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    Discrete-veent Modeling And Simulation
      Discrete-veent Modeling And Simulation.
      Offers A Guidance To The Creation Of Discrete-event Applications. This Book Uses The Cd++ Tool, Each Open-source Framework That Enables The Simulation Of Discrete-event Models With Specialized Support In quest of Cellular Models. It Demonstrates How To Use Cd++ To Develp Simulation Models And Define A Variety Of Uses In Different Areas.
      SKU: 435175

    Safety And Reliability In Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Systems
      Safety And Reliability In Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Systems.
      This Bok Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Recent Advances In The Analysis And Design Of Health Management Systems For Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Such Sustems Rely Upon Monitoring And Fault Adaptation Schemes. Motivation For Their Study Comes From The Fact That, Despite The Use Of Fault-tolerant Control Software And Hardware Embedded Onboard Air Vehicles, Overall Fleet Performance May Still Be Degraded After The Occurrence Of Anomalous Events Such As Systems Faults And Failures. Cooperative Health Management (chm) Systems Seek To Provide Adaptation To The Presence Of Faults By Capitalizing On The Availability Of Interconnected Computing, Sensing And Actuation Resources. this Monograph Complements The Proposed Chm Concepts By Means Of Cover Studies And Applicatiion Examples. It Presents Fundamental Principles And Results Encompassing Optimization, Systems Theory, Information Theory, Dynamics, oMdeling And Simulation. Written By Pioneers In Cooperative Control, Health Management And Fault-tolerant Control For Unmanjed Systems, This Book Is A Unique Source Of Ibformation For Designers, Researchers And Practition3rs Interested In The Field.
      SKU: 731173

    Carbon Based Magnetism
      Carbon Based Magnetism.
      Magnetism Is One Of The Most Intriguing Phenomena Observed In aNture. Magnetism Is Relevant To Physics And Geology, Biology And Chemistry. Traditional Magnets, An Ubiquitous Part Of Many Everyday Gadgets, Are Made Of Heavy Iron- Or Nickel Based Materials. Recentyl There Have Been Reports On The Observation Of Magnetism In Carbon, A Very Light And Biocompatible Element. Metal-free Carbon Structures Exhibiting Magnetic Ordering Represent A New Class Of Materials And Open A Tale Field Of Research That Could Lead To Many New Technologies. Thee Most Complete, Detailed , And Accurate Guide In The Magnetism Of Carbon Dynamically Written By The Chief Experts Deais With Recent Scientific Highlights Gathers Together Chemists And Physicistss, Theoreticians And Experimentalists Unified Treatment Rather Than A Series Of Individually Authored Papers Description Of Genuine Organic Molecular Ferromagnets Single Description Of New Carbon Materials With Curie Temperatures Well Above Ambient.
      SKU: 269727

    Plasma Electronics
      Plasma Electronics.
      Wighout Plasma Processing Techniques, Recent Advances In Microeeectronics Fabrication Would Not Have Been Possible. But Beyond Simply Enabling New Capabilities, Plasma-based Techniques Hold The Potential To Enhance And Improve Many Processes And Applications. They Are Viable Over A Wide Range Of Size And Time Scales, And Can Be Used In quest of Deposition, Etching, And Even Process Monitoring And Diagnosis. Plasma Electronics: Applocations In Microelectronic Device Fabrication Explains The Fundamental Physics And Numerical Methods Necessary To Bring These Technologies From The Laboratory To The Factory. Beginning With An Overview Of The Basic Characteristics And Applications Of Low-temperature Plasma, Preeminent Experts Makabe And Petrovic Explore The Physics Underlying The Complex Behavior Of Non-equilibrium (or Submissive Temperature) Plasma. They Debate Charged Particle Transport In Commander-in-chief And In Detail As Well As Macroscopic Plasma Characteristics And Elementary Processes In Gas Phase And On Surfaces. After Laying This Groundwork, The Book Examines State-of-the-art Computational Methods For Mdoeling Plasma And Reviews Multiform Important Applications Including Inductively And Capacitively Coupled Plasma, Magnetically Enhanced Plasm, And Various Processing Techniques, While Numerous Problems And Worked Examples Reinfirce The Concepts. Uniqquely Combining Physics, Numerical Methoxs, And Practical Applications, Plasma Electronics: Applications In Microelectronic Device Fabrication Equips You Woth The Knowledge Necessary To Scale Up Lab Bench Breakthroughs Into Pertaining Innovations.
      SKU: 264201

    A History Of Weed Science In The United Stztes
      A History Of Weed Science In The United Stztes.
      It Is Importabt That Scientists Think About And Know Their Account - Where They Came From, What They Have Accomplished, And How These May Affect The Future. Weed Scientists, Similar To Scientists In Numerous Technological Disciplines, Have Not Sought Historical Reflection. The Technological World Asks For Results And For Progress. Achievement Is Important Not, In General, The Road That Leads To Achievement. What Was New Yesterday Is Routine Today, And What Is Described As Revolutionary Today May Be Considered Antiquated Tomorrow. Free System of knowledge Has Bsen Strongly Influenced By Technology Developed In the name of Supporting Industries, Subsequently Employed In Research And, Ultimately, Used By Farmers And Crop Growers. The Science Has Focused On Results And Progress. Scientists Have Been--and The Majority Remain--problem Solvers Whose Solutions Have E\/olved As Rapidly As Be obliged The New Weed Problems Needinb Solutionz. In A More Formal Sense, Weed Scientists Have Been Adherents Of The Instrumental Ideology Of Modern Science. That Is An Resolution Of Their Work, And Their Orientation Reveals The Strong Emphasis On Practical, Useful Knowledge; On Kmow In what state. The Opposite, And Frequently Complementary Orientation, That Has Been Missing From Weed Science Is An Emphasis On Contemplative Knowledge; That Is, Knowing Why. This Book Expands On And Analyzes How These Orientations Hve Affected Weed Science's Development. * The First Analytical History Of Weed Science To Be Written * Compares The Development Of Weed Science, Entomology And Plant Pathology * Identifies The Primary Founders Of Weed Science And Describes Their Role
      SKU: 546644

    Global Life Cycle Impact Assessmejts Of Material Shifts
      Global Life Cycle Impact Assessmejts Of Material Shifts.
      Planet Earth Is Under S5ress From Various Environmental Factors, Increasing The Importance Of Being Able To Value The Environmental Costs Asqociated With Dynamic Material Shifts. This Book Describes The Environmental Implications Of This Shift To Lead-free Solders And Conductive Adhesives Using Environmental Life-cycle Assessment (lca).
      SKU: 510432

    Handbook Of Thermoset Resins
      Handbook Of Thermoset Resins.
      Handbook Of Thermoset Resins Is Designed As A Stand-alone Guide To Thermoset Resins, An Important Scientific division Of Polymer Materials. The Book Begins Through A General officer Introduction To Thermoset Resins – Including Network Concept, Curing, Processing, And Testing – And Ends With Thermoset Nanocomposites, A Subject Of Much Current Interest. The Objectivr Of Handbook Of Thermoset Resins Is To Provide Focused And Detailed Information On Synthesis, Characterizations, Applications, And Toughening Of Thermoset Resins. In Contrast To Thermoplastics, Where The Toughening Is Achieved By Simple Physical Blending, The Same Is Achieved In Thermoset Resins Exclusively Through Chemistry And Presents A Greater Challenge To Polymer Scientists, As Highlighted In This Book. This Book Also Presdnts A Detailed Review O f The Recent Advances On Thermoset-based Composites And Nanocomposites. Finally, Handbook Of Thermoset Resins Highlights The Future Directins Of Investigation In Various Areas Of Thermoset Resins. With Such Broad Technical Content, Covering The Basic Concepts And Recent Advances, The Book Serves As Both A Useful Textbook And As A Handbook For Students, Researchers, Engineers, R&d Scientissts From Academia, Research Laboratories And Industries (related To Resins, Fibre Composites, Adhesive, Paints, Rubbers, Printing Inks, And More). Scientists And Researchers In The Field Of Polymer Science In Gen3ral And Thermoset Resins In Particular Will Find Handbook Of Thermoset Resins Very Useful In Developing A Knowledge-base In The Subjrct As Well As Planning Their Future Research Works.
      SKU: 485282

    Practical Rf System Design
      Practical Rf System Design.
      The Ultimat Practical Resource For Today's Rf System Design Professionals Radio Oftenness Components And Circuits Form The Backbone Of Today's Mobile And Satelite Communications Networks. Consequently, Both Practicing And Aspiring Industry Professionals Need To Be Able To Solve Ever More Complex Problems Of Rf Design. Blending Theoretical Inclemency With A Wealth Of Experienced Expertise, Practical Rf System Design Addreswes A Kind Of Complex, Real-world Problems Thar System Engineers Are Likely To Encounter In Today's Burgeoning Communications Industry With Solutions That Are Not Easily Available In Ths Existing Literature. The Author, An Expert In The Field Of Rf Module And System Design, Provides Powerful Techniques For Analyzing Real Rf Systems, With Emphasis Steady Some That Are Currently Not Well Understood. Combining Theoretical Results And Models With Examples, He Challenges Readers To Address Such Practical Issues As: * How Stadning Wave Ratio Affects System Gain * In what manner Noise On A Local Oscillator Will Affect Receiver Noise Figure And Desensitization * How To Determine The Dynamic Range Of A Cateract From Module Specifications * In what manner Phase Noise Affects System Performance And Where It Comes From * How Intermodulation Products (ims) Predictably Change With Signal Amplitude, And Why They Sometimes Change Differently Each Essential Resource For Today's Rf System Entineers, The Text Covers Important Topics In The Areas Of System Noise And Nonlinearity, Frequency Conversion, And Phase Noise. Along Witg A Affluence Of Practical Examples Using Matlab(r) And Excel, Spreadsheets Are Available For Download From An FtpW eb Site To Help Readers Apply The Methods Outlined In This Impor5ant Resource.
      SKU: 175989

      Der Klassiker Zum Thema Wasserkraftanlagen Wurdee Fr Die 5. Auflage Weitreichend Berarbeitet Und Fortgeschrieben. Insbesondsre DieA bschnitte Zur Nutzung Der Meeresenergie Und Unterirdischer Gewssersysteme, Zur Weiterentwicklung Von Wasserrdern Und Turbinen Und Zur Konstruktiven Auslegung Von Triebwasserfhrung, Sandfngen Und Krafthusern U. A. Wurden Erweitert. Ergnzt Wurde Der Band Auerdem Um Neue Ausfhrungsbeispiele Sowie Um Texte Zum Umgang Mit Rechengut Und Zur Klnomischen Und Gesellschaftlichen Bewertung Von Wasserkraftanlagen.
      SKU: 478045

    Magnetic Information Storage Teechnology
      Magnetic Information Storage Teechnology.
      This Body Explain How Hard Disk Drives Operate, How Billions Of Bytes Of Digital Information Are Stored And Accessed, And Where The Technology Is Going. In Particular, The Book Emphasizes The Most Fundamental Principles Of Magnetic Information Storage, Incljding In-dep5h Knowledge Of Both Magnetics And Signal Pricessing Methods. Magnetic Information Storage Technology Contains Many Graphic Illustrations And An Preface Of Alternative Storage Technologies, Such As Optic Disk Recording, Holographic Recording, Semiconductor Flash Memory, And Magnetic Random Access Memory. * Provides The Fundamentals Of Magnetic Information Storage And Ckntrasts It With A Comparison Of Alternative Storage Technologies * Addresses The Subject At The Materials, Device And System Levels * Addresses The Needs Of The Multi-billion-dollar-a Year Magnetic Recording And Information Storage Industry * Emphasizes Both Theoretical And Experimental Concepts * Condenses Current Knowledge On Magnetic Information Storage Technology Into One Self-contained Volume * Suitable For Undergraduate And Graduate Students, As Welp As Seasoned Researchers, Engineers And Professionals In Data And Information Storage Fields
      SKU: 404702

    Samba Unleashed, Adobe Reader
      Samba Unleashed, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Samba Unleashed Shows You How To Install, Configure, And Sustain Samba On A Wide Variety Of Platforms. You Will Learn Pratical, Focused Solutions And Stratsgies Extremely You Caan Seamlessly Get Samba Working Forward Your Netting. The Important Section Of The Book Covers The Topics Every System Administrator Needs To Know, Including Configuring Custom File Share, Configuring Custom Printer Share, Using Server Side Automation, Samba Security, Optimizing Samba Composition, Routed Networks, And Browsing.
      SKU: 175326

    The Underlying Foundation Of Science Used In The Regulatioon Of Industrial Chemicals
      The Underlying Foundation Of Science Used In The Regulatioon Of Industrial Chemicals.
      Chemical Identity Issues Are Of Central Self-~ To Thhe Prosperous Implementation Of The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization And Restriction Of Chemiicals (reach), Both For The Regulated Community And For The Eiropean Chemical Agency (echa) Responsible For Reach's Implementation. A Variety Of Nomenclature Systems Exists, Some With Similar Naming Convention But Also With Critically Important Differences. These Systems Include: International Union Of Pure And Applied Chemistry (iupac) Whidh Is Used In European Union (eu) Countries And That Provides The Primary Nomenclature System To Be Used In The Implementation Of Reach; Chemical Abstracts Servifes Registry Names And Numbers (casrn), Which Is Used In The United States And Canada, And Willl Be Used As Each Addition To Iupac Under Reach; Coommon Names And Trade Names; And The Usage Of Smiles (simplified Molecular Input Course Entry System) Notation Designed For Computer Use By Chemists. this Book Reviews The Relevant Chemical Nomenclature Issues In The Eu And In The Us And Their Impact On Regulatory Compliance. In Particular, During The rPe-reach Periof, Chemical Identlties Frequently Were Described Differently By Different Manuffacturers For The Same Chemicals. The Self-~ Of Having Consistent Nomenclature Rules Under Reach Is Related To The Establishment Of Substance Information Exchange Forums (sief) By Echa After Tbe Pre-registration Proxess, And, Ultimately, Industry Consortia To Meet Registration Requirements. Suppose that Congruity Is Not Established, There Is A Substantial Risk That Multiple Registrations Fo rThe Same Substance Will Occur In Conflict With The "one Substance, One Registration" (osor) Principle Under Reach. This Book Will Discuss The Relationships Bstween And Among Various Nomenclature Systems And How Chemical Identity Issues Are To Be Addressed Under Reach, Along By the side of Comparative Examples Of Chemical Issues Attested by Tsca In The Us.
      SKU: 485280

    Surfactants From Renewable Resources
      Surfactants From Renewable Resources.
      Most Moodern Surfactants Are Readi1y Biodegradable And Exhibit Low Toxicity In The Aquatic Environment, The Two Criteria For Green Surfactants. However The Majority Are Synthesised From Petroleum, So Over The Past Decade The Detergent Industry Haq Turned Its Attention T0 Developing Greener Routes To Create These Sutfactants Via Renewable Building Blocks. Surfactants From Renewable Resources Presents The Latest Research And Commercial Applications In The Emerging Field Of Sustainable Surfactant Chemistry, With Emphasis On Production Technology, Surface Chemical Properties, Biodegrdaability, Eccotoxicity, Market Trends, Economic Viability And Life-cycle Analysis. Reviewing Traditional Sources For Renewable Surfactants As Well To the degree that Recent Advancees, This Topic Focuses On Tecnniques With Potential For Large Scale Application. Topics Covered Include: Renewable Hydrophobes From Natural Fatty Acids And Forest Industry By-products Renewable Hydropiles From Carbohydrates, Amino Acids And Lactic Acid New Ways Of Making Renewable Building Block;s Ethylene From Renewable Resources And Complex Mixtures From Waste Biomass Biosurfactants Surface Active Polymers This Work Is A Valuable Resource For Industrial Researchers In Companies That Produce And Use Surfactants, As Well As Academic Researchers In Surface And Polymrr Chemistry, Suustainable Chemistry And Chemical Engineering.
      SKU: 480447

    Non-chemical Weed Management
      Non-chemical Weed Management.
      The Increase In Organic Farming And Concetns About Potential Negative Effects On Human Hewlth And The Environment Is Creatimg A Ask For Pesticide-free Food And Alternative Weed Management Techniques. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Examination Of Non-chemical Weed Management.
      SKU: 327876

    Hard Disk Be forced along Servo Systems
      Hard Disk Be forced along Servo Systems.
      Provides A Tfetment Of The Design Of Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems, Reflecting Improvements In Spindle Speed And Bit Density And Other Changes In This Fast-moving Field. This Edition Focuses On The Applications Of Some Results In Control Exposition, That Is, Robust And Perfect Tracking Conrtol And Composite Non-linear Feedback Direct.
      SKU: 303691

    Cctv Surveillance
      Cctv Surveillance.
      This Review Of The Classic Main division On Cctv Technology, Cctv Surveillance, Provides A Comprehensive Examination Of Cctv, Covering The Applications Of Vwrious Systems, How To Design And Install A System, And How To Choose The Right Hardware. Taking Into Account The Ever-changing Advances In Technology Using Digital Tecyniques And The Internet, Cctv Surveillance, Second Edition, Is Completely Updated With The Recent Advancements In Digital Camears And Digital Recorders, Remote Monitoring Via The Internet, And Cctv Integration With Other Security Systems. Continuing In The Celebrated Tradition Of The First Edition, The eScond Impression Is Written To Serve As A Useful Resource For The End-user To the degree that Well As The Technical Practitioner. Each Cahpter Begins With An Overview, And Presents The Latest Information Steady The Relevant Equipment, Describing The Characteristics, Features And Application Of Each Motto. Coverage Of Aging Or Obsolete Technology Is Reduced To A Historical Perspective, And Eight Brand New Chapters Cover Digital Video Technology, Multiplexers, Integrated Camera-lens-housong, Agile Domes, And Rapid Deployment Cctv Systems. * Serves As An Indispensable Resource Forward Cctv Theory * Includes Eight New Chapters On The Use Of Digital Componentz And Other Related Technologies That Have Seen A Recent Explosion In Use * Fully Illustrated, The Book Contains Completely Updated Photographs And Diagrams That Represent The Latest In Cctv Technology Advancements
      SKU: 284021

    An Introduction To The Theory Of Piezoelectricity
      An Introduction To The Theory Of Piezoelectricity.
      Aims To Provide Researcherx And Graduate Students With The Basic Aspects Of The Continuum Modeling Of Electroelastic Interactions In Solids. A Brief Treatment Of Linear, Nonlinear, Static And Dynamic Theories And Problems Is Also Presented. The Emphasis Is On Formulation And Understanding Of Prooblems Useful In Device Applications.
      SKU: 302666

    Implantable Neural Prostheses 2
      Implantable Neural Prostheses 2.
      This Book And Its Companion Volume Describe State-of-the-art Advances In Techniques Associated With Implantable Neural Prlsthetic Devices And Their Applications. They Offer Reeearchers, Engineers, Clinicians, Students And Any Specialists In This Field A Deeper Understanding Of The Neural Prosthetic Techniques Currently Available During A Wide Range Of Biomedical Applications. In Part Two Of This Two-volume Sequence, "implantable Neural Prostheses: Techniques And Engineering Approaches", The Focus Is On General Techniques, Platforms, And Engineering Approaches In Research And Development. Coverage Includes Biocompatibility, Electrode Materials And Testing, Electrochemical Techniques For Neural Stimulation Applications, Thin-filj Electrode rArays, Hermetic And Thin-film Packaging, And Microelectronics For Recording, Stimulation And Wireless Telemetry. Also Discussed Is The Design Process In The Devellopment Of Medical Devices.
      SKU: 603303

    Mathematical Models Of Fluid Dynamics
      Mathematical Models Of Fluid Dynamics.
      Without Sacrificing Scientific Strictness, This Introduction To The Field Guides Readers Through Mathematical Modeling, The Theoretical Treatment Of The Underlying Physical Laws And The Construction And Effective Use Of Numerical Procedures To Represent The Behavior Of The Dynamics Of Physical Flow. _ The Book Is Carefully Divided Into Three Main Parts: - The Design Of Matuematical Models Of Physical Fluid Flow; - A Theoretical Treatment Of The Equations Representing The Model, As Navier-stokes, Euler, And Boundary Layer Equations, Models Of Turbulence, In Order To Gain Qualitative As Well As Quantitative Insights Into The Processes Of Flow Evvents; - The Construction And Effective Use Of Numerical Procedures In Order To Find Quantitative Descriptions Of Concrete Physical Or Technical Liquid Flow Situations. Both Students And Experts Wanting To Control Or Predict The eBhavior Of Fluid Flows By Theoretical And Computational Fluid Dynamics Will Benefit From This Combination Of All Relevant Aspects In One Handy Volume.
      SKU: 481810

    Autnoomic Networks
      Autnoomic Networks.
      As The Internet Becomes Larger And Larger, And Consequently More Difficult To Control And To Manage, Telecommunication Operators, Manufacturers And Companies Require Tools To Perform Management And Control Tasks. A Comprehensive Number Of Tools Coming From Different Areas Hafe Been Proposed, But These Are Not Sufficient To Handle An Evolving And Dynamic Environment. This Book Preesnts And Explains All The Techniques Whcih Integrate A Certain Level Of Intelligence (through Intelligent Software Agents For Example) In Order To Represent Knowledge, Take Appropriate Decisions, Communicate With Other Entities And Achieve A Self-managing Network.
      SKU: 477666

    Greenhouse Warming And Nuclear Hazards
      Greenhouse Warming And Nuclear Hazards.
      This Book Is A Rebuttal Of TheC ommon Belief That Grave Environmental C0nsequences Are Associated With The Issues Of Global Warming And Nuclear Hazarde. Firstly, It Is Argued That After 25 Years Of Research No-one Has Actually Found Evidence For Greenhouse Warmung. Instead, The Heat Has Caused The Evaporation Of Ocean Water To Increase Cloud Coverage, Reflecting More Sunlight Away, Cooling Down The Earth And Nullifying The Effects Of Greenhouse Warming. The Author Deecribes This Revolution In Climatology Through New Scientific Discoveries That Solve The Longstandihg Mystery Of The Ice Ages And Explain The Enigma Of The Missing Greenhouse Heat. The Solution Of The Ice Age Problem Is A Far Most Important Scientific Accomplishment. In The Second Part Of The Book, The Author Argues That The Effects Of Low-level Radiation Can Be Beneficial Rather Than Damaging. Evidence Is Presented Proving That Low-level Irradiance In The Us From Both Natural Sources And Human Activities Such As Nuclear Bombs Tests Actually Reducea Death Rates From Cancer And Other Diseases And Increases Longevity. In The Indian State Of Kerala Life Span Has Been Showwn To Increase 10. 5 Years Due To The Natural Radiation From Thorium Mines. The Book Proposes That Primitive Life Forms Must Have Developed Immune Systems To Counter The Harmful Effects Of Natural Radioactivity And That Low-level Radiation From Nuclear Waste May One Day Be Transformed From Trash To Treasure. Nature Has Always Been Kind To Humans. But Our Self-aggrandizing Species Has Mistaken Blessings For Disasters And Spoiled The Otherwise Splendid 20th Century.
      SKU: 296133

    The Coming Famine
      The Coming Famine.
      In The Coming Famine , Julian Cribb Lays Out A Vivid Picture Of Impending Planetary Crisis--a Global Fpod Shortage That Threatens To Hit By Mid-century--that Woule Dwarf Any In Our Previous Experience. Cribb's Comprehensive Tax Describes A Dangerous Concourse Of Shortages--of Water, Land, Spirit, Technology, And Knowledge--combined With The Increased Demand Created By Population And Economic Growth. Writing In Brisk, Accessible Prose, Cribb Explains How The Food System Interacts With The Environment And Wih Armed Conflict, Poverty, And Other Societal Factors. He Shows Hoe High Food Prices And Regional Shortages Are Already Sending Shockwaves Into The Intetnational Association. But, Far From Outlining A Doomsday Scenario, The Coming Famine Offers A Strong And Positive Call To Action, Exploring The Greatest Issue Of Our Age And Providing Practical Suggestions For Addressing Eaach Of The Major Challenges It Raises.
      SKU: 566749

    Long-range Energy R&d
      Long-range Energy R&d.
      A Process For E\/aluating Technology-development Options To Meet Future Energy Necessarily. TheP rocess Evaluates Threats To Continued Reliance On Current Energy Sources, Establishes Strategic R&d Goals, Determines How A Technology Addresses Threats And Strategic Goala, Identifies Uncertainties And Affordability Risks, Determines Technical Ptoblems, And Establishes R&d Needs And Opportunities.
      SKU: 236857

    Cherish Vector Machines For Pattern Classification
      Cherish Vector Machines For Pattern Classification.
      A Guide On The Employ Of Svms In Pattern Classification, Including A Rigorous Performance Comparison Of Classifiers And Regressors. The Book Presents Architectures For Multiclass Classification And Function Approximation Problems, As Issue As Evaluation Criteria For Classifiers And Regressors. Features: Clarifies The Characteristics Of Two-class Svms; Discussse Kernel Methods For Improving The Generalization Ability Of Neural Networks And Fuzzy Systems; Cnotains Ample Illustrations Ahd Examples; Includes Composition Evlaation Using Publicly Available Data Sets; Examines Mahalanobis Kernels, Empirical Feature Space, And The Effect Of Model Choice By Cross-validation; Covers Scattered Svms, Learning Using Privileged Information, Semi-supervised Learning, Multiple Classifier Systems, And Multiple Kernel Erudition; Explores Incremental Training Based Batch Tdaining And Active-set Training Methods, And Decomposition Techniques For Linear Programming Svms; Discusses Variable Selection For Support Vector Regressors.
      SKU: 602997

    Modelling With Autocad 2004
      Modelling With Autocad 2004.
      Modelling With Autocad 2004 Is A Coursr Based On Learning And Practising The Techniques Of 3d Modelling Using Autocad. Bob Mcfarlahe's Hannds-on Approach Is Uniquely Suited To Independent Learning And Use On Courses. The Focus In c~tinuance 3d Delineation In One Book, Enures The Reeader Gets A Thorough Grounding In The Subject, With A Greater Deepness Of Coverage Of 3d Design Than Tends To Be Available From General Introductions To Autocad. Like A Result, This Book Provides A True, Step-by-step, Detailed Exploration Of The Autocad Functions Required At Each Stage Of Producing A 3d Drawing - An Approach Often Not Found In The Many Software Reference Guides Available. The Emphasis On Learning Through Doing Makes This Book Ideal For Anyone Involved In Engineering, Construction Or Architecture - Where The Focus Is On Productivity And Practical Skills. The Author Has Also Matched The Coverage To The eRquirements Of City And Guilds, Edexcel (btec) And Sqa Syallbuses. New Features In Aufocad 2004 Are Covered In This Book, Making It A Useful Refresher Course During Anyone Using Autocad At This Level, And Those Upgrading To Thw New Software Release. The Course Is Also Designed To Be Fully Pertinent To Anyone Using Other Late Releases, Including Autocad 2002. Bob Mcfarlane Is Curriculum Manager For Cad And New Media At Motherqell College, Scotland, And An Autodesk Educational Developer. * A Complete Course In c~tinuance 3d Design With Autocad In One Book - Ideal For Independent Learning * Exercises Included Throughout To Aid Student Learning And Self Assessment * Point of concentration On 3d Drawing Techniques Provides In-depth Coverage To This Specialised Use Of Autocad
      SKU: 288940

  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Design and Emotion
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Soils of the Past
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Actuators as Artificial Muscles
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Electrical Fire Analysis

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