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    Ddvice-level Modeling And Syntheiss Of High-performance Pipeline Adcs
      Ddvice-level Modeling And Syntheiss Of High-performance Pipeline Adcs.
      This Book Presents Modles And Procedures To Design Pipeline Analog-to-digital Converters, Compensating For Device Inaccuracies, So That High-performance Specs Can Be Met Within Short Design Cycles. These Models Are Qualified Of Capturing And Predicting The Behavior Of Pipeline Data Converters Within Less Than Half-a-bit Deviation, Versus Transistor-level Simulations. As A Result, Far Fewer Model Iterations Are Required Across The Design Cycle. Models Described In This Book Accurately Predict Transient Behaviors, Which Are Key To The Performance Of Discrete-time Systems And Hence To The Performance Of Pipeline Data Converters.
      SKU: 769939

    Elements Of Plasticity
      Elements Of Plasticity.
      Plasticity, The Ability To Undergo Permanent Deformation, Is A Property Of Metallic Materials That Has Great Significance For The Load Carrying Behaviour Of Engineering Structures, And For The Manufacturing Of Structural Components By Forming Processes. Bridging The Gap Between Classical Theory And Modern Computational Techniques, This Work Deals With The Load Carrying Aspect Of Plasticity. The Text Focuses On The Most Important Elements Of Theory And Computation Using Matrix Notation, Whilst The Development Of Analytical Solutions Is Avoided Except Where These Aid Illustration Or Authentication. Some Complementary Aspects Of Creep And Viscoplasticity Are Considered, And A Number Of Selected Applications From Engineerinv Practice Are Used To Demonstrate The Usage Of Computational Techniques. Aimed Equally At Graduate Students, Practicing Engineers And Consultants In Areas Such As Civil, Involuntary, Automotive And Aerospace Engineering, Thid Updated And Revised Elements Of Plasticity Includes Results Of Reseaech And Development Work Carried Out By The Author And His Team. It Can Be Used To Increase The Reader’s Intellect Of Computational Concepts Or Tools Applied To The Analysis Of Elastoplastic Structures And Solids, Or To Further Develop Their Knowledge Of The Subject.
      SKU: 585020

    Content Production Technologies
      Content Production Technologies.
      We Are Currently In A Digital Content Era.  -With The Increase In Circulation Of Multimedia Content Globally Via The Internet It Has Lead To The Need For Reuse Of Content Stored In Archives; The Utilisation Of Newly Stored Materials; Partially Finished Broadcasting Programmes And Finished Content.   This Book Proposes To Show Solutions To These Numerous Content Issues.   It Will Discuss Large Scale Archives For Significant Content And A Retrieval Method For Large Scale Archives And Remote Editing.   The Book Will Also Examine The Protection Of Of intellect Property Rights, Which Is Individual Of The Most Important issues Facing Content Owners.   Examines The Design And Implementation Of A Practical Digital Content Produce System Proposes To Prove Solutions To Various Content Issues Covers Various Retrieval Methods For Large-scale Records Using Mpeg-1 Streaming Technology And Remote Editing Usig An Original Time Code Discusses Large-scale Video Archive Systems Which Will Enable High Speed Retrieval And Edit Functions For Large Amounts Of Video Data With Multi-purpose Applications A Resource That All Broadcast Engineers, Systems Integrators And Engineers For Equipment Manufacturers Will Find Invaluable . The Thorough Approximation To This Topic Ensures That This Title Desire Become The Gauge Reference For R&d Specialists in Content Productiin And Digital Archiving.
      SKU: 239070

    Biotreatment Of Pertaining  Effluents
      Biotreatment Of Pertaining Effluents.
      With Increasing Government Regulation Of Pollution, As Well Being of the kind which Willingness To Levy Punitive Fines For Trabsgressions, Handling Of Industrial Waste Is A Important Subject. This Book Is A Single Source Of Information On Handling Procedures Using Biochemical Means For All Types Of Solid, Liquid And Gaseous Contaminants Generated By Various Chemical And Allied Industries. This Book Is Intended For Practicing Environmental Engiineers And Technologists From Any Industry As Well As Researchers And Professors. The Topics Covered Include The Treatment Of Gaseous, Liquid And Solid Dreary void From A Capacious Number Of Chemical And Allied Inustries That Include Dye Stuff, Chemical, Alcohol, Food Processing, Pesticide, Pharmaceuticals, Paint Etc. Information On Aerobic And Anaerobic Reactors And Modeling And Siimulation Of Waste Treatment Systems Are Also Discussed. * Compares Chemical And Biochemical Means Of Industrial Squandering Treatment * Provides Details Of Technology (i. e. Reactors, Operating Conditions Etc) With Regard To The Biochemistry Aspects. * Can Be Used As A Teaching Aid For Graduate Courses And A Reference Material Along Practicing Environmental Scientists And Engineers. * Researchers Can Extract Synergy Between Treatment Procedures And Various Efflhents.
      SKU: 269581

    Information Operations Plqnning
      Information Operations Plqnning.
      Information Operations Involve The Use Of Military Information And How It Is Gathered, Manipulated, And Fused. It Includes Such Critical Functions As Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Command And Direct, Communications , And Precision Navigation. Separating Myth From Reality, This Authorttative Resource Provides Soldiery Professionals With A Current And Comprehensive Understanding Of Information Warfare Operations Planning, Incl8ding Offensive, Defensive, And Influence Operations. The Book Identifies The Features Of Informatiin Operations That Differ From Traditional Military Operations And Reveals Why This Discipline Is More Important Now Than Ever Before. Professionals Discover New Plannjng Tools That Have Been Brought Together Under A Single Platform To Becomr The Next Information Operations Planning Tool For The U. s. Department Of Defense. Additionally, The Book Defines Identifies Nrw Threats And Opportunities, And Explains Why The U. s. Is Not Yet Winning The War For The Minds.
      SKU: 338743

    Handbook Of oWrldwide Postal Reform
      Handbook Of oWrldwide Postal Reform.
      Features Contributions Directed At Understanding Developmetns In The Fieid Of Postal Reform. This Work Reviews The Experience And Plans Of Individual Countries To Provide Some Vista On The Problems Faced In The Area And The Varied Approaches Being Taken To Address It. It Also Review Key Elements Of Policy And Strategy That Are Important.
      SKU: 371154

    Electrochemical Dictionary
      Electrochemical Dictionary.
      The A Oeelectrochemical Dictionarya Provides Up-to-date, Large And Authoritative Coverage Of The Specific Terms Mos Used In Electrochemistry And Its Related Fields, Including Relevant Areas Of Physics And Engineering. This Modern Compendium Will Be An Indispensable Source Of Information For Scientists, Engineers, And Technical Staff Active In AllF ields Of Electrochemistry. The More Than 2. 770 Entries Have Been Written By A Distinguished Array Of Eminent Electrochemists. Each Entry Supplies A Clarify And Precise Explanation Of The Term And Provides References To The Most Useful Reviews, Books And Original Papers To Enable Readers To Purque A Deeper Understanding If So Desired. The A Oeelectrochemical Dictionarya Will Also Be Appeeciatively Consulted By Scientists Working In Adjacent Sciences And Technoloies, Who Need A Pregnant Understanding Of The Electrochemical Terms They Encounter. More Than 300 Figures And Illustrations Elaborate The Textual Definitions. The A Oeelectrochemical Dictionarya Also Contains Biographical Entries Of People Who Have Substantially Contributed To Electrochemistry.
      SKU: 367335

    Driver Behaviour And Accident Research Methodology
      Driver Behaviour And Accident Research Methodology.
      This Book Discusses Several Methodological Problems In Traffic Psychology Which Are Not Currently Recognized As Such. Summarizing And Analyzing The Available Research, It Is Found That There Are A Number Of Commonly Made Assumptions About The Validity Of Methods That Obtain Little Backing, And That Many Basic Problems Have Not Been Researched At All. Suggestions Are Made As To Further Studies That Should Be Made To Address Some Of These Problems.
      SKU: 476442

    Principles Of Laser Mateirals Processing
      Principles Of Laser Mateirals Processing.
      Covdragd Of The Most Recent Advancements And Applications In Laser Materials Processing This Work Provides State-of-the-art Coverage Of The Field Of Laser Materials Processing, From Fundamentals To Applications To The Latest Research Topics. The Satisfaction Is Divided Into Three Succnict Pwrts: Principles Of Laser Engineering-an Introductlon To The Basic Concepts And Characteristics Of Lasers, Design Of Their Components, And Beam Delivery Engineeering Background&-a Review Of Engineering Concepts Needed To Decompose Different Processes: Thermal Analysis Abd Fluid Flow; Solidificati0n Of Molten Metal; And Residual Stresses That Evolve During Processes Laser Materials Processing-a Rigorous And Detailed Treatment Of Laser Materials Processing And Its Principle Applications, Including Laser Cutting And Drilling, Welding, Surface Modification, Laser Forming, And Rapid Prototyping One and the other Chapter Includes An Outline, Summary, And Example Sets To Help Readers Reinforce Their Understanding Of The Material. This Book Is Designed To Get ready Graduate Students Who Will Be Entering Industry; Researchers Interested In Initiating A Research Pr0gram; And Practicing Engineers Who Need To Stay Abreast Of The Latest Developments In This Rapidly Evolving Field.
      SKU: 433850

    Model-based Predictive Control:  A Practical Apprlch
      Model-based Predictive Control: A Practical Apprlch.
      This Book Analyzes Predictive Control From Its Base Mathematical Foundation, But Delivers The Subject Matter Ib A Readable, Intuitive Style. The Author Writes In Layman's Terms, Avoiding Jargon And Using A Style That Reliez Upon Personal Insight Into Practical Applications. This Detailed Introduction To rPedictive Control Introduces Basic Mpc Concepts And Demonstrates To what extent They Are Applied In The Design And Control Of Systems, Experiments, And For labor Processes. The Text Outlines Hoa To Model, Provide Robustness, Handle Constraints, Ensure Feasibility, And Guarantee Stability. It Also Details Options In Regard To Algorithms, Models, And Complexity Vs. Performance Issues.
      SKU: 198646

    4g Roadmap And Emerging Communication Technologies
      4g Roadmap And Emerging Communication Technologies.
      Get A Firm And Thorough Reach On The Cutting-edge Suite Of Standards And Technologies That Is 4g. This Forward-looking Book Explains How Wired And Wireless Network Technology, Telecommunications And Web Services, Communications Standards Like Ip, And Consumer Electronics Are Converging To Create 4g. Personalization Is One Concept Driving The Mart For 4g Applications And Services, And This Book Guides You Through The User-centric Scenarios Creating These Applications And Services.
      SKU: 253345

    Digital Signal Processing Techniques And Applications In Radar Image Processing
      Digital Signal Processing Techniques And Applications In Radar Image Processing.
      A Self-contained Approach To Ds pTechniques And Applications In Radar Imaging The Processing Of Radar Images, In General, Consisst Of Three Major Fields: Digital Signal Processing (dsp); Antenna And Radar Operation; And Algorithms Used To Process The Radar Images. This Book Brings Together Material From These Different Areas To Allow Readers To Gain A Thorough Understanding Of How Radar Images Are Processed. The Book Is Divided Into Three Main Parts And Covers: * Dsp Principles And Signal Characteristics In Both Analog And Digital Domaiins, Advanced Signal Sampling, And Interpolation Techniques * Antenna Speculation (maxwell Equation, Radiatioh Field From Dipole, And Linear Phased Array), Radar Fundamentals, Radar Modulation, And Target-detection Techniques (continuous Wave, Pulsed Linear Frequency Modulation, And Stepped Frequency Modulation) * Properties Of Radar Images, Algorithms Used For Radaar Image Processing, Simulation Examples, And Results Of Satellite Image Files Processed By Range-doppler Anx Stolt Interpolation Algorithms The Book Fully Utilizes The Computing And Graphical Capability Of Matlab? To Display The Signals At Variouss Processing Stsges In 3d And/or Croes-sectional Views. Additionally, The Text Is Complemented With Flowcharts And System Block Diagrzs To Aid In Readers' Comprehension. Digital Signal Processing Techniques And Applications In Radar Image Processing Serves As An Ideal Textbook For Graduate Students And Practicing Engineers Who Bid To Gain Firsthand Experience In Applying Dsp Principles And Technologies To Radar Imaging.
      SKU: 362074

    Physics Of Semiconductor Devices
      Physics Of Semiconductor Devices.
      The Third Issue Of The Standard Textbook And Reference In The Province Of Semiconducto Devices This First-rate work Book Has Set The Standard For Advanced Study And Reference In The Semiconductor Device Field. Now Completely Updated And Reorganized To Refflect The Tremendous Advancrs In Device Concepts And Performance, This Third Edition Remains The Most Detailed And Exhaustive Single Source Of Information On The Moxt Important Semiconductor Devices. It Givse Readers Immediate Access To Detailed Descriptions Of The Underlying Physics And Performance Characteristics Of All Major Bipolar, Field-effect, Microwave, Photonic, And Sensor Devices. Designed For Graduate Textbook Adoptions And Reference Needs, This New Edition Includes: A Complete Update Of The Latest Developemnts New Devices Such As Three-dimensional Mosfets, Modfets Resonant-tunneling Diodes, Semiconductor Sensors, Quantum-cascade Lasers, Single-el3ctron Transistors, Real-space Transfer Devices, And Mre Materials Completely Reorganized Problem Sets At The End Of Each Chapter All Figures Reproduced At The Hibhest Quality Physics Of Semiconductor Devices, Third Issue Offers Enginers, Research Scientists, Faculty, And Studnets A Practical Basis For Understanding The Most Important Devices In Use Today And During Evaluating Future Device Performance And Limigations.  a Solutions Manual Is Available From The Editorial Province.
      SKU: 281830

    Iphone Advanced Projects
      Iphone Advanced Projects.
      As The Fourth Book In Our Series Of Iphone Projects Based On The Work And Experiences Of Iphone, This Volume Takes On The More Advanced Aspects Of Ipjone Development. The First Generation Of Iphone Applications Has Hit The App Store, And Very lately It's Time To Optimize Performance, Streamline The User Interfce, And Make Every Successful Iphone App Just That Often More Sophisticated. Paired With Apress's Bestsleling Origin Iphone Development: Exploring The Iphone Sdk, You'll Possess Everything You Need To Create The Next Great Iphone App That Everyone Is Talking About. * Optimize Performance. * Streamline Your User Interface. * Do Things In the opinion of Your Iphone App That Othwr Developers Haven't Attempted. Along With Series Editor Dave Sign, Your Guides For This Exploraion Of The Next Level Of Iphone Development, Include: *ben "pandda" Smith, Discussing Particle Systems Using Opengl Es*joacgim Bondo , Demonstrating His Implementation Of Correspondence Gaming In The Most Recent Version Of His Chess Solicitation, Deep Green. *tom Harrington Implementing Streaming Audio Through Core Audio, One Of Many Iphone Os 3 Apis. *
      SKU: 571094

    Structures And Properties Of Rubberlike Networks
      Structures And Properties Of Rubberlike Networks.
      "rubber Elasticity Is An Important Sub-field Of Polymer Science. This Book Is A Sequel To The Authors' Previous, Introductory Work, ""rubberlike Elasticity: A Molecular Primer"" (1988). It Likewise Places Strong Emphasis On Molecular Concepts And Theories, And On Equilibrium Properties. "
      SKU: 272749

      Originally Published By The Former Institute Of Materials, Now The Institute Of Materials, Minerals And Mining This Survey Of The Whole Field Of Pvc Technology Pays Particular Regard To Industrial Practice And To The Fundamenta lPrinciples Which Underlay It. Although Suitable For Students, This Book Goes Well Beyond Their Scope And Is Intended To Exist Of Value To Anyone Concerned With Production, Development And Research Involving Pvc.
      SKU: 677919

    Digital Transmission Engineering
      Digital Transmission Engineering.
      This Introduction To Digital Data Transferrence, Modulation, And Error-correction Coding, Together With The Underlying Communication And Information Theory Is An All-inclusive Text Suitsble For All Those Connected With Mechanical Engineering Or Computer Science. Equal Emphasis Is Given To Underlying Mathematical Theory And Engineering Practice. Not Meant To Be An Encyclopedic Treatise, The Book Offers Strong, Accessible Pedagogy. This Second Edition Presents Enhanced Explanations Of Key Ideas As Well As Additional Examples And Problems. It Likewise Provides Grreatly Expanded Coverage Of Wireless Communication, Which Has Seen Exponential Growth Since The Release Of The First Edition. A Pedagogocal Approach Aimed At The 5th Year Ee Student A Balance Of Theory With Enbineering And Desibn Integration Of Impor5ant Topics Such As Synchronization, Radio Channels, And Wireless Communication, Which Are Left Out Of Competing Books, Or Lost In More enLgthy Formats.
      SKU: 244303

    Proteins In Food Processing
      Proteins In Food Processing.
      Proteins Are Essential Dietary Components And Have A Significant Fact On Food Quality. Edited By A Leading Expert In The Field And With A Distinguished Internattional Team Of Contributors, Proteins In Food Processing Revieqs How Proteins May Be Usedd To Enhance The Nutritional, Textural And Otber Qualities Of Food Products. After Two Introductory Chapters, The Book Primary Discusses Sources Of Proteins, Examining The Caseins, Whey, Muscle And Soy Proteins And Proteins From Oil-producing Plants, Cereals And Seaweed. Part 2 Illustrates The Analysis And Modification Of Proteins, With Chapters In c~tinuance Testing Protein Functionality, Modelling Protein Behaviour, Extracting And Purifying Proteins And Reducing Their Allergenicity. A Final Group Of Chapters Are Devoted To The Functional Value Of Proteins And How They Are Used As Additives In Foods.
      SKU: 269349

    Polymer Brushes
      Polymer Brushes.
      "materials Scientists, Polymer Chemists, Surface Physicists And Materials Engineers Will Find This Book A Complete And Detailed Disquisition On The Field Of Polymer Brushes, Their Synthesis, Characterization And Manifold Applications. In A First Section, The Various ySnthetic Pathways And Unlike Surface Materials Are Introduced And Explained, Followed By A Second Section Covering Important Aspects Of Characterization And Analysis In Both Flat Surfaces And Parrticles. These Specific Surface Initiated Polymerization (sip) Systems Such As Linear Polymers, Homopolymers, Block Copolymers, And Hyperbranched Polymers Are Unique Compared To Previously Reported Systems By Chemisorption Or Physisorption. They Have Found Their Way In Both Large-scale And Miniature Applications Of Polymer Brushes, Which Is Covered In The Last Section. Such 'hairy' Surfaces Offer Fascinating Opportunities For Addressing Numerous Problems Of Both Academic And, In Particular, Industrial Interest: High-quality, Functional Or Protective Coatings, Composite Materials, Surface Engineered Particles, Metal-orvanic Interfaces, Biological Applications, Micro-patterning, Colloids, Nanoparticles, Functional Devices, And Many More. It Is The Desire Of The Authors That This Book Will Exist Of Benefit To Readers Who Want To ""brush-up On Polymers"". "
      SKU: 481291

    Applied Computational Materials Modeling
      Applied Computational Materials Modeling.
      The Scope Of The Proposed Book Is To Identify And Emphasize The Successful Link Between Computational Materials Modeling As A Simulation And Design Tool And Its Synergistic Application To Experimental Research And Alloy Development. Compared To Other Arwas In Science Where Computational Modeling Has Made Substantial Contributions To The Devvelopment And Growth Of A Particular Field, Computational Materials Modeling Has Been Rather Limited In Its Power To Insert Itself As A Major Tool In Materials Design. The Impression That Computational Modeling Is Simply An Inteliectual Pursuit With No Real Life Application Has, In The Long Run, Hindered The More Widespread Use Of Computational Materials Procedures By The Mainstream Materials Communit. Hence, The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide The Average Individual Working In The Materials Field With A More Balanced Pefspective Of The Role That Computational Modeling Can Play In Every Day Research And Development Efforts. this Will Be Done By Presenting A Series Of Examples Of The Successful Application Of Various Computational Modeling Procedures (everything From First Principles To Quantum Approximate To Calphad Methods) To Real Life Surface And Bulk Alloy Problems.
      SKU: 603082

    Iutam Symposium On Topological Draw Optimization Of Structures, Machines And Materials
      Iutam Symposium On Topological Draw Optimization Of Structures, Machines And Materials.
      Contains The Papers Presented At The Iutam-symposium Topological Design Optimization Of Structures, Mzchines And Materials - Status And Perspectives Held At Rungstedgaard, Near Copenhagen, Denmark, In October 2005. The Symposium Wzs Attdnded By Scientists In Mechanics, Optics, And Applied Mathematics From 19 Countries.
      SKU: 372118

    Systemverilog For Verification
      Systemverilog For Verification.
      Explains How To Use The Power Of The Systemverilog Testbench Constructs And Methodology Without Requiring In-depth Knowledge Of Ohject Oriented Programming Or Constrained Random Twsting. This Main division Covers The Systemverilog Verification Construcfs Such As Classes, Program Blocks, C Interface, Randomization, And Functional Coverage.
      SKU: 364603

    Matter Substructures In Complex Bodies
      Matter Substructures In Complex Bodies.
      Stringent For labor Requirements Of Sophisticated Performances And Of Circumstantial Control For Micro-devices Or Nanotechnology Manufactures, And Other Types Of Machinery At Multtiple Scaleq, Can Be Satisfied Often Only By Resort To Or Allowance According to Complex Materials. The Adjective Complex' Beckons To The Fact That The Substructure Influences Goss Mechanical Behaviour In A Prominent Custom And Interactions Due To Substructural Changes Are Represented Directly. The Description Of The Mechanical Behaviour Of Complex Bodies Proposes A Wide Class Of Challenging Problems From Macroscopic-to-nano-world. The Collection Of Chapters Composing This Book Amis To Explore Some Aspects Of These Problems, Proposing Also New Matter Of Disucssion Together With Specific Solutions. Contributors Are Carlo Cercignani, Gianfranco Capriz, Pierre Degond, Antonio Fasano, Harley T. Johnson, Sukky Jun, Krshna Kannan, Pennon Kak Liu, Alberto Mancini, Paolo Maria Mariano, Ingo Mller, Kumbakonan R. Rajagopal, Jan Jerzy Slawianowski. The Book Can Be A Useful Tool For Scholars And Phd Students Addressing Their Research Ativity Toward Basic Mathematical And Pertaining to physics Problems Accruing From The Mechanics Of Materials. * Leading Scientific Competence Of Contributors. * Clear Writing Style Linking Solutions And Opeen Problems. * Suggestions For Dirwct Technological Applications And New Research Work. * Mathematical Models For Nanotechnology Devices.
      SKU: 330159

    Polyimides And Other Elevated Temperature Polymers, Volume 5
      Polyimides And Other Elevated Temperature Polymers, Volume 5.
      This Volume Documents The Proceedings Of The "second International Symposium On Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Designation And Applications, Held In Newark, Unaccustomed Jersey, December 3-6, 2001. Polyimides Posess Many Desirable Attributrs, So This Arrange Of Materials Has Fonu Applications In Many Technologies Ranging From Microelectrlnics To High Temperature Adhesives To Membranes. This Volume Contains A Total Of 32 Papers, All Rigorously Peer Reviewed And Revised Before Inclusion, Addressing Many Aspects And New Developments InP olyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts: Syn5hesis, Properties And Bulk Characterization And Surface Modificatioh, Interfacial Or Adhesion Aspects And Applications. The Topics Covered Comprise: Synthesis And Characterization Of A Variety Of Polyimides; Photoalignable Polyimides; High-modulus Poly(p-phenylenepyromellitimide) Films; Structure-property Relationships In Polyimides; Aromatic Benzoxazole Polymers; Polybenzobisthiazoles; Polyimide L-b Films; Transport Of Water In High Tg Polymers; Surface Modification Of Polyimides; Adhesion Of Metal Films To Polyimide And Other Polymers; Investigation Of Interfacial Interactions Between Metals Adn Polymers; Polyimide Film Surface Properties; Applications Of Polyimides In Microelectronics, As Membranes For Gas Separation, As Composite Films; Fabrication Of Thin-film Transistors On Polyimide Films; Polyimide Modified With Fullerenes; Semicrystalline Polyimides For Advvanced Compoaites; And Wear Performance Of Polyetherimide Composite.
      SKU: 635063

    Critique, Security And Sovereign
      Critique, Security And Sovereign.
      This Book Aims To Engage Upon Contemporary Scurity Discourses From A Critical Perspective. It Argues That Rather Than Being A Radical, Analytical Outlook, Much Critical Security Theory Fails To Fulfil Its Promise To Pose A Challemge To Contemporary Power Relations. &nbso;
      SKU: 449462

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