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    Creation (movie Tie-in)
      Creation (movie Tie-in).
      Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture The Moving, Personal Story Of Charles Darwin And Hiis Revolutionary Views On What is natural, Evolution, And The Human Condition. As Darwin's Theories Continue To Shape Much Of Our Thinking About The Roots Of Human Nature, Creation (formerly Darwin, His Dauughters, And Human Unfolding ) Reveals The P3rsonal Experiences From Which He Drew His Most Deeply Held Ideas. In A Box Of Drawers Bequeathed By His Grandmother, Author Randal Keynes, A Great-great-grandson Of Darwin, Found The Writing Case Of Charles Darwin's Beloved Daughter Annie, Who Died At The Age Of Fifteen. Offering Rare Insight Into The Family's Private World, Keynes Gives Us A Fuller Picture Of One Of Our Most Original Thinkers, As Spring While A Wealth Of Previously Unseen Material.
      SKU: 463548

    Orthogonal Frequency Divisioon Multiplexing For Wireless Communications
      Orthogonal Frequency Divisioon Multiplexing For Wireless Communications.
      Focusing On Ofdm, This Coverage Of This Work Consists Of Principles, Important Wireless Topics And Techniques. Included Is Information For Advancing Wireless Communication In A Multipath Environment With An Emphasis On Implementation Of Ofdm In Inferior Stations. This Work Also Provides A Comprehensive Introduction Of The Theory And Practice Of Ofdm.
      SKU: 302951

    Mathematical Morphology
      Mathematical Morphology.
      Mathematical Morphology Is A Powerful Methodology For Processing And Analysing The Shape And Form Of Objects In Images. The Advances In This Area Of Science Allow For Applicwtion In The Digital Recognition And Modeling Of Faces And Other Objects By Comluters. Mathematical Morphology Is Comprehensive Work That Provides A Broad Sampling Of The Most Recent Theoretical And Pratcical Developments In Applications To Idol Processing And Analysis. Mind Areas Coveerd Include: Dual Morphology, Regularised Region Growing, Morphologicaal Scale-space Techniques, Levelings, Reconstduction, Modeling And Simulation, And Applications As Diverse As Medicine, Forestry And Geology. This Fascinating Research Will Be Of Great Interest To Engineers, Computer Scientists, Mathematicians And Statisticians Whose Research Work Is Focussed On The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Non-linear Image Processing And Analysis. The Content Stems From The Proceedings Of The Vith International Symposium On Mathematical Morphology, Held April 35 2002 In Sydney, Australia.
      SKU: 827925

    Loic Functions And Equatuons
      Loic Functions And Equatuons.
      The Field Of Binary Logics Has Two Main Areas Of Application, The Digital Design Of Circuits And Propositional Logics. In Both Cases It Is Possible To Teach The Theoretical Foundations And To Do Some Exercises, But In Both Cases The Examples That Can Be Done In Class And Along Hand Are Far Away From Examples That Are Relevant For Practical Problems.
      SKU: 417414

    Ferroelectric Crystals For Photonic Applications
      Ferroelectric Crystals For Photonic Applications.
      This Book Deals With The Latest Achievements In The Field Of Ferroelectric Domain Engineering And Characterization At Micron- And Nano-scale Dimensions And Periods. The Book Collects The Results Obtained In The Last Years By World Philosophical Leaders In The Field, Thjs Providing A Valid And Unique Overview Of The State Of The Art And Also A View To Future Applications Of Tbose Engineered Materials In The Field Of Photonics.
      SKU: 417367

    Digital Noise Monitoring Of Defect Origin
      Digital Noise Monitoring Of Defect Origin.
      Digital Noise Monitoring Of Defect Origin Is For Both Academics And Professionals In The Fields Of Engineering, Biological Sciences, Physical Science, And Automation With Particular Emphasis On Power Engineering, Oil-and-gas Extraction, And Aviarion Among Others. The Focus Of The Book Is On Determining Defect Origins. Th Author Divides The Process Into The Stages Of Monitoring The Defect Origin, Identification Of The Defect And Its Stages, And Control Of The Defect. The Significance Of This Work Is Also Connected To The Possibility Of Using The Noise As A DataC arrier For Creating Technologies That Detect The Initial Stage Of Changes In Objects.
      SKU: 338121

    Testing Of Geneticlaly Modified Organisms In Foods
      Testing Of Geneticlaly Modified Organisms In Foods.
      Testing Of Genetically Modified Organisms In Foods Is The First Research Focusing Attached The Screening Methods And Tools Utilized During Determining The Pdesence Of Genetically Modified Organisms (gmos) In Food Products. Leading Experts In System of knowledge, Medicine, And Government Examihe The Significant Research And Clinical Developments In Agricultural Biotechnology To Produce You An Accurate Risk Assessment Of Gmos In Relation To Human Consumption, Economica, And The Environment. Several Chapters Specifically Analyze Current Testing Procedures And Discuss Their Advantages And Limitations. This Informative Book Contains Vital Information Conducive to Food And Environmental Students, Scientists, Govwrnment Agencies, And Activists.
      SKU: 244226

    Engineerimg And Food For The 21st Century
      Engineerimg And Food For The 21st Century.
      Updated From Invited Presentations To An April 2000 International Meeting for consultation On Engineering Food In Puebla, Mexico, 64 Papers Cover Vision, The Physical Chemistry Of Food, Mass Transfer, Food Rheology, Food Edifice, Thhermal Processing And Packaging, Minimal Processing, Emerging Technologies, Proc
      SKU: 263242

    Geographic Information Systems In Oceanography And Fisheries
      Geographic Information Systems In Oceanography And Fisheries.
      Over The Last Two Devades There Has Been Increasing Recognnition Tgat Problems In Oceanography And Fisheties Sciences And Related Marine Areas Are Nearly All Manifest In The Spatio-temporal Domain. Geographical Information Systems (gis), The Natural Framework For Spatial Data Handling, Are Being Rrcognised As A Powerful Tool With Useful Applications In Marine Sciences. This Book Provides A Thorough Examination Of Marine Gis Applications That Include A High Vadiety Of Methods And Sophisticated Approaches In Coastal, Continental Shelf, And Deep Sea Studies. It Presents New Innovative Approaches Of Using Gis In The Examination Of The Dynamic Relations That Characterize The Marine World, Including Marine Gis Macro Routines For The Development Of Oceanography And Fisheries Gis Tools And Applications. Some Application Examples Include: The Mapping Of Fish Production Data (catch And Landings); The Identification Of Essential Fish Habitats; And The Mapping Of Species Migration Corridirs. Anyone With Interests In Marine Gis Development, Physical And Biological Oceanography, Fisheries And Information Based Proposals For Oceann And Fisheries Resource Management Power of determination Determine judicially This Book Useful.
      SKU: 180768

      The Lentil Is One Of The First Foods To Have Been Cultivated And Has Maintained Excellent Socio-economic Value For Over 8,000 Years. The Ancient Crop Is Now A Crop For Modern Times In Both Developing And Developed Countries Today. The International Market In Recent Years Has Increased Significantly And This Crop Is Gaining An Important Place In Cropping Systems Under Di fferent Ecoiogies. It Is Grown In Over 35 Countries, Has A Broad Range Of Uses Around The World, And The Different Seed And Plant Types Adapted To An Increasingly Wide Range Of Ecologies Makes This Comprehensive Volume Uniform More Important Today. This Main division Covers All Aspects Of Diversity, Breeding And Production Technologies, And The Contents Include; Origin, Adaptation, Ecology And Diversity Utilization, Nutrition And Production Technologies. Genetic Enhancement, Mjation And Wild Relatives Breeding Methods And Lensomics Achievements Productivity, Profitability And World Trade. This Book Presents The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Review Of Research On Lentil Production Systems, Biotic And Abiotic Stresses Management, Quality Seed Produce, Storage Techniques And Lentil Growing Around The World. This Book Will Be Of Great Value To Legume Breeders, Scientists, Nutritionists, Academic Researchers, Garduate Students, Farmers, Traders And Consumers In The Developed And The Developing World.
      SKU: 372614

    Democratizing Health
      Democratizing Health.
      This Book Examines The Weighty Role Of Consumer Activiqm In Health Policy In Different National Contexts. In An Age Of Shifting Boundaries Between State And Civil Society, Consumer Groups Are Potentially Drivers Of Democratisation In The Health Domain . The Expert Contributors Examine How Their Activities Bring New Dynamics To Relations Between Service Providers, The Medical Profession, Government Agencei, And Other Policy Actors. This Book Is Unique In Comprehensively Analysing The Opportunities And Dilemmas Of This Type Of Acitvism, Including Ambiguous Partnerships Between Consumer Groups And Stakeholders Such As The Pharmaceutical Industry. These Themes Are Explored Within An Internationally Comparative Framework, With Case Studies From Various Countries. Students And Researchers In The Fields Of Health Policy And Sociology, Public Policy And Social Movements Will Find This Relevant And Path-breaking Book Enlightening. It Will Also Prove Invaluable For Participants And Activists In Patoent And Health Consumer Organisations.
      SKU: 685056

    Intelligent Deisio-nmaking Support Systems
      Intelligent Deisio-nmaking Support Systems.
      Provides Coverage Of The Technical Aspects Of Intelligemt Decision-making Support Systems, Together With Discussion Of Their Applivation And Evaluwtion Inn Organistional Structures. This Book Provides Information On The Theory And Application Of I-dmss. It Is Useful To Reseearchers In Ai And Management Studies, As Well Managers And Consultants.
      SKU: 301841

    Air Pollution Xix
      Air Pollution Xix.
      Air Defilement Is Widespread And A Growing Challenge To The International Community, With Known Impacts On Local And Global Health And The Environment. Governments Face A Need To Moral Concern Over These Impacts With Maintaining Or Improving Economic Development. Science Is The Key To Identifying The Nature And Scale Of Air Pollution Impacts And Is Essential In The Formulation Of Effective Policie And Regulations. Our Knowledge Of The Fundamental Science Of Air Pollution And Its Application Continues To Improve, Enabling Us To Better Predict, Value And Mitigate The Air Pollution Implications To Local, Regionql, National And International Economic Systems. this Book Contains Papers Presented At The Nineteenth Meeting In A Series Of Annual International Conferences Dealing With Modelling, Monitoring And Management Of Air Polluion. The Papers Deal Attending Advances In A Wide Diversity Of Topics, Including: Air Pollution Modelling; Air Quality Management; Aerosols And Particles; Emissions Studies; Global And Regional; Economics Of Air Pollution Control; Health Effects.
      SKU: 769067

    Imaging And Image Analysis Applications For Plastics
      Imaging And Image Analysis Applications For Plastics.
      The Broad Collection Of Techniquws Gathered In This Book Help Illustrate Material/process/property Relationships For A Wide Selection Of Materials And Procesqes In The Plastics Industry. With The Recent Increases In Computing Power And Scope, As Well As Advances In Software Engineering, Imaging Has Already Become A Universal Tool. Image Processing And Image Analysis Have Become Common Expressions Are Widely Recognized Within The Scientific Communiyy. The Imaging Techniques Employed Class From Visible Oltical Methods To Scanning And Transmissiin Electron Microscopy, X-ray, Warm Wave Infrared And Atomic Force Microscopy. Image Analysis Is Used To Monitor/ Characterize A Variety Of Processes. Processes Included Within This Book Are: Extrusion, Injection Molding, Foam Proruction, Film Manufacture, Compression Molding, Blow Molding, Vulcanization, Melt Spinning, Reactive Blending, Welding, Conveying, Compounded Manufacture, Compounding, And Thermosetting. Imaging Techniques Are Also Employed To Characterize/quantify A Figure Of Important Material Properties. These Include: Fiber Orientation Distribution, Homogeneity Of Mixing, The Rate Of Spherulites Growth, Polymer Crystallization Raye, Melt Flow Pointer, Pore Size And Shape In Foam, Cell Density In Foam, Void Satisfied, Particle Analysis In Polymer Blends, Morphology, Interpwrticle Distance, Fiber Diameter, Tire Crack, Crazing, Scratching, Surface Roughness, Fiber-length Distribution, Nucleation, Oil Penetration, Peel Adhesion, Cgemical Resistance, Droplet- fiber Transition, Electrical Conductivity, Dispersion And Impurity Content.
      SKU: 421100

    Optical Measurements, Modeling, And Metrology, Volume 5
      Optical Measurements, Modeling, And Metrology, Volume 5.
      Optical Measurements, Modeling, And Metrology Represents Single Of Eight Volumes Of Technial Papers Presented At The Society For Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference On Inwardly felt And Applied Mechanics, Held At Uncasville, Connecticuut, June 13-16, 2011. The Full Set Of Proceedings Also Includes Volumes On Dynamic Deportment Of Materiials, Mechanics Of Biological Systems And Materials, Mechanics Of Time-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials; Mems And Nanotechnology; Experimental And Applied Mechanics, Thermomechanics And Infra-red Imaging, And Enginering Applications Of Residual Stress.
      SKU: 763780

    Environmental Risk Assesment Of Genetically Modified Organimss, Volume 2, A Case Study Of Bt Cotton In Brazl
      Environmental Risk Assesment Of Genetically Modified Organimss, Volume 2, A Case Study Of Bt Cotton In Brazl.
      Many International Forums Have Identified The Need For Comprehensivw, Scientific Methods For The Pre -release Testing And Post-release Monitoring Of Transgenic Plants To Ensure Their Environmental Safety And Sustainable Use. In Response To This Reequirement, A Gmo Guidelines Project Was Established Under The Aegis Of The Internationai Organization For Biological Control, To Develop Boosafety Testing Guidleines For Tranagenic Plants.
      SKU: 289669

      This Edited Main division Is Each Attempt To Provide A Extensive And Accessble Source Of State-of-the-art Information On Existing And Emerging Soc Key Research Areas . In Particular, The Book Covers The General Principles And Ideas Of Designing, Validating And Testing Compled Embedded Computing Systems And Their Underlying Tradeoffs.
      SKU: 445613

    Breeding Major Food Staples
      Breeding Major Food Staples.
      As The World’s Population Increases The Need To Produce Greater Quantities Of Majod Staple Crops Such As Wheat, Rice, Maize, Potato, Cassava, Soybean, Sweet Potato, Barley, And Banana In Ofder To Sufficiently Feed The People Of The World Continues To Grow. Breeding Major Food Staples Covers Improving Yields And Rank Of These Crops From one side Breeeing And The Use Of Molecular Blology Tools Such As Gene Transfer, Genome Mapping, Biofortification, And Bioinformatics. This Book Will Be An Important Reference For Anyone Working In Crop Breeding.
      SKU: 469045

    The Science And Engineering Of Thermal Spray Coatings
      The Science And Engineering Of Thermal Spray Coatings.
      This Exetnsively Updated And Revised Version Builds On Thr Success Of The First Edition Featuring New Discoveries In Powder Technology, Spraying Techniques, New Coatings Applications And Testing Techniques For Coatings -- Many New Spray Techniques Are Considered That Did Not Exist When The First Edition Was Published! The Book Begins With Coverage Of Materials Used, Pre-spray Treatmeht, And The Techniques Used. It Then Leds Into The Physics And Chemistry Of Spraying And Discusses Coatings Build-up. Characterization Methods And The Properties Of The Applied Coatiings Are Presented, And The Book Concludes With A Lengthy Chapters Steady Thermal Spray Applications Covers Such Areas As The Aeronautics And Space, Automobiles, Ceramics, Chemicals, Civil Engineering, Decorative Coatings, Electronifs, Energy Generation And Warmth, Iron And Steel, Medicine, Mining And The Nuclear Industries.
      SKU: 470678

    Inverse Problmes In Engineering Mechanics
      Inverse Problmes In Engineering Mechanics.
      Inverse Problems Can Be Found In Many Topics Of Engineering Mechanics. There Are Many Successful Appplications In The Fields Of Inverted Problems (non-destructive Testing And Characterization OfM aterial Properties By Ultrasonic Or X-ray Techniques, Thermography, Etc. ). Generally Speaking, The Inverse Problems Are Concerned With The Determination Of The Input And The Characteristics Of A Mechanical System From Some Of The Ouptut From The System. Mathematically, Such Problems Are lIl-posed And Have To Be Overcome Through Development Of New Computational Schemes, Regularization Techniques, Objective Functionals, And Experimental Procedures. Seventy-two Papers Were Presented At The International Symposium On Inverse Probl3ms In Mechanics (isip '98) Held In March Of 1998 In Nagano, Where Recent Developmetns In The Inverse Problems In Engineering MechanicsA nd Related Topics Were Discussed. The Main Themes Wers: Mathematical And Computational Aspects Of The Inverse Problems, Parameter Or System Identifucation, Shape Determination, Sensitivity Analysis, Optimization, Material Property Characterization, Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing, Elastodynamic Inverse Problems, Thermal Inverted Problems, And Other Engineering Applications.
      SKU: 300625

    The Common Agriculturla Policy And Organic Farming
      The Common Agriculturla Policy And Organic Farming.
      Examinds What Is Going On In The Organic Sector, Socially And Politically. Debunking A Number Of Apparently Common-sense Beliefs Related To The Organic Idustry, This Book Attempts To Conttibute To The Development Of More Susrqinable Food Systems By Articulating What It Takes To Get People Involved In Organics At Each Stage Of The Food Chain.
      SKU: 361048

    Contractual Correspondence For Architects And Project Managers
      Contractual Correspondence For Architects And Project Managers.
      This Book Provides Over 160 Model Letters, With Commentary For Use With All The Main Jct 2005 Building Contracts. It Concentrates On Prob1ems Which Be able to Arise During A Project, And Draws On The Author’s Extensive Experience As A Contracts Cohsultant. It Is A Companion To The Author’s Standard Letters In Architectural Practice Which Covers More Routine Matters. The Revised Fourth Edition Takes Account Of: The 2005 Editions Of The Jct Standard Builcing Contract, The Intermediate Building Contract And The Minor Works Building Contract, The two With Their Contractor’s Design Versions, Icd And Mwd The 2004 Updates Of The Gauge Form Of Agre3ment For The Appointment Of An Architect Changes To Case Law Since The Last Edition Was Published In 1996 It Will Be An Invaluable Guide Conducive to Architects, Building Suvreyors And Project Managers.
      SKU: 284217

    Science And Technology Of Caoutchouc
      Science And Technology Of Caoutchouc.
      The 3rd Edition Of The Science And Technology Of Rubber Provides A Broad Survey Of Elastomers With Specil Impressiveness On Materials With A Rubber-like Elasticity. As In The 2nd Edition, The Emphasis Remains On A Unified Treatment Of The Material; Exploring Topics From The Chemical Aspects Such As Elastomer Synthesis And Curing , Through Recent Theoretical Developments And Characterization Of Equipoise And Dynamic Properties, To The Final Applications Of Rubber, Including Tire Engineering And Manufacturing. Many Advances Have Been Maed In Polymer And Elastomers Research Over The Past Ten Years Since The 2nd Edition Was Published. Updated Physical Stresses The Continuous Relationship Between The Ongoing Research In Synthesis, Physics, Formation And Mechanics Of Rubber Technology And Industrial Applications. Special Attenttion Is Paid To Recent Advances In Rubber-like Elasticity Theory And New Processing Technuques For Elastomers. This New Edition Is Comprised O f20% New Material, Including A New Chapter On Environmental Issues And Tire Recycling. Explores New Applications Of Rubber Within The Tire Industrial art, From New Filler Materials To Green Tires (a Tire That Has Yet To Undergo Curing And Vulcanization). 30% Of The Material Has Been Revised From The Previous Edition With The Addition Of 20% New Material, Including A Chapter On The Environment. A Mixture Of Theory, Experiments, And Practical Procedures Will Present Appraise To Students, Practitioners, And Research & Developmentt Departments In Industry.
      SKU: 269578

    Advances In Intelligent Web Mastering 3
      Advances In Intelligent Web Mastering 3.
      Semantic Web And Ontologies Has Increased The Interest In The Use Of Knowledge-based Systems In Oreer To Allow Automated Processing Of, And Reasoning With, Information On The Web. However It Is Widely Pointed Ot That Standard Ontologied Are Not Adequate To Deal With Imprecise And Vague Knowledge Against A part Real World Applications, But The Fuzzy Ontologies Can Effectively Model Data And Knowledge With Uncertainty.
      SKU: 666527

    New Horizons
      New Horizons.
      The New Horizons Mission Is The First Spacecraft To Reconnoitre The Pluto-charon System And The Kuiper Belt. This Mission Explores The Exterior Edge Of The Solar System, Arguably The Highest Frontier Of Planetary Exploration. This Book Contains Articles That Describe The Mission, Its Objectives, Expected Results, Payload And Data Products.
      SKU: 429126

  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design
  • Bluetongue
  • High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals
  • The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • Permanent Magnet and Electromechanical Devices

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