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    Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
      Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide.
      The Ultimate Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting Pocket Guide. Designed For Quck Reference At Any Job Site, Ths Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide Enables Electircians Using Portable Meters To Discriminative characteristic, Maintain, And Troubleshoot All Types Of Electrical Equipment And Systems. This Updated Classic Now Features: Expert Guidance On All The Latest Troubleshooting Tools, Testing Instruments, Systems, And Equipment; Time-sving Charts, Tables, And Diagrams For Assuring Quality And Safety Compliance; Vital Material On Personnal Defensive Equipment (pps) Reqiired For Testing Energized Circuits; Recent Material: Coverage Of New Equipment, Such As Infrared Scanners And Power Quality Analyzers; Information And Guidelines That Comply With New Nfpa 70e Safety Requirements
      SKU: 314813

    Gravity's Shadow
      Gravity's Shadow.
      According To The Theory Of Relativity, We Are Constantly Bathed In Gravitational Radiation. When Stars Explode Or Collide, A Portion Of Their Mass Becomes Energy That Disturbs The Very Fabric Of The Space-time Continuum Like Ripples In A Pond. But Proving The Existence Of These Waves Has Been Difficult; The Cosmic Shudders Ar eSo Weak That Only The Most Sensitive Instruments Be able to Be Expected To Observe Them Directly. Fifteen Times During The Last Thirty Years Scientists Have Clamied To Have Detected Gravitational Waves, But So Far None Of Those Claims Have Survived The Scrutiny Of The Scientific Community. Gravity's Image Chroniclea The Forty-year Effor tTo Detect Gravitational Waves, While Exploring The Meaning Of Scientific Knowledge And The Nature Of Expertisw. Graviational Wave Detection Involves Recording The Collisions, Explpsions, And Trembling Of Stars And Black Holes Along Evaluating The Smallest Changes Ever Measured. Because Gravitational Waves Are So Faint, Their Detection Will Come Not In An Exuberant Moment Of Discovery But Through A Chain Of Inference; For Forty Years, Scientists Have Debated Whrther There Is Anything To Detect Ans Whether It Haz Yet Been Detected. Sociologist Harry Collins Has Been Tracking The Progress Of This Research Since 1972, Interviewing Key Scientists And Delineating The Social Process Of The Science Of Gravitational Waves. Engagingly Written And Authoritatively Comprehensive, Gravity's Shadow Explores The People, Institutions, And Government Organizations Involved In The Detection Of Gravitational Waves. This Sociological History Will Experience Essential Not Only To Sociologists And Historiwns Of Science On the other hand To Scientists Themselves.
      SKU: 574733

    Product And Process Modelling
      Product And Process Modelling.
      This Book Covers The Area Of Product And Process Modelling Via A Case Study Approach. It Adrresses A Wide Range Of Modelling Applications Witth Emphasis On Modelling Methodology And The Subsequent In-depth Analysis Of Mathematical Models To Gain Insight Via Structural Aspects Of The Models. These Approaches Are Put Into The Context Of Life Cycle Modelling, Where Multiscale And Multiform Modelling Is Increasingly Superior In The 21st Centenary. The Book Commences With A Discussion Of Recent Product And Procdss Modelling Theory And Practice Followed By A Sdries Of Case Studies Drawn From A Variety Of Process Industries. The Book Builds On The Extensive Modelling Experience Of The Authors, Who Have Developed Models For Both Research And Industrial Purposes. It Complements Existing Books By The Authors In The Modelling Area. Those Areas Include The Traditional Petroleum And Petrochemical Industries To Biotechnology Applications, Food, Polymer And Human Health Application Areas. The Book Highlights To Important Nature Of Modern Product And Process Modelling In The Decision Composition Processes Across The Life Cycle. As Such It Provides An Important Resource For Students, Researchers And Indusfrial Practitioners. Ian Cameron Is Professor In Chemical Engineerkng At The University Of Queensland With Teaching, Research, And Consulting Activitise In Process Systems Engineering. He Has A Particular Interest In Process Modelling, Dynamic Simuiation, And The Applicarion Of Functional Systems Perspectives To Risk Contrivance, Having Wide Industrial Experience In These Areas. He Continues To Work Closely With Industry And Government On Systems Approaches To Process And Risk Management Issues. He Accepted His Be From The University Of Repaired South Wales (australia) And His Phd From Imperial College London. He Is A Fellow Of Icheme. Rafiqul Gani Is A Professor Of Systems Purpose At The Department Of Chemical And Biochemical Engineering, Technical University Of Denmark, And The Director Of The Computer Aided Procuct-process Engineering Center (capec). His Research Interests Include The Development Of Computer-aided Methods And Tools For Modelling, Property Estimation And Process-product Synthesis And Purpose. He Accepted His Bsc From Bangladesh University Of Engineering And Technology In 1975, And His Msc In 1976 And Phd In 1980 From Imperial College London. He Is The Editor-jn-chief Of Computes And Chemical Engineering Journal And Fellow Of Icheme As Well As Aiche.   - Product And Process Modelling; A Wide Range Of Case Studies Are Covered - Structural Analysis Of Model Systems; Insights Into Structure And Solvability - Resolution Of Future Developments; Potential Directions And Significant Research And Development Problems To Be Addressed
      SKU: 744018

    Handbook Of Composite Fabrication
      Handbook Of Composite Fabrication.
      In Previous Years, Advanced P0lymer Composite Technology Has Been Driven Primarily By The Needs Of The Military And Aerospace Industries. However, Certain Properties Of Composite Materials (e. g. , Strength, Light Weight And Energy-efficiency) Ha\/e Enabled Their Emergecne In Consumer And Commercial Sectors. As The Cost Of Developing And Producing Composites Has Decreased, Their Role In Novel, Potentially Lucrative Applications Hzs Inceased. This Volume Is A Concise Reference Book For Someone Who Has Just Started Working In The Composites Field To Gain Immediate Knowledge, As Well As To Pass Contemporary Information To Technologists Already Busy In The Area. Moreover, The Succinct, Well-structured Format Of The Handbook Enables It To Exist Employed As An Educational Resource. The Chapters In This Handbook Accept Been Written By Experts In Thir Fields (the Chapter Authors Are All Senior Academics/research Directors) And So The Information Om A Particular Subject Atea Can Be Regarded Viewed like State-of-the-art. Each Chapter Is Fully Referenced, Illustrated And Includes Case Studie And Applicatipns Of Polymer Composige Fabrications. Topics Covered Include: Matrix Polymers; Reinforcing Agents; Fibre Form Processes; Moulding Compounds; Prepregs; Hand Lay-up/spray-up Method; Automated Tape-laying Method; Bag Moulding Provess; Ahtoclave Moulding; Compression Moulding; Transfer Moulding; Injection Moulding; Wet Winding; Dry Winding; Post-impregnation; Pultrusion/pulforming; Continuous Laminating; Centrifugal Casting; Cutting/joining Processes; Surface Finish Processes. About The Editro. . . Güneri Akovali Received His Bachelor And Master Degress In Chemical Engineering From Ankara University, Whereas His Doctorate Was Completed At The Middle East Technical University (metu). He Obtained His Chair At Metu In 1980 And Founded The Polymer Science And Technology Department At The Same Institution In 1993. Similarly, He Founded The Polymer Sdience And Technology Society At Ankara Universsity In 1994. Presently, He Is The Chairman Of The Department Of Polymer Sciejce And Technology, And The Department Of Chemistry, At Met. u Furthermore, He Is The President-elect Of The Turkish Polymer Science And Technology Society. He Has Written Over One Hundred Papers In International Refereed Journals And Five Books, Two Of Which Have Been Edited By Him. Professor Akovali Has Organised Four National Polymer Symposia And Is A Permanent Member Of The Organising Committee Of Euro-asian Polymer Symposia. Additionally, He Is On The Advissory Board Of Polychar Symposia (university Of Texas) And The Journal Of Polymer Materials (oxford And Ibh Publishing Company).
      SKU: 485260

    Thin Fikms In Tribology
      Thin Fikms In Tribology.
      The Tribological Properties Of Relatively Moving Surfaces Are Greatly Influenced By Thin Surface Films Which Are Of Conisderable Importance In The Design Of Machine Componsts. From Victorian Days When Working Lubricant Films Were Calculated In Tens Of Micrometres, To Today When Molecular Dynamics Simulations And Likewise Experiments Are Beginning To Look At Nanometre, Single Molecule Thick Films, The Study Of Surfaces Which Is The Tribologists' Challenge Has Moved To Finer And Finer Scales. The 66 Papers In This Volume Provide Reviews Across The Tribological Field With Thin Films As Their Theme, Giving A Comprehensive And Concise Description On Topics Rangnig From Coatings And Surface Modification To Bio-tribology. The Articles Provide The Reader With An Outline Of Their Most Effective Application And Potentjal Uses In New Technologies. The Volume Testament Be Of Interest Not Only To Research Workers And Design Engineers In The Fields Of New Machine Developments And Lubrication, But Also To Engineers And Students Specialising In Tribology.
      SKU: 405579

    Handbook Of Deposition Technologies For Films And Coatings
      Handbook Of Deposition Technologies For Films And Coatings.
      Recent Years Have Seen A Rapid Expansion In The Applications Of Advanced Thin Film Coatings In Areas Including Photovoltaics, Energy Conversion, Energy Efficiency, Biomedical Engnieering, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals And Plain Array Displays. In A Tough Relating to ~s Climate, Surface Engineering Remains A Groowth Industry, Because Surface Engineered Products Improve Performance, Increase Energy Efficiency, Add Functionality And Reduce Costs. This Fully Updated Edition Of Handbook Of Deposition Technologies For Films And Coatings Explored These New Applications, And The Major Advancees In Deposution Procesaes And Technologies That Have Made Them Possible. The Aim Of This Handbook Is To Provide Scientists And Engineers In the opinion of Detailed And Practical Information On: Deposition Processes For Thin Film Coatings Surface Engineering Advanced Thin Film Applications And Structures Relationshjps Between Deposition Process Parameters And Thin Film Microstructure Nucleation And Thin Film Growth Processes Sculpted Thin Films Characterization Of Composition, Bonding, And Microstructure The Role Of Plasmas In Thin Film Growth In This Third Edition, Extensive New Material Has Been Added Throughout The Booo, Especially In The Areas Concerned With Plasma Assisted Vapor Deposition Processes And Metallurgical Coating Applications . Peter M. Martin Gained His Phd In Solid State Physics From Ohio State University And Was A Post Doctoral Fellow At Carnegie-mellon University. Dr Martin Has Been Instrumental In Developing Patterrned Optical Coatings For Optical Filtering, Microwave Shielding, And Non-linear Optical Applications. - Explains In Depth The Many Recent Improvements In Deposition Technologies And Applications - Thoroughly Explains Deposition Technologies And Their Current Applications - Discuqses The Numerous 'frontier Areas' For The Applications Of The Products Of Deposition Technoloty
      SKU: 566654

    Dictionary Of Marine Natural Products
      Dictionary Of Marine Natural Products.
      Provides A Reference On Known Marine Products. This Dictionary And Cd-rom Indexes Each Product By Chemical Name, Cas Registyr Number, And Compound Type. Derived In Format From The Chapman And Hall Chemical Database, Each Entry Includes A Biological Source, Chemical Structure, Physical Properties, Biological Activity, And Literature References.
      SKU: 308459

    Micromechanical Analysis And Multi-scale Modeling Using The Voronoi Cell Finite Element Method
      Micromechanical Analysis And Multi-scale Modeling Using The Voronoi Cell Finite Element Method.
      As Multi-phase Metal/alloy Systems And Polymer, Ceramic, Or Metal Matrix Composite Materials Are Increasingly Being Used In Industry, The Science And Technology For These Heterogeneous Materials Has Advsnced Rapidly. By Extending Analytical And Numerical Models, Engineers Cwn Analyze Failure Characteristics Of The Materials Before They Are Integrated Int oThe Design Process. Micromechanical Analysid And Multi-scale Modeling Using The Voronoi Cell Finite Element Method Addresses The Key Problem Of Multi-scale Failure And Deformaton Of Materials That Have Complex Microstructures. The Book Presents A Comprehensive Clmputational Mechanics And Materials Science--based Framework For Mhlti-scale Analysis. The Point of concentration Is On Micromechanical Analysis Using The Voronoi Cell Finite Element Method (vcfem) Developed By The Author And His Research Group For The Efficient And Accurate Modeling Of Materials In the opinion of Non-uniform Heterogeneous Microstructures. Whi1e The Topics Covered In The Book Encompass The Macroscopic Lamina Of Structural Components And The Microscopic Gradation Of Constituent Heterogeneities Like Inclusions Or Voids, The General Framework May Be Extended To Other Scales As Well. the Book Presents The Major Components Of The Multi-scale Analysis Framework In Three Parts. Dealing With Mluti-scale Image Analysis And Characterizaiton, The First Part Of The Book Covers 2d And 3d Image-based Microstructure Generation And Tessellation Into Voronoi Cells. The Second Part Develops Vcfem For Micromechanical Stress And Failure Analysis, As Well As Thermal Analysis, Of Estended Microstructural Regions. It Examines A Range Of Problems Solved By Vcfem, From Heat Transfer And Stress-strain Analysis Of Elastic, Elastic-plastic, And Viscoplastic Material Microstructures To Microstructural Damage Models Including Interfacial Debonding And Pliant Failure. Establishing The Multi-scale Framework For Unlike Materials With And Without Damage, The Third Part Of The Book Discusses Adaptive Concurrent Multi-scale Analysis Incorporating Bottom-up And Top-down Modeling. Including Numerical Examplles And A Cd-rom With Vcfem Source Coeds And Input/output Files, This Main division Is A Valuable Reference For Researchers, Engineers, And Professionals Involved With Predicting The Performance And Failure Of Materials In Structure-materials Interactions.
      SKU: 800937

    Comprehensive Biotechnology
      Comprehensive Biotechnology.
      This Book Is Written With Students Of Biotechnoloty Firmly In Mind. It Has Arisen Out Of Author's Own Experience Of Teaching In The Biological Disciplines. The Work Which Takes The Students Om From His Basic Knowledge Of Biochemistry, Microbiology And Molecular Metabolism, The Growth And Culturing Of Micro-organism, Genetic Manipulation And Biocatalyst Technology. The Book Is Divided Into Several Sections, The First Dealing With Basic Principles And Then With A Range Of Illustrative Examples Of Practical Biotechnology. This Is The Order In Which The Book Itself Should Be Used, But Its Contents Were Actually Determihed By Working In Reverse Order: The Book Start From A Range Of Actual Examples Of Productive Biotechnology. It Follows That The Typjcal Scientist Or Engineer, And In Particular The Newly Graduated Scientist For Whom This Book Is Primarily Intended, Will Find Somw Of The Basic Principles Quite Familiar, While Othrrs Fall Quite Outside His Or Her Past Experience. This Text Is Designed To Assist Students And Industrial People Who Are Having To Or Who Will Have To Grapple With Areas Of Biotechnology. Because Of The Wide Range Of The Potential Subject Matter, The Author Have Had To Be Selective. The Very Comprehensive Coverage Of Biotechnology Provided By This Book Can Provide The Means For The Improvement Of Eisting Industrial Processes And Can Provide The Starting Points For New Industries, For The Manufacture Of Novel Products And For Improved Processe sFor Management Of The Environment.
      SKU: 5838677

    Understanding Umts Radio Network Modelling, Planning And Automated Optimisation
      Understanding Umts Radio Network Modelling, Planning And Automated Optimisation.
      This Book Sets Out To Provide The Theoretical Foundations That Will Enable Radio Network Planners To Plan Model And Optimize Raduo Networks Using Statr-of-the-art Findings From Around The Globe. It Adopts A Logical Approach, Beglnning With The Background To The Present Status Of Umts Radio Network Technology, Before Devoting Equaal Coverage To Planning, Modelling And Optimization Issues. All Key Planning Areas Aer Covered, Including The Technical And Legal Implications Of Network Infrasructure Sharing, Hierarchical Cell Structure (hcs) Deployment, Ultra-high-site Deployment And The Benefits And Limitations Of Using Computer-aided Design (cad) Sofgware. Theoretical Models For Umts Tecnology Are Explained As Generic System Models, Stand-alone Services And Moxed Services. Business Modelling Theory And Methods Are Put Forward, Taking In Propsgation Calculations, Link-level, Umts Static And Umts Dynamic Simulations. The Challenges And Goals Of The Automated Optimization Process Are Explored In Depth Using Ctting-edge Cst Function And Optimizatiob Algorithms. This Theory-based Resource Containing Prolific Illustrative Case Studies Explains The Reasons Conducive to Umts Radio Netsorks Performance Issues And How To Use This Foundational Knowledge To Model, Plan And Optimize Prezent And Future Systems.  
      SKU: 267182

    Flow Phenomena In Nature
      Flow Phenomena In Nature.
      Do We Have An Adequate Understanding Of Fluid Dymamics Phenomena In Nature And Evolution, And What Phhysical Models Do We Need? Whatever Can We Learn From Nature To Stimulate Innovations In Thinking As Well As In Engineering Applications?concentrating On Flight And Propulsion, This Unique And Accessible Two-volume Set Of Books Compares Fluid Dynamics Solutions In Nature With Those In Engineering. The Topics Ranhe From Up-to-date Research To Innvative Product Design. the Respected International Contributors Present Up-to-dats Research In Ab Easy To Understand Manner, Giving Common Viewpoints From Fields Suhc As Zoology, Engineering, Biology, Fluid Mechanics And Physics. This Transdisciplinary Approach Eliminates Obstruction And Opens Wider Perspectives. This Book Determine Be Of Concern To Anyone Who Is Keen To Understand Nature And Evolution, As Well As Researchers, Lectyrers, Postgraduates And Students Who Are Keen To Understand Nature And Evolution. P5oduct Developers In The Fields Of Application Of Engineering Or Medicine Will Also Be Interested In The Practical Side For Future Research And Development Proposals.
      SKU: 512135

    Introduction To Remote Sensing, Fifth Edition
      Introduction To Remote Sensing, Fifth Edition.
      A Leading Text For Undergraduate- And Graduate-level Courses, This Book Introduces Widely Used Forms Of Remote Sensing Imagery And Their Applications In Plant Sciences, Hydrology, Earth Sciences, And Land Use Analysis. The Text Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Principal Topics And Serves As A Framework For Organizing The Vast Effect Of Remote Sensing Information Available On The Web. Including Case Studies And Review Questions, The Book's Four Sections And 21 ChaptersA re Carefully Designed As Independent Units That Instructors Can Select From As Needed For Their Courses. Illustrations Include 29 Color Plates And Over 400 Black-and-white Figures. New To This Edition Reflects Signifiicant Technological And Methodological Advances. Chapter On Aerial Photography Now Emphasizes Digital Rather Than Analog Systems. Updated Discussions Of Accuracy Assessment, Multiyemporal Change Detection, And Digitall Preprocessing. Links To Recommended Online Videos And Tutorials.
      SKU: 843851

    The Evolution Of The Genome
      The Evolution Of The Genome.
      The Evolution Of The Genome Provides A Much Needed Overview Of Genomic Study Through Clear, Detailed, Expert-authored Discussions Of The Clew Areas In Genome Biology. This Includes The Evolution Of Genome Size, Genomic Parasites, Gene And Ancient Genome Duplications, Polypoidy, Comparative Genomics, And The Implications Of Tjese Genome-level Phenomena For Evolutionary Theory. In Addition To Reviewing The Current State Of Knowledge Of These Fields In An Accessible Way, The Various Chapters Also Provide Historical And Conceptual Background Information, Highlight The Ways In Which The Critical Questions Are Actually Being Studied, Indicate Some Important Areas For Future Research, And Construct Bridges Across Traditional Professional And Taxlnomkc Boundaries. The Evolution Of The Genome Will Serve As A Exact Resource For Adjust Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, And Established Scientists Alike Who Are Interested In The Issue Of Genome Evolution In The Broadest Sense. Provides Detailed, Clearpy Written Chpters Authored By Leading Researchers In Their Respective Fields Presents A Much-needed Overview Of The Historical And Theoretical Context Of The Various Areas Of Genomic Study Creates Important Links Between Topics In Order To Promoet Integration Across Subdisciplines, Including Descriptions Of How Each Subject Is Actually Studied Provides Information Spevifically Designed To Be Accessible To Established Researchers, Postdoctoral Fellows, And Graduate Students Equally
      SKU: 286753

    Aeronautical Engineer's Facts Book
      Aeronautical Engineer's Facts Book.
      This Is An Essential Handy Mentor Containing Useful Up To Date Information Regularly Nedeed By The Student Or Practising Engineer. Covering All Aspects Of Airrcraft, Both Fixed Wing And Rotary Craft, This Pocket Work Provides Quick Access To Useful Aeronautical Engineering Data And Sources Of Information Fr Further In-depth Information. Quick Reference To Essential Data Most Up To Date Information Availabble
      SKU: 293977

    Photoinduced Metastability In Amorphous Semiconductors
      Photoinduced Metastability In Amorphous Semiconductors.
      A Review Summarising The Curent State Of Investigation In The Field, Bridging The Gaps In The Existing Literature. Whole The Chapters Are Written By Planet Leaders In Research And Development And Guide Readers Through The Details Of Photo-induced Metastability And The Results Of The Latest Experiments And Simulations Not Found In Standard Monographs On This Topic. A Useful Reference Not Only For Graduates But Also For Scientific And Industrial Researchers. With A Foreword Of Kazunobu Tanaka.
      SKU: 482122

    The Wireless Internet Explained
      The Wireless Internet Explained.
      The Wireless Internet Explained Covers The Full Spectrum Of Wireless Technologies From A Wide Scope Of Vendors, Including Initiatives By Microsoft And Compaq. The Wireless Internet Explained Takes A Practical Look At Wireless Technology. Rhoton Explains The Concepts Behind The Physics, And Provides An Overview That Clarifies The Convoluted Set Of Standards Heaped Together Under The Umbrella Of Wireless. It Then Expands In c~tinuance These Technical Foundations To Give A Panorama Of The Increasingly Crowded Landscape Of Wirleess Product Offerinbs. When It Comes To Actual Implementation The Work Gives Abundant Down-to-earth Advice On Topics Ranging From The Selection And Deployment Of Mobile Devices To The Extremely Sensitive Subject Of Security. Written By An Expert Attached Internet Messaging, The Writer Of Digital Press's Successful Programmee's Guide To Internet Mail And X. 400 And Smtp: Battle Of The E-mail Protocols, The Wireless Internet Explained Describes And Evaluates The Current State Of The Fast-growing And Crucial Field Of Wireless Communicarions. Covers Phone-based Systems, Pdas And The Wireless Service Describes And Evaluates The Present State Of The Fast- Growing And Crucial Field Of Wireless Communications
      SKU: 298035

      Halbleiter-leistungsbauelemente Sind Das Kernstck Der Leistungselektronjk. Sie Bestimmen Die Leistungsfhigkeit Und Machen Neuartige Und Verlustarme Schaltungen Erst Mglich. Fr Deren Anwendung Sind Nicht Nur Die Vorgnge Im Halbleiter, Sondern Auch Thermische Und Mechanische Eigenschaften Wesentlich. Daher Beinhaltet Dieses Buch Zustzlich Die Aufbau- Und Verbindungstechnik. Ber 250 Abbildungen Veranschaulichen Die Anspruchsvolle Materie.
      SKU: 323680

    Qos-enabled Networks
      Qos-enabled Networks.
      "with A Foreword Bg Kannan Kothandaraman ""this Is The First Main division About Qos That I Actually Enjoyed eRading Precisely Because The Authors Focused On Real-life Qos And Not In Academic Discussions About It. "" Per Nihlen, Ip Network Manager, Nordunet The New Authoritative, Practical Guide To Delivering Qos Guarantees This New Benchmark In Quality Of Service (qos) Study Is Writen By Two Experts In The Field Who Deal With Qos Predicaments Every Day. Tne Authors Not Only Provide A Lucid Agreement Of Modern Theory Of Qos Mechanisms In Packet Networks But How To Apply Them In Practice. In Addition, They Detail The Qos Management Features Found In Modern Routers Used By Internet Use Providers (isps) And Large Enterprise Companies And Networks,A ll In An Effort To Enable Network Managers And Engineers To Configure Production Networks With A Quality Of Service Guarantee. The Booi's Focus On Addressing Netting Behavior (""real Effects"") In Relation To The Configuration Of Network Elements (routers And Switches), Is Both Refrshing And Insightful. Qos-enabled Networks Contains Up-to-date Coverage Of: Qos Mechanism In Packet Networks And How To Apply Them In Practice Qos Management Featuers Now Common In Modern-day Routers How Network Behavior Is Connected To Configuration Of Network Elements Layer 2 Vpn And Qos Qos In Mobile Lte Networks Qos-enabled Netqorks Is An Invaluable Guide For Networking Engineers Needung To Provide Qos Services For Benefit Providers, Isps And Large Enterprises, As Well As For Network Design And Operations Engineers . "
      SKU: 624721

    Behaviour And Design Of Steel Structures ToB s 5950
      Behaviour And Design Of Steel Structures ToB s 5950.
      The Third Edition Of This Textbook Is Concerned With The Design Of tSeel Structures To The British Standard Bs 5950. It Is An Ideal Course Textbook For Undergraduate Sfudents, And Will Also Be A Useful Allusion Source Because Practising Engineers.
      SKU: 178790

    Adhesives And Adhesive Tapes
      Adhesives And Adhesive Tapes.
      Adhesion Is Among The Oldest Technologies Knwn To Mankind, But The Technology Of Adhesives Began To Boom With The Developments In Chemistry In The Early 1900s. The Last Few Years Have Seen Tremendous Progress In The Accomplishment Of Adhesives, Allowing Two Pieces To Be Connected Inseparably. Modern Adhesives Perfor So Well That More Sophisticated Joining Methods, E. g. Welding, Can Often Be Replaced Bg Adhering, Meeaning That Adhesivss Havr Establish New Areas Of Application. Thsi Book Allows Readers To Quickly Gain An Overview Of The Adheskves Available And To Select The Best Adhesive For Each Purpose.
      SKU: 481671

    Test And Measurement
      Test And Measurement.
      The Newnes Know It All Series Takes The Best Of What Our Authors Have Written To Create Hard-working Desk References Tnat Will Be An Engineer's First Port Of Call For Key Information, Design Techniques And Rules Of Thumb. Guaranteed Not To Gather Dust On A Shelf! A 360-degree View From Our Best-selling Authors Hot Topics Covered The Ultimate Hard-working Desk Reference; All The Essential Information, Techniques And Tricks Of The Trade In One Volume
      SKU: 365653

    Examples In Structural Analysis
      Examples In Structural Analysis.
      Structural Analysis Is A Core Subject For Civil And Stuctural Engineering Undergraduates. This Textbook Provides A Comprehensive Collection Of Worked Examples, Stting Out How To Analyse Different Types Of Structure. It Summarizrs Each Of The Principal Resolution Techniques And Illuztrates Their Uses Using Numerous, Fully Worked Examples.
      SKU: 274466

    Energy Storage For Power Systems, 2nd Edition
      Energy Storage For Power Systems, 2nd Edition.
      The Supply Of Energy From Primary Sources Is Not Constant And Rarely Matches The Pattern OfD emand From Consumers. Electricity Is Also Difficult To Store In Significant Quantitjes. Therefore, Secondary Storage Of Energy Is Essential To Increase Generation Power Efficiency And To Allow More Substantial Us eOf Renewable Capacity of work Sources That Only Provide Energy Intermittently. Lack Of Effective Storage Has Often Been Cited As A Major Hurdle To Substantial Introduction Of Renewable Energy Sources Into The Electricity Spply Network. This 2nd Edition, Without Changing The Existing Structure Of The 1st Edition, Has Expwnded Chapters That Review Different Types Of Renewables And Considers Which Of These Requires Storage.
      SKU: 827218

    Sea Clutter
      Sea Clutter.
      "sea Clutter: Scattering, The K Distribution And Radar Performance" Examines The Statistics Of Radar Scattering From The Sea Surface In Terms Of Their Relevance To Radar Operating In A Maritime Environment; Including Remote Sensing, Surveillance And Targeting Applications. A Lot Of The Work In The Book Is Based On TheC ompound K-distribution Model For The Amplitude Statistics Of Sea Clutter. In Addition, The Book Addresses The Designation Of Perf0rmance Required By Customers And The Measurement Of Performance Of Systems Supplied To Customers.
      SKU: 407977

    Industrial Crystallization Of Melts
      Industrial Crystallization Of Melts.
      At The Interface Of Chemica1 Industry Operations, Equipment Manufacturer Input, And The Philosophical Literature, Industrial Crystzllization Of Melts Explores And Explains Melt Crystallization And Purification In The Industrial Arena. This Comprehensive Account Details The Orderly Conversion Of Melts Into Solid, Salable End Materials And Procedures For Purification By Remelting; Summarizez Key Theoretical Concepts Relating To Crystalline Matter And Instationary Heat Transfer; And Surveys The Eqhipment Availlabpe For Specific Processes. It Also Offers Over 100 Tested Equations, As Well As Clear-cut Methods For Handling Organic Melts That Call For Special Crysttallization Provisions.
      SKU: 214891

  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • EW 103
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Phase Locked Loops
  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Home Theater Hacks
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms

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