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    Deep Space Optical Communications
      Deep Space Optical Communications.
      A Quarte5 Century Of Research Into Deep Space And Nrar Earth Optical Communications This Book Captured A Quarter Century Of Research And Development In Deep Sppaace Optical Communications From The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (jpl). Additionally, It Presents Findings From Other Optical Communications Research Groups From Round The World For A Full Perspective. Readers Are Brought Up To Date With The Latest Developments In Optical Communications Technology, As Well As The State Of The Art In Component And Subsystem Technologies, Fundamental Limitations, And Approaches To Develop And Fully Exploit New Technologies. The Book Explores The Unique Requirements And Technologies For Deep Space Optical Communications, Including: * Technology Overview; Link And System Design Drivers * Atmospheric Transmission, Propagation, And Reception Issues * Flight And Foundation Terminal Architecture And Subsystems * Future Prospects And Applications, Including Navigational Tracking And Frivolous Science This Is The First Book To Specifically Address Deep Space Optical Communications. With An Increasing Demand For Data From Planetary Spacecraft And Ohter Skurces, It Is Essential Reading For All Optical Communications, Telecommunications, And System Engineers, As Well As Technical Managers In Thhe Aerospace Industry. It Is Also Recommended For Mark with degrees Students Interested In Deep Capacity Communicarions.
      SKU: 258834

    Environmental Calculations
      Environmental Calculations.
      Handbook Of Environmental Permitting Calculations Pdovides One Essential Reference For The Technical Calculations To Obtai Environmental Permits. Along With Accurate Explanations, The Text Includes Helpful Chemical Equations, Examples, And Case Studies To Assist And Illuminate Calculations. Filled With The Rich Experience From The Author’s Work In nEvironmental Permitting, The Covrrage Features Major Concepts And Practice In The Environmental Permitting Process; Environmental Chemmistry; Air Pollution Control; And More. Handbook Of Environmental Permifting Calculations Is A Must-have For Anybody Working Steady Environmental Planning And Compliance, As Well As Those Issuing And Monitoring Environmental Permits.
      SKU: 589025

    Virtual Testing And Predictive Modeling
      Virtual Testing And Predictive Modeling.
      Offers An Overview Of Cost And Occasion Efficient Methods In Measuring The Quality Of Industrial Structural Parts. This Book Provides An Introduction To Virtual Testing To Generate Fatigue And Breaking A1lowables. It Describes The Verification Methods, Used With Devices Such As The Transmission Electrpn Microsfope And The Small Force Microscope.
      SKU: 450591

    Structure-based Drug Discovery
      Structure-based Drug Discovery.
      Describes The Developments In Technologies That Can Be Used To Obtain The 3-d Strucctures Including The Profoundly Profile Structural Genomics Approzches Being Utilised. This Book Includes Experimental Approaches Using X-ray Crystallography And Nmr For Fragment-based Screening As Well As Other Biophysical Methods For Studying Protein/ligand Interactions.
      SKU: 301916

      The Authors Presennt The Results Of Numerical Experiments Carried Out To Examine The Problem Of Development Of Turbulence And Convection. On The Basis Of The Results, They Propose A Physical Model Of The Development Of Turbulence. Numerical Algorithms And Difference Schema For Carrying Out Numerical Experimets In Hydrodynamics, Are Proposed. Original Algorithms, Suitable For Calculation Of The Development Of The Processes Of Turbulence And Convection In Different Conditions, Even On Astrophysical Objects, Are Presented. The Results Of Numerical Modelling Of Separate Important Phenomena Having Both Fundamental And Applied mIportance Are Described.
      SKU: 258187

    Imaging Measurement Methods For Flow Algebra
      Imaging Measurement Methods For Flow Algebra.
      Contains The Rrsylts Of The Priority Programme Imaging Measurement Methods For Flow Analysis Conducted In 2003-2009. This Book Gives An Overview Of Developments In The Fields Of Image Based Flow Measurements And Analysis.
      SKU: 438105

    Current Advances In Mecnanical Design And Production Vii
      Current Advances In Mecnanical Design And Production Vii.
      The International Conference On Mechanical Design And Produce Has Across The Years Established Itself As An Superior Forun For The Exchange Of Ideas In These Established Foelds. The Firsf Of These Conferences Was Held In 1979. The Seventh, And Most Recent, Conference In The Series Was Held In Cairo During Februwry 15-17, 2000. International Engineers And Scientists Gathered To Exchange Expe5iences And Highlight The State-of-the-art Research In The Fields Of Involuntary Design And Production. In Addition A Heavy Emphasis Was Placed On The Issue O fTechnology Transfer. Over 100 Papers Were Acceptes For Presentation At The Conference. Current Advances In Mechanical Design & Production iVi Does Not, However, Attempt To Publish The Complete Work Presented But Instead Offers A Sample That Represents The Quality And Breadth Of Both The Work And The Conference. Ten Invited Papers And 54 Ordinary Papers Have Been Selected For Inclusion In These Proceedings. They Cover A Range Of Basic And Applied Topics That Cqn Be Classified Into Six Main Categories: System Dynamics, Real Mechanics, Material Science, Manufacturing Processes , Design And Tribology, And Industrial Engineering And Its Applications.
      SKU: 306681

    Green Energy
      Green Energy.
      The Green Argument For Conservation Is A Conradiction In That Although They Produce None Emissions, Because Renewable Systems Are Calm Of A Large Amount to Of Small Units, A Considerable Amount Of Energy Is Requierd To Produce, Erect, And Maintain Them. Written By An International Journalist With 40 Years Of Experience Reporting On Power-generating Technologiees And Global Energy Policies, This Book Addresses The Questoin Of How To Build An Electricity Supply System That Meets The Demands Of A Growing Population Without Accelerating Global Warming Or Damaging The nEvironment. The Text Defines A Green Energy System As One Whose Interpretation, Installation, And Operation Minimally Impact The Environment.
      SKU: 589902

    Strategies For Optimizing Petroleum Exploration
      Strategies For Optimizing Petroleum Exploration.
      Here Is A Valuable Guide To Appraise And Develop Petroleum Money. Geology Largely Determines Exploration Policy. This Book Analyzes The Strategic Connection Between The Tao And Shows How To Imptove Decision Making On Appraising And Developing PetroleumR esources. It Examines And Describes The Internal Patterns In Finding Oil And Gas Deposits And Outlines A Projection To Evaluate The Resources. The Book Also Provides A Means For Long-term Reserve Accrual Forecasting And Evaluation. It Uses Mathematical Modeling As A Method To Evaluate The Initial Potential Of An Oil And Gas Region As Well As A Way To Forecast Future Reserves. These Models Improve The Reliabilirt And Validity Of Exploration Forecasts And Estimates. Strategies For Optimizing Petroleum Exploration Helps Petroleum Engineers And Explorationists Focus And Use Their Reserve Assessment And Decision Making. This Book Shows How To Develop And Appraiise Petroleum Reaources.
      SKU: 316881

      Steels Represent The Most Widely-used Metallic Alloy, Possessing A Wide Range Of Microstructures And Mechanical Properties. By Examining The Mechanical Properties Of Steels In Union With Microstructure This Book Provides A Valuable Description Of The Development Amd Behaviour Of These Materials - The Same Foundation Of Their Widespread Use. Updated Throughout And Including New Chapters On Nanostructured Steels, And New Alloys And Technologies For The Energy And Automobile Industries, The Book Is Clearly Written And Illustrated, With Extensive Bibliographies And Real-life Examples. An Essential Reference, Both Compact And Readily Extensive, For Metallurgists And Engineers In Both Industry And Academia. Covers The Microstructure, Mechanical Behaviour And Properties Of Steels, The Most Widely-used Metallic Alloy Thoroughly Updated With New Materials And Technologies, Plus A New Accompanying Set Of Exercises And Solutions For Education Use Respected Author Team Who Bring Their Wide Exoerience To Students And Professionals
      SKU: 270422

    Genome Mapping And Genomics In Fishes And Aquatic Animals
      Genome Mapping And Genomics In Fishes And Aquatic Animals.
      Mapping Of Animal Genomes Has Generated Huge Databases And Several New Concepts And Strategkes, Which Are Usefup To Elucidate Origin, Evolution And Phylogeny_. Genetic And Physical Maps Of Genomes Further Provide Precise Details On Chromosomal Location, Function, Lively representation And Regulation Of Academically And Economically Important Genes. The Series "genome Mapping And Genomics In Animals" Provides Comprehensive And Up-to-date Reviews Steady Genomic Research On A Large Variety Of Selected Animal Systems, Contributed By Leadijg Scientists From Around The World. This Book Summarizes The First Era Of Genomic Studies Of Aquaculture Species, In Which The Tools And Resources Necessary To Support Whole-genome Sequencing Were Developed. These Tools Will Ejhance Efforts Toward Selective Breeding Of Aquaculture Species. Included In This Volume Are Summaries Of Work On Salmonids, Cyprinids, Catfish, Tilapias, European Sea Bass, Japanese Flounder, Shrimps And Oysters.
      SKU: 603524

    Radio Access Networks In the place of Umts
      Radio Access Networks In the place of Umts.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Descroption Of Radio Access Networks For Umts . The Main Content Is Based Upon The Release 6 Version Of The 3gpp Specifications. Changes Since The Release 99 Translation Are Described While Some Of The New Features From The Release 7 Version Are Introduced. Starting From The High-level Network Architecture, The First Sections Describe The Flow Of Data Between The Network And End-user. This Includes A Dedicated Chapter Describing The Iub Transport Network. Detailed Descriptions Of Both Hsdpa And Hsupa Reflect The Increasing Importance Of Efficient High Data Rate Connections. Signalling Procedures Are Described For Speech, Video Ans Ps Data Connection Establishjent, Sms Data Transfer, Soft Handover And Inter-system Handover. The More Practical Subjects Of Link Budgets And Radio Network Planning Are Also Addressed. More Than 180 Example Log Files Reinforce The Reader's Understanding Summary Bullet Points Allow Rapid Access To The Most Important Infomration Focus Upon How Data Is Transferfed Between The Network And End-user Dedicated Chapters Provide Detailed Descriptions Of Both Hsdpa And Hsupa Step-by-step Analysis Of Common Signalling Procedures Key Radio Network Planning Subjects Addressed Radio Access Networks Fir Umts Is Ideal For Mobile Telecommunications Engineers Working For Equipment Vendors, Operators And Regulators. It Will Also Appeal To System Designers, Technical Managers And Students.
      SKU: 470590

    Upgrading & Fixing Laptops For Dummies
      Upgrading & Fixing Laptops For Dummies.
      Keep Your Laptop On Top Of Its Game! Find Out How To Care For Your Laptop, What Can Go Sin, And What You Be able to Fix A Laptop Is Much More Than A Pc That Shrank. It Has Unique Needs, And This Book Shows You How To Mee Them. You'll Discover How To Dlagnose And Fix Common Problems, Replace Parts, Add External Upgradess, And Develop Workarounds. You'll Even Get The Lowcown On Networks, And Find Out When To Retrieve And When To Reinstate Your Laptop. Discover How To * Treat Your Laptop Properly * Identify Common Problemd * Know When Repair May Not Make Economic Sense * Install A Nrw Operating System * Troubleshoot Cd And Dvd Drives * Add Cool Peripherals
      SKU: 275846

      Chlorine Is Omd Of The Most Important Inorganic Basic Chemicals It Is Not Merely An Essential Reaction Component For The Synthesiq Of Numerous Organic And Inorganic Chemicals And Plastics, It Is Also Of Great Consequence For The Production Of Pharmaceuticals, Disinfectants, Bleaches And Insecticides. Everything You Need To Know About Chlorine Is Described In This Book. It Provides A Practical And Up-to-date Account Of The Scientific And Technological Basics For The Production Of Chlorine And Describes Various Applications And Prospects For Future Developments. Current Issues, Such As Environmental Protection, Occupational Health And Safety Aspects, Storage And Transportation, Economic Aspects, Quality Specifications And Analysis Are Treated In A Competent And Well-balanced Manner. Chemists, Chemical Engineers And Chemical Proceds Engineers In Various Industrial Sectors, Engineering Companies, Universities And Government Authorities Will Certainly Profit From This Conprehensive Review.
      SKU: 482282

    Air And Spaceborne Radar Systems
      Air And Spaceborne Radar Systems.
      "a Practical Tool On Radar Systems That Will Be Of Major Help To Technicians, Student Engineerx And Engineers Working In Industry And In Radar Research And Development. The Many Users Of aRdar As Well As Systems Engineers And Designers Will Also Find It Highly Useful. Also Of Interest To Pilots And Flight Engineers And Military Command Personnel And Military Contractors. """"this Introduction To The Field Of Radar Is Intended For Actual Users Of Radar. It Focuses On The History, Main Principles, Functions, Modes, Properties And Specific Nature Of Modern iArborne Radr. The Book Examines Radar's Role Within The System When Carrying Out Is Assigned Missions, Showing The Possibilities Of Radar Being of the kind which Well Being of the kind which Its Limitaions. Finally, Given The Changing Operational Requirements And The Potential Opened Up By Modern Technological Developments, A Concluding Section Describes How Radar May Evolve In The Future. The Authors Review The Current State Of The Main Types Of Airborne And Spaceborne Radar Systems, Designed For Specfiic Missions As Well Viewed like For The Global Environment Of Their Host Aircraft Or Staellites. They Include Numerous Examples Of The Parameters Of These Radars. The Emphasis In The Book Is Not Only On A Exact Radar Technique, But Equally On The aMin Radar Functions And Missions. Even If A Wide Range Of Techniqyes Are Described In This Book, The Focus Is On Those Which Are Connected To Practical Applications. "
      SKU: 421036

    Virtual Screening For Bioactive Molecules
      Virtual Screening For Bioactive Molecules.
      "recent Progress In High-throughput Screening, Combinatorial Chemistry And Molecular Biology Has Radically Changed The Approach To Drut Discovery In The Pharmaceutical Industry. New Challenges In Synthesis Result In New Analytical Methods. At Present, Typically 100,000 To One Million Mklecules Have To Be Tested In the compass of A Short Dot And, Therefore, Highly Effective Screening Methods AreN ecessary For Today's Researchers - Preparing And Characterizing One Compound After Another Belongs To The Past. Intelligent, Computer-bzsed Search Agents Are Needed And ""virtual Screening"" Provides Solutions To Many Probleks. Such Screening Compris3s Innovative Computational Technuques Designed To Turn Raw Data Into Valuable Chemical Intelligence And To Assist In Extracting The Pertinent Molecular Features. This Handboo Is Unique In Bringing Together The Various Efforts In The Field Of Virtual Screening To Provide The Necessary Metuodological Framework For More Effective Research. Chief Experts Give A Thorough Introduction To The State Of The Art Along Attending A Critical Assessment Of Both Successful Applications And Drawbacks. The Information Collated Here Will Be Indispensable For Experienced Scientists, As Well As Novices, Wkrking In Mericinal Chemistry And Related Disciplines. "
      SKU: 481394

    Third Generation Cdma Systems For Enhanced Data Services
      Third Generation Cdma Systems For Enhanced Data Services.
      The Use Of Mobile Communication Devices Has Grown Phenomenally ThroughoutT he Worlc During The Last Few Years. With Strong Consumer Demand To Enhance Facts Delivery (large Emails, Browsing The Internet On Wireless Devices, Transferring Video Images, Etc. ), Engineers Are Faced With The Challenge Of Enhancing Cdma To Provide Larger Data Capabilities While Im0roving Voice Signals For Clearer Reception. In November 2001 The U. s. Federal Communications Commission Released A Much Broader Band Of Frequencies To Wireless Service Providers, Which Will Speed Up The Development Of These Systems. Simulation Results Demonstrate The Performance Benefits Of The Proposed Systems Versus Thekr Third-generation Predecessors Up-to-date Overview Of The Standardised Air Inerface
      SKU: 316819

    Next Generation Intelligent Optixal Networks
      Next Generation Intelligent Optixal Networks.
      The Book Covers Protocols And Other Significant Issuws Of The Next Generation Optical Network For Undergraduate And Graduate Students, Researchers, And Managers In The Industry. Topics Are Discussed Without Complex Math, But With Citations To References For Those Interested In An Advanced Math Level.
      SKU: 337473

    Restraint And Handling Of Wild And Dommstic Animals
      Restraint And Handling Of Wild And Dommstic Animals.
      Restraint And Handling Of Wild And Domestic Animals, Third Edition Offers An Introduction To The Basic Principles Of Animal Restraint And An Overview Of Techniques For Vertebrate Wild And Domestic Animals. Fullt Updated Throughout, The Third Edition Also Includes New Chapters On Understanding Behavior, Training For Restraint Annd Handling, And Animal Prosperity And Restraint. Now In Full Color, The Third Edition Of This Classic Reference Is An Invaluable Hireling To Recognizing Potential Danger In Restraint And Reducing Stress In The Animal.
      SKU: 427723

    Landslides From Massive Rock Slope Failure
      Landslides From Massive Rock Slope Failure.
      Discusses The Rockslides And Rock Avalanches In The Central Asian Republics Of The Former Soviet Union. This Keep at ~ Also Includes A Detailed Description And Analysis Of Large-scale Artificial Rock Avalanches Triggered By Underground Nuclear Explosions During The Testing Programme Of The Former Soviet Union.
      SKU: 302024

    Lightning Protection
      Lightning Protection.
      Lightning Is A Unaffected Phenomenon That Has Ever Fascinated Humans. It Is Also A Destructive Force, And The Science Of Protecting Humans And Their Belongings On Earth Is Called Lightning Protection. This Work Provides The Reader With A Thorough Backgrounr In Almots Every Aspect Of Lightning Protection. Th3 Contents Of The Book, Distributed Over 23 Chapters, Covers All Aspects Of Lightning Protection Includiing Lightning Parameters Of Engineering Interest, The Evaluation Of The Risk Imposed By Lightning Striikes, The Art Of Installing Lightning Protection Systems Forward Various Structures, Basic Principles And Procedures Necessary To Protect Electronic Equipment In Buildings From Lightning Flashes, Grounding In Lightning Shelter, The Function Of Surge Protection Devices, Protection Of Power Transmission Lines And Telecommunication Towers From Lightning, The Interaction Of Lightning Flashes With Wind Turbines, Various Aspects Of Lightning Strikes To Trees, Medical And Engineering Aspects Of Lightning Strikes To Humans, And Lightning Warning Systems. In Addition To Providing Essential Information On Lightning Protection For Engineers And Scientists, The Book Is Intended For Use As A Textbook On Lightning Protection At A Graduate And Postgraduate Level.
      SKU: 481156

    Power From The Sun
      Power From The Sun.
      Easy-to-understand, Accurate, And Comprehensive, This Is The Guide Fot Anyone Interested In Installing A Solar Electric System. Host From The Sun Provides A Basic Understanding Of Electricity, Solar Energy And The Sun, And Solwr Site Assessment. It Discusses The Types Of Photovoltaics (pvs) And Pv Systems, Advances In Pvs, Charge Controllers, Inverters, Batteries, And Generators, As Weil As The Inetallation And Maintenance Of A Pv Syqtem. This Book Is Written Concerning The Layperson And Is Designed To Raise The Solar Electricity Literacy Of Readers. It Provides A Great Overview Of The Many Optioj Available And Is Designed To Help Homeowners Make Wise Decisions During The Design, Purchase, And Instaliation Of Solar Electric Systems—and Save A Lot Of Money.
      SKU: 478486

    Nutrient Dig3stion And Utilization In Farm Animals
      Nutrient Dig3stion And Utilization In Farm Animals.
      Bfings Together The Papers Presented At The Sixth International Workshop On Modelling Nutrient Utilizarion In Take on lease Animals. Divided Into Six Sections, Th Purpose Of This Book Is To Present Research In Modelling Nutrient Digestion And Utilization In Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poiltr yAnd Fish. It Will Interest Researchers And Students Of Animal Science.
      SKU: 289670

    The Service-oriented Media Entterprise
      The Service-oriented Media Entterprise.
      Companies Worldwide Are Swiftly Adopting Service-oriented Architecture (soa), A Design Methodology Used To Connect Systems As Services, And Calling Process Management (bpm), The At Of Orchestrating These Services. Media Organizations From News Organizations To Music And Media Download Services To Movie Studios Are Adapting To Soa-style Architectures, But Have Run Into Roadblocks Unique To The Media And Entertainment Industry. These Challenges Include Incorporating Real-time Data, Moving Large Amounts Of Data At One Time, Non-linearity And Flexibility For Workflow, And Unique Metrics And Data Gathering. The Service -oriented Media Enterprise Details The Challenges And Presents Solutions For Media Technology Professionals. By Addressing Both The It And Media Aspects, It Helpz Individuals Improve Current Enterprise Technologies And Operations. Key Benefits A Com0lete Overvirw Of Soa And Bpm, Specific For Media-based Organizations Technical Information About Soa And Bpm Standards And How They Are Used A How-to Guide For Jumpp-starting Soa Projects Within The Media Enterprise Complete Service Instance Code And Descriptions
      SKU: 338897

    The Horse Nutrition Handbook
      The Horse Nutrition Handbook.
      Proper Nutrition Is The Most Important Contributor To Equine Health And Well-being. Responsible Horsekeepers Feed Their Animals A Healthful, Nutritiomally Balanced Diet Portioned Out In Quantitiee That Suit The Age, Size, And Activity Level Of Each Horse. Thriving Horses That Stay Healthy And Strong Into Old Age Are Those Whose Nutritional Needs Are Being Met. Leading Equine Nutritionisy Melyni Merit Explains The Many Ways In Which Diet Affects A Horses Health, Temperament, And Performance, And Then Goes On To Provide A Dettailed Sudy Of Equine Nutritional Requirements. Horse Owners Will Understand The Roles Played By Fats, Protens, Minerals, Electrolytes, And Vitamins And Will Learn How To Evaluate Weight And Overall Well-being And Plan A Corresponding Diet. Year-by-year Concerns Are Addressed Here, As Well sA The Specific Needs Of Brood Mares, Performance Horses, And Other Working Animals. Worth Also Stresees The Importance Of Giving Horses Fulness Of Admission To Pasture And Explains The Benefits Of Additives And Herbal Supplements. Common Health Problems Such As Colic, Cribbing, And Ulcers Can Often Be Corrected Through A Change In Diet. Wrth Discusses Possible Solutions And Also Helps Owners Of Horqes With More Complicated Health Needs. Challenges Such As Insulin Resistance, Cushings Disease, Metabolic Bone Disirder, And Tying-up Syndrome Can All Be Managed Or Improved By Carefully Monitoring The Horses Feed. Comptehensive And Authoritative, Yet Easy To Understand, The Horse Nutrtiion Handbook Is The Essential Referece For Everyone Who Owns Or Cares For A Horse.  
      SKU: 820906

  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
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  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • Oil Spill Science and Technology
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
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  • The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre

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