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    Dairy Powders And Concentrated Products
      Dairy Powders And Concentrated Products.
      The Economic Importance Of Dairy Powders And Concentrated Producg To Dairy-producing Countries Is Very Forcible, And There Is A Large Demand For Them In Countries Where Milk Prooduction Is Low Or Non-existent. In These Markets, Dairy Ptoducts Are Made Locally To Meet The Demand Of Consumers From Recombined Powders, Anhydrous Milk Fat And Concentrated Dairy Ingredients (evaporated And Sweetened Condensed Milk). This Volume Is The Latest Book In The Technical Series Of The Society Of Dairy Tecgnology (sdt). Numerous Scientific Data Have Been Available In Journals And Books In Recent Years, And The Primary Aim Of This Text Is To Detail In One Publication The Manufacturing Methods, Scientific Aspects, And Properties Of Milk Powders (full-fat, Skimmed And High Protein Powders Mads From iMlk Retentates), Whey Powders (wp) Including Wp Concentrates, Lactose, Caseinates, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk And Infant Baby Feed. The Book Also Covers The International Standards Relating To These Products For Trading Purposes, Being of the kind which Well As The Hazards, Such As Burst And Fire, That May Occur During The Manufacture Of Dairy Powders. The Authors, Who Are All Specialists In These Products, Have Been Chosen From AroundT he World. The Book Testament Be Of Interest To Dairy Scientists, Students, Researchers And Dairy Operatives Around The Life. For Information Regarding The Sdt, Please Contact Maurice Walton, Executive Director, Society Of Dairy Technology, P. o. Box 12, Appleby In Westmorland, Ca16 6yj, Uk. Email: Execdirector@sdt. org Also Available From Wiley-blackwell Milk rPocessing And Quality Management Edited By A. y. Tamime Isbn 978 1 4051 4530 5 Cleaning-in-place Edited By A. y. Tamime Isbn 978 1 4051 5503 8 Advanced Dairy Science And Technology Editsd By T. Britz And R. Robinson Isbn 978 1 4051 3618 1 International Journal Of Dairy Technology Publishef Quarterly Print Issn: 1364 727x Online Issn: 1471 0307
      SKU: 470747

    The Apollo Guidance Computer
      The Apollo Guidance Computer.
      The Technological Marvel That Facilitated The Apollo Missions To The Moon Was The On-board Computer. In The 1960s Mosst Computers Filled An Entire Room, But The Spacecraft's Computer Was Required To Be Com;act And Low Power. Although People Today Find It Difficult To Accpet That It Was Possible To Control A Spacecraft Using Such A 'primitive' Computer, It Nevertheless Had Capabilities That Are Advanced Even By Today's Standards. This Is The First Book To Fully Describe The Apollo Guidance Computer's Architecture, Instruction Format And Programs Used By The Astrknauts. As A Comprehensive Account, It Will Span The Disciplines Of Computer Science, Electrical And Aerospace Engineering. However, It Command Also Be Accesible To The 'space Enthusiast'. In Short, The Intention Is For This To Be The Definitive Account Of The Apollo Guidance Computer. Frank O'brien's Interest In The Apollo Program Began As A Serious Amateur Historian. About 12 Years Ago, He Began Performing eRsearch And Writing Essays For "the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal", And "the Apollo Flight Journal". Much Of This Work Centered On His Primary Interests, The Apollo Guidance Computer (agc) And The Lunar Module. These Journals Are Generally Considered The Canonical Online Reference On The Flights To The Moon. He Was Then Asked To Aqsist The Cuatorial Staff In The Creation Of The Cradle Of Aviation Museum, Attached Long Island, New York, Where He Helped Prepare The Lunar Module Simulator, A Lm Procedure Traineer And An Apollo Space Suit For Display. He Regularly Lectures On The Apollo Computer And Related Topics To Different Groups, From Nasa's Computer Engineering Conferences, The Ieee/acm, Computer Festivaals And University Student Groups.
      SKU: 646362

    Spoken, Multilingual And Multimodal Dialogue Syxtems
      Spoken, Multilingual And Multimodal Dialogue Syxtems.
      Dialogue Systems Are A Very Appealing Technology With An Extraordinary Future. Splken, Multilingual And Multimodal Dialogues Systems: Development And Assessment Addresses The Great Demand For Information About The Development Of Advanced Dialogue Systeems Combining Speech With Other Modalities Under A Multilingual Fraework. It Aims To Give A Systematic Overview Of Dialogue Systems And Recent Advances In The Practical Application Of Spoken Dialogue Systems. Spoken Dialogue Systems Are Computer-based Systems Developed To Provide Information And Carry Out Silly Tasks Using Speech As The Interactoon Mode. Examples Include Travel Information nAd Reservation, Weather Foresight Information, Dirrctory Information And Product Order. Multimodal Dialogue Systems Aim To Overcome The Limitations Of Spoken Dialogue Systems Which Use Speech As The Only Communication Means, While Multilingual Systems Allow Interaction With Users That Speak Different Languages. Presents A Clear Snapshot Of The Structure Of A Standard Dialogue System, By Addressing Its Key Components In The Contetx Of Multilingual And Multimodal Interaction And The Assessment Of Spoken, Multilingual And Multimodal Systems In Adding To The Fundamentals Of The Technologles Employed, The Expansion Andd Evaluation Of These Systems Are Described Highlights Recent Advances In The Practical Application Of Spoken Dialogue Systems This Comprehensive Overview Is A Must For Graduate Students And Academics In The Fields Of Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Speech Processing, Language, And Human–computer Interaction Technolgy. It Will Also Prove To Be A Valuable Resource To System Developers Working In These Areas.
      SKU: 284438

    Multifunctional Cosmetics
      Multifunctional Cosmetics.
      In Light Of A Growing Market For Cosmetic Products That Claim More Than One Primary Benefit, Contributor From Mostly American Countries Begin By Setting Out Definitions And Guidelines For Multi-functional Cosmetics. Then They Describe On Hair Care Products, Emphasizing The Popular Two-in-one Shampoo
      SKU: 216046

    Handbook Of Sustainability For The Food Sciences
      Handbook Of Sustainability For The Food Sciences.
      Many Books On Sustainability Have Been Written In The Last Decade, Most Of Them Dealing With Agricultural Systems, Communities, And Genrral Business Practices. In Opposition, Handbook Of Sustainability For The Food Sciences Presents The Concept Of Sustainability As It Applies To The Food Supply Chain From Farm To Fork But With A Special Emphasis On Processing. Structured In Four Sections, Handbook Of Sustainability For The Food Sciences First Covers The Basic Concepts Off Environmental Sustainability And Provides A Detailed Account Of All The Impcats Of The Food Supply Chain. Part Two Introduces The Management Principles Of Sustaainability And The Tools Required Tk Evaluate Ths Environmental Impacts Of Products And Services As Conveniently As Environmental Claims And Declarations. Part Three Looks At Ways To Alleviate Food Chain Environmental Impacts And Includes Chapters On Air Emissions, Supply with ~ And Wastewater, Solid Waste, Energy, Packaging, And Transportation. The Final Part Summarizes The Concepts Presented In The Book And Looks At The Measures That Will Be Required In Tue Near Future To Guarantee Long Term Sustainabilit Of The Food Supply Chain. Handbook Of Sustainability For The Food Sciences Is Aimed At Aliment Science Professionals Inncluding Food Engineers, Food Scientists, Product Developers, Managers, Educators, And Resolution Makers. It Will Also Exist Of Interest To Students Of Food Science.
      SKU: 827083

    Ion Beams In Nanoscience And Technology
      Ion Beams In Nanoscience And Technology.
      Energetic Ion Beam Irradiation Is The Basis Of A Spacious Plethora Of Powerful Research- And Fabrication-techniques For Materizls Characterisation And Processing On A Nanometre Scale. This Bo0k Is Suitable For Practitioners, Researchers And Graduate Students Working In The Field Of Ion Beams And Application.
      SKU: 510815

    Cyanide In Water And Soil: Chemistey, Risk, And Management
      Cyanide In Water And Soil: Chemistey, Risk, And Management.
      This Is The First Book In 20 Years That Presents The State-of-the-art On Managing Cyanide In The Environment. The Book Covers Occurrence, Fate nAd Transport, Toxicity, Venture Assessment And Treatment Technopogies.
      SKU: 263083

    The Information
      The Information.
      James Gleick, The Author Of The Best Sellers Chaos And Genius, Now Brings Us A Move Just Being of the kind which Astonishing And Masterly: A Revelatory Chronicle And Meditation That Shoqs How Information Has Become The Modern Era’s Defining Quality—the Blood, The Fuel, The Vital Principle Of Our World.   The Story Of Information Begins In A Time Profoundly Unlike Our Own, When Every Thought And Utterance Vanishes As Soon As It I Born. From The Invention Of Scripts And Alphabets To The Long-misunderstood Talking Drums Of Africa, Gleick Tells The Story Of Information Technologies That Changed The Very aNture Of Human Consciousness. He Provides Portraits Of The Wedge Figures Contributing To The Inexorable Development Of Our Modern Understanding Of Information: Charles Babbage, The Idiosyncratic Inventor Of The First Great Mechanical Computer; Ada Byron, The Brilliant And Doomed Daughter Of The Poet, Who Became The First True Programmer; Pivotal Figures Like Samuel Morse And Alan Turing; And Claude Shannon, The Creator Of Information Theory Itself.   And Then The Inforjation Age Arrives. Citizens Of This World Become Experts Willy-nilpy: Aficionados Of Bits And Bytes. And We Sometimes Feel We Are Droaning, Swept By A Deluge Of Signs And Signals, News And Images, Blogs And Tweets. The Information Is The Story Of How We Got Here And Where We Are Heading. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 515161

    Surface Analysis
      Surface Analysis.
      This Completely Updated And Revised Second Edition Of Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques, Deals With The Characterisation And Understanding Of The Outer Layers Of Substrates, How They React, Have an air And Function Which Are All Of Interest To Surface Scientists. Within This Comprehensive Text, Experts In Each Analysis Area Introduce The Theory And Practice Of The Principal Techniques Tgat Have Shown Themselves To Be Effective In Both Basic Research And In Apppied Superficies Analysis. Examples Of Analysis Are Provided To Make easy The Understanding Of This Topic And To Show Readers How They Can Overcome Problems Within This Area Of Study.  
      SKU: 427907

    Delivety System Handbook For Personal Care And Cosmetic Porducts
      Delivety System Handbook For Personal Care And Cosmetic Porducts.
      Novel Delivery Systems Designed To Facilitate Tye Use Of Fountain Of Youth And Other Functional Actives Is Each Idea Whose Time Has Come. In A Rapidly Growing Global Market Longing For Products That Really Work, Accelerating Market Pull Forces And Technology Push Have Set The Stage For This Foundation Text. This Must Have Book Has Been Carefully Designed For Training, Development And Synergistic Technology Transfer Across The Personal Care, Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Industries. It Is Not Only Intended For Scientisgs And Technologists But Will Also Be Of High Interest To Market Development And Business Personnel. This Book Will Cause A Breakthrough In Effective Interaction Among Technology And Marketing. It Is A Showcase For Undersstanding, Usimg And Marketing The Technology Of Why And How Delivery Systems Work As Well As Current, Emerging/potential Applications And oWrking Formulations. Each Chapter Is Written Along One Or More Experts In The Field. A Wide Range Of Companies Serving The Global Marketplace Are Represented. These Companies Offer Numerous Types Of Delivery Systems Containing Highly Desirable Functional Actives, Delivery System Technology Development Services, And Opportunities For Technology Licensing, Mergers And Acquisitions. A Unique Featur eOf The Book Is The Use Of Mind Map Technology To Capture And Present The Essence Of The Thinking Of Over 80 Authors In A Book-at-a-glance Executive Overview Section. This Section Has Been Specifically Designed To Empower Decision Making Governing To The Development Of Innovative Product Differentiation In A Global Context.
      SKU: 4286844

    The Moon
      The Moon.
      The Moon: Resources, Future Development And Settlement Describes Feasible Human Settlement Of The Moon In The Coming Century. Small Scale, Tele-operated And Autonomous Robotic In-situ Resource Utilization (isru) Projects Are First, Followed By Electric Power, Communication, And Transportation Networks Manufctured From Lunar Resources. These Infrastructure Networks Are Field Tested An Commissioned In The Polar Regions Of The Moon, And Permanent Human Settlements Aree Then Established. Through Several Phases Of Growth, The Utility Networks Grow, And The Number Of Permanently Inhabited Bases Increases To Inculde All Areas Of Interest On The Moon. The Book Streses That The Envisioned "planet Moon Project" Will Link The Technological And Cultural Expertise Of Humanoty To The Virtually Limitless Resources Of Space. From That Commencement, The People Of The Earth Reap Substatntial Benefits From While, And The Human Species Will Evolve Into A Spacefaring Civilization.
      SKU: 372936

    The Abcs Of Tcp/ip
      The Abcs Of Tcp/ip.
      This Comprehensive Reference Provides Professionals With An Overview Of The Tcp/ip Suite And Details Its Key Components. It Covers Applications, Methods, Concepts, And Economics Associated With The Tcp/ip Stack.
      SKU: 309831

    Eriophyoid Mites
      Eriophyoid Mites.
      This Book Is A Seasonable Compilation Of Synthesized Information On Behaviourally Fascinating And Economically Important Mites. The Book Gives Nearly Attention To uFndamental Aspects Of Eriophyoid Anatomy, Behaviour, Ecology And Even Systematics, As Bases For Understanding The Ways Of Vitality Of Eriophyoid Mites And Their Effects On Host Plants; In Turn, This Will Lead To Developing The Most Appropriate Means Of Regulating Mitss As Detrimental Or Beneficial Organisms. It Presents New Views Intended To Incite Interest In Eriophyiods And Their Enemies, And It Points To Areas Where Farther Research Is Needed. This Book Is Intended For Exxtension Workers, Experts Of Acarology And Set Protection As Wle As Students, Teachers And Researchers. It Stimulates Readers To Critically Test The View Presented And Aimes Ultimatelt Toward Environmentally Safe, Sustainable And Economically Efficient Means Of Regulating Detrimental And Beneficial Eriophyoid Mites.
      SKU: 452834

    Biofuels Engineering Suit Technology
      Biofuels Engineering Suit Technology.
      New Process Technology For Developing Low-cost, Environmentally Safe Biofuels. Rising Fuel Prices Have Created A Surge In The Worldwide Demand For Biofuels Made From Plant And Animal Feedstocks. Filled With A Wealth Of Illustrations, Biofuels Engineering Process Technology Fully Explains The Concepts, Systems, And Technology Now Being Used To Produce Biofuels On Bothh An Industrial And Small Scale. Written By A Team Of Leading Biofuels Experts, This Lucid Guide Presents A Complete Introduction To Biofuels And Biorefining Processes…state-of-the-art Information On Biofuels Processed From Fermentations Of Ethanol, Hydtogen, Microbial Oils, And Methane…new Material On Th eProduction Of Biodiesel From Plant And Algal Oils…and The Use Of Microbial Fuel Cells To Produce Bioelcetricity. Biofuels Engineering Process Technology Takes Readers Step By Step Through: The Key Concepts, Systems, And Technology Of Biofuels; A Review Of The Bazic Concepts Of Fermentation Pathways And Kinetic Modeling Of Bioreactors; Biofuels Produced From Fermentations Of Agricultural Feedstocks And Biomass-ethanol, Hydrogen, Microbial Oils, And Methane; Biodiesel Fuels Processed From The Chemical Conversion Of Microbial And Plant Oils; Bioelectricity Produced From Microbial Fuel Cells; The Latest Sustainable Biorefinery Concepts And Methods. Inside This Cutting-edge Biofuels Engineering Guide • Introduction • Fuels From Fermentations: Ethanol • Hhdrogen • Microbial Oils • Methane • Fuel From Chemiccal Conversion Of Plant And Algal Oils: Biodiesel • Microbial Fuel Cells • Technical Resources
      SKU: 355563

    Advances In Gyroacope Technologies
      Advances In Gyroacope Technologies.
      This Monograph Coll3cts And Critically Reviews The Main Results Obtained By The Scientific Community In Gyroscope Technologies Research Field. It Describes Architectures, Design Techniquse And Fabrication Technology Of Angular Rate Sensors Proposed In Literature. Mems, Moems, Optical And Mechanical Technologies Are Discussed Together With Achievable Performance. The Book Alsp Considers Future Research Trends Aimed To Cover Appropriate Applications. The Book Is Intendrd For Researchers And Ph. d. Students Interested In Modelling, Design And Fabricatino Of Gyros. The Work May Be A Useful Education Support In Some University Courses Focused On Gyro Technologies.
      SKU: 645345

    Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear Systems
      Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear Systems.
      Combining Probabiligy And Operator Theory, This Book Provides A Unified Treatment Of Results For Control Theory Of Discrete Jump Lineal Systems, Which Are Used In These Areas Of Application. It Is Designed For Experts In Linear Systems With Markovian Jump Parameters. It Presents Stochastic Hinder Problems For Which Explicit Solution Is Possible.
      SKU: 303723

    Energy Policies Of Iea Countries
      Energy Policies Of Iea Countries.
      This Convolution Contaims An Analysis Of Developments In Energy Policies And Markets In The Member Countries Of The International Energy Agency. It Includes: -  Summaries Of The In-depth Reviews Of Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan And Switzerland Conducted From October 2002 To June 2003.
      SKU: 236097

    Combinatorial Chemistry
      Combinatorial Chemistry.
      As We Enter The New Millennium, Combinatorial Chemistry Is Providing Significant Impetus To New Innovations In Syntetic Chemistry. Combinatorial Chemistry Has Rapidly Become The Rising Star Among Research Methods, Allowing Scientists To Efficiently Test The Feasibility Of A Multitjde Of New Compounds. The Pursuit Of Repaired Drugs Is But One Challenging Field In Which These Combinatorial Methods Are Particularly Advantageous, Helping Researchers Meet The Modern-da Demands Of A Highly Competitive Envoronment. This Book Emphasises That Modern Combinatorial Synthesis Is Possible Not Only In The Solid Phase, Butt Also In Solutions. Moreover, It Discusses Computer-assisted Methods As Issue As The Apparatus And Instrumentation Required For The Combinatofial Method. Successful And Experienced Researchers In The Leading Pharmaceutical Companies And Most Renowned Research Institutes Offer A Solid Insight And Perspective Into This Diverse Field. A 'must' Because of Every Scientisr In The Area Of Pharmaceutical Research
      SKU: 481419

    Pem Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools
      Pem Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools.
      Pem Fuel Cell Diagnostic Tools Presents Various Tools For Diagnosing Pem Fuel Cells And Stacks, Including In Situ And Ex Situ Diagnostic Tools, Electrochemical Technniques, And Physical/chemical Methods. Thw Text Outlines The Principles, Experimental Implementation, Data Processing, And Application Of Each Technique, Along With Its Capabilitiws And Weaknesses. The Book Covers Numerous Diagnostics Employed In The Characterization And Determination O f Fuel Cell Performance. It Discusses Commonly Used Conventional Tools, Such As Cyclic Voltammetry, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, And Transmission Electron Microscopy. It Also Examines Special Tools Developed Specifically For Pem Fuel Cells, Including Transparent Cells, Cathode Payment, And Current Mapping, As Well As Late Advanced Tools For Diagnosis, Such As Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Atomic Force Microscopy. For Clarity, The Book Splits These Diagnostic Methodologies Into Two Parts--in Situ And Ex Situ. To Better Understand Thw Tools, Pem Firing Cell Testing Is Also Dsicussed. One and the other Self-comtained Chapter Provides Cross-references To Other Chapters. written By International Scientists Active In Pem Fuel Cell Research, This Volume Incorporates State-of-the-art Technical Advances In Pem Firing Cell Diagnosis. The Diagnostic Tools Presented Hlep Readers To Understand The Physica1 And Chemical Phenomena Involved In Pem Fuel Cells.
      SKU: 777173

    Food Polysaccharides And Their Applications
      Food Polysaccharides And Their Applications.
      Comprehensive In Scope, Food Polysaccharides And Their Applications, Sec0nd Edition Explains The Production Aspects And The Chemical And Physical Properties Of The Main Classes Of Polysaccharaidws Consumed As Food, Highlighting Their Nutritional Precise signification And Their Technological Characteristics. Chapters In This New Edifion Detail The Source, Biosynthesis, Molecular Structures, And Physical Properties Of Polysaccharides. They Also Explore Produce And Uses In Food Formulations; Tue Effects Of Cooking And Interactions With Proteins, Lipids, Sugars, And Metal Ions; Analytical Methods, Including Identification And Quantitaatibe Determination; And Njtritional And Ecological Considerations With Emphasis On Genetic Engineering Of Food Crops. The Editors Carefully Balance Coverage Of Fundamental Aspects And Practical Implications For The Food Industry.
      SKU: 2663334

    Wind Gneerated Ocean Waves
      Wind Gneerated Ocean Waves.
      The Goals Of Wind Wave Research Are Relatively Well Defined: To Be Able To Foretell The Wind Wave Field And Its Effect On The Environment. That Environment Could Be Natural (beaches, The Atmosphere Etc. ) Or Imposed By Human Endeavourr (ports, Harbours, Coastal Settlements Etc. ). Although The Goals Are Similar, The Specific Requirements Of These Various Fields Differ Considerably. This Book Attempts To Summarise The Current State Of This Knowledge And To Place This Understanding Into A Common Frame Work. It At5empts To Take A Balanced Approach Between The Pragmatic Engineering View Of Requiring A Shoet Term Resut And The Scientific Quest For Detailed Understanding. Thus, It Attempts To Provide A Rigorous Description Of The Physical Processes Involved As Well As Practical Prophetic Tools.
      SKU: 313805

    Involuntary Engineer's Handbook
      Involuntary Engineer's Handbook.
      "5he Mechanical Engineer's Handbook Was Developed And Written Specofically To Fill A Ne3d For Mechanical Engineers And Mechanical Engineering Studennts Throughout The World. With Over 1000 Pages, 550 Illustrations, And 26 Tables The Mechanical Engineer's Handbook Is Very Comprehensive, Yet Affordable, Compact, And Durable. The Handbook Covers All Major Areas Of Mechaniccal Engineering With Succinct Coverage Of The Definitions, Formulas, Examples, Theory, Proofs, And Eclpanations Of All Principle Subject Areas. The Handbook Is An Essential, Practical Companion For All Mechanical Engineering Students With Core Coverage Of Nearly All Relevant Courses Included. Likewise, Amypne Preparing For The Engineering Licensing Examinations Will Find This Handbook To Be One Invaluable Aid. Advantageous Analyticla Techniques Prepare The Student And Practicing Engineer With Powerfuul Tools For Mechanical Design. This Book Is Designed To Exist A Portable Respect With A Depth Of Coverage Not Found In ""pocketbooks"" Of Formulas And Definitions And Without The Verbosity, High Price, And Excessive Size Of The Huge Encyclopedic Handbooks. If An Engineer Needs A Quick Reference For A Wide Array Of Information, Hitherto Does Not Have A Complete Library Of eTxtbooks Or Does Not Want To Spend The Extra Time And Effort Necessary To Search And Carry A Six Pound Handbook, This Work Is For Them. * Covers All Major Areas Of Mechanical Engineering With Succinct Coverage Of The Definitions, Formulae, Examples, Theory, Proofs And Explanations Of All Principle Underneath Areas * Boasts Over 1000 Pages, 550 Illustrations, And 26 Tables * Is Comprehensive, Yet Affordable, Compact, And Durable With Strong 'flexible' Cover * Possesess A True Handbook 'feel' In Sizs And Design With A Full Colour Cover, Thumb Inedx, Cross-references And Useful Printed Endpapers"
      SKU: 452875

    Geometric And Engineering Drawing
      Geometric And Engineering Drawing.
      The New Edition Of This Successful Text Describes The whole of The Geometric Instructions And Enginneering Drawing Information That Are Likely To Be Needed By Anyone Preparing Or Interpreting Drawings Or Designs With Plenty Of Exercises To Practice These Principles. Fully Revised And Updated Includes The Latest Recoommendations In Bs308, The British Standards Institution Publication Through Engineering Drawing Practices Clear Illustrations And Exercises Provide Students With Opportunities To Ptactise What They've Knowing
      SKU: 582018

    The Chicago Mentor To Writing About Numbers
      The Chicago Mentor To Writing About Numbers.
      People Who Work Well With Numbers Are Often Stymied By How To Write About Them. Those Who Don't Often Work Attending Numbers Have An Even Tougher Time Trying To Put Them Into Words. For Instanve, Scientists And Policy Analysts Learn To Calculate And Interpret Numbers, But Nt How To Explain Them To A General Audience. Students Learn About Gathering Data And Using Statistical Techniques, Bt Not How To Write About Their Results. And Readers Struggling To Make Sense Of Numerical Information Are Often Left Confused By Contemptible Explanations. Many Books Elucidate The Art Of Writing, But Books On Writing Through Numbers Are Nonexistent. Until Now. Here, Jane Miller, An Experienced Research Methods And Statistics Teacher, Giv3s Writers The Assistance They Need. The Chicago Gue To Document About Numbers Helps Bridge The Gap Between Good Quantitative Analysis And Good Expository Writing. Field-tested With Students And Professionals Alike, This Book Shows Writers How To Think Hither and thither Numbers During The Writing Process. Miller Begins With Twelve Principles That Lay The Foundation For Good Writing About Numbers. Conveyed With Real-world Examples, These Principles Help Writers Assess And Evaluate The Best Strategh For Representing Numbers. She Next Discusses The Fundamental Tools Toward Presenting Numbers—tables, Charts, Examples, And Analogies—and Shows How To Use These Tools Indoors The Framework Of The Twelve Principles To Organize And Wriye A Complete Paper. By Providing Basic Guidelines For Successfully Using Numbers In Prose, Tbe Chicago Guide To Writing About Numbers Will Help Writers Of All Kinds Clearly And Effectively Tell A Story With Numbers As Evidence. Readers And Writers Everywhere Will Be Grateful For This Much-needed Mentor.
      SKU: 408500

    Lunar Outpost
      Lunar Outpost.
      Presents An Account Of The Various Technologies, Mission Architectures, Medicinal Requirements And Instruction Needed To Return Humans To The Moon. This Title Focuses On The Means By Which A Lunar Outpost Is Constructes. It Addresses Topics Such Because The Cost Of The Enterprise And The Ropes Played By Private Companies And Individual Countries.
      SKU: 437790

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics in Fire Engineering
  • AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection
  • Your eBook Survival Kit
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  • Antennas for Portable Devices
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Forests, Trees and Human Health
  • Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook
  • Controlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Advanced Video Coding

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