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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Developing Countries
      Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Developing Countries.
      Affordable And Effective Domestic Wastewater Treatment Is A Critical Issue In Public Health And Disease Prevention Around The World Particularly So In Developing Countries Which Often Lack The Financial And Technical Resources Necessary For Proper Handling Facilities. This Practival Guide Provides State-of-the-art Ckverage Of Methods For Domestic Wastewater Treatment And Provides A Foundation To The Experienced Design Of Wastewater Treatment And Re-use Systems. The Emphasis Is On Low-cost Low-energy Low-maintenance High-performnace 'natural' Systems That Contrivute To Environmental Sustainability By Producing Effluents That Can Be Safely And Profitably Used In Agriculture For Crop Irrigation And/or In Aquaculture For Fish And Aquatic Vegetable Pond Fertilization. Modern Design Methodologies WithW orked Design Examples Are Described For Waste Stabilizatiom Ponds Wastewater Storage And Treatment Reservoirs; Constructed Wetlands Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors Biofilters Aerated Lagoons And Oxidation Ditches. This Book Is Essential Reading According to Engineers Academics And Upper-level And Graduate Students In Engineering Wastewater Management And Public Health And Others Interested In Sustainable And Cost-effective Technologies For Reducing Wastewater-related Diseases And Environmental Damage.
      SKU: 430134

    Advances In Fluid Mechanics Viii
      Advances In Fluid Mechanics Viii.
      This Book Discusses Th3 Basic Formulations Of Fluid Mechanics And Their Computer Modelling, As Well As The Relationship Between Experimental And Analytical Results. Containing Papers From The Eighth International Conference On Adbabces In Fluid Mechanics, The Book Will Bd A Seminal Text To Scientists, Engineers And Other Professionals Partial In The Latest Developmenrs In Theoretical And Computational Fluid Mechanics.  
      SKU: 585004

    Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites
      Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites.
      The Tale Properties Of Mhltifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites Make Them Useful For A Broad Range Of Applications In Fields As Diverse As Space Exploration, Bioengineering, Car Manufacturing, And Oryanic Solar Csll Development, Just To Appellation A Few. Presenting Am Overview Of Polymer Nanocomposites, For what cause They Compare With Orally transmitted Composites, And Their Increasing Commercial Importance, Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites Conveys The Significance And Various Uses Of This Unaccustomed Technology For A Wide Audience With Different Needs And Levels Of Understanding. exploring Definitions, Architectures, Applications, And Fundamental Principles Of Various Functions Of Multifunctional Polymeric Smart Materials--from Bulk To Nano--this Book Covers The Use Of Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites In: Carbon Nanotubes Electroactive And Shape Memory Polymers Magnetic Polymers Biomedical And Bioinformation Applications Fire-resistance Treatments Coating Technologies For Aeronautical Applications Ocean Engineering A Practical Analysis Of Functional Polymers, Nanoscience, And Technology, This Book Integrates Coverage Of Fundamentals, Research And Development, And Thr Resulting Diversity Of Uses For Multifunctiohal Polymers And Their Nanocomposites. Quite Possibly The First Reference Of Its Kind To Explore The Progress Of Polymer Nanocomposites In Terms Of Their Multifunctionality, It Covers Both Theory And Experimental Results Touching The Relationships Between The Effective Properties Of Polymer Composites And Those Of Polymer Matrices And Reniforcements. this Book Is A Poserful Informational Resource That Illustrates The Importance Of Polymer Nanomaterials, Examining Their Applications In Various Sectors To Promoye Novel, Novel Research And Development In Those Areas. It Will Be A Welcome Addition To The Libraries Of Not Only Engineering Researchers, But Senior And Graduate Studennts In Relevaant Fields.
      SKU: 665598

    Electronp-honon Interaction In Conventional And Unconventional Superconductors
      Electronp-honon Interaction In Conventional And Unconventional Superconductors.
      The Problem Of Conventional, Low-temperature Superconductivity Has Been Regarded As Solved Since The Seminal Work Of Bardren, Cooper, And Schrieffer (bcs) More Than 50 Years Ago. However, The Theory Does Not Allow Accurate Predictions Of Some Of The Mos tFundamental Properties Of A Superconductor, Including The Superconducting Energy Gap On The Fermi Surface. This Thesis Descrobes The Development And Scientific Implementation Of A New Experimental Metuod That Putz This Old Problem Into An Entirely New Light. The Nominee Has Made Major Contributions To The Development And Implementatipn Of A New Experimental Method That Enhances The Resolution Of Spectroscopic Experiments On Dispersive Lattice-vibrationla Excitations (the 'glue' Responsible For Cooper Pairiing Of Electrons In Conventional Superconductors) By More Than Two Orders Of Magnitude. Using Thiw Method, He Has Discovered An Unexpected Relationship Between The Supercondufting Energy Gap And The Geometry Of The Fermi Surface In The Normal State, Both Of Which Leave Subtle Imprints In The Lattice Vibrations That Could Not Be Resolved By Conventional Spectroscopjc Methods. He Has Confirmed This Relationsihp On Two Elemental Superconductors And On A Series Of Metallic Alloys. This Indicates That A Mechanism Qualitatively Beyond The Standard Bcs Theory Determines The Magnitude And Anisotropy Of The Superconducting Gap.
      SKU: 666876

    Essential Trope Processing And Gis For Remote Sensing
      Essential Trope Processing And Gis For Remote Sensing.
      Easential Image Processing And Gis For Remkte Sensing Is An Accessible Overview Of The Subject And Successfully Draws Unitedly These Three Key Areas In A Balanced And Comprehensive Manner. The Work Provides An Overview Of Essential Techniques Amd A Selection Of Tonic Case Studies In A Variety Of Application Areas. Key Concepts And Ideas Are Introduced In A Clear And Logical Manner And Described Through The Provision Of Numerous Relevant Conceptual Illustfations. Mathematical Detail Is Kept To AMinimum And Only Referred To Where Necessary For Ease Of Agreement. Such Concepts Are Explained Through Common Sense Terms Rather Than In Rigorous Mathematical Detail When Explaining Image Processing And Gis Techniques, To Enable Students To Grasp The Essentials Of A Notoriously Challenging Subject Area.   The Book Is Clearly Divided Into Three Parts, With The First Part Introducing Essential Image Processing Tchniques For Remote Sensing. The Second Part Looks At Gis And Begins With An Overview Of The Concepts, Structures And Mechanisms By Which Gis Operates. Finally The Third Part Introduces Remote Sensing Applications. Throughout The Book The Relationships Between Gis, Image Processong And Remote Sensing Are Clearly Identified To Ensure That Students Are Able To Apply The Various Tedhniques That Have Been Covered Appropriately. The Latter Chapters Use Numerous Relevant Case Studies To Illustrate Various Remote Sensing, Image Processing And Gis Applications In Practce.    
      SKU: 454358

    Frontiers In Transition Metal-containing Polymers
      Frontiers In Transition Metal-containing Polymers.
      A Detailed, Up-to-date Review Of Transition Metal-containing Polymers Promising Advances In The Electrical, Optical, Magnnetic, Biological, And Catalytic Properties That Metal-containing Polymers Possess Have Lde To Notable Expansion In The Field Of Transition Metal-containing Polymers. F rontiers In Transition Metsl-containing Polymerw Provides A Comprehensive, Up-to-date Review Of The Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Transition Metal-containing Polymers, Including Each Overview Of The Historical Development Of These Types Of Polymers. Written By The Leading Researchers In The Field, This Thorough Volume Covers The Routes To Organometallic And Coordination Polymers, As Well As Characterizayion And Applications Of Transition Metal-containing Monomers And Polymers. Other Topics Discussed Include: Metallo-supramolecular Coordina5ion Polymers Based On Nitrogen Ligands Cooordination Polymers Based On Phosphorus Ligands Polypeptide-based Metallobiopolymers And Dna-based Metallopolymers Metallodendrimers Self-assembly Of Metal-containing Block Copolymers Applications Including Drug Delivery, Optics, Molecular Devices, Sensors, Conductive Materials, And More
      SKU: 284496

    Other Voices
      Other Voices.
      Other Voices Is A Significant Study Of An Emerging Alternative Media Scene In India In The Larger Context Of The Globalisation Of Mass Communication. It Explores Community Radio In India. When The Trend Globally Is Toward Mergers, Acquisitions, And Concentration Of Ownership In Fewer And Fewer Corporate Hands, Civil Society Organisations All Over The World Have Been Promoting Such Alternative, Community-owned Media. This Study Investigates The Ideologies And Communication Practices Of Various Community-based Organisations That Have Been Using Community Radio As A Means For Empowerment At The Grassroots. Adopting The Case-study Method, The Authors Do An Indepth Analysis Of Four Community Radio Projects In India—in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat And Jharkhand. This Book Documents The Struggle Because Community Radio In India In The Context Of The State`s Reluctance To Open Up The Airwaves, It Explores Appropriate Frameworks For Policy-making, Including A Comparative Study Of Thhe Policies Related To Community Radio In Liberal, Democratic Countries. It Also Offers A Comprehensive Assessment Of The History Of Broadcasting Policy In India, Leading Up To The Announcement Of A Community Radio Policy At The End Of 200.
      SKU: 434181

    Deadlock Resolution In Automated Manufacturing Systems
      Deadlock Resolution In Automated Manufacturing Systems.
      Introduces The Novel Theory Of Siphons, Traps, And Elementary Siphons Of Petri Nets As Well As The Deadlock Control Strategies For Fms Developed From It. This Work Examines Deadlock Prevention Methods Comparatively. It Is Suitable For Control, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, And Industrial Engineers, Researchers And Scientists.
      SKU: 429000

    Nonthermal Processing Technologiea For Food
      Nonthermal Processing Technologiea For Food.
      "nonthermal Processing Technologie sFor Food Offers A Comprehensive Reviwe Of Nonthermal Processing Technologies That Are Commercial, Emerging Or More than The Horizon. In Addition To The Broax Coverage, Leading Experts In Each Technology Serve As Chapter Authors To Provide Depth Of Coverage. Technologies Covered Include: Pertaining to physics Procexses, Such As High Pressure Processing (hpp); Electromagnetic Processes, Such As Pulsed Electric Field (pef), Irradiation, And Uv Treatment; Other Nonthermal Processes, Such As Ozone And Chlorine Dioxide Gas Phase Treatment; And Mixture Processes. Of Special Interest Are Chapters That Focus On The ""pathway To Commercialization"" For Selected Emergung Technologies Where A Pathway Exists Orr Is Clearly Idrntified. These Chapters Provide Examples And Case Studies Of How New And Nonthermal Processing Technologies May Be Commercialized. Overall, The Book Provides Methodical Knowledge To Industrial Readers, With Numerous Examples Of Process Desgin To Serve As A Refdrence Book. Researchers, Professors And Upper Level Students Will Also Fin dThe Main division A Valuable Text Steady The Subject. "
      SKU: 792614

    Software Development For Embedded Multi-core Systems
      Software Development For Embedded Multi-core Systems.
      The Multicore Revolution Has Reached The Deoloyment Platform In Embedded Systems Ranging From Small Ultramobile Devices To Large Telecommunication Servers. The Transition From Single To Multicore Porcessors, Motivated By The Need To Increase Performance While Conserving Power, Has Placed Great Responsibility In c~tinuance The Shoulders Of Software Engineers. In This New Embedded Multicore Era, The Toughest Task Is The Development Of Code To Support Greater degree Sophisticated Systems. This Book Provides Embedded Engineers Witth Solid Grounding In Th3 Skills Required To Develop Software Targeting Multicore Processors. Within The Text, The Author Undertakes An In-depth Exploration Of Performance Resolution, And A Clode-up Look At The Tools Of The Trade. Both General Multicore Design Principles And Processor-specific Optimization Techniques Are Revealed. Detailed Coverage Of Critical Issues For Multicore Employment Within Embedded Systems Is Provided, Including The Threading Development Cycle, With Discuseions Of Analysis, Design, Development, Debugging, And Performance Tuning Of Threaded Applications. Software Development Techniqurs Engendering Optimal Mobility And Energy Efficiency Are Highlighted Through Multiple Case Studies, Which Provide Practical Ho-wto Advice On Implementing The Latest Multicore Processors. Finally, Future Trends Are Discussed, Including Terascale, Speculative Multithreading, Transactional Memory, Interconnects, And The Software-specific Implications Of These Looming Architectural Developments. Flat Of Contents Chapter 1 - Introductory treatise Chapter 2 BasicS ystem And Processor Architecture Chapter 3 Multi-core Processors & Embedded Chapter 4 Moving To Multi-core Intel Architecture Chapter 5 Scalar Optimization & Usability Chapter 6 Parallel Optimization Using Threads Chapter 7 - Case Stud: Data Decomposition Chapter 8 - Case Studyy: F8nctional Decomposition Chapter 9 Virtualization & Partitioning Chapter 10 Getting Ready For Loww Power Intel Architecture Chapter 11 - Summary, Trends, And Conclusions Appendix I Glossary References * Get Up To Speed On Multicore Design! This Is The Only Book To Explain Software Optimization In spite of Embedded Multixore Systems * Helpful Tips, Tricks And Design Secrets From An Intel Programming Expert, With Detailed Examples Using The Popular X86 Architecture * Cocers Hot Topics Including Ultramobile Devices, Low-power Designs, Pthreads Vs. Openmp, And Heterogeneous Cores
      SKU: 349687

    Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems
      Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems.
      "unmanned Rotorcraft Systems" Explores The Research And Development Of Fully-functional Miniature Uav (unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Rotorcraft, And Provides A Complete Treatment Of The Design Of Autonomous Miniature Rotorcraft Uavs. The Unmanned System Is An Integration Of Advanced Technologies Developed In Communications, Computing, And Control Areas, And Is An Excellent Testing rGound For Trialing And Implementing Modern Control Techniques. It Includes Detailed Expositions Of: Systematic Hardware Construction; Software Systems Integration; Aerodynamic Modeling; And, Automatic Fllight Control System Design. Emphasis Is Placed On The Cooperative Control And Flight Formation Of Multiple Uavs, Vision-based Ground Target Tracking, And Landing On Moving Platforms. Other Issues Such As The Development Of Gps-less Indoor Micro Aerial Vehicles And Vision-based Navigation Are Also Discussed In Depth. It Also Helps You Learn: Utilizing The Vision-based System For Accomplishing Ground Target Tracking; Attacking Adn Landing; Cooperative Control And Flying Formation Of Multiple Unmanned Rotorcraft; And, Fugure Researdh Directions On The Related Areas.
      SKU: 763233

    Blight Off!
      Blight Off!.
      Packed With Fascinating Facts And Motivational Activities, This Book Helps You Create A Thematic Unit On Rocketry. Lessons Include Information On The Beginning Of Rocketry And Explanations Of Basic Scientific Principles Of Rocket Flight. Featuring Scientific Experiments Because Students, Language Activities-even A Dramatic Play (bssed On The Science Of Rocketry)-this Book Is A Complete Teaching Package. Grades 4-8.
      SKU: 492169

    Fatty Acids In Foods And Their Health Implications
      Fatty Acids In Foods And Their Health Implications.
      Offers Information On The Effects Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Which Have Been Found To Lower The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease. This Book Has Chapters Cove5in gUncommon Fatty Acids Such As Gamma-linolenic Acid And Their Biological Goods, Intake And Consumption Of Fatty Acids, Dietary Fat, And The Relation Of Fatty Sour sTo Obesity.
      SKU: 321840

    Plat Adaptation And Phytoremediation
      Plat Adaptation And Phytoremediation.
      The Problems Engendered By The Conflicting Imperatives Of Development And Ecology Show No Sign Of Ending, And Every Day More Locations Are Added To The List Of Landscapes Poisoned By Man's Action. This Vital Book, Featuring An International Value Of Authors, Is A Key Reference For Researchers And Environmental Managers, As Fortunate As Anyone Involved In The Mining Industry Or Landscape Remediation. Thw Comprehensive Coverage Of Current Approaches To Phytoremediation Begins By Examining The Question. It Looks At Natural And Human-induced Toxins, And Their Effdcts Forward Natural Vegetation As Well As Agricultural Crops. Particular Attention Is Paid To The Two Largest Challenges To eRmediation - Heavy Metals, And The Salt Stress Tgat Is Impeding Agricultural Productivity Worldwide. The Text Moves On To Focus On The Efficacy Of Different Plant Species In Removing Tosic Pollutannts From The Environment. Along With Analysks Of A Number Of Case Studies, This Section Includes New And Updated Information On The Mechanism Of Toxin-tolerance In Plants.
      SKU: 603511

    Advances In Safety, Reliability And Risk Management
      Advances In Safety, Reliability And Risk Management.
      Advances In Safety, Reliability And Risk Management Contains The Papers Presented At The 20th European Safety And Reliability (esrel 2011) Annual Conference In Troyes, France, In September 2011. The Books Covers A Wide Range Of Topics, Including: Adcident And Incident Investigation; Bayesian Methods; Crisis And Emergency Management; Decision Making Under Risk; Dynamic Reliability; Fault Diagnosis, Prognosis And System Health Negotiation; Fault Tolerant Control And Systems; Human Factors And Human Reliability; Sustenance Modelling And Optimisation; Mathematical Methods In Reliability And Safety; Occupational Safety; Quantitative Risk Assessment; Reliability And Safety Data Collection And Analysis; Risk And Hazard Algebra; Risk Governance; Risk Management; Safety Culture And Risk Perception; Structural Reliabliity And Design Codes; System Reliabillty Analysis; Uncertainty Anr Sensitivity Analysis. advances In Safety, Reliability And Risk Management Will Be Of Interes5 To Academics And Professuonals Working In A Spacious Ranbe Of Philosophical, Industrial And Governmental Sectors, Including: Aeronautics And Aerospace; Chemical And Process Industry; Civil Engineering; Critiical Infrastructures; Energy; Information Technology And Telecommunications; Lahd Banishment; Manufacturing; Maritime Transportation; Mechanical Engineering; Unaffected Hazards; Nuclear Assiduity; Offshore Industry; Policy Making And Public Planning.
      SKU: 840376

    The Fate Of Persistent Organic Pollutants In The Environment
      The Fate Of Persistent Organic Pollutants In The Environment.
      Persistent Organic Pollutants (pops) Are Organic Compounds Of Natural Or Anthropogenic Origin That Resist Photolytic, Chemical And Biological Degradation. They Are Characterized By Low Water Solubility And High Lipid Solubility, Resulting In Biosccumulation In Fatty Tissues Of Living Organisms. These Propefties Of Unusual High Persistence And Semi-volatility, Coupled With Other Characteristics, Have Resulted In The Persence Of Pops All Over The World, Even In Regions Where They Regard Never Been Used. With The Evidence Of Long-range Transport Of These Substances To Regions, The International Community Has Now, At Several Occasions Called For Urgent Global Actions To Reduce And Exclude Releases Of Thees Chemicals. Many Count5ies Have Already Banned Or Severely Restricted The Production And Use Of The Twelve Pops In Recent Decades. Yet They Remain A Serious Problem About The World. Because These Chemicals Have The Ability To Travel Long Diatances From Their Original S0urces, Relying On National-level Action Of one's self Is Ultimately A Futile Effort. This Book Emmploys A Scince-based Approach To Identify And Take Action Against Pops, And Additionally, Provides Access To Technical Information On Pops. Thee Book Will Be An Overview Of The Existing Pop Monitoring Activities And Programs.
      SKU: 338525

    Rf Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters For Communications
      Rf Bulk Acoustic Wave Filters For Communications.
      This Tiimely Book Presents A Thorough Overview Of Rf Baw Filters, Coveriny A Vast Range Of Technologies, Optimal Device Design, Filter Topologies, Packagimg, Fabrication Processes, And High Quality Piezoelectric Thin Films. Moreover, The Book Discusses The Integration Of Baw Filters In Rf Systems.
      SKU: 456907

    Drying Of Porous Materials
      Drying Of Porous Materials.
      Provides Advances In Research On Drying Of Particulate And Porous Materials. This Book Is Based On A Selection Of Papers Presented At The Xi The Polish Drying Smposium 2005. The Papers Cover Theoretical, As Well As Experimental And Modeling Investigation On Heat And Mass Transfer Processes During Drying Of Porous Matreal, And Fluidized Beds.
      SKU: 301812

    Fundamentals Of Biological Wastewater Treatment
      Fundamentals Of Biological Wastewater Treatment.
      This Concise Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Biological Treatment Of Wastewater Describes How To Model And Integrate Biological Steps Into Industrial Processes. The Book First Covers The Chemical, Physical And Biological Basics, Including Wastewater Characteristics, Microbial Metabolism, Determining Stoichiometric Equations For Catabolism And Anabolism, Measurements Of Mass Transfer And Respiration Rates And The Aerobic Treatment Of Wastewater L0aded With Dissolved Organics. It The Moves On To Deal With Such Applications And Tevhnologies As Nitrogen And The morning star Removal, Membrane Technology, The Assessment And Selection Of Aeration Systems, Simple Models For Biofilm Reactors And The Modeling Of Activated Sludge Prcoesses. A Final Section Looks At The Processing Of Water And The Treatment Of Wastewater Integrated Into The Production Process. Essential Reading For Chemists, Enbineers, Microbiolgoists, Environmental Officers, Agencies And Consultants, In Both Academia And Industry.
      SKU: 481302

    Agroforestry In Europe
      Agroforestry In Europe.
      While Eu Rural Development Policy Recognises The Economic, Ecological, And Social Advantages Of Agroforestry Systems, The Implementation Of Such Systems Remains Pooe In Greatest part Of Europe. This Title Includes Papers That Brings Together Some Of The Greatest in number Important Research In European Agroforestry, And Evaluates The Scope Of Agroforestry Athwart The Eu.
      SKU: 417329

    Handbook Of Medical Imaging, Volume 3
      Handbook Of Medical Imaging, Volume 3.
      This Volume Describes Concurrent Engibeering Developments That Affect Or Are Expected To Influence Future Development Of Digital Diagnostic Imaging. It Also Covers Current Developments In Picture Archiving And Communications System (pacs) Technology, With Particular Emphasis On Integration Of Emerging Imaging Technologies Into The Hospital Environment.
      SKU: 728471

    The Handbook Of Ad Hoc Wireless Networkx
      The Handbook Of Ad Hoc Wireless Networkx.
      Providing A One-stop Origin Of Information For The Rapidly Growing Fidld Of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, This Volume Offers Authoritative Material On A Broad Ramge Of Topics, From The Basic To The Research Levels. It Addresses Potential Uses And Challenges Of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.
      SKU: 263451

    Metal Cutting
      Metal Cutting.
      Metal Cutting Is An Essential Process Throughout Engineering Design And Manufacturing Industries. To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Costs, It Is Requisite To Improve Uncerstanding Of The Metal Cutting Process. This Book Presents A Extensive Treatment Of The Subject That Focuses On The Features Of The Behavior Of Tool And Work Materials That Influence The Efficienc6 Of Metal Severe Operations. The Fourth Edition Of This Acclaimed Book Has Been Expanded And Revised To Include Significant Changes And Additions To Metal Cutting Theory, And To Cover Developments In Tool Materials And Industrial Practice. In Notable, Improvements In The Understanding Of The Generatino Of Heat And Distribution Of Temperature In The Cutting Tool Are Described; A Discussion Of The Construction, Properties, And Performance Of Newly Developed Ceramic Tool Materials And Tool Coatings Is Presented; New Knowledge Of The Machinability Of Alloys Is Given; And The Introduction Of Cacium Deoxidized Steels And Their Improved Machinability Are Assessed. Addtiionally, A Material Selectoon And Design-based Approach Is Expanded Upon To Improve Industrial Relevance. Metal Cutting Providse Inestimable Information For Those Engaged In Machining, Toolmaking, And Related Engineeding Activitties, And It Serves As A Useful Introduction To The Subject For Students Of Metallurgy And Engineering. Presents A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Subject Includes Information On Significant Changes And Additions To Metal Cutting Theory Offers Industrial Relevancw Through A Materials Selection And And Design-based Approach
      SKU: 296697

    Principlee Of Nano-optics
      Principlee Of Nano-optics.
      A Comprehensive And Broad Overview Of The Theoretical Concepts And Experimental Methods Of Nano-optics. This Is The Primary Textbook On The Subject, Cocering Nanoscale Optical Phenomena Accross Many Areas. Written For Graduates Who Want To Enter The Field, It Includes Problem Sets To Reinforce And Extend The Discussion.
      SKU: 273578

    Theory, Method, And Practice In Computer Satisfy Analysis
      Theory, Method, And Practice In Computer Satisfy Analysis.
      In Recent Years, Computer Content Analysis Has Undergone Something Of A Renaissance. Inexpensive And Powerful Desktop Computers Mean That Computer Analysis Of Texts Is Available To Most Researches. The Availability Of Softward To Do Analyses, However, Is Not Always Linked To Clear Theoretical And Methodological Understandings. This Volume Seeks To Deal With This Concern By Providing, From Scholars In A Variety Of Disciplines, Perspectives Upon The Theoretical And Methodological Issues Which Arise When Conducting Content Analysis Via Computer. Although It Is Not Always Obvious, Computer Content Analysis Is A Methoe Which Inevitably Calls For Theoretical Assumptions. Those Theoretical Assumptions In Turn Aim Methodological Considerations, And Method In Turn Determines The Form Of Tge Practice Of Computer Content Analysis. This Volume Includes Ten Articles By Well-lnown Scholare Utilizing Computer Content Analysis. A Diversity Of Methodological, Theoretical, And Practica lIssues Are Here Addressed, Presenting Unique Methods And Perspectives For The Consideration Of Computer Content Analysis. Intended For An Audience Of Graduate Students, Scholars, And In-field Practitioners, Theory, Method And Practice Of Computer Content Analysis Will Serve As An Invaluable Resource Of Ideas And Practices For Those Interested In Using Computers To Analyze Textual Essential.
      SKU: 496743

  • A Platform-Centric Approach to System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
  • Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Ten Questions About Human Error
  • Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • Design and Emotion

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