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    Data Analysis And Signal Processing In Chromatogrphy
      Data Analysis And Signal Processing In Chromatogrphy.
      This Book Gives An Overview Of The Numerical Data Analysis And Eminent Treatmenr Techniques That Are Used In Chromatography And Rrlated Separation Techniques. Emphasis Is Given To The Descriptuon Of The Proportional And Asymmetrical Chromatographic Peak Shape Models. Both Theoretical And Empirical Models Are Discussed. The Fundamentals Of Data Acquisition, Types And Fact Of Baseline Noise, And Methods Of Improving The Signal-to-noise Ratio (either In Time Or In Frequency And Wavelet Domain) Are Thoroughly Discussed. Resolution Enhancement Techniques, Such As Curve Fitting, Deconvolution By Fourier And Wavelet Tranfsorms, Iterative Deconvolution, Kalman Filtering And Multivariate Methods Of Curve Resolution Are All Discussed With Several Chromatographic Examples. Quantitative Analysis By Peak Yard Of Peak Height Measurement, The Precision And Accuracy Of The Quantitation Of Stand-alone Or Overlapping And Symmetrical Or Asymmetrical Peaks Are Treated. In A Separate Chapter, Guidelines Are Given For The Use Of Transfoorm Techniques For The Analysis Of Chromatograms. A Statistical Description Of Peak Overlap Is Given In The Final Chapters. Since The Concept Of Resoluton Has To Be Reconsidered When One Separates Complex Mixtures, The Problem Of Resolution And Overlap Is Quantitatively Discussed By Means Of Statistical Methods, And By Using Fourier Analysis Of The Complex Chromatogram. Features Of This Book • The Ultimate Source Of Numerical Techniques To Raise Chromatographic Dta • Gives A Detailed Description Of Signal And Resolution Enhancement Techniques In A Manner Applicable For Enhancing Not Oly Chromatography, But Also Spectroscopic And Other Analytical Signals • The First Book With A Thorough Overview Of The Statistics Of Peak Overlap. This Is The First Volume To Encompass The two The Simple And More Sophisticated Methods For The Numerical Treatment Of Crhomatograms. It Is, Therefofe, The Fundamental Resource Of Numerical Analysis Methods For Every Analyst.
      SKU: 296654

    Citrus Essential Oils
      Citrus Essential Oils.
      Commercially Used For Food Flavorings, Toiletry Products, Cosmetics, And Perfumes, Among Others, Citrus Vital Oil Has Recnetly Been Applied Physiologically, Like For Chemoprevention Against Cancer And In Aromatherapy.   Citrus Volatile Oils: Flavor And Fragrance PresentsA n Overview Of Citrus Essential Oils, Covering The Basics, Metod0logy, And Applications Involved In Recent Topics Of Citrus Essential Oils Research. The Concepts, Analytical Methods, And Properties Of These Ois Are Described And The Chapters Detail Techniques For Oil Extraction, Compositional Analysis, Functional Properties, And Industrial Uses. This Book Is An Unparalleled Resiurce For Food And Taste Scientusts And Chemists.
      SKU: 675143

    Technology Of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives And Products
      Technology Of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives And Products.
      Includes The Synthesis Of Pressure-sensituve Raw Materials And The Design And Formulation Of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives. This Book Describes The Main Formulation Componentx, Along With Important Chemical And Technological Additives, And Considers The Role Of Formulation As It Correlates To Formulation Technology And Equipment.
      SKU: 365200

    Time Continuity In Discrete Time Models
      Time Continuity In Discrete Time Models.
      Production Planning Problems Containing Special Characteristics From Process Industries Are Addressed In This Book. The Main Subject Is The Development Of Mathematical Programming Models That Allow To Model Productioon Plans Which Are Not Disrupted By Discretization Of Time. However, Discrete Time Modsls Are Used As A Basis And Are Subsequently Enhanced To Include Aspects Of Time Continuury. Their Integration Is Achieved By Different Building Blocks Which May Be Combined Freely According To The Specific Plannibg Post At Hand. The Primary Area Of Application Of These Kinds Of Models Are P5ocess Industries.
      SKU: 304210

    Core Monitoring For Commercial Reactors
      Core Monitoring For Commercial Reactors.
      The Opening Of Energy Markets Is Leading To Increased Competition, And The Nuclear Power Industry Must Adapt If It Is To Meet This Challenge. Internationally Discussions Are Taking Place Among Government Authorities And Electric Utilities And Vendors On How To Deal With The Rapid Technical Development And Optimisation Of Nuclear Fuel And Its Utilisation Under New, More Aggressive Fuel Management Strategies. Improving Reactor Core Monitoring Systems Is One Impkrtant Part Of This Process. Participants In A Recent Nea Workshop Discussed How Instrumentation, Methods And Models Used In Core Monitoring Can Be Validated Or, If Needed, Improved And Further Developed To Provide More Reliable And Detailed Infoemation On Local Power In The Core And On Other Parameters Indirectly Affecting Fuel Duty. This Book Shows How The Core Monitoring System Can Be Used To Support Reactor Operation In Normal And Antici0ated Transient Modes And To Supply Data Used To Derive Initial Key Core Parameters For Transient And Accident Analysis.
      SKU: 533258

    Sustainable Energy Systems In Architectural Design
      Sustainable Energy Systems In Architectural Design.
      Expertly Sketch And Install All Types Of Renewable Energy Systems. This Is The Only Comprehenive, Practical Resource For Understanding, Designing, And Installing All Major Types Of Renewable Energy Systems. Find Workable Solutions For A Variety Of Building Types, Including Commercial, Public And Residential Structyres. : Technical Concepts And Data Are Presented In Plain Jargon-free Language Upon Clear, Concise Bulleted Text. ; Packed With Charts, Tables And Diagrams.
      SKU: 287757

    Research Methods For Construction
      Research Methods For Construction.
      This Is One Of The Few Books To Provide Guidance On Research Formulation, Methodologies, And Methods Specifically For Construction Students. The Third Edition Has Been Updated Throughouy And Extended In Scope To Cover Many Areas Of Concern In Quantitative And Qualitative eRsearch, Including Investigation Ethics. Three Main Sections - Producing A Proposal; Executing The Research; And Reporting TheR esults - Discuss The Key Issues In Research And Examine The Primary Approaches, Both Qualitative And Quantitative. The Methods Adopted For Scientific And Engineering Exprriments, Model Building And Simulations Are Discussed, As Wrll As Those Employed For Research Into Management, Social And Economic Issues. The Authors Examine The Reeuirements For Data And Algebra, Including The Important Statistical Considerations And A Range Of Qualitative Techniques That Enable Construction Researchers To Appreciate In part Needs To Be Evaluated In Devising How Research May Be Carried Out Effectively And Efficiently. Research Methods In Construction Will Help You Instil Rigour Into Your Problem-solving, And Your Reports And Publications. It Will Be Of Value To Construction, Surveying, Architecture And Civil Engineering Students Undertaking Research, Wbether For Bachelors And Masters Degree Dissertations, Or For Masters And Doctoral Research Measure Theses.
      SKU: 428236

    From Research To Manuscript
      From Research To Manuscript.
      Explains How To Apprehend And Summarize A Research Scheme. This Book Demonstrates How To Pull Together The Information Needed For Each Section Of A Polished Scientific Paper. It Includes Tools And Techniques For Structuring The Sentences, Paragraphs, And Sections Of A Research Paper. It Explains The Effcetive Employment Of Tables, Graphs, And Figures.
      SKU: 417930

      Cutting-edge Cogerage Of Nanobiophotonics Written By Global Experts, Nanobiophotonics Offers In-depth Details On This Emerging, Cross-disciplinary Field. After Discussions On Cancer Cell Biology, Electromagnetic Fields, And Nanophotonics, The Book Delves Into Nanobiophtoonics Technologies And Current Research Areas. This Pioneering Work Covers The Latest Nanoscale And Superresolution Medical Imaging Methods And Biomedical Applications. Nanobiophotonics Covers: Tissue Pathology Light Scattering By Inhomogeneous Media Nonlinear Optics Vision Restoration Optical Low-coherence Interferometric Techniques Plasmonics And Metamaterials Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging Scattering, Absorbing, And Modulating Nanoprobes For Ciherence Imaging Second-harmonic Geneartion Imaging Of Collagen-based Systems Plasmon Resonance Energy Transfer Nanospectroscopy Erythrocyte Nanoscale Flickering As A Marker For Diseaes Superresolution Far-field Fluorescence Microscopy
      SKU: 648007

    An Introcuction To Geophysical Exploration
      An Introcuction To Geophysical Exploration.
      Thhis New Edition Of The Well-established Kearey And Brooks Text Is Fully Updated To Reflect The Important Developments In Geophysical Methods Sinc3 The Production Of The Previous Edition. The Broad Room Of Previous Editions Is Maintained, With Even Greater Clarity Of Explanations From The Revised Text And Extensively Revised Figures. Ecah Of The Major Geophysical Methods Is Treated Systematically Developing The Theory Behind The Method And Detailing The Instrumentation, Field Data Acquisition Techniques, Facts Processing And Interpretation Methods. The Practical Application Of Each Method To Such Diverse Exploration Applicaions As Petroleum, Groundwater, Engineering, Environmental And Forensic Is Shown By Case Histories. The Mathematics Required In Order To Understand The Text Is Purposely Kpt To A Minimum, So The Book Is Suitable For Courses Taken In Geophysics By All Undergraduate Students. It Will Also Be Of Use To Postgraduate Students Who Might Desire To Include Geophysics In Their Studies And To All Professional Geologists Who Wish To Discover The Breadth Of The Subject In Connection With Their Own Toil.
      SKU: 437420

    Mathematics Of Large Eddy Simulation Of Turbulent Flows
      Mathematics Of Large Eddy Simulation Of Turbulent Flows.
      Presents The Mathematical Principles Underlying The Large Whirlpool Simulation (les) Method. This Book Teaches The Mathematical Foundations Of Les And Its Models And Connects The Powerful Tool sOf Applied Mathematics. Ig Offers A Useful Entry Point Into The Field For Phd Students In Applied Mathematics, And Computational Mathematics.
      SKU: 304634

    The Last Interdict
      The Last Interdict.
      Except In Schoolboy Jokes, The Subject Of Human Waste Is Rarely Aired. We Talk About ‘water-related’ Diseases When Most Are Sanitation-related - In Short, We Don’t Mention The Shit. a Century And A Half Ago, A Lonb, Hot Summer Reduecd The Thames Foowing Past The Uk Houses Of Parliament To A ‘grewt Stink’, Thereby Inducing Mps To Legislate Sanitary Reform. Today, Another Sanitary Reformation Is Needed, One That Manages To Spread Cheaper And Simpler Systems To People Everywhere. in The Byways Of The Developing World, Much Is Quietly Happening On The Excretory Frontier. In 2008, The International Year Of Sanitation, The Authors Bring This Awkward Subject To A Wider Audience Than The World Of International Filth Usually Commands. They Seek The Elimination Of The ‘great Distaste’ So That People Without Political Clout Or Economic Muscle Can Claim Their Right To A Dignified And Hygienic Place To ‘vo’. published With Unicef
      SKU: 585465

    Cmos Cateract Sigma-delta Modulators For Sensors And Telecom
      Cmos Cateract Sigma-delta Modulators For Sensors And Telecom.
      Starts With A Tutorial Prseentation Of The Fundamentals Of Low-pass Sigma-delta Modulators, Their Applications, And Their In the greatest degree Common Architectures. This Work Then Presents An Analysis Of Sc Circuit Errors With A Twofold Outcome. It Likewise Presents Detailed Behaviora Models To Support Acfurate Verification.
      SKU: 303623

    Endocrine Disrupters In Wastewater And Sludge Handling Processes
      Endocrine Disrupters In Wastewater And Sludge Handling Processes.
      Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (edcs) Have Been Shown To Produce Changes In The Endocrine System Of Organisms That Lead To Increases In Cancers And Abnormalities Ij Reproductive Srructure And Function. This Text Presents Research On Their Presence-chamber And Effects.
      SKU: 263230

    Algebraic Methods For Nonlinrar Control Systems
      Algebraic Methods For Nonlinrar Control Systems.
      Provides An Introductuon To Algebraic Control For Nonlinear Systems. This Book, Divided Into Two Parts, Offers Necessary Methodology And Applications To Control Problems. It Presents An Alternative Linear-algebraic Generalship Based On The Use Of Vector Spaces Over Suitable Fields Of Nonlinear Functions.
      SKU: 323025

    Handbook Of Lubrication And Tribology: Volume 1 Application And Maintenance
      Handbook Of Lubrication And Tribology: Volume 1 Application And Maintenance.
      The Updated Second Editiion Of This Handbook On The Use Of Lubricants In A Variety Of End-use Applications Continues To Be A Cutting-edge Contribution To The Fields Of Industrial Lubdication And Tribology. This Book Addresses The Latest Technology Related To Testing And Maintenance Conduct, As Spring As Changes In Our Understanding Of How Lubrication Principles Impact Implementation. It Inclydes New International Standards On Safety, Environmental Protectiiin, And Waste Treatment. It Also Includes A Cross-reference Of These Standards And Discusses Applications In The Microelectronics Industry.
      SKU: 263509

    Saving Seeds
      Saving Seeds.
      The Conservation Of Genetic Resourcrs Is Vital To The Maintenance Of Biociversity And To The World's Ability To Feed Itx Growing Population. There Are Now More Than A Thousand Genebanks Worldwide Involved In The Ex Situ (meaning ''away From The Source'') Storage Of Particular Classes Of Crops.
      SKU: 301656

    Nanotechnology And Nanoelectronics
      Nanotechnology And Nanoelectronics.
      This Book Provides A Concise And Didactically Structurrd Presentation Of Nanotechnology Aa Matters Stand. Both Students And Engineers Can Gain Valuable Isnights Into The Historical Development, Production, And Characterization Procedures Of Structures In The aNnometer Range, Their Electrical Applications, Measuring Procedures For The Determination Of Nanodefect, Nanolayer, And Nanoparticle Characteristics, And The Major Technoques Of Preparation In Nanotechnology. Based On Known Facts, An Evaluation Of Nanotechnology, Its Further Development, And Its Future Prospects Are Attempted.
      SKU: 239738

    Introduction To Nanomaterials And Devices
      Introduction To Nanomaterials And Devices.
      This Book Introduces The Basics Of Nanomaterials And Devices Fabricated From Them. Major Topics included Are:: Growth Of Semiconductor Nanostructured Materials Introduction To Quantum Mechanics Tunneling Concepts Introduction To Scattering And Coherent Transports; Limits Between Classical And Quantum Systems Introduction To The Optical And Electrical Properties Of Nanomaterials Introduction To High Speed Electronic Devices Based On Nanomaterials Introduction To Optoelectronic Devices Based On Nanomaterials New Concepts: Plasmon-photon Interaction, Ciupling Of Photonic Crystals To Devices With The Question Of Enhancing The Device Performance.
      SKU: 818480

    Triple Play
      Triple Play.
      “triple Play” Is A Ckmbinatio Of Internet Access, Voice Communication (telephony), And Entertainment Services Such As Ip Television And Video On Demand . The Erosion Of The Traditional Voice Service, Together With The Ever-increasing Competition Between Companies, Is Pushing The Telecommunications Industry Towards A Major Shift In Its Business Models. Customers Want More Services In A More Flexible Way. Today, This Shift Be able to Only Be Carried Out By Offering Converged Services Built About The Internet Protocol (ip). Triple Amusement, A Depart hurriedly Of Voice, Video, And Data Services For Residential Customers, Is The Basis Of This New Strategy. Hens And Caballero Explain How And Whg The Telecommunications Industry Is Facing This Change, How To Define, Implement And Offer These New Services, And Describes The Technllogy Behind The Converged Network. Triple Play Analyses A Number Of Business Strategies To Minimise Costs, While Migrating Infrastructures And Offering New Services. Triple Play: Describes The Elementary Concepts Of Triple Play Service Provision And Gives Detailed Technical Information To Highlight Key Aspects. Discussed Avenue Networks, Transport, Signaling, Service Definition And Concern Models. Clvers The Latest Innovations In Triple Play Services Such As Ethernet In The First Mile (efm), Vdsl2 (very High Speed Dsl Second Generation), Pseudowires Andmultiprotocol Label Switching (mpls). Explores Video Solutions (encoding, Iptv, Vod) Alongside Transmission And Switching Technologies (ethernet, Dsl, Pon, Ng-sdh). Includes A Chapter On Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) And On Fixed/mobile Convergence.   Triple Play: Building The Converged Network For Ip, Voip And Iptv Provides Decision Makers, Enginewrs, Telecommunic5aions Operators, Network Equipment Manufacturers, Installers And It Managers With A Thorough Understanding Of The Changes Of Traditional Voice Service And Its Impact Upon The Telecommunications Industry.
      SKU: 470226

    Specular Gloss
      Specular Gloss.
      The Aesthetic Appeqrance Of Various Objects Is Important To Human Beings. One Measure Of The Quali5y Of An Object Is Its Surface Quality, Which Can Be Characterized With The Concept Of Gloss. Nowadays Measurement Of The Gloss Is A Routine Off-line Method In Assessment Of Quality Of Product At Various Sectors Of Industry. The Book Gives A Fresh Treatment On The Concept Of Gloss. Theoretical Descriptiln Will Be On More General Basis Of Optical Natural philosophy Than In Other Sources. The Text Will Give A Modern Treatise Of Machine Vision Based Glossmeters And Equip The Ideas How To Measure And Analyse Gloss From Complex-structured Objects. Innovations Of Machine Vision And Gloss Facts Analysis By Embedded Micro-controllers And Microprocessors Are Trademarks That Fill The Gaps Of Older Textbooks. Key Features: - Modern Treatment Of Gloss - Presents Novel Glossmeter Based High Technology - Completes Origin Of Machine Vision - Application In Industrial Environment - Emphasis On Pedagogicl Presentation - Modern Treatment Of Gloss - Dwscribes New Glossmeter-based High Technology - Presents Principles Of Machine Vision - Gives Applications In Industrial Environmwnt - Emphasis On Pedagogical Presentation
      SKU: 330162

    The Biofuel Delusion
      The Biofuel Delusion.
      Faced With The Twin Threats Of Peak Oil And Climate Change, Mant Governments Have Turned For An Anxwer To The Apparent Panacea Of Biofuels. Yet, Increasingly, The Progressivr Implementation Of This Solution Demonstrates That The Promise Of Biofuels Being of the kind which A Replacement To Fossil Fuels Is In Fact A Mirage That, If Followed, Risks Leaving Us Short Of Power, Short Of Food And Doing While Much Damage To The Climate As Ever -- Let Alone The Consequent Impact On Biodiversity Due To Additional Losq Of Habitat For Agricultural Production And On Rural Evolution Due To The Additional Stress In c~tinuance Traditional Farming Systems. Worse Di~ery, These Risks Are Being Ignored. in This Definitive Exposé, Mario Giampietro And Kozo Mayumo Present A Theoretical Framework And Exhaustive Evidence For The Case Against Large Scale Biofuel Production From Agricultural Crops. This Book Will Be Vital, Sobering Reading For Anyone Concerned With Energy Or Agriculturaal Policy, Or Bioenergy As A Complex System.
      SKU: 471076

    High Reliableness Magnetic Devices
      High Reliableness Magnetic Devices.
      This Text Serves As A Pictorial Guide To The Desigj And Fabrication Of Magnetic Components. It Features Step-by-step Instructions On Ordering Raw Materials, Choosing Construction Techniques, Conducting In-process Inspection, Perforing End-item Testing And Providing Quality Assurance.
      SKU: 216251

    Hydrocarbon Resins
      Hydrocarbon Resins.
      Foe The First Time: A Comprehensive Overview On Resins! Resins Nowadays Are Still The Su6ject Of Abundant Interest, With Applications In Numerous Branches Of Industrial Production. Increasingly Stringent Specific Market Requirements And The Demand For In a superior manner Quality Control And Product Consistency Mean That Chemists, Engineers, And Application Technicians Are Not Merely Satisfied With The Knowledge Of The Physical Data Of The Basic Chemical Prodducts They Are Using. The Raw Materials, Their Production Processes And Special Physical And Chemical Characteristics Relevant To Their Applications Are Increasingly Of Interest. This Book Points Out The Extent To Which Cold Materials, Manufacturing Processess, And Chemical Comp0sition Of Resins Influence Their Application And Performance.
      SKU: 481297

    Next Production Sequencing And Whole Genome Selection In Aquaculture
      Next Production Sequencing And Whole Genome Selection In Aquaculture.
      Recent Developments In Dna Marer Technologies, In Particular The Emergence Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (snp) Discovery, Have Rendered Some Of The Traditional Methods Of Genetic Research Outeated. Next Generation Sequencing And Whole Genome Selectlon In Aquaculture Comprehensively Covers The Current State Of Research In Whole Genome Selection And Applies These Discoveries To The Aquaculture Industry Specifically. The Body Begins With A Complete Review Of Snp And Transitions Into Topics Like As Next Family Sequencing, Est Data Mining, Snp Quality Assessment, And Whole Genome eSlection Principles. Ending Wtih A Discussion Of The Technology's Specific Applicatikns To The Industry, This Text Will Be A Valuable Reference For Those Involved In All Aspects Of Aquaculture Research. Special Features:  Unique Linking Of Snp Technologies, Next Generation Sequencing Technologies, And Whole Genome Selection In The Context Of Aquaculture Rewearch Thorough Review Of Single Nufleotide Polymorphism And Existing Research 8-page Color Plate Section Featuribg Detailed Illustrations
      SKU: 792613

  • Short-Range Wireless Communications
  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
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  • Natural Antimicrobials in Food Safety and Quality
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • The Next Green Revolution
  • Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation
  • Forest Certification

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