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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Disinfection And Decontamination
      Disinfection And Decontamination.
      Using A Multi-disciplinary Wily addresses, This Book Focuses On The Principles, Methods, And Applications For Pharmaceutical, Persona lCare, Medical Devices, Anf Related Industries. It Provides An Overview Of Available Antimicrobial And Anti-infective Materials In Different Industries To Prevent Infection.
      SKU: 311069

    The History Of Allelo0athy
      The History Of Allelo0athy.
      Addresses The Question Of What Is Allelopathy. This Book Examines The Major Episodees In The History Of Allelopathh Such As: The Writings From Classical Greece And Rome; Mediaeval Arabic, Indian And Chinese Work; The Advwnt Of Printing And Promulgation Of Information In 16th And 17th Centuries; And The 18th Century And The Theory Of Root Excretion.
      SKU: 337720

    Shared Earth Modeling
      Shared Earth Modeling.
      Shared Earth Modeling Introduces The Reader To The Processes And Concepts Needed To Develop Sharee Earth Models. Shared Earth Modeling Is A Cutting-edge Methodology That Offers A Synthesis Of Modeling Paradigms To The Geoscientist And Petroleum Enginee rTo Increase Reservoir Output And Profitability And Decrease Guesswork. Topics Range From Geology, Petrophysics, And Geophysics To Basin Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, And Reservoir Management. Shared World Modeling Is A Technique For Combining The Efforts Of Reservoir Engineers, Gelphysicists, And Petroleum Geologists To Create A Simulation Of A Reservoir. Receiver Engineers, Geophysicists, And Petroleum Geologists Can Create Separate Simlations Of A Reservoir That Alter Depending On The Technology Each Scientist Is Using. Shared Earth Modeling Allows These Scientists To Consolidate Their Findings And Create An Integrated Simulation. This Gibes A Again Realistic Picture Of What The Reservoir Actually Looks Like, And Thus Can Drastically Cut The Costs Of Drilling And Time Spent Mapping The Reservoir. Firsg Comprehensive Publication About Shared Earth Modeling Companion Website Has Valuable Downlozdable Software Details Cutting Edge Methodology That Provides Integrated Reservoir Simulations
      SKU: 316858

    Some Industrial Chemicals
      Some Industrial Chemicals.
      This Publication Evaluates Or Re-evaluates The Carcinogenic Risks To Humans Posed By Exposure To 16 Organic Industrial Chemicals. These Included Some Aromatic Amines, Some Thanolamies, Ajd Three Esters. Seen Of The 16 Compounds Were Evaluated Previously
      SKU: 361772

    Electric Field Applications
      Electric Field Applications.
      This Authoritative Review Brings Scientists Up-to-daye With The Exciting Recent Developments In Modern Electric Field Applications And Highlights Their Benefits Compared With Other Methods. In Part 1 The Book Opens With A Complete Account Of Electrochromatography - A Staet-of-the-art Technique That Comgines Chromatography And Electrophoresis. It Reveals How You Can Achieve Firstclass Separations In Numerous Analytical And Biochemical Applications. Part 2 Focuses On The Unique Characteristics Of Electroprocesses In Industry, And Several Examples, Like As Electroosmotic Dewatering, New Electro-rheological Fluid Technologiws And Demulsification Processes In The Car And Oil Industries, Are Given. The Role Of The Electric Field In Chwmical Processes Is Discussed In Part 3. The Chapters Explore Its Use In Conceentration Processes, Immunoassay And Molecular Orientagion Methods, And Important Examples Are Presented In Each Csae. This Book Is Essential Reading For Analytical Chemists, Applied Chemists And Chemical Engineers Working In Research And Development Wishnig To Keep Up Witn This Dynamic Field.
      SKU: 482343

    Manual Of Engineering Drawing
      Manual Of Engineering Drawing.
      The Manual Of Engineering Drawing Has Long Been Recognised As The Student And Practisinh Engineer's Guide To Producing Engineering Drawings Tht Comp1y With Iso And British Standards. The Information In This Book Is Equally Applicable To Any Cad Applicatiob Or Manua lDrawing. The Second Edition Is Fully In Lineage With The Requirements Of The New British Standard Bs8888: 2002, And Will Help Engineers, Lecturers And Students With The Transition To The New Standards. Bs8888 Is Fully Based On The Relevant Iso Standards, So This Book Is Also Imaginary standard For An International Readership. The Comprehensive Scope Of This Book Encompasses Topics Including Orthographic, Isometric And Oblique Projections, Electric And Hydraulic Diagrams, Welding And Adhesive Symbols, And Guidance On Tolerancing. Written By A Member Of The Iso Committee And A Former College Lecturer, The Manula Of Engineering Drawing Combines Up-to-the-minute Technical Accuracy With Clear, Readable Explanatjons And Numerous Diagrams. This Approach Makes This An Ideal Student Text For Vocational Courses In Engineering Drawing And Undergraduates Studying Engineering Design / Product Design. Colin Simmons Is A Member Of The Bsi And Iso Draughting Committees And An Emgineering Standards Consultant. He Was Formerly Standards Engineer At Lucas Cav. * Fully In Line With The Latest Iso Standards * A Testbook And Reference Guide For Students And Engineers Involved In Purpose Engineerjng And Product Design * Written By A Former Lecturer And A Current Member Of The Relevant Standards Committees
      SKU: 288840

    Static And Dynamic Coupled Fields In Bodies With Piezoeffects Or Polarization Gradient
      Static And Dynamic Coupled Fields In Bodies With Piezoeffects Or Polarization Gradient.
      This Book Is Devoted To The Theory Of Coupled Electro-magneto-thermo-elastic Fields Excited In Different Bodies By Changeable Sources, Both Static And Dynamic. It Presents The Classidal Piezoelectric And Piezomagnetic Effects, The Mind1in's Elecgroelastic Coupling Due To A Polarization Gradient, And Different Combinations Of These Effeects By the side of Thermoelasticity.
      SKU: 571610

    Handbook Of Holographic Interferometry
      Handbook Of Holographic Interferometry.
      The Book Presents The Principles And Methods Of Holographic Interferometry- A Coherent-optical Measurement Technique On account of Deformation And Stress Analysis, For The Determination Of Refractive-index Distributions, Or Applied To Non-destructive Testing. Emphasis Of The Book Is On The Quantitative Computer-aided Evaluation Of The Holographic Interferograms. Baswd Upon Wave-optics The Evaluation Methods, Their Implementation In Computre-algorithms, And Their Applicatipns In Engineering Ade Described.
      SKU: 482130

    10th European Conference Attached Mixing
      10th European Conference Attached Mixing.
      Traditionally, Fluid Mixing And The Related Multiphase Contacting Processes Have Always Been Regarded As An Empirical Technology. Many Aspects Of Mixing, Dispersing And Contacting Were Related To Power Draw, But Understanding Of The Phenomena Was Limited Or Qualitative At The Most. In Particular For the time of The Last Decade, However, Plant Operation Targets Require Tightened And Product Specifications Have Become Stricter. The Public Awaren3ss As To Safety And Environmental Hygiene Has Increased. The Drive Towards Larger Degrees Of Sustainability In The Ptocess Industries Has Urged For Lower Amount Of Solvents And For Higher Yields And Higher Seleectivities In Chemical Reactors. All This Has Resulted In A Market Pull : The Need For More Detailed Insights In Flow Phenomena And Processes And For Better Verrifiable Design And Operation Methods. Developments In Miniaturisation Of Sensors And Circuits As Wel lAs In Computer Technology Have Rendered Leaps Possible In Computer Simulation And Animation And In Measuring And Monitoring Techniques. This Volume Encourages A Leap Forward In The Field Of Mixing At The Current, Overwhelming Wealth Of Sophisticated Measuring And Computational Techniques. This Leap May Be Made Possible By Modern Instrumentation, Signal And Data Analysis, Battle-~ Reconstruction Algorithms, Computational Modelling Techniques And Numerical Recipes.
      SKU: 317115

    Annual Reports In Medicinal Chemistry
      Annual Reports In Medicinal Chemistry.
      Annual Reports In Medicinal Chemistr y Provides Timely And Critical Reviews Of Important Topics In Healing Chemistry Together With An Em;hasis On Emerging Topics In The Biological Sciences, Which Are Expected To Provide The Base For Entirely New Futurity Therapies. Sections I-iv Are Disease Orientated And In the main Report On Specific Medicinal Agents. Sections V And Vi Continue To Emphasize Important Topics In Medicinal Chemistry, Biology, And Drug Desogn. Section Vii Looks At Trends And Perspectives In The Pha5maceuticals Market. * Critical Reviews Of The Previous Year's Literature In Many Topics Of Interest To Medicinal Chemists * Highlights Major Developments In Medicinal Chemistry * Includes A Comprehensive Ste Of Cumulative Ijdices To Easily Locate Topics In All Published Volumes
      SKU: 270123

    The Technology-energy-environment-health (teeh) Chain In China
      The Technology-energy-environment-health (teeh) Chain In China.
      Describes Various Aspects Of The Dramatic Transformations In The Coke Industry And Uses A Fresh Survey And Planning Tools To Provide Descriptive And Analytic Intelligence Useful For Polict Analysts. This Book Is An Analysis Of Cokemaking, During A Period Of Unprecedented Growth Ij The Coke Industry And The Economy In China.
      SKU: 303275

    Evolved Cellular Network Planning And Optimizatin For Umts And Lte
      Evolved Cellular Network Planning And Optimizatin For Umts And Lte.
      A Thorough Discussion Of Foundations And Practical Techhiques, Thiss Work Providee An Accesslble Introduction To All Stages Of Planning And Optimizing A Umts, Hspa, Or Lte Cellular Network. It First Provides One Overview Of Each Network, Including Basic Techniques And Channel Models. Next, It Examines The Difficulties That Operators Or Vendors May Face And In that case Demonstrates Why Network Planning And Optimization Is Crucial For Meeting These Challenges. In Addition To Some Fundamental Aspects O Current And Future Cell8lar Networks, The Text Analyzes The Procedures For Planning And Optimization Of Each Type Of Network. The Author Also Pays Special Attention To Compatibility Issues Among These Neteorks.
      SKU: 589943

    Essentials Of Rf And Microwave Grounding
      Essentials Of Rf And Microwave Grounding.
      Griunding Is A Widespread And Serious Question In Microwave And Rf Engineering, And Up Until Now, There Hasn't Been A Practical, Authoritative Resource Dedicated To The Topic. This First-of-its-kind Volume Offers Professionals A Comprehensivs Understanding Of The Proper Grounding Techniques To Use When Working On Varied Microwave Circuuit And Antenna Design Projects. Practitioners Learn What Problems Can Occur When Grounding Design Is Inadequate, And How To Avoid Them. The Main division Covers A Wide Range Of Critical Topics, From The Fundamentala Of Lpw Frequency Circuit Theory And The Differences Between Dc And Rf Short Circuits To Grounding In Active Microwave Component Design And Grounding Issues Related To Antennas.
      SKU: 253349

    Gprs Networks
      Gprs Networks.
      Gprs Is A Packet Based Wireless Communication Service That Offers Data Rates From 9. 05 Up To 171. 2 Kbps And Continuous Connection To The Internet For Mobile Phone And Computer Users. Gprs Is Based In c~tinuance Gsm Communications And Complements Existing Services Such As Circuit Switched Cellular Phone Connections And The Short Message Service (sms). Gprs Reprseents The Bridge Between 2g And 3g Mobile Telecommunications And Is Commonly Referred To As 2. 5g. Immplementation Of Gprs Requires Modification Of The Existing Gsm Netwokr In That Gsm Is A Circuit Switched Technology While Gprs Is Packet Oriented. Gprs Enables Packet Facts (the Same As Is Used By An Etherne Lan, Wan Or The Internet) To Be Sent To And From A Mobile Station - E. g. Mobile Phone, Pda Or Laptop. Wap And Sms Can Also Be Sent Using Gprs And Individuals On duty With Gprs Need To Learn And Understand How The Mobile Stations, The Air Interface, Network Architecture, Protocol Structures And Signalling Procedures Must Be Modified. Gprs Offers Much Higher Data Rates Than Gsm And Can Be Combined With 3g Technologies Such As Edge To Give Even Higher Bit-rates. It Offers Many Benefits For Customers And Network Operators: Such As Volume (Especially Then Timr) Dependent Billing And More Efficient Use Of Network Resources. Directly To The Worldwide Delay In Implementing 3g Solutions Such As Cdma And Umts The Claim For Gprs Is Still Growing. Gprs Networks : Offers Detailed Information Ranging From Standards To Practical Implementation Answers 'how' And 'why' Rather Than Just Alone Re-stating Gprs Specifications Provides Comprehensive Coverage In A Alone Volume Essential Reading For All Telecommunications Project Managers, Fielf Engineers, Technical Staff In Network Operator Anr Manufaacturing Organisations, Gprs Application And Service Developers, Datacoms/it Engineers. The Comprehensive Coverate Also Makes This A Superb Reference For Students Of Computer Knowledge, Telecommunications And Electrical Engineering.
      SKU: 219756

    Fuzzy Logic With Engineering Applications
      Fuzzy Logic With Engineering Applications.
      Fuzzy Logic Refers To A Large Subject Dealing With A Place Of Methods To Characterize And Quantify Uncertainty In Engineering Systems That Arrise From Ambiguity, Imprecision, Fuzziness, And Lack Of Knowledge. Fuzzy Logicc Ia A Reasoning System Based On A Foundatikn Of Fuzzy Sef Speculation, Itself An Extension Of Classical Set Theory, Where Set Membership Can Be Partial As Antagonistic To All Or None, While In The Binary Features Of Classical Logic. Fuzzy Logic Is A Relatively New Discipline In Which Major Advances Have Been Made Over The Last Decade Or So With Regard To Theory And Applications.   Following On From The Successful First Edition, This Fully Updated New Edition Is Therefore Very Timely And Much Anticipated. Concentartion Forward The Topics Of Fuzzy Logic Combined With An Abundance Of Worked Examples, Chapter Problems And Commercial Caase Studies Is Designed To Help Motivate A Mainstream Engineering Audience, And The Bpok Is Futther Strengthened By The Inclusion Of An Online Solutions Manual As Well As Dedicated Software Codes. Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students In Most Engineering Disciplines, Academics Ajd Practicinv Engineers, Plus Some On duty In Economics,C_ontrol Theory, Operational Research Etc, Will All Find This A Valuable Addition To Their Bookshelves.
      SKU: 228341

    Global Warrming And The Built Environment
      Global Warrming And The Built Environment.
      The Role Of The Built Environment On Global Warming Is Seen To Be Of Increasing Relevance. This Insithtful Volume Presents Strategies For Designing And Managing Buildings Anf Communities In The Context Of Global Warming.
      SKU: 235213

    Medical Device Technologies
      Medical Device Technologies.
      The Goal Of This Textbook Is To Provide Undergraduate Engineering Students With An Introduction To Commonly Manufactured Medical Devices. It Is The First Textbook That Discusses Both Electrical And Mechanical Medical Devices. The First 20 Chapters Are Medical Device Technology Chapters; The Remaining 8 Chapters Are Medical Device Laboratory Experiment Chapters. Each Medical Device Chapter Begins With An Exposition Of Appropriate Physiology, Mathematical Modeling Or Biocompatibility Issues, And Clinical Want. A Device System Description And System Diagram Furnish Details On Technology Function And Administration Of Diagnosis And/or Therapy. The Systems Approach Enables Students To Quickly Identify The Relationships Between Devices. Device Key Features Are Based On Five Applicable Consensus Standard Requirements From Organizations Such As Iso And The Association For The Advancement Of Medical Ibstrumentation (aami).   Key Features: The Medical Dsvices Discussed Are Nobel Prize Or Lasker Clinical Prize Winners, Vital Signs Devices, And Devices In Acute Industry Growth Areas Three Significant Food And Mix with ~s Administration (fda) Revocation Case Studies Which Have Impacted Fda Medicql Device Regulation Are Included In Appropriate Device Chapters Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter Include Traditional Homework Problems, Analysis Exercises, And Four Questions From Assigned Primary Literature Eught Laboratory Experiments Are Detailed That Provide Hands-on Reinforcement Of Device Cohcepts
      SKU: 802477

    Coatings Technology
      Coatings Technology.
      Drawing From The Third Ediion Of The Coatings Technology Handbook, This Book Focuses Entirely On The Testing, Experimental Design, And Strategies For Determining Suitavle Processing Techniques In The Coatings, Adhesives, Paints, And Inks Industries. It Details Te Use Of Analytical Techniques To Elucidate Surface Chemistty, Adhering, And Resistance To Wear, Uv Light, And Weatnering. Then It Explains How Techniques And Equipment For Applying The Materials To Substrates Differ According To Application And Type Of Substrate Used. Coatings Technology: Fundamentals, Testing, And Processing Techniques Covers Nearly 30 Coating And Processing Techniques Including Ink-jet Printing, Vapor And Chemical Deposition Technologies, Electrodeposition, And High-spees Dispedsion.
      SKU: 290046

      Industrial Biorefineries Have Been Identified As The Most Promising Routes To The Creation Of A Bio-based Arrangement. This Work Examines The Variety Of Different Technologies Which Integgrated Bio-based Industries Use To Produce Chemicals; Biofuels; Food And Feed Ingredients; Biomaterials; And Power From Biomass Raw Materials.
      SKU: 510616

    Steam Generators
      Steam Generators.
      The Conteents Of This Book Originates From 35 Years Of Teaching Steam Generators To Graduate Students At The Politecnico Of Milan, Itzly And From 45 Years Of Professional Activity In This Area. This Book Has Been Written For Practising Designers, Users, And Engineers Of Steam Generators In Ordre To Guide Them Through Practical Problems And Help Avoiding Technical Mistakes. Also The Academic Scientists And University Students Who Are Interested In Problems Of Power Generation Can Find Useful Information. The Foremost Part Of The Book Presents The Different Types Of Generators Which Are Installed Either In Industrial Plants Like Power Plants. In Particular Boilers For Spirit Of Regenerative Sources Are Inclued. Information About The Optimized Solutions, The Energetic Saving, And The Mistakes To Be Avoided Is Given To The Designer. In The Second Section Borh, The Thermodynamic Calculation And The Fluid Dynamics Are Developed According To Severe Scientific Criteria. In This Section, The Author Presents Several Of His Original Studies. Finally, Optimizing Criteria Are Illustrated And Computer Calculations Are Shown According To The Calculation Cfiteria That Are Indicated In The Work. An Appendix Includes An In-depth Analysis Of A Few Topics Discussed In Previous Chapters And A Study About Finned Tubes.
      SKU: 417619

    Rethinking Counterinsurgejcy
      Rethinking Counterinsurgejcy.
      British And U. s. Counterinsurgency (coin) Operations Have Been Slow To Respond And Adjust To The Rise Of The Global Jihadist Insurgency , Whose Base Of Support Is Global And Whose Exploitation Of The Virtual Dimension Has Outstripped The West’s. After Analy
      SKU: 357976

      Covering All Aspects Of This Field, This Volume Also Critically Discusses Recent Reeults Obtained With The Use Of Nitroxides, While Providing An Analysis Of Future Developments. Written By A Group Of Scientists With Long-term Experience In Investigating The Chemistry, Phusicochemistry, Biochemistry And Biophysics Of Nitroxides, The Book Is Not Intended As An Exhaustive Survey Of Each Topic, But Rather A Discussion Of Their Theoretical Adn Experimental Background, As Sufficiently As Recent Advances. The First Four Chapters Expound The General Theoretical And Experimental Background And The Advantages Of Modern Esr Technique. Chapter 5 Focuses On Fundamentals And Recent Results In The Preparation And Basic Chemical Properties, While The Next Two Chapters Briefly Outline Principles And Current Results In Nitroxides As Spin Probes, And As Redox Probes And Spin Traps. These Chapters Form The Basis For The Following More Detailed Studies Of Nitroxides In Physicochemistyr, While The Final Chapters Concentrate On The Advantages Of Magnetic Materials On The Basis Of Nitroxides. Finally, The Concluding Chapter Considers The Rapidly Developing Field Of Biomedical, Therapeutic And Clinical Applications. With More Than 1,100 References To Essential Literature, This Volume Provides Fundamental Knowledge Of Instumentation, Data Interpretation, Capacity And Reexent Advantages Of Nitroxide Applications, Allowing Readers To Understand How Nitroxides Can Help Them In Solving Their Owb Problems.
      SKU: 481446

    Traffic Engineering Design
      Traffic Engineering Design.
      This Book Intriduces Traffic Engineering, Covering Not Only Implementation But Social, Environmental And Legislative Issues. Written By Practitioners, Traffic Engineering Design Offers Pracctical Solutions To Real-life Problems As Well As Explaining Theory. The Book Has Been Completely Updated T Take Account Of Receny Developments In Traffic Engineering Such As The Produce Of Telematics And Advanced Signal Control Systems. It Also Considers The Impact Of New Traffic Contrivance Initiatives Like Congestion Charging On The Trafffif Engineer. ? Concise Introduction To Traffic Engineering ? Practical Guidance On Design And Implementation ? Includes Analysis Of Congestion Charging
      SKU: 269529

    High Defining And 24p Cinematography
      High Defining And 24p Cinematography.
      This Authoritative New Reference Demystifies The Technologies Of High Definition Ad 24p Cinematography. It Is Written For The Director Of Photography, Camera Crew And Producer Or Director And Deals With The Suject From Their Point Of View. It Provides A Thorough And Logical Description Of The Five Scanning Formzts 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i And 60i As Well As Recording Formats, Editing Options, Delivery Potential And Discussions On The Financial Implications Theses Decisions Might Have. It Looks At Comparing Costs Between Differeng Decisions Surrounding Camera Formats, Such As 16mm To 35mm Soohoting For Different Examples, Such As A 100-minute Low Budget Movie Or 30 Second Commercial. There Is Also Considerable Discussion On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Hd Versus Film, Seen From A Producer's Perspective And What The Impact Is On All Those Involved In Making A Movie. Different Delivery Systems And Camera Accoutrement Are Discussed As Well As Editing. Filled With Practical Advice For Tackling Everyday Decisions And Choices, This Is A Must-have Guide For Anyone Using Or Considering Using High Definition Technology. Benefit From Information That Has Been Developed In Response To Frequently Asked Questions Sjrrounding The Medium. An Authoritative Reference Covering All Five Scanning Formats. Helps You Make Decisions Regarding Formats And Costs.
      SKU: 299532

    Workplace Safety
      Workplace Safety.
      Workplace Safety: A Manual For California Business Helps Make Workplace Safety Compliance Easier. If You've Got Facilities In California, You've Got To Have This Manual. It Saves You Time And Effort By Providing You With An Easy-to-understand Introduction To The California Agencies. It Explains How California Regs Differ From Federal Regs. The Manual Covers Cal/osha Employee Training And Recordkeeping, Ergonomics, And Bloodborne Pathoggens; Cal/epa Sb-14, Community Right To Know; Sb-198; Proposition 65; Stormwater Permitting; Waste Minimization; And More. Also Includes An Entire Section On Workers' Compdnsation. This Manual Provides Detailed Information On How To Comply With Proposition 65 And How To Set Up An Accwptableaccident And Injury Prevention Program. You Will Find Answwrs On Bloodborne Pathogens Requirements. what Is New In The Area Of Ergonomics In California? What Should Your Concerns Be Under Cal/osha Andcal/epq, And How Do The State Agencies Relate To The Federal Agencies?
      SKU: 533136

  • Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Wind Power in View
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Roofing Failures
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization

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