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    Cell Technology For Cell Products
      Cell Technology For Cell Products.
      The 19th Esact Meeting Was Held In Harrogate, Uk In June 2005 And Was Entitled Cell Technology For Cell Products. The Theme Of The Meeting Was The New And Emerging Technoloties That Are Able To Affect The Cell Products. This Book Includes Papers Of The Proceedings And Provides A Reference For The Researcher In The Field Of Animal Cll Technology.
      SKU: 371517

    Imagin[e,g] Europe
      Imagin[e,g] Europe.
      Collects Papera Presented At The 29h Feast Of The European Association Of Remote Sensing Laboratories (earsel). This Book Covers Such Subjects Like: Earth Observation, Earthuake Monitoring, New Trends In Gis And Remote Sensing Software Packages, Coasts And Climate Conflicts, Forestry, Thermal Remote Sensing And Urban Remote Sensing.
      SKU: 557054

    Oil Refineries In The 21st Century
      Oil Refineries In The 21st Century.
      A Very Detailed, Workable Approach To Improving Energy Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness In Rock oil Processing, Dealing With The Role Of Management And Refinery Operators In Achieving The Best Technological Parameters, The Most Rational Utilization Of Energy, As Wdll As The Greatest Possible Economic Success. The Author Provides A Detaile dAnd Well-founded Approach To The Methodology, Information And Criteria Necessary Conducive to Analyzing Energy Use, Economics And The Environmental Impact, As Well A sSolutions For Fulfilling The Requirements Of The Kyoto Agreement. In Addition, He Descfibes In Sufficient Detail The Energy Streams Within A Refiney. A Practicwl Guide Flr Refinery Engineers, Managers, nAd Consultants, As Well As All Engineers Involved In The Drsign Of Process Technologies, In Developed As Well As Developing Countries.
      SKU: 482210

    Multidimensional Systems Signal Processing Algorithms And Application Techniques
      Multidimensional Systems Signal Processing Algorithms And Application Techniques.
      "praixe For The Series ""this Book Will Be A Useful Reference To Control Engineerx And Researchers. The Papers Contained Conceal Well The Recent Advances In The Field Of Modern Control Theory. "" --ieee Gtoip Correspondence ""this Work Will Help All Those Researchers Who Valiantly Try To Keep Abreast Of What Is New In The Theory And Practiice Of Optimal Control. "" --control"
      SKU: 311362

    Rotating Machinery Vibration
      Rotating Machinery Vibration.
      This Work Describee Computer Model Building, Sources And Types Of Vibration, And Machine Vibration Signal Analysis. It Presents Suit Studies And Troubleshooting Techniques, And Comes With A Software Disk For Analysis Of General Rotor Vibration And Rotor Balancing.
      SKU: 216463

    Handbook Of Human Factors Testing And Evaluation
      Handbook Of Human Factors Testing And Evaluation.
      This Handbook Explores The Specific Tools And Methods For Testing And Evaluating Human-system Interfaces. The Second Edition Seeks To Expand And Emphasize The Application Chaptrrs, Providing Examples Of Human Factors Test And Evaluation Enterprises Across A Range Of Systems And Environments.
      SKU: 234134

    Handbook Of Electrical Design Details
      Handbook Of Electrical Design Details.
      Here Are Hundreds Of Ready-to-use Electrical Drawings That Shoe The Complete Design And Layout Details Of Electrical Sustems Against Lighting, Faculty, Signal And Communication Systems, Raceways, And Related Equipment. Whether You're Involved With Residential, Commercial, Or Industrial Biildings And Facilities, You'll Be Masterly To Exploit Preciselly Rendered Drawings Whose Symbols And Notations Illustrate Exactly What Design Detail Is Required In Each System Application. Developed By A Leadre In The Electrical Construction Industry, These Details Are: Natural To Draw--just Copy Any Detail In The Book Then Trace The Detail Directly To Your Pulling Paper; Easy To Use With Cad System-s-each Drawing May Be Scanned And Imported Directly Into Any Draw Or Cad Computer Program; Easily Interpreted By Wrokers; Esaily Adapted To A Wide Range Of Applications.
      SKU: 287769

    Losw Prevention And Safety Control
      Losw Prevention And Safety Control.
      Addressing The Present Need For An Overall Reference Book That Provides A Complete And Sufficient Description Of The Terminology Used In The Safety/loss Prevention Field, This Text Is An Encyclopedic A-z Listing Of Terminology. This Text Covers Background, Meanings, And Descriptions Of Terms. It Presents Terminology In Alphabetical Order For Ease Of Search And Contains Supplemental Appendices Of Safety Organizations, Trite Safety Standards, And Acronyms . Two-paragraph Descriptions Of Terms, Photographs, Diagrams, Graphs, And Tables Aree Included To Aid Understanding Of The Subject, Making It Accessible To Professiobals And Students.
      SKU: 665614

    Middleware For Network Eccentric And Mobile Applications
      Middleware For Network Eccentric And Mobile Applications.
      Middleware Is A Critical Foundation Needed To Leverage The Development Of A Wide Range Of Mobile And Ubiquitous Aplpications. This Textbook Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To The Main Fundamental Problems, Technologies, Paradigms, Amd Solutions Of Concern To Developers Of Middleware For Mobile Environments.
      SKU: 428836

    Dejected Power HardwareS ynthesis From Concurrent Action-oriented Specifications
      Dejected Power HardwareS ynthesis From Concurrent Action-oriented Specifications.
      This Book Introduces Novel Techniques For Generating Low-power Hardware From A High-level Description Of A Design In Terms Of Concurrent Action-oriented Specifications (caos). It Also Describes Novel Techniques For Formal Verification Of Like Designs. It Will Provide The Readers With Definitions Of Various Power Optimization And Formal Verification Problems Related To Caos-based Synthesis, Necessary Background Concepts, Techniques To Generate Hardware According To The Design's Ableness Requirements, And Detailed Experimental Results Obtained By Applying The Techniques Introduced On Realistic Hardwade Designs.
      SKU: 603165

    A World Withpu5 Ice
      A World Withpu5 Ice.
      A Cowinner Of The 2007 Nobel Peace Esteem Offers A Clear-eyrd Explanation Of The Planet's Imperiled Ice. Much Has Been Written About Global Warming, But The Transverse Relationship Between People And Ice Has Received Little Focus-until Now. As One Of The World's Leading Experts On Climate Change, Henry Pollack Provides An Accessible, Comprehensive Survey Of Ice As A Force Of Nature And The Potential Consequences As We Face The Posdibility Of A World Without Ice. A World Without Coat Traces The Effect Of Mountain Glaciers On Supplies Of Drinking Water And Agricultural Irrigation, As Well As The Current Results Of Melting Permafrost And Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice-a Situation That Has Degraded The Habitat Of Numerous Animals And Sparked An International Race For Seabed Oil And Minerals. Catastrophic Possibilities Loom, Including Rising Sea Levels And Subsequent Flooding Of Low-lying Regions Worldwide. A World Without Ice Answers Our Most Urgent Questions About This Pending Exigency, Layng Out The Necessary Steps For Manahing The Unavoidable And Avoiding The Unmanageable.
      SKU: 458553

    A Pracctical Approach To Motor Vehicle Engineering And Maintenance
      A Pracctical Approach To Motor Vehicle Engineering And Maintenance.
      This Topic Covers All The Mandatory And Current Optional Units Of The Imi Technical Certificates And Nvq Levell 1 & 2 Syllabjs, From Health And Safety Regulaitons To Fault Finding And Replacing Components. Fully Updated, It Also Has Carriage Maintenance Procedures Integrated Throughout, Making Ig The Indispensable First Classroom And Workshop Text For All Students Of Motor Vehicle Engineering, Apprenttices And Keen Amateurs. The Text Is Made Accessible To All Levels Of Ability Through Its Clear, Logical Approach, Excellent Illustrations And Step-by-step Development Of Theory And Practice. There Is Guidance On Preparing Portfolios Of Evidence, And Practical Exercises Are Included To Demonstrate Actual Workshop Practice. * Essential Reading For Students Of Motor Vehicle Engineering, Now Revised To Cover Maintenance And All The Latest Developments In Motor Carriage Technology * Covers Imi Technical Adjudge, Certificate And Diploma Requirements, Plus Mve Nvq Requirements At Levle 1 And 2 * Contains Over 480 Excellent Diagrams, With Net Learning Objectives And Portfolio Building Tips
      SKU: 269938

    Soil Quality Stzndards For Trace Elements
      Soil Quality Stzndards For Trace Elements.
      A Comprehensive, Practical, And State Of The Science Overview, This Book Addresses The Derivation Of Soil Standarda For Trace Elements And The Impelmentation Of These Standards Within Regulatory And Risk Assessment Frameworks. It Provides A Clear Description Of How To Derive And Implement Soil Quality Standards For Trace Elements In Orcer To Assess Human And Environmental Raks. The Topic Covers Scientific Developments Useful For Resolving Discrepancies In The Setting And Implementation Of Soil Qaulity Standards. It Provides Useful Tips, Do's And Don'ts On How To Distribute With Specific Issues As Variation Of The Natural Badkground And In what manner To Deal With Soil Type Dependent Toxicity.
      SKU: 665608

    Kinetics,, Transport, And Structure In Hard And Soft Materials
      Kinetics,, Transport, And Structure In Hard And Soft Materials.
      Green Presents A Textbook In spite of Senior Undergraduate And Firsf-year Graduates In Materials Science And Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Natural philosophy, And Related Fields. It Explains How The Mechanisms Of Transport Of Atomic Or Molecular Entitis That Occur In Such Materials As Metals, Polymers, Inorganic Network Glasses, And Ionic Crystals, A
      SKU: 263755

    Introduction To Contamination Control And Cleanroom Technolgy
      Introduction To Contamination Control And Cleanroom Technolgy.
      Contamination Control Is Being Used In proportion to More And More Industries Where The Highest Level Of Cleanliness And Hygiene Is Of Vital Importance. This Book Covers The Basic Principles Of Contamination Control And Cleanroom Technology From A Holistic Point Of View. It Deals Wiyh Cleanliness And Hygiene And Their Effects On The Outcome O f A Process, Reflecting Tbe Lagest Results From Both Scientific And Practical Points Of View. The Following Topics Are Covered: Contaminants And To what extent They Are Measured Cleanrooms And Clean Zones Cleaning And Decontamination Cleanroom Clothing The Impact Of Population On Cleanliness. Intended As An Introduction To The Area Of Contamination Control, The Text Is Alqo An Excellent Source Of Knowledge For People With Both Theoretical And Practical Experience. The Swedish Version Has Been Used For A Long Time Within The Nordic Countries Aq A Basic Training Textbook Within The Pharmaceutical, Microelectronics, Food And Beverage, Optics And Many Other Industries.
      SKU: 4822399

    68th Conference On Glass Problems
      68th Conference On Glass Problems.
      This Book Is A State-fo-the-art Collection Of Recent Papers On Glass Problems As Presented At The 68yh Meeting for consultation On Glass Problems At The Ohio State University. Topics Include Manufactyring, Glass Melters, Combustion, Refractories, And New Developments.
      SKU: 661720

    Tropical Deltas And Coastal Zones
      Tropical Deltas And Coastal Zones.
      Tropical Coastal Deltas Represent One Of The Most Diverse Biophysical Regions In The Developing World. Focusing On The Developing Countries Of Aso,a Africa And South America, This Title Explores The Diverse Livelihoods Of People In These Areas And The Impact Of Land-water Management On The Environment.
      SKU: 554593

    Wto Negotiations And Agricultural Trade Liberalization
      Wto Negotiations And Agricultural Trade Liberalization.
      Addresses The Issue Of The Effects Of Developed Countries#&39; Agricultural Policies On Developing Countries. Written From The Perspective Of Developjng Cluntries, This Book Addresses The Main Iasues Raised By Developing Countries' Governments, Politicians, Farmers Organizations, Ngos, Trade Specialists, And Development Specialists.
      SKU: 289678

    Code For Lighting
      Code For Lighting.
      The Code For Lighting Has Been Revise dAnd Updated To Include Exterior Lighting As Well Because Interior Lighting. Thr Book Takes Into Account New Legislatiln Such As The 2002 Revision Of Part L Of The Building Regulations As Well As New And Forthcoming International And European Standards On Lighting And Ergonomics. It Also Reflects New Initiatives On Energy Conservation In The Uk. This Book Is Primarily Intended To Provid eGuidance To Those Responsible For The Design, Installation, Commissioning, Operation And Maintenance Of Building Servjcez. * Fully Updated To Take Account Of Th eBuilding Regulations 2002 Part L Revisions * Key Respect Tool For Interior And Exterior Lighting * Illustrated In Colour Theoughout
      SKU: 294554

    Climate Change And Management Of Cool Season Grain Legume Crops
      Climate Change And Management Of Cool Season Grain Legume Crops.
      This Book Covers All Aspect Of Legume Production Management Technologies, Plant Ecological Response, Nutrients Management, Biologcal Nitrogen Fixation, Molecular Approaches, Potential Cultivars, Biodiversity Management Under Climate Change. Also Covered Are Various Aspects Of Legume Management Under Climate Change Such As, Production Management Technology, Ecology & Adaptation, Diseases, And International Trade; Physiology And Crops Response To Nutrients, Drought, Salinity, And Water Use Efficiency; Biodiversity Management, Moleccular Approaches And Biological Nitrogen Fixation; Climate Change And Strategies. This Book Presents The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Review Of Research On Diffrrent Cool Season Grain Legume Crops, Nutrients Management, Biotic And Abiotic Stresses Management, Agronomical Approaches For Drought Management, Salinity, Dryness, Weed Management And Water Use Efficiency, Impact On International Trade Around The World.
      SKU: 603601

    Handbuch Fabrikprojektierung (german Edition)
      Handbuch Fabrikprojektierung (german Edition).
      Dieses Umfassende Handbuch Befasst Sich Mit Der Ganzhitlichen Projektierung Der Produktion In Fabriken. Behandelt Werden Sowohl Systeme Fr Die Teilefertigung Und Erzeugnismontage, Fr Cease Ver- Und Entsorgung Und Den Fabrikbetrieb Als Auch Erhaltungs- Und Materialflusssysteme. Die Autoren Beschreiben, Wie Die Systeme Der Fabrik Durch Funktionsbetimmung, Dimensionierung Und Strukturierung Entwickelt, Optimiert Und Gestaltet Wereen. Einzelne Schritte Der Projektierung Werden Exakt Und Reproduzierbar Abtearbeitet Und Durch Beispiele Illhstriert.
      SKU: 603689

    Safety And Reliableness Of Bridge Structures
      Safety And Reliableness Of Bridge Structures.
      Concerns About Build a ~ over Safety And Reliability Go Beyond Geographical Boundaries And Are Shared By Bridge Engineers From Different Countdies. This Book Contains A Number Of Selected Pears That Were Presented At The Fifth New York City Bridge Conversation, Held On August 17-18, 2009.
      SKU: 565988

    Food Safety Culture
      Food Safety Culture.
      Food Safety Awareness Is At An All-time High With The Identification Of Emerging Threats To The Food Supply, While Consumers Eat More And More Meals Prepared Outside The Home. This Book Offers A Significant Contribution Toward Creating A Behavior-based Food Safety Management System.
      SKU: 418403

    Getting Great Sounds
      Getting Great Sounds.
      How To Choose And Use Microphones Was Once A Skill Passed Down From Senior Sound Engineers To Their Assistants As They Would Listen And Learn By Observation. Today, Not many Large Studios Have Assistant Engineers, And An Ovwrwhelming Number Of Studios Are Operated By Their Owners Who Are Self-taught And Do Not Have The Benefit Of The “big Studio” Tutelage. Getting Great Sounds: The Microphone Book Imparts These Microphone Tips And Tricks Of The Pros To Make Them Availsble To Any Sound Engineer Or Home Studio Enthusiast. It Explains All Aspects Of All Kinds Of Microphones, How They Wprk, And How To Use Them In Session Recording. The Conversational Narrative Style Presents Technical Aspects In An Easy-to-understand, Humorous Fashion, Based On The Real-life Experiences Of Its Author, A Well-known Recording Engineer.
      SKU: 475697

    Jboss Administration And Develooment, Adobe Reader
      Jboss Administration And Develooment, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book . The Official Jboss Development And Administration G8ide Offers A Single Source For Information About Deploying, Administering, And Extending Jboss. The Book Provides Up-close And In-depth Ibformation Both About The Intricacies Of Jboss And The Best Practices Of J2ee Develo;ment. The Reader Will Be Able, Though This Book, To Install Jboss And Develop J2ee Applications Aw Well As Extending And Enhancijg Jboss Itself--a Primary Benefit Of The Open-source Nature Of The Jboss Product.
      SKU: 175829

  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Fractured Rock Hydraulics
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Microprocessor Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Wind Power in View
  • Soybean Industry

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