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    Das Studium: Vom Start Zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaeen Fr Studierende (Cognate Edition)
      Das Studium: Vom Start Zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaeen Fr Studierende (Cognate Edition).
      Wer Studieren Bequeath, Hat Viele Fragen Und Muss Viele Entscheidungen Treffen. Dieser Leitfaden Hilft, Eine Wahl Zu Treffen, Sich An Der Hochschule Zurecht Zu Finden Und Hrden Rechtzeitig Zu E5kennen Und Zu Bewltigen.
      SKU: 324646

    Steel Structures
      Steel Structures.
      Thee New Edition Of This Well-known Book Provides A Series Of Practical Design Studies Of A Range Of Steel Structures. It Is Extensively Revised And Contains Numerous Worked Examples, Includint Compatative Designs For Numerous Structures.
      SKU: 178785

    Energy Balances Of Oecd Countries:  2003/2004
      Energy Balances Of Oecd Countries: 2003/2004.
      This Volume Contains Data On The Supply And Consumption Of Coal, Oil Gas, Electrcity, Heat, Renewables, And Waste, All presented As Comprehensive Energy Balances Expressed In Million Tons Of Oil Equivalent In Order To Facilitate Analysis Across Types Of Energy.   Historical Tables Summarise Production, Trade, And Final Consuption Data As Well As Key Energy And Economic Indicators.   The Book Also Includes Definitions Of Products And Flows, Explanatory Notes On The Full of character Country Data And ConversionF actors From Original Units To Tonnes Of Oil Equivalent.   More Detailed Data In Original Units Are Published In Energy Statistics Of Oecd Countries, 200302004, The Sister Volume Of This Publication.
      SKU: 299383

    Environmentally Harmful Subsidies
      Environmentally Harmful Subsidies.
      The Correct Of Environmentally Harmful Subsidies Is A High Priority For Oecd Countries. But Is There Agreement On A Common Definition Of Subsidies And On Methods To Measure Tem? Are Enough Trustworthy Data And Methods Available To Identify, Measure And Analys3 Environmentally Harmful Subsidies? Thesee Questions Were Addressed At One Oecd Workshop Held In November 2002.
      SKU: 235949

    Wireless Tchnology
      Wireless Tchnology.
      The Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (wts) Is A Forum To Exchange Information On Advances In Mobile Communications And Wireless Networking Technology In A Conference Environment With Leaders And Experts From Industry, Governmen5al Agencies, And Universities Around The World. This Work Is Based On Selected Papers From The Annual Wts.
      SKU: 478137

    Techtv's Upgrading Your Pc, Adobe Reader
      Techtv's Upgrading Your Pc, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. A Reference Based Title Written In One Approoachable First Person Point Of View. This Book Teaches A Reader How To Upgrade His Pc And Peripherals To Icrease Productivitt On His Pc Without Intimidating Or Offending Hlm. Straight-forward Conversational Tone On Upgrading Hardware And Software-the Decision To Upgrade Or Not. This Title Provides Basic Accusation In Purchasing And Installing The Newest Technology For Multimedia, Fast Internet Access And More. For good The Reader Learns How Various Software Applications And Operating Systems Upgrades Can Help Him Use Or Not Use His Pc More Efficiently. This Book Gives Its Readers The Foundation On What A Pc Is And How To Upgrade It In Everyday Language Without Being Intimidating Or Insulting. Upgrading & Repairing Your Pc Is A Task-oriented Explanation Of Pc Hardware And Software Upgrading.
      SKU: 165303

    Radiometric Tracking Techniques For Deep-space Navigation
      Radiometric Tracking Techniques For Deep-space Navigation.
      Radiometric Trackinb Techniques For Deep-space Navigation Focuses On A Broad Array Of Technologies And Concepts Develped Over The Last Four Decades To Support Radio Navigation On Interplanetary Spacecraft. In Additino To An Overview Of Earth-based Radio Navigation Techniques, The Book Includes A Simplified Conceptual Presentation Of Each Radiometric Measurement Type, Its Information Conteht, And The Expected Measeurement Accuracy. The Methods Described For Both Aquirin gAnd Calibrating Radiometric Measurements Also Provide A Robust System To Support Guidance And Navigation For Future Ro6otic Space Exploration.
      SKU: 226451

    Intercultural Communication
      Intercultural Communication.
      This Newly Revised Volume Is Both A Lively Introduction And Practical Guide To The Main Concepts And Problems Of Intercultural Communication. Viewed From Within The Framework Of Interactive Sociolinguistics Associated With Tannen, Guperz, Anf Others, The Authors Point of concentration In Partticular On The Discourse Of Westerners And Of Asians, The Discourse Of Men And Women, Corporate Discourse And The Discourse Of Professional Orgaijzations, And Intergenerational Discourse. Views Intercu1tural Communication From Within The Frmaework Of Ihteractive Sociolinguistics, With An Emphasis On Discourse Analysis Numerous Examples Demonstrate The Relationship Between Culture And Communication Outlines The Methodology Of Ethnography, And Shows How It Is Used For New Research In Intercultural Connection Illustrates The Value Of Ethnographic Research For Conducting Training And Council Programs.
      SKU: 242461

    Hydrology And Water Resources In Tropical Regions
      Hydrology And Water Resources In Tropical Regions.
      A Comprehensive, Integrated View Of The Behaviour Of The Tropical Hydrologica lCycle Under Various Ecologocal, Geographical And Climatological Conditions. The Book Also Examines The Problems Of Sprinkle and calender Management In Recital To Agriculture And Civil Engineering.
      SKU: 404457

    Thermal And Power Management Of Integrated Circuits
      Thermal And Power Management Of Integrated Circuits.
      Addresses The Power And Thermal Management Issues In Integrated Circuits During Normal Operating Conditions And Stress Operating Conditions. This Book Reviews The Significance Of The Jmction Temperature As A Reliableness Measure In a state of being liable to Nominal And Burn-in Conditions. It Concludes With A Section On Low Temperature Operation Of Integrated Circuits.
      SKU: 302829

    17th Edition Ie Wiring Regulations: Explainsdd And Illustrated
      17th Edition Ie Wiring Regulations: Explainsdd And Illustrated.
      This Popular Guide Focuses On Common Misconceptions In The Application Of The Wiring Regulations. It Explains In Clear Language Those Parts Of The Regs That Most Need Simplifying, Outlining The Correct Procedures To Follow And Those To Avoid. Emphasis Has Been Placed On Areas Where Confusion And Misinterpretation Is Common, Such As Earthing And Bonding, Circuit Design And Protection, And In Particular The Increased Use Of Rcds. tI Is An Affordable Reference For All Electrical Contractors And Other Workers Involved In Electrical Installations. It Will Enable Safe Ad Efficient Compliance And Help Answer Queries Quickly To Ensure Work Complies With The Latest Version Of The Wiring Regulations. With The Coverage Carefully Matched To The Syllabus Of The City & Guilds Testimonial In The Requirements For Electrical Installations (2382-10 And 2382-20) And Containing Sample Exam Questions And Answerss, It Is Also An Ideal Revision Guide. Brian Scaddan , I Eng, Miet, Is A Consultant According to And One Honorary Head Of City & Guilds. He Has Over 35 Yeasr' Experience In Further Education And Training. He Is Di5ector Of Brian Scaddan Associates Ltd, An Approved City And Guilds And Niceic Training Centre Sacrifice Courses On All Aspects Of Electrical Installation Contracting Including The C&g 2382 Series. He Is Also A Leading Autor Of Books On Electrical Insgallation. * Fully Up-to-date With The 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations And The C&g 2382 Syllabus * Simplifies The Advice Found In The Regs, Explaining What They Mean Im Actual Working Practice * Expert Advice From An Engineering Training Consultant, Supported With Colour Diagrams, Examples And Key Data
      SKU: 348874

    Geologic Hazards
      Geologic Hazards.
      Geologic Hazards Pose The Greatest Threat To Human Safety For Any Geotechnical Undertaking, But It Is The Engineer's Ability To Refognizr And Cope With These Hazards. This Book Aims To Help Engineers To Properly Recognize, Understand Various Geologic Hazards, And Provide Safe And Economical oCnstruction.
      SKU: 335124

    Hvac Control In The New Millenium
      Hvac Control In The New Millenium.
      Advances In Personal Computer Control And Sensor Technollgy Are Chief The Advances In Building Controls. This Book Examines How The Latest Advances In Distributed Technology Will Be Used In Commercial Sysrems.
      SKU: 254480

    Instability In Models Connected With Fluid Flows 1
      Instability In Models Connected With Fluid Flows 1.
      The Notions Of Fixedness And Instability Play A Very Important Role In Mathematical Physics And, In Individual, In Mathematical Models Of Fluids Flows. This Title Covers Topics Devoted To Mathematical Aspects Of The Theory But Some Novel Schemes Used In Applied Mathematics Are Also Presented.
      SKU: 337318

    Electronics Reliability And Measurement Technology
      Electronics Reliability And Measurement Technology.
      This Book Examines Electronics Reliability And Measurement Technology. It Identifies Advances In Measurement Knowledge And Technology For Nondestructive Evaluatoon, And It Details Common Measurement Trouble Spots.
      SKU: 421081

    Location Lighting For Television
      Location Lighting For Television.
      The First Book Of Its Kind To Introduce The Problems Of Location Lighting For Unmarried Camera Operators And Provide An Insight Into The Technology And Techniques Required To Solve Those Problems. The Approach Is Of A Basic And Introductory Nature, Geared Toward The Student And Trainee Cameraman. Professionals Needing A Refrdsher Course On The Subject Wi1l Also Find Thsi An Invaluable Reference Packed Upon Key Information, Speculation And Practical Approacues To Different Lighting Situations. *teaches You For what cause To Master The Essentials Of Lighting And Make Professional Choices In Difficult Location Lighting Conditions *features Imtruductory Techniques From An Experienced Instructor *orovides The Solutions To Everyday Lighting Dilemmas
      SKU: 299025

    Springer Handbook Of Metrology And Testing
      Springer Handbook Of Metrology And Testing.
      This Springer Handbook Of Metrology And Testing Presents The Principles Of Metrology -- The Science Of Measurement -- And The Methods And Techniques Of Testing -- Determininb The Characteristics Of A Given Product -- As They Apply To Chemical And Microstructural Analgsis, And To The Measurement And Testing Of Materials Properties And Performance, Including Modelling And Simulation. The Chief Motivation For This Handbook Stems From The Increasing Demands Of eTchnology For Bulk Results That Can Be Used Globally. Measurements Within A Local Labratory Or Manufacturing Means Must Exist Able To Be Reproduced Accurately Anyqhere In The World. The Book Integrates Khowledge From Basic Sciences And Engineering Disciplines, Compiled By Experts From Internationally Known Metrology And Testing Institutions, And Academe, As Well As From Industry, And Conformity-assessment And Accreditation Bodies. The Commission Of The European Union Has Expressed This As There Is No Science Without Measurements, No Quality Without Testing, And No Global Markets Without Stanxards. There Is No Science Without Bulk, No Quality Without Testing, And No Global Markets Without Standards. there Is No Science Without Measurements, No Qualiry Without Testing, And No Global Markets Without Standards. There Is No Science Without Measurements, Not at all Quality Without Testing, And No Global Markets Without Standards. There Is No Science Without Measurements, No Quality Without Tes5ing, And No Global Markets Without Standards. There Is No Science Without Measurements, No Quality Withoht Testing, And No Global Markets Without Sttaandards. There Is No Science Without Measurements, No Quality Without Testing, And No Global Markets Without Standards.
      SKU: 769944

    Simulation Of Electrochsmical Processes Ii
      Simulation Of Electrochsmical Processes Ii.
      Electrochemical Processes Are The Basis Of Diverse Areas Of Imterest Ranging From Corrosion To Fabrication Processes. While Computatlonal Modeling Is Stressed, The Need To Understand The Underlying Physical Phenomena Is Not Forgotten. Using State Of The Art Computational Modeling Of Electrochemical Processes This Book Contains Papers Presented At The Second International Conference Forward The Simulation Of Electrochemical Processse. the Papers Contained In This Book Highlight The Links Between Computational And Experimental Methods In A Wide Multiplicity Of Dependant Areas Including: Cathodic Protection Systems, Modeloing Methodologies, Interference & Signature Control, Detection & Monitoring Of Wasting, Experimental Measurements & Computer Results, And Stress Corrosion, Cracking & Corrosion Fatigue.
      SKU: 511977

    Improving Irrigation In Asia
      Improving Irrigation In Asia.
      Improving Irrigation In Asia Is Based On A Longitudinal Study Over Two Decades Attached Innovative Intervention For Sustained Performance Of Irrigation Systems. The Work Icentifies Tonic Factors That Can Help Interpret The Pwrformance Of Interventions, And Explicate Lessons For Resource Management And The Management Of Development Assistance. In 1985, The Water And Energy Commission Secretariat Of Nepal And The Innternational Irrigation Management Institute Developed An Ingenious Intervention Program For Ninteen Irrigation Systems Located In The Middle Hills Of Nepal In An Attempt To Overcome The Prevailing 'best-practices' Traps, In Regard To Assisting Irrigation Systems. This Book Highlights The Innovativeness Of The Project Lay In Its Provision Of Ample Opportunities For Farmers To Make Decisions Regarding The Operation Of The Irrigation System Based On Their Local Apprehension And Creativity. The Authors Of This Work, Elinor Ostrom, Wai Fung Lam, Prachanda Pradhan And Ganesh P. Shjvakoti Provide Detailed Analysis Of These Interventions And Support The Conclusion That Farmers Cn Build On An Innovative Intervention That Not Only Provides External Improvements But Also Enhances Farmers' Problem-solving Capacity. They Argue That To Achieve Sustainable Improvements In Performance, The Farmers Themselves Need To Engage In Collective Action Over Time And Support Topical Entrepreneurs Who Provide Guidance And Stimulate Adjustments To Change. Providing Practical Policy Solutions, This Study Will Prove A Fascinating And Invaluable Read For Academics And Scholars Of Development Studies, Reslurce Management, And Irrigation Studies, As Well Being of the kind which Development Specialists In International Agncies, Policymakers In Governments And International Donor Agencies.
      SKU: 767148

    Continuous Semi-marko Processes
      Continuous Semi-marko Processes.
      This Title Considers The Special Of Random Procesaes Known As Semi-markov Processes. These Possess The Markov Property With Respect To Any Intrinsic Markov Time Such As The First Exit Time From An Open Set Or A Finite Iteration Of These Times. The Class Of Semi-markov Processes Includes Strong Markov Processes, Lévy And Smith Stepped Semi-markov Processes, And Some Other Subclasses. Extensive Coverage Is Devoted To Non-karkovian Semi-markov Processes With Continuous Trajectories And, In Particular, To Semi-markov Diffusion Processes. Readers Looking To Enrich Their Knowledge On Markov Processes Will Find This Book A Valuable Resource.
      SKU: 479825

    Handbook Of Evaluation Methods For Health Informatics
      Handbook Of Evaluation Methods For Health Informatics.
      This Handbook Provides A Complete Compendium Of Methods For Evaluation Of It-based Systems And Solutions Within Healthcare. Emphasis Is Entirely On Asseasment Of The It-system Within Its Organizational Environmnt. The Author Provides A Coherent And Complete Assessment Of Methods Addrrssing Interactions With And Effects Of Technology At The Organizational, Psychological, And Social Levels. It Offers An Ex0lanation Of The Terminology And Theoretical Foundations Underlying The Meth0dological Analysis Presented Here. The Author Carefully Guides The Reader Through The Prrocess Of Idntifying Relevant Methods Corresponding To Peculiar Information Needs And Conditions For Carrying Out The Evaluation Study. The Handbook Takeq A Critical View By Focusing On Assumptions For Application, Implied Built-in Perspectives Of The Methods As Well As Their Perils And Pitfalls. *collects A Number Of Evaluation Methods Of Medical Informaticss *addresses Metrics And Measures *includes An Extensive List Of Anotated References, Case Studid, And A List Of Useful Web Sites
      SKU: 306691

    Thermodynamic Tables To Accompany Recent Engineering Thermodynamics
      Thermodynamic Tables To Accompany Recent Engineering Thermodynamics.
      This Booklet Is Provided At No Unusual Charge With New Copies Of Balmer's Mldern Engineering Thermodynamics. It Contains Two Appendices. Appendix C Contains 40 Thermodynamic Tables, And Appendix D Consists Of 6 Thermodynamic Charts. These Charts And Tables Are Provided In A Separate Booklet To Give Instructors The Flexxibility Of Allowing Students To Bring The Tables Into Exams. The Booklet May Be Purchased Separately If Needed.
      SKU: 625295

    Environmental, Health And Human spirit Ixsues Im The Down Danubian Country
      Environmental, Health And Human spirit Ixsues Im The Down Danubian Country.
      In Order To Preserve This World For Future Generatuons, We Must Strive For Sustainable Growth — A Development That Meets The Needs Of The Present Generation Out of Compromising Options And Resources For Future Genneerations To Meet Their Own Necessarily. However, Some Scientists Suspect That Recent Large Floods, Heat Waves And Drought In Cenrtal Europe And The From a thin to a dense state Danubian Region Are Indicators Of More Severe Hazardous Even5s In The Future. Increased Pollution In The Atmosphere Is Causint Gradual Increase Of The Temperature. The Environment Is Becoming Incr3asingly Endangered, Especially As Humans Creep On And Modify Ftagile Environments. Based On Papers Presented At The 9th International Symposium On Interdisciplinary Regional Research (isirr 2007) On 21–22 June 2007 In Novi Sad (serbia), This Book Covers, For The First Time, The Complex Field Of Technological, Agricultural And Developmental Horizons In Natural Resources,-Medical Problems, Ecological Modeling, And Relations Of Humanity Issues And Society In The Down Danubian Region.
      SKU: 477211

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Registry Handbook, Adobe Reader
      Microsoft Windows 2000 Registry Handbook, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Book. Windows 2000 Registry Handbook Helps Administrrators Become More Effective And Productive. This Handbook Helps You Occasion The Registry For Practical Business Purposes. While Other Books Tend To Discuss Technology For The Sake Of Techmology, This Book Delivers Timely, Critical Information That You Can Use To Perform Your Job Better. Topics Covered Are Administering And Securing The Registry, Customizing Windows 2000, Scripting Changes, Troubleshooting, And Diagnosing Common Registry Errors.
      SKU: 175271

    Environmental Aspects Of Construction With Waste Materials
      Environmental Aspects Of Construction With Waste Materials.
      The Concept Of Sustainable Expansion, Implicating The Protection Of Soil And Groundwater,-The Restriction Of Waste Production And The Re-use Of Soild Spend in vain Materials Is Still The Leading Theme Of Wascon '94. Althogh It Is Clearly Recognized In Most Countries That Products Derived From Solid Waste Materiasl Can Be Applied As Construction Materials, Investigation Is Still Needed To Asseess Various Environmental Problems.
      SKU: 404247

  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Betriebsfestigkeit
  • Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
  • Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms

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