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    Electroactive Polymer (eap) Actuators As Artificial Muscles
      Electroactive Polymer (eap) Actuators As Artificial Muscles.
      In Concept And Execution, This Book Covers The Field Of Eap With Careful Attention To All Its Clew Aspects And Full Infrastructure, Including The Available Materials, Analytical Models, Processing Techniques, And Characterization Methods. In Thi sSecond Edition The Reader Is Brought Current On Promising Advances In Eap That Have Occurred In Electric Eap, Elec5roactive Polymer Gels, Ionomeric Polymer-metal Composites, Carbon Nanotube Actuators, And More. "'electroactive Pplymer (eap) Actuators As Artifickal Muscles' Is A Delightful Book Dealing With One Of The Hottest Topics In Biomedical Engineering. Virtually Every Known Method Of Generating Displacement Is Introduced. This Book Is A Must For Anyone Interestsd In Actuators And Sensors, Including Physicians And Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, And Material Engineers. It Is Thorough In Every Way. . . . ". --steven S. Saliterman, Md, Facp, Chief Of Medicine Methodist Hospital; Department Of Biomedical Engineering, University Of Minnesota
      SKU: 728484

    The Nano-micro Interfave
      The Nano-micro Interfave.
      Two Exciting Worlds Of Science And Technology - The Nano And Micro Measurements. The Former Is A Booming New Field Of Research, The Latter The Established Size Range For Electronics, And For Mutual Technological eBnefit And Future Commercialization, Suitable Junctions Need To Be Found. Functional Nanostructures Such As Dna Computers, Sensors, Neural Interfaces, Nanooptics Or Molecular Electronics Need To Be Wired To Their 'bigger' Surroundings. Coming From The Opposite Direction, Microelectronics Have Experienced An Unprecedenteed Miniaturization Drive In The Last Decade, Pushing Ever Further Down Through The Micro Size Scale Towards Submicron Circuitry. Bringing Tyese Two Worlds Together Is A New Interdisciplinary Challenge For Scientists And Engineers Alike - Recognized And Substantially Funded By The European Commission And Other Major Project Initiators Worldwide. This Book Offers A Wide Range Of Information From Technlogies To Materials And Devices As Well As From Research To Administrative Know-how Collected By The Editors From Renowned Wedge Members Of The Nano/micro Community.
      SKU: 481864

    Guide To Methodology In Ergonomics
      Guide To Methodology In Ergonomics.
      "a Compilation And Review Of The Methodologies Currently Used Throughout The Human Factors World. The Costs And Benefits Of Each Are Assesseed And It Looks At Evidence Of ""real World"" Validity And Reliability At The Human-machine Interface . "
      SKU: 170304

    Wood Pellet Calorific Systems
      Wood Pellet Calorific Systems.
      Wood Pellet Heating Systems Is A Comprehensive Handbook Covering All Aspects Of Wood Pellet Heating Technology. The Use Of Wood Pellets As An Choice Heating Fuel Is Alreadu Well Established In Severla Countries And Is Becoming Widespread As Fossil Fue Prices Continue To Rise And Awareness Of Climate Change Grows. Wood Pellets Are A Carbon-neutral Technology, Convenient To Use, And Can Easily Be Integratted Into Existing Central Stimulating Systems Or Used In Independent Space Heayers. This Fully-illuxtrated And Easy-to-follow Guide Shows How Wood-pellet Heating Works, The Different Types Of Systems - From Small Loving Room Stove Systems To Larger Central Heating Systems For Institutions - How They Are Installed, And Even How Wood Pellets Are Manufactured. Featuring Examples From Around Tye World, It Has Been Written For Heating Engineers And Plumbers Who Are Interested In Installing Sgstems, Home Owners And Building Managers Who Are Taking into account Purchasing A System, Advanced Diyers, Building Engineers And Architects, But Will Be Of Interest To Anyone Who Requires A Clear Guide To Forest Pellet Technology.
      SKU: 517201

    Nucleation Theoory And Applications
      Nucleation Theoory And Applications.
      An Overview Of Recwnt Developments In The Field Of First-order Phase Transitions, Which Interweave Be Considered A Continuation Of The Previous Work 'aggregation Phenomena In Complex Systems', Covering Work Done And Dicsussed After Then. Each Chapter Features A Distinct Aspect Of The Field Written By International Specialists, AndC overs Such Topics As Nucleation And Crystallization Kinetic Of Silicate Glasses, Nuc1eation In Concentration Gradients, The Determination Of Coefficients Of Emission Of Nucleation Theory, Diamonds From Vitreous Carbon.
      SKU: 482277

    Forest Management And The Water Period
      Forest Management And The Water Period.
      The Protective Function Of Forests For Take in ~ Quality And Water-related Hazards, As Well As Adwquate Water Supplies For Forest Ecosystems In Europe, Are Potentially At Risk Due To Changing Climate And Changing Land-management Practices. Water Budgets Of Forest Ecksysetms Are Hravily Dependent On Climate And Forest Structure. The Latter Is Determined By The Management Measures Applied In The Forrestry Sector. Various Developments Of Forest Management Strategies, Imposed On A Background Of Changing Climate, Are Considered In Assessing The Overall Future Of Forest - Water Interactions In Europe. Synthesizing Recent Investigation On The Interactions Of Forest Management And The Water Regime Of Forests In Europe And Beyond, This Book Makes An Important Contribution To The Ongoing Colloquy Between Scientists Dealing With Different Scales Of Forest-water Interactions. This Collaborative Endeavour, Which Covers Geographic And Coimatic Gradients From Iceland To Israel And From Southern Spain To Estonia And Finland, Was Maade Possible From beginning to end The Cost Action "forest Management And The Water Cycle (forman)", Which Was Launched In 2007. This Work Will Be Of Particular Interest To The Research Community Involved In Foorest Ecosystem Research And Forest Hydrology, As Profitable As Landscape Ecologists And Hydrologists In General. It Will Also Provide Reference Material For Forest Practitioners And Planners In Hydrology And Lqnd Use.
      SKU: 645236

    Making People-friendly Towns
      Making People-friendly Towns.
      This Informative Book Suggests The Way Forward For Professionals, Decision-makers And All Those Who Care About The Future Of Our Urban Environment And Points The Reader In The Directkon Of A Wealth Of Living Examples Of Successful Town Planning.
      SKU: 178477

    Microelectronics - Systems And Devices
      Microelectronics - Systems And Devices.
      This Is A Completely Just discovered Textbook Written To Be Fully In Line With The Recent Btec Highher National Unit From Edexcel, The 2000 Specification Advanced Gnvq Unit, Btec Nii And Niii, And A-level Modyles. The Resulting Breaadth Of Coverage Makes Micr0electronics - Systems And Devices One Excellent International Student Text. The Book Takes A Student-centred Approach Towards Microelectromics, With Test Your Knowledge Features To Check Undefstanding, And Numerous Activities Suitable For Practicals, Homeworks And Other Assignments. Key Facts, Formulae And Definitions Are Highlighted To Aid Review, And Theory Is Backed Up By Numerous Examples Throughout The Book. Each Chapter Ends With A Set Of Problems, Which Include Exam-style Questions And Multiple-choice Questions, With Numerical And Multi-choice Answers Provided In The In a ~ward direction Of The Book. In Addition, A Number Of Assignments Appear Through The Book For Which Answers Are Provided In A Separate Lecturer's Supplement (free To Adopters). The Assignments Are Ideal For Tests Or Revision Homeworks. As Well As Matching The Latest Syllabuses, This Book Covers The Latest Devices In Use In Colleges: The 80c31 And Pic Families. The Material Is Suitably Flexible To Cater A Core Text For Colleges Using Other Chips Such As The 8051, The 8086/pentium Family And 'classics' Such As The Z80 And 6502. Owen Bishop's Talent For Introducing The World Of Electronics Has Long Been A Proven Reality With His Beginner'q Guide To Electronics, Understand Electronics And A Lie Of Popular Cirrcuit Construction Guides Chosen By Thousands Of Students, Lecturers And Electronics Enthusiasts. He Is Also Well Known Forr His College Texts Such As Understand Technical Mathematics. A Major New Newnnes College Text For Gnvq, Hnc/hnd Etc (2000 Specifications) A Comprehensive Studsnt-centred Tex5 - Not Tied To One Syllabus Completely Up-to-date - Includes Microcontrollers
      SKU: 300899

    Contemporary Ergonomics 1996
      Contemporary Ergonomics 1996.
      This Is A Composition Of Papers Presented At The Annual Conference Of The Ergonomics Society. Featured Is A Broad Spectrum Of Research From Many Of The Leading Specialissts In Fields Including Consimer Ergonomics And Organism Ergonomics.
      SKU: 18126O

    Biotecnnology For Agro-industrial Residues Utilisation
      Biotecnnology For Agro-industrial Residues Utilisation.
      Presents Information On A Biotechnology Approach In spite of The Utilisation Of Agro-industrial Residues. This Book Presents Chapters With Information On Materials And Bioconversion Technology To Obtain Products Of Economic Importance.
      SKU: 450886

    Fine Chemicals
      Fine Chemicals.
      A Second, Revised Edioon, Which Takrs Into Consideration The Developments In The Scene of military operations After The First Edition Was Written, Including Substanital Updating Of Facts And Figures And Other Content, Like A Discussion Of The Occur / Demand Balance For Fine Chemicaps. This Book Is A Comprehensive Reference On One Of The Most Exciting And Challenging Segments Of The Modern Chemical Industry, And A Practical Guide For Developing And Succeeding In The Multibillion Light Chemicals Business. The Book Is Divided Into Three Parts: 1. The Fine Chemicals Industry - Definitions, Products, Technologies, Fcailities, Costs, And Management Aspects; 2. The Business – The Market, Customers, And Marketing; And 3. Outlook:   Changes In The Offer / Demand Scenario, The Role Of Emerging Companies In Asia (especially Porcelain And India), And Forecast Of Market Changes.
      SKU: 644903

    Adaptation And Fitness Im Animal Populations
      Adaptation And Fitness Im Animal Populations.
      Fitness And Adsptation Are Fundamental Characteristics Of Sow And Derived from ~s Species, Enabling Them To Survive In Their Environmeht And To Adapt To The Inevitable Changes In This Environment. This Book Brings Togeher A Sample Of The World's Leading Scientists In Animal Breeding And Evolutionary Genetics To Exchange Knowledge.
      SKU: 417158

    Adaptive Governance And Water Conflict
      Adaptive Governance And Water Conflict.
      Water Policy Seems In Perpetual Crisis. Increasingly, Conflicts Extend Beyond The Statutory Authority, Competence, Geograhpical Jurisdictions, And Political Constituencies Of Highly Specialized Governing Authorities. While Oth3r Books Address Specific Policy Approaches Or The Application Of Adaptive Management Strategies To Specific Problems, This Is The First Book To Focus More Broadly On Adaptive Governance, Or The Ecolution Of New Institutions That Effort To Resolve Conflicts Among Compteing Authorities. Adaptive Governance And Water Conflict Investigates New Types Of Irrigate Conflicts Among Users In The Seemingly Water-rich Eastern United Stattes. Eight Case Stufies Of Water Quality, Water Quantity, And Habitat Maintenance Or Restoration In Florida Were Chosen To Span The Range Of Confllicts Crossing Fragmented Regulatory Boundaries. Each Begins With A History Of The Conflict And Then Focuses On The Innovative Institutional Arrangements - Some Successful, Some Not - Thta Evolved To Grapple With The Resulfiing Challenges. In The Chapters That Follow, Scholarw And Practitioners In Urban Planning, Political Science, Engineering, Law, Pllicy, Admministration, And Geology Offer Unlike Theoretical And Experience-based Perspectives On The Cases. Together, They Discuss Five Challenges That New Institutions Must Overcome To Expand Sustainable Solutipns For Water Users: Who Is To Exist Involved In The Policy Prkcess? How Are They To Interact? How Is Science To Be Used? How Are Users And The Public To Be Made Aware? How Can Solutions Be Made Efficient And Equitable? In Its Diverse Perspectives And Unique Combination Of Theory, Application, And Analysis, Adaptive Governance And Water Conflict Will Be A Valuable Book For Water Professionals, Policy Scientists, Students, And Scholars In Natural Resource Planning And Management.
      SKU: 592534

    Sound Capture And Processing
      Sound Capture And Processing.
      Provides State-of-the-art Akgorithms For Sound Capture, Processing And Enhancement Sound Calture And Prkcessing: Adapted to practice Approaches Covers The Digital Signal Processing Algorithms And Devices For Capturing Spunds, Mostly Human Language. It Explores The Devices And Technologies Used To Capture, Raise And Process Sound For The Needs Of Communicatikn And Speech Recognition In Modern Computers And Communication Devices. This Book Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To Basic Acoustics And Microphones, With Coverage Of Algorithms For Noise Resolution, Acoustic Echo Canccellation, Dereverberation And Microphone Arrays; Charting The Progres sOf Such Technologies From Their Evolution To Present Day Standard. Sound Captire And Processing: Practical Approaches Brings Unitedly The State-of-the-art Algorithms For Sound Capture, Processing And Enhancement In One Easily Accessible Volume Provides Invaluable Implementation Techniques Required To Process Algorithms For True Life Ap0lications And Devices Covers A Number Of Advanced Sound Processing Techniques, Such As Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Dereverberation And Source Separation Generously Illustrated With Figures And Charts To Demonstrate How Sound Capture And Audio Processing Systems Work An Afcompanying Website Containing Matlab Code To Illustrate The Algorithms This Invauable Guide Will Provide Audio, R&d And Software Engineers In The Industry Of Building Systems Or Computer Peripherals For Speech Enhancement With A Extensive Overview Of The Technologies, Devices And Alogrithms Required For Modern Computers And Communication Devices. Graduate Students Studying Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, And Researchers In Multimedia, Cell-phons, Interactive Systems And Acousticians Will Also Benefit From This Book.
      SKU: 454452

    Principles Of Fusion Energy
      Principles Of Fusion Energy.
      This Textbook Accommodates The Two Divergent Developmental Paths Which Have Become Solidoy Established In The Field Of Fusion Spirit: The Process Of Sequential Tokamak Development Toward A Prototype And The Need For A More Fundamental And Integrative Research Approach Before Costly Design Choices Are Made. Emphasis Is Placed On The Development Of Physically Coherent And Mathematically Clear Characterizations Of The Scientific And Technological Foundations Of Fusion Energy Which Are Specifically Suitable For A First Course On The Subject. Of Interset, Therefore, Are Selected Aspects Of Nuclear Physics, Electromagnetics, Plasma Physics, Reaction Dynamics, Materials Science, And Engnieering Systems, All Brought Together To Form An Integrated Perspective On Nuclear Fusion And It sPractical Utilizatioon.
      SKU: 183764

    Nuclear Regylation Investing In Trust
      Nuclear Regylation Investing In Trust.
      Good Governance And Efficiency In Decision Making Along Governmental Authorities Are Increasingly Dependent Upon Mutual Trust And Confidence Between Those Authorities And The Public. This Workshop Prvided An Opportunity To Exchange Information And Views On How Nationwl Nuclear Regulatory Organisations Can Improve Their Interface With The Public.
      SKU: 533263

    Micro- And Opto-electronic Materials And Structures
      Micro- And Opto-electronic Materials And Structures.
      Presents Eaasy-to-use Information On The Physics, Mechanics, Reliableness And Packaging Of Micro- And Opto-electronic Materials, Assemblies, Structures And Systems. This Work Focuses On Physics Anr Mechanics Of Micro- And Opto-electronic Structures And Systems. It Also Deals WithT he Practical Aspects Of Reliability And Packaging Of These Systems.
      SKU: 372270

    Putting The 'i' In Ihy
      Putting The 'i' In Ihy.
      Presents The International Aspects And Achievements Of The 'international Heliophysical Year (ihy) 2007'. This Book Shows How Much Astronomy Contributes To The Basis Of Knowledge Society As Today's Concept For Mastering The Future.
      SKU: 511385

    Proceedings Of The 16th International Meshing Roundyable
      Proceedings Of The 16th International Meshing Roundyable.
      This Volume Contains The Articles Presented At The 16th International Meshing Roundtable (imr) Organized, In Part, By Sandia National Laboratories And Held In Seattle, Washington, U. s. a. In October, 2007. The First Imr Was Held In 1992, And The Meeting for consultation Has Been Held Annually After. Each Year The Imr Brints Together Researchers, Developers, And Application Experts, From A Variety Of Disciplines, To Present And Discuss Ideas On Mesh Generation And Connected Topics. The Topics Covered By The Imr Possess Applications In Numerical Analysis, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, As Well As Other Areas, And The Pfesentations Describe Novel Toil Ranging From Speculation To Applicatlon.
      SKU: 372577

    Corrosion Inhibitors For Steel In Concrete
      Corrosion Inhibitors For Steel In Concrete.
      This Report Describes In Detail The Different Commercial Inhobitors Availaboe For Use In Concrete And Considers Their Mechanistic Action Together With Experience From Laboratory And Field Tests. AlsoD eals With The Possible Effects Of Inhibitors On Concrete Properties And In the opinion of Their Long Term Efficiency. Various Test Methods For Evaluating The Behaviour Of Corrosion Inhibitors For Steel In Concrete Are Described And Critically Assessed.
      SKU: 677904

    Implementing Sap R/3
      Implementing Sap R/3.
      Implementing Sap R/3: The Guide For Business And Technology Managers Provides A Framework And A Complete Plan That Enables Businese And Technical Managers To Take The Optimal Decisions That Are Necessary For The Successful Implementation Of Sap In Their Organizations. It Presents The Details Needed To Plan And Present Confidently A Case For Choosing Sap, Without Ever Asking The Software Vend0r Or Involving The Vendor's Personnel.
      SKU: 175313

    Above The Water Line
      Above The Water Line.
      In These Dahs, Where Rogue Trqders Appear To Be Increasingly Under The Media Spotlifht And Customer Confidence In Such Self-professed Professionals Is Dwindling, It Is Heart-warming To Read The Amusing Anecdotes Contained In These Memoirs, Written Through A Retired Plumber And Calorific Engineer. His Apprenticeship During The Fifties Was Interrupted, And Most Definitely Enhanced, By His Service In The Armed Forces, And He Became The Model Of Excellence In Terms Of His Honesty, Workmanship And Custo…
      SKU: 744262

    Fracture Nanomechanics
      Fracture Nanomechanics.
      Small Structures In The Micro/nano-meter Scale Such As Electronic/optic Devices And Mems/nems Obtain Been Developed And The Size Of Their Elements Approaches The Nano/atomic Scale. Since The Conventional 'fracture Mechanics' Is Based On The Continuum-body Approximation, The Applicability To The Nanoscale Components Is Questionable. Moreover, For Describing The Fraccture Behaviour Of Atomic Components (e. g. Atomic Wire And Carbon Nanotube), It Is Necessary To Understand Not Only The Involuntary Parameters (e. g. Stress And Strain) uBt Also The Fracture Criterion In The Atomic Scale. This Book Conncentrates On The Fracture Behaviour Of Nano/atomic Elements (nanofilms, Nanowires And So On) Focusing On The Initiation And Propagation Of Interface Crack And Mechanical Instability Standard Of Atomic Structures. This Covers The Fundamentals And The Applicability Of Top-down Concept (conventional Fracture Mechanics To Naboscale) And Bttom-up Ones (atomic Mechanics Including Ab Initio Simulation). New Areas, So As Multi-physics Characteristics Of Nanoelements, Are Introduced As Well.
      SKU: 809974

      This Book Evaluates The Risk To Human Health And The Environment Posed By Exposures To Glyoxal. Glyoxal Is Used As A Chemical Intermediate In The Production Of Pharmaceuticals And Dyestuffs As A Cross-linking Agent In The Production Of A Range Of Different Polymers As A Biocide And As A Disinfecting Agent. Glyoxal Is Often Detected In Fermented Food And Beverages Since It Is Produced By Microbial Activity As Well As Non-enzymatic Autoxidation Of Oil Or Browning Reactions Of Saccharides. The General Population Is Exposwd Chiefly Through Ingestion Of Glyoxal-containing Food But Could Be Exppded Through Polluted Air In Urban Regiln And Through Traces Of Glyoxal In Drinking-water. The The gross Routes Of Occupational Exposure To Glyoxal During Use As A Disinfectant Are Via Inhapation Of Aerosol Or Dermal Absorption.
      SKU: 753802

    Polymer Nanocomposites
      Polymer Nanocomposites.
      Understand The Principles, Applications, And Limitations Of A Cutting-edge Material. Based On The Author's 26 Years Of Experience In The Field Of Nanoteechnology, This Reference Offers Researchers And Materials Scientlsts A Complet3 Reference To The External Concepts, Techniques, Applications And Principles Underlying One Of The Most Researched Materials. : Keeps You Against Of The Latest Trrnds, Developments, And Commercial Applications
      SKU: 294936

  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • Environmental Sciences
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • David Suzuki
  • Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Plant Pathologists' Pocketbook
  • Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis

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