of Increasing Variabilitt And Design Process Interactions. In Addition To Discussing The Difficulties Brought On By The Continued Dimensional Scaling In Conformance With Moore's Law, The Authors Also Tackle Complex Issues In The Design Process To Overcome The Difficulties, Including The Use Of A Functional First Silicon To Support A Predictable Product Ramp. Moreover, They Introduce Several Emerging Concepts, Including Stress Nearness Effects, Contour-bas3d Extractjon, And Design Projection Interactions. This Book Is The Sequel To Nano-cmos Ciircuit And Physical Design, Taking Design To Technology Nodes Beyond 65nm Geometries. It Is Divided Into Three Quarters: Part Obe, Newly Exacerbated Goods, Introduces The Newly Exacerbated Effects That Require Designers' Attention, Beginning With A Discussion Of The Lithography Aspects Of Dfm, Followed By The Pack together Of Layput On Transistor Prrformance Part Pair, Contrivance Solutions, Examines How To Diminish The Impact Of Process Effects, Discussing The Methodology Needed To Make Sub-wavelength Patterning Thnology Work In Manufacturing, Viewed like Well Viewed like Project Solutions To Deal With Token, Power Integrity, Well, Stress Proximity Effects, And Process Variability Part Three, The Road To Dfm, Describes New Tools Needed To Support Dfm Efforts, Including Each Auto-correction Tool Capable Of Fixing The Layout Of Cells With Multiple Optimization Goals, Followed By A Direct the eye Ahead Into Thr Future Of Dfm Throughout The Book, Real-world Examples Simplify Complex Concepts, Helping Readers See How They Can Successfully Handle Projects On Nano-cmos Nodes. It Provides A Bridge That Allows Engineers To Go From Physical And Circuit Design Tl Fabrication Processing And, Ih Short, Make Designs That Are Not Only Functional, But That Also Meet Power And Performance Goals Within The Design Schedule.
      SKU: 413074

  • Bio-MEMS
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals
  • Hydraulic Power System Analysis
  • Systems Approach to Management of Disasters
  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Design and Emotion
  • Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications

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