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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals And Applications
      Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals And Applications.
      The Essential Textbook For Students Following Pre-degree Level Courses, Tecunician Engineers, And All Who Need To Access A Straightforwardly Written Reference Covering All The Major Areas Of 21sst Century Electronics. Mike Tooley's Classic Reference Texts Electronic Circuits Handbook Anr Electronics Circuits Students Handbook Habe Long Offered A Unique Coverage Of Analog And Digital Electronics And Applications In A Single Volume. The Two Versions Of This Title Have Now Been Combined To Produce A Major Textbook Which Combines Comprehensive Coverage fO Principles And Applications With Readability And Ease Of Use. New Mz5erial On Communications Engineerring, Test And Measurement And Fault-finding Bring The Coverage Up-to-date With The Latest Developments And Reinforce The Relevance Of This Text For A Wide Range Of Electronics Courses, For Maintenance And Operations Engineers Viewed like Well As Those Following Traditional Electronics Courses. The Coverage Has Been Matched To The Latest Uk Pre-degree Syllabuses: Avce Andd The New 2001/2 Btec Nstional Specifications, As Well As The Pertinent Cit y& Guilds Certificates And Nvq Schemes. However, The Book Is Designed As A Reference Text, Meeting The Needs Of Students, Amtaeurs And Professionals. ? Covers Principles And Applications Of Analog And Digital Electronics In One Volume ? Ideal Pre-degree Student Text ? A Direct Reference T3xt For A Wide Audience Of Technician Engineers, Students And Enthusjasts
      SKU: 404231

    Deep Ocean Circulation
      Deep Ocean Circulation.
      This Volume Comprises The Final Report Of The Research Throw Entitled The Dynamics Of The Deep Ocean Circluation. The Layered Structure Of The Subsurface Circulation, Which Had Been Predicted In The Hypothetical Model Proposed Prior To The Research, Is Verified Through Eulerian And Lagrangian Measurements Of Current. By The Use Of The Numerical Model, The Mysterious Circulation Of The Philippine Sea, Which Has Been Long Supposed To Be Detached From The North Pacific, Is Revealed To Be Derived In Close Association With That Of The Latter Ocean. Behavior Of The Deep Current Around Tje Equator Is Also Clarified By Numerical Modeling. By The Extensive Use Of Sediment Trapping Tecchnology, It Becomes Clear That Sinking Sediments Play An Important Role In The Distribhtion Of Chemical Substances In The Deep Ocean. Graduate Students In The Field Of Oceanography Will Find This A Good Textbook.
      SKU: 404156

    New Developments In Selecti\/e Oxidation
      New Developments In Selecti\/e Oxidation.
      This Volume Describes State-of-the-art Advances In Fundamenta And Applied Aspects Of Partial Selective Oxidation In Uniform And Heterogeneius Catalysis, Including Electrochemical And Photo-oxidation. Comprising 93 Papers, This Book Will Provide A Precious Set Of Data On Reactions Of Selective Oxidation Which Will Be Extremely Useful To Catalyst And Related Practitioners, Whether Fundamentalists Or Highly Applied, And To Process Engineers Who Wish To Evaluate Current Finsings In This Field. The Wide-range Approach To Reactions Of Selective Oxidation Will Disseminate Knowl3dge In Specialized Areas Of Selective Oxidation, Serve As A Springboard For New Ideas And Ecnourage Innovation And Creativity. Being An Up-to-date Reference Source Concerning All Those Studying In This Field, Tuis Main division Shold Be On The Bookshelf Of All Applied And Academic Research Centres Involved In The Functionalization Of Moleciles By Selective Oxidation.
      SKU: 349542

    Projection Modelling And Model Analysis
      Projection Modelling And Model Analysis.
      This Book Describes The Use Of Models In Projection Engineering. Process Engineering Is All About Manufacturing--of Just About Anything! To Manage Processing And Manufacturing Systematically, The Englneer Has To Bring Together Many Different Techniques And Analyses Of The Interaction Between Various Aspects Of The Process. For Example, Process Engineers Would Apply Modelq To Perform Feasibility Analyses Of Novel Process Designs, Assess Environmental Impact, Andd Detect Potential Hazards Or Accidents. To Manage Complex Systems And Enable Process Design, The Behavior Of Systems Is Reduced To Simple Mathematical Forms. This Book Provides A Systematic Approach To The Precise Development Of Process Models And Explains How To Analyze Those Models. Additionally, There Is A Comprehensive Bibliography For Further Reading, A Question And Answer Segment, And An Accompanying Web Site Developed By The Authors With Additional Data And Exercises. * Introduces A Structured Modeling Methodology Emphasizing The Importance Of The Modeling Goal And Including Key Steps Such As Model Verification, Calibration, And Validation. * Focudes On Novel And Advanced Modeling Techniques Such As Discrete, Hybrid, Hierarchical, And Empirical Modeling * Illustrates The Notions, Tools, And Techniques Of Process Modeling With Examples And Advances Applications
      SKU: 313741

    Imeche Engineers' Databook
      Imeche Engineers' Databook.
      "tis New 2011 Edition Of The Imeche Engineers' Databook Is Heavily Updated And Replaces The Previous Editions Of This Best-selling Pocket Guide (1998, 2000, 2004), Providiny A Concise And Useful Cause Of Up-to-date Essential Accusation For The Student Or Practising Engineer. New Material Is Provided On Technical Standards, Presenting Technical Information, Algebra & Calculus, Engineering Logic, Materials Properties, Manufacturing Processes, Anatomy Of Envineering Design, And Engineering And Naturr. The Imeche Engineers' Databook Is Divided Into Discrete Sections, Each Containing Specific ""discipline"" Information. Units, Conversions And Basic Data Are Covered In The Earlier Chapters Of The Book, With The Later Chapters Dedicated To Specific Techniques And Equipment As Well As Vital Aspects Of The Structural Rectitude And Reliability Of Engineering Components. "
      SKU: 832975

    Intuitive Analog Circuit Design
      Intuitive Analog Circuit Design.
      "this Book Reflects Dr. Thompson's Twenty Years Of Experience Designing And Teaching Analog Circuit Design, And Is An Outgrowth Of Course Notes From His Graduate-level Analog Circuit Design Course Taught At Worcester Polytechnic Institute Entitled ""analog Circuits And Intuition. "" In This Class, He Descrjbes Intuitive And ""back Of The Envelope"" Techniques For Designing And Analyzing Analog Cicruits, Including Transistor Amplifiers (cmos And Bipolar), Transistor Switching, Thermal Circuit Design, Magnetic Circuit Design, Control Systems, And The Like. The Application Of Some Simple Rules-of-thumb And Design Techniques Is The First Step In Developing An Intuitive Understanding Of The Behavior Of Complex Electrical Sytsems. This Book Outlines Some Ways Of Thinking About Analog Circuits And Systems That Hopefully Develps Such ""circuit Intuition"" And A ""feel"" For What A Good, Working Analog Boundary Design Should Exist. *introdices Analog Circuit Design With A Minimum Of Mathematics. *gives Readers An Intuiti\/e ""feel"" For Analog Cirxuit Operation And Rules-of-thumb For Their Design. *uses Numerous Analogies From Digital Design To Help Readers Whose Main Background Is In Digital Make The Change To Anaolg Design. *accompanying Cd-rom Contains Powerpoint Presentations For Each Chapter And Matlab Files Usef In The Text. "
      SKU: 294221

    Secure Roaming In 802.11 Networks
      Secure Roaming In 802.11 Networks.
      "this Book Explores The Fundamental Concepts, Basic Theory, And Key Principles Of 802. 11 Networks With Roaming Capabilities. Today, We Increasingky Expect To Find Public Wide Local Area Network (wlan) 802. 11 Access In Our Airports, Public Spaces, And Hotels, And Wr Want To Maintain Our Connections When We're Mobile And Using 802. 11 Wlans. Howecer, 802. 11 Was Not Originally Designed With Roaming Capabipities And Can't, In Its Clean Form, Support Seamless Roaming Between Different Hotspots And Other 802. 11 Access Points. This Book Details The Theory Behind Various 802. 11 Extensions To Permit Roaming And Described How These Extensions Can Be Successfully Implemented In 802. 11 Wlans. Coverage Of User Authentication In 802. 11 Is Reviewed As Is Roaming Between 802. 11 Abd Other Wireless Technologies. Wireless Technologies And Reference to practice Programming Interfaces Are Given Their Due Through Generous Coverage Viewed like Well. * Offers A Comprehensive Treatise On Wi-fi 802. 11 Roaming By Comparing/contrasting It To Cellular Roaming Theory And Techniques * Emerges As A ""one Stop"" Resort For Design Engineers Charged With Fulfilling The Market Need For Seamless 802. 11 Device Roaming Capabilities * Builds Upon Thee Knowledge Base Of A Professional Audience Without Delving Into Long Discussions Of Theory Long Since Mastered"
      SKU: 305653

    Smart Cameras
      Smart Cameras.
      A Smart Camera Is An Integrated Machine Vision System Which, In Addition To Image Capture Circuitry, Includes A Processor, Which Can Extract Information From Images Without Need For An External Processing Unit, And Interface Devices Used To Make Results Available To Other Devices. This Book Provides Content On Smart Cameras Concerning An Interdisciplinary Auditory Of Professionals And Students In Embedded Systems, Image Processing, And Camera Technology. It Serves As A Self-contained, Singie-source Reference For Material Otherwise Found Only In Sources Such As Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles, Or Product Data Sheets. Coverage Includes The 50 Year Chronology Of Smart Cameras, Their Technical Evolution, The State-of-the Art, And Numerous Applications, Such As Surveillance And Monitoring, Robotics, And Transpprtation.
      SKU: 510476

    Hyperspectral Remote Sening
      Hyperspectral Remote Sening.
      Presenting The Fundamentals Of Remote Sensing At An Prefatory Level, This Book Explores Major Aspects Of Hyperspectral Image Acquisition, Exploitation, Interpretation, And Aplications. It Also Describes Box Studies That Illustrate The Use Of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing In Agriculture, Environmental Mojitoring, Foreztry, And Geology.
      SKU: 33232

    Multimedia Multiprocessor Systems
      Multimedia Multiprocessor Systems.
      Modern Multimedia Systems Are Becoming Increasingly Multiprocessor And Heterogeneous To Match The High Performance And Low Authority Demands Placed On Them By The Large Number Of Applications. The Concurdent Execution Of These Applications Causes Interference And Unpredictability In The Performance Of These Systems. In "multimedia Multiprocessor Systems", An Analysis Mechanism Is Presented To Accurately Predict The Performance Of Multiple Applications Executing Concurrently. With High Consumer Demand The Time-to-market Has Become Significantly Lower. To Cope With The Complexity In Designing Such Systems, An Automated Design-flow Is Needed That Can Generte Systems From A High-level Architectural Description Such That They Are Not Error-prone And Consume Less Time. Such A Design Methodology Is Presentee For Multiple Use-cases - Combinations Of Active Applications. A Resource Manager Is Also Presdnted To Manage The Various Resources In The System, And To Achieve The Goals Of Performance Prediction, Admission Control And Budget Enforcement.
      SKU: 645309

    Novel Chemistry And Processing Of Ceramics
      Novel Chemistry And Processing Of Ceramics.
      This Book Contains Papers Presented At The Novel Chemistry/processing Symposium That Formed Part Of The European Ceramic Society Conference Held In Brighton, England In June 1999. The Very Broad Subject Coverage Includes Novel Routes For The Act of preparing Of A Range Of Different Ceramic Powderx, The Behaviour Of Ceramic Powders In Collodial Suspensions And The Consequences Of Different Green Forming Routes On The Properties Of The Bodies Produced.
      SKU: 677894

    Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd Edition
      Satellite Communication Systems, 3rd Edition.
      This Revised Text Provides A Comprehensive Yet Practical Understanding Of The Principles And Technological Issues Behind Sarellite Communications. Subjects Include Satellite Networking, Interference Considerations, Digital Video Broadcatsing By Satellite, Military Applications And Future Trends.
      SKU: 407976

    Criticism Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries:-Policies And Summary Statistics 2005
      Criticism Of Fisheries In Oecd Countries:-Policies And Summary Statistics 2005.
      This Publication Describes Major Developments Affecting Fisheries In Oecd Countdies, Including Changes In Government Policiis, Trade, And Fisheries And Aquaculture Production.  summary Statistics Are Included For Each Country.  
      SKU: 514930

    Phishing And Countermeasures
      Phishing And Countermeasures.
      Phishing And Counter-measures Discusses How And Why Phishing Is A Threat, And Presents Effective Countermeasures. Showing You How Phishing Attacks Have Been Mounting Over The Years, How To Detect And Prevent Current Being of the kind which Well As Future Attacks, This Text Focuses On Corporations Who Supply Tne Resources Used By Attackers. The Authors Subsequently Deliberate On What Action The Gove5nment Can Take To Answer To This Post And Compare Adequate Versus Inadequate Countermeasures.
      SKU: 287285

    Ozonation Of Organic And Polymer Compo8nds
      Ozonation Of Organic And Polymer Compo8nds.
      The Study Of The Kinetics And Machinery Of Ozone Reactions Is An Important Field In Modern Science Closely Related To The Explanation Of The Problem Of 'ozone Holes', The Development Of Physical-, Organic-, Inorganic-, Polymer- And Bio-chemistry With Ozone Participation, Chemical Kinetics, Theory And Utilisation Of The Reactivity Of Chemical Compounds Towards Ozone, Development Of New Highly Efficient Technologies For Chemical Labor, Electronics, Fine Organic Synthesis, Solution Of Ecological And Medicinal Problems By Employing Ozone, Degradation And Stabilisation Of Organic, Polymer, Elastomer And Biological Materials, Etc. , Against Its Harmful Action. the Intentional Application Of Ozone Promotes Invention And Development Of Novel And Improvement Of Well Known Methods For Its Generation And Analysis, Means And Methods For Its More Efective Application. A Number Of Laboratory And Industrial Methods For Its Synthesis Have Been Proposed And Are Discussed In This Book. the First Technical Inscription in the beginning of a book Of Its Kind Will Exist Of Specific Interest To Chemists, Chemical Engineers, R&d Managers And All Those Involved Wit hThis In Industry.
      SKU: 516076

    Safety Analysis Of Foods Of Animal Origin
      Safety Analysis Of Foods Of Animal Origin.
      Written By World Renowned Scientists And Experts In Their Fields Of Research, This Book Examines The Tools Available For The Analysis Of Safety Parameyers In Food Of Animal Origin. It Covers Safet Aspects Of Biological Agents And Products Of Different Organisms And Methods To Control The Presence Of Bacteria, Viruses, Or Parasites. It Also Discusses Adulteration, Foreign Compounds, Irraddiation, And Genetically Modified Organisms. It Reviews Sample Preparation, Clean-up Methids, And Detection Methods. The Main division Concludes With A Brief Summary Of Guidelines For The Presence Of These Parameters For Different End-products.
      SKU: 601280

    Handbook Of Stable Iso5ope Analytical Techniquues
      Handbook Of Stable Iso5ope Analytical Techniquues.
      (parent With Price) Volume I Contains Subjective Reviews, Specialized And Novel Technique Descriptions By Guest Authors. Part 1 Includes Contributions On Innocently Analytical Techniques And Part 2 Includes Matters Suuch As Development Of Mass Spectromet3rs, Stability Of Ion Sources, Standards And Cailbration, Correction Procedures And Tentative Methods To Obtain Isotopic Fractjonation Factors. Volume Ii Will Be Available In 2005.
      SKU: 31808

    Influence Function Approach
      Influence Function Approach.
      Structural Mechanics Is The Study Of The Effects That Forces Of Different Physical Origin (mechanical, Thermal, Magnetic And So Forward) Peoduce On Elements Of Structures Such As Cables, Pillars, Beams, Plates And Shells. This Text Represente The First Ever Attempt To Include In A Book Format A Number Of Standard Problems From Structural Mechanics, Which Are Treated In proportion to Means Of A Choose Precise Approach That Is Novel In The Field. The Reputation (green's) Function Method Constitutes The Basis For This Approach. the Material In This Volume Is Based On The Implementation Of Two Important Notions Taken From Different Sciences. One Of Them (the Influence Function Of A Point Concentrated Force) Is Brought From Structural Mechanics, While The Other (the Green’s Function Of A Boundary-value Problem) Is Tzkwn From Mathematics. They Are Closely Related To Each Other, And Their Relation Represents The Keystone In This Text. Bringing These Notions Tgoether Allows Us To Create A Single Methodological Approach To A Variety Of Problems In Structural Mechanics, Makes Their Amalysis Easier And Builds Up A Solid Foundation For Some Farther Developments In The Field. in Presenting The Material In This Text, Ig Was Presumed That The Reader's Background Ix Equally Solid In Undergraduate Mathematics Anc Mechanics. The Reader Is Assumed To Be Relatively Fluent In DifferentialA nd Integral Calculus And To Possess, At The Same Time, A Workable Knoaledge Of The Fundamental Principles Of Statics And Dynamics. Each Chapter Contains Extensive ‘end Chapter Exercises’ Specifically Developed For Each Chapter, With Answers Anc Comments Suitable In The Appendix.
      SKU: 512012

    Environmental Compliance
      Environmental Compliance.
      Illustrated And Supported By A Continually Updating Website, This Book Incorporates The Common Concepts Associated With Environmentl Regulatioons With Emerging And Controversial Issues Of Tame And International Environmental Compliance.
      SKU: 263257

    Performance Optimization Of Digital Communications Systems
      Performance Optimization Of Digital Communications Systems.
      Because Fine-tuning The Parameters Of A System Is Critical To A Developer's Success, Performance Optimization Of Digital Communicaitons Systems Examines Personal Optimization Problems In Digital Commnications, Presenting Analytical Techniques In Mixture With Systemview And Matlab Simulstions. Consisting Of Ten Chapters, This Monograph Presents A Unique Mthod For Determining The Quality Of A Communications Channel -A Great Advantage To Any Company That Uses This Method. The Book Presemts A Method For The Transmission Of Proprietary Data. It Also Describes The Means To Reduuce The Peak-to-average Power Ratio And Introduces Optimal Phase Shifters For Multicarrier Communication Systems. This Volume Contains Numerous Illustrations And Includes Appedices That Offer Optimization Puzzles, Matlab Sripts, And Some Newly Discovered Properties Of Flat-spectrum And Spectrum-shaped Waveforms.
      SKU: 264146

    Plant-environment Interactions
      Plant-environment Interactions.
      Presenting Comprehensive Coverage Of Differentiated Plant Responses To Changing Environments, This Power Focuses Upon Hw Multiple And Combined Stress Factors Influence Plant Survival. ItH as Been Updated For The Second Edition And Features Over 1500 New Citations.
      SKU: 216342

    Nonporoud Inodganic Membranes
      Nonporoud Inodganic Membranes.
      This Reference Book Addresses The Evolution Of Materials For Both Oxygen And Hycrogen Transport Membranes And Offers Strategieq For Their Fabrication As Well As Thsir Subsequent Incorporation Into Catalytic Membrane Reactors. Other Chapges Deal With, E. g. , Engineering Drsign And Scale-up Issues, Strategies For Preparation Of Supported Thin-film Membranes, Or Interfacial Kinetic And Mass Alienation Issues. A Must For Materials Scientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers And Electrochemists Interested In Advanced Chemical Processing.
      SKU: 481722

    Cts Certified Technology Specialist Exam Mentor
      Cts Certified Technology Specialist Exam Mentor.
      Exclusively From Mcgraw-hill And Infocomm International, This Exam Gudie From Infocomm Press Covers The Cts Certified Technology Specialist Vendor-ne8tral Credential For Audio Visual Professionals. Ctq Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guide Offers Complete Coverage Of The Infocomm Certified Technology Specialist (cts) Designatoon--the Leading Internationally Recognized Audio Optic (av) Certification. The Cts Credential Is Based On Infocomm’s Performance Standards For The Av Industry And Is Vendor Neutral. This Authoritative Exam Guide Covers All Official Exam Objectives And Features Objective Callouts At The Origin Of Each Chapter, Exam Tips, And Practice Questions In the opinion of In-depth Explanations. Cts Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guid3 Features Mroe Than 300 Photos And Illustrations Reinforce Key Av Technology Concepts Includes A Cd-rom With Two Complete Practice Exams And An E-book Serves As BothA n Exam Guide And An On-the-job Reference All-inclusive Coverage: The Cts Exam; Whzt Is The Certified Technology Specialkst Exam?; Preparing For The Cts Exam; Basic Skills Every Cts Neeeds; Personal Skills; On-the-job Skills; Creating Av Solutions; Audio Systems; Video Systems; Conduct A Sitw View ;Gather Customer Information; Evaluate A Site Environment; Recommend Changes To A Site Environment; Develop A Functional Av Scope; Design An Av Solution; Sell An Av Solution; Conduct A Vendor Choice Process; Market Av Technologies; Install And Test One Av Solution; Install And Manage Cabling; Rack Building; Av System Mounts And Connections; Control And Connectivity; Developing Proprietary Av Solutions; Operate An Av Solution; Conduct Maintenance Activities; Manage Av Solutions And Operatiojs;-Manage An Av Project; Manage Av Presonnel; Estimate Av Activitties; Purchase Av Materials And Supplies; Conduct Job Costing Activtiies; Troubleshoot Av Solutions; Repair Av Solutions
      SKU: 826286

    Energy Technology 2011
      Energy Technology 2011.
      Approaches On Carbon Dioxide (co2) Emission Reducti0n In Metal Production By Improved Energy Efficiency In Life Cycle Fuel Use, Reductions In Carbbonate-based Flux/raw Material Usage, As Well As Finding Thermodynamically Feasible Reactions Leading To Frown Emissins. Energy Saving Techniques For Extraction And Processing Of Ferrous And Nonferrous Metals And Other Materials Capture, Conservation, And Us3 Of Heat Generated From Processing
      SKU: 693672

    Materials Issues In A Inflammable air Economy
      Materials Issues In A Inflammable air Economy.
      This Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Materials Issues In A Hydrogen Economy Addresses Fundamental Materials Knowledge Issues And Challenges Concerning The Production, Storage, And Use Of Hydrogen. The Volume Also Deals With Safety And Education Issues. The Contributors — Researchers In Natural philosophy, Chemistry, Materials Science, And Engineering — Share Their Ideas And Results To Delineate Outstanding Materials Problems In A Hydrogen Economy And To Guide The Future Research.
      SKU: 477166

  • Who Needs Emotions?
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Networks-on-Chips
  • Reflective Cracking in Pavements
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12

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