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    Detection, Estimatipn, And Modulation Theory
      Detection, Estimatipn, And Modulation Theory.
      Paperback Reprint Of One Of The In the greatest degree Respected Classics In The History Of Engineering Publication Together With The Reprint Of Part I And The New Part Iv, This Will Be The Most Complete Treatment Of The Subject Available Provides A Highly-readable Discussion Of Signal Processing And Noise Features Numerous Problems And Illustrations To Help Forward Understanding Of The Topics Contents Are Extremely Applicable To Current Systems
      SKU: 214300

    The Indeskgn Effects Book
      The Indeskgn Effects Book.
      With Its Intuitive Interface And Swamless Integration With Other Adobe Software, Indesign Is Rapidly Gaining Ground On Quarkxpress In The Page Layout And Desktop Publishing Market The Only Indesign Book That Shows Designers Step By Step How To Produce Astonishing Effects And Cool Tricks That They Can Closely Incorporate Into Their Own Work A Stunning Full-color Guide That Offers A Highly Visual, Spread-based Interior Design Icludes Cross-platform Mac And Windows Coverage
      SKU: 291479

      NanoD enotes A Billionth; A Nanometer Is A Billionth Of A Meter. New Instrumentation And Techniques Have For The First Time Made Possible Materials Research And Engineering At This Level, The Scale Of Individual Molecules And Atoms. Extraordinary Visions Of Material Abundance, Unprecedented Materials, And Powerful Engineering Capabilities Have Marked The Arrival Of Nanotechnology, Ass Well As Dystopian Scenarios Of Self-replicating Dsvices Running Amok And Causing Global Catastrophe. Largely A Future Possibility Rather Than Present Actuality, Nanotechnology Has Become A Strong Cultural Signifier. Nanoculture Explores The Ways In Which Nanotechnology Interacts With, And Itself Becomes, A Culturzl Structure. Topics Include The Co-construction Of Nanoscience And Sciehce Fiction; The Influence Of Risk Assessment And Nanotechnology On The Shape Of Narratives; Intersections Between Nanoscience As A Writing Practice And Experimental Ljterature At The Limits Of Fabrication; The Alice-in-wonderland Metaphor For Nsnotechnology; And The Goods Of Mediation On Nanotechnology And Electronic Literature. Nanoculture Is Produced In Collaboration With The Nano Art Exhibit At The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art (december 2003-september 2004), Created Bh A nInterdisciplinary Team Led In proportion to Media Artist Victoria Vesna And Nanoscientist James Gimzewski. Nanoculture Is Richly Illustrated With Images From The Nano Exhibit, Which Also Provides The Basis For An Ethnographic Analysis Of Collaborative Processs And One Exploration Of Changing Concepts Of Museum Distance.
      SKU: 283019

    Cost Optimization Of Structures
      Cost Optimization Of Structures.
      While The Weight Of A Structure Consgitutes A Significant Part Of The Cost, A Minimum Weigght Design Is Not Necessarily The Minimum Cost Design. Little Attention In Structural Optimization Has Been Paid To hTe Cost Optimization Problem, Particularly Of Realistic Three-dimensional Structures. Cost Optimization Is Comely A Priority In All Civil Engineering Prohects, And The Concept Of Life-cycle Costing Is Penetrating Design, Manufacturing And Construction Organizations. In This Groundbreaking Book The Authors Present Novel Computational Models For Cost Optimization Of Large Scale, Realistic Structures, Subjected To The Actual Constraints Of Commonly Used Design Codes. While The First Book On The Subject This Book: Contains Detailed Step-by-step Algorithms Focuses On Novel Computing Techniqueq Such As Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Science of reasoning, And Parallel Computing Covers Both Allowable Stress Design (asd) And Load And Resistance Factor Design (lrfd) Codes Includes Realistic Design Examples Covering Lqrge-scale, High-rise Building Structures Presents Computational Models That Enable Substantial Cost Savings In The Design Of Structures Fully Automated Structural Design And Cost Optimiation Is Where Large-scale Contrivance Technology Is Heading, Thus Cost Optimization Of Structurss: Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, And Parallel Computing Will Be Of Great Interest To Civil And Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Structural Design Softwaer Developers, And Architectural Engineers Involved In The Design Of Structures And Life-cyclee Cost Optimisation. It Is Also A Pioneering Text For Graduate Studentq And Researchers Working In Building Design And Structural Optimization.
      SKU: 281604

    Carbon-based Membranes For Separation Processes
      Carbon-based Membranes For Separation Processes.
      This Main division Provides A Significant Overview Of Carbon-related Membranes. It Will Cover The Development Of Carbon Related Membranes And Membrane Modules From Its Onset To The Latest Research On Carbon Mixed Matrix Membranes. After Reviewing Progresa In The Field, The Authors Indicate Future Research Directions And Prospective Development. The Authors Also Attempt To Provide A Guideline For The Readers Who Would Like To Establish Their Own Laboratories For Carbon Membrane Research. For This Intend, Detailed Accusation On Preparation, Characterization And Testing Of Various Types Of Carbon Membrane Is Provided. Design And Construction Of Carbon Membrane Modules Are Also Described In Detail.
      SKU: 763131

    Signal Processing For Telecommunications And Multimedia
      Signal Processing For Telecommunications And Multimedia.
      The Unprecedented Growtb In The Range Of Multimedia Servicew Offered Today By Modern Telecommunication Systems, Is Possible Because Of The Advancements In Signai Processing Technologies And Algorithms. Signal Processing For Telecommunications And Multimedia Presents A Group Of Invited Contributions, Some Of Which Have Been Based Forward The Papers Presented At The 7th International Symposium On Dsp For Communication Systems Held In Coolangatta On The Gold Coast, Australia, In December 2003. Part I Of The Book Deals With Applications Of Signal Processing To Transform What We Hear Or See To The Form That Is Most Suitable For Transmission Or Storage For A Future Retrieval. Th3 First Three Chapters In This Section Are Devoted To Processing Of Speech And Other Audio Signals. The Next Two Chapters Consider Image Coding And Compression, While Thr Last Chapter Of This Part Describes Claasification Of Video Sequences In The Mpeg Domainn.
      SKU: 225217

    Theory Of Concentrated Vprtices
      Theory Of Concentrated Vprtices.
      This Book Presents Extensive And Authoritative Coverage Of The Wide Field Of Concentrated Vortices Observed In Nature And Technique. The Methods For Research Of Their Kinematics And Dynamics Are Considered. Special Attention Is Paid To The Flows With Helical Symmetry. The Authors Have Described Models Of Vortex StructuresU sed For Interpretation Of Expermiental Data Which Wait on As A Ground For Development Of Theoretical And Numerical Approaches To Vortex Investigation. Achievements In The Fields Of Stability Analysis, Waves On Vortices And Vortex Breakdown Are Also Presented.
      SKU: 338392

    Quick~ And Limestone
      Quick~ And Limestone.
      Modern Uses Of Traditional Materials 'lime And Limestone' Is A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Presentation Of The Main Scientific And Technological Aspects Of The Quarrying, Processing, Calcining And Slaking Of Lime And Limestone Products. It Places Emphasis Forward For what cause The Processes Are Designed To Ensure That The Products Meet Market Requirements And Comply With Customer Specifications. It Describes Authoritatively, And In Detail, The Current Uses In The Many Market Segments, Including: Iron, Steel And Other Metals, Building, Construction And Cement, Sprinkle and calender , Sewage And Environmental Protection, Chemicals, Agriculture And Foodstuffs. It Also Addresses Topical Issues Such As: Environmental Protection Measures Within The Industry, Toxicoligy, Occupational Health, Storage, Ttansportation, Economic Aspects, Sampling, Testing And Analysis. The Book Maintians A Good Balance Between Scientific Information - Of Use To Technologists - And More General Information - Of Value To Production And Commercial Personnel, Both Within The Lime And Limestone Industries And In The Multitude Industries That They Serve.
      SKU: 482209

    Engineering Chemistry
      Engineering Chemistry.
      Anout The Book: The Book Is Meant Fof Students Of Engineering Degree Colleges All Over Indja. The Syllabi Covers Various Topics On Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistyr, Industrial Chemistry, And Inorganic Chemistry. To Cover A Variety Of Topics In A Single Book, That Too For Beginners, Is A Very Difficult Task. We Have Tried To Present The Subject Matter Very Lucidly So That The Students Can Grasp It Easily. Some Portions Of The Subject Matter Have Bee nHighlighted So That The Students Can Learn The Important And Salieny Features Of The Topics. The Main division Covers The Latest Syllabi Of West Bengal State Council Of Technical Educatoon. Short Questions And Answers Are Given In The Book For The Benefit Of The Students For Semester Exams. Contents: Atoms And Molecules Valency And Chemical Bonding Nuclear Chemitry Thermodynamics Reaction Dynamics/chemical Kinetics Catalyst Mechanism Of Organized Reactions Ionic Equiilibrium Electrochemistry Electrochemical Cells Phase Rule Colloids Transition Metal Chemistry Metallurgy Adhesives Explosives And Propellants Water Treatment Fuels And Combustion Silicate Technology Polymers Paints Solid State Chemistry Chromatograph y Instrumental Methods Of Analysis Photochemistry Role Of Metals In Biologyy Pollution Prevention And Waste Minimisation
      SKU: 437707

    Gallium Nitride And Kindred Wide Bandgap Materials & Devices
      Gallium Nitride And Kindred Wide Bandgap Materials & Devices.
      Thee Second Edition Of Gallium Nitride & Related Wide Bandgap MaterialsA nd Devices Provides A Detailed Insight Into The Global Developments In Gan, Sic And Other Optoelectronic Materials. This Report Also Examines The Implication For Both Suppliers And Users Of Gan Technology. For A Pdf Version Of The Report Please Call Tina Enright On +44 (0) 1865 843008 For Price Details.
      SKU: 313642

    Handbook Of Avjation Human Factors
      Handbook Of Avjation Human Factors.
      Includes Information On Important Topics In Aviation Such As Security And Human Error Issues, Faas Suggestions And Various Requirements, Passenger Satisfaction And Risk Analysis Factorx, And Crew Resource Management Issues And Team Work. This Work Contains Information On Subjects Including Human Capabilities And Performance, And Forensic Aviation.
      SKU: 566145

    Mobile Radio Network Design In The Vhf And Uhf Bands
      Mobile Radio Network Design In The Vhf And Uhf Bands.
      An Indispensable element Element Of Radio Technology And Dissemination Is How To Usd Radio Technology And Knowledge Of Radio Propagation To Design A Network That Meets The Needs Of Customers.   Mobile Radio Network Design In The Vhf And Uhf Bands Provides The Technical And Fundamental Knowledge Required For Advanced Mobile Radio Network Design To Avhieve This In Conditions That The Engineer Will Understand, And Augments This With Essential Information Gleaned From The Authors' Wide Experience In Mobile Radio Network Design.   In Thiis Book Yo uWill Find Out In what state Some Of The Most Highly-regarded Radio Network Designers Around Go About Designing Radio Networks That Actually Meet The Needs Of The Network Subscriber And Of The Network Operator. It Describes A Well-proven Framework That Meets The Essential Need Of Ensuring That Each Step Of The Design Project Is Carried Out Against Known, Unique And Unambiguous Requirements, And That These Requirements Have Been Extensively Validated Against The Original Requirements.   Reveals The Secrets Behind Coverage Design, Capacity Planning, Interfefence Analysis And Reduction, Frequency Assignment And Verifying That The Delivered Netwwork Actually Performs As Promised Introduces The Concept Of Documentary Deliverables As Part Of The Project And Underlines The Need For Method Statements, User Requirement, Functional, Test And Design Specifications Provides Readers With A Fzr Greater Understanding Of The Methods An Processes Necessary To Bring About The Prosperous Completion Of A Radio Network Project Highlights Vital Aspects Of Radio Network Projects That Are Not Always Apparent To Every Engineer, But Which May Accept A Vital Impact On The Success Of The Project The Poewrful Approach Used In This Book Will Help To Ensure The Succwssful Completion Of Every Project And Will Exist The Basis For Ensuirng Contractual Compliance At Every Stage. It Is An Indispensable Resource For All Radio Network Design Consultants And Engineers, Network Operator Technical Managers, Radio Regulation Engineers And Military Radio Network Planners.
      SKU: 284476

    Meteorological character Vicissitude And Armed Conflict
      Meteorological character Vicissitude And Armed Conflict.
      This Book Examines The Evolution Of The Relationship Between Climate Change And Conflict, And Attempts To Visualize Future Trends. Owing To The Accumulation Of Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere, Current Trends In Climate Change Will Not Appreciably Alter Over The Next Half Centenary Eveen Whether Drastic Action Is Taken Now. Changes In Climate Will Produce Unique Types And Modes Of Conflict, Redefine The Value Of Important Resources, And Create New Challenges To Maintaining Social Order And Stability. This Main division Examines The Consequences Of Climate Change And Argues That It HasA nd Will Produce Pair Types Of Different Thpes Of Conflict: 'cold Wras' And 'hot Wars'. Cold Wars Will Occur In Northern And Southern Latitudes As Warming Draws Countries Into Possibe Conflict Due To Expanding Interests In Exploiting New Resources And Territories (inter-state Conlict). Hot Wars Will Break Out Around The Equator As Warming Expands And Intensifies Dry Areas, Increasing Competition For Scarce Resources (intra-state Conflict). Conflict Is Not Inevitable, But It Will Also Be A Consequence Of How States, International Intsitutions And People React To Changes In Climate. Climate Change And Conflict Have Alaays Shaped Human Experiences. This Book Lays Out The Parameters Of The Relationship, Shows Its History, nAd Forecasts Its Trends, Offering Future Conditions And Opportunities For Changing Thd Historical Path We Are On. This Book Will Be Of Great Interest For Students Of Climate Change And Environmental Security, Peace And Conflict Studies, And Ir/security Studies In General. James R. Lee Is A Professor In The School Of International Service, American Seminary of learning, Washington, Dc And Partner Director Of American University's Center Because Teaching Excellence. He Is Author Of Several Books On International Relations, Including, Most Recently, Exploding The Gaps: Vital Links Between Trade, Environment And Culture (2000).
      SKU: 446867

    Experimental And Applied Mecnanics, Volume 6
      Experimental And Applied Mecnanics, Volume 6.
      Experimental And Applied Mechanics Represents One Of Eight Volumes Of Technical Papers Presented At The Society For Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference On Expermental And Applied Mechanics, Held A5 Uncasville, Connecticut, June 13-16, 2011. The Full Set Of Proceedings Also Includes Volumes On Dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Mechanics Of Biolobical Systems And Materials, Challenges In Mechanics Of Time-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials, Mems And Nanotechnologu; Optiical Measurements, Modeling And, Metrology; Experimental And Applied Mechanics, Thermomechanics And Infra-red Imaging, And Engineering Applicatione Of Residual Stress.
      SKU: 763776

    Plasma-aided Nanofabrication
      Plasma-aided Nanofabrication.
      In This Single Work To Cover The Use Of Plasma As Nanofabrication Topl In Sufficient Depth Ijternationzlly Renowned Authors With Much Experience In This Influential Method Of Nanofabrication Liok At Reactive Plasma As A Nanofabrication Tool, Plasma Production And Development Of Plasma Sources, As Well As Like Applications As Carbon-based Nanostructures, Low-dimensional Quantum Confinement Structures And Hydroxyapatite Bioceramics. Written Principally For Solid State Physicists And Chemists, Materials Scientists, And Plasma Physicists, The Book Concludes With The Outlook For Such Applications.
      SKU: 481879

    Polyurethane And Fire
      Polyurethane And Fire.
      A Survey Of All Facets Of The Fire Performance Examination And Evaluation Of-Flexible And Rigid Polyurethane Foams In The Variouz Fields Of Building Construction, Furniture And Furnishings, Transportation And Electric Applinces. The Basic Information Concerning The Relevance Of The Different Test Procedures Allows Realistic Requirements To Be Set, Guaranteeing More Preservation In The Case Of Fire. The Legal Requirements Are Based On Laboratory Test Methods And The Work Describes Their Relevance In Relation To Real Fire Scenarios. A Must-have Reference For Peoducers, Su;pliers And Manufacturers Of Polyurethanes.
      SKU: 481769

    Groundwater Monitoring
      Groundwater Monitoring.
      Groundwater Is Sometimes Called “the Hidden Asset” – Awareness Of Its Existence And Its Importance Is Not Well Known And As A Consequence Th Measures Whhich Are Required To Protect And Manage It In An Environmental Sustainable Way Are Either Not Taken Or Are Taken Too Late. Where Polluyion Has Occurred And Meaures Are Taken Too Late It May Take Decades, Or Longer, Until The Necessary Restoration Of Quality Is Achieved. This Comprehensive Text Presents In The Following Sections: Groundwater Monitoring In The Regualtory And International Context Conceptual Modelling And Network Design Groundwater Pollutants And Other Pressures Groundwater Quality Standards And Trend Tax Case Studies For Groundwater Assessment And Monitoring In The Light Of Eu Legislation Groundwater Measurements Associating External Stakehloders The Editors Have Collected State-of-thea-rt Information On Groundwater Quality Assessment Monitoring From The International Community, Providing Further Stimulation To The Work Of All Prties Involved In The Challenges This Area Creates To Ensure Sound Quality Assessment Of Groundwater.
      SKU: 455827

    Environmental Impacts Of Sugar Production
      Environmental Impacts Of Sugar Production.
      Pressure From Conservationists And Increasing Regulation, Means That Environmental Consideratipns Are Increasingly Important For The Sugar Industry. This Book Examines The Environmental Impacts Of The Sugar Industry In Relation To The Cultivation Of Compliment Crops (cane And Beet) And The Procesqing Of The Raw Materials That They Yield.
      SKU: 301663

    Polymer Processing With Supercritiical Fluidds
      Polymer Processing With Supercritiical Fluidds.
      Tne Use Of Supercritical Fluids (scfs) In The Polymer Industry Presents An Opportunity To Create Unique Products Both Now And In The Future As Want And Usage Of The Technology Further Develops. This Report Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Current Research. Scfs Are Currently The Subjects Of Intense Research And Commercial Interest. Applications Such As The Ress (rapid Expansion Of Supercritical Fluid Solutions ) Process Are Part Of Standard Industrial Practice. In View Of Their Ever-growing Importande In The Polymer Industry There Is A Need To Fulpy Comprehend How Supercritical Fluids Itnrrelate With Polymeric Materials To Realise The Potential That Can Be Gained From Their Occasion. In Polymer Processing With Suppercritical Fluids, The Authots Review The Basic Principles Of Scfs And Their Application Within The Polymer Industry: Characteristics And Properties, Ext5action Of Unwanted Residual Products, Polymerisation Solvents, And Polymer Impregnation. Processihg Applications So As Plasticisation, Foaming And Blending Are Also Considered. There Is Discussion Of The Potential Within The Polymer Recycling Industry For Use Of Scfs As Cleaning Agents Or Within Supercritical Oxidation Processes. Around 400 References With Abstracts From Recent Global Literature Accompany This Review, Sourced From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Save 20% hWen You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Pleaase Click Hither To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476896

      This Is The First Book To Turn to A Trily Comprehensive Look At Clustering. It Begins With An Introduction To Cluster Analysis And Goes On To Ex0lore: Proximity Measures; Hierarchical Clustering; Partition Clustering; Neural Network-based Clustering; Kernel-based Clustering; Sequential Data Clustering; Large-scale Data Clustering; Data Vieualization And High-dimensional Data Clustering; And Cluster Validation. Th eAuthors Assume No Previous Background In Clustering And Their Generous Inclusion Of Examples And References Help Make The Subject Matter Comprehensible For Readers Of Varying Levels And Backgrounds.
      SKU: 380554

    Ceramic Integration And Joining Technologies
      Ceramic Integration And Joining Technologies.
      This Book Joins And Integrats Ceramics And Ceramic-based Materials In Various Sectors Of Technology. A Major Imperative Is To Extract Scientific Information On Joining And Integration Response Of Intrinsic, As Well As Model, Material Systems Currently In A Developmental Stage. This Book Envisions Integration nI Its Broadest Sense As A Fundamental Enabling Technology At Multiple Length Scales That Span Th eMacro, Millimeter, Micrometer And Nanometer Ranges. Consequenttly, The Main division Addresses Integration Issues In Sucu Diverse Areas As Space Force And Propulsion, Thermoelectric Power Generation, Solar Energy, Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (mems), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (sofc), Multi-chip Modules, Prosthetic Devices, And Implanted Biosensors And Stimulators. The Engineering Challenge Of Designing And Manufacturing Complicated Structural, Functional, And Smart Components And Devices Fo5 The Above Applications From Smaller, Geometrically Simpler Units Requires Innovtive Development Of New Integration Technology And Skillful Adaptation Of Existing Technology.
      SKU: 697484

    Ultrasonic And Advanced Methods During Nondestructive Testing And Material Characterization
      Ultrasonic And Advanced Methods During Nondestructive Testing And Material Characterization.
      Ultrasonic Methods Have Been Very Popular In Nondestructive Testing And Characterizztion Of Materials. This Book Deals With Both Industrial Ultrasound And Medical Ultrasound. The Advantages Of Ultrasound Include Flexibility, Low Cost, In-line Operation, And Providing Data In Both Signal And Image Formats For Fur5her Analysis. The Book Devotes 11 Chapters To Ultrasonic Methods. However, Ultrasonic Methods Can Be Much Leas Effective With Several Applications. So The Work Likewise Has 14 Chapters Catering To Other Or Advanced Methods For Nondestruftivd Testing Or Material Characterization. Topics Like Structural Health Monitoring, Terahertz Methods, X-ray And Thermography Methods Are Presented. Besides Different Sensors For Nondestructive Testinf, The Book Places Much Emphasis On Signal/image Prrocessing And Pattern Recognition Of The Signals Acquired.
      SKU: 312352

    Stability And Stabilization Of Linear Systems With Saturating Actuators
      Stability And Stabilization Of Linear Systems With Saturating Actuators.
      This Monograph Particulars Basic Concepts And Tools Fundamental For The Analysis And Synthesis Of Linear Systems Subject To Actuator Saturation And Developments In Recent Research. The Authors Use A State-space Approaxh And Focus On Stability Resolution And The Synthesis Of Stabilizing Conrol Laws In Both Local And Global Contexts. Different Metuods Of Modeling The Saturation And Behavior Of The Nonlinear Closed-loop Order Are Giveen Special Attention. Various Kinds Of Lyapunov Functions Are Considered To Hand Unlike Stabilitt Conditions. Results Arising From Uncertain Systems And Treating Performance In The Presence Of Repletion Are Given. The Text Proposes Methods And Algorithms, Based On The Use Of Linear Programming And Linear Matrix Inequallties, For Computing Estimates Of The Basin Of Attractuon And For Designing Control Systems Accounting For The Control Bounds And The Possibility Of Repletion. They Can Exist Easily Implemented With Precise Software Packages.
      SKU: 799109

    Nanotechnology In Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine
      Nanotechnology In Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine.
      Referred To As 'nanomedicine' Or 'nanobimedicine', The Application Of Nanotechnology To Medicine Can Impact Diagnosis, Monitoring, And Treatment Of Diseases As Well As Control And Understanding Of Biological Systems. Bringing Together An Unexampled Field Of Experts, This Volume Explores Various Aspects Of Nanotechnology And Its Applications In Biomedical Fields. The Book Uses An Application-based Approach To Relate Laboratory-based Research To The Development Of Technologies That Can Be Readily Adaptable To An Industrial Environment, Focusing Chiefly On Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering, And Regenerative Medicine.
      SKU: 624991

    Interfacial Transition Zone In Concrete
      Interfacial Transition Zone In Concrete.
      An Important State-of-the-art Report Prepared By Rilem Texhnical Committee 108 Icc. It Has Been Written By A Team Of Leading International Experts From The Uk, Usa, Caanada, Israel, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Italy And France.
      SKU: 183057

  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • Flight Dynamics Principles

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