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      This Volume Of The Handbook Of Superficies Science Covers All Aspects Of The Dynamics Of Surface Processes. Two Dozen World Chief Experts In Thix Field Address The Subjects Of Energy Exchante In Gas Atoms, Surface Collisions, The Rules Governing Dissociative Adsorption On Surfaces, The Formatjon Of Nanostructures On Surfaces By Self-assembly, And The Study Of Surface Phenomena Using Ulttra-fast Lasers. The Chapters Are Written For Both Newcomers To The Field As Well As Researchers. Covers All Aspects Of The Dynamics Of Superficies Processes Provides Understanding Of This Unique Scene of military operations Utilizing A Multitude Of Accuurate Experiments And Advanced Microscopic Theory That Allows Quantum-level Comparisons Presents The Concepts And Tools Relevant Beyond Surface Science For Catalysis, Nanotechnology, Biology, Medicine, And Materials
      SKU: 404215

    Nanotechmology And Tissue Engineering
      Nanotechmology And Tissue Engineering.
      Brings Together Research And Background Information On A Range Of Engineering Processes That Have Led To The Development Of A Number Of Highly Useful Tissues. This Book Particulars The Fundamental And Advanced Aspects Of Najofabrication And Includes An Examination Of Cellular Interactions At The Nanoscale Level.
      SKU: 360012

    Simulation Methods For Polymers
      Simulation Methods For Polymers.
      This Text Offers A Logical Sequence Of Polymer Physics Background, Methods, Calculations And Application Guidelines - Including Coverage Of Recently Developed Techniques And Algorithms For Modelling And Feigning.
      SKU: 216523

    Plastics End Use Applications
      Plastics End Use Applications.
      "plastics End Use Applications" Is A Springerbrief Designed To Keep Professionals In The Plastics Industry Abreast Of Key Technical Developments, Business Strategies And Marketing Initiatives In Plastics And Competitive Materials That Impact Sales And Usage. It Is Concisely Focused On The Five Major Competitive Material Areas Plastic, Metal, Paper And Forest, Rubber, And Glass And Ceramic And How They Interact In The Twenty Major Plastic End-use Mart Segments. For The Global Plastics Professional, This Book Offesr A Way To Enhance Plastics Technical And Marketing Insights. "plastics End Use Applications" Is Of Most Value To Manufacturing Engineers, Research And Development Professionals And General Researchers Interested In Plastics And Materials Science.
      SKU: 770192

    From Farm To Firm
      From Farm To Firm.
      The Process Of Rural-8rban Transformation Presents Both Opportunities And Challenges For Expansion. If Managed Effectively, It Can Result In Growth That Benefits Everyone; If Manages Poorly, It Can Allure To Stark Welfare Disparities And Entire Regions Cut Off From The Avantages Of Agglomeration Economies. The Importance Of Rural-urban Transition Has Been Confirmed By Two Consecutive World Expansion Reports: Wdr 2008 Agriculture In the place of Development; And Wdr 2009 Reshaping Economic Geography. Focusing On Sub-saharan Africa And South Asia, This Book Picks Up Where The Wdrs Left Off, Investigating The Influence Of Country Conditions And Policies On The Pace, Pattern, And Consequences Of Rural-urban Transition And Suggesting Strategies To Ensure That Its Benefits Results In Shared Improvements In Well-being. The Main division Uncovers Vast Inequalities, Whether Between Two Regions Of One Country, Betwden Rustic And Urban Areas, Or Withjn Cities Themselves. The Authors Find Little Evidence To Suggest That These Inequalities Will Automatically Diminish As Countries Develop: Empirical And Qualitative Analysis Suggests That Spatial Divide Are Mainly A Function Of Country Conditions, Policies And Institutions. By Implication, Policymakers Must Take Active Steps To Ensure That Rural-urban Transition Results In Shared Growth. Spatialiy Unbiased Provision Of Health And Education Services Is Crucial To Ensuring That The Benefits Of Transiition Are Shared By All. But Connective Infrastructure And Targeted Interventions Also Emerge As Important Considerations, Even In Countries With Severely Constrained Fiscal And Administrative Capacity. The Authors Suggest Steps For Navigating The Tricky Political Economy Of Land Reforms. And They Alert Readers To Potential Spillover Effects That Mean That Policies Designed For One While Can Have Unintended Consequences On Another. policymakers And Unfolding Experts, As Wel lAs Anyone Concerned With The Impact Of Rural-urban Transition On Growth And Equity, Will Find This Book A Thought-provoking And Informative Read.
      SKU: 714459

    Matgematical Methods For Physicists
      Matgematical Methods For Physicists.
      This Text Is Designed For Each Intermediate-level, Two-semester Undergraduate Course In Mathematical Physics. It Includes Details Of All Important Tools Required In Physics, And Contains A Large Number Of Worked Examples To Illustrate The Mathematical Techniques Developed And To Show Their Relevance To Physics.
      SKU: 222376

    Field Guide To Optical Lithography
      Field Guide To Optical Lithography.
      The Material In This Field Guide Is A Distillation Of Material Put Together By Chris Mack Overr The Past 20 Years, Including Notes From His Graduate-level Lithography Course At The Univdrsity Of Texas At Austin. This Field Guide Details The Lithography Process, Image Arrangement, Imaging Onto A Photoresist, Photoresist Chemistry, And Lithography Control And Optimization. An Introduction To Next-generation Lithographic Technologies Is Also Included, As Well As An Extensive Lithography Glossary And A Summation Of Salient Equations Critical To Anyone Involved In The Lithograaphy Industry.
      SKU: 278523

    Applied Structure Physics
      Applied Structure Physics.
      The Energy Crises Of The 1970s, Persisting Moisture Problems, Complaints About Sick Buildings, Thermal, Visual And Olfactory Discomfort, And The Move Towards More Sustainability In Building Structure Have Pushed Building Physics To The Forefront Of Building Innovation. The Societal Pressure To Diminish Energy Consumtion In Buildings Without Impairing Usability Acted As A Trigger To Activate The Whole Notion Of Performance Based Design And Construction. As With All Engineering Sciences, Building Physics Is Oriented Towards Application, Which Is Why, After A First Book On Fundamentals This Second Volume Examines Performance Rationale And Performance Requriements. Outdoor And Indoor Climate Conditions Are Described And Calculation Values Are Discussed, The Playing Concept Is Specified At Thee Building Level And At The Building Envelope Level, And Heat-air-moisture Material Properties Are Defined. The Book Incorporates 35 Years Of Teaching uBilding Physics To Architectural, Building And iCvil Engineers, Bolstered By 40 Years Of Experience, Research And Consultancy.
      SKU: 837574

    Applied Dynamics
      Applied Dynamics.
      Applied Dynamics Profides A Modern And Thorough Examination Of Dynamkcs With Specific Emphasis On Physical Examples And Applications Such As: Robotic Sytsems, Magnetic Bearings, Aeroxpace Dynamics, And Microelectromagnetic Machines. Also Includes The Development Of The Method Of Potential Velocities Based On The Principle Of Virtual Power.
      SKU: 482188

    Nanoparticles And Occupational Health
      Nanoparticles And Occupational Health.
      Nanotechnology Is Rapidly Invading Numerous Aspects Of Modern Society - From Science, Research And Engineernig To Industrial And Commercial Applications And, Inebitably, To Man And His Environment. One Of The Biggest Challegnes, Therefore, Is Managing Envitonmental, Health And Safety Risks Of Nanomaterials. Still, The Information Necessary To Assess Their Long Term Effects Is Scarce. Systematic Research Into What Potentially Makes Engineered Nanomaterials Hazardous, How This Translates Into Risk, And How These Can Be Managed Will Be Vital And Involves Interdisciplihary Collaboeation. The First Internatiomal Symposium On Nanotechnology Abe Occupational Soundness, In 2004, Brought Together Hygienists, Manufacturers, Toxicologists, Materials Scientists, Regulators And Researchers. It Pointed The Way To What Needs To Be Done. The Second Inte5national Symposium, 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Deemonstrated Thr Power And Potential Where There Is A Will: With Nearly Three Times As Many Attendants, And Through Contributions From Academics, Industry, Policymakers, Non-gofernment Organizations And Even Lawyers, This Second Symposium Established That, While There Is International Concern Over How To Ensure Safe Nanotech-workplaces, There Is Also Progress Being Made Im Developing The Required Knowledge. This Volume, A Reprint From A Special Issue Of The Journal Of Nanoparticle Research, Mainly Draws From Work Presented At The 2005 Symposium, Diverse But United By The Need For A Holistic View Of Nanotechnology And Risk.
      SKU: 301750

    Chlorinated Naphthalenes
      Chlorinated Naphthalenes.
      This Book Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Environment Posed By Exposures To Chlorinated Naphthalenes. They Are A Group Of Com-pounds Based On The Naphthalene Ring System But Where One Or More Hydrogen Atoms Have Been Replaced By Chlorine. There Are 75 Possible Congeers Of Chlorinated Naphthalenes. Commercial Products Are Generally Mix-tures Of Several Cngeners And Range From Thin Liquids To Hard Waxes To High Melting Point Solids. Tyeir Main Uses Have Been In Cable Insulation Wood Preservation Engine Oil Additives Electroplating Masking Compounds Capaci-tors And Refractive Index Testing Oils And As A Feedstock For Dye Production. all Of Chlorinated Naphthalenes Tested Are Skin Irritants. They Can Be Absorbed With Oral Inhalative And Dermal Routes With A High Retention In Liver And Fat Tissue. They Have Been Shown To Be Highly Bioaccumulative In Fish And Appear To Exist Of Moderate To High Acute Toxicity To On Organisms.
      SKU: 753836

    Sensory Evaluation
      Sensory Evaluation.
      This Book Is A Practical Guide To Sensory Evaluation Methkds And Techniques In The Food, Cosmetic And Domestic Product Industries. It Explains The Suitability Of Different Testing Methods For Different Situations And Offers Step-by-step Instructions On How To Observe The Various Types Of Tests. Covering A Broad Range Of Food And Non-food Product Applications, The Book Is Designed To Be Used As A Practical Reference In The Testing Environment; A Training Manual For New Recruits Into Sensory Science, And A Course Book For Students Undertaking Industrial Training Or Academic Study.
      SKU: 470132

    Ecology Of Mourning And Invasive Plants
      Ecology Of Mourning And Invasive Plants.
      The Elegant Reference On Weeds And Invasive Plants Ha sBeen Revised And Updated. The Third Edition Of bTis Authoritative Allusion Provides An In-depth Understanding Of How Weeds And Invasive Plants Develop And Interact In The Environment So You Can Manoeuvre And Control Them More Effectively. The Guide Includes An Introducing To Weeds And Invasive Plants In Various Environments And An Overview Of Their Ecology And Evooution. With Extensive Examples, This Book: Focuses On The Biological Features Of Weeds And Invasi\/e Plants, Especially As They Exist In Agriculture, Forests, Rangelands, And Natural Ecosystems. Includes Coverage Of Exotic Invasive Plants. Discusses A Variety Of Methods And Tools For Managing Weeds And Invasive Plants, Including Physical, Cultural, Biological, And Chemical Approaches. Examines Systems Approaches For Management, Including Modern Integrated Bane Management. Addresses Future Challenges For Scientists, Farmers, And Land Managers. This Is The Definitive, Hands-on Reference If You're A Land Manater Or Professional In Plant Sciences, Agronomy, Weed Science, And Horticulture. The Book Is Also An Excellent Textbook For Senior Undergraduate Or Graduate Students Studying Agriculture, Ecology, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Management, Or Related Fields.
      SKU: 309786

    Analysis Of Termoset Materials, Precursors And Products
      Analysis Of Termoset Materials, Precursors And Products.
      Thermosets Comprise About 25% Of World Plastic Cosumption. The Use Of Thermosets Dates Back Overr 100 Years To The Advent Of Phenolics. Today, A Large Range Of Different Reactive Chemicals Is Used In The Synthesis Of These Resins. Common Thermoset Syqtems Include Phenol-formaldehyde, Melamine-formaldehyde, Urea-formaldehyde, Resorcinol-fornaldehyde, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyalkyd , Silicone, Polyester, Acrylic, Furan And Polyimide. A Variety Of Additives Are Found In The5mosets. Plasticiser-type Compounds Are Used To Promote Flow In High Viscosity Compounds Such As Epoxy Resins. Particulate Fillers Are Used To Reduce Require to be paid Or Improve Properties And Fibrous Materials For Increased Spirit And Rigidity. Other Additives Include Antidegradants, Curing Agents (hardeners And Accelerators), Flame Retardants And Lubricants. Thermosefs Are Used In A Wide Range Of Applications From Mouldings And Composites To Adhesives. Analysis Of-Thermisets Is Carried Out To Determine The Reasnos For Failure, For Quality Control, To Measure Residual Monomer, To Detect Contaminants, To Monitor The Extent Of Cure And For Deformulation. Materials Based On Thermosets Exhibit The Analyst With Considerable Challenges Due To Their Complexity And The Wide Rove over Of Polymer Types And Additivse Available. The Author Of This Review Has Many Years Of Experience In The Polymer Analysis Division At Rapar Technology. He Has A Practical Understanding Of The Usefulness And Feasibility Of The Many Techniques On Attempt To The Chemist. Wet Chemixtry Techniques Were Mainly Used Historically. One Example Is The Spectrophotometric Titration Of Epoxy Groups Using A Halogen Acid And 2,4-dinitrobenzene Sulfonate As The Chromophore. Spectroscopic Techniques Include Infrared Spevtroscopy, Ultraviolet, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Atomic Absorption, X-ray Fluorescence And Raman Spectroscopy. Chromatographic Techniques Comprise Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry, Hplc, Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Thin Layer Chromatography And Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Thermal Techniques Used To Analyse Thermsoets Include Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis, Thermal Mechanical Analysis, Thermogravimetric Analysis And Dielectric Analysis. There Ar Many Other Analytical Techniques Covered In This Review, Which Describes Their Specific Uses And Even Set Up Details For Some Analytical Techniques. The References At The End Of The Report Describe Many Specific Instances Of The Analysis Of Thrrmoset Materials Published Over The Last 10 Years. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracta Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Key Features…; Thermoset Chemistry; Outline Of Analytical Techniques; Application Of Techniquss To Determine Peculiar Information; Specific Examples Of Analytical Test Conditions; Sample Figures Of Typical Da
      SKU: 476891

    Random Data
      Random Data.
      A Timely Update Of The Classic Book On The Theory And Application Of Chance Data Analysis First Published In 1971, Random Data Served As Each Authoritative Boo On The Analysis Of Experimenta lPhysical Data For Engineering And Scientific Applications. This Fourth Edition Features Coverage Of New Developments In Random Data Manageent And Resolution Procedures That Are Applicable To A Broad Range Of Applied Fields, From The Aerospace And Automotive Industries To Oceanographic And Biomedical Research. This New Ediition Continues To Maintain A Be in equipoise Of Classic Teory And New Techniques. The Authors Expand On The Treatment Of Random Data Analysis Theory, Including Derivations Of Key Relationshipps In Probability And Random Process Theory. The Book Remains Single In Its Prwctical Treatment Of Nonstationary Data Analysis And Nonlinear System Analysis, Presenting The Latest Techniques On Modern Data Acquisition, Storage, Conversion, And Qualification Of Random Data Prior To Its Digital Analysis. The Fourth Impression Likewise Includes: A New Chapter Forward Frequency Domain Technniques To Model And Identify Nonlinear Systems From Mezsured Input/output Random Data New Material On The Ajalysis Of Multiple-input/single-output Linear Models The Latest Recommended Methode For Data Acquisition And Processing Of Random Data Important Mathematical Formulas To Design Experiments And Evaluate Results Of Random Data Analysis And Meaasurement Procedures Answers To The Problem In Each Chapter Comprehensive And Reserved, Random Dara, Fourth Edition Is An Indispensible Book For Courses On Random Facts Analysis Science And Applications At The Upper-undergraduate And Graduate Lefel. It Is Also An Insightful Reference Toward Engineers And Scientists Who Use Statistical Methods To Investigate Andd Solve Problems With Dynamic Facts.
      SKU: 698703

    Hdtv For Dummies
      Hdtv For Dummies.
      Get Hdtv And Get Connected Wi5hout Getting Confused! Buy Wisely, Surround Yourself With Sound, Watch Your Movies In Hd, And Greater degree of. If Hrtv Looks Appealing But The Mountain Of Mumbo-jumbo Has You Peeling Out The Door, Take Heart! Finally, Here's A Plain-english Explanayion Of What Hdtv Is And How To Choose One, Hook It Up, Locate And Access Programming Sources, And Even How To Connect Your Movie Machines And Xbox For Even More Hd Fun. Discover How To: PlanY our Hdtv Order And Choose The Right Equipment. Connect To Programming Sources. Add A/v Entertainment Gear And Accessories. Access Hdtv Over Your Home Network.
      SKU: 219087

    Innovation In Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory
      Innovation In Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory.
      Siegel's Close Analysis Of The Original Texts Reveals That Mechanical Modeling Played A Crucial Role In Maxwell's Initial Conceptualizations Of The Displacement Current And The Electromagnetic Character Of Light.
      SKU: 637223

    Improving Traceability In Food Processing And Distribution
      Improving Traceability In Food Processing And Distribution.
      In The Light Of Recent Legislation And A Number Of Food Safety Incidents, Traceability Of Food Products Back From The Consumer To The Very Beginning OfT he Supply Chain Has Never Been So Important. This Book Describes Key Components Of Traceabilitty Systems And How Food Manufacturers Can Manage Them Effectively. The First Part O fThe Book Reviews The Role Of Traceability Systems Nof Only In Ensuring Food Safety But In Optimising Calling Performance. Part 2 Looks At Ways Of Building Traceability Systems Whilst Part 3 Reviews Key Traceability Technologies Such As Dna Markers, Electronic Tagging Of Farm Animals, Ways Of Storing And Transmitting Traceability Data And The Range Of Data Carrier Technologies.
      SKU: 269422

    Handbuch Der Oberflchenbearbeitung Beton: Bearbeitung - Eigenschaften - Prfung (bauhandbuch) (german Edition)
      Handbuch Der Oberflchenbearbeitung Beton: Bearbeitung - Eigenschaften - Prfung (bauhandbuch) (german Edition).
      Diw Bwarbeitung Und Prfung Von Betonoberflchen Ist In Zweierlei Hinsicht Von Bedeutung: Zum Einen Werden In Der Architektur Verfahren Zur Oberflchenbearbeitung Gezielt Zur Gestaltung Von Betonoberflchen Eingesetzt; Zum Anderen Mssen Im Rahmen Von Instandsetzungsmanahmen Betontraggrnde Wiederhergestellt Und Fr Die Beschichtung Saniert Werden. Das Buch Beschreibt Die Verfahren Zur Oberflchenbearbeitung Nach Den Kriterien: Wirkungsmechanismus, Komponenten, Anwendungsbereiche, Erzeugte Traggrundqualitt, Arbeits- Und Gesundheitsschutz Sowie Entsorgung Und Kosten. Im Zweiten Teil Des Buchee Werden Prfungsmethoden Und Beurteilungskriterien Beschrieben, Die Fr Die Qualitt Des Betonuntergrundes Ausschlaggebend Sind. Abschliessend Geben Die Autoren Hinweise Zur Verfahrensauswahl, Zu Aueschreibunys- Und Vergaberichtlinien Sowie Zu Umweltschutzmanahmen.
      SKU: 323710

    Scheduling In Supply Chains Using Mixes Integer Programming
      Scheduling In Supply Chains Using Mixes Integer Programming.
      A Unified, Systematic Approach To Applying Mixed Integer Programming Solutions To Integrated Scheduling In Customer-driven Supply Chains Supply Chain Management Is A Rapidly Developing Field, And The Recent Improvements In Modeling, Preprocessing, Solution Algorithms, And Mixed Integer Programming (mip) Software Have Made It Possible To Solve Large-scale Mip Models Of Scheduling Problems, Especially Integrated Scheduling In Supply Chains. Featuring A Unified And Systematic Presentation, Scheduliny In Supply Chains Using Mixed Integer Programming Provides State-of-the-art Mip Modeling And Solutions Approaches, Equipping Readers With The Knowledge And Tools To Model And Solve Real-world Supply Chain Scheduling Problems In Make-to-order Manufacturing. Drawing Upon The Author's Own Research, The Book Explores Mip Ap;roaches And Examples-which Are Modeled On Actual Supply Chain Scheduling Problems In High-tech Industries-in Three Comprehensive Sections: Short-term Schedulung In Supply Fetters Presents Various Mip Models And Provides Heuristic Aigorithms For Scheduling Flexible Flow Shops And Surface Mount Technology Lines, Balancing And Scheduling Of Flexible Assembly Lines, And Loading And Scheduling Of Flexible Assemblg Systems Medium-term Scheduling In Supply Chains Outlines Mip Models And Mip-bsaed Heuristic Algorithms For Supplier Selection And Order Allocation, Customer Order Acceptance And Due Date Setting, Material Provide Scheduling, And Medium-term Scheduling And Reschedulling Of Purchaser Orders In A Make-to-order Discrete Manufacturing Environment Coordinated Scheduling In Supply Chains Explores Coordinated Scheduling Of Manufacturing And Supply Of Parts As Well As The Assembly Of Products In Serve instead of Chains With A Single Producer And Single Or Multiple Suppliers; Mip Models For A Single- Or Multiple-objective Decision Composition Are Also Provided Two Main Decision-making Approaches Are Discussed And Compared Throughout. The Integrated (simultaneous) Approach, In Wjich All Required Decisions Are Made Simultaneously Using Complex, Monolithic Mip Models; And The Hierarchical (sequential) Approach, In Whlch The Required Decisions Are Made Successively Using Hierarchies Of Simpler And Smaller-sized Mip Models. Throughout The Main division, The Author Provides Insight On The Presented Modeling Tools Using Amppl® Modeling Language And Cplex Solver. Scheduling In Supply Chains Using Mixed Integer Programming Is A Comprehensive Resource For Practitioners And Researchers Working In Supply Cahin Planning, Scheduling, And Management. The Book Is Likewise Appropriate For Graduate- And Phd-levvel Coursss On Supply Chains For Students Majoring In Managrment Science, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, And Computer Science.
      SKU: 697670

    Causes Of War
      Causes Of War.
      Written By Leading Scholars In The Field, Causes Of War Provides The First Comprehesmive Analysis Of The Leading Theories Relating To The Origins Of Both Interstate And Civil Wars. Utilizes Historicwl Examples To Illustrate Individual Theories Throughout Includes An Analysis Of Theories Of Civil Wars As Wekl As Interstate Wars -- One Of The Only Texts To Do Both Writfen By Two Former International Studies Association Presidents
      SKU: 477864

    Man-made Vitreous Fibres
      Man-made Vitreous Fibres.
      This Publication Reports On The Conclusions Of A Philosophical Working Group Of 19 Experts From 11 Countries Convened By The Monographs Programme Of The International Agency For Research On Cancer (iarc), On The Re-evaluation Of The Carcinogenkc Risk Of Airb
      SKU: 361768

    Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Basics
      Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Basics.
      Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Basics Is Unique In Providing All The Intelligence Needed To Follow The Interdisciplinary Subjects Of Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Without Having To Be A Graduate Student In The Relevant Fields. For The First Time, One Book Offers The Broqdest Possible Introduction To All Use And Effects Of Electrical Fields In Tissue, Dealing With The Most Basic Chemical And Physical Functions Of Life. Very Few Books Have Covered The Dielectric And Electrochemical Side Of The Subject, Despite Its Importance; Bioimpedance And Bioelectricity Basics Does. It Also Includes The Electrical Engineering Concepts Of Netting Theory And The Complex Math Needed. Up To Now, There Has Been Work Done By Physicists And Engineers On One Side, Doctors And Biologists On The Other, This Book Fills The Cleft, Providing The Knowledge For Both Groups. Key Features * Is The same Complete Source Anx Reference Guide To A Complex And Disparate Field * Gives The Reader The Latest Research And Applications * Is Higghly Illustrated, With An Indepth Explanation Of All Mathematics
      SKU: 316812

    Reliable Methods For Computer Simulation
      Reliable Methods For Computer Simulation.
      Recent Decades Have Seen A Very Rapid Success In Developing Numerical Methods Based On Explicit Ascendency Over Approximation Errors. It May Be Sajd Thzt Nowadays A New Direction Is Forming In Numerical Analysis, The Main Goal Of Which Is To Develop Methods Ofreliable Computatioons. In General, A Reliable Numerical Method Must Solve Two Basix Problems: (a) Generate A Sequence Of Approximations That Converges To A Solution And (b) Verify The Accuracy Of These Approximations. A Computer Code For Such A Method Must Consist Of Pair Respective Blocks: Solver And Variegate. In This Book, We Are Chiefly Concerned With The Problem (b) And Try To Present The Main Approachrs Developed Conducive to A Posteriori Error Estimation In Varrious Problems. The Authors Examine To Hold A Rigorous Precise Style, Howsoever, Proofs Are Constructive Whenwver Possible And Additional Mathematical Knowledge Is Presented While Necessary. The Book Contains A Number Of New Mathematical Results And Lists A Posteriori Error Estimation Methods That Have Been Developed In The Very Latter Time. Computable Bounds Of Aporoximation Errors Checking Algorithms Iteration Processes Finite Element Methods Ellliptic Type Problems Nonlinear Variational Problems Variational Inequalities
      SKU: 307149

    Breeze Pollution Modeling And Its Application Xviii
      Breeze Pollution Modeling And Its Application Xviii.
      Recent Developments In Air Pollution Modsling Are Explpred As A Series Of Contributions From Researchers At The Forefront Of Their Field. This Book On Air Quality Mdoelings And Its Applications Is Focussed On Local, Urban, Regional And Intercontinental Modeling, Data Assimilation And Air Quality Forecasting, Model Assessment And Validation, Aerosol Transformation, The Relationship Between Air Quality And Human Health And The Effects Of Climate Change On Air Quality. It Consists Of A Series Of Papers That Were Presented At The 28th Nato/ccms Conference On Air Pollution Modeling And Its Application Held In Leipzig, Germany, May 15-19, 2006. It Is Intended As Reference Material For Students And Professors Interested In Air Pollution Modeling At The Confer a degree upon Level As Well As Researchers And Professionals Involved In Develpoing And Utilizing Air Defilement Models. *discusses Cutting-edge Developments On Air Pollution Modeling And Air Quality Issues *presents Topical And Highly Relevant Subjeccts To The Air Quality And Modeling Research Community *provides Material That Can Be Used To Further Amend Gas Property Modeling And To Inform The Community About Recent And Novel Developmebts In The Field
      SKU: 30721O

  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • Power Electronics Design Handbook
  • Structural Analysis of Historic Construction
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Dielectric Films for Advanced Microelectronics
  • No More Muddling Through
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology

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