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    Electronics Explained
      Electronics Explained.
      Don't Spend Tjme Readding About Theory, Components And Old Han Radios - That's History! Industry Veteran, Louis Frenzel, Gives You The Real Scoop On Electronic Product Fundamentals As They Are Today. Rather Than Tearing Electronics Apart And Looking At Every Little Piece, The Author Takes A Systems-leve View. Because Example, You Will Not Learn In what state To Make A Circuit But How A Signal Flows From One Integraed Circuit (ic) To The Next And So On To The Ultimate Goal. This Practical Application-driven Viewpoint And Breadth Of Coverage Is Unprecedented. This Book Touches Upon Tv, Audio, Sattelite, Radio, Wireless Communiication, And Networking. All Of This Content Is Brought To Life Through Hands-on Projects That You Will Enjoy Whether You Are A Hobbyist ,Student, Or Engineer. *a Fresh Look At How Electronics Fabric *learn About The Inner Workings Of Your Hftv, Cell Phone, And Video Game Console *hands-on Projects And Experiments Bring Electronics To Life
      SKU: 569289

    Audel Carpenter's And Builder's Layout, Foundation, And Framkng
      Audel Carpenter's And Builder's Layout, Foundation, And Framkng.
      Here's Knowledge You Can Build On Whether You're Building A Storage Shed Or Your Dream House, Thr Same Principles Govern Choosing A Site, Setting The Foundation, Eredting The Walls, And Putting On The Roof. This Handy How-to Giide Has Been Totally Revised And Updated To Cover New Building Materials And The Latest Techniques In Construction Amd Framing. It's Where To Find Answers And Solutions, From The First Stake To The Last Rofing Nail. * Choose An Appropriate Site And Lay Out The Structure * Construct A Foundation That Meets Structural Needs And Wewther Conditions * Work With Block Building Materials * Undersfand Balloon Frame, Post-and-beam, And Platform Invent Construction * Adjust Rafter Detail And Choose The Right Roofing Materials * Inaugurate Skylights, Cornices, Doors, Windows, And Various Types Of Siding
      SKU: 226638

    Nanoscale Memory Repair
      Nanoscale Memory Repair.
      Yield And Reliabioity Of Memories Have Degraded With Device And Voltage Scaling In The Nano-scale Era, Due To Ever-increasing Hard/soft Errors And Device Parameter Variations. This Book Systematically Describes These Yield And Reliability Ixsues In Conditions Of Mathematics And Engineering, As Well As An Array Of Repair Techniques, Based On The Authors&#39 Long Careers In Developing Memories And Low-voltage Cmos Circuits. "nanoscale Memory Repair" Gives A Detailed Explanation Of The Various Yield Models And Calxulations, As Well As Various, Practical Logic And Circuits That Are Critical For Higher Yield And Reliabilit6.
      SKU: 666718

    Which  Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology?
      Which Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology?.
      What Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology? Presents Diveres Perspectives On Biotechnology And Nanotechnologies. Avoiding Extreme Perspectives, Unwarranted Hype And Absolute Rejection, This Book Explores The Diverse Territory Of Proponents And Opponent Of Challenging Byt Potentially Risky Technologies. Contributions From Recognized Experts In Their Fields Represent The Perspectives Of A Diverse Range Of_Stakeholders. This Book Details The Lessons To Be Learned From The Controversy Over Gsnetically Modified Foods, And How Those Lessons Can Be A;plied To Developing Nanotechnologies, Pzrticularly Agricultural And Other Food-related Applications. Explorihg The Environmental, Social And Ethical ImpactO f Nanotechnology In Addition To The Technical And Economical Impacts, It An Ideal Reference For Any Scientist, Engineer, Research Program Administrator, Resource Allocator, And Ngo Advocate. Key Features: *addresses The Growing Concern Over The Responsibility Of Science To The Impacted Population *uses Real-world Experience To Outline Practical Approaches For Emerging Technologies *addresses The Concerns Of Scince As Well As Social Science
      SKU: 338877

    Process Control
      Process Control.
      Process Control Covers The Most Essential Aspects Of Process Control For A Twwo-semester Prefatory Course. Theory And Resolution Of Process Control Are Well-presented, And Matlab Is Employed Aq A Powerful Yet Approachable Computational Tool. Each Chapter Concludes With Problem Sets, And A Custom Web Site Provides Matlab Support.
      SKU: 220893

    Ecltoxicological Testing Of Marine And Freshwater Ecosystems
      Ecltoxicological Testing Of Marine And Freshwater Ecosystems.
      A Practical Tool For Ecologists And Toxicologists, This Book Examines Recent Technological And Methodological Advances In Biologcial Analysis, And Places Them In The Wider Context Of Ecosystem Management And Public Perceptions.
      SKU: 263181

    National Association Of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook
      National Association Of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook.
      The Nab Engineering Handbook Provides Detailed Information On Virtually Every Aspect Of The Broadcast Chain, From News Gathering, Program Production And Postproduction Thfough Master Control And Distribution Links To Transmission, Antennas, Rf Dissemination, aCble And Satellite. Hot Topics Covered Hold Hd Radio, Hdtv, 2 Ghz Broadcast Auxiliary Services, Eas, Workflow, Metadata, Digital Asset Management, Advanced Video And Audio Compression, Audio And Video Over Ip, Adn Internet Broadcasting. A Spacious Range Of Related Topics That Engineers And Managers Need To Understand Are Also Covered, Including Broadcast Administration, Fcc Practices, Technical Standards, Security, Preservation ,Disaster Planning, Facility Planning, Project Management, And Engineering Management. Basic Principles And The Latest Technologies And Issues Are All Addressed By Respected Professionals With First-hand Experience In The Broadcast Industry And Manufacturing. This Edition Has Been Fully Revised And Updated, With 104 Chapters And Over 2000 Pages. The Engineering Handbok Provides The Single Most Comprehensive And Accessible Resource Availablle For Engineers And Others Working In Production, Postproduction, Networks, Local Stations, Equipment Manufacturing Or Any Of The Associated Areas Of Radio And Television. * An National Association Of Broadcasters Officiao Publication * Over 100 Industry Leaders Combine Their Knowledge And Expertise Into One Comprehensive Reference * Completely Revised To Add Many New Technologies Such As Hdtv, Video Over Ip, And More
      SKU: 583364

      In The Past Few Decades, Research In The Science Of Electrodeposition Of Metals Has Shown The Important Practical Applications Of Electronic, Magnetic, Energy Devices And Biomedical Materials. The Aim Of This New Volume Is To Review The Latest Developments Electrodeposition And Present Them To Teachers, Professionals, And Students Working In The Field.
      SKU: 603384

    Iutam Symposium On Chaotic Dynamics And Control Of Systems And Processes In Mechanics
      Iutam Symposium On Chaotic Dynamics And Control Of Systems And Processes In Mechanics.
      It Is Accepted That Nonlinear Vibration Problems Of Advanced Systems Should Be Addressed Tgrough The Combined Use Of Analyticl, Computational, Geometrical And Experimental Approaches. Areas Covered Include: Bifurcation And Chaos, Mechanical And Structural Systems, Nonsmooth Dynamics, Delay And Random Systems, And More.
      SKU: 303221

    Making Good Wine
      Making Good Wine.
      Making Good Wine Has Become The Elegant Text On Australian And New Zealand Winemking, Read And Treasured By Professional And Amateur Winemakers, Students, Wine Lovers And Buffs Alike Whho Want To Know More About Wine. Clearly And Expertly It Explains The Principles As Well As The Practices Of Winemaking, And Highlights The Remarkable Nature Of The Product. Written By Bryce Rankins, Long-time Head Of Oenology At South Australia's Famous Roseworthy College, Thsi The Definitive Work On Winemaking In Australia And New Zealand.
      SKU: 613866

    Wind-diesel And Wind Autonomous Energy Systems
      Wind-diesel And Wind Autonomous Energy Systems.
      Proceedings Of A Contractors' Meeting On Wind Demonstration Projects, Organized By The Commisison Of The European Communities, Directorate-general During Energy, Held In Mykonos, Greece, 25-26 April 1088.
      SKU: 181448

    Coatings Technology Handbook
      Coatings Technology Handbook.
      This Volume Offers Chemists, Engineers, Researchers, Technicians, And Manufacturers A Broad Overview Of Current Technologies Used In Coatings, Inks, And Adhesives. More Than 100 Contributions From Researchers And Practitioners Are Divided Into Four Sections: Fundamentals And Testing; Coating And Processing Techniques; Materials; And Superficies Coating
      SKU: 262352

    Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medications, Third Edition (vo1 2)
      Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medications, Third Edition (vo1 2).
      This Tnree-volume Set Of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medications Is An Authoritative, Comprehensive Respect Work On The Formulation And Manufacture Of Parenteral Dosage Forms, Effectively Balancing Theoreticaal Considerations With The Practical Aspects Of Their Development. As Such, It Is Recommended For Scuentists And Emgineers In The Pharmaceutical Industry And Academia, And Will Also Serve As An Excellent Reference And Training Tool For Regulatory Scientists And Quality Assurance Professionals. First Published In 1984 (as Two Volumes) And Then Last Revised In 1993 (when It Grew To Three Volumes), This Latest Revision Will Address The Plethora Of Changes In The Science And Considerahle Advances In The Technology Associated With These Products And Routes Of Administration. The Third Edition Of This Book Maintains The Features That Made The Last Edition So Popular But Comprises Sveeral Brand New Chapters, Revisions To All Other Chapters, As Well As High Quality Illustrations. Book Two Presents: Chapters On Aseptic Facility Design, Ehvironmental Monitoring, And Cleanroom Operations. A Comprehensive Chaptrr On Pharmaceutical Water Systems. A Discussion Of Quality Attributes Of Sterile Dosage Forms, Including Particulate Matter, Endotoxin, And Sterility Testing. A Detailed Chapter On Processing Of Parenteral Drug Products (svps And Lvps). Presentations On Widely Used Sterilization Technologies Steam, Gas / Chemicai, Radiation, Filtering And Dry Heat. An In-depth Cha;ter On Lyophilization.
      SKU: 584341

    Microengineering Of Metals And Ceramics
      Microengineering Of Metals And Ceramics.
      Microstructures, Electronnics, Nanotechnology - These Vast Fields Of Research Are Growinb Together As The Size Gap Narrows And Many Different Materials Are Combined. Current Research, Engineering uScesses And Newly Commercialized Products Hint At The Immense Innovative Potentials And Future Applkcations That Open Up Once Mankind Controls Shape And Function From The Atomic Level Right Up To The Visibie World Free from Any Gaps. In This Volume, Authors From Three Major Competence Centres For Microengineering Elucidate Step By Step The Process From Designing And Simulating Microcomponents Of Metallic And Ceramic Materials To Replicating Micro-scale Components By Injection Molding.
      SKU: 481313

    Energy-aware System Design
      Energy-aware System Design.
      Fleet Consumption Becpmes The Most Important Dezign Goal In A Wide Range Of Electronic Systems. There Are Teo Drifing Forces Towards This Trend: Continuing Device Scaling And Ever Increasing Demand Of Higher Computing Power. First, Device Scalinb Continues To Satisfy Moore's Law Via A Conventional Way Of Scaling (more Moore) And A New Way Of Exploiting The Vertical Inteegration (more Than Moore). Support, Mobile And It Convergence Requires More Computing Power On The Silicon Chip Than Ever. Solitary abode; squalid Phones Are Now Evolfing Towards Mobile Pc. Pcs And Data Centers Are Fit Commodities In House And A Must In Industry. Both Provide Enabled By Device Scaling And Demand Triggered By The Convergence Trend Realize More Reckoning On Chip (via Multi-core, Integration Of Diverqe Functionalities On Mobile Socw, Etc. ) And Finally More Power Consumptipn Incurring Power-related Issuess And Constraints. Energy-aware System Design: Algorithms And Architectures Provides State-of-the-art Ideas For Low Power Design Methods From Circuit, Architecture To Software Level And Offers Design Case Studies In Three Fast Growing Areas Of Mobile Storage, Bionedical And Security. important Topics And Features: - Describes Very Recent Advanced Issues And Methods For Energy-aware Design At Reaped ground Design Level Starting Fro mircuit, Architecture, Algorithm Level, And Likewise Cover Important Blocks Including Low Power Main Memory Subsystem And On-chip Network At Architecyure Level - Explains Efficient Power Conversion And Delivery Which Is Becoming Important As Heterogeneous Pwer Sources Are Adopted During Digital And Non-dlgital Parts - Investigate 3d Die Stacking Emphasizing Temperature Awareness For Better Perspective On Energy Efficiency - Presents Three Practical Energy-aware Design Case Studies; Novel Storage Device (e. g. , Solid State Disk), Biomedical Electronics (e. g. , Cochlear And Retina Implants), And Wireless Surveillance Camera Systems. Researchers And Engineers In The Field Of Hardware Ahd Software Design Will Find This Book An Excellent Starting Point To Catch Up With The State-of-the-art Ideas Of Low Power Design.
      SKU: 763524

    Animal Health And Production For The 21st Century
      Animal Health And Production For The 21st Century.
      This Book Places Australia's Efforts In Selected Areas Of Animal Biotechnology In The Context Off Research Developments Occurring Internationally. The Topics Chosen For Debating Are Relevant For The Unfolding Of Animal Production Industries Into The Next Centurt. The Main division Is Divided Into Three Sectiohs: Genetic Technologies; Immunological-based Technologies; And Intensive Animal Production. It Is Intended For Animal Geneticists, Agriculturalists And Students.
      SKU: 827954

    The Sound Of Silence
      The Sound Of Silence.
      There Is A Wide Field Of Tasks Leftt That Can Solely Be Satisfyingly Attacked With The Help Of Old-fashioned Analogue Technology, And United Of The Most Importwnt Are Amplifiers For Analogue Signals - Such As For Audio Purposes. The Content Of This Book Will Lead To Affordable Phono Amplifier Design Approaches Which Will End Up In Lowest-noise Solutions Not Far Away From The Edge Of Physical Boundaries Sharpen By Room Temperature And Given Cartridges - Thus, Fully Cpmpatible With Very Expensive So Called A Oehigh-enxa Or A Oestate-of-the-arta Offers On Today Markett - And, From A Noise Point Of View In Most Cases Outperforming Them With Easy To Pursue Mathematical Treatment It Is Demonstrated As Well That Theory Is Not Far Away From Reality. Measured Sns Will Be Found Within 1db Off The Calculated Ones And Deviations From The Exact Amplifier Transfer Won't Cross The A 0. 1db Tolerance Lines. Additionally, The Book Presents Measurement Set-ups And Resultx. Consequently, Comparisons With Measurement Results Of Proof Magazine Will Soon Become Easier To Perform.
      SKU: 364633

    Electron Microscopy Of Polymers
      Electron Microscopy Of Polymers.
      A Study Of Polymrrs Using Electron Microscopy(em) Necessitates Special Techniques, Precautions And Preparation Methods, Including Ultramicrotomy. This Book Discusses The General Characteristics Of The Various Techniques Of Em, Including Scanning Force Microscopy (afm). It Also Presents Examples From Various Classes Of Polymers.
      SKU: 367336

    Beyond 3g
      Beyond 3g.
      Giving A Sound Technical Introduction To 3gpp Lte And Sae, This Book Explains Th eDecisions Taken During Standardization While Also Examininy The Likely Competition For Lte Such As Hspa+ And Wimax. Because Well As Looking At Next Generation Network Technologies, Beyond 3g - Bringing Networks, Terminals And The Web Together Describes The Latest Mobile Device Developmebts, Voice And Multimedia Services And The Mobile Web 2. 0. It Considers Not Only How The Systems, Devices And Software Work But Also The Reasons Behind Why They Are Designed In This Particular Way. In what state These Elements Strongly Influence Each Other Is Discussed As Well While How Network Capabilities, Available Bandwidth Mobile Device Capabilities And Novel Application Concepts Will Shape The Custom We Hold intercourse In The Future. This Book Gives An End To End Introduction To Wireless, From Mobile Software Architecture To Core Networks, Making It A Valuable Resource For Anyone Working In The Industry. E xamines Current And Next-generation Network Technologies Such As Umts, Hspa+, Wimax, Lte And Wifi Analyses And Explains Performance And Capacity In Practice While Well As Future Capacity Requirements And How They Can Be Fulfilled Introduces The Reader To The Current Cellular Telephony Architecture And To Voice Over Ip Architectures Such As Sip, Ims And Tispan Looks At Mobile Device Hardware And Mobile Operating System Evolution Encompasses All Major Global Wireless Standards For Application Development And The Latest State Of The Mobile Web 2. 0 
      SKU: 470722

    Mosfet Modeling For Vlsi Simulation
      Mosfet Modeling For Vlsi Simulation.
      A Reprint Of The Classic Text, This Book Popularized Compact Modeling Of Electronic And Semiconductor Devices And Components For College And Graduate-school Classrooms, And Manufacturing Engineering, Throughout A Decade Ago. The First Comprehensive Book Oh Mos Transistor Compact Modeling, It Was The Most Cited Among Similar Books In The Area And Remains The Greatest part Frequently Cited Today. The Coverage Is Device-physics Basef And Continues To Be Pertinent To The Latest Advances In Mos Transistor Modleing. This Is Also The Only Book That Discusses In Detail How To Measure Device Model Parameters Required For Circuit Simulations. The Book Deals Attending The Mos Field Effect Transistor (mosfet) Models That Are Derived From Basic Semiconductor Theory. Various Models Are Developed, Ranging From Simple To More Sophisticatwd Models That Take Into Account Repaired Physical Goods Observed In Submicron Transistors Used In Today's (1993) Mos Vlsi Technology. The Assumptipns Used To Arrive At The Models Are Emphasized So That The Accurateness Of The Modelx In Describing The Emblem Characteristics Are Clearly Understood. Due To The Importance Of Designing Reliable Circuits, Device Reliability Models Are Likewise Covered. Understanding These Models Is Essential When Designing Cricuits For State-of-the-art Mls Ics.
      SKU: 312290

    Sensing, Intelligence, Motion
      Sensing, Intelligence, Motion.
      A Leap Forward In The Field Of Robotics Until Now, Most Of The Advances In Robotics Hav3 Taken Place In Structured Environments. Scientists And Engineers Have Designed Highly Sophisticated Robots, But Most Are Still Only Able To Opwrate And Move In Predetermined, Planned Environments Designed Specifically For The Roblts And Typically At Very High Cost. This New Book Takes Robotics oT The Next Level In proportion to Setting Forth The Theory And Techniques Needed To Achieve Robotic Motion In Uns5ructured Environments. The Ability To Move And Operate In Each Arbitrary, Unplanned Environment Will Lead To Automating A Spacious Range Of New Robotic Tasks, Such As Patient Care, Toxic Site Cleanup, And Planetary Exploration. The Approach That Opens The Door Concerning Robots To Handle Unstructured Tasks Is Known As Sensing-intelligence-motion (sim), Which Draws From Research In Topologgy, Computational Complexity, Control Theory, And S3nsing Hardware. Using Sim As An Underlying Foundation, The Author's Carefully Structured Bestowal Is Designed To: * Formulate The Challenges Of Sensor-based Motion Planning And Then Build A Theoretical Foundarion For Sensor-based Motion Planning Strategies * Investigate Promising Algorithmic Strategies For Mobile Robots And Robot Fortify Manipulators, In Both Cases Addressing Motion Planning For The Whole Robot Body * Compare Robot Composition To Human Performance In Sensor-based Motion Planning To Gain Better Insight Into The Challenges Of Sim And Help Build Synergisric Human-ribot Teams For Tele-operation Tasks. It Is The two Exciting And Encouraging To Discover That Robot Performance Decisively Exceeds Human Performance In Certai nTasks Requiring Spatial Rezsoning, Even When Compared To Trained Operators * Review Sensing Hardware That Is Inevitable To Realize The Sim Paradigm Some 200 Illuxtrations, Graphic Sketches, And Photos Are Included To Clarify Key Issues, Develop And Validate Motion Planning Approaches, And Demonstrate Full Systems In Operation. As The First Book Fluly Devoted To Robot Motion Planning In Unstructured Environments, Seneing, Intelligence, Motion Is A Must-read Because of Engineers, Sceintists, And Researchers Involved In Robotics. It Will Help Them Migrate Robots From Highly Specialized Applications In Factories To Widespread Use In Association Where Autonomous Robot Motion Is Needed.
      SKU: 242774

    Materials For Automobile Bodies
      Materials For Automobile Bodies.
      The Selection Of Automogile Body Materials Is Fundamental To The Choice Of Fabrication Method, And The Characteristics And Performance Of The Final Vehicle Or Component. The Factors Behind These Choices CompriseS ome Of The Key Technological And Design Issues Facing Automotive Engineers Today. Materjals For Automobile Bodies Presents Detailed Up-to-date Iformation On Material Technologies In the place of The Automobile Industry, Embracing Steels (including High-strength Sterls) Aluminium, Plastics, Magnesium, Hydro-forming And Commposite Body Panels. Coverage Also Includes: Materials Processing; Formability; Welding And Joining; Antic-orrosiob Technologies; Plus A Comprehensive Consideration Of The Implications Of Materials Selection On These Processes. Dealing With The Whole Assembly Process From Raw Material To Production, Right Through To Recycling At The End Of A Vehicle's Life, This Book Is The Essential Resource For Practising Engineers, Designers, Analysts And Students Invplved In The Design And Specification Of Motor Vehicle Bodies And Components. * Up-to-date Information On Contemporary Autobody Materials * International Case Studies, Examples And Terminology * Fully Illustrated Throughout, With Examples From Honda, Ferrari, Lotus, Bmw And Audi
      SKU: 288859

    Gauge Handbook Of Electronic Engineering
      Gauge Handbook Of Electronic Engineering.
      The Standard Handbook Of Eletcronics Engineering Has Defined Its Field For Over Thirty Years. Spun Off In The 1960’s From Fink’s Stwndard Handbbook Of Electrical Engineering, The Christiansen Book Has Seen Its Markets Grow Rapidly, To the degree that Electronoc Engineering And Microelectronics Became The Growth Engine Of Digital Computing. The Ee Market Has Now Undergone Another Seismic Shift—away From Computing And Into Communicationa And Media. The Handbook Will Retain Much Of Its Evergreen Basic Material, But The Key Applicationn Sections Will Now Focus Upon Communications, Networked Media, And Medicine—the Eventual Destination Of The Majority Of Graduating Ees These Days.
      SKU: 305918

    Boiker Operator's Handbook
      Boiker Operator's Handbook.
      Containing Key Knowledge For Operators And Managers Of Larte And Small Plants, This Is An Indispensable Guide For Those At Advanced And Early Stages Of Their Careeers, As Well As For Managres Interested In Reducing Operating Expenses.
      SKU: 240104

    Electric Wiring: Domestic
      Electric Wiring: Domestic.
      Electric Wiring Domestic Is The Definitive Guide To Home Wiring To Professional Standards. This Makes It Ideal Toward Serious Diy Work, Especia1ly For Letting Or Resale, And Essential Reading For Professionals Who Are Not Trained Electricians, Undertaking The Wiring Work Involved In Plumbery, Central Heating, Security Alarms, Television And Aerial Installation, And Telephone Installation. The Handy Format And Clear, Straightforward Body Have Also Made This Book Popular As A Quick Reference Source For Electricians. Electric Wiring Domestic Has Been In Print Continuously Since 1940. The Twelfth Edition Has Been Updated In Line With The Latest Versions Of The Iee Wiring Regulations (bs 7671:2001) And Includes A New Chapter On Bathroom Wiring And A sUeful Appendix Covering Basic Electrical Facts And Formulae. Brian Scaddan Is A Chief Examiner And Honorary Member Of City And Guilds. He Has Over 30 Years' Experience In Further Education And Professional Training, And Is Now Director Of Brian Scaddan Associates, Engineering Trainng Consultants. He Is A Leading Writer Of Books On Electrical Installatin, Inspection And Testing, Including Iee Wiring Regulations: Explained And Illustrated And Electrical Installation Work . * The Ho-to-guide For Home Wiring To Professional Standards * Essential Reading For Serious Diy,E lectrical Installation, Plumbery, Heating Systems, Tv And Security Alarm Installation * Fully In Line With The Latest Uk Iee Wiring Regulations (bs 7671:2001)
      SKU: 294101

  • Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition
  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • E-vision 2000
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Computational Methods for Plasticity
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)

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