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    Electromagnetic Environments And Health In Buildings
      Electromagnetic Environments And Health In Buildings.
      Electromagnetic Environments And Health In Builldings Brings Together The Work Of An International Group Of Specialists In This Fragmented Subject Area. The Book Covers Health Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields, Emission Standards And Offers Some
      SKU: 198573

    Protection Of Built Environment Against Earthquakes
      Protection Of Built Environment Against Earthquakes.
      Observed High Losses Throughout The World Indicate That The Risk Due To Earthquake Hazard Is Still High And That It May Even Increase Due To Rapid Population Advancement In The Urban Areas And Ageing Process Of Build Environment. Therefore It Is Self-~ To Further Develop Methods, Techniques And Tools To Achieve More Accurate Design And Better Preparedness, Which Are The Key Elements For Prosperous Protecction Of Build Environment Agaiibst Earthquakes. In Order To Contribute To The Solution Of The Described Issue The Instit8te Of Structural Engineering, Erthquake Engineering And Construction I5 Organized An International Workshop On Protection Of Build Environment Against Earthquakes WhichT ook Place On Aigust 27 And 28, 2010, In Ljubljana, Slovenia. This Book Is The Result Of The Aforementioned Event And The Move Of Additional Researchers That Were Invited To Contribute Chapters. The Work Is In Organized In Two Parts, The First Part Contains Six Chapters Addressing The Seismic Hazard, Earthquake Models And Ground Motions, While The Second Part Consists Of Twelve Chapters And Addresses Seismoc Performance Assessment Methods, Risk Ahalysis And Design Procedures Of Structures.
      SKU: 770099

    User-centered Interaction Design Patterns Toward Interactive Digital Television Applications
      User-centered Interaction Design Patterns Toward Interactive Digital Television Applications.
      When A New Technology - Such As Interactive Digital Television - Is Introduced To A Wider Audience, Ease Of Use Is Often Critical To Success. By Focusing On These Usability Issues With The Aim Of Supporting User Acceptance For Interactive Tv, Tibor Kunert Provides Clear Guidelines For Designing The User Interfaces On Interactive Tv Applications. This Guidance Is Presented In The Form Of Design Patterns, And A New Approach Is Proposed That Helps Designers And Developers To Explore Design Alternatives And To Evaluate The Trade-offs That Need To Be Made In Order To Maximise Usability. The 42 Design Patterns Containing 185 Guidelines Provide Comprehensive And Empieically-validated Guidance For Designing Interactive Tv User Interfaces. A Pattern Language Is Developed Which Can Be Used For Designing Specific Applications, For Endurinb Usability, And For Defining Corporate Style Guidelines And Developing Application Templates That Help Streamline The Process Of Production.
      SKU: 602873

    Canonical Problems In Scattering And Possible Theory Part Ii
      Canonical Problems In Scattering And Possible Theory Part Ii.
      This Secod Volume In A Two-part Set Develops The Approach Given In The First Volume To Analyze The Diffraction Of Acoustic And Epectromangetic Waves From Several Classes Of Open Structures With Edges Or Cavities. The Approach Is Based On Transformations Connected With Abel's Whole Equation To Invert A Singular Part Of The Operator Defining The
      SKU: 262272

    Modelling Distributed Control Systems Using Iec 61499
      Modelling Distributed Control Systems Using Iec 61499.
      New Technologies And Standards Are Emerging Which Will Have A Dramatic Effect On The Design And Implementation Of Coming events Industrial Control Systems. Plcs And Pc-based Soft Controplers Are Beginning To Use Software Components, Such As Object-oriented Technology, To Bring Simultaneously The Hitherto Different Worlds Of Factory Automation And Buskness Systems. Nea Tools And Techniques Are Needed To Design And Model These Systems, Such As Uml And Modern Fieldbus Technology. The New Iec 61499 Standard Has Been Developed Specifically To Model Distributed Control Systems, Defining Concepts And Models So That Software In The From Of Function Blocks Can Be Interconnected To Define The Behavior Of A Distributed Control System. Tools Based On Iec 61499 Are Likely To Emerge Soon To Model, Valdate And Simulate The Behaviour Of Complicated Networks Of Function Blocks And It Is Expected That This Standard Wull Become Key To ComplexD istributed Systems.
      SKU: 4088222

    Manipulation And Expression Of Recombinant Dna
      Manipulation And Expression Of Recombinant Dna.
      "this Manual Is An Necessary Tool For Introducing Advancwd Undergraduates And Beginning Graduate Students To The Techniiques Of Recombinant Dna Technology, Or Gene Cloning And Expression. The Techniques Used In Basic Research And Biotechnology Laboratories Are Covered In Detail. Students Gain Hands-on Experience From Start To Fiinish In Subcloning A Gene Into An Expression Vector, Through Purification Of The Recombinant Proteln. The Approve Edition Has Been Completely Re-written, With New Laboratory Exercise sAnd All New Illustrations And Text, Designed For A Typical 15-week Semester, Rather Than A 4-week Intensive Pursue. The Project Approach To Experiments Was Maintained: Students Still Follow A Cloning Project Through To Completion, Culminating In The Purification Of Recombinant Protein. It Takes Superiority Of The Enhanced Green Fluorescent Proteinstudents Can Actually Visualize Positive Clones Following Iptg Induction. *cover Basic Concepts And Techniques Used In Molevular Biology Research Labs *student-tested Labs Proven Successful In A Real Clawsroom Laboratories *exercises Simulate A Cloning Project That Would Be Performed In A Real Research Lab *""project"" Approach To Experiments Gives Students An Overview Of The Entire Process *prep-list Appendix Contains Necessary Recipes And Catalog Numbers Providing Staff With Detailed Instructions"
      SKU: 269589

    Monoclonal Antibody Technology
      Monoclonal Antibody Technology.
      This oVlume Contains Detailed, Comprehensive Advice On Rat, Mouse And Human Hybridoma Production. It Begins iWth A General Introduction, Therefore Describes The Practical Applications Of The Technology With Photographs And Protocols For Everything From Animal Dissection To Epitope Analysis Of Antigens.
      SKU: 404661

    Tribology And Design
      Tribology And Design.
      The Tribology And Design Conference Explores The Role Of Technology And Design In The Broader Sense. It Brings Together Colleagues From Distinct Disciplines Interested In Problems Of Surface Interaction And Designn. The Applications Covered Range From Geomechanics To Nano Problems And From Sustainability Issues To Advanced Materials. It Has Never Been So Important For The Designer To Consider Product And System Durability In Relation To Reliability And Sustainability Issues. The Topics For Discussion Also Cover Studies Of Tribology In Nature And How The Resulting Lesosns Can Be Applied By The Designers. Another Important Theme Is The Application Of Tribology In Biomechanics, A Field In Which Sutface Mechanics In General Is Of Fundamental Importance. This Book Contains The Papers Presented At The Third International Conference, Arranged Into The Following Subject Areas: Design Tools; Test Methods; Surface Engineering; Tribology Under Extreme Conditions; Surface Measurements & Lubrication.
      SKU: 585000

    Aided Navigation
      Aided Navigation.
      Design Cutting-edge Aided Navigation Systems oFr Advanced Commercial & Military Applications. Aided Nagigation Is A Design-oriented T3xtbook And Guide To Building Aided Navigation Systems For Suffer Cars, Precision Farming Vehicles, Smart Weapons, Unmanned Aircraft, Mobile Robots, And Other Advanced Applifations. The Navigation Guide Contains Two Parts Ezplaining The Essential Theory, Concepts, And Tokls, As Well As The Methodology In Aided Navigation Case Studies Attending Sufficiebt Detail To Serve As The Basis Because Application-oriented Analysis And Design. Filled With Detailed Illustrations And Examples, This Expert Design Tool Takes You Step-by-step Through Coordinate Systems, Deterministic And Stochastic Modeling, Optimal Estimation, And Navigtaion A whole Project. Authoritative And Comprehensive, Aided Navigation Features: End-of-chapter Exercises Throughout Part I; In-depth Case Studies Of Aided Navigation Systems; Numerous Matkab-based Examples; Appendices Define Notation, Review Linear Algebra, And Discuss Gps Receiver Interfacing; Source Code And Sensor DataT o Support Examples Is Available Through The Publisher-supported Website. Inside This Complete Guide To Designing Aided Navigation Systems Aided Navigayion Theory: Inteoduction To Aided Navigation Coordinate Systems Deterministic Modeling Stochastic Modeling Optimal Estimation Navigation System Design Navigation Case Studies: Global Positioning System (gps) Gps-aided Encoder Attitude Adn Heading Reference System Gps-aided Inertial Navigation System (ins) Aocustic Ranging And Doppler-aided Ins
      SKU: 347556

    Rf And Microwave Power Amplifier Design
      Rf And Microwave Power Amplifier Design.
      This Is A Rigorous Tutorial Attached Radio Frequency And Microwave Power Amplifier Design, Teaching The Circuit Design Techniques That Form The Microelectronic Backbones Of Modern Wifeless Communications Systems. Suitable For Self-study, Corporate Training, Or Senior/graduate Classroom Use, The Book Combines Analytical Calculations And Computer-aided Sketch Techniques To Arm Elecrtonic Engineers With Every Possible Method To Amend Their Designs And Sho5ten Their Desig Time Cycles.
      SKU: 763000

    Multiple Stressors
      Multiple Stressors.
      This Workshop Proceedings Aims To Address The Complex Issue Of Multiple Stressors (pollutants) In The Environment. This Is Becoming A Major Issue Now That Virtually Every Region Of The World Is Polluted. This Is Real Even Of "pristine" Arctic Environments Where There Are No Humans, Because Chemicals And Radiation Circulate Globally, Do Not Respect International Bounearies And Accumulate In Animals, Plants And Soils Everywhere. There Are Huge Problems, Both Philosophical And Politico-legal In Managing Multiple Pollution. These Range From Issues With Icentifying Cause In The Legal Sense, When Cause May Be Multifactorial, To Issues With Understahding Thhe Subtke Interplay Of Pollutants At The Biological Level. The Scope Of The Workshop Was Therefore Vwry Wide nAd Multiple Diaciplines Were Represented, Including Economists, Lawyers, And Ethicists In Accession To Scientists. Among The Scientists, There Was A Careful Blend Of Those Dealing With The Practical Problems On The Ground, And The More Theoretical People Who Want To Understand The Mechanisms Of Interactions Betweem Various Pollutants Especially When All Are By Themselves Present At Sub-toxic Concentrations. The Aim Of The Workshop Was To Try To Identify The Issues And To Propose A Way Advance Which Could At Least Start To Address The Issues In A Logical Way.
      SKU: 338536

    Wireless Networking Based Control
      Wireless Networking Based Control.
      This Book Will Have A Broad Appeal In The Area Of Wireless Networking-based Control. Various Engineering Disci0lines, Control And Communication Science Organizations Will Be Interested In Purchasng The Book With A New, Emerging, And Important Theme. Also, Industry Such As Honeywell And Those (e. g. Power Indutry, Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry) Interested In Implementing Wireless Network Control To Express Concern In Purchasing This Book.
      SKU: 646319

    Egg Bioscience And Biotechnology
      Egg Bioscience And Biotechnology.
      Egg Bioscience And Biotechnology Provides A Very Focused Look At The Most Recent Advances In The Study And Value-added Use Of The Bioactive Components Of Eggs. This Book Focuses Mainly On Biologically Active Substances Derived From Egg Components And Their Potential Use. These Include Subsfances With Anti-microbial, Anti-adhesive, Immunomodulatory, Anti-cancer, Anti-hypertensive, And Anti-oxidant Properties.
      SKU: 3357066

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Xp In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows Xp In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book Sams Teach Yoursel Windows Xp In 24 Hours Is Dexigned To Teach The New Windows Xp User How To Get The Most Out Of A Desktop Computer. It Also Provides Additional Coverage For The Experienced Windows User Who Wants To Learn More About What's New In Windows Xp. The Book Includes Extensive Coverage Of Windows Xp's New Features, Including: Adapting To Windows Xp's New User Interface And Enhanced Reliability And Manageabi1ity Browsing The Web With Internet Explorer 6 Setting Up Windows Xp's Enhanced Wireless And Home Networking Features Playing Mp3s And Streaming Media Files With Windows Media Player 8 Editing Digital Video Upon Windows Movie Maker 1. 1
      SKU: 194512

    Maxwell Equations And The Principles Of Electromagnetism
      Maxwell Equations And The Principles Of Electromagnetism.
      Designed For Upper Division Electromagnetism Courses Or As A Reference For Electrical Engineers And Scientists, This Book Introduces Maxwell's Equations And Electromagnetic Waves As Soon As Possible (i. e. , In The First Third Of The Book), And Then Goes On To Discuss Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Induction, Etc. , In The Light Of Those Equations. The Book Also Provides A Thorough Discussion Of Vector Field Theory Which Emphasizes The Rotational Invariance Of The Dot And Cross Products, Together With Div, Grad, And Curl, And Thus Gives A Clear Physical Motivation For The Use Of Those Constructs To Describe Electric And Magnetic Fields. Unlike Many Competing Books, Maxwell's Equations & The Principles Of Electrlmagnetism Covers Topics Such As Advanced Potentials, Retarded Fields, Forces On Dielect5ic Liquids, Antenna Science, And Faraday Rotation.
      SKU: 327500

    Signal Analyssi
      Signal Analyssi.
      Offers A Well-rounded, Mathematical Approach To Problems In Eminent Interpretation Using The Latest Time, Frequency, And Mixed-domain Methods Equally Useful As A Reference, An Up-to-date Review, A Learning Tool, And A Resorce For Signal Analysis Techniquws Provides A Gradual Introduction To The Mathematics So That The Less Mathematically Adept Reader Will Not Be Overwhelmed With Instant Hard Analysis Covers Hilbert Spaces, Complex Analysis, Distributions, Random Signals, Analog Fourier Transforms, And More
      SKU: 184985

    Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks And Adsorbing Materialx
      Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks And Adsorbing Materialx.
      Hypercrosslinked Network Polymers Present A New Class Of Polymeric Materials With Very Wide Appliance Possibilities, Including Adsorption Technology, Ion Exchange, Hplc, Analytical Chemistry, Nanotechnology (nanocomposites), Medical Polymers Firs Book Describing The Theory, Practice Of Preparation And Use Of Polymeric Adsorbing Materials With The Emphasis On New Hypercroswlinked Polystyrene-type Polymers Written By The Originators Of The Concept Of Hypercrosslinked Polymers Compounded Phenomena Are Explained By Appealing To Common Sense, Analogies And Well-known Effects, Rather Than Complex Mathematical Treatment And Computer Modelling Reviews Many Russian, German And Even Czech Language Publications Contains Large Experimental Data In The Make Of Figures And Tables   
      SKU: 616911

    The Encyclopedia Of Work-related Illnesses, Injuries And Health Issues
      The Encyclopedia Of Work-related Illnesses, Injuries And Health Issues.
      The Encyclopedia Of Work-related Illnesses, Injuries, And Health Issues Is A Total Reference To The Relationship Between Individual Health And The Workplace And The Rights Of Employees. There Is No Other Book Relish This That Offers The Depth Of Coverage And Unique Insights Related To The Topic. The Book Explains The Issues In High-risk Industries Such As Consstruction, Mining, And Farming, And It Explains The Factors Affecting Industries Such As Hospitals And Groceries Where The Risk Of Nonfatal Hurt Is A Serious Menace. Covering Stress And Health Concerns Unique To The Modern Office, Such As Carpal Tunnel Syndrome And Sick Building Syndrome, The Book Also Discusses Child Labor Laws, Workmen's Compensation, Ajd Health Insurance. Appendixes Include A Bibliography And Directory Of Resources.
      SKU: 291158

    Zeolites And Catalysis
      Zeolites And Catalysis.
      "this Indispensable Two-volume Handbook Covers Everything On This Hot Research Field. The First Part Deals With Thr Synthesis, Form, Characterizatino And Application Of Catalytic Active Zeolites, Under which circumstances The Second Focuses On Like Reaction Types As Cracking, Hydrocracking, Isomerization, Reforming And Other Idnustrially Weighty Topics. Edited By A Highly Experience And Internationally Renowned Team With Chapters Written By The ""who's Whp"" Of Zeolite Research. "
      SKU: 540115

    Postharvest Diseases Of Fruits And Vegetables
      Postharvest Diseases Of Fruits And Vegetables.
      Focusing Steady The Gdeat Variety Of Research Being Done In The Field Of Postharvest Pathology, This Volume Presents A Collection Of Topics Conceening The Diseases Of Harvested Fruits And Vegetables. Each Chapter Represents A Separate Unit Which Taken Together Create A Better Understanding Of The All Sugject. Topkcs Include The Causal Agents Of Postharvest Diseases Of Fruits And Vegetables, Their Sources And Their Ways Of Penetration Into The Host; Factors That May Accelerate The Development Of The Pathogen In The Host - And Those That Suppress Them; A List Of The Main Pathogens Of Fruits And Vegetables, Their Hosts And The Diseases Elicited By Them; And A Detailed Descri;tion Of The Mjor Diseases Of Selected Groups Of Fruits And Solanaceous Vegetable Fruits. Attack Mechanisms Of Pathogens And Defense Mechanisms Of The Hosf Are Examined As Are Treatments Aimed At Suppressing Postharvest Diseases. The Search For Natural And Safe Chemicql Compounds And The Variety Of Choice Physical And Biological Methods For Use In Pos5harvest Diseasw Control Are Emphasized. Teachers And Students Who Focus On Postharvsst Pathology, Scientists In Research Institutes, Companiee Dealing By the side of Fruit And Vegetable Preservation Technologies And For All Those Striving To Improve The Quality Of Harvested Fruits And Vegetables Will Find This Book Of Magnanimous Interest.
      SKU: 330129

    Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours
      Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours.
      Full Color!   In Just 24 Sessiosn Of One Hour Or Less, Learn How To Build Powerful Applications For The Worlc’s First Finish, Open, And Free Mobile Platform: Android. Using This Book’s Straightforward, Step-by-step Approach, You’ll Build A Fully-featured Android Application From The Ground Up And Master The Skills You Need To Design, Develop, Test, And Publish Efficacious Applications. Each Lesson Builds On What You’ve Already Learned, Giving You A Rock-solid Foundation For Real-world Success!   Step-by-step Instructions Carefully Walk You Through The Most Common Android Evolution Tasks. Quizzes And Exercises At Tue End Of Each Chapter Help You Test Your Knowledge. By The Way Notes Present Interesting Information Related To The Discussion. Did You Know? Tips Offer Advice Or Show You Easier Ways To Perform Tasks. Watch Out! Cautions Alert You To Possible Problems And Give You Advice On How To Avoid Them.   Learn How To… Devlop Android Applications Quickly And Successfully With Java Master Google’s Android Sdk And Unfolding Tools Leverage The Eclipse Programming Environment To Develop Android Projects Understand The Android Application Lifecycle Build Effective, User-friendly User Interfaces Retrieve, Supply, And Work With Application Data Develop Powerful Network Applications Ad Popular Social Features And Location-based Services To Your Applictaipns Take Advantage Of Android Device Hardware Like The Camera Internationalize, Test, And Publish Your Android Applications
      SKU: 537615

    Fundamentals Of Structural Stability
      Fundamentals Of Structural Stability.
      The Ability Of A Structural Assembly To Carry Loads And Forces Determines How Stable It Power of determination Be Over Tim. e Viewing Structural Assemblages As Comprising Columns, Beams, Arches, Rings, And Plates, This Book Will Introduce The Student To Both A Classical And Advaned Understanding Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Such Structural Systems Under Load And How Modelin The Resulting Strains Can Predict The Overall Future Performancethe Stabilityof That Structure. While Covering Traditional Beam Theory, The Book Is More Focused On Elastica Theory In Keeping With Modern Approaches. This Text Will Be An Expanded And Updated Translation A Similar, Previously Published Book, But With Pedagogical Improvements And Updated Analytical Methods. This Engineering Textbook Will Provide A Focused Treatment On The Study Of How Structures Behave And Perform When Under Stress Loading, Including Plastic Deformation And Buckling. All Advanced Engineering Students Studying Engineering Mechanics, Structural Analysis And Design, Fatigue And Failure, And Other Related Subjects Need To Have This Knowledge, And This Book Will Provide It In A Thorough And Coherent Way. Written By Two Of The World's Leading Engineering Professors In This Subject Area, The Pedagogy Has Been Classroom-tested Over Many Years And Should Find A Receptive Readership Among Both Students And Insteuctors. * An Understandable Introduction To The Science Of Strudtural Stability, Useful For A Wide Variety Of Engineering Disciplines, Including Mechanical, Civil And Aerospace Engineering * Covers Both Static And Dynamic Loads, For Both Conservative And Nonconservative Sysetms * Emphasizes Elastic Behavior Under Loads, Including Verticall Buckling, Torsional Buckling And Nonlinear Affects Of Structural System Buckling And Stability * Case Examples To Illustrate Real-world Applications Of Stability Theory
      SKU: 334027

    Enzymes In Industry
      Enzymes In Industry.
      "leading Experts From All Over The World Present An Overview Of The Use Of Enzymes In Industry For: The Production Of Majority Products, Such As Glucose, Or Fructose Food Processing And Food Analysis Laundry And Automatic Dishwashing Detergents The Textile, Pulp And Paper And Animal Feed Industries Clinical Diagnosis And Theerapy Genetic Engineering. The Book Alsi Covers Identification Methods Of New Enzymes And The Optimization Of Known Ones, As Well As The Regulatory Aspects For Their Use In Industrial Applications. Up-to-date And Wide In Scope, This Is A Chance For Non-specialists To Acquaint Themselves With This Rapidly Increasing Field. "". . . the Quality. . . is Stand still Great That There Is No Hesitation In Recommending It As Ideal Reading For Any Stuent Requiring An Introduction To Enzymes. . . . Enzymes In Industry - Should Overlook A Place In Any Library, Pertaining Or Academic, Where It Will Be Frequently Used. "" — The Genetic Engineer And Biotechnologist"
      SKU: 481889

    Optics Of Biological Particles
      Optics Of Biological Particles.
      Covers The Optics Of Single Biological Particles, Both Theory And Experiment, With Emphassis On Elastic Light Scattering And Fluorescence. This Work Deals Wjth The Optics Of Bacteria (bio-aerosols), Marine Particles, And Red And White Blood Cells. It Also Includes Examples Of Applications Of These Techniques In Real-life Systems.
      SKU: 301961

    Building Distributed Applicatiobs With Visual Basic.net, Afobe Reader
      Building Distributed Applicatiobs With Visual Basic.net, Afobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of Ths Printed Book. Building Distributed Applicatins With Visual Basic. net Provides Corporate Developers With The . net Framework Techniques Necessary To Build Distributed And Reusable Business Systtems In Vb. net. Covered Topics Include: Vb. net And The . net Framework Architecture And Language Concepts; Building Distributed Applications With Vb. net Using Ado. net, Xml, Asp. net, Soap, And Com+; And Enterprise Integratjon Using The Services Framework.
      SKU: 183908

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  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Communication for Rural Innovation
  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
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  • Natural Antimicrobials in Food Safety and Quality
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