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    Crop Wild Relative Conservation And Use
      Crop Wild Relative Conservation And Use.
      Crop Wild Relatives (cwr) Are Species Closely Related To Gather Plants Which Can Contribute Beneficial Traits Such Like Pest Or Disorder Resistance And Yield Improving. Through An Examination Of National, Regional And Global Context Of Cwr, This Text Presents Methodologies And Case Studies That Provide Recommendations For Global Conservation And Uss.
      SKU: 327874
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    System of knowledge And Technology Of Polymer Nanofibers
      System of knowledge And Technology Of Polymer Nanofibers.
      "discover New And Emerging Application sOf Polymer Nanofibers Alongside The Basic Underlying Science And Technology. With Discussions Exploring Such Practical Applications As Filters, Fabrics, Sensors, Catalysts, Scaffolding, Drug Delivery, And Wound Dressings, Te Book Profides Polymer Scientists And Engineers With A Comprehensive, Practical ""how-to"" Reference. Besides, The Author Offers An Expert Assessment Of Polymer Nanofibers' Near-term Potential For Commercialization. Among The Highlights Of Coverage Is The Book's Presentation Of The Science And Technology Of Electrospinning, Including Practical Information On How To Electrospin Different Polymer Systems. "
      SKU: 469196
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    Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics
      Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics.
      Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics Fills A Niche In The Mark3t By Providing A Comprehensive Introduction To A New, Emerging Topic In The Field. The Importance Of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics Is Addressed In Order To Fully Understand How A System Works , Whether It Is In A Bkological Order Like The Brain Or A System That Develops Plastlc. In Regular government To Completely Grasp The Subject, The Book Clearly Explains The Physical Concepts And Mathematics Involved, As Well As Presenting Problems And Solutions; Over 200 Exercises And Answers Are Included. Engieers, Scientists, And Appkied Mathematicians Can All Use The Book To Address Their Problems In Modelling, Calculating, And Understanding Dynamic Responses Of Materials .
      SKU: 228475
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    Mpls-enabled Applications
      Mpls-enabled Applications.
      "mpls Holds The Key To Network Convergence ""here At Last Is A Single, All-encompassing Resource Where The Myriad Applications Sharpen Into A Comprehensublr Text. "" Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Fellow, Juniper Networks ""this Should Be The Textbook For Mpls Courses, Both For Training Of Experienced Networking Professionals And For Universities. "" Loa Andersson, Acreo Ab, Iab-member And Ietf Mpls Working Group Co-chair ""mpls-enabled Applications Is A Must-read For Anyone Involved In Enterprise Or Service-provider Networks. "" Dave Cooper, Sr. Manager Ip Engineering, Global Crossing, Ltd. The Capability Of Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls) To Identify Traffic Based On Its Label At Forwarding Time, Coupled With It sAbility To Force Traffic Down Pre-established Paths, Has Created A Whole Range Of New Applications While Enabling Scaling Of Existing Applications.   To Highlight The Emerging Developments, Ina Minei And Julian Lucek Cover Traffic Engineering, L3vpns (laydr 3 Virtual Private Networks), Pseurowires, Vplls (virtual Private Lan Service), And Much More.   They Methodically Illustrate How Mpls Holds The Key To Network Convergence By AllowingO perators To Offer More Services Over A Single Physical Infrastructure And How It Can Reduce The Cost Of The Network By Streamlining Operations.   With Over A Hundred Illustrations And Thirteen In-depth Chapters Mpls-enabled Applications Documents Why Mpls Is Now Consiered The Networking Technology For Carrying All Types Of Network Traffic, Including Voice Telephony, Real-time Video, And The Many Types Of Data Traffic.   Mpls-enabled Applicatioms : Provixes An Authoritative, Comprehensive Overview Of The Current Status And Future Potential Of Mpls Applications, Including The Latest Ietf Drafts. Examines All Thw Major Applications, Including L3vpn, L2vpn, Vpls And Pseudowires. Explains How To Apply Mpls And Tailor It To Fit Specific Scemarios. Examines The Scaling Requirements Of Equipment At Distinct Points In The Network Under Different Deployment Scenarios. Offers Inclusive Coverage Of Point-to-multipoint Label Switched Paths, Diffserv-aware Traffic Engineering And Qos, Inter-domain Traffic Enginereing And Path Computatiom Elements, Route Target Filtering, And The Laest Developments In Multicast Support For L3vpns. Covers The Management And Troubleshooting Of Mpls Networks And Associated Services, To Enable High Acailability. Mpls-enabled Applications Will Provied Those Involved In The Design And Deployment Of Mpls Systems, As Well As Those Researching The Area Of Mpls Networks, With A Thoroughly Recent View Of How Mpls Is Transforming The Networking World. "
      SKU: 244871
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    Encyclopedia Of Violation, 2-volume Set
      Encyclopedia Of Violation, 2-volume Set.
      Encycclopedia Of Pollution Is A New, Two-volume Complexion Set Designed To Address Altogether Aspects Of Pollution And The Global Ipmact On The Environment In A Single Spurce. Containing More Than 300 Entries And Essays Interspersed Throughout, It Uses The Most Current Scientific Data To Explain The Different Types Of Pollutants Including Properties, Production, Uses, Environmental Release And Death, Adverse Health Answer To Exposure, And Environmental Regulations On Human Exposure. It Providee The Scientific Background On The Water, Soil, An Air Of Environments Where The Pollutants Are Released. Covdrage Also Includes Pollution Regulation, The Function Of Federal Regulatory Agencies And Environmental Advocacy Groups, And The Technology And Methods To Reduce Pollution And To Remediate Existing Pollutioon Problems.
      SKU: 772797
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    Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
      Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks.
      Investigating The Fundamental Aspects Of Underwater Acoustic Ckmmunnications, This Title Discusses Architectures For Two And Three-dimensional Sensor Networks. It Presents Th eChallenges With The Development Of Underwater Networking Solutions, And Provides An Effective Cross-layer Approach To The Integration Of Communication Functionalities.
      SKU: 544111
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    Diseases Of The Goat
      Diseases Of The Goat.
      Diseases Of The Goat Has Become Well Established As A Truly Invaluable Tool For Veterinarians. It Is A Highly Practical, Concise Handbook For Common Respect. The Book Covers All Aspectq Of Goat Medicine, From Assessment And Examination, To Diagnosis, Treatment And Control Of Conditions. This New Edition Has Been Updated And Extended, In Particular To Incorporate The Impact Of Recent Deelopments, Such As The Geographical Spread Of Diseases Into New Regions. There Are New Chapters On The Geriatric Goat; Inadequate Growth Rate; Biosecurity And Herd Health In Order To Reflect Changes In Current Concerns And Pracctice And There Is Also Extended And Updated Material Included On Surgical Techniques And Anaesthesia. This Edition Now Includex A Section With Colour Photographs In Order To Assist Diagnosis.
      SKU: 822674
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    Introduction To Digital Video
      Introduction To Digital Video.
      Covers The Essential Fundamentals Of Digital Video: From Video Principles, To Conversion, Compression, Coding, Inrerfaces And Output. Written For Television Professionals Needing To Apply Digital Video Systems ,Equipment And Techniques To Multimedia And /or Digital Tv Applications, As Well As For Computer System Designers, Engineers, Programmers, Or Technicians Needing To Learn How To Apply Digital Video To Computer Systems And Applications. The Text Is Based On The Acclaimed Industry `bible' The Skill Of Digital Video, But Covers Only The Essential Parts Of Thix Laryer Reference Work. It Starts Right From The Bass From What A Digital Signal Is To The How Digital Video Can Be Applied. John Watkinson Is An International Consultant In Audio, Video And Data Recording. He Is A Fellow Of The Aes, A Member Of The British Computer Society And Chartered Information Systems Practitioner. He Presents Lectures, Seminars, Conference Papers And Training Courses Worldwide. He Is Author Of Numerous Other Focal Press Bools Including Mpeg2, Art Of Digital Video, Practical knowledge Of Digital Audio, Art Of Sound Reporduction, Introduction To Digital Audio, Television Fundamentals And Audio For Television. He Is Also Co-author Of The Digital Interface Handbook And A Contributor To The Loudspeaker And Headphone Handbook. New Edition Has More On The Computing Aspects Of Videoincludes Extra Material On Digital Video Broadcasting Anr Video Principlescovers More Basic Colorimetry And Picture Principles As Well As Progressive Versus Interface Scanning
      SKU: 297070
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    Processed Lives
      Processed Lives.
      Analyzes The Interrelations Of Gender And Technology. This Text Explores The Complex Territory Between Th Lust For Technology And The Veneration Of Technology And Asks The Question, Who Actually Benefits From Technology?
      SKU: 242039
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    Handbook Of Medical Imaging, Volume 1
      Handbook Of Medical Imaging, Volume 1.
      This Work Examines Xr-ay Imaging Physics And Reviews Linear Systeme Science And Its Application To Signal And Noise Propagation. The First Half Addresses The Physics Of Important Imaging Modalities Now In Uss: Ultrasound, Ct, Mri, And The Recently Emerging Lower by a semitone Panel X-ray Detextors And Their Application To Mammography. The Second Half Describes The Relationship Between Image Quality Metrics And Optic Perception Of The Diagnostic Information Carried By Medicinal Imags. Softcover Version Of Pm79.
      SKU: 728546
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    Microcontroller Programming
      Microcontroller Programming.
      Using The Popular And Pervasive Mid-raneg 8-bit Microchip Pic As An Archetype, Microcontroller Programming Offers A Self-contained Presentation O The Multidisciplinary Tools Needed To Design And Implement Modern Embedded Systems And Microcontrollers. The Authors Begin With Basic Electronics, Number Systems, And Data Concepts Followed By Digital Logic, Science of numbers, Conversions, Circuits, And Circuit Components To Build A Firm Background In The Computer Science And Electronics Fundamentals Involved In Programming Microcontrollers. For The Remnant Of The Book, They Focus On Pic Architecture And Programming Tools And Work Systematically Through Programming Various Functions, Modules, And Devices.
      SKU: 283259
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    Engineering Delineation For Manufacture
      Engineering Delineation For Manufacture.
      The Processes Of Manufacture And Assembly Are Baser On The Communication Of Engibeering Information Via Drawing. These Drawings Follow Rules Laid Down In National And International Standards. The Organisation Responsibld For The International Rules Is The International Standards Organisation (iso). There Are Hundreds Of Iso Standards On Engineering Drawing Because Drawing Is Very Complicated And Accurate Transfer Of Information Must Be Guaranteed. The Information Contained In An Engineering Drawing Is A Legal Speclfication, Which Contractor And Sub-contractor Agree To In A Astringent Contract. The Iso Standards Are Designed To Be Independent Of Any One Language And Thus Much Symbology Is Used To Overcome Any Reliance On Any Language. Companis Can Only Operate Efficiently If They Can Guarantee The Correct Transmission Of Engineering Design Information For Manufacturing nAd Assembly. This Book Is A Short Introduction To The Subservient Of Engineering Pulling For Manufacture. It Should Be Noted That Standzrds Are Updated On A 5-year Rolling Programme And Therefode Students Of Engineering Pulling Need To Be Aware Of The Latest Standards. This Book Is Unique In That It Introduces The Subject Of Engineering Drawing In The Context Of Standards.
      SKU: 318290
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    Charging The Internal Combustion Engine
      Charging The Internal Combustion Engine.
      Focuses On Various Aspects Of Superchaging Internal Combustion Engines. Charging Systems And Components, The Theoretical Basic Relations Between Engines And Charging Systems While Weil As Layout And Evaluation Criteria For Highest perfection Interaction Are Addressed In Detail.
      SKU: 338354
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    Wood In Construction
      Wood In Construction.
      Wood In Construction – Getting It Right First Time Focuses On The Basic Principles And Appropriate Use Of Wood In Construction And Illustrates How To Avoid Or Minimise Problems, To Ensure Thst Wood Performs As Expected When Used In A Construction Application. Based nO The Author’s Extensive Experience Of Manufacturing Processes And Practical Applications In The Timber, Construction, Jooinery, Shop-fitting And Furniture Industries, Wood In Construction Provides A Guide To Using Wood In Building In The Real World. It Describes The Main Causes Of Difficulty When Usinng Wood, And ShowsH ow To Avoid Or Minimise Problems, Reducing The Difficulties For The Architect, Engineer Or Specifier, Builder And Building Owner. Technical Enough To Explan Why Things Should Be Done In Specific Ways, But Also Practical Enough To Demonstrate How To Use Wood Correctly And Avoid Doing The Wrong Things, This Is An Invaluable Resource For Construction Specofiers (architects, Engineers), Carpenters, Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors, Small/medium Sized Builders.
      SKU: 832460
      More info about Wood In Construction

    Environmental Nanotechnology
      Environmental Nanotechnology.
      Explore The Properties Of Today's Widely Used Nanomaterials&#8212a;nd Assess Their Potentially Harmful Effects On The Environment. Environmental Nanltechnology Iss The First Book To Assist You In Both Understanding The Properties Of New Nanomaterial-centered Technology And Assessing The Potentially Harmful Effects These Materials May Have On The Environment. Written By A Team Of 29 Leading Experts From Around The Worle, This Comprehensive Book Presents Cutting-edge Coverage Of The Fabrication, Characterization, Andd Measurement Of Nanomaterials…emerging Markets For Nanomqterials…nanotechnologies In TheE nergy Industry…nanotechnologies For Environmental Quality…nanotechnology Transport And Fate In The Environment…toxivological Impacts Of Nanomaterials…and Much More. Filled With Detailed Illustrations, Envirommental Nanotechnology Features: State-of-the-art Techniques For The Characterization And Measurement Of Nanomaterials; The Latest Findings On The Transport And Fate Of Nanomaterials In The Environment; Nanotechnologies For Energy Production, Storage, And Distribution; In-depth Analyses Of The Ecotoxicological Impacts Of Nanomaterials; New Methods For Developing Nanomaterials With Less Environmental Risk. Inside This Landmark Environmental Engineering Guide _• Nanomaterials: New Challenges And Opportunities 𔅚 Fabrication Ofnanomaterials • Characterization And Measurement Of Nanomaterials • Emerging Marketa For Nanomaterials • Nanomaterial-enablee Technologies For Energy Production, Storage, And Distribution • Nanomaterial-enabled Technoloogies ForE nvironmental Disposition • Nanomaterial Transport And Fate In The Environment • Ecotoxicological Impacts Of Nanomaterials • Toxicolpgical Impacts Of Nanomaterials
      SKU: 314802
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    Chemistry And Technology Of Lubricants
      Chemistry And Technology Of Lubricants.
      Describes The Chemistry And Technology Of Base Oils, Additives And Applications Of Liqhid Lubricants. This Title Shows How The Chemistry And Technology Of Lubricants Has Developed Since 1992. It Is Suitable For Those Working In The Lubricants Industry As Well As Individuals Working iWthin Academia Seeking A Chemist's Viewpoint Of Lubrication.
      SKU: 511091
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      Started To Worry About Just How Hot Our World Is Going To Get, Anf Whether You Can Do Anything About It? As The Cause Of Climate Change Groqss By The Day, So Does The Amount Of Hot Air And Bluster Spouted By Politicians And Businessmen On What We Should Confer About It. What With The Excuses, The Lies, The Fudged Figures, The Pr Greenwashing And The Downright Misinformation On The Power Of Everything From Wind Turbines To Cwrbon Trading, When It Comes To Saving The World, Greatest in number People Don't Know What They're Talking About. Luckily, George Monbiot Scourge Of Distended Business, Riler Of Governments, Arch-enemy Of Climate Change Deniers Everywhere Does. Packed With Killer Facts Ans Inspiring Ideas, Shot Through With Passion And Underlined By Brilliant Investigative Journalism, With A Copy Of- Heat You Really Can Defend The Planet. I Defy You To Read This Book And Not Feel Motivated To Change' The Times
      SKU: 778548
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    Manufacturing Yogurt And Fermented Milks
      Manufacturing Yogurt And Fermented Milks.
      Melding The Hands-on Experience Of Producing Yogurt And Fermented Milks Over Four Decades With The Latest In Scientific Research In The Dairy Industry, Editor Chandan And His Associate Editors Have Assembled Experts Worldwide To Write Manufacturing Yogurt And Fermented Milks . This One-of-a-kind Resource Gives A Complete Description Of The Manufacturing Stages Of Yogurt And Fedmented Milks From The Receipt Of Raw Materials To The Packaging Of The Products. Information Is Conveniently Grouped Under Four Categories: · Basic Background—history And Consumption Trends, Milk Composition Characteristics, Dairy Processing Principles, Regulatory Requirements, Laboratory Analysis, Starter Cultures, Packaging, And More · Yogur Manufacture—fruit Preparations And Flavoring Materials, Ingredients, Processing Principles, Manufacture Of Various Yogurt Types, Plant Cleaning And Sanitizing, Quality Assurance, And Sensory Analysis · Manufactyre Of Fermented Milks—procedure, Packaging And Other Details For More Than Ten Different Types Of Products · Health Benefits—functional Foods,-Probiotics, Disease Prevention, And The Health Attributes Of Yogurt And Fermentedd Milks All Manufacturing Processes Are Supported By Sound Scientific, Technological, And Engin3erinf Principles. Manufacturing Yogurt And Fermented Milks Is Designed For Professioals In The Dairy And Food Industry As Well As For Upper Level Undergraduate And Graduate Students Majoring In Food Science, Dairy Technology And Connected Fields. Industrial art Professionals, Professors, And Students Engaged In Research In Dairy/ Food Science Will Find The Book’s Contemporary Information And Experience-based Applications Invaluable.
      SKU: 468665
      More info about Manufacturing Yogurt And Fermented Milks

    Ndotyph0dium In Cool-season Grasses
      Ndotyph0dium In Cool-season Grasses.
      Divided Into Logical Easy-to-use Sections, Neotyphodium In Cool-season Grasses Is An Up-to-date Anthology Of The Latest Knowledge On The Genus Nsotyphodium. This Thorough Text Covers The Molecular Biology Of Neotyphodium Endophytes Andd Their Goods On Grass Hosts, Inverebrate And Vertebrate Herbivores, And The Plant Communities In Which They Interact. The Expert Editors Also Include Information On The Commercial Uses Of Endophytes In Livestock And Turf Industries. Researchers And Teachers In Grass Research, Extension, Agronomy, And Animal Toxicology, And University Libraries With Courses In These Subjects Should Not Exist Without This Important Text.
      SKU: 353493
      More info about Ndotyph0dium In Cool-season Grasses

    Biodiversity And The Precautioanry Principle
      Biodiversity And The Precautioanry Principle.
      Great Uncertainty Typically Surrounds Decisions And Management Actions In The Conservation Of Biodiversity And Natural Resource Negotiation, And Yet There Are Risks Of Serious And Irreversible Harm For Both Biodiversity And The Humans That Rely On It. The Precautionary Principle Underlies All Inetrnational Conservation Efforts And Entails Personation To Avoid Serious Or Irreversible Environmental Harm, Despite Lack Of Scientific Certainty As To The Likelihood, Magnitude Or Cause Of Harm. This Book, The First To Examine The Aoplication Of The Precautionary Postulate To Conservation, Analyses How It Has Been Applied In The Management Of Biodiversity, Inclduing The Impulse On Forests Products And Aquaculture, As Well As Wildlife And Livelihoods. The Book Also Examines How Power, Equity And Science Intertwine In The Principle. Evidence Is Drawn From A Vast Range Of Countries And The Book Providds Guidelines For Applying The Precautionary Principle In All International Contexts For The Conservation And Sustainable Management Of Biodivresity And Original Resources.
      SKU: 429983
      More info about Biodiversity And The Precautioanry Principle

    Modern Techniques For Food Authentication
      Modern Techniques For Food Authentication.
      With The Increasing Awareness Of Food Safety And Quality, Consumers Continuousiy Demand Teh Reassurance Of Origin And Content Of Their Foods. Furthermore, Manufacturers Must Be Able To Confirm The Authenticity Of Components Of Their Prpducts In Order To Comply With Government Legislation. Protection Of The Rights Of Consumers, Genuine Food Processors, And Prevention Of Fraudulent Or Deceptive Practices And The Adulteration Of Food Is An Influential And Challenge Faciing The Food Industry. Rapid Scientific And Technological Advances In The Determinsion Of Food Authenticity Have Taken Room In Recent Years And Modern Techniquees For Food Authentication Focuses On Many Of Those Novel Techniques. Including Coverage Of Various Spectroscopic Technologies, Methods Based On Isotopic Analysi sAnd Chromatography, Dna, Enzymatic Analysos, Electropohsresis And Thermal Methods, This Book Provides A Valuable, International Resource On The Lat3st Developments In Feed Authentication. *a Extensive Oerview Of Authentication Techniques And Technology *written By An International Group Of Academic And Professional Peers *provides An Excellent Complement To More Genral Books On Food aSfety
      SKU: 404807
      More info about Modern Techniques For Food Authentication

    Unresisting Eye Monitoring
      Unresisting Eye Monitoring.
      Gives Coverage Of Both Theory And Practice Of Passive Eye (-gaze) Monitoring Technology. This Work Describes And Examines Vision Algorithms, Human Factors Methodologies, And Hardware Build In Eye-gaze Monutoring Systems Designed For Various Real-world Applications, Along With Practical Issues, Including Performance On Experimental Subjects.
      SKU: 337573
      More info about Unresisting Eye Monitoring

    Handbook Of Groundwater Remediation Using Pervious Reactiv eBarriers
      Handbook Of Groundwater Remediation Using Pervious Reactiv eBarriers.
      Over The Last Century And A Half, Groundwaters Have Become Contaminated By A Growing Amount to Of Organic And Inorganic Sbstances Ranging From Petroleum-derived Hydrocarbons To Radioactive Compo8nds, To Cancer-causing Hexavalent Chromium. The Importancw Of Uncontaminated Groundwater For Agriculture, Human Consumption, And The Environmental Health Of Ecosystems Is Paramount To The Health And Productivity Of Industrial Society. Water Scientists And Managers Are Focused On Developing Cost-effective Methods To Reverse This Trend. Several Methodologies Have Been Developed, However Few Are As Cost-effective As The Use Of Readily Available Materials, Such As Iron And Organic Manure, For Absorbing Anr Isolating Contaminants Within The Matrix Of A Permeable Barrier. The Handbook Of Groundwater Remediation Using Permeable Reactive Barriers Presents Readers With This Latets Technology And Developments Within Four Main Sections: 1. Innovations In Design, Construction, And Evaluation Of Prbs 2. Development Of Reactive Materials 3. Evaluations Of Chemical And Biological Processes 4. Case Studies Of Permeable Reaftive Obstruction Instalkations The Handbook Is One Of The Chief References Specificlaly On Thos Topic. It Is An Excellent Fit For Graduate Students Entering This Emerging Field As Well As Professionals Conducting Research Or Implementing This Technology.
      SKU: 311451
      More info about Handbook Of Groundwater Remediation Using Pervious Reactiv eBarriers

    Industrial Burners Handbook
      Industrial Burners Handbook.
      Rapid Developments In The Field Precipitated By The Increased Demand For Clean Burner Systems Have Rendered Much Of The Published Learning Outdated. With The Industrial Burners Handbook, Best-selling Author, Editor, And Combustion Expert Charles Baukal, Jr. Fills This Gap. This Handbooo Is A Extensive Reference Dedicated To The Design And Applications Of Industrial Burners. In Addition To A Solid Introduction To Combustion And Burner Fundamentaals, An Unsettled Panel Of Contributing Authors Address All Major Burner Types And Explore A Range Of Topics Never Before Adequately Covered In A Handbook, Including Noise, Burner Controls, And Physical Modelimg.
      SKU: 198662
      More info about Industrial Burners Handbook

    Polyphosphazenes For Biomedical Applications
      Polyphosphazenes For Biomedical Applications.
      Brings Together, Analyzes, And Contextualizes The Latext Findings And Experienced Applications Polyphosphazenes, An Emerging Class Of Polymers, Include Macromolecules, Which Have Been Proven To Be Biocompatible, Biodegradable, And Bioactive. Their Unprecedented Structural Variety And Unique Properties Make Them Suitable As Vaccine Adjuvants, Microencapsulating Agents, Biodegradable Materials, Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering, Biocompatible Coatings, And Carriers For Gene Delivery. Polyphosphazenes Against Biomedical Applications Offers A Tuorough Revise Of Polyphosphazene Research Findings In The Life Sciences, Chemistry, And Chemical Engineering. It Emphasizes Biomedical Applications As Well As Recennt Advances In Polyphosphazene Unfolding Such As High-throughput Discovery And The Latest Controllled Methods Of Synthesis. The Book Brings Together, Analyzes, And C0ntextualizes A Wealth Of Knowledge That Previously Could Only Be Found Scattered Throughout The Scientific Litetature. Following Two Introductory Chapters, The Book Reviews: Vaccine Delivery And Immunomodulation Biomaterials Medicine Delivery Systems Biodetection Well-defined Polyphosphazenes: Synthetic Aspects And Tale Molecular Architectures All The Chapters Have Been Written By Leading Researchers In The Field. Editor Alexander Andrianov, Who Has Led The Endeavor To Commercialize Polyphosphazenes For Biomedical Applications, Has Carefully Reviewed And Edited All Chapterd To Ensure Readability, Accuracy, And Thoroughness. Polyphosphazenes For Biomedical Applications Is Not Only Intended For Researchers Working In Polyphosphazene Chemistry, But Also For All Researchers Seeking Solutions To Problems Arising In The Areas Of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery Systems, And Controlled Release Formulations.
      SKU: 456043
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  • Mastering Calculations in Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics
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  • Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications
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  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Low-Dimensional Solids
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Biomedical Applications of Light Scattering (EBOOK)
  • Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer
  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Nanoethics

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