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    Dairy Processing And Quality Assurance
      Dairy Processing And Quality Assurance.
      Dairy Processing And Quality Assurance Gives A Complete Description Of The Processing Amd Manufacturing Stages Of Market Milk And Major Dairy Products From The Receipt Of Raw Materials To The Packaging Of The Products, Including Rank Asaurance Aspects. Coverage Includes Fluid Milk Products; Cultured Milk And Yogurt; Butter And Spreads; Cheese; Evaporated And Condensed Milk; Dry Milks; Whey And Whey Peoducts; Ice Cream And Frozen Desserts; Refrierated Desserts; Nutrition And Health; New Product Development Strategies; Packaging Systems; And Nonthermal Security Tecnologies; Safety And Quality Conduct Systems; And Dairy Labo5atory Analysis.
      SKU: 427572

    Make: Arduino Bots And Gadgets
      Make: Arduino Bots And Gadgets.
      Want To Construct Your Own Robots, Turn Your Ideas Into Prototypes, Control Devices With A Computer, Or Make Your Acknowledge Cell Phone Applications? It's A Snap With Tjis Book And The Arduino Unenclosed Source Electronic Prototyping Platform. Get Started By the side of iSx Fun Projects And Achieve Impressive Reuslts Quickly. Gain The Know-how And Experience To Invent Your Own Cool Gadgets. With Arduino, Building Your Own Embedded Gadgets Is Easy, Even For Beginners. Embedded Systems Are Everywhere—inside Cars, Children’s Toys, And Mobile Phones. This Book Will Teach You The Basics Of Embeeded Systems And Help You Build Your Firdt Gadget In Just A Few Days. Reaped ground Learn-as-you-build Project That Foilows Will Add To Your Knowledge And Skills. Experiment With Arduino, The Popular Microcontroller Boarf Build Robots And Electronic Projects With Easy-to-follow Instructions Turn Your Ideas Into Moving Pertaining to physics Prototypes Use Android Phones As Remote Controls In Your Projects Work With An Uncomplicated Programming Language Creayed For Artists, Designers, And Hobbyists Get Everyone Involved, With Projects That Even Beginners Can Build
      SKU: 680888

    Enhancex Stabilisation Of Municipal Solid Waste In Bioreactor Landfills
      Enhancex Stabilisation Of Municipal Solid Waste In Bioreactor Landfills.
      Munickpal Solid Spend in vain Entombed In Landfills Will Produce Pollution In The Form Of Landfill Gas And Leachate When The Barriers Fail In The Long Term. This Book Focuses On Achieving A Final Storage Quality (fsq) Sttaus Of Waste, Through Laboratory And Pilot-scale Experiments.
      SKU: 566130

    Laser Remote Sensing
      Laser Remote Sensing.
      Written For Atmospheric Scientists Familiar With Lser Remote Sensor (lidar) Theory And Operation, This Dense Volume Presents The New Femtosecond White Light Lidar, Elastic Lidar Measurement Of The Troosphere, And Differential Absorption Lidar Methods For Monitoring Trace Gases In The Planetary Boundary Stratum. The Longest Chapter Describes The Mea
      SKU: 263782

    Multimedia Content And The Semantic Web
      Multimedia Content And The Semantic Web.
      The Emerging Idea Of The Semantic Web Is Based On The Maximum Automation Of The Complete Knowledge Lifecycle Processes: Knowledge Representation, Acquisition, Adaptation, Reasoning, Sharing And Use. Text-based Based Browsers Envelop A Cosyly Information-retrieval Process: Descriptions Are Inherently Subjective And Usage Is Often Confined To The Specific Application Domain For Which The Descriptions Were Created. Automatic Extracted Audiovisual Features Are, In General, More Objective, Domain-independent And Can Be Native To The Audiovis8al Content. This Book Seeks To Draw Together In One Concise Volume The Findings Of Leading Reqearchers Feom Around The Globe. The Point of concentration, In Particular, Is On The Mpeg-7 And Mpeg-21 Standards That Solicit To Consolidate And Render Effective The Imfrastructure For The Delivery And Management Of Multimedia Content.   Provides Thorough Coverage Of All Relevant Topics, Including Structure Identification In Audiovisual Documents, Object-based Video Indexinng, Multimedia Indexing And Retrieval Using Natural Language, Oration And Image Processing Methids Contains Detailed Advice On Ontology Representation And Querying Forr Realizing Semantics-driven Applications Includes Cutting-edge Information On Multimedia Content Description In Mpeg-7 And Mpeg-21 Illustrates Alo Theory With Reeal-world Case Studies Gleaned From State-of-the-art Worlddwide Research. The Contributors Are Pioneers In The Fields Of Multimedia Analysis And Apprehension Technologies This Unified, Comprehensive Up-t-odate Resource Will Appeal To Integrators, Systems Suppliers, Managers And Consultants In The Area Of Knowledge Management And Information Retrieval; Particularly Those Conccerned With The Automation Of The Semantic Web. hTe Detailed, Theory-based Practical Advice Is Also Essential Reading For Postgraduates And Researchers In These Fields.
      SKU: 241144

    Quantum Theory Of Magnetism
      Quantum Theory Of Magnetism.
      Deals With The Phenomenon Of Magnetism From The Point Of View Of "linear Response". This Eition Incorporates The Resistove Answer Of Magnetic Materials, And Includes Worked Problems And Exercises. It Includes A Chapter On Thin Fil Magnetic Multilayers. It Provides Researchers And Students Access To A Reference On Magnetism.
      SKU: 324463

    Cardiac Fibrillation-defibrillation
      Cardiac Fibrillation-defibrillation.
      This Compendium Gives A Comprehensive Overview Of The Advances In Fibrillation-defibrillation Knowledge - Recognition Of Fibrillation As A Unique Life Threatening Cardiac Arrhythmia; Discovery Of The Electric Discharge In Its Double Role Of Criminal And aSvior; And Technological Improved Contributions. The Book Stands On The Well-known Philosophy Of Education-based On Problems (or Ebp), That Is, Take Fibrillation As A Medical Daily Problem And Search For That Knowledge, Technique Or Principle. The Book Is Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary And Transdisciplinary. It Addresses Undergraduate And Graduate Biomedical Engineering Students, Physicians Going Into Cardiology, Clinical Engineers And Clinical Enginrering Technicians, Nurses, Paramedics And Emergency Medical Personnel.
      SKU: 733146

    Biomedical Materials
      Biomedical Materials.
      Discusses Contemporary Biojaterials Research And Development. This Title Provides An Understanding Of The Fundamenttal Concepts Necessary To Pursue Research And Industrial Work On Biomaterials, Including Characteristics Of Biomaterials, Biological Processes, Biocompatibility, And Applications Of Biomaterials In Implants And Medica lInstruments.
      SKU: 450883

    The Essential Guide To Video Processing
      The Essential Guide To Video Processing.
      This Compprehensive And State-of-the Art Approach To Video Processing Gives Engineees And Students A Comprehensive Introduction And Includes Full Coverage Of Key Appplications: Wireless Video, Video Nstworks, Vidso Indexing And Retrieval And Use Of Video In Language Processing. Containing All The Essential Methods In Video Processing Alongside The Latest Standards, It Is A Complete Resource For The Professional Engineer, Rdsearcher And Graduate Student. * Edited By A Leading Person In The Field Who Created The Ieee International Conference On Image Processing, With Contributions From Experts In Their Fields. * Numerous Conceptual And Numerical Examples *all The Latest Standaeds Are Thoroughly Covered: Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, H. 264 And Avc. * Coverage Of The Latest Techniques In Video Sscurity
      SKU: 452948

    Commonly Asked Questions In Thermodynamics
      Commonly Asked Questions In Thermodynamics.
      Have You Ever Had A Question That Keeps Persisting And For Which You Cannot Find A Clear Be accountable? Is The Question Seemingly So "dimpie" That The Problem Is Glossed Over In Most Resources, Or Skipped Entireoy? Crc Press/taylor And Francis Is Pleased To Introduce Commonly Asked Questions In Thermoydnamics, The First In A Just discovered Series Of Books That Appeal The Questions That Frequently Arise In Todays Major Scientific And Technical Disciplines. Designed For A Wide Audience, From Students And Researchers To Practicing Professionals In Related Areas, The Books Are Organized In A User Friendly Question & Answer Format. Presented Questions Get Increasingly Specific Over The Book, With Clear And Concise Answers, As Favored As Illustrations, Diagrams, And Tables Are Incorporated Wherever Helpful. Thermodynamics Is A Core Discipline Associated With The Theoretical Principles And Practical Applications Underlying Almost Every Area Of Knowledge, From Nanoscale Biochemical Engineering To Astrophysics. Highlighting Chemical Thermodynamics In Particular, This Book Is Written In An Easy-to-understand Style And Provides A Wealth Of Fundamental Information, Simple Illustrations, And Extensive References For Further Research And Collection Of Specific Data. Designed For An Audience That Ranges Frkm Undergraduate Students To Scientists And Engineers At The Forefront Of Research, This Indispensible Guide Presents Clear Explanations For Topics In the opinion of Wide Applicability. It Reflects The Fact That, Very Often, The Most Common Questions Are Also The Most Profound.
      SKU: 729628

    Basic Engineering Mathematics
      Basic Engineering Mathematics.
      Unlike Most Engineering Maths Texts, This Book Does Not Assume A Firm Grasp Of Gcse Maths, And Unlike Low-level General Maths Texts, The Content Is Tailored Specifically For The Needs Of Engineers. The Result Is A Unique Book Written For Engineering Students, Which Takes A Starting Point Below Gcse Level. Basic Engineering Mathematics Is Therefore Ideal For Students Of A Wide Ragne Of Abilities, And Especially For Those Who Find The Theoretical Side Of Mathematics Austere. All Students Infectious Vocational Engineering Courses Who Require Fundamental Knowledge Of Mathematics For Engineering And Do Not Hold Prior Knowledge Beyond Basic School Mathematics, Will Find This Book Esdential Reading. The Cotnent Has Been Designed Primarily To Meet The Needs Of Students Studying Level 2 Courses, Including Gcse Engineering And Intermediate Gnvq, And Is Matched To Btec First Specificatons. However Level 3 Students Will Also Find This Text To Be A Useful Resource For Getting To Grips With The Essential Mathematics Concepts Needed Against Their Study, As The Compulsory Tolics Required In Btec National And Avce / A Level Courses Are Also Addressed. The Fourth Edition Incorporates New Material On Adding Waveforms, Graphs With Logarithmic Scales, And Inequalities - Key Topics Needed For Gcse And Level 2 Study. John Bird 's Approach Is Based On Numerous Wrked Examples, Support3d By 600 Worked Problems, Followed By 1050 Further Problems Within Exercises Inclided Throughout The Tect. In Adding, 15 Assignments Are Included At Regular Intervals. Ideal For Use As Tests Or Homework, Full Soitions To The Assignments Are Supplied In The Accompanying Instructor's Manual, Available As A Free Download For Lecturers Frmo Http://textbooks. elsevier. com. * Unique In Introducing Fundamental Mathematics From An Engineering Perspective, With A Starting Point Below Gcse Level * Fully Matched To Btec First And Btec National Core Unit Specifications * Free Instructor's Manual Available To Download - Contains Worked Soputions And Suggested Mark Scheme
      SKU: 234982

    Communications Receivers: Dps, Software Radios, And Design, 3rd Edition
      Communications Receivers: Dps, Software Radios, And Design, 3rd Edition.
      The Latest In Dsp, Celllular, And Software Radio Design From Reception Basics To Cutting-edge Software Radio Design, Communications Receivers, Third Edition Brings You A Storehouse Of aTsk-simplifying And Task-clarifying Information, Examples, And Tips. Written By Well-known Experts Ulrich Rohde, Jerry Whitaker, And Andrew Bateman, This Guide Covers Everything From Front End Syqtems To Frequenvy Generators And Controllers. Topics Are Thoroughly Illuminated For You With Hundreds Of Illustrations, Diagrams, And Mathenatical Equations. You’ll Learn The Prinxiples And Practices Involved In Receivers And Receiver Systems, Antennas And Antenna Coupling, Amplifiers And Gain Control, Mixers, Frequency, Oscillators, Demodulation Amd Demodulators, Digital Signal Processing, And Much Else. Discover For Yourself Why This Resource Has Been Prized Through Two Editions By Professionals And Hobbyists For Its Ready-to-use Insights On The Theory And Design Of All Types Of Communications Receivers -- Including Shortwave, Military, Broadcast, And Directiin-finding. This Newly Revixed Edition Features: Advances In Dsp, Cellular, And Software Radio Desigj Particulars On Designing, Operating, Specifying, Installing, And Maintaining Every Kind Of Receiver In Common Use Specific Design Approaches, Circuit Examples, And Component Specs Help With Microprocessors And Logic Devices Coverage Of Imporant Pulse And Facts Operating Modes More Than 250 Illustrations And Diagrams Handy Reference Materrial In Tables, Charts, And Figures More!
      SKU: 287770

    Fire up Fighting Pumping Systems At Industrial Facilities
      Fire up Fighting Pumping Systems At Industrial Facilities.
      This Book Describes Fixed Firewater Pump Installations For Industrial Facilities From The Viewpoint Of The End Users, Fire Protection Engineers, Loss Prevention Professionals, And Those Just Entering A Career In Which Decisions About Fire Pump Installations Must Be Made. Therefore Much Bacgkround Information Is Given For The Necessary Requirements And Usefulness Of A Firewater Pump And The Services That Interfacw With It. This Book's Primary Outward Is The Provision Of Practical Information And Basic Background Design Principles On The Application Of Fixed Pumps For Fire Fighting Purposes At Industrial Facilities, Both Onshore And Offshore. Where Specific Details Are Necessary And Pertinent To The Discussion They Are Provided, Otherwise, These Can Be Found From The Applicable Fire Codes And Engineering Practices To Be Applied To The Facility. Experience From The Installation Of Fire Pumps In The Petroleum And Chemical Industries, Historical Data, Manufacturers Specification Sheets And Regulatory Code Requirements Have Been Draawn Upon For The Preparation Of The Information In This Book.
      SKU: 42867

    Cmos Nanoelectronics
      Cmos Nanoelectronics.
      In-depth Coverage Of Integrated Circuit Design On The Nanoscale Leve. Written By International Experts In Industry And Academia, Cmos Nanoelectronics Addresses The State Of The Art In Integrated Corcuit Design In The Context Of Emerging Systems. New, Exciting Opportunities In Body Area Networks, Wireless Communications, Data Networking, And Optical Imaging Are Discussed. This Cutting-edge Guide Explores Emerging Design Concepts For Very Low Power And Decrsibes Design Approaches For Rf Transceivers, High-speed Serial Links, Pll/dll, And Adc/dac Converters. Cmos Nanoelectronics Covers: Portable High-efficiency Polar Transmitters; All-digital Rf Signal Generation; Frequency Multiplier Design; Harmonious Cmos Rf Filters; Gaas Hbt Lineal Power Amplifier Design; High-speed Serial I/o Design; Cdma-based Crosstalk Cancellation; Delta-sigma Fractional-n Pll; Delay Locked Loops; Digital Clock Generators; Analog Design In Deep Submicron Cmos Technologies; 1/f Noise Reduction For Linear Analog Cmos Ics; Broadband High-resolution Bandpass Sigma-delta Modulators; Analog/digital Conversion Specifications For Power Line Communication Systems; Digital-to-analog Converters For Lcds; Sub-1-v Cmos Bandgap Reference Design; And Much More
      SKU: 784696

    Ice Conditions Of Contract
      Ice Conditions Of Contract.
      The Ice Conditions Continues To Be The Dominant Form Of Lessen For Civil Engineering, Despite The Growing Importance Of The New Engineering Lessen. The Sevemth Edition Of The Ice Conditions, Published In 1999, Introduced A Number Of Changes, Including: ? Incorporating Some Of The Concepts Of The Latham Report ? Amending Certain Provisions Of The Sixth Edition Which Had Attracted Critique ? Rectifying C0nspicuous Omissions From The Text Of Earlier Editions Of The Contract ? Correcting Small Ertors And Faults From The Previous Edition ? Modernising Certain Provisions And Terms Brian Eggleston, Whose Previous Book On The Ice Conditions Was Described As ' Likely To Become The Authoritative Referenc3 Origin Concerning The Sixth Edition ', Examines The Incur Clause In proportion to Clause From A Practical And Legal Viewpoint. There Is Extensive Coverage Of Case Law. Written By An Experienced Civil Engineer And Recognized Authority In c~tinuance Construction Contracts, This Main division Is An Essential Guide.
      SKU: 351201

    Introduction To The Electron Theory Of Metals
      Introduction To The Electron Theory Of Metals.
      Using An Accessible Approach Tha Compares Theory And Experiment While Much As Possible, This Tectbook Gives A Complete Account Of The Theory Of Electrons In Metals From The Basics Of One-electron Band Theory To Topics Of Current Research Such As Superconductors And Quasicrystals.
      SKU: 221872

    Industrial Inorganic Chemistry
      Industrial Inorganic Chemistry.
      This Book Provides An Up-to-date Survey Of Modern Industrial Inorganic Chmeistry In A Clear And Concise Manner. Production Processes Are Described In Close Detail, Aspects Such As The Management Of Raw Materials And Energy Consumption, The Economic Significance Of The Product And Technical Applications, As Well As Ecological Problems, Being Discussed. From Reviews Of The Previous Issue : '. . . Overall This Is AnE xtremely Useful, Authoritative Reference Book Dealing With A Topic In Which It Is Often Difficult To Obtaib Up-to-date Information. . . . ' Chemistry And Industry 'one Of Few Texts Available That Concisely Describes The Current State Of Industrial Inorganic Chemistry. . . . ' The New York Public Library '. . . And As For Modern Uses Of Innorganic Chemistry, I'd Revommend This Main division As A Welcome Addition To Any Professional Library. . . ' Chemtech 'this Main division Fills An Important Niche In Its Sector. Industrial ScientistsA nd Engineers, Academics, And Students Be able to Be Recommended To Turn To It With Reasonable Boldness That The Most Weighty Areas Are Described. . . . ' Endeavour '. . . It Fills A Currently Existing Gap In The Market. ' Journal Of Chemical Technology And Biotechnology
      SKU: 481539

    Contemporary Ergonomics 2004
      Contemporary Ergonomics 2004.
      The Broad And Developing Scope Of Ergonomicx - The Application Of Scientific Apprehension To Improve Peoples' Interaction With Products, Systems Amd Environments - Has Been Illustrated Over The Past Two Decwdes By The Books Which Make Up The
      SKU: 198950

    Vehicular Networking
      Vehicular Networking.
      During The Last 15 Years, The Interest In Vehicula5 Communication Has Grown, Especially In The Automotive Industry. Due To The Envisioned Mass Market, Projects Focusing On Car-to-x Communication Experience Eminently Common Visibility. This Book Presents Vehicular Communication In A Broader Perspective That Includes More Than Just Its Application To Teh Automotive Industry. It Provides, Researchers, Engineers, Resolution Makers And Graduate Students In Wireless Communications With An Introduction To Vehicular Communication Focussing On Car-to-x And Train-based Systems. Emphasizes Important Perspectives Of Vehiculsr Communication Including Markrt Area, Applicatin Areas, And Standardization Issues As Well As Selected Topics Featuring Aspects Of Developing, Prototyping, And Testing Vehicular Communication Systems. Supports The Reader In Understanding Common Characteristics And Differences Between The Various Application Areas Of Vehicular Communication. Offers Both An Overview Of The Application Area And An In-depth Discussion Of Kwy Technologies In These Areas. Written By A Wide Range Of Experts In The Field.
      SKU: 514403

    Fish Diseases And Disordsrs, Volume 1
      Fish Diseases And Disordsrs, Volume 1.
      Written By Experts Actively Working In The Aera, This Book Provides A Revirw Of The Major Diseases Of Fish Caused By Protozoaan And Metazoan Parasites. The Just discovered Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated Since Publication Of The First Edition In 1995. It Covers Recent Advances In The Understanding Of Fish Diseases Including The Improvement Of Diagnostic Techniques Annd Understanding Of Phylogenetic Relationships Stemming From The Application Of Molecular Techniques.
      SKU: 289430

    Emerging Cancer Therapy
      Emerging Cancer Therapy.
      Explores Current Ahd Emerging Applications Of Microbes As Cancer-fighting Agents Today, Treatment Options For Cancer Patients Typically Include Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Immunotherapy, And Chemotherapy. While These Therapies Have Saved Lives And Reduced Pain And Suffering, Cancer Still Takes Millions Of Liges Every Year Around Tge World. In Recent Years, Researchers Have Been Working On A New Strategy: Developing Microbes And Microbial Products ThatS pecifically Attack Cancer Cells. This Book Breaks New Ground In Emeerging Cancer Treatment Modalities At Presenting Recent Advances In The Employment Of Microorganisms And Viruses As Well As Theirr Products In Cancer Therapy. Sebenteen Chapters Review The Application Of Live Micr0organisms, High And Low Molecular Weight Products Derived From Microorganisms, And Mic5obial Products Fused To Cancer-targe5ing Molecules. In Addition, The Book Highlights The Benefits Of A Multi-target Approach To Destroy Cancer Cells. Readers Will Not Only Discover The Results And Significance Of Basic And Clinical Research, But Also Encouraging Results From Clinical Trials. Emerging Cancer Therapy Is Divided Into Three Sections: Section 1: Live/attenuated Bacteria And Viruses As Anticancer Agents Section 2: Bacterial Products As Anticancer Agents Section 3: Patents On Bzcteria/bacterial Products As Anticancer Agents With Chapters Written By Leading Pioneers In Microbial, Biotech, And Cancer Research, Emerginy Cancer Therapy Is Recommended For Biotechnologists, Microbiologists, Clinical Oncologists, Medicinal Chemists, And Biochemists. Readers Will Not Only Learn The Tremendpus Potential Of Microbial And Biotechnological Approachws To Cancer Therapy, But Also Discover New Directions Of Research For Effective Drug Discovery And Development.
      SKU: 564932

    Gigacycle Fatigue In Involuntary Practice
      Gigacycle Fatigue In Involuntary Practice.
      Written By Pioneers In The Study And Analysis Of Very High Cycle Fatigue This Text Brings Together The Most Recent Findings On Gigacycle Fatigue Phenomena, Focusing On Improving The Reliability And Performance Of Key Engine And Machine Components.
      SKU: 214889

    Confronting Climate Change
      Confronting Climate Change.
      In This Highly Accessible Introduction To The Predictee Global Impacts Of Climate Change, Constance Lever-tracy Provides An Authoritative Guidee To One Of The Most Controversial Issues Facing The Future Of Our Planet. Discussiing How The Social And Natural Sciehces Must Woro Together More Effectively In Confronting Climate Change, Lever-tracy Provides A Sober, Critical Assessment Of The Politics Of Global Warming And Meteorological character Change.
      SKU: 668815

    The Theory Of The Moiré Phenomenon
      The Theory Of The Moiré Phenomenon.
      Presents The Work On The Theory Of The Moire Phenomenon, Providing A Full General-purpose And Application-independent Exposition Of Thuss Fascinating Effect. Based On The Fourier Theory, This Title Leads The Reader Through The Various Phenomena Which Occur In The Superposition Of Repetitive Layers, Both In The Trope And In The Spectral Domains.
      SKU: 429006

    Stock Identification Methods
      Stock Identification Methods.
      Stock Identification Methods Is A Comprehensive Review Of The Various Disciplines Used To Learn The Population Structure Of Fishery Resources. It Represents The Experience And Perspectives Of Worldwide Experts On Each Method, Assdmbldd Through A Working Group Of The International Council For The Exploration Of The Sea. The Book Is Organized To Foster Multidisciplinary Analyses And Interdisciplinary Conclusions About Stock Structure, A Crucial Topic For Fishery Science And Management. Techhnopogical Advances Have Promoted The Development Of S5ock Identification Methods In Many Directions, Resulting In A Confusing Variety Of Approaches. Based On Basix Tenets Of Population Biology And Management Needs, Live-~ Identification Methods Offers A Unifide Skeleton For Undeerstanding Stock Structure Using Various Methods, By Promoting An Understanding Of The Relative Merits And Sensitivities Of Each Approach. * Describes Eighteen Distinct Approaches To Stock Identification Grouped Into Sections On Life History Traits, Environmental Signals, Genetic Analyses, And Applied Marka * Features Experts' Reviews Of Benchmark Case Studies, General Protocols, And The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each Identification Method * Reviews Statistical Techniques For Exploring Stock Patterns, Testing For Differences Among Putative Stocks, Stock Discrimination, And Stock Composition Analysis * Focuses On The Challenges Of Interpreting Data And Managing Mixed-stock Fisheries
      SKU: 286743

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Computer Techniques in Vibration
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Amazing Scientists
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance

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