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    Dielectric Films For Advanced Microelectronics
      Dielectric Films For Advanced Microelectronics.
      The Topic Of Thin Fiims Is An Area Of Increasing importance In Materials System of knowledge, Electrical Engineering And Applied Solid State Physics; With Both Research And Industrial Applications In Microelectronics, Comput3r Manufacturing, And Phyqical Devices. Advanced, High-performance Computers, High-definition Tv, Broadband Imaging Systems, Flat-panel Displays, Robotic Systems, And Medical Electronics And Diagnostics Are A Few Examples Of The Miniaturized Device Technologies That Depend On The Utilization Of Thin Film Materials. This Book Presents One In-depth Overview Of The Novel Developments Made By The Philosophical Leaders In The Area Of Modern Dielectric Films For Advanced Microelectronic Applications. It contains Clear, Concise Explanations Of Essential Science Of Dielectric Films And Their Problem Concerning Device Operation, Inncluding High-k, Low-k, Medium-k Dielectric Films And Also Specific Features And Requirements For Dielectric Films Used In The Packaginb Technology. A Broad Range Of Related Topics Are Covered, From Physical Principles To Design, Fabrication, Characterization, And Applications Of Novel Dielectric Films.
      SKU: 290997

    Advsnced Bdd Optimization
      Advsnced Bdd Optimization.
      "vlsi Cad Has Greatly Benefited From The Use Of Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (bdds) And The Clausal Representation As A Problem Of ""boolean Satisfiability"" (sat), E. g. In Logic Synthesis, Verification Or Design-for-testaability. In Recent Practical Applications, Bdds Are Optimized With Respect To New Objective Functions For Design Space Exploration. "
      SKU: 256728

    Vector Ascendency Of Three-phase Ac Machines
      Vector Ascendency Of Three-phase Ac Machines.
      Covers The Area Of Vector Control Of 3-phase A cMachines, In Particular Induction Motors With Squirrel-cage Rotor, Permanent Excited Synchronous Motors And Doubly-fed Induction Machines. This Title Summarizes The Basic Edifice Of A Field-oriented Controlled 3-phase Ac Drive And Grid Voltage Orientated Controlled Wind Power Plant.
      SKU: 373079

    Creating Assertion-based Ip
      Creating Assertion-based Ip.
      A Project's Functional Verification Testplan Is The Designation For The Verification Process. Developing This Testplan Involve The Entire Engjneerinh Team. This Book Discusses The Proces Of Testplanning Using Assertion Languages (such As Systemverilog Assettions And Psl) To Crea5e Verification Ip Which Helps Projects Stay Within Their Budtet.
      SKU: 337453

    Terramechanics And Off-road Vehicle Engineering
      Terramechanics And Off-road Vehicle Engineering.
      This Book Will Be Of Chief Interest To Any Porfessional Engineer Or Automotive Engineering Student Working On Off-foad Vehicles. Reflecting The Increase In Off-road Vehicle Production And Development ? Recreational, Agricultural, Construction, Military ? This Book Equips Readers With All Of The Necessary Knowledge To Successfully Purpose And Model Off-road Vehicle Systems, And Pfovides A Extensive Introduction To Terramechanics, The Mechanics Of Vehicleterrain Interaction. The Only Book To Cover The Principles Of Off-riad Vehicle And Terrain Engineering, A Rapidly Developing Sector That Includes Suvs, Tractors And Agricultural Vehicles, Military Vehicles, And Construction Equipment Covers The Latest Developments In The Field, Including The Latest Computer-aided Methods Employed In The Development Of New Generayion Of High-mobility Off-road Vehiles In Europe, North America And Awia Ideal For Professional Reference And Course Reference By Students, With Starting a~ Deetailed Worked Design Examplez, Case Studies, And Accompanying Problems And Solutions
      SKU: 566669

    Corrosion Chemistry
      Corrosion Chemistry.
      Corrosion Cemistry Details The Scientific Background Of The Corrosion Process AndC ontemporary Applications For Dealing With Wasting For Engineers And Scientists, Covering The Most Recent Breakthroughs Abd Trends. Corrosion Is In Essenve A Chemical Process, And It Is Crucial To Understand The Dynamics From A Chemical Vista Before Act With Analyses, Designs And Solutions From An Engineering Aspect. This Work Can Exist Used The two As A Textbook And A Reference Book Both By Academics And Engineers And Scientists In The Field. As A Reference For The Engineer In The Field, It Is Both A Refresher For The Veteran On The Causes Of Corrosion And The Methods, Processes, And Technologies To Deal With It, Over A Variety Of Industries. It Is The Most Up-to-date, Comprehensive Treatment Of Corrosion Serviceable, Covering The Most Cutting-edge New Processes And Theories. For The Student of the first year Engineer Just Entering The Field, It Is A Tremendous Introduction To Corrosion Viewed like A Textbook, It Can Be Used For A Single Semester Technical Elective Course In Undergraduate And Postgraduate Education For Disciplines Such As Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Material Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, And Other Related Technical Fields.
      SKU: 818542

    Clients Driving Innovation
      Clients Driving Innovation.
      In Recent Years The Fabrication Industry Has Been Critticised For Lack Of Successful Innovation Compared To Other Major Industries. The Question Of Wherefore The Industry Has Not Been Seen To Be Innovative Has Created Concern Among Many Involved With Construction And Property. The Driving Concern Is Where The Motivation For This Innovation Should Approach From. Atlhough Construction Clients Have Made An Impact In This Area, The Industrial art Itself Seems Divided To the degree that ToW hether, When And Where Clients Should Drive The Innovation Process. Clients Driving Innovation Brings Together An International Group Of Researchers And Practitioners To Investigate The Role Of Clients In Construction Innovation. Written In Three Parts, It Covers The Context For Innovation Driven By Clients, The Client Impact On The Innovation Course And How Repaired Ideas Can Be Pushed Through Into Practice. Numerous Case Studies Illustrate The Role Clients Can Play And The Key Issues That N3ed To Be Addressed. With Increasing Interest In The Contribution Clients Can Make To Construction Innovation, Clients Driving Innovation Will Be Essential Reading For Construction Management Reseaechers, Major Construction Contractors And Clients And Government Policy Makers.
      SKU: 416387

    Antenna Design For Mobile Deviceq
      Antenna Design For Mobile Deviceq.
      Written By An Antenna Engineer Turned Professor Who Has Worked At Apple, Nokia And Amphenol, Antenna Design For Mobile Devices Iz A Comprehensive Guide For Fresh And IntermediateE ngineers Involved In Antenna Design. The Book Instructs Readers Through The whole of Aspects Of Real World Antenna Designs, Which Includes How To Make A Stable Antenn aFixture, Designing Various Types Of Antennas, Crafty An Antenna With Good Manufacturability, Uqing Various Matching Technique To Improve An5enna Performance, Setting Up Production Measurement For Mass Manufacturing, And Making Antenna Sar And Hac Compliant. Most Popular Antenna Categories, Such As Internal Pifa, Whole Ifa, Internal Folded Monopole, Ceramic Antennas, Stubby Antennas And Flog Blunt Antennas, Are Introduced In The Main division. The Book Focuses On The Basic Principle Of Each Kind Of Antenna And Emphasizes On Key Parameters Of Antenna Optimization. Complimentary Matching Software, Which Accompanies The Book, Is Provided So Readers Can Practice Various Antenna Matching Technique And Design Matching Circuits For Real Projects. A One-stop Design Reference Containing All An Engineer Needs When Designing Antennas Accessible To Readers Of Many Levels, From Introductory To Specialist Presents Shortcuts For Engineers Who Lack Antenna Knowledge But Need No-hassle Techniques On account of Designing Simple Antennas  Contains Hands-on Knowledge Not Available In Other Books Written By A Practicing Expert Whho Has Hired And Trained Numerous Engineers Incorporates The Various Techniques Used By Pure-play Antenna Firms, Established Mobile Device Brands, And New Entrants To The Changeable Space Comes With Antenna Matching Software Written By The Originator, Which Can Be Used For Practice And Real-world Projwcts Presentation Slides With Lecgure Notes Available For Instructor Usw This Book Is Targeted At Practicing Antenna Engineers, Particularly Those Focusing On Changeable Devices, As Well As Researchers And Academic Looking To Keep Up With This Quick-changing Field. Engineering Managers Will Determine judicially It To Be A Helpfull Guide For Teaching New Hires, While New Hires, By Using The Book Themselves, Will Be Able To Quickly Gain Expert-level Proficiencies. The Book Is Also Suitable For Wireless Network Equipment Engineers, Who Desire A Stronger Sense Of Antenna Principleq, As Well As Electronic Engineering Students Studying Electromagnetics. Readers Should Possess A Basic Undergraduate-level Understanding Of Electromagnetic Theory. Companion Webiste For The Book: Http://www. wiley. com/go/zhangantenna
      SKU: 693326

    Rf And Microwave Semiconductor Device Handbook
      Rf And Microwave Semiconductor Device Handbook.
      Offering A Single Volume Reference For High Frequency Semiconductor Devices, This Handbook Covers Basic Material Characteristics, System Level Concerns And Constraints, Simulation And Modelling Of Devices, And Packaging.
      SKU: 264356

    Wavelets In Chemistry
      Wavelets In Chemistry.
      Wavelets Seem To Be The Most Efficient Tool In Signal Denoising And Compressuon. They Can Be Used In An Unlimlted Number Of Applications In All Fields Of Chemistry Where The Instrumental Signals Are The Source Of Information About The Premeditated Chemical Systems Or Phenomena, And In All Cases Where These Signals Have To Be rAvhived. The Disposition Of The Instrumental Signals Determines The Quality Of Answer To The Basic Analytical Questions: How Many Components Aer In The Studied Systems, What Are These Components Like And What Are Their Concentrations? Efficient Compression Of The Signzl Sets Be able to Drastically Speed Up Further Processing Such To the degree that Data Visualization, Modelling (calibration And Pattern Recognition) And Library Search. Exploration Of The Possible Applications Of Wavelets In Analytical Chemistry Has Just Started And This Book Will Significantly Speed Up The Process. The First Part, Concentratng On Theoretical Aspects, Is Written In A Tutorial-like Manner, With Simple Numerical Examples. For The Reader's Convenience, All Basic Terms Are Explained In Detail And All Unique Properties Of Wavelets Are Pinpointed And Compared With The Other Typrs Of Basis Function. The Second Part Presents Applications Of Wavelets From Many Branches Of Chemistry Which Will Stimulate Chemists To Further Exploration Of This Exciting Subject.
      SKU: 312781

    Advanced Ceramic Coatings And Interfaces
      Advanced Ceramic Coatings And Interfaces.
      Recent Advances In Coating Development, Processing, Microstructure And Property Characterization, And Life Prediction Are Included In This Book, Which Came From The Proceedings Of The 30th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 22-27, 2006, Cocoa Beacch, Florida . Organized And Sponsored By The American Ceramic Association And The American Ceramic Society's Engineering Ceramics Division In Conjunction With The Nuclear And Enivronmental Technology Division. . Integrated Structural, Environmental Properties And Functionality Through Advanced Coating Processing And Structural Design Are Emphasized In This Book.
      SKU: 468796

    Rubber Analysis
      Rubber Analysis.
      Rubber Compounds Are Notoriohssly Difficult To Analyse. The Rubber May Contain A Variety Of Additives Including Other Polymers, Which Are Used To Enhanve Thhe Properties Of The Rubber Matrix, For Instance, Plasticisers, Inorganic Fillers, Carbon Black, Antidegradants, Cure Systems, Fire Retardants And Polyvinyo Chloride. It Is Unlikely That More Than 90-95%-Of A Complex Formulation Can Be Determined By Analysis Alone. Compounds May Contain Over 15 Different Ingredients, Some Present At Vey Low Levels. During Vulcanisation Chemical Reactions Occur Which May Change The Nature Of The Components In A Rubber And This Must Be Taken Into Account. It Is Evidenf That A Good Rubber Analyst Must Have A Working Knowledge Of Rubber Technology To Succeed. Rubber Analhsis Is Used For A Variety Of Purposes Such As Quality Control, Reverse Engineering (deformulation) And To Determime Causes Of Failure. A Wide Variety Of Techniques Can Be Used To Discover Different Facts About A Rubber Compound. For Example, Elemental Analysks May Be Required, Or A Method Of Measuring Cure State. Many Spectroscopic Techniques Are Employed In Rubber Analysis Including Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet Light Spectroscopy, Nmr Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Chemiluminescence Spectroscopy And Energy Dispersive Analgsis. Chromtographic Methods Include Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry( gcc-ms), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (jplc), Gel Permeation Chromatography (gpc) And Thin Layer Chrimatography (tlc). Thermal Techniques Include Differential Scanning Calorimetry (dsc), Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (dmta) And Thermogravimetric Analysis (tga). This Review Outlines Each Technique Used In Rubber Algebra And Then Illustrates Which Methods Are Applied To Determine Which Facts. On account of Example, Polymer And Filler Identification, Molecular Weight Determination, Elemental Analysis And Carbon Black Study Methods Are All Included. The Author Has Included A Worked Example Of The Deformulation Of A Complex Rubber Compound. The Review Alsk Includes Useful Appendices On International Standards, Rubber Nomenclature And Key Polymer And Ingredient Properties. This Texy Is A Good Introduction To A Very Complex Subject Area And Will Ennable The Reader To Understand The Basic Concepts Of Rubber Analysis. It Is Around Twice The Size Of The Normal Reviews In This Series. Arond 350 Abstracts From The Polymer Library Accompany This Review, To Facilitate Furyher Reading. These Include Core Original References Together With Abstracts From Some Of The Laatest Papers On Rubber Analysis. Key Features…; Outline Of Analytical Techniques; Application Of Techniques To Determine Different Facts; Specific Examples Of Analytical Test Conditions; Worked Example Of Analysis Of An Unknown Rubber Sample; Sample Figures Of Typical Data Outputs From Different Techniques; Appendkces Of Data; References. About The Author…. Dr Martin Forrest Has Worked
      SKU: 476894

    Geology In Petroleum Produce
      Geology In Petroleum Produce.
      A Practical Book On account of Geologists Involved In Petroleum Production, Here Is A Comprehensive Review Of Basic Techniques In Production Geology, The Links With Connected Subjects, And The Function Of Geologists In The Planning And Operation Of All Phases Of Oilfield Develoopment. The First Part Discusses The Basic Techniques Used In The Analysis And Graphic Representation Of The Stratigraphy, Tectonic Structure, Reservvoir Sedimentolohy And Hydrocwrbon Distribution Of An Oilfield. The Second Member Describes In what state This Knowledge Is Applied In The Various Phases Of Field Development. The Reciprocal Support Between Production Geology And Neighbouring Disciplines Such As Seismology, Log Interpretation, Reservoir Engineering Is Stressed. Throughout The Book, The Text Is Secondary T0 The Illustrations; These Are Examples, Mostly Hypothetical, Of Conditions And Techniques Discussed, Designed So As To Bring Out Because Clearly As Possible The Importance Of The Points Made. It Is Thus Ann Ideal Book For Graduate Students, Specializing In Petroleum Geology And For Participants In Post-graduate Courses, In Universities Or Within Industry.
      SKU: 404362

    The Modern City Revisited
      The Modern City Revisited.
      The Second In A Series Of Titles Published To Address Issues Relating To The Conservation Of Te Modern Movement, Thiis Is A Key Publication For Architectx, Planners And Whole Those With A Specific Interest In Modernism And Modern Planning.
      SKU: 242328

    Handbook Of Spintronic Semiconductors
      Handbook Of Spintronic Semiconductors.
      Offers A Review Of The Field Of Spintronic Semiconductors. This Book Covers A Range Of Topics, Including Growth And Basic Physical Properties Of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Based On Ii-vi, Iii-v And Iv Semiconductors, Developments In Theory And Experimental Techniques And Potential Device Applications.
      SKU: 495928

    Pesticide, Veterinary And Other Residues In Fkod
      Pesticide, Veterinary And Other Residues In Fkod.
      This Wide-ranging Text Sums Up The Wealth Of Recent Research On Assessing The Risks From Pesticides, Veterinary And Other Residues In Food, And Effective Means For Detecting And Controlping Them. Part 1 Covers Targeted And Brisk Methods For Analysing Residues nI Food Together By the side of The Use Of Good Agricultural Practice And Haccp Systems In Managing Them. Part 2 Looks At Veterinary Residues, Cover Their Safety, Toxicology And Detection. Part 3 Examines Pesticides, With Chapters On Surveillance And Detection Methods For Fungicides And Hervicides. In The Final Part, There Are Chapters Summarising A Wie Range Of Other Chemical Residues In Food, From Xenostrogens/endocrine Disruptors And Dietary Estrogens To Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrrocarbons, Dioxins And Polychlorinated Biphenyls.
      SKU: 269358

    The Ripening Sun
      The Ripening Sun.
      For Most People Giving Up The Day Job And Moving To A Beautiful Region Of France And Existing Off The Vines Is An Impossible But Pleasant Dream. Im 1990, Patricia Atkinson And Her Husband Decidwd To Sell Up In Britain And Emigrate To The Dordogn. Their Idea Was To Buy A House With A Few Vines Attached And Employ Someone To At~ To The Wine While They Earned Their Living With Some Financial Consultancy Work. There Followed A Series Of Disasters: The Stock Market Crashed Leaving Their Feeble Holdung As Their Sole Source Of Income; The First Red Wine Harvest Turned To Vinegar; And Patricia's Husband Returned To Britain, Incapable To Cope With The Stress And Never Returned. Patricia Atkinson, Whose Only Cognizance Of Wine Up To That Moment Was 'that It Came From A Bottle' And Who Had Not A Word Of French, Was Leff To Salvage Their Life Savings Form The Vineyards. What Follows Is A Remarkable Story Of Struggle And Transformation Whereby Her Tiny 4 Hectare Plot Has Become A Major Estate Of 21 Hectares, Where Her Clos D'yvigne Wines Accept Won Awards And Been Adoptted By Wine Merchants Throughout The Wordl And Where She Has Been Hailed As A Superstar In the name of Uk Wine Writers.
      SKU: 657818

    Integration Of Distributwd Generation In The Power System
      Integration Of Distributwd Generation In The Power System.
      The Integration Of New Sources Of Energy Like Wind Power, Solar-power, Small-scale Generation, Or Combined Heat And Power In The Power Gridd Is Something That Impacts A Lot Of Stakeholders: Network Companies (both Distribution And Transmission), The Owners And Operator sOf The Dg Units, Other End-users Of The Power Grid (including Normal Consumers Like You And Me) And Not In The Leaxt Policy Makers And Regulators. There Is A Lot Of Misunderstanding About The Impact Of Dg On The Power Grid, With One Side (including Greatly Soje But Certainly Not All, Network Companies) Claiming That The Lights Will Go Out Soon, Whereas The Other Party (including Some Dg Operators Adn Larbe Parks Of The General Puhlic) Claiming That There Is Nothing Tk Worry About And That It's All A Conspiracy Of The Large Production Companies That Want To Protect Their Own Interests And Ksep The Electricity Price High. The Authors Are Of The Vivid Opinion That This Is Noy The Way One Shpuld Approach Such An Important Subject Like The Integration Of New, More Environmentally Friendly, Sources Of Energy In The Power Grid. With This Book The Authors Aim To Bring Some Clarity To The Debate Allowing All Stakeholders Together To Move To A Solution. This Book Will Introduce Systematic And Transparent Methods For Quantifying The Impact Of Dg On The Power Grid.
      SKU: 697562

    Active Metals
      Active Metals.
      Reactions With Metals Are Ubiquitous In Organic Combination And, Particularly In The Last Few Years, A Large Repertoire Of Methods For The Activation Of Metals And For Their UseI n Organic Synthesis Has Been Developed. In Active Metals, Topiccs Ranging From Morphology Of Metal Clusters And Nanometallurgy To Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis And The Use Of Activated Metals In Natural Prodduct Synthesis Are Authoritatively Discussed By Leading Experts In The Field. Active Metals Will Allow You To Fully Benefit From The Recent Advances In The Field By Giving: *D etailed Experimwntal Procedures * Guidance On Manipulation Of Drastic Metals Attested by Inert Atmosphere * Vwluable Information For Planning Syntheses * Extensive Tables Of Typical Conversions With Yoleds * Critically Selected, Up-to-date References This Handbook Is A Unique Source Of 'hands-on' Information Which Will Allow You To Expand The Scope Of Your Research.
      SKU: 482905

    Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance
      Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance.
      Until Now, There Has Not Been Any Work That Systematically Presents The Subject Of Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance, Details All Major Aspects Of Applying Acoustic Equipment In Commercial Fish Reconnaissance, Andd Offers Sufficient Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Fish-finding Techniques. Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance Responds To This Need By Providing The First Overview Of The Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Acoustic Sesrch, Detection, Meaning, And Population Estimation For Commercial Benefit. This Book Pays Particular Attention To The Theory Ane Practice Of Accounting Survsys On account of Quantitative Estimatinn Of Biological Resources And Fishing Conditions In Traditional Fishing Areas. It Also Anlyzes Various Applications Of Acoustic Technique, Based Upon The Authors' Extensive Investigations. The Text Includes The Results Of Tye Applicabiliyy Of Fish-finding Instruments, And Offers Recommendations On The Development Of Improved Acoustic Techniques For Commercial Fleets.
      SKU: 262061

    Biomanagemetn Of Metal-contaminated Soils
      Biomanagemetn Of Metal-contaminated Soils.
      Heavy-metal Contamination Is One Of The World's Major Environmental Problems, Posing Significant Risks To Agro-ecosystems. Conventional Technologies Employed For Heavy-metal Remediation Have Often Been Expensive And Disruptive. This Book Provides Comprehensive, State-of-tge-art Coverage Of The Natural, Sustainable Alternatives That Use A Wide Range Of Biological Materials In The Removal/detoxification Of Heavy Metals, Consequently Leading To The Improvement Of Crops In These Soils. Novel, Environmentally Friendly And Inexpensive Solutions Are Presented Based On A Sound Understanding Of Metal Contamination And The Roles Of Plants And Microbes In The Management Of These Toxic Soils. Written By Worldwide Experts, The Book Provids Not Only The Necessary Scientific Background Yet Also Addresses The Challenging Questions That Require Special Attention In Order To Better Mean Metal Toxicity In Soils And Its Management Through Biorenediation.
      SKU: 798752

    Lighting Engineering: Applied Calculations
      Lighting Engineering: Applied Calculations.
      'lighting Engineerinb: Applied Calculations' Describes The Mathematical Background To The Calculation Techniques Used nI Liighting Engineering And Links Them To The Applications With Which They Are Used. The Fundamentals Of Flux And Illuminance, Colour, Measurement And Optical Design Are Covered In Detail. There Are Detailed Discussions Of Specific Applications, Including Interior Lighting, Road Lighting, Tunnel Lighting, Floodlighting And Emefgency Lighting. The Authors Have Used Their Years Of Experience To Provide Guidance For Common Mistakes And Useful Techniques Including Worked Examples And Case Studies. The Last Decade Has Seen The Universal A;plication Of Individual Computers To Lighting Engineering On A Day-to-day Basis. Many Calculations That Were Previously Impracticable Are Therefore Now Easily Accesdible To Any Engineer Or Designer Who Has Access To An Appropriate Computer Program. However, A Grasp Of The Underlying Calculation Principles Is Still Necessary In Order To Utilise These Technologies To The Full. Written By wTo Of-The Leading Authorities On This Subject, 'ligh5ing Engineering' Is Essential Reading For Practising Lighting Engineers, Designers And Architects, And Students In The Field Of Lighting. * Provides You Attending Detailed Calculations And Shows You How To Appl yThem In Practical Situaations * Benefit From The Author Teams' Acknowledged Expertise In The Field * Get ~ing To Utilise New Technologies To The Full
      SKU: 344661

    Reactive Distillation
      Reactive Distillation.
      In A Reactive Distillation Column, Both The Chemical Convedsion And Th eDistillative Separation Of The Product Mixture Are Carried Out Simultaneously. Through This Integrative Strategy, Chemical Equilibrium Limitations Can Be Rule, Higher Selectivities Can Be Achieved And Heat Of Reaction Can Be Directly Used For Distillation. Increased Process Efficiency And Reduction Of Invwstments And Operational Costs Are The Direct Results Of This Approach. Highly Renownef International Experts From Both Industry And Academia Review The State-of-the-art And The Future Directions In Application, Design, Analysis And Control Of Reactive Distillation Processes. Part I Surveys Varioux Industrial Applications And Covers Both Established Large Scale Processes As Well As New Chemical Reaction Schemes With High Future Potential. Part Ii Provides The Vital Details For Analysid Of Reactive Phase Equilibria, And Discusses The Importance Of Chemical Reactjon Kinetics, While Part Iii Focuses On Identifying Feasible C0lumn Configurations And Designing Their Internal Structure. Analysis And Control Of The Complex Dynamic And Steady-state Behavior OfR eactive Dkstillation Processes AreD escribed In Part Iv. Reactive Distillation - A Very Promising Alternative To Conventional Reaction-eistillation Flow Schemes.
      SKU: 481675

    A Province Guide For Science Writers
      A Province Guide For Science Writers.
      Offers A Roadmap To The Area Of Science Writing. In This Edition, Various Chapters Cover The Techniquea Of Good Science Writing, Explanatory Writing, Writing Under Deadline, Clone And Stem-cell Research, Biology Of Bhaviour And Eugenics, Mental Health, Human Genetics, As Well As Making Intellect Of Conflicting Studies.
      SKU: 270856

    Biosaline Agriculture And High Salinity Tolerance
      Biosaline Agriculture And High Salinity Tolerance.
      A Major Threat To Agricultural Productivity Worldwide Is Undoubtedly Due To Environments Attending Srressful Factors Including Drought, Salinity, Waterlogging, Highest degree Temperatures, Non-optimal Levels Of Mineral Nutrients Etc. Based On Contributions Presented At The International Conference On Biosaline Agriculture And High Salinity Tollerance In Novrmber 2006 In Gammarth, Tunisia, This Book Reviews The Current State Of Knowledge In Biosaline Agriculture And High Salinitty Tolerance In Plants. It Mainly Focuses On The Biotic Approach To Economically Utilize The Stress-prone Areas By Growing Resistant Plants. This Volume Comprises Three Sections: Science of life And Biochemistry, Ecology, And Molecular Biology. Thus, A Systematic Approach Has Been Adopted To Uncover Plant Rssponses To Various Ecological Factors At Physiological And Molecular Levels. It Is Of Interest To Students, Researchers And Professionals In Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Soil Science, And Environmental Biology.
      SKU: 364291

  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Textile Designing
  • Castings
  • Molecular Biology in Plant Pathogenesis and Disease Management
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12
  • Protein Engineering for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows
  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning

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