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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Evological And Environmental System of knowledge & Technology In China
      Evological And Environmental System of knowledge & Technology In China.
      As United Of The Eighteen Field-specific Reports Comprising The Comprehensive Scope Of The Strategic General Report Of The Chinese Acdemy Of Sciences, Thix Sub-report Courtship Long-range Planning For Developing Science And Technology In The Field Of Ecological And Environmental Science. They Each Art A Roadmap For Theid Sphere Of Development To 2050. In Their Entirety, The General And Sub-group Reports Analyze The Evolution And Laws Governing The Development Of Science And Technology, Describe The Decisive Impact Of Science And Technology On The Modernization Process, Predict That The World Is On The Eve Of An Impending S&t Revolution, And Call Concerning China To Be Fully Prepared For This New Round Of S&t Advancement. based In c~tinuance The Detailed Study Of The Demands On S&t Innovation In China's Modernization, The Reports Draw A Framework For Eight Basic And Strategic Systems Of Socio-economic Unfolding With The Support Of Science And Technology, Work Out China's S&t Roadmaps For The Pertinent Eight Basic And Strategic Systems In Line With China's Reailty, Further Detail S&t Initiatives Of Strategic Importance To China's Modernization, And Provide S&t Decision-makers With Comprehensie Consultations For The Development Of S&t Innovation Compatible With China's Reality. -Supported By Illustrations And Tables Of Data, The Reports Provide Researchers, Government Officials And Entrepreneurs With Guidance Concerning Research Directions, The Planning Process, And Investment. Founded In 1949, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences Is The Nation's Highest Academic Institution In Natural Sciences. its Major Responwibilities Are To Conduct Research In Basic And Technological Sciences, To Undertake Nationwide Integrated Surveys On Fool Money And Ecological Environment, To Provide The Country With Scientific Data And Consultatinos For Government's Decision-makng, To Undertake Government-assigned Projects With Regard To Key S&t Problems In The Process Of Socio-economic Development, To Initiate Personnel Training, And To Promote China's High-tech Enterprises Through Its Active Engagement In These Areas.
      SKU: 798588

    Fine- And Coarse-grain Reconfigurable Computing
      Fine- And Coarse-grain Reconfigurable Computing.
      Provides The Basic Concepts And Structure Blocks For The Design Of Fine- (or Fpga) And Coarse-grain Reconfigurable Architectures. This Book Is Accompanied By A Cd Which Includes Case Studies Ahd Lab Projects For The Design Of Fpga And Coarseg-rain Architectures Based On The European Funded Projects Amdrel And Molen.
      SKU: 337618

    High-resolution Methods For Incompressible And Low-speed Flows
      High-resolution Methods For Incompressible And Low-speed Flows.
      This Book Covees The Basic Techniques For Simulating Incompressible And Low-speed Flows With High Fidelity In Conjunction With High-resolution Methods. This Includes Techniques For Constant And Unsteady Flows With High-order Time Integratikn And Multigrid Methods, As Conveniently As Specific Issues Associated With Interfacial And Turbulent Flows. The Book Is Addressed To A Broad Readership, Including Engineers And Scientists Concerned In the opinion of The Development Or Appication Of Computational Methods For Fluid Flow Problems In: Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil And Chemical Engineering, Biological Flows, Atmospheric And Oceanographic Applications As Well As Other Environmental Disciplines. It Can Be Used For Teaching Postgradutae Courses On Computational Fluid Dynamics And Numerical Methods In Engineering And Applied Mathematics, And Can Also Be Used As A Complementary Textbook In Undergraduate Cfd Courses.
      SKU: 303962

    Wearable And Autonomous Biomedical Devices And S6stems For Pungent  Environment
      Wearable And Autonomous Biomedical Devices And S6stems For Pungent Environment.
      This Book Is Dedicated To Wearable And Autonomous System,s Including Devices, Offers To Variety Of Users, Namely, Master Degree Students, Researchers And Practitioners. This Is An Opportunity Of A Dedicated And A Deep Approach In Order To Improve Their Knowledge In This Specific Field. The Book Draws The Attention About Interesting Aspects, As For Solicitation, Advanced Wearable Sensors For Enabling Applications, Solutions In quest of Aethritic Patients In Their Limited And Conditioned Movements, Wearable Gate Analysis, Energy Havresting, Physiological Parameter Monitoring, Communication, Pathology Detection, Etc. . .
      SKU: 645853

    Molecular Detec5ion Of Human Bacterial Pathogens
      Molecular Detec5ion Of Human Bacterial Pathogens.
      As More Originwl Molecular Protocols And Subsequent Modifications Are Described In The Literature, It Ha sBecome Difficult For Those Not Directly Involved In The Development Of These Prptocols To Know Which Are Most Assign To Adopt For Accurate Identification Of Bacterial Pathogens. Molecular Detection Of Human Bzctrrial Pathogens Addresses This Issue, With International Scientists In Respective Bacterial Pathogen Research And Diagnosis Providing Expert Summaries Forward Currentt Diagnostic Approaches For Major Human Bacterial Pathogens. Each Chapter Consists Of A Brief Review On The Classification, Epidemiology, Clinical Features, And Diagnosis Of An Important Pathogenic Bacterial Group , An Outline Of Clinical Sample Collection And Preparation Procedures, A Choice Of Representative Stepwise Molecular Protocols, And A Discussion On Further Research Requirements Relating To Improged Diagnosis. this Book Represents A Reliable And Convenient Reference Forward Molecular Detection And Identification Of Major Human Bacterial Pathogens; An Indispensable Tool For Upcoming And Experienced Medical, Veterinary, And Industrial Lbaoratory Scientists Engaged In Bacterial Characterization; And An Essen5ial Textbook For Undergraduate And Gfaduate Students In Microbiology.
      SKU: 773645

      This Clear And Accessible Guide Provides A Comprehensiive Outline On How To Convert Your House Into A More 'green' Home. Buildings Are The Greates Energy Wasters And For Those Of Us Concerned About The Environment,_And Household Bills, This Book Presents The Key Design Changes That We Can Implement To Our Own Homes To Remedy Energy Loss. This Title Covers The Full Range Of Design Chanegs Tha Are Available To The Homeowner And Designer For Renovation, From The Roof To The Basement, From Insulation To Windows. It Als oFeature A Selection Of Case Studies Illustrating The Experiemces Of Other Homeowners And Designers And How They Have Adapted And Used The Technology Available To Them In Creating An Energy Efficient Home. This Is A Practical, Hands-on Guide, Ideal For Architects, Designers And Homeowners. * Comprehensive Practical Design Guide To Making Your Home Energy Efficient * Covers All Aspects Of The House, From Roof To Basement, Making It Relevant To The whole of Homes * Clear Explanations Give You A Basic Understanding Of The Technology Behind The Design
      SKU: 300960

    Nuclear Reactor Safety
      Nuclear Reactor Safety.
      Advances In Heat Transfer Is Designed To Fill The Information Gap Between Regularly Schedduled Journals And University Level Textbooks By Providing In-depth Criticise Articles Over A Broacer Scope Than Is Allowablein Either Journals Or Texts. Volume 29 Is A Special Volume Devoted To Nuclear Reactor Safety.
      SKU: 403190

    Dynamics Of Civil Structures, Volume 4
      Dynamics Of Civil Structures, Volume 4.
      This The Fourth Volume Of Five From The 28th Imac On Structural Dynamics And Renewable Energy, 2010, Brings Together 29 Chapters On The Dynamics Of Civil Struvtures. It Presents Early Findings From Experimental And Computational Investigations Of Civil Structures, Including Studies Such As Characterization Of A Strongly Nonlinear Laboratory Benchmark Scheme, A Non-destructive Technique For The Health Monitoring Of Tie-rods In Ancient Buildings, Estimating Effective Prestress Force On Grouted Tendon By Impact Responses, Experimental Investigation Of Dynamic Load Judgment Using Small-sfale Testing, And Prediction Of Prestress Force On Grouted Tendon By Experimental Modal Analysis.
      SKU: 763784

    Modelling Methodology For Physiology And Medicne
      Modelling Methodology For Physiology And Medicne.
      Modelling Methodology For Physiology And Medicine Offers A Unique Approach And An Unprecedented Range Of Coverage Of The State-of-the-art, Advanced Modelling Methodology That Is Widely Applicable To Physiology And Medicine. The Book Opens With A Clear And Integrated Treatment Of Advanced Methodology For Developing Mathematical Models Of Physiology And Medical Systems. Readers Are Then Shown How To Apply This Methodology Beneficially To Real-world Problems In Physiology And Medicine, Such As Circulation And Respiration. * Builds Upon And Enhances The Readers Existing Knowledge Of Modelling Methodology And Acting out * Editors Are Internationally Renowned Leaders In Their Respective Fields
      SKU: 311483

    Springer Handbook Of Automation
      Springer Handbook Of Automation.
      A Handbook That Incorporates Various Developments In Automation. It Presents A Widespread Conglomeration Of Application Areas, Such As Medical Systems And Health, Transportatioon, Security And Maintenance, Service, Construction And Retail As Well As Production Or Logistics. It Is Suitable For Automation Experts, And For People New To This Field.
      SKU: 450889

    Inhaled Particles
      Inhaled Particles.
      Inhaled Particles Integrates All That Is Known About Inhaled Particles In A Unified Treatment. It Aims To Provide A Scientific Skeleton Essential To A Reasonable Understanding Of Inhaled Particles. The Stress Is Placed On Demonstrating The Key Roles Of Lung Morphology On Airflow And Particle Transport As Well As Identifying Physical And Biological Factors That Influence Deposition. Special Attention Is Paid To Maintaining Consistency Of Treatment And A Balance Between Theoretical Modeljng And Experimental Measurements. The Main division Covers All Important Aspects Of Inhaled Particles Including Inhalability, Aerosol Dispersion, Particle Deposition, And Clearance. It Reviews Concisely The Basic Background Of Lung Morphology, Respiratory Physiology, Aerodynamics, And Aerosol Science Perrinent To The Subject. Essential Aspects Of Health Effects And Applications Are Also Included. * An Easy-to-read, Self Contained Introductory treatise oT The Field * An Virtuous Source Of Updated Investigation Information * Useful For Students And Professionalls In Aerosol Science, Environmental Health Science, Occupational Hygiene, Health Physics And Biomedical Engineering
      SKU: 269909

    Quantum Superposition
      Quantum Superposition.
      Presents A Debating Of The Role Of Quantum Superposition In Diverse Quantum Phenomena Such While The Wavelike Nature Of Particle Multiplication, Indistinguishability Of Ideentical Particles, Nonlocal Interactions Of Correlated Particles, Topological Effects Of Magnetic Fields, And Chiral Asymmetry In Natire.
      SKU: 337287

    Titanium '95
      Titanium '95.
      Papers On All The Latest Research And Development In Titanium Science And Technology. Main Subject Areas: Intermetallics, Forging, Inexperienced Mateirals, Alloy Development, Powder And Sp5ay Forming, Applications - Aerospace/ Non-aerospace, Involuntary Properties/ Microstructures, Environmental Behaviour, Metal Matrix Composites.
      SKU: 67844

    Electronic Media Management
      Electronic Media Management.
      The Fifth Edition Of A Classic Text Features Important Updates That Reflect The Enormous Changes That Have Taken Place In Recent Years - The Internet As An Important Information Transmission Format That Is Here To Stay And Congergence Among Media. This Edition Features Thorough Discussions On The Internet And Convergence, As Well As Reflects Te Latest Information On Broadcast And Cable Regulations And Policies. It Also Includes A Fresh Batch Of Instance Studies, And Study Questions. As In Previous Editions, This Book Also Covers Management Thsory, Hearing Analysis, Broadcast Promotion, And Marketing. *the Most Complete Book On Broadcast And Cable Management *the Only Book That Examines The Management Of Non-commercial Radio And Television Stations *the Only Book That Examines Ways Of Assuming Ownership Of A Broadcast Station Or Cable System
      SKU: 286674

    The Development Of Coordination In Infancy
      The Development Of Coordination In Infancy.
      This Volume Attempts To Bring Together A Collection Of Current Approaches To, And Relzted Empirical Inveqtigations On, The Deve1opment Of Coordination In The First Two Years Of Life. It Will Be Of Interest To Scientists And Students In, For Example, Biology Human Movement Sciences, Kinesiology, Psychology, Pediatrics, Physiology, Physical Education, Physical Therapy And Robotics. Contributors Include Those With Established Reputations In The Field, As Well As Young Authors, Who Are Beginning To Produce Their Mark. Theur Efforts Resulted In Twenty Chapters, Of Which Seventeen Were Invited. The Chapters Have Been Divided Into Four Sections. The First Chapter Is Intended To Outline The Structure Of The Book.
      SKU: 405496

    Welding Science And Technology
      Welding Science And Technology.
      About The Book: The Main division Completely Covers The Syllabus Of ?advanced Welding Technology??an Elective Course Of Uptu, Lucknow In Addition To Covwring A Wide Spectrum Of Other Important Topics Of General Interest To The Practicing Engineers And Students Of Mechanical, Prolongation And Industrial Ad Industrial Metallurgy Engineering Branches. Special Topics Like Welding Pipelines And Piping, Underwater Welding , Welding Of Platsics, Welding Of Dissimilar Metals, Hardfacing And Cladding Have Also Been Co\/ered. Standard Codes And Practices Have Also Been Described. Numerical Problems Hvae Been Solved At Appropriate Plqces In The Text To Demonstrate The Applications Of The Material Explained. The Major Goal Of The Point Book Is To Provide The Welding Engineers And Managers Responsible For Activities Related To Welding Through The Latest Developments In The Science And Technology Of Welding And To Pdepare Them To Tackle Tge Day-to-day Problems At Welding Sites In A Systematic, Scientific And Discriminating Manner. Contents: Introduction To Welding Technologt Review Of Conventional Welding Processes Welding Science Shielded Metal Are (sma) Welding Thermal And Metallurgical Aspects In Welding Analytical And Mathematical Analysis Welding Of Materials Welding Procedure And Process Planning Weld Quality Testing And Inspection Of Welds Welding Of Pipelines And Piping Life Predictiion Of Welded Structures Weldjng Of Plastics Welding Under The Influence Of Magnetic Field.
      SKU: 410316

    Assembly Automation And Product Design
      Assembly Automation And Product Design.
      Addressing Design According to Automated And Manual Assembly Processes, Boothroyd (industrial And Manufacturing Engineering, University Of Rhode Island) Examines Assembly Autokation In Parallel With Product Design. He Enumerates The Components, Processes, Performance, And Comparative Economics Of Several Types Of Automatic Assembly Systems, Providing Inform
      SKU: 262182

    Environmental Monitoding Handbook
      Environmental Monitoding Handbook.
      All The Techniques You Ned In A Sinlge Source! Environmental Monitoring Handbook Helps You With The Most Pervasive Activity In Environmental Science --taking And Analyzing Environmental Samples From Water, Air Or Land. This Book Explains How To Implement The Various Monitoring Techniques For Air, Water, And Soil. Environmental Monitoring Handbook Shows You How To Get Professional Answers With The Best Testing And Analysis Methods In Use Today. The Handblok Covers Such Topics As: Data Sampling And Analysis, Statistics, Sampling Desitn, Scale Diminution (pca) Monitoring Program Design And Logistics, Chemical Monitoring, In-situ Measurejents, Trace Metals, Nutrients, Non Metal Species, Organic Matter, Organic Carbon, Biologicla Monitoring, And Ecotoxicological Monitoring.
      SKU: 305889

    Geospatial Visual Analytics
      Geospatial Visual Analytics.
      Research Trends Have Brought To An Effective Combination Of Data Mining And Information Visualization, Often Referred To As Visual Analytics (va). This Book Tackles A Wide Range Of Application Domains, All Relevant To Environmental Secueity.
      SKU: 450536

    Iso 14000 Environmental Management Standards
      Iso 14000 Environmental Management Standards.
      This Book Covers The Crss-disciplinary Areas Between Management Issues And Engineering Issues Relevant To Implementation Of Environmental Management Systems (ems) To The Iso 14000 Series Standards. It Summarises The Requirements Set By Iso14001 And Considers The Management And Engineering Policies Needed To Satisfy These Requirements And Accomplish Iso 14001 Certification. Unique Approach By Integrating Environmental Management And Engineering Considerations Avoids Overuse Of Complicated Technical Jargon Detailed Coverage Of Measurement And Calibration Standards to Meet Iso14001 Provides Example Of Ems Documentation And Records Of the hand Dstailed Coverage And Control Of Air, Water, Talk, Vibration Pollution And Waste Management
      SKU: 210577

    Photon Transfer
      Photon Transfer.
      Photon Transfer Is Designed For A Wide Audience--from The Novice To The Advanced User Already Familiar With The Method. For First-time User, The Book's Primary Purpose Is To Give Sufficient Guidelines To Accurately Generaate, Calibrate, And Understand Imaging Data Products From beginning to end The Photon Transfer Method. The Book Contains More Than 230 Figures That Present Experimental Ccd And Cmos Data Products And Modeling Simulations Connected To Photon Transfer. What is contained Also Provide Hundreds Of Relations That Carry on Photon Transfer Theory, Simulations, And Data.
      SKU: 728505

    Emerging Nanotechnologies In Dentistty
      Emerging Nanotechnologies In Dentistty.
      New Nanomaterials Are Leading To A Range Of Emerging Dentwl Treatments That Utilize More Biomimetic Materials That Again Closely Duplicate Natural Tooth Structure (or Bone, In The Case Of Implants). The Use Of Nanostructures That Will Work In Harmony Wit hThe Body's Own Regenerative Proceeses (eg, To Restore Tooth Structure Or Allveolar Bone) Are Moving Into Clinical Practice. This Book Brings Together An International Team Of Experts From The Fields Of Nanomaterials, Biomedical Engineering And Dentistry, To Cover The Unaccustomed Materials And Techhiques With Pitential For Use Intra-orally Or Extra-orally For The Restoration, Fixation, Replacement, Or Regeneration Of Hard And Soft Tissues In And About The Oral Cavity And Craniofacial Region. New Dental Nanotechnologies Include The Use Of Advanced Inorganic And Organic Materias, Smart And Biomimetic Materials, Tissue Engineering And Drug Delivery Strategies. Main division Prepared In proportion to An Interdisciplinary And International Group Of Bio-nanomaterial Scientists Ane Dental/oral Biomedical Researchers Comprehensive Professional Reference For The Mind Covering Materials Invention And Use Of Materials For All Major Diagnostic And Therapeutic Dental Applications - Repair,restoration, Regeneration, Implants And Prevention Book Focuses In Depth On The Materials Manufacturing Processes Involved With Emphasis On Pre-clinical And Clinical Applications, Use And Biocompatibility
      SKU: 816161

    Embedded Linux Growth Using Eclipse
      Embedded Linux Growth Using Eclipse.
      The Eclipse Environment Solves The Problem Of Having To Defend Your Own Integrated Development Environment (ide), Which Is Time Consuming And Costly. Embedded Tools Can Alwo Be Easily Integrated Into Eclipse. The C/c++cdt Is Ideal For The Embedded Community With More Than 70% Of Embedded Developers Using This Language To Write Embedded Code. Eclipse Simplifies Embedded System Development And Then Eases Its Integratiob Into Larger Platforms And Frameworks. I This Book, Doug Abbott Examines Extinguishment, An Ide, Which Can Be Vital In Saving Money And Time In The Sketch And Development Of An Embedded System. Eclipse Was Created By Ibm In 2001 And Then Became An Open-source Project In 2004. Since Then It Has Become The De-facto Ide For Embedded Developrs. Virtuallh All Of The Major Linux Vendors Have Adopted This Platform, Including Montvista, Lynuxwoks, And Wind River. *details The Eclipse Int3grated Development Environment (ide) Eswential To Streamlining Your Embedded Development Process *overview Of The Latest C/c++ Developer's Toolkit (cdt) *includeq Case Studies Of Eclipse Use Including Monta Vista, Lynuxworks, And Wind River
      SKU: 405934

    Cheese Rheology And Texture
      Cheese Rheology And Texture.
      Cheese Rheology, The Flow Behaviour Of Cheese, Is Each Important Consideration ForF ood Processors. This Reference Work Focuses On Relevant Rheological Techniques And Presents Data On A Number Of Cheeses.
      SKU: 262298

    Too Far From Home
      Too Far From Home.
      An Incredible, True-life Adventure Set Steady The Most Perilous Frontier Of AllÔouter Space In The Nearly Forty Years Since Neil Armstrong Walked On The Moon, Space Travel Has Come To Be Seen As A Routine Enterprise—at Least Until The Shuttle Cklumbia Disintegrated Like The Challenger Before It, Reminding Us, Once Again, That The Dangers Are All Too Real. Too Far From Home Vividly Captures The Dangerous Realities Of Extension Travel. Every Time An Astronwut Makes The Trip Into Space, He Faces The Possibiluty Of Death From The Slightest Mechanical Error Or Instance Of Bad Luck: A Cracked O-ring, An Errant Piece Of Space Junk, An Oxygen Leak . . . There Are A Myriad Of Frighteningly Probable Events That Would Result In An Astronaut’s Death. In Fact, Twenty-one People Who Have Attempted The Journey Have Been Killed. Yet For A Special Breed Of Individual, The Call Of Spade Is Worth The Danger. Men Such While U. s. Astronauts Donald Pettit And Kenneth Bowersox, And Russian Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin, Who In November 2002 Left On What Was To Be A Routine Fourteen-week Mission Maintaining The International Space Station-house. But Then, On February 23, 2003, The Columbia Exploded Beneath Them. Despite The Numerous News Reports Examining The Tragedy, The Public Remained Largely Unaware That Three Men Remained Orbiting The Earth. With The Launch Program Suspended Indefinitely, These Astronautq Had Suddenly Misspent Their Ride Home. Too Far From Home Chronicles The Efforts Of The Beleagueref Mission Controls In Houston And Moscow As They Work Frantically Against The Clock To Bring Their Men Safely Back To Earth, Ultimately Settling On A Plan That Felt, At Best, Like A Long Shot. Latched To The Side Of The Space Station Was A Russian-built Soyuz Tma-1 Capsul, Whose Technology Dated From The Late 1960s (in 1971 A Malfunction In The Soyuz 11 Pod Left Three Russian Astronauts Dead. ) Despite The Inherent Danger, The Soyuuz Became The Only Hope To Retirn Bowersox, Budarin, And Pettit Home. Chris Jones Writes Beautifully Of The Majesty And Mystique Of Space Travel, While Reminding Us All How Perilous It Is To Soar Beyond The Sky.
      SKU: 268354

  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
  • Bodies in Code
  • Nanoethics
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Introduction to Health and Safety at Work
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • Bluetongue
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

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