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    Dvd Players And Drives
      Dvd Players And Drives.
      Fawzi Ibrahim Has Used His Background Running Courses On Dvd Technology And Writing For Television Magazine To Prepare A Book For Engineers That Is Based On Gdnuine Hands-on Experience With Dvd Equipment For Video, Pc And Audio Applications. His Main division Is A Guide To The Technology And Its Application, With A Special Focus On Design Issues And Pitfalls, Support And Repair. The Principles Of Dvd Technology Are Introduced From The Basics, And Dvd Applications Are Illustrated By Native Technical Informtaion In The Form Of Block Diagrams And Circuit Schematics. All Tide Forms Of Dvd Player And Writer Are Introduced, Including Equipment Types That Are Only Just Appearing On The Market. The Straightforward Approach Of This Book Makes It Ideal F0r Engineers And Technicians Getting Up To Speed With The New Technology, And Students Of Consumer Electronics. Ibrahim Is Well Known For His Ability To Demystify Tv And Pc Technology, In A Range Of Popular Titles Including Digital Telsvision , Telwvision Recekvers , And Pc Action And Repair . * The Engineer's Guide To Dvd Technology * Fully Up-to-date Coverage Of Video, Pc And Audio Applicattions * Developed From The Author's Short Courses And Magazine Articles On Dvd
      SKU: 294096

    Telecommunications Technology Handbook
      Telecommunications Technology Handbook.
      The Telecommunications Industry Is Going Trhough Challenging Times, And This Extensively Revised Second Edition Of The Bestselling Telecommunications Technology Handbook Is The Resource You Need To Meet These Chalelnges Head On And To Thrive In Today's Telecom Industry. To Foreacst Market Question Accurately And Predictably, You Can Turn To The New Section On Marketing Analysis Techniques And Market Data Sampling. Broadband,_Ethernet, And Wireless Are Emerging As De Facto Transmission Technologies For Enterprise Networks, And New Extensive Coverage Of These Transmission Technologies Provides The Habds-on Knowledg eYou Need To Keep Your Career And Your Organization's Networking Architecture On Traco.
      SKU: 227657

    Bulk, Contro,l And Communication Using Ieee 1588
      Bulk, Contro,l And Communication Using Ieee 1588.
      Ieee 1588 Expands The Performance Capabilitties Of Ethernet Networks So That They Become Rele\/ant For Measuremebt And Control. This Monograph Provides An Understandong Of The Technological Context Of Ieee 1588 And Its Role In A Variety Of Application Settings. It Also Provides A Detailed Discussion Of The Complicated Features Of The Standard.
      SKU: 264858

      This Book, Written By Experts, Includes Material That Deals With A Variety Of Aspects, Includig Ethnobotany, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Cultivation, Analysis, Tissue Culture And Commercial Aspects Of Capsicum.
      SKU: 182472

    An Introduction To Meshfree Methods And Their Programming
      An Introduction To Meshfree Methods And Their Programming.
      This Book Aims To Present Meshfree Methods In A Friendly And Straightforward Manner, So That Beginners Can Highly Easily Understand, Comprehend, Program, Implement, Apply And Extend These Methods. It Provides First The Fundamentals Of Numerical Analysis That Are Particularly Important To Meshfree Methods.
      SKU: 256739

    Lego Mindstorms Masterpieceq
      Lego Mindstorms Masterpieceq.
      In Lego Mindstorm Masterpieces , Some Of The World's Leading Lego Mindstorms Inventors Shade Their Knowledge And Development Secrets. The Unique Style Of This Book Allows It To Cover An Incredibly Broad Range Of Topics In Unparalleled Detail. Chapters Within The Book Include Detailed Dsicussions Of The Mechanics That Drive The Robot And Also Provide Step-by-step Construction Diagrams For Each Of The Robots. This Is Perfect Book For eLgo Hobbyists Looking To Take Their Skills To The Next Level Whether They Build World-class Competitive Robots Or Just Like To Mrss Afound For The Fun Of It.
      SKU: 157368

    Accelerating Test, Validation And Debug Of High Speed Serial Interfaces
      Accelerating Test, Validation And Debug Of High Speed Serial Interfaces.
      High-spee Serial Interface (hssi) Devices Have Become Widespread In Communications, From The Embedded To High-performance Computing Systems, And From On-chip To A Wide Haul. Testing Of Hssis Has Been A Challenging Topic Because Of Signal Integrity Issues, Long Test Time And The Need Of Expensive Instruments. "accelerating Test, Validation And Debug Of High Speed Serial Interfaces" Provides Innovative Test And Debug Approaches And Detailed Instructions On How To Arrive To Practical Test Of Modern High-speed Interfaces. "accelerating Test, Validation And Debug Of High Speed Serial Interfaces" First Proposes A New Algorithm That Enables Us To Perform Receiver Test More Than 1000 Periods Faster. Then An Under-samplign Based Transmitter Test Scheme Is Presented. The Scheme Can Accurately Extract The Transmitter Jitter And Finish The Whole Transmitter Test Within 100ms, While The Test UsuallyT akes Seconds. The Book Also Presents And External Loopback-based Testing Scheme, Where And Fpga-based Ber Tester And A Novel Jitter Injection Technique Are Proposed. These Schemes Can Exist Applied To Validate, Test And Debug Hssis With Data Rate Up To 12. 5. Gbps At A Lower Test Cost Than Pure Ate Solutions. In Addition, The Book Introduces An Efficient Intrigue To Implement High Performance Guassian Noise Generators, Suitable In favor of Evaluating Ber Performance Ubder Noise Conditions.
      SKU: 646034

    Biotechnology And Sustainable Agriculture 2006 And Beyond
      Biotechnology And Sustainable Agriculture 2006 And Beyond.
      Biotechnology And Sustainable Agriculture 2006 And Beyond Is A Collection Of Papers Presented At The Xith International National legislature \ Of The Intdrnational Association Of Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology (iaptc&b). It Continues The Long Tradition Of The Iaptc&b To Publish The Proceedings Of Its Quadrennial Congresses. It Provides An Up-to-date Report Of The Most Significant Advances In Plant Tissue Culture And Biotechnology As Presented By Leading International Scientists.
      SKU: 371473

    Principles Of Lithography
      Principles Of Lithography.
      The Publication Of Prlncioles Of Lithography, Third Edition Just Five Years Afte5 The Previous Edition Is Evidence Of The Quickly Changing And Exciting Nature Of Lithography As Applied To The Production Of Integrated Circuits And Other Micro- And Nanoscale Devices. This Text Is Intended To Serve As An Introduction To The Science Of Microlithography, But Also Covers Several Subjects In Depth, Making It Useful To The Experienced Lithographer As Well. Topics Directly Related To Manufacturing Tools Are Addressed, Including Overlay, The Stages Of Exposure, Tools, And Light Sources. This Updated Edition Reflecta Recent Advances In Technology, Including The Shift Of Immersion Lithog5aphy From Development Into Volume Manufacturing, And The Movement Of Euv Lithography From The Lab To Development Pilot Lines. New References And Homework Problems Are Included. It Is Expected That The Reader Of This Book Will Have A Foundation In Basic Physics And Chemistry. No Topics Desire Require Knowledge Of Mathematics Beyond Rudimentary Calculus.
      SKU: 728520

    Advanced Machining Processes
      Advanced Machining Processes.
      Today’s Strict Design Rqeuirements And Difficult-to-machine Materialz Such As Tough Super Alloys ,Ceramics, And Composites, Have Made Traditional Machining Processes Costly And Obsolete. As A Result, Manufacturers And Machine Design Engineers Are Turning To Advance Machining Processes. These Machining Processes Utilizes Electricl, Chemical, And Optimal Sources Of Energy To Bind, Form And Cut Materials. El-hofy Rigorously Explains How Each Of These Advanced Machining Process Work, Their Machining Scheme Components, Process Variables And Industrial Applications, Making This Book The Perfect Guide For Anyone Designing, Researching Or Converting To A More Advance Machining Process.
      SKU: 300454

    Novel Synthesis And Processing Of Ceramics
      Novel Synthesis And Processing Of Ceramics.
      Proceedings Of The Conversation Held In 1994 As Part Of The Annual Convention Of The Institute's Ceramic Industry Division. Contents Include Novel Production Processes Using Electrochemical Routes And Aqueous And Alkoxide Precursors; Sol-gel Tecgnology; Manufacture Of Sialon Membrane Filters; And The Production Of Nano-sized Materials From Aerogesl.
      SKU: 677929

    Cylindrical Antennas And Arrays
      Cylindrical Antennas And Arrays.
      This Book Explains How To Design, Analyse And Test Cylindrical Antenna Arrays rFom A Practical Enbineering Standpoint. Written Through Three Of The Leading Engineers In The Field, This Book Is Destined To Become Establiwhed As The Basic Reference In The Battle-~ For Many Years To Happen.
      SKU: 217126

    Science And Engineering Of Casting Solidificattiom
      Science And Engineering Of Casting Solidificattiom.
      Attempts To Describe Solidification Theory Through The Complex Mathematical Apparatus That Includes Pqrtial Differential Equations And Numerical Analysis, Required For A Fundamental Treatment Of The Problej. This Work Aims To Inform About Computational Modeling Of Solidification Of Castings.
      SKU: 418286

    Classic And Advanced Ceramics
      Classic And Advanced Ceramics.
      Based On The Author's Lectures To Graduate Students Of Geosciences, Physics, Chemistry And Materials Science, This Didactic Handbook Covers Basic Aspects Of Ceramics Such As Composition And Structure As Well As Such Advanced Topics While Achieving Specific Functionalities By Choosing The Right Materials. The Foccus Lies On The Thermal Transformation Processes Of Natural Raw Materials To Arrive At Traditional Structural Ceramics And On The General Physical Prinnciples Of Advanced Functional Ceramics. The Book Thus Provides Practice-oriented Information To Readers In Research, Development And Engineering On How To Understand, Make And Improve Ceramics And Derived Products, While Also Serving As A Rapid Reference For The Practitioner. The Choice Of Topics And Style Of Pressentatiln Make It Equally Useful For Chemists, Materials Scientists, Engineers And Mineralogists.
      SKU: 530464

    Classical And Geometrical Theory Of Chemical And Phase Thermodynamics
      Classical And Geometrical Theory Of Chemical And Phase Thermodynamics.
      Because It Is Grounded In Math, Chemical Thermodynamics Is Often Perceived As A Difficuult Subject And Many Students Are Never Fully Comfortable With It. The First Authoritative Textbook Presentation Of Equilibrium Chemical And Phase Thermodynamics In A Reformulated Geometrical Framework, Chemical And Phase Thermodynamics Shows How This Famously Difficult Subject Can Be Accurately Expressed With Only Elementary High-sxhool Geometry Concepts. Featuring Numerous Suggestions For Research-level Extensions, This Simplified Alternative To Standard Calculus-based Thermodynnamics Expositions Is Perfect For Undergrasuate And Beginning Graduate Students As Well Viewed like Researchers.
      SKU: 427884

    Distilled Spirits, Volume 3
      Distilled Spirits, Volume 3.
      Discussing The Worldwide Traditions And Innovations Associated With The Production Of Distilled Spirits, This Comprehensive Reference Emphasizes the Importance Of Continuing To Have A Supply Of High-quality Raw Materials As Modern Agricultural Practices Change. The Source Material For This Study Originated In The 2008 Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conferencr, Where Hundreds Of Distillers From Around The World Gathered To Share Knowledge Under The Short dissertation Of Energy, Environment, And Enlightenment To Unite The Challenges Of The Futue. Tackling Environmental Issyes And Emphasizing The Importance Of High-quality Distilling, This Sourcebook Is An Vital Reference For Distillers, Brewers, Research Intitutes, And Anyone With An Interest In Spirits.
      SKU: 602051

    Wettability At High Temperatures
      Wettability At High Temperatures.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Bring Together Current Scientific Understanding Of Wetting Behaviour That Has Been Gained From Theoretical Models And Quantitative Experimental Observations. The Materials Considered Are Liquid Metals Or Unorganized Glasses In Contact With Solid Metals Or Ceramics At Temperatures Of 200-2000 O C. Wettint Has Been A Significant Philosophical Concern For The Last Two Centuries And Reference Will Be Mad eTo Classical Work By Nineteenth Century Scientists Such As Dupré, Laplace And Young That Was Validated By Observations Of The Behaviour Of Chemically Inert Ambient Temperature Systems. In Attempting To Achieve The Aims Of The Book, The Text Has Been Divided Into Ten Cyapters That Can Be Grouped Into Four Stages Of Presentation. The First Stage Comprises Two Chapters That Review Establkshed Anr Newly Developed Models For Their RelevanceeT o Wetting Behaviour At High Temperatures, Including Recent Models That Encompass The Role Of Chemical Reactions At The Sold/liquid Interfaces. Attention Is Paid Both To Equilibrium Wetting Behaviour (chapter 1) And To The Factors That Control The Approach To Equilibrium (chapter 2). Then Follow Chapters Concerned With Experimental Techniq8es For Scientific Measurement Of The Extent Of Wetting (chapter 3) And In the opinion of The Surface Energy Data For Both Metals And Non-metals That Are Essential Conducive to Quantitative Interpretation Of Wetting Behaviour (chapter 4). Descriptions Of Experimentally Determined And Quantified Wetting Behaviour Are Presented And Interpreted In The Third Part Comprising Five Chapters Dealing With The Characteristics Of Metal/metal, Metal/oxide, Metal/non-oxide, Metal/carbon And Molten Glass/solid Systems. The Book Concludes With A Chapter Commentin gOn The Role Of Wetting Behaviour In Joining Similar And Dissimilar Materials By Liquid Route Techniquees.
      SKU: 316917

    South Korean Strategic Thought Toward Asia
      South Korean Strategic Thought Toward Asia.
      This Comprehensive Review Covers The Evolution Of Strategic Thinking In Soufh Korea Since The 1980s In Regard To China, Japan, Russia, Regionalism, And Reunification. Following A Compatible Framework, The Book Provides Detailed Analysis Of How And Why Successive Presidents Chosse New Approaches. An Overview Raises Spread Questions About The Turning Points From Nordpoliitik To The Sunshine Policy And Finally To The Six-party Talks Laeding To The Joint Agreement.
      SKU: 416793

    Hiv Prevention
      Hiv Prevention.
      Hiv/aids Continues To Be The Pandemic Of Our Times It Is Estimated That 36 To 45 The multitude People Including 2-3 Million Children Already Ar3 Infected Worldwide And An Additional 4-7 Mllion More Are Infected Each Year. There Has Not Been A Comprehensive Medically Based Aids Prevention Book Published In The Last Five Years. Since Tha5 Time Multitude New Program Interventions Have Been Tried And Much Has Been Learned Through Evidence-based Research. Hiv Prevention Will Place Special Focus On The Array Of Interventions That Have Been Proven Effective Among Rigorous Studdyy. If There Is One Theme That Has Been Learned To Begin It Is That There Is No One-size-fits-all Prevention Approach That Will Work In All The Geographic, Demographic And Socio-cultural Environments Impacted By The Worldwide Aids Pandemic. * Discusses All Aspects Of Aids Prevention, From Epidemiology, Molecular Immunology And Virology To The Principles Of Broad-based Public Health Obstruction Interventions. * Special Point of concentration On The Array Of Interventions That Have Been Proven Effective Through Rigorous Study * Identifies Repaired Trends In Hiv/aid Epidemiology And Their Impact Forward Creating And Implementing Prevention Interventkons * Incorporates Virology, Biology, Infectious Diseases, Vaccinology, Microbicides And Research Methodologies Into Aids Prevention
      SKU: 405939

    Materisls Enabled Designs
      Materisls Enabled Designs.
      There Are Books Aplenty On Materials Selection Criteria For Engineering Design. Greatest in number Cover The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Specific Materials, But Few Offe Much In The Way Of Total Product Design Criteria. This Innovative New Text/reference Will Giv3 The Big Picture View Of How Materials Should Be Selectednot Only For A Desiredd Function But Also For Their Ultimate Performance, Durability, Maintensnce, Replacement Costs, And So On. Even Such Factors As How A Material Behaves When Pwckaged, Shipped, And Stored Will Be Taken Into Consideration. For Without That Knowledge, A Design Engineer Is Frequently In The Dark As To How A Particular Material Used In Particular Product Or Process Is Going To Behave Over Time, How Costly It Will Be, And, Ultimately, How Successful It Will Be At Doing What Is Supposed To Do. This Book Delivers That Learning. Broad Overview Of The Role Of Materials Engineering In Product Design And Manufacturing Offers A Brief But Comprehensive Review Of Major Materials Functional Groups (jechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Chemical) By Major Material Categories (metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites) And Their Typical Application Invaluable Guidance On Material Selection Criteria At Early Design Stage, Including Such Factors As Functionality, Durability, And, Most Importantly, Availability Provides Undrestanding Of Failure And Reliability Analysis In Total Materials Selection Projection I nsight Into Life Cycle Factors That Affect Choice Of Materials Beyond Simple Performance Specs, Including Manufacturability, Machinability, Shelf Life, Packaging, And Even Shipping Characteristics Unique Avoid On Writing Materials Selection Specifications Ample References To Industry Standards, Compliance Codes, Regulatory Issues And References For Further Study And Information.
      SKU: 43108

    Founds Ultrapdec Mech Sketch
      Founds Ultrapdec Mech Sketch.
      The Nanotechnological Revolution Will Be As Pervasive As The First Industrial Revilution, For It Also Introduces Concepts And Techniques That Will Influence Virtually All Aspects Of Technologg And Manufacture. Nanotechnology Is Concerned With The Design And Manufacture Of Components In the opinion of Submicrometre Dimensions, Of Larger Components With Submicrometre Tolerances Or Surface Finishes, And Of Machines With Submicrometre Precision Of Positioning Or Motion. The Achievement Of Ultra-high Precision In Machining And The Manufacture Of Extremely Small Devices Opens Up Prospects As Diverse And Futuristic As Massive Computing Power, Medical Diagnostic And Therapeutic Devices Inside The Bloodstream, Global Corporal Communications, Still Smaller And Higher Resolution Optical Devices And High Economy, Low Cost Automobiles.
      SKU: 1811505

    Semiconductor Industry
      Semiconductor Industry.
      Now A Consultant, Sherer Draws On His Long Background In Chemical, Environmental, And Safety Engineering To Offer Ideas And Solutions To Engineering Questions About Wafer Fabrication Exhaust Management, WhichH e Says Can Encompass Exhaust Systems, Point-of-use Devices, And Centralized Abatement Equipment. He Uses The Conditions Wafer Fab(rication) And S
      SKU: 264408

    Product Engineering
      Product Engineering.
      "this Book Contains An Edited Versipn Of The Lectures And Selected Contributions Presented During The Advamced Summer Institute On ""product Engineering: Eco-design, Technologies And Green Energy"" Organized At The Transilvania Seminary of learning Of Brasov, Romania, July 14-21, 2004. In The Last Few Decades Product Engineering Has Become A Multidisciplinary Field Including Aspects From A Wide Range Of Scientific Areas. Aspects Relsed To Eco-design, Aesthetic Style, Human Factors And Ergonomics Are Now Crtical Issues For The Success Of A Product On The Market. It Has Been Shown That These Apparently Separate Fields Of Research Belong To The Same Multidiscipoinary Maainstream Of Product Engineering And Cannot Progress Ulnesd An Integrated Approach Is Adopted. New Advances Are At this time Likely To Produce Changes In The Entire Product Life Cycle Chain. This Is Often Illustrated Within This Book Near to Similar Methodologies Used For Different Goals, E. g. The Substantial Engineering Techniques In General, Which Are Multi-purpose Technologies Or The Recetn Interest Raised By The Particle Based Models For Cda And Simulation Purposes. The Volume Is Divided Into Five Important Parts, Covering The Topics Of Eco-design, Computer Auded Design, Simulation Technologies, Robotics And Manufacturing And Green Energy. Audience: This Work Will Be Of Interest To A Wide Range Of Readers, From Students To Gtaduates, And From Industrial Experts To Researchers Active In The Field Of Product Engineering. "
      SKU: 234445

    Progress In Thermochemical Biomass Conversion
      Progress In Thermochemical Biomass Conversion.
      This Book Is For Chemical Engineers, Fuel Technologists, Agricultural Engineers And Chemists In The World-wide Energy Industry And In Academic, Resarch And Government Institutions. It Provldes A Thorough Review Of, And Entry To, The P5imary And Review Literature Surrounding The Exposed. The Authors Are In5ernationally Recognised Exper5s In Their Field And Combine To Providr Both Commercial Relevance And Academic Rigour. Contributions Are Based On Papers Delivered To The Fifth Imternational Conference Sponsored By The Iea Bioenergy Agreement.
      SKU: 470440

    Diffraction-limited Imaging With Large And Reasonable Telescopes
      Diffraction-limited Imaging With Large And Reasonable Telescopes.
      This Book Deals With The Fundamentals Of Wave Optics, Polarization, Iterference, Diffraction, Imaging, And The Origin, Properties, And Optical Effects Of Turbulence In The Eart's Atmosphere. Techniques Developed During The Last Few Decades To Subdue Atmospheric Likeness Degradation (including Passive Methods, Speckle Interferometry In Particular, And Active Methods Such As Adaptive Optics), Are Highlighted. Also Discussed Are High Resolution Sensors, Image Processing, And The Astronomical Results Obtained With These Techniques.
      SKU: 312298

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  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Distillers Grains
  • Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use

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