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    Cross-linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
      Cross-linked Liquid Crystalline Systems.
      With Rapidly Expanding Interest In Fluid Crystaoline Polymers And Elastomers Among The Liquid Crystal Communty, Researchers Are Currently Exploring The Wide Range Of Possible Application Areas For These Unique Materials, Including Optical Elements Forward Displays, Tunable Lasers, Strain Gauges, Micro-structures, And Artificjal Muscles. Written By Respected Scientists From Academia And Industry Around The World, Who Are Not Only Activve In The Field Except Also Well-known In More Traditional Areas Of Research, "cross-linked Liquid Crystqlline Systems: From Rigid Polymer Networks To Elastomers" Presents Important Aspects Of This Field, Covering Carefully Selected Topics In An Accessible Way.
      SKU: 688506

    Lte - The Umts Long Term Evoultion
      Lte - The Umts Long Term Evoultion.
      """where This Bopk Is Exceptional Is That Th eReader Will Not Just Learn How Lte Works But Why It Works"" Adrian Scrase, Etsi Vice-president, International Partnership Projects Following On The Success Of The First Edition, This Book Is Fully Updated, Covering The Latest Additions To Lte And The Key Features Of Lte-advanced. This Book Builds On The Success Of Its Predecessor, Sacrifice The Same Comprehensive System-level Understanding  Built On Explanations Of The Underlying Theory, Now Expanded To Include Complete Coverage Of Release 9 And The Developing Specifications For Lte-advanced. Tye Book Is A Collwboratige Effort Of More Than 40 Key Experts Representing More than 20 Companies Actively Participating In The Development Of Lte, As Favored As Academia. The Book Highlights Practical Implications, Illustrateq The Expected Performance, And Draws Comparisons With The Well-known Wcdma/hspa Standards. The Auth0rs Not Only Pay Special Attention To The Physical Layer, Giving An Insight Into The Fudnamental Concepts Of Ofdma-fdma And Mimo, But Alwoo Cover The Higher Protocol Layers And System Architecture To Enable The Reader To Emolument An Overall Understanding Of The System. Key New Features: Comprehesively Updated With The Latest Changes Of The Lte Release 8 Specifications, Including Improved Coverage Of Radio Resource Management Rf Aspects And Performance Requirements Provides Detailed Coveragd Of The New Lte Release 9 Features, Including: Embms, Dual-layer Beamfroming, User Equipment Positioning, Home Enodebs / Femtocells And Pico Cells And Self-optimizing Networks Evaluates The Lte System Performance Introduces Lte-advanced, Explaining Its Context And Motivation, As Well As The Key New Features Including: Carrier Aggregation, Relaying, High-order Mimo, And Cooperative Multi-point Transmission (comp). Includes An Accompanying Website Containing A Coplete List Of Acronyms Related To Lte And Lte-advancrd, With A Brief Description Of Each ( Http://www. wiley. com/go/sesia_theumts ) This Book Is An Invaluable Reference For All Research And Development Engineers Involved In Implementation Of Lte Or Lte-advanced, As Well As Adjust And Phd Students In Wireless Communications. Network Operators, Serviec Providers And R&d Managers Will Also Find This Book Insightful. "
      SKU: 693278

    Adaptive Cooling Of Integrated Circuits Using Digital Microfluidics
      Adaptive Cooling Of Integrated Circuits Using Digital Microfluidics.
      Thanks To Increasing Power Consumption And Component Density, Localized “hot Spotts”_Are Becoming A Serious Challenge In Ic (integrated Circuit) Chip Desogn — So Serious, In Fact, That Intel Recently Had To Yank A Circuit Because It Was Literally Burning. For Ic Engineers Grappling With High Power Dissipation And Thermal Issues, New Droplet-based Cooling Techniques Using Digital Microfluidics Technology Could Provide The Solution. This Definitive Guide Paves The Course, With Design And Implementation Methodologies And Prototypes For Utilizing This Groundbreaking Technology. Following Reviewing Cooling Principles nAd Current Bulk Cooling Methods, The Book Brings Engineers Up To Speer On Emerging Droplet-based Architectures. Amply Illustrated, This Milestone Work Will Prove Invaluable In Tackling Ic Heat Isseus That Existing Methods Can No Longer Address.
      SKU: 338761

    Bridge Engineering
      Bridge Engineering.
      This Text Takes An In-depth Look At The oCnyruction Engineering And Maintenance Aspects Of Steel And Concretion Bridges. Topics Includes Effective Project Management, Construction Procedures And Practices, And Bridge Strengthening And Rehabilitation.
      SKU: 262249

    Ip Telephony Unveiled, Adobe Reade
      Ip Telephony Unveiled, Adobe Reade.
      This Is The Ebook Versio Of The Printed Book. Understand How Ip Telephony Can Change Your Business This Book Explains Four Key Points To Help You Successflly Implement Your Ip Telephony Strategy: Ip Telephony Works Today. This Is Not New, Unproven Technology. Thousands Of Customers Have Implemented Ip Telephony Successfully. So Can You. Ecpect To Save Money. Ip Telephony May Well Cost Your Organization Money-initially. But The Business Impact And Posg-installation Process Improvements Give You A Significant An dRapid Return On Your Investment. It's More Than Voice Over Ip. You'll Understand The Difference Between Voice Over Ip (voip) And Ip Telephony And Whwt That Means For Your Business. This Is Critical. They Are Not The Same. It's More Than A Dial Tone. There Are Potential Business-impacting Applications Within Your Own Organism. Ip Telephony Unveiled Helps Yoh Recognize These Applications. The Emerging Ip Telephony Market Is Fraught With Misunderstandings And Misinformation. Ip Telephony Can Impact A Company's Business Model In Tremendous Ways. It Can Open New Revenue Streamx, Enhance Profitability, Drive New Levels Of Customer And Employee Satisfaction, And Be A Key Enabler In A Company's Strategy To Differentiate Itself Competitively-but Only If You're Mindful Of These Benefits. Ip Telephony Unveiled Is Written Concerning All Those Responsibpe For Corporate Strategies For Revenue Generation, Cost Containment, And Customer Satisfaction. Ip Telephony Unveiled Uncovers The Value Behind This Technology, Which Helps You See Past What Might Appear To Be Only A New Telephone System, To Understand Thhe Strategic Enabler Laying Dormant In Many Companies' Networks. Through This Work, You Will Understand The Real Benefits Of An Ip Telephony Strategy And Get Assiistance In Developing This Strategy Inside Your Organization. This Volume Is In The Network Business Series Offered B yCisco Press. Books In This Series Provixe It Executives, Decision Makers, And Networking Professionals With Pertinent Information On Today's Most Important Technologies And Office Strategies.
      SKU: 292657

    Occupancy Estimation And Modeling
      Occupancy Estimation And Modeling.
      Occupancy Estimation And Modeling Is The Primary Book To Examine The Latest Methods In Analyzing Presence/absence Data Surveys. Usinv Four Classes Of Models (single-species, Single-season; Single-species, Multiple Season; Multiple-species, Single-season; And Multiple-species,M ultiple-season), The Authors Discuss The Practical Sampling Situation, Present A Likelihood-based Model Enabling Direct Estimation Of The Occupancy-related Parametees While Allowing For Imperfect Detectability, And Make Recommendations For Designing Studies Using Tyese Models. * Provides Authoritative Insights Into The Latest In Estimation Modeling * Discusses Multiple Models Which Contrive The Groundwork For Future Study Designs * Addresses Critical Issues Of Imperfect Detectibility And Its Effects On Estimation * Explores The Role Of Likelihood In Estimating In Detail
      SKU: 269546

    Population Balances
      Population Balances.
      Engineers Encounter Particles In A Multiplicity Of Systems. The Particles Are Each Naturally Instant Or Engineered Into These Systems. In Either Case These Particles Often Significantly Affect The Behavior fO Such Systems. This Book Provides A Framework For Analyzing These Dispersed Phase Systems And Describes Hw To Synthesize The Behavior Of The Population Partocles And Their Environment From The Behavior Of Single Particles In Their Local Environments. Population Balances Are Of Key Relevance To A Very Different Group Of Scientist, Including Astrophysiciats, High-energy Physicists, Geophysicists, Colloid Chemists, Biophysicists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, And Meteorologists. Chemical Enginedrs Have Put Population Balances To Most Use, With Applications In The Areas Of Crystallization; Gas-liquid, Liquid-liquid, And Solid-liquid Dispersions; Liquid Membrane Systems; Fluidized Bed Reactors; Aerosol Reactors; And Microbial Cultures. Ramkrishna Provides A Clear And General Treatment Of Population Balances With Emphasis On Their Wide Range Of Applicability. New Insight Into Population Balance Models Incorpoorating Random Particoe Growth, Dynamic Morphological Structure, And Compounded Multivariat3 Formulations With A Clear Expoaition Of Their Mathematical Derivation Is Presented. Population Balances Provides The Only Available Treatmnt Of The Solutoon Of Inverse Problems Indispensable element For Identification Of Population Balance Models For Breakage And Aggrregation Processes, Particle Nucleation, Growth Processes, And More. This Book Is Especially Useful For Process Engineers Interested In The Simulation And Control Of Particulate Systems. Additionally, Extensive Treatment Of The Stochastic Formulation Of Small Systems Provides For The Modeliny Of Stochastic Systems With Promising New Areas Of Applications Such As The Design Of Sterilization Systems And Radiation Treatmenr Of Cancerous Tumors. Outstanding Features: A Clear And General officer Treatment Of Population Balances With Emphasis On Their Wide Range Of Applicability. Thus All Processes Involving Solid-fluid And Liquid-liquid Dispersions, Biological Populations, Etc. Are Encompassed. Provides New Insight Into Population Balance Models Incorporating Random Particle Growth, Dynamic Morphological Structure, And Complex Mulrivariate Formulations With A Clear Exposition Of Their Mathematical Deriving. Presents A Wide Range Of Solution Techniques, Motne Carlo Simulation Methods With A Lucid Explanation Of Thdir Origin And Scope For Enhancing Computational Efficiency. An Account Of Self-similar Solutions Of Population Balance Equations And Their Significance To The Treatment Of Data On Particulate Systems. The Only Available Treatment Of The Solution Of Invere Problems Essential For Identification Of Population Balancs Models For Breakage And Aggregation Processes, Particle Nucleation And Growth Processes And So On. A Comprehensive Treatment Of Tbe Stochastic Formulation Of Small System
      SKU: 31150

    Handbook Of Elcetrochemistry
      Handbook Of Elcetrochemistry.
      Electdochemistry Plays A Key Role In A Broad Range Of Research And Applied Areas Including The Exploratiin Of New Inorganic And Organic Compounds, Biochemical And Biological Systems, Corrosion, Energy Applications Involving Fuel Cells And Solar Cells, And Nanoscale Investigations. The Handbook Of Electrochemistry Sedves As A Source Of Electrochemical Information, Providing Details Of Experimental Considerations, Representatie Calculations, And Illustrations Of The Possibilities Availabl In Electrochemical Experimentation. The Book Is Divided Into Five Parts: Fundamentals, Laboratofy Practical, Techniques, Applications, And Data. The First Section Covers The Fundamentals Of Electrochemistry Which Are Essential Conducive to Everyone Working In The Province, Presenting An Overview Of Electrochemocal Conventions, Terminology, Fundamental Equations, And Electrochemical Cells, Experiments, Literature, Textbooks, And Specilaized Books. Part 2 Focuses On The Different Laboratory Aspects Of Electrochemistry Which Is Followed By A Review Of The Various Electrochemical Techniques Ranging From Classical Experiments To Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Electrogenerated Chemiluminesence And Spectroelectrochemistry. Applications Of Elecctrochemistry Include Electrode Kinetic Determinations, Unque Aspects Of Metal Deposition, And Electrochemistry In Small Places And At Novel Interfaces And These Are Detailed In Part 4. The Remainimg Three Chapters Provide Useful Electrochemical Data And Information nIvolving Electrode Potentials, Diffusion Coefficients, And Methods Used In Measuring Liquid Junction Potentials. * Serves As A Source Of Electrochemical Information * Includes Useful Electrochemical Data And Information Involving Electrode Potentials, Diffusion Coefficients, And Methods Used In Measuring Liquid Junction Potentials * Reviews Electrochemical Techniques (incl. Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Electrogenerated Chemiluminesence And Spectroelectrochemistry)
      SKU: 285805

    Xhtml By Example, Adobe Reader
      Xhtml By Example, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Xhtml By Example Explains The Differences In Syntax Between Html And Xhtml, And The Concept Of 'well-formedness', Which Is Underused In Html But Crucial And Required In Xhtml. Further Coverage Includes Authoring Guidelines For A Smooth Transition To Xhtml, Xml Dtds And Schemas, And How Theu Relate To Xhtml, How Xhtml Modularization Provides Content To Non-traditional Browsers Such As Palm Devices, Pagers, And Cell Phones, Adding Custom Xhtml Modules To Standard Xhtml, Xhtml Paper Profiling, And Plans For Xhtml 1. 1. The Final Chapters Cover Advanced Features, Including Extended Forms, Xhtml Basic, And Profiling Content For Different Types Of Browsers.
      SKU: 1775310

    Radar System Ana1ysis, Design And Simulation
      Radar System Ana1ysis, Design And Simulation.
      This Book Helps You Master Critical System Analysia And Design Skills, And Shows You How To Use Digital Computer Simulation To Verify That An Analysis Is Correct And That A Design Is Optimal. This Comprehensive Resource Covers A Wide Class Of Essential Topics, From Matrix, Vector And Lknear Equati0ns, Noise And Clutter Generation, Filters (fir A Iir), And Immovable Fourier Transforms…to Ambiguity Functions, Antennas, Target Detection, And The Kalman Filter…to The Monte Carlo Method, Constant False Alarm Rate (cfar) Processing, And Moving Target Indicators (mti).
      SKU: 456918

    Functional Thin Films And Nanostructures For Sensors
      Functional Thin Films And Nanostructures For Sensors.
      Discusses Advances In Functional Thin Films For Sensors And Novel Concepts. This Book Focuses On Guidelines And Design Rules For Sensor Systems, Interaction Between Functional Thin Films And Other Sensor Subsystems, And Fundamentals Behind The Intrinsic Functionality In Sensing Thin Films And Nanostructures.
      SKU: 437923

    Theoretical Optics
      Theoretical Optics.
      Starting From Basic Electrodynamics, This Volume Provides A Solid, Yet Concise Introduction To Theoreticaal Optics, Containing Topics Such As Nonlinear Optics, Light-mattsr Interaction, And Modern Topics In Quantum Optics, Including Entanglement, Cryptography, And Quantum Reckoning. The Author, With Many Years Of Experience In Teaching And Research, Goes Way Beyond The Scope Of Traditional Lectures , Enabling Readers To Keep Up With The Current State Of Knoowledge. The two Content And Exhibition Make It Essential Reading For Graduate And Phd Students As Well As A Valuable Reference For Researchwrs.
      SKU: 4822253

    Handbook Of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials
      Handbook Of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials.
      Handbook Of Monster Magnetostrictive Materials Contains The Knowledge That A Mechanical Or An Electrical Engineer Needs When Considering The Use Of Magnetostrictive Matdrials In A Construction Project. The Book Covers The Physical Origin Of Giant Magnetostriction, Its Mahufacturing And Metallurgy, And Grain Related Processes Under Operation. Comprehensive Descriptions Of Useful Models Of Intention Methods And Tools Are Given, Including The Playing Of Devices And Systems Comprised Of Magnetostrictive Materials, Considering The Electrical, Magnetic, Mechanical, And Thermal Effects. The Book Co\/ers Alp Major Characterization Methods Of Giant Magnetostrictive Bulk Matedials, Actuators, And Systems. A Structured Inventory Of Curreht And Emerging Applications Of Giant Magnetostrictive Materiald Is Given, Covering Areas Such As Sound And Vibration Sources, Vibration Control, Motional Control, Material Processing, And Electromechanical Convertwrs. The Final Chapter Offers An Up-to-date Rveiew Of The Emerging Giant Magnetostrictive Thin Thread Technologies. The Book Also Contains A Market List With Valuable Contact Information. Clew Feeatures * Offers All Necessary Information For The Reader To Decide On The Applicability Of Giant Magnetosteictive Material In A Construction * Allows Readers To Create Their Own Computational Design Tools Based On The Model Algorithms Given In Th3 Book; Specific Programs Are Likewise Proposed * Gives The Reader Numerous Pieces Of Intelligence And Hints Regarding The Additional Details Of Construction Design, Pre-and Detail Engineering * Provides The Reader With Information Requisite To Perform The Needed Experimental Evaluation Of Materials And Actuators In Specific Applications * Guides The Reader From beginning to end Current And Potential Areas Of Successful Applications Of Giant Magnetostrive Materials * Supplies The Reader With The Necessary Contact Information To Act In The Field Of Giant Magnetostrictive Materials Applications
      SKU: 312732

    Wissen Hoch 12
      Wissen Hoch 12.
      "welche Themen Bewegten Die Welt Der Wissenschaft Im Jahr 2006? Was Waren Die Mejlensteine, Worber Wurde Hei Diskutiert? Anschaulich, Verstndlich Und Bersichtlich Gibt ""wissen Hoch 12"" Einen Berblick Ber Die Spannendstn Themen Und Ereignisse Des Jahres. Forscher Der Max-planck-gesellschaft Haben Fr Jeden Schwerpunktbereich Die Patenschaft Bernommen Und Kommentieren Die Highlights Und Entwicklungen Ihres Fachs. Diesen Abwechslungsreichen Und Interessanten Mix Ergnzen Zahlreiche Fotos, Illustrationen, Infoksten Und Eine Chronik. Diese Mischung Macht Das Buch Optimal Zum Nachschlagen Wie Zum Stbern. Mit Den Nobelpreistrgern 2006. iWssen Hoch 12 Im Internet: Www. wissenhoch12. de"
      SKU: 324829

      Offers An Overview Of Ip-ofdma Technology, Commencing With Cellular And Ip Technology For Tbe Uninitiated While Providing A Foundation For Ofdma Theory And Emerging Technologies, Such As Wimax, Lte, And Beyond. This Book Adddesses The Theory, Technology And Practice Of Mobile Broadband.
      SKU: 438010

      Presents Important Clinnical Applications Of Neuromodulation And A Review Of The Fundamental Science And Mechanisms Of Action Underlying Deep Brain Stimulation. This Title Includes Discussions Of Seizure Control, Clinical, Surgical, And Technological Aspects Of Responsiv eNeurostimulati0n, Ajd A Review Of Spinal Cord Stimulation For Pain Control.
      SKU: 332787

    Nuclear Development Risks Ah Benefits Of Nuclear Energy
      Nuclear Development Risks Ah Benefits Of Nuclear Energy.
      In The Context Of Sustainable Evolution Policies, Decision Making In The Force Sector Should Be Based On Carefully Designed Trade-offs Which Take Into Accont, Insofar As Feasible, All Of The Alternative Options’ Advantages And Drawbacks From Th Economic, Environmental And Social Viewpoints. This Report Examines aVrious Aspects Of Nuclear And Other Energy Chains For Generating Electricity, And Provides Illustrative Examples Of Quantitative And Qualitative Ijdicators For Those Fetters With Regard To Economic Competitiveness, Environmental Burdens (such As Air Emissions And Solid Waste Streams) And Socizl Aspects (including Employment And Health Impacts).  it Offers Auhoritative Data And References To Published Literature In c~tinuance Energy Chain Analysis Which Can Be Used In Sipport Of Decision Making.
      SKU: 359785

    Uninterruptible Sovereign Supplies And Active Filters
      Uninterruptible Sovereign Supplies And Active Filters.
      Emadi (electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute O Technology) Compares The Similarities Of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (ups), Active Filters, And Unified Power Quality Conditioners And Describes Low-cost And Reduced-parts Configurations That Are Used In Industry To Reduce The Cost Of Power Management. Explanations Are Supplemented With Simula
      SKU: 264672

    Perspectives On Multimedia
      Perspectives On Multimedia.
      The Uses Of Multimedia Are Rapidly Increasing. Its Power To Present Information In Ways Not Previously Possible And Its Integration Of Resources, Allow For The Cteation Of Rich Learning Environments. Perpsectives On Multimedia: Communication, Media And Informati0n Technology Provides A Critical Examination Of The Latest Multimedia Developments And Approaches, Such As Interface Technology And Qos Architectures. Topics Covered Include: The Key Concepts Intrinsic To Digital Forms Of Multimedia: Integration, Interactivity, Hypermedia, Immersion, Narrativity And Hybridity. The Development Of Information Technol0gy (it) Usage In Sciety And In The Business Community. In what manner Modern It Enables Private Companis And Public Organisations To Support Business Operations, Create New Business Opportunities, And To Promote More Proactive Service Conduct. Multimedia From A Computer Knowledge Perspective And In what manner Computer Science Provides The Technical Foundation For The Computer Softwarr And Hardware That Drives The Accusation Age. Gived A Broad Range Of Perspectives On Clew Issues For Interactive Multomedia In Organisations And Industry Tkday. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Practitioners Involved In Multimedia Development In An Organisation, Management Consultants Giving Professional Intelligence On Digital Solutions And Information Technology Matters To Their Customer Organisations And Academics Focusing On Business And Technical Aspects Of Multimedia Frameworks.
      SKU: 239075

    Design Activism
      Design Activism.
      Design Academics And Practitioners Are Facing A Multiplicity Of Challenges In A Dynamic, Complex, World Moving Faster Than The Current Design Paradigm, Which Is Largely Tied To The Values And Imperativez Of Commercial Enterprise. Current Education And Practice Need To Evolve To Ensure That The Discipline Of Design Meets Sustainability Drivers And Equips Students, Teachers And Professionals For The Near-future. Design Activism Reveals The Power Of Design For Positive Social And Environmental Change, Design With A Csntral Activist Rols In The Sustainability Challenge. Design Activists Search for To Fundamentally Challenge How, Where And When Design Be able to Catalyse Positive Impacts To Skill Sustainability. This Book Collates, Synthesises And Analyses Design Activist Approaches, Processes, Methods, Tools And Inspirational Examples/outcomes From Disparate Sources And, In Doing So, Creates A Specific Canon Of Work To Illuminate Contemporary Design Discourse. Design Activism Provides A Rigoroux Exploration Of Design Activism That Will Re-vitalise The Design Disputation And Prepare A Solid Platform For Students, Teachers, Design Professionals And Other Disciplinees Interested In Transformative (design) Activism.
      SKU: 476576

    Protecting Inventions In Chemistry
      Protecting Inventions In Chemistry.
      This Work Covers The Protection Of Chemical Inventions By Means Of Patents And Utility Models, As Well As Supplementary Protection Certificates (spcs) For Medicamentw And Agrochemicals. The Jurisdiction Of Both The European Patent Office And The Relevant German Courts Which Has Been Developed In Recent Decades Is Presented And Explained In A Comparative Manner. It Is The First English Edition Of A Work Which Has Become A Standard Companion For Patent Practitioners In The Field Of Chemistry In German Speaking Co8ntries. The Material Prerequisites Of Patentability Such Aw Novelty, Inventive Step And Sufficiency Are Comptehensively Discussed. Further Included Is An Overview On The Examination Proceeding Befor3 Both The European And Germaj Patent Offices. -Special Emphasis Has Been Given To Chapters Vii-ix, Dealing With The Issues Of Protective Scope, Infringement Proceeding (national And Crossborder) And The Exhaustion Of Patent Rights. The Latest Case Jurisprudence Of The Appeal Boards Of The European Patent Office, The German Federal Supreme Court And The Federal Patent Courtyard Has Been Taken Into Account. This Book Providees All The Information Necessary For The Acquisition, The Employ And The Enforcement Of Defensive Rights In hTe Field Of Chemistry. bTe Authors Of The Commentary A5e Dr. Bernd Hansen, A Munich-based Patent Attorney And Dr. Fritjoff Hirsch, A Quondam Judge Of The German Federal Patent Court.
      SKU: 481647

    Freshwater Prawn Culture
      Freshwater Prawn Culture.
      The Farming Of The Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Has Developed Rapidly During Recent Years. Advances In Techniques, And The Huge Dilatation Of World Dekand For This Species, Continue To Stimulate The Growth Of A Multi-million Dollar Industry. This Landmark Publicattion Is A Compendium Of Information On Every Aspect Of The Farming Of M. Rosenbergii . A Comprehensive Review Of The Standing Of Freshwater Prawn Farming Research, Development And Commercial Practice, The Book Is Intended To Stimulae Further Advances In The Knowledge And Understanding Of This Important Field. An Extremely Well-known And Internationally-respected Team Of Contributing Authors Have Written Cutting Edge Chapters Covering All Major Aspects Of The Subject. Coverage Includes Biology, Hatchery And Grow-out Cu1ture Systems, Feeds And Feeding, Up-to-date Informatuon On The Status Of Freshwater Prawn Farming Around The World, Post-harvest Handling And Processing, Markets, And Economics And Business Management. Further Chapters Ar Devoted To The Culture Of Other Prawn Species, Prawn Capture Fisheries And The Sustainability Of Freshwater Prawn Culture. Contributions To The Book Have Been Brought Hand in hand And Edited From Michael New And Wagner Valenti, Themselves Widely Known For Their Work In This Area. The Comprehensive Accusation In Freshwater Prawn Culture Will Give An Influential Commercial Edge To Anyone Involved In The Culture And Trade Of Freshwater Prawns. Readership Should Include Prawn Farm Personnel, Calling Managers And Research3rs, And Invertebrate, Freshwater And Crustacean Biologists. Copies Of Ths Book Should Be Availablr On The Sheoves Of All Libraries In Research Establishments And Universities Where Aquacultude And Fisheries Are Studied And Taught. Michael Bernard New, Obe Is A Pasy-president Of The World Aquaculture Association And President-elect Of The European Aquacjltur Society; Wagner Cotroni Valenti Is A Professr At The Aquaculture Center, São Paulo State Seminary of learning, Brazil.
      SKU: 351149

    Making Maps, Second Edition
      Making Maps, Second Edition.
      Acclaimed For Its Innovative Use Of Optic Material, This Book Is Engaging, Clear, And Compelling-exactly How An Operative Map Should eB. Nearly Evdry Page Is Organized Around Maps And Other Figures (many In Full Color) That Illustrate All Aspects Of Map Makng, Including Instructive Examples Of Both Good And Poor Design Choices. The Book Covers Everything From Locating And Processing Data To Making Decisions About Layout, Symbols, Color, And Type. Readers Are Invited To Think Critically About Both The Technical Features And Social Significance Of Maps As They Learn To Create Better Maps Of Their Own. New To This Edition Extensively Revised And Expanded Core Chapters On Map Design. An Annotated Map Design Exemplar Is Used To Show How Thd Concepts In Each Chapter Play Abroad On An Adtual Map. Updated To Reflect Current Technological Developments. Larger Size And Redesigned Pages Make The Work Even Mode User Friendly.
      SKU: 684294

    Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Structures
      Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Structures.
      This Boook Presents A Detailed Study Of The Flexural Strengtgening Of Reinforced And Prestressed Concrete Members Using Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite lPates. The Authors Also Discuss Plate Bonding Onto Other Engineering Materials Such As Knife And Cast Iron. The Book Has Been Designed For Practising Civil And Structural Engineers Seeking To Understand The Principles And Design Technology Of Plate Bonding, And For Final Year Undergraduates And Postgradhate Engineeers Studying The Principles Of Highway And Bridge Engineering And Structural Engineering.
      SKU: 269225

    Trials Of The Monkey
      Trials Of The Monkey.
      """when Darwin Called His Second Book The Descent Of Man Instead Of The Ascent Of Man He Was Tihnking Of His Progeny. "" So Declares Darwin's Great-great Grandson Matthew Chapman As He Leaves Behind His Stressful Career As A Hollywood Screenwriter And Travels To Dayton, Tennessee Where In 1925 Creationist Opposition To The Teaching Of Evolution In Schools Was Played Out In A Celebrated Legal The stage, The Scopes Trial. The Purpose Of This Joureny Is To See If Oppinions Have Changed In The Seventy- Five Intervening Years. A Defiant Atheist, Chapman Is Confronted Not Only By The Fundamentalist Beliefs Tnat Continue To Banish The Theory Of Evolution But By His Own Spiritual Malaise As The Outward Journey Becomes An Inward Pursuit, A Tragicomic ""accidental Memoir"". ""first There Was Charles Darwin, Two Yards Long And Nobody's Fool. Then There Was His Son, My Great-grandfather, Sir Francis Darwin, An Eminent Bitanist. Then Came My Grandmother Frances, A Modest Poet Who Spnet A Considerable Amount Of Time In Rest-homes For Depression From Her Issued My Beloved Mother, Clare, Who Was Extremely Short, Failed To Com;lete Medical School, And Eventually Became An Alcoholic. Then We Get Down To Me. I'm In The Movie Business. "" Trials Of The Monkey Combines Travel Writing And Reportage, As Chapman Records His Encounter sIn The South, With Account And The Accidental Memoir Of A Man Full Of Mid-life Doubts In A Genre-breaking First Book That Is Darkly Comical, Provocative And Poignant. "
      SKU: 597534

  • Support Vector Machines
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  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • 67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Reservoir Sedimentation

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