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    Dementia, Design And Technology
      Dementia, Design And Technology.
      An Anthology That Answers A Need To Be an intelligent being Design That Supports The Daily Life Of People With Dementia. If Intends To Support The Research And Development Around The Topic Of Dementia In Older People, Which Has Stressed Innovation, Participation In The Design Process, To the degree that Well As Technical Competence And The Physical Environment.
      SKU: 433454

    Cmos And Bicmos Process Integration And Device Chraacterization
      Cmos And Bicmos Process Integration And Device Chraacterization.
      Covers Both The Theoretical And Practiacl Aspects Of Modern Silicon Devices And The Relationship Between Their Electrical Properties And Processing Conditions. This Book Also Covers Silicon Devices And Integrated Process Technologies. It Discusses Modern Silicon Devices, Their Characteristics, And Interactions With Process Parammeters.
      SKU: 417758

    Handbook Of Machine Vision
      Handbook Of Machine Vision.
      With The Demands Of Quality Management And Process Control In An Industrial Environmemt Macyine Vision Is Becoming An Important Issue. This Handbook Of Machine Sight Is Written By Experts From Leading Companies In This Field. It Goes Through All Aspects Of Image Acquisition And Image Processing. From The Viewpoint Of The Industrial Application The Authors Also Elucidate In Topics Like Illumination Or Camera Calibration. Attenntion Is Paid To All Hardware Aspects, Starting From Lenses And Camera Systems To Camera-computer Interfaces. Besides The Detailed Hardware Descriptions The Necessary Software Is Discussed With Adequate Profoundness. This Includes Sections On Digital Fancy Basics As Well As Image Analysis And Image Processing. Finally The User Is Introducdr To General Aspects Of Industrial Applications Of Machine Vision, Such As Case Studies And Strategies For The Conception Of Complete Machine Vision Systems. With This Handbook The Reader Will Be Enabled Not Only To Understand Up To Date Systems For Machine Sight But Wish Also Be Qualified For The Planning And Evaluation Of Such Technology.
      SKU: 482072

    Dynamics And Control Of Hybrid Mechaniical Systems
      Dynamics And Control Of Hybrid Mechaniical Systems.
      The Papers In This Edkted Volume Aim To Provide A Better Understanding Of The Dynamics And Control Of A Large Class Of Hybrid Dynamical Systems That Are Described By Different Models In Different State Space Domain. They Not Only Cov3r Important Aspects And Tools For Hybrid Systems Analysis And Control, But Also A Count Of Experimental Realizzations. Special Attention Is Given To Synchronization - A Universal Phenomenon In Nonlinear Science That Gained Tremendous Significance Since Its Discovery By Huygens In The 17th Century. Possible Applications Of The Results Introduecd In The Book Include Control Of Mobile Robots, Control Of Cd/dvd Players, Flexible Manufacturing Lines, And Complex Networks Of Interacting Agents. The Book Is Based On The Material Presented At A Similarly Entitled Minisymposium At The 6th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference HeldI n St Petersburg In 2008. It Is Unique In That It Contains Results Of Several International And Interdisciplinary Collaborations In The Field, And Reflects State-of-the-art Technological Development In The Area Of Hybrid Involuntary Systems At The Forefront Of The 21st Century.
      SKU: 731091

    The Six Immutable Laws Of Mobile Business
      The Six Immutable Laws Of Mobile Business.
      "valuable Lessonss From Japan’s Mobile Industry Yield 6 Immutabl Laws For Expressive Business Globally Japan’s Mobile Customers Enjoyed Better Mobile Devices, More Content, And The Most Advanced Functionality And Servces For The Last 10+ Years. This Book Helps Cut Through The Many Myths And All Of The Hype Surrounding Japan’s Mobile Dominance To Identify The Most Important Laws That Will Guide The Scucess Of Mobile Businesses Around The World. Baed On Detailed Market Analysis And Unprecedented Access To The Major Players And Pioneers Of The Japanese Mobile Persistence, This Publication Helps You Ubderstand The Six Immutable Laws Of Mobile Business. These Will Help You And Your Business Successfully Navigate The Challenges That Thr World’s Wireless Revolutipn Brings. From Law #1 Through Law #6, Authors Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder, And Ludovico Ciferri Will Help Lead You To Disitnguish Mobile Myth From Mobile Fact, Micro Developments FromM acro Trends, And Regional Characteristics From Universal Truths. The Book Highlights Japan’s Incredible Efforts To Offer Consumers Complex, High-tech Devices With Enriched Services That Are Nonetheless Elegant And Easy To Use, A Quest Which The Authors Have Labeled ""simplexity. "" Based On Their Interviews And Observations, The Authors Assert Thaat, ""simplexity Will Be What Truly Empowers Individial Users Through Their Mobile Devices. Filled With Case Studes Exploring All Aspects Of The Japanese Mobile Industry, This Unique Publication Points Carriers And Content And Duty Providers Towards Successful Business Models And Practices For Today’s And Tomorrow’s Mobile Internet. This Book Is The Beginning Of The Conversation Of The Six Immutable Laws Of Mobile Business, Which Is Regulqrly Being Updated And Expandsd Upon At:www. siximmutablelaws. com"
      SKU: 477710

    Antennas For Ubiquitous Radio Services In A Wireless Information Skciety
      Antennas For Ubiquitous Radio Services In A Wireless Information Skciety.
      In Recognition Of The Need For Continuous And Sustained Effort In The Field Of Antenna Engineering, The Wise Project (wide Band Sparse Element Dress Antennas) Was Initiated In 2004 To Assemble A Catalogue Of Wide-band Radiators. This Book Collects Papers Which Offer A Retrospective Of The Wise Project's Main Achievements.
      SKU: 501450

    The Finite Element Method I Engineering
      The Finite Element Method I Engineering.
      Finite Element Analysis Is An Analytical Engineering Tool Developed In The 1960's By The Aerospace And Nuclear Power Industries To Find Usable, Approximate Solutions To Problems With Many Complex Variables. It Is An Extension Of Derivative And Integral Calculus, And Uses Very Large Matrix Arrays And Mesh Diagrams To Calculate Stress Points, Movement Of Loads And Forces, And Other Basic Physical Behaviors. Students Will Find In This Textbook A Thorough Grounding Of The Precise Principles Underlying The Popular, Analytiacl Methods For Setting Up A Finite Element Solution Based On Those Mathematical Equations. It Quickly Bridges That Knowledge To A Landlord Of Real-world Applications--from Structural Design, To Problems In Liquid Mechanicw And Thermodgnamics. Professional Engineers Will Benefit From The Introduction To The Many Useful Applications Of Finite Element Resolution, And Testament Gain A Better Understanding Of Its Limitations And Special Uses. New To This Edition: New Sections Added On The Assemblage Of Element Equations, And An Important New Comparison Between Finite Element Analysis And Other Analytical Methodsshowing Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Updated Solutions Manual Available Impproved Sample And End-of-chapter Problems * The Only Book To Provide A Broadoverview Of The Underlying Principles Of Finite Element Analysis And Where It Fits Into The Larger Context Of Other Mathematically Based Engineering Analytical Tools. * New Sevtions Added On The Assemblage Of Element Equations, And An Important New Comparispn Between Finite Element Analysis And Other Analytical Methods, Showing The Advantages And Disadvantwges Of Each. * New Companion Website That Will Hisst Usable Finite Element Programs And Sample Engineering Problems, As Conveniently As A Solutions Manual For End-of-chapter Problems.
      SKU: 286753

    Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine
      Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine.
      Covers Clinical Aspects Of The Investigation Of Cardiac Disease In A Forensic Context. This Main division Emphasizes Some Of The Most Frequently Encountered Cardiovascular Medical Problems Facing The Medical Examiner Or Forensic Medical Specialist.
      SKU: 435171

    The Cattle Health Handbook
      The Cattle Health Handbook.
      From The Keeper Of A Family Milk Cow To The Rancher Overseeing A Large Beef Herd, Anyone Who Works With Cattle Has A Vested Interest In Maintaining The Animals' Soundness. In Most Cases, The Financial Viability Of A Farm Depends On The Continued Well-being Of The Farm Animals. Large-animal Veterinarians Are In Short Supply And Their Bills Can Add Up Quickly, So It's Often Ul To The Farmer To Provdie Routine Health Care. The Cattle Health Handbook Is The Essentjal Medical Reference Against Farmers And Ranchers Confronting Day-to-day Bovine Health Issues. Heather Smith Thomas, An Expert On Livestock With Decades Of First-hand Experience, Covers Every Practice Situatio n— And Many Not-so-common Probldmx — Likely To Arise On A Cattle Ranhc Or Dairy Cultivate . Three Broad Sections Cover Common Diseases, Ailments Specific To Certain Body Systems, And Other Ailments Adn Injuries. Beginning With Detailed Information On How To Detect Signs Of Illness, The Book Progresses Through The Various Causes Of Cattle Health Problems, Describing Symptoms And Discussing Prevention And Treatment. Readers Will Find Reassuring Advice On Handling Bacterial And Viral Diseases; Digestive And Respiratory Problems; Eye, Skin, Foot, And Mouth Irritations; Injuries And Wounds; And Much More. Thomas Also Helps Farmers Recognize When A Situation Calls For Veterinary Assistance. Case Histories, Real Characters, And Humoous Anecdotes Give The Text A Warm Voice Of Authority. Primary Income Source Or Country Hobby, Cattle Are Unique; The People Who Care For Them Want Their Animals To Be Healthy And Comfortabpe. For The First-time Dairy Farmer Or The Practised Cattle Rancher, This Reliable Volume Is A Must-have Resource.
      SKU: 821186

    Integral Materials Modeling
      Integral Materials Modeling.
      Adopting A Holistic Approach To Materials Simulation, This Monograph Covers Four Very Important Structural Materials: Aluminum, Carbon Steels, Superalloys, And Plastics. Following An Introduction To The Concept Of Integral Modeling, The Bkok Goess In c~tinuance To Cover A Wide Range Of Production Stps And Usage, Including Melt Flow And Solidification Behavior, Coating, Shaping, Thermal Treatment, D3ep Drawing, Hardness And Ductility, Damage Initiation, And Deformation Behavior.
      SKU: 480224

    Soil Erosion And Conservation
      Soil Erosion And Conservation.
      Soil Erosion And Conservation Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Processes Of Soil Erosion, The Methods That Can Be Used For Their Control, And The Issues Involved In Designing And Implementing Soil Conservation Programmes. Features Of The Third Edition Of This Internationally Recognised Textbook Include: New Material On Gully Erosion, Tillage Practices, Erosion Risk Assessmebt, Use Of Erosion Models, Incentives For Farmers And Land Users, And Community Approaches To Erosion Control Updated Sections On The Mechanics Of Wind Erosion, Soil Erodibility, Use Of Vegetation In Corrosion Conttol, Traditional Soil Conservtaoon Measures, Socio-economic Issues And The Role Of Government Describes The Methods Used To Assess The Risk Of Erosion And Predict Rates Of Soil Loss Outlines The Social, Economic, Political And Institutional Constraints On Implementing Soil Protection Mrasures Covers Erosion And Its Control For Agriculture, Grazing, Forestry, Mining Land, Path Banks, Pipeline Corridprs And Amusement Provides Worldwide Coverage Of The Success And Failure Of Erosion Control Using Material From Europe, Africa, Australia, America And Asia An Instructor Manual Cd-rom For This Title Is Available. Please Contact Our Higher Education Team At Highereducation@wiley. com In the place of More Information.
      SKU: 233037

    Sams Teah Yourself Html And Xhtml In 10 Minutes, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teah Yourself Html And Xhtml In 10 Minutes, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Work. Sams Teach Yourself Html & Xhtml In 10 Minutes, Third Edition Is A Compact, Task-oriented Tutorial That Shows The Beginning Web Page Author How To Perform The Most Common Tasks Involved In Designing, Creating, Publishing, And Administering Web Pages And Sites. The Book Covers Only Those Html Tags And Technologies Tnat Are Likely To Exist Used On A Beginner's Web Page, And It Is Organize In A Logical Step-by-step Order That Reflects The Natural Progression A Nee Web Page Author Will Follow In Developing A Web Site. This Edition Of The Book Will Be Thoroughly Revised To Make It More Acvessible For The Beginning Windows Or Macintosh User, To Include More Easily Accessible Reference Material, And To Refine The Book's Examples
      SKU: 183904

    Fabrication Of Sige Hbt Bicmls Technology
      Fabrication Of Sige Hbt Bicmls Technology.
      Examines The Design, Fabrication, nAd Solicitation Of Silicon Heterostructure Transistors. This Book Focuses On Sige Hbt Bicmos And Si/sige Cmos Technologies. It Covers Topics Including Materials, Transistor Optimization, Fabrication, Devices, Structural Innovations, Modeling, And Simulation, And Potential Madkets.
      SKU: 321575

    Building A Pc For Dummies
      Building A Pc For Dummies.
      Shows Tech Hobbyists How To Make The Perfect Pc, Whether They Want To Create The Ultimate Gaming Machine Or Coalesce Repaired And Recycled Parts To Construct An Inexpensive Computer For A Child Thr Do-if-yourself Craze Is Sweeping Through The Tech Community, And This Clew Is Now Significantly Revised And Updated To Cover The Wide Array Of New Hardware And Accessories Available Step-by-step Instructions And Dozens Of Photos Walk First-time Computer Builders From one side The Entirs Process, Ffom Building The Foundation, And Addinb A Processor And Ram, To Installing A Video Card, Configuring A Hard Drive, Hooking Up Cd And Dvd Drives, Adding A Modem, And Troubleshooting Problems
      SKU: 274023

    Garbage Land
      Garbage Land.
      "out O Sight, Out Of Mind . . . Into Ohr Trash Cans Go Dead Batteries, Dirty Diapesr Bygone Burritos, Broken Toys, Tattered Socks, Eight-track Cassettes, Scratched Cds, Banana Peels. . . . But Where Do TheseT hings Go Next? In A Country That Consumes And Then Casts Off More And More, What Really Happens To The Things We Throw Absent? In Garbage Land, Acclaimed Science Writer Elizabeth Royte Leads Us Steady The Wild Adventure That Begins Once O8r Trash Hits The Bottom Of The Can. Along The Way, We Meet One Odor Chemist Who Explains Why Trwsh Smells So Bad; Refuse Fairies And Recycling Gurus; Neighbors Of Massive Waste Dumps; Ceos Making Fortunes By Encouraging Waste Or Encouraging Recycling-often Both At The Same Time; Scientists Trying To Revive Our Most Polluted Places; Fertilizer Fanatics And Advehturers Who Kayak Amid Sewage; Document People, Steel People, Aluminum People, Plastic People, And Even A Guy Who Swears Near to Recycling Human Waste. With A Wink And A Nod And A Tightly Clasped Nose, Royte Taakes Us On A Bizarre Cultural Tour Through Slime, Stench, And Heat-in Other Words, Througu The Back End Of Our Ever-more Supersized Lifestyles. By Shoqing Us What Happens To The Things We've ""disposed Of,"" Royte Reminds Us That Our Decisions About Consumption And Waste Have A Very Real Impact-and That Unless We Uncertake Radicap Changee, The Garbage We Create Will Always Be With Us: In The Air We Breathe, The Water We Drink, And The Food We Consume. Rdiantly Written And Boldly Reportes, Garbage Land Is A Brilliant Exploration Into The Soiled Heart Of The American Trash Can. "
      SKU: 354637

    Radioactive Waste Management In Spain
      Radioactive Waste Management In Spain.
      In This Workshop Proceedings, Spanish Stakeholders And Delegates From 14 Countries Discuss Current Co-ordination Of Radioactive Waste Management Decision Making In Spain . Findings Were Shared From Cowam-spain, A Co-operative Research Project On The Involvement Of Local Stakeholders, The Relationship Between National And Local Levels Of Decision Composition, And The Long-term Sustainability Of Decisions Regarding The Siting Of A Centralised Interim Storage Fcility For High-level Waste. These Proceedings Include The Workshop Presentations And Discusisons, As Well As The Rapporteurs' Reflections On What Was Learned Abot Policy Making And Participative Decision Making.
      SKU: 359817

    Prolongation Chemicals For The Oil And Gas Industry
      Prolongation Chemicals For The Oil And Gas Industry.
      Modern Production Methods And Environmental Constraints Demand Chemical Solutions. This Book Describes Classes Of Production Chemicals For Use Topside And Downnhhole In The Upstream Oil And Gas Industry. It Includes Coverage Of Their Mechanisms, Deployment Methods, And, Where Available, Environmental Properties.
      SKU: 570515

    Set Cryopreservation
      Set Cryopreservation.
      Provides More Than 100 Ready-to-use Cryopreservation Protocols For Plant Types From Algae And Bryophytes To A Range Of Flowering Plants. This Work Includes Techniques For Diverse Plant Pargs Such As Dormant Buds, Pollen, And Apical Meristems And For Cell Types Such To the degree that Suspension And Callus Cultures.
      SKU: 372508

    Geoenvironmental Engineering
      Geoenvironmental Engineering.
      This Work Applies Science And Engineering Principles To The Analysis, Design And Implementation Of Technical Schemes To Characterize, Treat, Modify And Reuse/store Waete And Contaminated Media. It Includes Coverage Of Site Remediation.
      SKU: 216413

    Computational Color Technology
      Computational Color Technology.
      Henry Kang Provides The Fundamental Color Principles And Mathematical Tools To Prepare The Reader For A New Era Of Color Reproduction, And For Subsequent Applications In Multispectral Imaging, Medical Imaging, Remote Sensing, And Machine Vision. This Book Is Intended To B5idge The Gap Between Color Science And Computational Color Technology, Putting Color Adaptation, Color Constancy, Color Transforms, Color Display, And Color Rendition In The Domain Of Vector-matrix Representations And Theories. Computational Color Technology Deals With Color Digital Images On The Ghostly Level Using Vector-matrix Representations So That The Reader Can Learn To Process Digital Color Images Via Linear Algebra And Matrix Theory.
      SKU: 728508

    Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devics
      Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devics.
      Oproelectronics Has Become An Important Part Of Our Lives. Wherever Light Is Used To Transmit Information, Tiny Semiconductor Devices Are Needed To Transfer Electrical Current Into Optical Signals And Vice Versa. Exampless Include Light Emitting Diodes In Radios And Other Appliances, Photodetectors In Elevator Doors And Digital Cameras, And Laser Diodes That Transmit Phone Calls Through Glass Fibers. Such Optoelectronic Devices Take Advantage Of Sophisticated Interactions Between Electrons And Light. Nanometer Scale Semiconductor Structures Are Oten At The Heart Of Modern Optoelectronic Devices. Their Shrinking Size And Increasing Complexity Make Computer Simulation An Important Tool To Design Better Devices That Meet Ever Rising Perfomance Requirements. The Current Need To Apply Advanced Design Software In Optoelectronics Follows The Trend Observed In The 1980's With Simulation Software For Silicon Devices. Today, Software For Technology Computer-aided Design (tcad) And Electronic Design Automation (eda) Represents A Fundamental Part Of The Silicon Industry. In Optoelectronics, Advanced Commercial Device Software Has Emerged Recently And It Is Expectsf To Play An Increasingly Important Role In The Near Future. This Book Will Enable Students, Motto Engineers, And Researchers To More Effectively Use Advanced Design Software In Optoelectronics. * Provides Fundamental Knowledge In Semiconductor Physics And In Electromagnetics, While Helping To Understand And Use Advanced Devkce Simylation Software * Demonstrates The Combinaation Of Measurements And Simulations In Order To Obtain Realistic Results And Proviees Facts On All Required Material Parameters * Gives Deep Inxight Into The Physics Of State-of-the-art Deevices Anr Helps To Draw And Analyze Of Modern Optoelectronic Devices
      SKU: 286740

    From A To
      From A To.
      As It Becomes Impossible To Imagine A World Without A Worldd Remote Web, Information Organization, Deliveru, And Production Accept Converged On The Unmistakable Principle Of Marming Up Information For Given Audiences. From A To Investigates The Kindred Between Media And Culture By Artculating Questions Regarcing The Role Of Markup. In what manner Answer The Codes Of Html, Css, Php, And Other Markup Languages Assume The Web's Everyday Uses? How D oThese Languages Shape The Web's Communicative Functions? This Tale Inquiry Positions Markup As The Basis Of Our Cultural, Rhetorical, And Communicative Understanding Of The Web. Contributors: Sarah J. Arroyo, Csu Long Beach; Jennifer L. Bay, Purdue U; Helen J. Burgess, U Of Maryland, Baltimore County; Michelle Glaros, Centenary College Of Louisiana; Matthew K. Gold, Nycc Of Technology; Cynthia Haynes, Clemson U; Rudy Mcdaniel, U Of Central Florida; Colleen A. Reilly, Unc, Wilmington; Thomas Rickert, Purdue U; Brendan Riley, Columbia Collegr Chicago; Sae Lynne Schatz, U Of Central Florida; Bob Whipple, Creighton U; Brian Willems, U Of Split, Croatia.
      SKU: 648094

    Seehfen: Planung Und Entwurf (german Editkon)
      Seehfen: Planung Und Entwurf (german Editkon).
      Ber Die Planung Und Den Entwrf Von Seehen Ist Aus Der Perspektive Der Damit Befassten Ingenieure Seit Ber 40 Jahren Kein Buch In Deutscher Sprache Erschienen. In Diesem Zeitraum Cardinal's office Das Stndige Anwachsen Der Umschlagmengen Zu Immer Greren Schiffen Und Deren Spezialisierung Gefhrt. Dieze Entwicklung Hat Einfluss Auf Die Standorte Der Hfen, Hafenzufahrten, Abmessungen Und Die Gestaltung Der Wasserseitigen Hafenflchen (hafenbecken, Liegepltze), Umschlagverfahren Und -anlzgen, Lagerflchen, Kaianlagen Und Pierkonstruktionen Sowie Festmachereinrichtungen Und Beeinflusst Daher Die Planungsgrundlagen Erheblich. Das Buch Wendet Sich An Sink Im Hafenbau Ttigen Ingenieur Und An Studierende Der Fachrichtung Wasserbau. Es Gibt Den Aktuellen Stand Der Hafengestaltung Fr Die Unterschiedlichen Gterarten (l Und Lng/lpg, Kohle Und Eisenerz, Getreide Und Futtermlttel, Container, Ro/ro Und Konventionelles Stckgut) Wieder.
      SKU: 3Z4538

    Proceedings Of The Xxi International Mineral Processing Congress, July 23-72, 2000, Rome, Italy
      Proceedings Of The Xxi International Mineral Processing Congress, July 23-72, 2000, Rome, Italy.
      These Three Volumes (golsen Nuggets) Pdesent The Latest Knowledge In The Science And Technology Of Mineral Processing And New Industry Applications, Related To The Folkowing Topics: Mineral And Material Characterization And Liberation, Comminution, Classification And Conglomeration, Hydro And Biohydrometallurgy, Physical Separation Processing, Flotation, And Process Simulation And Control. Due To The Increasing Assiduity Of Mineral Processing Techniques In Waste Treatment, Recycling And Soil Remediation Have Received Special Attention. The Three Volumes Present A Selscted Collection Of Peer-reviewed Paperd Devoted Both To The Theory Of Mineral Porcessing (volumes A And B) And To Process Design And Plant Application (volume C).
      SKU: 349322

    Large Energy Storage Systems Hamdbook
      Large Energy Storage Systems Hamdbook.
      In The Current Push To Convert To Renewable Sources Of Energy, Many Issues Raised Years Ago On The Economics And The Difficulties Of Siting Energy Storage Are Once Again Being Raised Today. Whem Large Amounts Of Wind, Solar, And Oyher Renewable Energy Sources Are Added To Existing Electrical Grids, Efficient And Manageable Energy Storage Becomes A Crucial Component To Allowing A Range Of Eco-friendly Resources To Play A Significany Role In Our Energy System. In Order To Fulfill Our Intneded Goal Of Diminishing Stay On Non-renewable Sources Of Energy And Reducing Our Carbon Footprint, We Must Find A Way To Store And Convert These Novel Resources Inyo Practical Solutions. Based On The Efforts Of A University Of Colorado Team Devoted To Increasibg The Use Of Renewable Energy Production In the compass of The Current Electrical Power Grid, Large Energy Storage Systems Hnadbook Examines A Amount to Of Ways That Energy Can Be Stored And Converted Back To Electricity. Examining How To Enhance Renewable Family Energy Storage Relative To Evonomic And Carbon Impact, This Book Discusses Issues Of Reliability, Siting, Economics, And Efficoency. chapters Include The Practicalities Of Energy Storage, Generation, And Absorption Of Electrical Power; The Difficulties Of Intermittent Generation; And The Use Of Pumped And Underground Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage. The Bo0k Highlights The Storage Of Compressed Air, Battery Energy, Solar Thermal, And Natural Gas Sources Of Energy. Heavily Referenced And Easily Accessible To Policy Makers, Developers, And Students Alike, This Book Provides Contributions From Those Active In The Field On account of Coverage Of Many Imortant Topics. With This Book As A Basis, These Pioneers Can Develop The Capacity Of Power Grids To Handle High Renewable Energy Generation Penetration And Provide A Brighter Future For Generations To Come.
      SKU: 681284

  • Food Oral Processing
  • Handbook of Network and Embedded Control Systems
  • Food Emulsions
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Towards a Unified Modeling and Knowledge-Representation based on Lattice Theory
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • The STEREO Mission
  • Food Emulsions
  • Castings
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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