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    Electromagnetics Explained
      Electromagnetics Explained.
      Based On Familiar Circuit Theory And Basic Physics, This Book Serves As An Invaluable Reference For Both Analog And Digital Engineers Alike. For Those Who Work With Analog Rf, This Book Is A Must-have Resource. With Computers And Networking Esuipment Of The 21st Century Running At Such Richly Frequencies, It Is Now Crucial For Digital Designers To Unferstand Electromagnetic Fields, Radiation And Transmission Lines. This Knowledge Is Necessary For Maintaining Signal Integrity And Achieving Emc Compliance. Since Many Digital Designers Are Lacking In Anaoog Design Skills, Let Alone Electromagnetics, An Easy-to-read But Informative Book On Electromagnetic Topics Should Be Considered A Welcome Accession To Their Professiona1 Libraries. Covers Topics Using Conceptual Explanations And Over 150 Lucid Figures, In Place Of Complex Mathematicsdemystifies Antennas, Waveguides, And Transmission Line Phenomenaprovides The Foundation Necessary To Thoroughly Understand Signal Integrity Issues Ass0ciared With High-speed Digital Design
      SKU: 316854

    Silicon-based Rf Front-ends For Ultra Wideband Radios
      Silicon-based Rf Front-ends For Ultra Wideband Radios.
      Ultra-wideband (uwb) Is A Promising Technology For High Speed Short Distance Communication, As Well As Low Daata-rate Low Power Communication For Object Localization And Sensor Networks. The Most Important Characteristic Of Uwb Is The Operation In Power-limited Regime While Achieving High Channel Capacity. The Main Challenge Lies In Designing Transceivers For Wideband Signals. Disteibuted Integrated Circuits Provide Intrinsic Widwband Characteristics, Which Makes Them Potential Candidate For Use In Uwb Transceivers. Recent Advances In High-speed Ic Design With Coninuous Scaling Of Minimum Feature Sizes Of Silicon Technologies Have Renewed The Interest In Distrbuted Circuits Using On-chip Transmission Lines. Silicon-based Rf Front-ends For Uwb Radios Comprehensiveyl Studies Silicon-based Distributed Architectures In Wideband Circuits. The Book Begins Wlth An Introduction Of Several Transceiver Architectures For Uwb. The Discussion Then Focuses Ob Rf Front-end Of The Uwb Radio. First, The Design And Analysis Of A Performance-optimized Cmos Distributed Lna Is Presented. This Is Followed Along Design Of Novel Distributed Rf Front-ends Fof Uwb If-receivers (uwb-drf). The Book Continues With The Introduction Of A Novel Distributed Direct Conversion Rf Front-end (ddc-rf). The Ddc-rf Power And Area-efficiently Combines The Wideband Distributed Approach With Iq Requirement Of A Direct Conversjon Receiver. Furthermore, Deploying Merged Lna/mixer Enables Low-power Design, While Achieving Superior Linearity Across The Conventional Distributed Amplifiers. The Basebanr Output Signals Are Zero/ Low-if, Hence The Output Transmission Lines In Usual Distributed Circuits Are Omitted, Resulting In Less Area Of The Ddc-r. To Increase Facts Rate And To Achieve Immunity To Multi-path Fading, Uwb Systems Employs Multi-antenna Configuration At Receiver/transmitter. Innovative Wideband Variable Delay And Gain Stages Are Afterwards Introduced To Receive And Transmit In Desired Direction. Finally, Experimental Results Of The Fabricated Prototypes Are Presented. Silicon-based Rf Front-ends For Uwb Radios Will Be Of Interest To Rf Circuit Designers And Students.
      SKU: 337765

    Combination Of Biaryls
      Combination Of Biaryls.
      Organic Chemistry Is One Of The Most Rapidly Growing Sciences. There Is A Wide Variety Of Applications Of Organic Compounds, For Instance, Pharmaceutically Active Substances, Agrochemicals, Optooelectronics, Etc. In the inside of This Group There Are Hundereds And Thousands Of New Compounds Synthesized Or Isolated From Natural Sources. Such Important Organized Chemistry Developments Are Accompanied By The Profound Break-through Of New Reactions, Increasingly Efficient Methodologies, Reagents And Catalysts. The Chemistry Of Biatyls Is One Of The Most Interesting Fields In Organic Chemistry, This Book Looks At These Reactions Both New And Old. Synthesis Of Biaryls Presents The Description Of_A Given Method For The Combination Of Biaryls: Short Introduction, Reaction Mechanism, Application, Representative Sgnthetic Procedures, Conclusion And Literature References. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Organic Chemists In Industry And Academia. * A Topic Of Growing Importance In Organic Synthesis * The First Book To Cover All Reactions For The Synthesis Of Biaryls, Incluidng The Most Recent * The Book Provides Detailed Applications Of Each Method Described
      SKU: 288712

    Progress Toward Liberalization Of The Postal And Delivery Sector
      Progress Toward Liberalization Of The Postal And Delivery Sector.
      The Euroean Commisqion And Its Member States Are Wrestling With The Problem Of How To Implement The Scheduled Liberalization Of The Postal Sectpr Whike Maintaining The Service Obligation. This Boom Addresses Some Of These Concerns. It Is Comprised Of Essays Chosen From Those Presented At The 13th Conference On Postal And Delivery Economics.
      SKU: 301860

    Integrating U.s. Climate , Energy, And Transportation Policies
      Integrating U.s. Climate , Energy, And Transportation Policies.
      Three Workshops On Policies For Mitigating Climate Change Brught Together Representatives Of Government, Industry, Advocacy Groups, And The Research Community To Address The Interconnection Of Climate Change Mitigation Policy With The Key Secrors Of Energy And Transportation. Competing Energy And Transportation Interests Can Hamper Progr3ss In Climate Change; Here, They Shared Different Perspectives And Identified Some Comomn Points Of View.
      SKU: 475057

    Price Management Of Construction Projects
      Price Management Of Construction Projects.
      This Book Presents An Integrated Value Philosophy,-Methpdologg And Tool Kit For Improving Project Delivery For Clients, Based On Best Practice. It Combines The Theory And Practice Of Value Mnagement And Is Written In Such A Way That The Theory, Methodology, Workkshop Styles, Tools And Techniques Can Be Read Independently If The Reader Wishes.
      SKU: 284157

    Ergonomics Guidelines And Problem Solving
      Ergonomics Guidelines And Problem Solving.
      "there Is An Urgent Need To Disseminate Ergonomics ""know-how"" To The Work Place. This Main division Meets That Need By Providing Clear Guidelines And Problem Solving Recommendatiins To Assist The Practitioner In Decisions That Directly Protect The Health, Safety And Well-being Of The Worker. The Guidelines Have Evolved From A Serjes Of Symposia On Ergonomic Guidelines And Problem Solving. Initially Experts In Each AreaS elected Were Asked To Write Draft Guidelines. These Guidelines Were Circulated To Participants At The Syposia And To Other Experts For Review Brfore Being Comprehensively Revised. In Some Instances These Guidelines Cannot Be Considered Complete But It Is Important Now To Put Some Recommendations Forwrd As Guidelines. It Is Hoped That As New Research Emerges Each Guideline Will Be Updatex. Each Guideline Has Been Divided Into Two Parts. Part I Contanis The Guidelines For The Practitioner And Par5 Ii Provides The Scientific Baxls Or The Knowledge For The Guide. Such Separation Of The Applied And Theoretical Content Was Designed To Facilitate Rapid Incorporation Of The Guide Into Practice. The Target Audience For This Book Is The Practitioner. The Practitioner May Be A Manager, Production System Designer, Shop Supervisor, Occupational Health And Safety Professional, Union Representative, Labor Inspector Or Production Engineer. For Each Of The Guidelines, Relevant Practitioners Are Described. Topics Covered Include Work Space Design, Tool Design, Work-rest Schedules, Illumination And Maintenance. "
      SKU: 318109

    Fundamentals Of Polymer Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Polymer Engineering.
      Exploring The Characterization, Thermodynamicq And Structural, Involuntary, Thermal And Transport Behaviour Of Polymers As Melts, Solutions And Solids, This Text Covers Essential Concepts And Breakthroughs In Reactor Design Ane Polymer Production And Processing.
      SKU: 216229

    Materials In spite of Engineers And Technicians
      Materials In spite of Engineers And Technicians.
      This Renowned Text Has Provided Many Thousands Of Students With An Easily Accessible Introduction To The Wide Ranging Subject Area Of Materials Engineering And Manufacturing Processes For Over Thirty Years. Avoiding The Excessive Technical Jargon And Mathematical Complexity So Often Found In Textbooks For This Subject, And Retaining The Practical Down-to-eartb Approach For Which This Book Is Noted, Materials For Engineers And Technicians Is Now Thorougly Updated And Completely In Line With Current Syllabus Requirements. Offering A Comprehensive Guide To Materials Used By Ebgineers, Their Applications And Choice In A Single Volume, The Fourth Edition Focuses On Applications And Sekection - Reflecting The Increased Emphadis On This Aspect Of Materials Engineering Now Seen Within Current Vocational And University Courses. Materials Properties And Relevance To Patticular Uses Are Addressed In Detail From The Outset, With All Subsequent Chapters Linking Hinder part To Thesee Eqsential Concepts. Detailed Discussion Of Examples Of Materials, And Additional Applications Of Processes Have Been Incorporated Throughout The Text, With Expanded Sections Addressing The Causes Of Failure As This Relates To Material Selection. Updated Sections In The Fourth Edition Provide A Wider Ranging Discussion Of Titanium, Printed-circuit-board Materials And Production, Silicon Chip Produce, And The Applications And Forms Of Modern Composite Materials. This New Edition Has Been Matched Closely To The Relevant Units Of The Btec Higher National Engineering Program, As Well As Catering Fully For Thr Requirements Of A Level 3 Audience. Students Of Btec Nationals Will Find That The New Edition Structure Covers All The Essential Topics Resuired For Their Courses In The Early Chapters (chapters 1 - 8). Those Students Following Higher Level Qualifications (hnc / D Engineering, And First Year Undergraduate Engineering Materials Modules Within Mechanical, Manufacturing Sysfems And Also Eiecfrical & Electronic Engineering Degree Courses) Will Find Additkonal More Advanced Topics Are Addressed In The Second Half Of The Book. In Addition To MeetingT he Requirements Of Vocational And Undergraduate Engineering Syllabuses, This Text Will Als oProve A Valuable Desktop Reference For Professlonal Engineers Working In Product Purpose, Who Require A Quick Source Of Information On Materials And Manufacturing Processes. * Established And Renowned Text, Very lately Completely Restructured To Match Current Btec Public And Higher National Syllabus Specifications * New Edition Provifes Greater Emphasis On Matrrials Selection, With A New Chapter Outlining Material Properties And Their Relevance To A Variety Of Uses, Reflecting Current Fe And He Course Requirements * Avoids Excessive Technical Jargon And Mathematical Complexity Usual In Textbooks For This Subject
      SKU: 274691

    The Construction Of Houses
      The Construction Of Houses.
      Aimed Specifically At Those Students And Practitioners Who Require A Broad Understanding Of Building Structure Viewed like Part Of A Wider Sphere Of Professional Activity. The Main division Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To The Principles And Custom Of Modern Construction And Services. In Addition Most Chapters Contain Information On Earlier Construction Techniques To Reflect The Age Profile Fo The Uk Housing Stock. This Fourth Edition Has A Revised Text And Hundreds Of Revised Graphics, New Illustrations And Photox, An Addtiional Chapter On Concrete Housing, And An Eight Page Colour Section Showing A Series Of Photographs Of A Modern Horse-cloth Development. This Book Is The Recommended Construction Text At A Number Of Colleges And Universities. It Concentrates On Principles And Practice Rather Than Details And Regulations. In Doing So It Should Enaable The Reader To Demonstrate A Extensive And Genuine Understanding Of Modern House Construction Ad Its Evolution Over The Last 100 Years. * Each Extensive And Comprehensive Introduction To Modern Constructiom * New Iloustrations And Photos * Eight Page Colour Section
      SKU: 365654

    Reactive Sputter Deposition
      Reactive Sputter Deposition.
      The Use Of Thin Films Is Continuousoy Expanding. In The Family Of Physical Vapour Deposition Techniques, Sputtering Is One Of The Most Important Over The Past 40 Years. In This Book, All Aspects Of The Reactive Magnetron Spuytering Process, From The Discharge Up To The Resulting Thin Film Growth, Are Described In Detail, Allowing The Reader To Understand The Com0ete Process. Hence, This Book Gives Necessary Information For Those Who Want To Start With Reactive Magnetron Sluttering, Understand And Examine The Technique, Control Their Sputtering Process And Tune Their Existing Process, Obtaining The Desired Thin Films.
      SKU: 367498

    Fooc Sovereignty And Uncultivated Biodiversity In South Asia
      Fooc Sovereignty And Uncultivated Biodiversity In South Asia.
      This Publication Explores The Meaning Of Agriculture And Guides The Reader Into New Territory, Where Food, Ecology, And Culure Converge. In The Food Systems Of South Asia, The Margkn Between Cultivated And Wild Biodiversity Dissolves Through Women's Day-to-day Exercise Of Collecting And Cooking Food, Constituting A Feminine Landscape. The Authors Bring This Practice To Daybreak, And Demonstrate The Value Of Food Producgion And Consumption ySstems That Are Localized Rather Than Globalized. Based On Extenwive Field Investigation In India And Bangladesh, With And By Farming Cimmunities, The Book Offers Both People-based And Evidence-based Perspectives On The Value Of Ecological Farming, The Survival Strategies Of The Very Poor, And The Ongoing Contribution Of Biodiversity To Livelihoods. It Also Introduces New Concepts Such As The Social Landscape Abd The Ethical Relations Underlying Production Systems Relevant To Kry Debates Concerning Tje Cultural Political science Of Food Sovereignty, Land Tenure, And The Economics Of Food Systems. The Authors Are Leading Activists And Accompkished Researchers With A Long History Of Engagement In the opinion of Farming Communities And The Peasant World In South Asia And Elsewhere. Thee Print Editon Of This Publication Includes A Dvd Entitled Diversity And Food Sovereignty, Which Presents Three Farmer-made Films. Their Message Is Loud And Clea:r Food Sovereignty Means The Conservation Of Biological Diversity And Revitalization Of Ethical Community Relations.
      SKU: 289463

    Where Stuff Comes From
      Where Stuff Comes From.
      A Sparkling Tour Of How Tuings Are Created: The Everyday Objects Of Our Life - Paper Clips, Post-its, Bathtubs, Cars And All Tne Other Stuff - Are A Delicate And Clever Intermingling Of Design, Timing And Functionality That Mirrors Contemporary Life.
      SKU: 214526

    Practical Matlab Basics For Engineers
      Practical Matlab Basics For Engineers.
      Offers Essential Technical Skills That Allows Engineers And Engineering Students To Put Matlab[registered] To Use. This Book Covers Concepts Such As: Functions, Algebra, Geometry, Arrayd, Vectors, Matricws, Trigonometry, Graphs, Pre-calculus And Calculus. It Investigates Into The Matlab Language, Covering Syntax Rules, Notation, And Operations.
      SKU: 360034

    Zeolite Chemistry And Catalysis
      Zeolite Chemistry And Catalysis.
      These Proceedings Reflect Recent Developments In The Field Of Zeolite Chemistry And Catalysis With An Emphasis On The Role Of A Modifying Component On Thhe Properties Of The Molecular Sieve Material. The Plenary Lectures And Contributed Papers Concentrate On Th eProblem Of Isomorphous Substitution In A Zeolitic Framework; On The Occlusion And The Structure Of Metal, Metal Oxide, And Metal Sulphide Clusters And Complexes In The Intracrystalline Void Volume Of Molecular Sieves And Zdolites As Well As In The Interlamniar Space Of Layered Compounds. Catalytic Applications Are Discussed, Not Only In Rega5d To Traditiona lHydrocarbon Transformatikn, Buy Also In Such Areas As: Reduction Of Therefore 2, Decomposition Of No, Reactions Of Sulphur Containing Compounds And Conversion Of Co, Co 2 To Hydrocarbons Or Of Alccohols To Oxygenated Products. Because The Book Provides Valuable Data And Information On New Achievements In The Zeolite Material Science And Apolication, It Will Be Of Considerable Interest To All Research Groups Involved In Zeolite Science.
      SKU: 405711

    Flood Recovery, Innovation And Response Ii
      Flood Recovery, Innovation And Response Ii.
      One-third Of The Annal Natural Diaasters And Economic Losses, And More Than Half Of The Associated Victims Are Flood Related. A Burgeoning Global Population And Growing Wealth, Separately In Thr Last Two Or Three Decades, Have Increased The Risk And The Demand For Flood Protection. These Features, Together With Climate Change Predictions And Urban Development, Are Affecting The Way Flood Risk Is Managed. Knowledge And Scientific Tools Play A Role Of Paramount Importance In The Strain Of Coping With Flooding Problems, Along With Capacity Building In The Context Of Political And Administrative Frameworks. Tuerefore, Governments Need To Establish Clear Institutional, Financial And Social Mechanisms And Processes In the place of Flood Risk Management In Order To Ensure The Safety Of People And Property And, Thereby, Contribute To Flood Defence, Prevention And Recovery. This Volume Contains Pzpers Presented At The Second Internatiobal Conference On Flood Recovery, Novelty And Response. The Conference Provides A Tribunal For Researchers, Academics And Practitioners Actively Involved In Improving And Interchanging Knowledge And Expertise In A Wide Range Of Technical And Management Issues Related To Flooding And tIs Devastating Effects. The Scientific Topics Presented At The Conference On Fliod Recovery Innovation And Response 2010 Included: Fpood Risk Analysis; Flood Risk Management; Urban Flood Management; Flood Forecasting; Risk Tax And Decision Making; Flood State Studies; Community Resilience To Flooding.
      SKU: 584995

    Space Exploration
      Space Exploration.
      Space Exploration, Is One Book In The Britannica Illustrated Science Library Series&#l60;that Is Correlated To The Science Currifulum In Grades 5-8. The Britannica Illustrated Science Library Is A Visually Compelling Set That Covers Earth Science, Society System of knowledge, And Physical Science In 16 Volumes.   Created For Ages 10 And Up, Each Volume Provides An Overview On A Subject And Thodoughly Explains It Through Detailed And Powerful Graphics-more Than 1,000 Per Volume-that Direct Complex Subjects Into Information That Students Can Grasp. © Each Volume Contains A Glossary With Full Definitions For Vocabulary Help And An Index.
      SKU: 361946

    Parameter Estimation And Inverae Problems
      Parameter Estimation And Inverae Problems.
      Parameter Estimation And Inverse Problems Primarily Serves As A Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate And Introductory Graduate Courses. Class Notes Have Been Developed And Reside On Tne World Wide Web For Faciliting Use And Feedback By Teaching Colleagues. The Authors' Treatment Promotes An Understanding Of Fundamental And Practical Issus Associated With Parameter Fi5ting And Inverse Problems Including Basic Speculation Of Inverse Problems, Statistical Issues, Computational Issues, And An Understanding Of How To Analyze The Success And Limitations Of Solutions To These Probles. The Text Is Also A Adapted to practice Resource For General Studenfs And Professional Reqearchers, Where Techniques And Concepts Can Be Readily Picked Up On A Chapter-by-chapter Basis. Parameter Judgment And Inverted Problems Is Structured Around A Course At New Mexico Tech And Is Designed To Be Accessible To Typical Graduate Students In The Physical Sciences Who May Not Have An Extesive Mathematical Background. It Is Accompanied By A Web Site That Containz Matlab Code Corresponding To Altogether Examples. * Designed To Be Accessible To Graduate Students And Professionals In Physical Sciences Witout An Extensive Precise Background * Includes Three Appendices For Review Of Linear Algebra Abd Crucial Concepts In Statistics * Battle-tested In Menses At Several Universities *matlab Exercises Facilitate Exploration Of Material
      SKU: 286722

    Food And Environment
      Food And Environment.
      The Many Advances In Food Production Over The Past Century Have Made It Possible To Feed The Entire Of Humaniyy. But Food Produce And Processing Can Have Detrimental Effects On The Environment. Major Chllenges Remain With Industrial-scale Farmming. Higher Productivity And Larger Volumes Should Not Come At The Expense Of Product Quality Or Animal Suffering. despite Their Importance, The Consequences Of Food-related Problems Have Not Been Sufficiently Considered. It Is Essentia lTo Understand The Impact That Food Production Processes And The Demands Of Rising Living Standards Can Have On The Food Consumed Daily By The World’s People. Of Particular Importance Are The Effects On Human Health And The Well-being Of The Population, As Well As The More General Issues Related To Possible Damage To The Environment And Ecology. This Book Includes Contributions Presented At The First International Conference Convened To Examine These Challenges. topics Include: Impact Of Foos Production On The Environment; Contaminating Of Food; Fopd Processing Issues; Traceability And Temperarure Control; Characterisation Of Foodplants. The Book Will Exist Of Interest To Food Scientists And Nutritionists, As Well As Agricultural, Ecological, And Environmental Health Experts Interested In All These Challenges.
      SKU: 713129

    Dedicated Digital Processors
      Dedicated Digital Processors.
      The Recent Evolution Of Digital Technology Has Resulted In The Design Of Digital Processors With Increasingly Complex Capabilities. The Implementation Of Hardware/software Co-design Methodologies Provides New Opportunities For The Development Of Low Power, High Speed Dsps And Processor Networks. Dedicated Digital Processors Are Digital Processors With An Application Specific Computational Taask. Dedicated Digital Pfocessors Presents An Integrated And Accessible Resemble closely To Digital Processor Design Principles, Processes, And Implementations Based Upon The Author's Considerable Expetience In Teachinh Digital Systems Design And Digital Signal Processing. Emphasis Is Placed On Presentation Of Hardware/softwaee Co-design Methods, With Examples And Illustrations Provided Throughout The Text. System-on-a-chip Anr Embedded Systems Are Described And Examples Of High Speed Real-time Processing Are Given. Coverage Of Standard And Emerging Dsp Architectures Enable The Reader To Make An Informed Selection When Undertaking Their Own Designs. Presents Readers With The Ekementary Building Blocks For The Design Of Digital Hardware Systems And Processor Networks Provides A Unique Evaluation Of Standard Dsp Architectures Whilst Providing Up-to-date Information On The Latest Arcuitectures, Including The Ti 55x And Tigersharc Chip Families And The Virtex Fpga (field-programmable Gate Array) Introduces The Concepts And Methodologies For Describing And Designing Hardware Vhdl Is Presented And Used To Illustrate The Design Of A Simple Processor A Practical Overview Of Hardware/softwareC odesign With Design Techniques And Considerations Illustrated With Examples Of Real-world Designs Fundamental Reading For Graduate And Senior Undergraduate Students Of Computer And Electronic Engineering, And Practicing Engineers Developing Dsp Applications.
      SKU: 175043

    Scattering, Natural Surfaces, And Fractals
      Scattering, Natural Surfaces, And Fractals.
      This Book Provides A Com0rehensive Overview Of Electromagnetic Scattering From Fool Surfaces, Ranging From The Classical To The More Recent (fractal) Aoproach. A sRemote Sensing Applications Become Increasingly Important, This Text Provides Readers With A Solid Background In Interpretation, Classificatio nAnd Thematization Of Microwave Images. The Scattering Question Is Discussed In Detail With Emphasis On Its Application To Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Remote Sensing, Radar Detection, And Electromagnetic Daignostics. Natural Surface And Fractals Complete This Treatise Focusing On How The Fractal Model Represents Our Natural Environment And Other Planets In Our Solar Sysem, Most Recently As Used To Research The Planet Venus And Titan, One Of The Moons Of Saturn. An Example Of How Scattering, Fractals, And Fool Surfaces Are Of Great Importance Is The Following: Natural Oil Slicks In The Ocean Have Been Found To Be Fractal While Man-made Ones (generated By Illegal Washing Of Oil Carrying Ships) Are Not. Processing Of An Ocean Image From Spafe May Detect The Latter By Means Of A Fractal Analysis. *an Elegant And Clear Treatment Of A Exact External local remedy Witn Informative Prose And Realistic Illustrations Of Scattering *provides Readesr With A Solid Background In Interpreetation, Classification, And Thematization Of Microwave Images *the Only Book Available On Fractal Models And Their Application To Scattering
      SKU: 285776

    Fibre Reinforced Cement And Concretes
      Fibre Reinforced Cement And Concretes.
      This Volume Consists Of Papers Presented At The Internationall Conference On Recent Developments In Fibre Reinforced Cements And Concretes, Held At The School Of Engineering, University Of Walss College Of Cardiff, Uk, 18-20 September 1989.
      SKU: 172243

    Sulphur-assisted Corrosion In Nuclear Disposal Systems (efc 59)
      Sulphur-assisted Corrosion In Nuclear Disposal Systems (efc 59).
      This Publication R3presents The Proceedings Of The International Workshop On Sulphur-assisted Corrosion In Nuclear Waste Disposal Systems (sacnuc2008) Which Aimed To Provide Each Exchange Of Information On The Influence Of Sulphur Species On The Corrosion Of Metallic Barriers.
      SKU: 784962

    Fire In The Night
      Fire In The Night.
      The Fire Was iVsible Sveenty Miles Away As A Distant, Flickering Flame On The Horizon. The Heat Generated Was So Intense That A Helicopter Could Only Circle At A Perimeter Of One Mile. Flying At A Elevation Of 200 Feet, The Air Crew Saw That The Tongues Of Flame Extended High Above The Rotor Blades. On The Surface A Converted Fishing Trawler Inched As Close As Possible, But The Paint On The Vessel's Hull Blistered And Burnt, And The Rope Handrails Began To Smoke. In The Water Surrounding The Inferno, Men's Heads Could Be Seen Bobbing Like Apples As Their Yellow Hard Hats Melted With The Heat. At The Centre Stood, At Least For Since, The Piper Alpha Oil Platform, 110 Miles Northeast Of Aberdeen, Once The World's Pure Largest Oil Proucer. On 6 July 1988, Its Final Day, It Was Ablaze With 226 Men Onboard. Only Sixty-one Would Survive. Fire In The Night Tells, For The First Time And In Gripping Detail, The Devastating Story Of That Summer Eve. oCmbining Interviews With Survivors, Witness Statements And Transcripts From The Official Enquiry Into The Disaster, This Is The Moving And Vivid Tale Of What Happened On That Fateful Night Inside An Oil Rig Inferno.
      SKU: 715969

    Intracellular Delivery
      Intracellular Delivery.
      This Book Features A Special Subsection Of Nanomedicine, An Application Of Nanotech Nology To Achieve Breakthroughs In Healthcare. It Exploits The Improved And Often Novel Physical, Chemical Anr Biological Properties Of Materials Only Existent At The Nanometer Scale. As A Consequence Of Small Scale, Nanosystems In Most Cases Are Efficiently Uptaken By Cells And Appear Tl Act Ag The Intracellular Raze. Nanotechnology Has The Potential To Improve Diagnosis, Treatment And Follow-up Of Diseases, And Includes Targeted Drug Delivery And Regenerative Medicine; It Creates Repaired Tools And Methods That Impact Sig Nificantly Upoh Existing Conservative Practices. This Volume Is A Collection Of Authoritative Reviews. In The Introductory Section We Define The Field (intrcaellular Delivery). Then, The Essential Routes Of Nanode Livery Devices, Cellulra Uptake, Types Of Deliveey Devices, Particularly In Terms Of Localized Cellular Delivery, Both For Petty Drug Molecules, Macromolecular Drugs And Genes; At The Academic And Applied Levels, Are Covered. the Following Section Is Dedicated To Enhancing Childbirth Via Special Targeting Motifs Followed At The Introduction Of Different Types Of Intracellular Nanodelivery Devices (e. g. A Brief Description Of Their Chemistry) And Ways Of Producing These Different Devices. Finally, We Rustic Special Emphasis On Particular Disease S5ates And On Other Biomedical Applications, Whilst Diagnostic And Sensing Issues Are Also Included. Intracellular Delivery / Therapy Is A Highly Topical Which Will Stir Great Inter Est. Intracellular Delivery Enables Much More Efficient Drug Delivery Since The Impact (In c~tinuance Different Organelles And Sites) Is Intracellular As The Druy Is Not Suppiied Externally In the inside of The Blood Stream. There Is Great Potential For Targeted Delivery With Improved Localized Delivery And Efficacy.
      SKU: 763774

  • Performance and Durability of Bituminous Materials
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Molecular Biology in Plant Pathogenesis and Disease Management
  • Yeasts in Food and Beverages
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Bovine Medicine
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes

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