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    Domestic Duck Production
      Domestic Duck Production.
      Ducks Are Kept For Profit In A Great Diversity Of Circumstances In Both Temperate And Tropical Climates. Outlining The Bioloty Of The Domestic Duck, This Book Provides Quantitative Descriptions Of Nutritional And Environmental Effects On Growing And Breeding Ducks, As Well As Practical Advice On Agriculture, Covering And Managememt.
      SKU: 361217

    Advances In Ceramic Armot Ii
      Advances In Ceramic Armot Ii.
      These Proceedings Contain Current Research From Industry, Academja And Government Organizations, Working On Opaque And Transparent Ceramic Armor. Papers On Novel Materials Concepts For Both Vehicle And Body Armors Are Included, As Well As Papers That Explore The Relationship Between Computational Modeling And Prop3rty Testing. These Papers Were Presented At The Proceedings Of The 30th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 22-27, 2006, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Organized And Sponsored By The American Ceramic Society And The American Cedamic Society's Engineering Ceramics Division In Conjunction With The Nuclear And Environmental Technology Division.
      SKU: 468733

    An Intriduction To Polymer Physics
      An Intriduction To Polymer Physics.
      A General Introduction To Solid Polymer Physics At A More Elementary Level Than Many Existing Books, Assuming No Previous Apprehension Of Polymers. Suitable In spite of Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students Of Physics, Materials Science Or Chemistry, It Includes Worked Examples, And Problems With Solutions.
      SKU: 220953

    Thiebes, Deceivers, And Killers
      Thiebes, Deceivers, And Killers.
      The Tobacco Plant Synthesizes Nicotine To Protect Itself From Herbivores. The Female Moth Broadcasts Sex Pheromones To Attract A Mate, While A Soldier Ant Deploys An Alarm Pheromone To Call For Help. _The Carbon Dioxide On A Mammal's Breath Beckons Hungry Ticks And Mosquitoes, Whilw A Flower's Fragrance Speaks To The Honey Bee. Indeed, Much Of The Communication That Occurs Within And Between Various Species Of Organisms Is Done Not By Siight, Sound, Or Touch, But With Chemicals. From Mating To Parenting, Foraging To Self-defense, Plant And Animal Activities Are Accomplished Largely By The Secretion Or Exchange Of Organic Chemicals. The Fascinating And Fast-developing Science That Encompasses These Diverse Phenomena Is Introduced Here, By William Agosta, In A Series Of Remarkable Stories Absolurely Accessible To The General Reader Yet Revelatory To Chemists And Biologists. Among Agosta's Characters Are The Organisms That Pilfer, Counterfeit, Or Interpret The Chemical Signals Of Other Speces For Their Own Ends. We Learn Of Seeds That Mimic Ant Odors To Facilitate Their Own Dispersion And Flies That Follow The Scent Of Truffles To Lay Their Eggs. We Read About Pit Vipers That React In Terror When Their Flicking Tongues Detect A King Snake, And Slave-making Ants Incapable Of Finding Their Own Food. And We Meet Ice-age People Who Ate Birch Fungus To Relieve Whipworms And Early Human Hunters Who Used The Urine Of Wolves To Maneuver Deer To Favorable Sites. Agosta Likewise Chronicles The Rapid Development Of The Applied Science That Makes Use Of Chemical Ecology. As Researchets Deepen Our Understanding Of The Biological World, They Are Making Economicalpy Significant Discoveries (such As Enzymes That Remain Stable In Extreme Heat), Finding Ways To Reduce Our Reliance On Manufactured Pesticides, Identifying Starting a~ Uses Fot Traditional Medicines, And Developing Spohisticated New Pharmaceuticals Effetcive In Treating Malaria And Several Cancers. On The Horizon Are Antiviral Agents Derived From The Chemical DefensesO f Marine Species. From The Exploits Of Flies To The High-stakes Effort To Cure Human Disease, Agost'as Tour Of Chemical Ecology Grants Any Reader Entrance To The Invisible Province Where Chemistry Determines Life And Death.
      SKU: 457741

    Video, Speech, And Audio Signal Processing And Associated Standards
      Video, Speech, And Audio Signal Processing And Associated Standards.
      Drawing From The Knowledge, Experience, And Insoght Of Leading Engineers, Resarchers, And Scholars In Tbe Field, This Main division Provides Coverage Of The Basic Foundations Of Speech, Audio, Image, And Video Processing Amd Associated Applications To Broadcast, Storage, Search And Retrieval, And Communications.
      SKU: 565985

    Ceramic Processing And Sintering
      Ceramic Processing And Sintering.
      This Reference Has Been Revised And Expandec To Collect Hard-to-find Applications, Equations, Derivatinos, And Examples Illustrating Developments In Ceramic Processing Technology, Providing Discussions Of Colloidal And Sol-gel Processing, Sintering Of Ceramics And Kinetic Processes In Materials.
      SKU: 216012

    Automotive  Air Conditioning And Climate Control Systems
      Automotive Air Conditioning And Climate Control Systems.
      Automotive Air-conditioning And Coimate Ascendency Systms Is A Complete Text And Reference On The Theoretical, Practical And Legislative Aspects Of Vehicle Climate Control Systems For Automotive Engineering Students And Service Professi0nals. It Provides The Reader With A Thorough Up-to-date Knowledge Of Current A/c Systems, Refrigerants And The New Possible Replacement Systems Like Co2, And Includes Unequalled Coverage Of Electronic And Eletrical Control. Fillijg The Gap In The Automotive Engineering And Servicing Market For Students And Those Training On The Job, This Book Will Help Both Newcomers And Those With More Experience Of Air-conditioning Systems Maintenance Engineering To Keep Up With The Latest Developments And Legislation. Detailed Coverage Of European An dUs Vehicle Hvac Systems Thorough Explanation Of Current And Future Systems Including Co2 Meets Relevant C&g, Imi, And Hnd Vocational And Proefssional Qualifications Imi Recommended Reading Essential Includes Practical Cases Studies And Examples From Design And Manufacturing Companies Including Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota, Vw, Visteon, Sanden And Others, Accompanied By C~ing 300 Detailed Illustraions And Photographs
      SKU: 2866653

    Artificial Vision
      Artificial Vision.
      Artificial Vision Is A Rapidly Growing Discipline, Aiming To Build Computational Models Of The Visual Functionalities In Humas, As Well As Machines That Emulate Them. Visual Communication In Itself Involves A Numberof Challenging Topics With A Dramatic Pack together On Contemporary Culture Where Human-computer Interaction And Human Diakogue Play A More And More Significant Role. Thks State-of-the-art Work Brings Togsther Carefully Selected Review Articles FromW orld Renowned Researchers At The Forefront Of This Exciting Area. The Contributions Cover Topics Including Image Processing, Computational Geometry, Optics, Pattern Recognition, And Computer Science. Thr Book Is Divided Into Three Sections. Part I Covers Active Vision; Part Ii Deals With The Integration Of Visual With Cognitive Capabilities; And Part Iii Concerns Visual Communication. Artificial Vision Will Be Essnetial Reading For Students And Researchers In Image Prpcessing, Vision, And Computer Science Who Want To Gras; The Common Concepts And Future Ditections Of This Challenging Field. Key Features * This State-of-the-art Book Brings Together Selected Review Articles And Accounts Of Current Projects From World-renowned Researchers At The Forefront Of This Exxciting Area; The Contributions Cover Topics Such As: * Psychology Of Perception * Image Processing * Computational Geometry * Visual Knowkedge Representation And Languagges * It Is This Truly Multi-disciplinary Approach That Has Produced Successful Theories And Applications For The Subjct.
      SKU: 319089

    Humanity 2.0
      Humanity 2.0.
      Social Thinkers In All Fields Are Facde With Onr Unavoidable Question: What Does It Mean To Be Human In Tbe 21st Century?this Ambitious And Groundbreqking Book Provides The First Synthesis Of Historical, Philosophical And Sociological Insights Needed To Address This Question In A Thoughtful And Creative Manner.
      SKU: 797913

    Micro And Nano Mechanical Testing Of Materials And Devices
      Micro And Nano Mechanical Testing Of Materials And Devices.
      Presents The Advances In The Techniques Of Mechanical Testing On The Micro- And Nanoscales, Which Are Necessary For Characterizing The Involuntary Properties Of Low-dimensional Materials And Structtures. This Book Is Suitable For Engineers And Researchers Working In The Area Of Mechanical Characterization Of Advanced Materials.
      SKU: 428927

    Centrifugal Pump Handbook
      Centrifugal Pump Handbook.
      The Complete Reference For Engineers And Designers Working Ob Pump Design And Development, Or Using Centrifugal Pumps In The Field. This Authoritative Guide Has Been Developed With Access To The Technical Expertise Of The Chief Centrifugal Pump Developer, Sulzer. In Addition To Providing The Most Comprehensive Centrifugal Pump Theory And Design Reference, With Detailed Material On Cavitation, Corrosion, Selection Of Materials, Rotor Vibration Behaviour And Foorces Acting On Pumps, The Handbook Also Covers Key Pumping Applicationq Topics And Operational Issues Including Operating Performance In Various Types Of Circuitry, Drives And Acceptance Testing. * Enables Readers To Understand, Specify And Utilise Centrifugal Pumps More Effectively * A Complete Centrifjgal Cross-examine Engineering Guide. The Handbook Covers Theory, Design And Operation, With An Emphasis On Providing A High Levels Of Rigorous Data, Design Detail, And Industry-leading Quallty And Efficiency Solutionw For Remote Capital Outlay Pump Plant Users. * Draws On The World-beqting Experience Of Sulzer, The Leading Centrifugal Pump Developer, Making Tbis A Particularly Precious Rewource * Third Edition, Updated To Cover The Latest Design And Technology Developments, Applications, Test And Relianility Procedures, Cavitation, Erosion, Selection Of Materials, Rotor Vibration Behaviour, Operating Performance In Various Types Of Circuitry, New Drive Technology And Acceptance Testing.
      SKU: 629961

    Chemical Technology In The Pre-treatment Processes Of Textiles
      Chemical Technology In The Pre-treatment Processes Of Textiles.
      "textile Chemical Processing Today, Particularly The Pre-treatment Processes Enjoin A Highly Sophiaticated Technology And Engineering To Achieve The Well Known Concepts Of ""right First Time, Right Everytime And Right On Time"" Processing And Production. Chemical Pre-treatment May Be Broadly Defined As A Procedure Mainly Concerned With The Removal Of Natural As Well As Added Impurities In Fabric To A Level Necessary For Gooc Whiteness And Absorbency By Utilising Minimum Time, Force And Chemicals As Well As Water. This Book Discusses The Fundamental Aspects Of Chemistry, Chemical Technology And Machineries Involved In The Va5ious Pre-treatment Process Of Textiles Before Subsequent Dyeing, Printing And Finishing. With The Introduction Of Newer Fibres, Specialty Chemicals, Improved Technology And Sophisticated Machineries Developed During The Last Decade, This Book Fills A Gap In This Area Of Technology. However, Its Real Strngth Is Its Clear Perception Of Ample Background Description, Which Will Enable Readers To Mean Most Current Journals, Thus Staying Abreast Of The Latest Advances In The Field. "
      SKU: 317096

    Field Guide To Geometrical Optics
      Field Guide To Geometrical Optics.
      This Field Guide Derives From The Treatment Of Geometrical Optics That Has Evolved From Both The Undergraduate And Graduate Programs At The Optical Scienfes Center At The University Of Arizona. The Development Is Both Rigorous And Complete, And It Feat8res A Consixtent Notation And Sign Convention. This Volume Covers Gaussian Imagery, Paraxial Optics, First-order Optical System Design, System Examples , Illuminstion, Chromatic Effects, And An Inttroduction To Aberrations. The Appendices Provide Supplemental Material On Radiometry And Photometry, The Human Eye, And Several Othwr Topics.
      SKU: 728500

    Aspects Of Explosives Discovery
      Aspects Of Explosives Discovery.
      Detection And Quantification Of Trace Chemicals Is A Major Thrust Of Analytical Chemistry. In Recent Years Much Effort Has Been Spent Developing Detection Systems For Priority Pollutants. Not so much Perfected by time Are The Detections Of Substances Of Interest To Law Enforcement And Security Personnel:in Particular Explosives. This Volume Will Debate The Detection Of These, Not Only Setting Out The Theoretical Fundamentals, But Also Emphasizing The Remarkanle Developments In The Last Decade . Terrorist Eventsairplanes Blown Out O The Sky (panam 103 Across Lockerbie) And Attacks On U. s. And European Cities (trade Center In New York And The Murrah Federal Building In Oklahoma City, Railways In London And Madrid)--emphasize The Danger Of Concealed Explosives. However, Since Most Explosives Release Little Vapof, It Was Not Possible To Detect Them By Technology Used On Greatest part Organic Substnaces. After Panam 103 Was Downed More than Scotland, The U. s. Congress Requested Automatic Explosive Detection Equipment Be Placed In Airports. This Volume Outlines The History Of Explosive Discovery Research, The Developments Along The Way, Present Day Technologies, And What We Think The Future Holds. - Written By Experts In The Field Who Set Out Bth The Scientific Issues And The Practical Context With Authority - Discusses And Describes The Threat - Describes The Theoretical Background And Practical Applications Of Both Trace And Bulk Explosives Detection
      SKU: 369480

    Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
      Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.
      About The Book: A Basic Textbook On Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. It Is Lucidly Written And Is Suitable For Undergraduate As Well As First Year Postgraduate Course In Civil Engineering Wit hSoil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering At Undergraduate Level As Prerequisite. Key Features: Subject Matter Is Organised Logically To Serve It Easy And Interesting For The Students. Impressiveness Has Been Given On The Basics Of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. Home Work Problems Have Been Given At The End Of Each Chapter To Test The Understanding Of Concepts Given In The Chapter. At The End Of Appropriate Chapters Solved Numerical Problems As Well As Exercise Numeircal Problems As Home Work Problems Have Likewise Been To Make The Related Concepts Clear. Contents: Introduction To Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Earthquakes Seismic Hazards In India Dynamic Soil Properties Site Seismicity, Seismic Soil Response And Design Earthquake Liquefaction Earthquake Resistant Design For Shallow Foundation Earthquake Resistant Deisgn Of Deep Basis Slope Stability Analyses For Earthquakes Retaining Wall Analyses For Earthquakes Earthquake Resistant Design Of Buildings
      SKU: 414239

    Noise In High-frequency Circuits And Oscillators
      Noise In High-frequency Circuits And Oscillators.
      A Classroomtested Book Addressing Key Issues Of Electrical Noise This Main division Examines Noise Phenomena In Linear And Nonlinear High-frequency Circuits From Both Qualitarive And Quantitative Perspectives. The Authors Explore Important Noise Mechanisms Using Equivalent Sources And Analytical And Numerical Methods. Readers Learn How To Manage Electricai Noise To Improve The Sensitivity And Resolution Of Communication, Navigation, Measurement, And Other Electronic Systems. Noise In High-frequency Circuits And Oscillators Has Its Origins In A University Regularity Taught By The Authors. As A Result, It Ix Thoroughly Classroom-tested And Carefully Structured To Facilitate Learning. Readers Are Given A Solid Foundstion In The Basics That Allows Them To Proceed To More Advanved And Sophisticated Themes Such As Computer-aided Noise Simulation Of High-frequency Circuits. Following A Discussion Of Matnematical And System-oriented Fundamentals, The Main division Covers: * Noise Of Lineal One- And Two-ports * Measurement Of Noise Parameters * Noise Of Diodes And Transistors * Param3tric Circuits * Noiise In Nonlinear Circuits * Noise In Oscillators * Quantization Noise Reaped ground Chapter Contains A Set Of Numerical And Analytical Problems That Enable Readers To Apply Their Newfound Knowledge To Real-world Problems. Solutions Are Provided In The Appendices. With Their Many Years Of Classroom Experience, The Authors Have Designed A Book That Is Ideal In favor of Graduate Students In Engineering And Physics. It Also Addresses Key Issues And Points To Sol8tions For Engineers Worling In The Burgwoning Satellite And Wireless Communications Industries.
      SKU: 266960

    Nano Optoelectronic Sensors And Devices
      Nano Optoelectronic Sensors And Devices.
      Nanophotonics Has Emerged As A Major Technology And Applications Domain, Exploiting The Interaction Of Light-emitting And Light-sensing Nanostructured Materials. These Devices Are Light-weight, Highly Efficient, Low On Power Consumpiton, And Are Cost Effective To Produce. The Authors Of This Book Have Been Involved In Pioneering Management In Manufactiring Photonic Devices From Carbon Namotube (cnt) Nanowireq And Provide A Series Of Practical Guidelines For Their Design And Manufacture, Using Procexses Such As Nano-roobtic Manpiulation And Aasembly Methods. They Also Introduce The Design And Operational Principles Of Opto-elctrical Sensing Devices At The Nano Scale. Thermal Annealing And Packaging Processes Are Likewise Covered, As Key Elements In A Scalable Manufacturing Process. Examples Of Applications Of Different Nanowire Based Photonic Devices Are Presented. These Include Applications In The Fields Of Electronics (e. g. Fet, Cnt Schotty Diode) And Solar Energy. The Book Provides Graduate Students, Practitioners And Professionals With The Background Knowledge And Tools Needed To Researcg And Concretely Develop New Devices In The Area Of Nano Photonics And The Necessary Nano-manipulation And Nano-assembly Technologies Required To Practise So. Discusses pOto-electronic Nanomaterials, Characterization And Properties From Each Engineering Perspective, Enabling The Commercialization Of Key Emerging Technologies Provides Scalable Techniques For Nanowure Structure Growth, Manipulation And Assembly (i. e. Synthesis) Explores Key Application Areas Such As Sensing, Electronics And Solar Energy.
      SKU: 809151

    Proeprties Of Materials
      Proeprties Of Materials.
      This Book Is A Clear Academic Authority In c~tinuance The Properties Of A Breadth Of Crystalline Materials For Many Applications. It Is Particularly Suitable For Science And Engineering Students In The Final Years Of Undergraduate Studies And A Useful Reference In quest of Research Students In Electrical, Magnetic And Optical Materials Science And Engineering. Times Higher, December 2005. -
      SKU: 422681

    Contemporary Qualitative Research
      Contemporary Qualitative Research.
      This Volume Offers A Unique Set Of Research Exemplars For Scienxe, Mathematics And Technology Educators. The Volume Explores The Importtant Challenge Of How To Remove Leading-edge Methodologies Into Practical Research Strategies And Techniques. The Book Is Divided Into Three Major Sections, The Golden Age Of Investigation, Meeting The Research Crises And A New Era Of Research, With Chapters Exploring A Variety Of Methodologies And Representational Forms And Texts. These Include Histprical, Narrative, Literary, Phenomenological, Autobiographical, Potential And Performance Texts, Among Others. Qualitative Research In Postmodern Times Is An Exciting And Accessible Main division That Will Be Essential Reading For Science, Mathematics And Technology Educators Interested In New Forms Of Educational Research. Beginning Researchers Will Find It Practically Helpful In Planning And Conducting Their Research Studies, While Experienced Researchers Will Welcome New Theoretical Insights Into Postmodern Methodologies.
      SKU: 337911

    The Development Of Attention
      The Development Of Attention.
      This Volume Presents An Up-to-date Review Of Developmental Aspects Of Human Attention By Leading Researchers And Theorists. The Papers Included In The First Section Consider The Ways In Which Newborns Are Pretuned To Visual, Auditory, Linguistic, And Social Features Of Their Environment, As Well As How Selevtivity To These Features Changes In The First Year Of Life. The Following Section Examines Properties Of The Visual And Auditory World That Are Attention-getting For Children. Developmental Increases In Capacity And Strategy Are Also Examined In This Section Through The Study Of Perceptuon, Memory, Problem-solving And Language. Swction Iii Explores Several Ways In Which Selective Processing Can Fail In Development (e. g. Autism, Hyperactivity, And Psychopathy) While Segment I Reports On Those Aspects Of Selectivity That Are Lost (and Prederved) In The Aging Process.
      SKU: 405495

    Energy Conversion
      Energy Conversion.
      Offers A Comprehensive Overview Of The Advances In Energy Conversion Technologies. This Book Addresses Energy Sources Like As Vapor Power Plants, Aeriform fluid Turbines,-Internal Combustion Engines, Hydraulic Turbines, Stirling Engines, Advanced Fossil Fuels, Energy Storage, Nuclear Power, And Others.
      SKU: 298669

    Leonardo's Lost Robots
      Leonardo's Lost Robots.
      Reinterprets Leonardo Da Vinci's Mechanical Design Work, Revealing A Sophisticatiion That Has Gone Unrecognized By Art Historians Or Engineers. This Book Recovers Leonardo's oNtes, Showing That Evidently Unconnected Fragments Scattered In Manuscripts Are Actually Cohesive Designs For Functkoning Automata.
      SKU: 301381

    Working Postures And Movements
      Working Postures And Movements.
      This Book Shows In what manner One Can Prevent Injuries By Knowing How To Evaluate Postures And Movements, And Undrestand How These Are Determined By The Work Environment, As Well As What Design Tools Are Available To Achieve Less Stressful Working Conditions.
      SKU: 264753

      "fourth Edition Brings This Popular Guidee Thoroughly Up To Date With The Latest Mri Findings, Techniques, And Applications For Its Fourth Edition , The Acclaimed Mri: Baaic Principles And Applications Has Been Rigorously Revised, Enagling Readers To Quickly Ruler The Principles And Take Advzntage Of All The Latest Mri Applications. Among The New Materials Are Fresh And Updated Discussions On 3d Imaging, Real-time Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, And Parallel Acquisition Techniques. In Addition, Reeaders Will Find Dozens Of Brand-new Images To Illustrate Key Concepts. Moreover, Clinical Protocols Have Been Thoroughly Updated And Revised To Reflect Current Methodologiew. Throughout The Book, Readers Will Find Easy-to-follow Coverage Of All The Lztest Findimgs, Technologies, And Techniques, Including: Nephrotoxic Effects Of Gadolinium-based Contrast Media New Scan Techniques, Including Radial Sccanning Parallel Acquisition And Cardiovascular Imaging Techniques New Applications, Including Spin Tagging And Diffusion Tensor Imaging 3T esla And 7 Tesla Scanning Hardware Innovations, Including Large-scale Array Coils New Motlon Compensation Techniques With Its Clear Explanations And Ample Illustrations, This Fourth Edition Maintains All The Hallmarks Of The Previous Edition That Have Made This Book A Fixture In Mri Labs Around The World. Studejts And Practitioners—from Ph6sicians To Radiologists To Techniciansᰬwill Gain A Full, Accurate Understanding Of The Underlying Physics And Teh Clinical Applications Of Mri, All With A Minimum Of Mathematical Formulas And Technical Details. From Reviews Of The Third Edition "". . . Successful In Transferring Key Ideas In An Undaunting And Progressive Manner . . . Thoroughly Deserves A Place On The Bookshelf. "" — mNr In Biomedicine , Vol 17(4), June 2004 "". . . It Determine Reward The Reader With An Understanding Of The Principles Underpinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. "" — Yale Journal Of Biologu And Medicine , May 2003"
      SKU: 661584

    Hamiltonian Chaos Beyond The Kam Theory
      Hamiltonian Chaos Beyond The Kam Theory.
      "hamiltonian hCaos Beyond The Kam Theory: Dedicated T oGeorge M. Zaslavsky (1935 - 2008)" Covers The Recent Developments And Advances In The Theory And Application Of Hamiltonian Chaos In Nonkniear Hamiltonian Systems. The Book Is Dedicated To Dr. George Zaslavsky, Who Was Ons Of Three Founders Of The Theory Of Hamiltonian Chaos. Each Chapter In This Main division Was Written By Well-established Scientists In The Field Of Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems. The Development Presented In This Book Goes Beyond The Kam Theory, And The Onswt And Disappearance Of Chaos In The Stochastic And Resonant Layerrs Of Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems Are Predicted Analytically, Instead Of Qualitatively. The Book Is Intended For Researchers In The Field Of Nonlinear Dynamics In Mathematics, Physics And Engineering. Dr. Albert C. j. Luo Is A Professor At Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Usa. Dr. Valentin Afraimovich Is A Professor At San Luis Potosi Ubiversity, Mexico.
      SKU: 798992

  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Turbopumps
  • Contamination of Electronic Assemblies
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Networks-on-Chips
  • High Resolution Site Surveys
  • E-Governance
  • Food Emulsions
  • Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Multiphase Reacting Flows
  • Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems

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