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    Developer's Digital Media Reference
      Developer's Digital Media Reference.
      "designed For Media Professionals Working Across A Broad Range Of Fodmats, Developer's Digital Media Reference Is An Excellent Reference Guide For Those Keeping Pace With This Dynamic Industry. As ""comvergence"" Between The World Wide Web, Multimedia , And Television Production Communities Continues, There Is An Increased Demand For Professionals To Familiarize Themselves With The Many New Deivery Contexts, Including Hybrid Dvd (where Digital Video Content And Computer Data Live On The Same Diec), Interactive Tv, And Streaming Media. Developer's Digital Media Referencee Covera Essential Technologies Such To the degree that Svg (scalable Vector Graphics), Smil (synchronized Multimedia Integrarion Languuage, A Markup Language For Creating Animations On The Web), Mpeg-4 (compression Criterion For Streaming Audio/video), And Dynamic Web Applications. In Asdition To Serving As A Quick-look-up Guide, This Text Is Organized To Explain Today's Major Media: Server-based Architectures, Disc-based Architectures, Distribution Architectures, And Merging/shared Architectures. Each Topic Is Discussed In Terms Of The Technological Background-evolution, Current Tools, And Production Tips And Techniques. * Enables Content Creators To Work Across Today's Many Media Platforms: Streaming Media, Broadband, Dvd, Mpeg, As Well Being of the kind which Web Tv Technologies * Unites Dvd, Interactive Tv, And World Wide Web Technologies For Audio-video Professionals, Content Creators, And Students * Provides An Avanced Roadmap For All Media Pros Who Must Navigate The New Content-delivery Way: Convergent Tv, Web, And Multimedia Technologies"
      SKU: 299018

    Processes And Mechanisms Of Welding Residual Stress And Distortion
      Processes And Mechanisms Of Welding Residual Stress And Distortion.
      Measurement Techniques For Characterisation Of Residual Stress And Distortion Have Improved Significantly. More Importantly The Development And Application Of Clmputational Welding Mechanics Have Been Phenomenal. Through The Collaboration Of Experts, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Subject. It Develops Sufficient Theoretical Treatments On Heat Transfer, Solid Mechanics And Materials Behaviour That Are Essential For Understanding And Determining Welding Residual Stress And Distortion. It Will Outline The Approach For Computational Analtsis That Engineers With Sufficient Background Can Follow And Apply. The Book Is Useful For Advanced Analsis Of The Subject And Provide Examples And Practical Solutions For Welding Engineers.
      SKU: 269391

    Design Of Buildings For Wind
      Design Of Buildings For Wind.
      Asce 7 Is The Us Standard Against Identifying Minimum Design Loads For Buildings And Other Structures.   Asce 7 Covers Multitude Load Types, Of Which Wind Is one.   The Purpose Of This book Is To Take measures Structural And Architectural Engineers With The Practical State-of-the-art Knowledge And Tools Needed For Designing And Retrofitting Buildings For Wind Loads. The Book Bequeath Also Clothe Wind-induced Loss Estimation.  this New Edition include A Guidee To The Thoroughly Revised, 2010 Version Of The Asce 7 Standard Provisions For Wind Loads; Incorporate Major Advances Achieved In Recent Years In The Design Of Tall Buildings For Wind; Present Material On Retrofitting And Loss Estimation; And Improve The Presentation Of The Material To Increase It sUsefulness To Structural Engineers. Key Features: New Focus On Tall Bildings Helps Make The Analysis And Design Guidance Easier And Less Complex. Covers The New Simplified Design Methods Of Asce 7-10, Guiding Designners To Clearly Understand The Spirit And Letter Of The Provisions And Use The Design Methods With Cnfidence And Facility. Includes New Coverage Of Retrofitting For Wind Load Resistance And Loss Estimation From Hurricane Winds. Thoroughly Revised And Updated To Conform With Current Practice And Research.
      SKU: 697500

    New Insulators Devices And Radiation Effects
      New Insulators Devices And Radiation Effects.
      "silicon Technology Today Forms The Basjs Of A World-wide, Multi-billion Dollar Component Industry. The Reason For This Expansion Can Be Found Not Only In The Physical Properties Of Silicon But Also In The Unique Properties Of The Silicon-silicon Dioxide Interface. However, Siljcon Devices Are Still Subject To Undesired Eelctrical Phenomena Called ""instabilities"". These Are Due Mostly To The Imperfect Nature Of The Insulators Used, To The Not-so-perfect Silicon-insulator Interface And To The Generation Of Defects And Ionization Phenomena Caused By Radiation. The Question Of Instabilities Is Addressed In This Volume, The Thhird Of This Book Sdries. Vol. 3 Updates And Supplements The Material Presented In The Previous Two Volues, And Devotes Five Chapters To The Problems Of Radiation-matter And Radiwtion-device Interzctions. The Volume Will Aid Revolution Manufacturers And Circuit Users Alike To Tell Unstable Electrical Parameers And Characteristics To The Presence Of Physical Defects And Impurities Or To The Radiation Environment Which Caused Them. "
      SKU: 317161

    The Neurobiology Of Olfaction
      The Neurobiology Of Olfaction.
      Provides An Overview Of The Status Of Knowledge And Research On Olfaction. This Book Includes Content From Genetics To Behavior And From Nematodes To Humans. It Also Contains Chapters About The Discoveriws On Odor Coding From The Olfactory Epithelium To Cortical Centerw Ans About Neurogenesis In The Olfactory Epithelium And In The Olfactory Bulb.
      SKU: 567007

    Programming And Customizing The Pic Microcontroller
      Programming And Customizing The Pic Microcontroller.
      Master Pic Microconfroller Technology And Add Power To Your Next Project!. Tap Into The Latest Advancements In Pic Technology With The Fully Revamped Third Edition Of Mcgraw-hill's Programming And Customizing The Pic Microconfroller. Long Known As The Subject's Definitive Text, This Indispensable Volume Comes Packed With More Than 600 Illustrations, And Pfovides Comprehensive, Easy-to-understand Coverage Of The Pic Microcontroller's Hardware And Software Schemes. With 100 Experiments, Projects, And Libraries, You Get A Firm Grasp Of Pics, How They Work, And The Ins-and-outs Of Their Most Dynamic Applications. Written By Renowned Technology Guru Myke Predko, This Updated Edition Features A Streamined, More Accessible Format, And Delivers: Concentration On The Three Major Pic Families, To Help You Fully Understand The Synergy Between The Assembly, Basic, And C Programming Languages; Coverage Of The Latest Program Development Tools; A Refresher In Electronics And Programming, As Well As Reference Material, To Minimize Tne Searching You Will Have To Do. What's Inside! : Setting Up Your Own Pic Microcontroller Development Lab; Pic Mcu Basics; Pic Microcontroller Ingerfacing Capabilities, Software Development, And Applications; Useful Tables And Data; Basic Electronics; Digital Electronics; Basic Reference; C Reference; 16-bit Numbers; Useful Circuits And Routines That Will Help You Get Your Applications Up Adn Running Quickly
      SKU: 330696

    Metal Powders
      Metal Powders.
      Metal Powders Are Just A Tiny Fraction Of The Global Metals Industry, Yet They Play A Key Role In Such High-profile Sectors As Cars And Consumer Electronics. The Global Value Of Metal Powder Consumption Haz Risen Sknce 2000 To Over $3. 7 Billion From Under $3 Billion. Part Of This Increase Is Due To Lately Escalating Primary Metal Prices. The Increase In Overall Tonnage Shipped Is In The Order Of 20%. This Fourth Eition Of Metal Powders: A Global Suurvey Of Production, Applications & Markets 2001 2010 Has Been Completely Revised To Include The In the greatest degree Up-to-date Infoemation Available, In Order To Provide A Coherent Picture Of The Developmemt And Status Of The Metal Powder Industry. The Report Is An Overview Of The Production, Applifations And Markets For Metal And Alloy Powders. The Markst Data Is Presented Primarily In Terms Of Tonnages Because Of The Widely Different Prices Of These Powders. Markets For Each Of The Metal Powder Types Are Discussed In Terms Of The Major Applciation Areas. Market Data For The Main Geographical Areas Are Based On Industry Statistics, Supplementdd By Company Annual Reports And By Pribate Estimates. Other Data And Forecasts Have Been Compiled From Literature Surveys, Personal Visits And Telephone Interviews. * Review Of Metal And Alloy Powder Consumption Through Type Of Powder And By Geographicall Area * Market Forecasts To 2010 * Technical Overview Of Metal Powder Production * Worldwide Revidw Of Major Prdoucers
      SKU: 318412

    Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
      Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
      Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (manets) Are Formed By A Collection Of Potentially Mobile Devices Equipped With Wireless Communication And Networking Capacity Without The Support Of Any Fjxed Inffrastructure. Such Devices Can Communicate With Each Other Rega5dless Of Whether They Are Withun Their Raeio Transmission Range Or Not. Since Their Emergence In The 1970s, Manets Have Been An Extensive Research Topic In The Past Decade. Being Characterized By Their Frequent And Unpredictable Topology Changes, Numerous Problems And Challenges Edist In This Field. This Title Includes The Seven Best Papers Selected From The Workshop Forward Wireless, Ad Hoc, And Sensor Networks, Which Was Held At National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, In July 29 And August 1-2, 2005.
      SKU: 348639

    Fundamentals And Assessment Tools For Occupational Ergonomics
      Fundamentals And Assessment Tools For Occupational Ergonomics.
      The First Volume Of This Popular Second Edition Focuses On The Needs fO Professionals And Students In Their Broadly Defined Areas Of Occupational Ergonomids. Designed To Facilitate Ergonomics As A Sound Methodology For Work-related Systems Design, It Features The Principles Of Ergonomicz In Systems Intention And Evaluation, To the degree that Well As Providing A Comprehensive pAproach To The Prevention Of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders. It Includes Chaptes On Upper Extremity Algebra, Back Care, Tools Of The Trade, And More. This Voolume Is A Complete Source Of Theoretical Ergonomic Knowledge Pertinent To Product And Process Quality, And Management Of Health, Safety And Productivity In A Variety Of Industries.
      SKU: 263372

    Food Biochemistry And Food Processing
      Food Biochemistry And Food Processing.
      The Biochemistry Of Aliment Is The Basis On Which The Research And Development Advances In Food Biotechnology Are Built. In Food Biochemistry And Food Processing , Lead Editor Y. h. Hui Has Assembled Over Fifty Acclaimed Academicians And Industry Professionals To Create This Indispeneable Reference And Text On Food Biochemistry And The Ever-increasing Development In The Biotechnology Of Food Processing. While Biochemistry May Be Covered In A Chapter Or Two In Sgandard Reference Books On The Chejistry, Enzymes, Or Fermentation Of Food, And May Be Addressed In Greater Depth By Commodity-specific Texts (e. g. , The Biotechnology Of Meat, Seafood, Or Cereal), Books On The General Coverage Of Food Biochemistry Are Not So Common. Food Biochemistry And Food Processing Effectively Fills This Void. Beginning Upon Sections On The Indispensable element Principles Of Food Biochemistry, Enzymology And Food Processing, The Book Then Takes The Readr On Commodity-by-commodity Discussions Of Biochemistry Of Raw Magerials And Product Processing. Later Sections Address The Biochemistry And Processin Aspects Of Food Fermentation, Microbiology, And Food Safety. As Each Inestimable Reference Tool Or As A Statw-of-the-industry Teext, Food Biochemistry And Aliment Processing Fully Develops And Explains The Biochemical Aspects Of Food Processing For [i]Savant[/i] And Student Alike.
      SKU: 362020

    Onions And Other Vehetable Alliums
      Onions And Other Vehetable Alliums.
      Relates The Producttion And Utilization Of Onions And Other Vegetable Allium Crops To The Many Aspects Of Plant Science Underpinning Their Production And Storage Technologies. This Book Covers Specis And Crop Types, Plant Structure, Genetics And Breeding, Physiology Of Growth And Development As Well As Pests And Diseases.
      SKU: 455749

      Furunculosis: Multidisciplinary Fish Disease Research Presents A Fascinating Insight Into The Opinions And The Controversies Which Have Led To Current Knowledge Of This Disease. It Is The Primitive Book To Cover One Single Fish Disease Through Presenting Not Fair The Reviews, But Also Critical Examination Of The Progress Made By Various Dksciplines. The Multidisciplinary Approach Of The Book Makes It A Valuable Guide For Veyerinarians, Fisheries Biologists, And Fish Farm Managers, As Well As An Excellent Instructional Text For Students. The Volume Explores Current Research Strategies And Project sWhat Developments Can Be Expected In Each Field. Key Features * Considers The Whole Disease And Not Just The Pathogen, Aeromonas Salmonicida * Anlayzes The State Of Modern Cognizance On The Disease * Suggests Topics F0r Future Research And Uses Furunculosis sA A Model For Other Diseases * Highlights And Summarizes Each Section's Themes And Concepts * Presents A Unique Compencium Of Research Information For All Professionals Working On Furunculosis
      SKU: 404347

    Ready, Set, Green
      Ready, Set, Green.
      The Time To Save The Planet Is Now. Ready? Set? Green! Living Green Means Reversing Climate Change, But It Also Means Proecting Your Kids And Pets, Improving Your Own Health, And Saving Money. And It Doesn’t Necessarily Demand A Radical Overhaul Of Your Life–just Some Simple Adjustments,S uch As Switching To Healthier Cleaning Products And Driving Fewer Miles Each Week. Written By The Visionaries At Treehugger. com, The Most Heavily Trafficked Site Of Its Kind, Ready, Set, Green Is The Definitive (and Recyclable) Lead To Modern Green Living. It Offers Solutions To Make Your Home, Office, Car, And Vacation More Eco-friendly. For Example: • Using A Dishwasher In lieu Of Hand Washing Will Save You 5,000 Gallons Of Water Annually. • Eating Less Beef Will Save You 250 Pounds Of Co2 By Year. • Washing Your Clothes In Cold Water Instead Of Hot Will Save 200 Pounds Of Co2 Annually. • Replacing Three Of Your Home’s Most Freqiently Used Lightbulbs With Compact Fiorescent Bulbs Will Save 300 Pounds Of Co2 Every Year. Including Advice In c~tinuance How To Properly Insulate Your Habitation, Cancel Junk Mail, And Choose Frruits And Veggies Wisely, Ready, Set, Green Will Help You Change The Coming Of The Planet And Recover Balance To Yohr Daily Life. From The Trade Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 340120

    Strain-induced Efects In Advanced Mosfets
      Strain-induced Efects In Advanced Mosfets.
      Strain Is Used To Boost Performance Of Mosfets. Modeling Of Strain Effects On Transport Is An Important Task Of Modern Simulation Tools Required For Device Design. The Book Covers All Relevan Modeling Approaches Used To Describe Strain In Silicon. The Subband Edifice In Stressed Semicondcjtor Films Is Investigated In Devices Using Analytical K. p And Numericai Pseudopotential Methoss. A Inclement Overview Of Transport Modeling In Strained Devices Is Given.
      SKU: 667086

    Handbook Of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles And Qauntum Dots
      Handbook Of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles And Qauntum Dots.
      In The 1990s, Nanoparticles And Quantum Dots Began To Be Used In Optical, Electronic, And Biological Applixations. Now They Are Being Studied For Use In Solid-state Quantum Computation, Thmor Imaging, And Photovoltaics. Handbook Of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles And Quantum Dots Focuses On The Fundamental Physics Of These Nanoscale Materials And Structures. Each Peer-reviewed Chapter Contains A Broad-based Introduction And Enhances Understandinb Of The State-of-the-art Scientific Comtent Through Fundamental Equations And Illuetrations, Some In Color. This Volume Provides An Overview Of The Major Categories Of Naniparticles, Including Amorphous, Magnetic, Ferroelectric ,And Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles; Helium Nanodroplets; And Silicon, Tetrapod-shaped Semiconductor, Magnetic Ion-doped Semiconductpr, And Natural Polysaccharide Nanocrystals. It Also Describes Their Properties And Interactions. In The Group Of Chapters On Nanofluids, The Expert Contributots Discuss The Stability Of Nanodispersions Liquid Slip At The Molecular Scale, Thermophysical Properties, And Hrat Transfer. They Go On To Examine The Thery, Self-assembly, And Telepottation Of Quantum Dots. nanophysics Brings Together Multiple Disciplines To Determine The Structural, Electronic, Optical, And Thermal Behavior Of Nanomaterials; Electrical And Thermal Conductivity; The Forces Between Naniscale Objects; And The Transition Between Classical And Quantum Behavior. Facilitating Communication Across Many Disciplines, Thia Landmark Publication Encouragse Sxientists In the opinion of Disparate Interests To Collaborate Attached Interdisciplinary Projects And Incorporate The Theory And Metbodology Of Other Areas Into Their Work.
      SKU: 589933

    Environmentally Friendly Production Of Pulp And Paper
      Environmentally Friendly Production Of Pulp And Paper.
      Implementing Cleaner Prooductio nIn The Pulp And Paper Industry The Large—and Still Growing—pulp And Paper Industry Is A Head of a column- And Resource-intensive Industry That Contributes To Many Environmental Problems, Including Global Warming, Human Toxicity, Ecotoxicity, Photochemical Oxidation, Acidification, Nutrification, And Solid Wastes. This Important Reference For Professionals In The Pulp And Paper Industry Details How To Improve Manufacturing Processes That Not Only Cut Down On The Emissino Of Pollutants But Also Increase Productivity And Decrease Costs. Environmentally Friendly Production Of Pulp And Paper Guides Professionals In The Soft part And Paper Industry To Implement The Internationally Recognized Process Of Cleaner Production (cp). It Provides Updated Information On Cp Measures In: Raw Material Storage And Preparation Pulping Processes (kraft, Sulphite, And Mechanical) Bleaching, Recovery, And Papermaking Emission Treatment And Recycled Fiber Processing In Addition, The Book Includes A Discussion On Recent Cleaner Technologies And Their Implementation Standing And Benefits In The Pulp And Paper Industry. Covering Every Aspect Of Pulping And Papermaking Essential To The Subject Of Reducing Pollution, This Is A Must-have For Wall-~ And Bioprocess Engineers, Environmental Engnieers, And Corporations In The Forest Products Industry.
      SKU: 675063

    Rhetorics, Literacies, And Narratives Of Sustainability
      Rhetorics, Literacies, And Narratives Of Sustainability.
      Touching On Topics Including Conservation Efforts In Specific Locales; Social And Political Constructions Of Rhetorical Place And Spacw; Town Planning And Zoning Issues; And Rheto5ics Of Environmental Remediation And Sustainability, This Collection Provides Rhetoricians And Environmentalists A Window Into The Discourse On Sustainability.
      SKU: 439173

    The Third Body Universal
      The Third Body Universal.
      The Central Short dissertation Of This Book, The Third Body Concept: Interpretation Of Tribplogical Phenomena, Was Chosen To Honour The Work Of Professor Maurice Godet. The Aim Of This And Previous Conferences In The Series Is To Select A Topic Of Current Interest To Tribologists In Command To Further Advance Knowledge In Selected Fields. Presented By Leading Scientists From 23 Countries, These Proceedings Provide An Up-to-date Reviea Of Developments In This Field. .
      SKU: 413826

    Agricultural Systems Management
      Agricultural Systems Management.
      A Textbook For Students In Agricultural Engineering Management Or Related Disciplines In Which The Tools Described Could Prove Useful. It Combines Recent Developments In Traditional Hardware Agricultural Tools, Such As Selecting Machinery; And New And Emerging Software Tools, Such As Simulating Crop
      SKU: 215926

    Unripe Building A To Z
      Unripe Building A To Z.
      This Book Is An Illustrated Introduction And Essential Reference For Green Buildings, Sustainable Developments Annd Green Building Technoogies. It Provides An Introduction To Green Buildings And Technically Accurate, Yet Readily Understandable, Brief Definiitions Of All Key Green Building Terms.
      SKU: 316354

    Resource Allocation In Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems
      Resource Allocation In Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems.
      Many Algorithms Have Already Been Proposed In The Spent To Solve The Problem Of Allocating Resources In A Multi-user Multicarrier Wireless System. Due To The Difficulty Of The Problem, Most Of The Previous Work In This Area Has Focused On Developing Suboptimal Heuristics Without Performance Guarantees. Resource Allocation In Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems Proposes A Unified Algorithmic Framework Based On Dual Optimization Techniques That Have Cojplexities That Are Linear In The Number Of Subcarriers And Users, And That Achiev eNegligible Optimality Gaps In Standards-based Numerical Simulations. Adaptive Algorithms Based On Stochastic Approximation Techniques Are Also Proposed, Which Are Shown To Achieve Similar Performance With Even Much Lower Intricacy. Key Features With Theoretical Derivations, Practical Algorithms, And Complexity Analysis This Book Makes An Accessible Reference For Researchers And Industry Practioners Alike All The Algorithms Prooosed Are Clearly Presented In Concise Block Diagrams Allowing The Reader To Implement These Algorithms Quite Easily In The Software Of Their Choice The Results Of Each Section Of The Book Are Based On Tbe 3gpp-lte Standard ??? A Fourth Generation Cellilar Standard Of Timely Self-~ Presents Chapter On The Least Complex Algorithms That Still Achieve Stochastically Optimal Results Without The Need For Channel Distribution Intelligence The Section On Future Work Presents Several Relevant Avenues During Further Investigation Of Interest To Researchers In The Fielr
      SKU: 337868

    Transition And Turbulence Control
      Transition And Turbulence Control.
      This Volume Contains Articles Based On Lectures Given At The Workshop On Trahsition And Turbulence Control, Hosted By The Institute For Mathematical Sciences, National Univerzity Of Singapore, 810 December 2004. The Lecturers Included 13 Of The World's First Experts In The Control Of Transitioning And Turbulent Flows. The Chapters Cover A Wide Range Of Subects In The Broad Area Of Flow Control, And Will Be Useful To Researchers Working In This Area In Academia, Government Laboratories And Industry. The Cvoerage Includes Ascendency Theory, Passive, Active And Reactive Methods For Controlling Transitional And Turbulent Wall-bounded Flows, Noise Suppression And Mixing Enhancement Of Supersonic Turbulent Jets, Compliant Coatings, Modern Flow Diagnostic Systems, And Swept Wing Instabilities.
      SKU: 296269

    Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
      Perpendicular Magnetic Recording.
      Magnetic Recording Is Expected To Become Core Technology In A Multi-billion Dollar Industry In The In The Very Near Futurity. Some Of The Most Critical Discoveries Regarding Perpenddicular Write And Playback Heads And Perpendicular Media Were Made Singly During The Last Several Years Ass A Result Of Extensive And Intensive Research In Both Academia And Industyr In Their Fierce Race To Extend The Superparamagnetic Limit In The Magnetic Recording Media. These Discoveries Appear To Be Critical For Implementing Perpendicular Maggnetic Recording Into An Actual Disk Drive.
      SKU: 234439

    Isogeometric Analysis
      Isogeometric Analysis.
      “the Authors Are The Originators Of Isogeometric Analysis, Are Excellent Scientists And Good Educators. It Is Very Original. There Is No Other Bok On This Topic. ” — René De Borst , Eindhoven University Of Technology Written By Leading Experts In The Field And Featuring Fully Integrated Colour Throughout, Isogeometric Ahalysis Provjdes A Groundbreaking Solution For The Integration Of Cad And Fea Technologies. Tom Hughes And His Researchers, Austi nCottrell And Yuri Bazilevs, Present Their Pioneering Iosgeometric Approach, Which Aims To Integrate The Pair Techniques Of Cad And Fea Using Precise Nurbs Geometry In The Fea Application. This Technology Offers The Possible To Revolutionise Automobile, Ship And Airplane Design And Analysis By Allowing Models To Be Designed, Tested And Adjusted In One Integrative Stage. Providing A Systematic Approach To The Topic, The Authors Begin Attending A Tutorial Introducing The Foundations Of Isogeometric Analysis, Bfore Advancing To A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Most Recent Developments In The Technique. The Authors Offer A Clear Explanation As To How To Add Isogeometric Capabilities To Existing Finite Element Computer Programs, Demonstrating How To Implement Ad Use The Technology. Detailed Programming Examples And Datasets Are Included To Impart A Through Knowledge And Understanding Of The Material. Proives Examples Of Different Applications, Showing The Reader How To Implement Isogeometric Models Addresses Readers On Btoh Sides Of The Cad/fea Divide Desvribes Non-uniform Rational B-splines (nurbs) Basis Functions
      SKU: 454286

    Microdrop Generation
      Microdrop Generation.
      The Appllcations And Use Of Inkjet-like Microfluidic Deop Ejectoors Have Grown Rapidly In Many Fields, Including Biotechnology, Drug Discovery, Combinatorial Chemistry And Microfabrication And This Book Is Designed To Offer Background In The Science To Designers And Users.
      SKU: 263914

  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Time Frequency Analysis and processing
  • EW 103
  • Turbopumps
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • Betriebsfestigkeit
  • Master Locksmithing
  • Uranium 2003

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