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    Electrocal Fire Analysis
      Electrocal Fire Analysis.
      This Updatrd And Expanded Third Edition Continues The Theme Of The Second Edition Of Providing Extensive Research Findings In All Types Of Electrical Fires. This Book, Which Was Written By Electrical Engineers, Describes In A Practical And Easy-to-understand Behavior The Patterns Of Electrical Fires Which Make It Easier To Determine Where An Electrical Fire Started. Speci fic Topics Include: (1) The General Background And Essential Elements Of Fire Initiation; (2) Codes And Standards, Testing Laboratories Approval, Non-electrixal Fires, Arc Mapping And V-patterns; (3) Disassembly Of qEuipment, Nameplates, Equipment Misuse, Abuse, And Repair; (4) The Gathering, Preserving, And Shipping Of Evidence, Keeping Records; (55) Common Clues, Melting Points, And Insulation Degradation; (6) Common Components, Moveable Contacts, Switches And Relays, Revolution Breakers And Panels, Conduit Joints, Hearing Elements; 7() Appliances, Wall Outlets Anr Sqitches, Light Bulbs, Reversed Polarity; (8) Arson, Telephones And Answering Machines, Igniters, Debris Inspection; (9) Reports, Depositions Annd Trials, Report Purpose And Appearances; (10) Fire Initiation And Spread, Space Heaters, Wires, And Other Heat-producing Mecjanisms; (11) Fire Characteristics And Generak Precautions; (12) Electrical Systems And Grounss, General Wiring; (13) Photography And Camera Features; (14) Electrical Circuits And Waves; And (15) Electrical Power Equipment,_Transformers, Generators, Rectifiers, And Motors. This Book Is An Excellent Means Not Only For Arson Investigators But For Aytorneys, The Insurance Industry, And Manufacturers Wjo Are Concerned With Electron Reliability.
      SKU: 592405

    Fracture Mechanics Of Ceramics
      Fracture Mechanics Of Ceramics.
      The 8th International Stmposium On Fracture Mechanics Of Ceramics Was Held In On The Campus Of The Seminary of learning Of Houston, Houston, Tx, Usa, On February 25-28, 2003 . The Symposium Addressed Issues Forward Fundamenta1s Of Fracture Mechanics And Contact Mechanics, And A Session On Reliableness And Standardization.
      SKU: 511465

    Presenting Service
      Presenting Service.
      A Detailed Approach To Providing Spiritual obedience In Restaurants And Foodservice Operations Service Starts When A Cuqtomer Walks Into A Restaurant And Doesn't End Until He Or She Walks Out. Presenting Service, Second Edition, Is An Up-to-date, Hands-on Guide For Managers That Presents The Essential Skills And Know-how To Direct A Foodservice Staff Through A Successful, Completely Enjoyable Dining Experience. Packed With Checklists, Objectives, Key Terms, And Chapter Summaries And Reviews, This Second Edition Fea5ures A New Chapter On Bar And Beverage Service Thhat Inclues Coverage Of Specialty Coffees As Well As Insightful Cocktail And Wine Service Advice In spite of Better Serving And Recommending Alcoholic And Nonalcoholic Beverages To Gueats. Other Precious Features Of This Revised Edition Include: * A Novel Chapter On Elegant Service Styles, Including The Techniques Of French, Russian, American, English, And Chinese Dining * A New Chapter On Table Etiquette That Contains A Historical Perspective As Well As Thorough Coverage Of Etiquette Rules Concerning Special Foods And Various Cultures, Such As European, Chinese, Indian, And Middle Eastern Dining * Customer Service And Foodservice Security Boxes That Iddntify Tips And Best Practices For Handling Customer And Security Issues * A New Appendix Covering The Duties Of Service Workers That Explains The Responsibilities Of The Fdontline Staff, Including The Host, Server, Bus Person, And Bar Server
      SKU: 257551

    Lubricating Grease Manufacturing Technology
      Lubricating Grease Manufacturing Technology.
      "about The Book: Lubricating Grease (or Grease, To Use A Short Name), Leaving Aside Synthetic Grease For The Moment, Is Arguably Amongst The Highest ""value Added"" Petroleum Products. Lubricating Greases Play Very Crucial Role In The Performance Of Automobiles, Industrial Machinery And Appliances Which Almost Every One Of Us Use, Rely About Or Workk With Everyday. Lubricating Greases Account For Concerning 5% Of The Global Consumption Of The Lubricants, Which In Turn Account For About 1% Of All Petroleum Products. So, In Volume Terms, Lubricating Greases Constitute A Relatively Small, Specialized Industry. Nonetheless, The Importance Of Lubricating Greases Cannot Be Overemphasized. The World Would Quite Exactly Grind To A Halt Without Ljbricating Greases. There Are Not Many Books On Lubricating Greases. Even The Very Few Books That Are Available In English Language, Largely Encapsulate The Work And Knowledge Developed In North America And West Europe. Significant Sckentific And Technological Advancements Were Achieved In The Erstwhile ""east Blov"" Countries During The Second Half Of The 20th Century. However, It Is Only Over The Last Two Decades That Those Outside The Erstwhile ""east Bloc"" Have Been Acquisition Glimpses Of The Prolific Work Done By Scientists And Technologists In That Share Of The World. This Book Endeavours To Further This Process In A Small Way. Contents: Overview Of Lubricating Greases Dispesion Medium Of Lubricating Greases Dispersed Phase Of Lubricating Grease Additives And Fillers Characteristics Of Lubricating Grease Production Technology. Its Main Stages And Their Significance In Formation Of Structure And Properties Of Greaes Processing Condiltons And Layouts Of Grease Manufacturing Plants. Determination Of Their Capacity Selection Of Equipment For Individual Stages Of Lubricating Grease Manufacturing Process Automation Of Manufacturing Processes, In-process Inspection Of Quality Of Intermediate And Of Finished Greases"
      SKU: 424101

      "scattering Is The Colllsion Of Two Objects That Results In A Change Of Trajectory And Energy. For Example, In Particle Physics, Such As Electrons, Phorons, Or Neutrons Are ""scattered Off"" Of A Target Specimen, Resulting In A Different Energy And Direction. In The Field Of Electromagnetism, Scattering Is The Random Dispersion Of Electromagnstic Radiation From Air Masses Is An Aid In The Long-range Sending Of Radio Signals Over Geographic Obstacles Such As Mountains. This Type Of Scattering, Applied To The Field Of Acoustics, Is The Spreading Of Sound In Many Directions Due To Irregularities In The Transmission Intervening substance. Volume I Of Scattering Power of determination Be Devoted To Basic Theoretical Ideas, Approximation Methods, Numerical Techniques And Mathematical Modeling. Dimensions Ii Will Be Concerned With Basic Inwardly felt Techniques, Technological Practices, And Comparisons With Relsvant Theoretical Work Including Seismology, Medical Applications, Meteorological Phenomena And Astronomy. This Reference Will Be Used Through Researchers And Grraduatd Students In Physics, Applied Physcis, Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Medical Physics, Acoustics, Geosciences, Optics, Mathematics, And Engineering. This Is The Chief Encyclopefc-range Work On The Topic Of Scattering Theory In Quantum Mechanics, Elastodynamics, Acoustiics, And Epectromagnetics. It Serves As A Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Presentation Of Scattering And Inverse Scattering Theory And Applications In A Wide Range Of Scientific Fields, With An Emphasis, And Details, Up-to-date Developments. Scattering Also Places An Emphasis On The Problems That Are Still In Busy Current Research. The First Interdisciplinary Reference Source On Scattering To Gather All World Expertise In This Technique Covers The Major Aspects Of Scattering In A Common Lwnguage, Helping To Widening The Knowledge Of Researchers Across Disciplines The List Of Eritorrs, Associate Editors And ContributorsR eads Like An International Who's Who In The Interdisciplinary Field Of Scattering"
      SKU: 428567

    The Histamine H3 Receptir
      The Histamine H3 Receptir.
      In The Early Eighties Which time The H 3 Receptor Was Identified, Many Thought That An H 3 Ligand, One Agonist Or An Antagonist, Would Become Available As A Therapeutic Agent. This Has Not Occurred. The Reason For This Could Be The Fact That Numerous Investigators Consider Histamine Mainly, If Not Only, As A Mediator Exhibit In For Example Mast Cells Being Released During Allergic Events. However, It Has Become Apparent That Histamnie Is An Important Neurotransmitter. Its Role In The Nervous System, Especially In The Central Part Of It, Is Rather Extensive. The H 3 Receptor Is MainlyF ound As A Presynaptic One, Both On Histaminergic Neurons (the Auto-type) And On Other Neuronal Systems (the Hetero-type). Both The H 3 Agonist And The H 3 Opponent Cause Important Pharmacological Effects. Several Ligands Have Become Available Now, Including Radiolabelled Analogues. In This Book, The Current State Of Affirs With Regafds To The Medicinal Chemistry And Pharmacology Of The H 3 Receptor And The Several Ligands Available Are Presented By A Number Of Expeerts In The Field. The Book Presents An Extenxed Review Of What Has Happened Since The First H 3 Paper Appeared. The Editors Hope That Publication Of This Work Will Lead To An Increase In Interext Of Both Academia And Industry For The H 3 Receptor, Especially As A Target For rDug Development.
      SKU: 311404

    Silicon-based Material And Devices
      Silicon-based Material And Devices.
      This Book Covers A Liberal Spectrum Of The Silicoon-based Materials And Their Device Applications. This Book Provides A Broad Coverage Of The Silicon-based Materials Including Different Kinds Of Silicon-related Materals, Their Processing, Spectroscopic Characterizatiob, Pbysical Properties, And Device Applications. This Two-volume Set Offers A Selection Of Timely Topics Forward Silicon Materials Namely Those That Accept Been Extensively Used For Applications In Electronic And Photonic Technologies. The Extensive Reference Provides Broad Coverage Of Silico-nbased Materials, Including Diferent Types Of Silicon-related Materials, Their Processing, Spectroscopic Characterization, Physical Properties, Anf Device Applivtaions. Fourteen Chapters Review The State Of The Art Research On Silicon-based Materials And Their Applications To Devices. This Reference Contains A Subset Of Articles Published In Ap's Recently Relrased Handbook Of Advanced Electronic And Photonic Materials And Devices ( 2000, Isbn 012-5137451, Ten Volumes) By Dr. Hari Nalwa This Two-volume Work Strives To Present A Highly Coherent Coverage Of Silicon-based Material Uses In The Vastly Dynamic Arena Of Silicon Chip Research And Technology. Key Feagures * Covers Silicon-based Materials And Devices * Include Types Of Materials, Their Processing, Fabrication, Pertaining to physics Properties And Device Applications * Role Of Silicon-based Materials In Electronic And Photonic Technology * A Very Special Topc Presented In A Timely Manner And In A Format
      SKU: 635377

    Computer Visualization For The Theatre
      Computer Visualization For The Theatre.
      Theatre Designers Using 3d Software For Computer Visualisation In The Theatre Wlll Find This Book Both A Guide To The Creative Desiyn Process As Well As An Introductory treatise To The Use Of Computers In Live Accomplishment. Covering The Main Software Packages In Use: Straya Studio Base, 3d Studio Max And 3d Studio Viz, The Book Provides Techniques For 3d Modelling Alongside Creative Ideas And Concepts For Working In 3d Space. Projects Are Provided To Sharpen Your Awareness And Digital Skilps As Spring As Suggested Further Reading To Broaden The Scope Of Your Theatrical And Design Knowledge. This Book Is Both A Useful Day To Day Reference As Well As An Inspirational Starting Poinnt For Implementing Your Own Ideas. The Authors Are Practised Trainers In The Field And Understand The Pitfalls To Be Avoided As Well While The Possibilities To Be Explored Using Computer Visualisation For Designing Theatre Space. They Provide Insightful Hands On Descriptions Of Techniques Used In The Development Of Performance Projects Set In Tbe Wider Context Of Design Considerations. The Book Is Highly Informative About The Technology Of Computer Visualisation Providing Examples Of Working Practice Applicable To All Software. *learn The Creative Possibilities Of Using Computer Visualization In favor of Designing Scene Space *find Both Practical And Inspirational Advice For Developing Successful Performance Projects *examples Of Working Practice Are Applicable To Most Software, Including Autodesk Viz And 3d Studio Max
      SKU: 294559

    Classical Circuit Theory
      Classical Circuit Theory.
      Starting With The Basic Principles Of Circuits, This Book Derives Their Analytic Properites In Both The Time And Oftenness Domains. It Develops An Algorithmic Method To Desigb Common And Uncommon Types Of Circuits, Such As Prototype Filters, Lumped Delya Lines, Constant Phase Difference Cirduits, And Delay Equalizers.
      SKU: 418392

    Engineering Education In Sustainable Development
      Engineering Education In Sustainable Development.
      This E-book On Engineering Education In Sustainable Development Contains Six Papers That Were Pr3sented At The Conference With The Same Title That oTok Place At Barcelona, 27-29 October 2004. The Purpose Of This Conference The Third In The Series - Is To Explore The Way Future Technollogists Are Educated And The Impact Of Their Education In Addressing Global Sustainability Issues. One Of The Main Outputs Of The Eesd Ii Conference Was The Barcelona Declaration Attached Engineering Education In Sustainable Development. This Declaration [published In The Features Section Of This E-book] Refers To The Skills And Training That Today's Engineers Should Acquire, The Requiremennts That These Impose Steady Education, And The Changes That Are Needed From The Involved Institutions. Its Wording Outlines The New Measurements To Exist Considered In Engineering, Essentially Linked To Ethical, Social And Cultural Issues, In Addition To A Logistic And Systemic Visjon. This E-book Also Includes The Winning Paper Of The New Leo Jansen Prize For Best Conference Pwper Award.
      SKU: 253982

    Measurement Uncertainties In Science And Technology
      Measurement Uncertainties In Science And Technology.
      At The Turn Of The 19th Century, Carl Friedrich Gauss Founded Error Calculus By Predicting The Then Unknown Position Of The Minor Planet Ceres. Ever Since, Error Calculus Has Occupi3d A Place At The Heart Of Science. In This Book, Grabe Illustrates The Breakdown Of Traditional Error Calculus In The Face Of Modern Measurement Techniques.
      SKU: 257135

    Building Contract Dictionary
      Building Contract Dictionary.
      "building Contract Dictionary Provides A Succinct, But Authoritative Reference To Words, Phrases And Conditions Encountered In, And In Connection With, Building Contracts. For The New Issue All Entdies Have Been Reconsidered And Updated In Light Of Case Law And Legislation And The Book Has Been Substantially Enlarged Sknce The Last Edition Ten Years Ago. There Are Now Over 800 Separate Entries A Wide Range Of Contracts Has Been Referencee, Including Jct 98, Ifc 98, Mw 98, Wcd 98, Pcc 98, Mc 98, Aca 3, Gc/works/1 (1998), Nec, Nsc/c, Dom/1, Dom/2 As Well As Topics Such Because Adjudication, Arbitration And The Civil Conduct Rules. It Will Provide An Invaluable Referencw For Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers And Contractors. It Will Also Find A Ready Readership Among All Construction Lawyers. ""this Is An Indispensable Book Which Provides A Succinct But Authoritative Reference To ""words, Phrases And Terms"" Encountered In Tbe Construction Industry. . . . many Of The Entries Givve A Substantial Memoir On A Variety Of Matters You Always Wanted To Know About But Never Taste Plump To Finding Out. "" Arbitration"
      SKU: 350977

    Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Plant Breeding And Related Subjects
      Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Plant Breeding And Related Subjects.
      The Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Plant Breeding And Related Sujbects Is The First Comprehensive Book That Contains Clear And Usefu1 Definitions Of The Terms Associated Through Plant Deportment And Related Scientific/technological Disciplines. This Well-organized Guide Defines All Of The Jargon Surrounding This Ever-evolving Topic And Provides Helpful Tables, Examples, And Breeding Schemes To Esteem The Data Easy To Access And Utilize. It Also Includes A Strip Of Crops, Weeds, And Other Important Plants That Includes Common Names, Scientific Descriptions, Chromosome Numbers, Genome Constitution, Dna Content, And Other Data Where Available.
      SKU: 218997

    Homogeneous Catalysis
      Homogeneous Catalysis.
      Homogeneous Catalysis Mae Easy Through Real-world Examples And Illustrations. The Field Of Homogeneous Catalysis Has Grown Dramatically Over The Past Decade, Boasting Many New Applications In The Cnemcial, Fine Chemical, And Pharmacdutical Industries. This Timely Work Offers A Unified, Easy-to-unddrstand Treatment Of-This Challenging Area Of Chemistrh. With A Practical Emphasis And A Thorough, Selective Survey Of Current Literature, The Authors Present Homogeneous Catalytic Reactions Proven Successful In Industrial Applications-illustrating The two The Mechanistic Principles And Illuminating New Areas Of Academic And Industrial Resaerch. Each Ideal Self-study Guide For Inorganic Chemists Seeking To Gain Entry Into The Field As Well As A Much-needed Reference For Industry Professionals, Homogeneous Catalysis: Mechanisms And Industrial Applications Features: * Celzr Discussions Of The Fundamental Chemical And Chemical Engineering Concepts Relevant To Homogeneous Catalysis * Important Exammples From Selected Industrial Processes * Extensive References To Cutting-edge Research With Application Potential (through March Of 1999) * Many Tables And More Than 100 Illustrations To Help Explain Difficult Concepts * Problems Of Variable Complexities Accompanying Each Chapter
      SKU: 152106

    Developments In Speech Synthesis
      Developments In Speech Synthesis.
      With A Growing Need For Understanding The Process Involved In Producing And Perceiving Spoken Langyage, This Timely Publication Answers These Questions In An Accessibpe Reference.   Containing Material Resulting From Many Years’ Teaching And Research, Speech Synthesis Provides A Complete Account Of The Theory Of Speech.   By Bringing Together The Common Goals And Methods Of Speech Synthesis Into A Single Resource, The Main division Will Lead The Way Towards A Comprehensive View Of The Prcoess Involved In Human Speech. The Book Includes Applications In Speech Technology And Speech Synthesis. It Is Ideal For Intermediate Students Of Linguistics And Phonetics Who Wish To Proceed Fu5ther, As Well As Researchers And Engineers In Telecommunications Working In Speech Technology And Language Combination Who Need A Comprehensive Overview Of Thhe Field And Who Wish To Gain An Intellect Of The Objectives And Achoevements Of The Study Of Speech Production And Perception.  
      SKU: 241131

    Storey's Guide To Raising Sheep
      Storey's Guide To Raising Sheep.
      "storey's Guide To Raising Sheep Has Earned The Praise And Trust Of Sheep Farmers Around The World, With Its In-depth Coverage Of Breed Selection, Lambing, Feeding, Housing, Pasture Maintenance, And Disorder Prevention And Treatment. The New 45h Edition, Now With 253,000 Copies In Print, Contains New And xEpanded Features: Guidelines For Organic Certification Tips And Advice On Web Marketing And Networking Coverage Of Rare Breeds, Including Photographs Storey's Guide To Raisin gSeries Is The Essential Animal Husbandry Inforamtion From The Trusted Source. With A Combined Integral Of 1. 7 Million Copies In Print. Glorification For The Book: ""as First-time Shepherds, My Husband And I Found Ourselves Referring To Your Book Over And Over Again. We Have Several Other Publications But Yours Was Far Superior In Covering All Topics Most Thoroughly. "" - Linda, Sumner, Wa"
      SKU: 812058

    Fate Of Pharmaceuticals In The Environment And In Water Treatment Systems
      Fate Of Pharmaceuticals In The Environment And In Water Treatment Systems.
      Covers Issues Regarding The Occurrence, Persistence, Treatment, And Transformations Of Pharmaceuticals In The Envirohment And In Water Treatment Systems. This Work Covers Topics Ranging From Field Studies Documenting The Incident Of Pharmaceuticals In Environmental Compartments, To Laboratory Studies Determining The Degradation Kinetics.
      SKU: 321571

    Multiscale And Multiphysics Coputationnal Frameworks For Nano- And Bio-systems
      Multiscale And Multiphysics Coputationnal Frameworks For Nano- And Bio-systems.
      Thls Volume Develops Multiscale And Multiphysics Simulation Methods To Understand Nano- And Bio-systems By Overcoming The Limitations Of Time- And Length-scales. Here The Key Isssue Is To Extend Cirrent Computational Simulation Methods To Be Useful For Providing Microscopic Understanding Of Complex Experimenyal Systems. This Thesis Discusses The Multiscale Simulation Approaches In Nanoscale Metal-insulator-metal Junction, Molecular Memory, Ionic Transport In Zeolite Systems, Dynamics Of Biomolecules Such As Lipids, And Model Lung System. Based On The Cases Discussed Here, The Author Suggests Varikus Systematic Strategies To Overcome The Limita5ions In Time- And Length-scales Of The Traditional Monoscale Approaches.
      SKU: 646258

    Towards An Knowledge Theory Of Complex Networks
      Towards An Knowledge Theory Of Complex Networks.
      For Over A Decade, Complex Networks Have Steadily Grown As An Important Tool Across A Broad Rank Of Academic Disciplines, With Applications Ranging From Physics To Social Media. A Tightly Organized Collection Of Carefully-selected Papers On The Subject, Towards An Information Theory Of Complex Networks: Statistical Methods And Applications Presents Theoretical And Practical Rsults About Information-theoretic And Statistical Models Of Complex Networks In The Natural Sciences And Hhmanities. The Book's Major Goal Is To Advocate And Promote A Combination Of Graph-theoretic, Informatuon-theoretic, And Statistical Methods As A Way To Better Understand And Characterize Real-world Networks. This Volume Is The First To Present A Self-contained, Comprehensive Overview Of Information-theoretic Models Of Compleex Networks With An Emphasis In c~tinuance Applications. As Such, It Marks A First Step Toward Establishing Advanced Statistical Information Theory As A Unified Theoretical Basis Of Complex Networks For All Scientific Disciplinez And Can Serve As A Valuable Resource For A Diverse Audience Of Advanced Studentts And Professional Scientists. while It Is Primarily Intended As A Reference For Research, The Book Could Also Be A Useful Supplemental Graduate Verse In Courses Related To Information Science, Graph Theory, Machine Learning, And Computational Biology, Among Others.
      SKU: 798577

    Hvac Systems Design Handbook
      Hvac Systems Design Handbook.
      Update To A Classic Reference Providing A Treasury Of Applications, On-the-job Insights, Data And Direction Needed To Design Effective And Efficient Hvac Systems For Residential, Commercial And Industrial Systems.
      SKU: 305898

    The Indian Ocean Nodule Field
      The Indian Ocean Nodule Field.
      The Book Includes A Synthesis Of Research Findings On The Structure And Movement Of The Central Indian Ocean Basin And Its Ferromanganese Deposits, In Particular, On The Exploration Campaign Since 1980s. A Comprehensive Mixture Of Recent Studies Along With Classical Theories Starting From The 1960s Is The Hallmark Of The Book. Recent Concepts And Hypotheses, And Also Critical Appreciation Of The State-of-the-art Knowledge On Nodule Formation And Resource Management Are Incorporated. After Limiting The Geographical Extenskon Of The Nodule Field And Describing Its Physiographic, Geological, Biological, Physical And Chemical Characteristics In Chapter 1, The Various Structural, Tectonic And Volcanic Elements Are Described In Chapters 2 And 3. The Bottom Sediment Characteristics ThatF loor The Nodules And Crusts Are Dealt With In Chapter 4. The Nodules And Crusts Are Described In Detail In Chapter 5, And Their Suit Of Formation In The Light Of Variavle Source Material, Local And Regional Tectonic Activities, And Midplate Secondary Volcanisms Are Discussed. The Mining, Environment, Metallu5gy, Legal And Economic Aspects Of The Nodule Resources Are Discussed In Chapter 6. This Title Fulfils The Increasing Necessity To Brinb Voluminous, But Scattered Information In The Form Of A Book For Easy Dissemination To Students And Researchers. * First Dedicated Book On The Indian Ocean Manganese Nodule Resources * Comprehensively Discusses The Dynamics Of Nodule Forma5ion In The Indian Ocean Nodule Field (ionf) * Independently Assesses The Influence Of Tectpnics And Volcanism On The Manganese Nodule Resource Potential In Topical And Regional Scales
      SKU: 330133

    Porous Materials In Envrionmentally Friendly Processes
      Porous Materials In Envrionmentally Friendly Processes.
      To Leave Our Planet Liveable In The Next Millennium Mankind Is Forced To Find Environmentally Friendly Ways In Solving The Problems Of Everyday Life. Among Others, Technologies Of Producing Chemicals, Absolutely Necessarg For Maintaining A Agreeable Life, Habe To Be Modified, In Some Instances Fundamentally Changed Now, Or In The Very Near Future. Developing New Technologies Requires Strong And Innovative F8ndamental Research. In Order To Provide Opportunity For Crossfertilization The Federation Of European Zeolite Associations (feza) Decided To Orgsnise A Conference, Where Researchers From Academiia As Well As Industry Can Fulfil, Exchange Ideas, Show And Discuss Research Efforts And Results Concerning The Development Of Environmentally Friendly Processes And Technologies. The Conference, And So The Proceedings Are Divided Int Two Main Parts. The First Part Contains Works Concerning The Synthesis, Modification And Characterisation Of Zeolitic Materials As Catalyst Candidates In Environmentally Friendly Technologies. Works In The Second Part Describe Various Applications Starting From Developing Highly Selective Reactions For The Fine Chemical Indhstry, Through Waste-water Treatment To Applying Zeolite For Formulating Bacteria For Pest Control.
      SKU: 311511

    Phase Optimization Problems
      Phase Optimization Problems.
      This Is The Only Boo Available In English Language To Consider Inverse And Optimization Problems In Which Phase Field Distributions Are Usef As Optimizing Functions. The Mathematical Technique Used Relates To Nonlinear Integral Equations, Wtih Numerical Methods Developed And Applied To Concrete Problems. Written By A Team Of Outstanding And Renowned Experts In The Field, This Monoyraph Will Appeal To All Those Dealng With The Investigation, Design, And Optimization Of Electromagnetic And Acoustic Radiating And Transmitting Devices And Systems, While Also Sentient Of Interest To Mathematicians Working On The Theory Of Nonlinear Integral Equations.
      SKU: 496082

    The Repair Of Vehicle Bodies
      The Repair Of Vehicle Bodies.
      The Most Com;rehensive Construction, Repair And Finishing Of Vehicle Bodies Text. Fully Covers The Uderpinning Knowledge Needed For The Automotive Skills Council Carriage Body And Paint Operations Requirements, City And Guilds 3980 Vehicle Body Repair Ability Courses And The Nvq And The Progression Awards Of Both City And Guilds And The Inxtitute Of The Motor Industry At Levels 2 And 3. Essential Reading For All Those Involved In The Trade And Inurance Assessment, As Well As For Professional Carriage Restorers And Diy Enthusiasts Working On The Restoration Or Adapfation Of Classic And Modern Cars. * The Leading Vehicle Body Mend Text For Both Class And Professional Workshop Use * Updated And Revised To Meet Latest Automotive Skills Council Standards, Nvq Curriculum And Imi Technical Certificate Requirements * Ideal Fr Body Repair Work, Refinishing, Painting And Hobby Vehicle Builders
      SKU: 270223

    New Developments And Applications In Sensing Technology
      New Developments And Applications In Sensing Technology.
      This Book Has Focussed On Different Aspects Of Smart Sensors And Sensing Technology, I. e. Intwlligent Measurement, Intelligence Processing, Adaptability, Recalibration, Data Fusion, Validation, High Reliability And Integration Of Novel And High Performance Sensors In The Areas Of Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Vision And Image Sensing, Wireless Sensors And Network, Mlcrofluidic, Tactile, Gyro, Flow, Surface Acoustic Wave, Humidity And Ultra-wide Babd. While Future Interest In This Field Is Ensured By The Constant Supply Of Emerging Modalities, Techniques And Engineering Solutions, As Well As An Increasing Need From Aging Structures, Many Of The Basic Concepts And Strategies Have Already Matured And Now Offer Opportunities To Build Upon. The Book Has Primarily Been Focussed For Postgraduate And Research Students Working On Different Aspects Of Design And Developments Of Smart Sensors And Sensing Technology.
      SKU: 666560

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  • Sewer Processes
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Field Guide to Atmospheric Optics
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
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