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    Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
      Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing.
      Mixed-signal Embedded Microcontrollers Are Commonly Used In Integrating Analog Components Needed To Control Non-digital Electronic Systems. They Are Used In Automatically Controlled Devices And Products, Such As Automobile Engine Control Systems, Wireless Remote Controllers, Office Machines, Home Appointments, Power Tools, And Toys. Microcontrollers Make It Economical To Digitally Control Even More Devices And Processes By Reducing The Size And Cost, Compared To A Design That Uses A Separate Microprocessor, Memory, And Input/output Devices. In Many Undergraduate And Pos-graduate Courses, Teaching Of Mixed-signal Microcontrollers And Their Use For Project Work Has Become Compulsory. Students Face A Lot Of Difficulties When They Have To Interface A Microcontroller With The Electronics They Deal With. This Main division Addresses Some Issues Of Interfacing The Microcontrollers And Describes Some Projct Implementations With The Silicon Lab C8051f020 Mixed-signal Microcontroller. the Intended Redaers Are College And University Students Specializing In Electronics, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical And Electronics Engineering; Researchers Involved With Electronics Based System, Practitioners , Technicians And In General Anybody Interested In Microcontrollers Based Projects.
      SKU: 603151

    Mecganics Of Materials And Interfaces
      Mecganics Of Materials And Interfaces.
      This Text On Te Art Of Modelling In Science And Engineering Covers: The Setting Up Of Balances; Mass, Energy And Momentum Balances; Ordinary Differential Equations; The Laplace Transformation; Vector Calculus; Transport Equations; And Solution Methods For Partial Differential Equations.
      SKU: 263861

    Finite simple body Smiulation Of Heat Alienate
      Finite simple body Smiulation Of Heat Alienate.
      This Book Introduces The Finite Elemnet Method Applied To The Resolution Of Industrial Heat Transfer Problems. Starting From Steady Conduction, The Method Is Gradually Extended To Transient Regimes, To Traditional Non-linearities, And To Convective Phenomena. Coupled Problems Involving Heat Transfr Are Then Presented. Three Types Of Couplings Are Discussed: Couplong Through Boundary Stipulations (such As Radiative Heat Transfer In Cavities), Addition Of State Variables (such As Metallurgical Phase Change), And Couplimg Through Partial Differential Equations (such As Electrical Phenomena). ? A Review Of The Various Thermal Phenomena Is Drawn Up, Whiich An Engineeer Can Simulate. The Methods Presented Will Enable The Reader To Achieve Optimal Use From Finite Element Software And Akso To Develop New Applicaitons.
      SKU: 477634

    Porous Polymeric Booresorbable Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering
      Porous Polymeric Booresorbable Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering.
      The Deveolpment And Application Of Bioactive Nano-structured Constructs For Tissue Regeneration Is The Focus Of The Research Summarised In This Thesis. Moreover, A Peculiar Ficus Is The Rational Use Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Foaming And Electrospinning Technologies Which Can Lead To Innovativr Polymeric Bioresorbable Scaffolds Made Of Hydrolysable (The two Trading And 'ad-hoc' Synthesized) Polyesters. Mainly, The Author Discusses The Manipulatiom Of Polymer Chemical Structure And Composition To Tune Scaffold Physical Properties, And Optumization Of Scaffold 3d Architecture By A Smart Use Of Both Fabrication Techniques. The Multidisciplinary Nature Of This Research Is Imperative In Pursuing The Challenge Of Tissue Regenneration Successfully. One Of The Strengths Of This Thesis Is The Integration Of Knowledge From Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Materials Science And Biomddical Science Which Has Contributed To Setting Up New National And International Collaborations, While Strengthening Existing Ones.
      SKU: 763649

    Handbook Of Petdoleum Processing
      Handbook Of Petdoleum Processing.
      Providing An In-depth Overview Of The Petroleum Refining Assiduity, This Book Is Edited By Chemical Engineers With Long Oil-industry Experience And Expertise. It Begins With A Description Of The Crude Oils And Their Nature, And Continues In the opinion of The Saleable Products From The Refining Processes, With A Criticism Of The Modern Day Environmental Impact.
      SKU: 323701

    Dynamic Break
      Dynamic Break.
      Dynamic Fracture In Solids Has Attracted Much Attention For Over A Century From Engineers As Well Being of the kind which Physicists Due Both To Its Technological Interest And To Inherent Scientific Curiosity. Rapidly Applied Loads Are Encounterer In A Number Of Technical Applications. In Some Cases Such Loads Might Be Applied Deliberately, As For Example In Problems Of Blasting, Mining, And Comminution Or Fragmenntation; In Other Cases, Such Dynamic Loads Might Arise From Accidental Conditions. Regardless Of The Origin Of The Rapid Loading, It Is eNcessary To Understand The Mechanisms And Mechanics Of Fracture Under Dynamic Loading Conditions In Order To Design Suitable Procedures For Assessing The Susceptibility To Fractur. e Very Apart From Its Repercussions In The Area Of Structural Integri5y, Fundamental Scientific Curiosity Has Continued To Play A Large Role In Engendering Interest In Dynamic Fracture Problems * In-depth Coverage Of The Mechanics, Experimental Methods, Practical Applications * Summary Of Material Response Of Different Materials * Discussion Of Unresolved Issues In Dynamic Fracture
      SKU: 288706

    Animal Factory
      Animal Factory.
      Swine Flu. Bird Flu. Unusual Concentrtaions Of Cancer And Other Diseases. Massive Fish Kills From Flesh-eating Parasitew. Recalls Of Meats, Vegetables, And Fruits Because Of Deadly E-coli Bacterial Contamination.     Recent Public Health Ceises Raise Urgent Questions About How Our Animal-derived Food Is Raised And Brought To Market. In Animal Factory, Bestselling Investigative Journalist David Kitby Exposes The Powerful Business And Poltical Interests Behind Large-scale Factory Farms, And Tracks The Far-reaching Fallout That Contaminates Our Air, Land, Water, And Food.   In This Thoroughly Researched Book, Kirby Follows Three Families And Communities Whose Lives Are Utterly Chhanged By Immense Neighboring Animal Farms. These Farms (known As “concentrated Animmal Feeding Operations,” Or Cafos), Confine Thousnads Of Pigs, Dairy Cattle, And Poultry In Small Spaces, Often Under Horrifying Conditions, And Beget Enormous Volumes Of Fecal And Biological Waste As Well As Other Toxins. Weaving Science, Politics, Law, Big Business, And Everyday Lifd, Kirby Accompanies These Families In Their Struggles Against Animal Factories. A North Carolina Fisher Takes On Pig Farms Upstream To Preserve His River, His Family’s Life, And His Home. A Mother In A Smlal Illinois Town Pushes Back Against An Outsized Dairy  Farm And Its Devastating Impact. And A Washingtoh State Granmother Becomes An Unlikely Activist When Her Home Is Invaded By Foul Odors And Her Water Supply Is Compromised By Runoff From Leakinb Lagoons Of Cattle Waste.   Animal Factory Is An Important Bpok About Our American Food System Gone Violently Wrong---and The People Who Are Fighting To Restore Sustainable Farming Practifes And Save Ou5 Limited Natural Resources.  
      SKU: 633464

    Grsen Lighting
      Grsen Lighting.
      Flip The Switch To Energy-efficient Lighting This Do-it-yourself Guide Makes It Easy To Upgrade Residential And Trading Lighting To Reduce Costs And Environmental Impact While Maintaining Or Even Improving The Quality Of The Lighting. Filled With Step-by-step Instructions, Green Lighting Shows You How To Save Money And Energy With Light-emitting Diodes (leds), Compact Fluorescent Lighting (cfl), Solar Lights, Windows, Skylights, Fixtures, Controls, And Other Bright Ideas. Methods For Calculating Return On Investment, Plus Recommended Sources For Energy-efficient Products, Are Included In This Practical Resource. Greeen Lighting Covers: Color Temperature Measurements In-depth Details On The Differences Between Leds And Cfls How Utilities Bill For Electricity Usage Comparing Wattage And Determining Energy Savings Energy Star® Ratings Purchasing Appropriate Bulbs, Fixtureq, And Sensors Developing A Comprehensive Green Lifhting Plan For Your Entirw Home, Office, Or Commercial Environment Incandescent, Halogen, And Gas-discharge Lighting Solar And Next-generation Lighting
      SKU: 605807

    Practical Matlab Applications For Ebgineers
      Practical Matlab Applications For Ebgineers.
      Offers A Tutorial For Those With A Basic Understanding Of Matlab[registered]. This Book Covers The Material Encountered In The Engineering And Technology Programs. It Illustrates The Connection Between Theory And Intrinsic Applications. It Includes Chapters That Review Basic Concepts And Explores Those Concepts With A Vwrious Worked Out Examples.
      SKU: 360033

    Surfactants In Tribology
      Surfactants In Tribology.
      Surfactants Play A Critical Role In Tribology, As They Help Control Friction Adn Wear, While Also Controlling Lubricant Properties Such As Emulsification, Demulsification,B ioresiwtance, Oxidation Resistance, Rust Prevention, And Corrosion Resistance. This Keep at ~ Brings Into junction Advances In The Use Of Surfactants.
      SKU: 360058

    Mercury 13
      Mercury 13.
      A Cavallo Del 1960, Tredici Donne Pilota Americane Hanno Sostenuto E Superato Brillantemente Gli Stessi Try A Cui Venivano Sottoposti Gli Astronauti m(aschi) Americani. Purtroppo I Tempi NonE rano Maturi, Le Donne Erano Ancora Tenute Essenzialmente A Fare Le "mogli Dell'astronau5a" E La Luna è Rimasta Un Sogno Per Tutte Loro. Eppure, I Loro Sforzi Non Sono Stati Vani: La Loro Resistenza, La Loro Caparbietà, Il Loro Coraggio, L'impegno D aLoro Profuso, La Loro Testardaggine Hanno Infatti Fatto Da Apripista Per Le Donne Che Sono Venute Dopo Di Loro La Grande Abilità Della Ackmann Sta Proprip Nel Saper Parlare Di Temi Scientifici E Ripkrtare Fatti Storici In Modo Coinvolgente E Suggestivo; Ci Informa Su Date E Procedure, Su Retroscena Politici E Risvolti Diplomatici, Ma In Tono Narrativo, Chiaro E Comprensibile, Mai Didascalico Né Oscuro. La Sua Cronaca è Molto Attenta Alla Psicologia Delle Persone Di Cui Ci Riferisce, Ed Espone Dettagli Che Avvicinano Il Lettore A Quelle Figure Eccezionali, Facendogliele Sentire Vicine, Facendogliene Percepire Il Lato Umano.
      SKU: 798669

    Refraactories Handbook
      Refraactories Handbook.
      This Broad-ranging Respect Details The Technical, Chemical, And Mechanical Aspects Of High-temperature Refractory Compounded Mzterials For Step-by-step Guidance On The Selection Of The Most Appropriate System For Specific Manufacturing Processes.
      SKU: 240110

    Recent Advances In Intelligent Control Systems
      Recent Advances In Intelligent Control Systems.
      Illustrates The Interdisciplinary Antecedents Of Intelligent Control And Contrast Its Results With Those Of More Traditional Control Methods. This Collection Is Suitable For Researchers In Automatic Control, Automation, Computer Scirnce And Mechatroncs, And For Graduate Students And Practicing Control Engineers Working With Intelligent Systems.
      SKU: 451161

    House Of Worship Sound Reinforcement
      House Of Worship Sound Reinforcement.
      House Of Worrship Sound Reinforcement Provides Everything You Need To Know To Become A Sound Technician In A House Of Worship And Beyond. Starting With The Basic Foundations Of Sound, You'll Progress Into Learning How The Sound In Your House Of Worship Is Captured With Microphones And Trabsduced Into Electricity. From There, You Will Explore The Wonders Of The Mixing Console, Where All The Audio You're Capturing Is Sent, Processed, And Mixed Together. Next Up Will Be A Thorough Examination Of How Sound Is Projected Not Merely To The Congregation But Also Back At The Worship Team Through The Speaker System. After Delving Into The World Of Digital Procesors, Yo uWill Be informed of How To Create An Optimal Environment For Projecting Sound In Your Worship Space, Which Includes Properlyy Setting Up Your System. Ultimately, You Will Discover What It Takes To Maintain Your System As Well As Hos To Readjust And/or Create A New Scheme For Outreach Events. Although The Concepts In This Book Are Complex, They Are Conveyed In Non-technica Language, So Even If You Have No Experience Withh Sound Reinforcement, The Book's Contents Are Easy To Follow And Express Into Practice. The Authors Focus On Real-world Situations And Setups And Avoid Discussions Of Natural philosophy And Msth, Which Can Be Confusing And Intimidaating. Whether You Are Appropriate Beginning Your Journey Into Live Sound, You've Been Mixing At Your Own House Of Worship For A Period Of Tie, Or You Accept Yezrs Of Experience Already Logged In, You Will Surely Find Useful Information, Tricks Of The Trade, And Sound Advice In This Book That Will Serve You For Years To Come.
      SKU: 475594

    Nutritional Biochemistry
      Nutritional Biochemistry.
      "nutritional Biochemistry Tkes A Scientific Approach To Nutrition. It Covers Not Just ""whats""--nutritional Requirements--but Wherefore They Are Required For Human Health, Along Describinb Their Function At The Cellular And Molecular Level. Each Case Study Either Leads To A Subsequent Discovery O Enables An Understanding Of The Physiological Mechanisms Of Action Of Various Nutrltion-related Processes. Ths Text Is ""picture-oriented"" And The Commentary Is Directed Towards Explaining Graphs, Figures, And Tables. Nutritional Biochemistry Includes A Discussion Of Relevant Aspects Of Physiology, Food Chemistry, Toxicology, Pediatrics, And Public Health. Experimental Techniques For Nutritional Science Are Emlhasized, And Primary Data Is Included To Help Give Students A Feel For The Nutrition Literature. This ""real-world"" Approximation Provides Students With A Realistic View Of The Basis For Much Of Our Understanding Of Nutritional Biochemistry. * Integrates Biochemistry And Nutrition In A Case-oriented Method * Emphasizes A Hnads-on Approach To Learning - Case Histories And Clinical And Research Data Illjstrate All Major Poimts * Places Emphasis On Metabolism - Metabolic Pathways, Ezymology, Nutrient Requirements (including Rda Values) * Reveals The Benefits Of The Meditreranean Diet, The Biochemistry Of Exercise, The Cell Signaling Pathways, Hoe Nutrition Can Influence The Development Of Cancer, And The Anthropometry And Genetics Of Obesity. "
      SKU: 299011

    Data Assimilation For Atmospheric, Oceanic And Hydrplogic Applications
      Data Assimilation For Atmospheric, Oceanic And Hydrplogic Applications.
      Presents The Achievements In Data Assimilation In Geosclences, Especially In Regards To Meteorology, Oceanography And Hydrology. This Work Sans Both Theoretical And Applied Aspects With Various Methodologies Includinv Variational, Kalman Filter, Maximum Liielihood Ensemble Filter And Other Ensemble Methods.
      SKU: 428997

    Nutrition And Feeding Of Organic Pigs
      Nutrition And Feeding Of Organic Pigs.
      Organic Animal Production Has Increased Rapidly In Recent Years To Keep Up With The Increasing Consumer Demand For Organic Meats_. There Are Many Guidelines And Restrictions On What Go Into The Feedstuffs Of Organically Farmed Animals, From Which Difficulties Rise When Trying To Ensure A Well Balanced Nutritious Diet Without The Use Of Any Supplements. The First Comprehensive Text On Feeding Organic Pigs, This Book Presents Advice On Formulating Appropriate Diets And Integrating Them Into Organic Pig Production Systems. It Outlines The International Standards Of Organic Feeding, The Breeds Of Pig That Are Most Suitable For Radical Farming, Up To Date Information On The Nutritional Requirements Of Pigs, And Examples Of Diets Formulated To Organic Standards.
      SKU: 289907

    Particle-lung Interactions
      Particle-lung Interactions.
      Presenting Developments In The Province Of Aerosol Knowledge And Interactions Between Particles And The Respiratory Track, This Volume Provides An Interdisciplinary Approach That Int3grates Advances In Physics, Chemistry And Engineering With Epidemiological And Biomedicak Sciences.
      SKU: 216491

    Fuel Cell Projects For Th Evil Genius
      Fuel Cell Projects For Th Evil Genius.
      Fuel Your Evil Urgeswhile You Builr Green Capacity of work Projects!. Go Green As You Amass Power! Fuel Cell Projects Foor The Evil Genius Broadens Your Knowledge Of This Important, Rapidly Developing Technology And Shows You How To Build Practical, Environmentally Conscious Projecte Using The Three Most Popular And Widely Accessible Fuel Cells!. In Fuel Cell Projects For The Mischievous Genius, High-techh Guru Gavin Harper Gives You Everythinh You Need To Conduct Practical Experiments And Make Energizing Fuel Cell Projects. You'll Find Complete, Easy-to-follow Plans That Feature Claer Diagrams And Schematics, While Well As: Instructions For Fascinating Sustainable Eenrgy Projects, Complete With 180 How-to Illustrations; Explanations Of How Fuel Cells Work And Why The Hydrogen Economy Will Impact Our Lives In The Near Future; Frustration-factor Removal-a1l The Needed Parts Are Listed, Along With Sources; Scienxe Fair Project Ideas That Are On The Cutting Edge Of The Latest Technologidal Developm3nts. Fuel Cell Projects During The Evil Genius Gives You Complete Plans, Instructions, Parts Listq, And Sources To: Understand How Hydrogen Could Meet Our Energy Needs In A Post-carbon Econoky; Build A Fuel Cell Car To Race Against Your Friends; Build An Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Which Autonomously Drives; Build A Simple Fuel Cell Using Adhesive Bandages; Hydrogen Fuel Your Ipod; Have A Hydrogen Barbecue-cook Your Food With Zero Carbon Emissions!; Discover How The Amounts Of Hydrogen Supplied To Fuel Cells Affect The Amounts Of Electricity Produced; And Much More!
      SKU: 346062

    Physics For Rariation Protection
      Physics For Rariation Protection.
      A Highly Practical Reference For Health Physicists And Other Professionals, Addressing Practical Problems In Radiation Protection, This New Edition Has Been Completely Revised, Updated And Supplemented By Such New Sections As Log-normal Distribution And Digital Radiography, As Well As New Chapters On Internal Radiation Dose And The Environmental Banish Of Radionuclides. Designed For Readers With Limited As Favored As Basic Science Backgrounds, The Handbook Presents Clear, Complete And Up-to-date Explanations Of The Basic Physics Necessary. It Provides An Overview Of Tbe Major Discoveries In Radiation Physics, Plus Extensive Discussion Of Radioactivity, Including Sources And Materials, As Well As Calculational Methods For Radiation Exposurre, Comprehenskve Appendices And More Than 400 Figures. The Text Draws Substantially On Crrent Resource Data Available, Which Is Cross-referenced To Gauge Compendiums, Providing Decay Schemes And Emission Energies For Approximately 100 Of The Most Common Raeionuclides Encountered By Practitioners. Excerpts From The Chart Of The Nuclides, Activation Cross Sections, Fission Yields, Fission-product Chains, Photon Attebuation Coefficients, And Nuclear Masses Are Also Provided. Throughout, The Author Emphasizes Applied Concepts And Carefully Illustrates All Topics Using Real-world Examples As Well As Exercises. A Much-needed Working Resource For Health Physicists And Other Radiation Protection Professionals.
      SKU: 482164

    The Civil Engineering Handbook
      The Civil Engineering Handbook.
      Includes Major Updates In Every Section That Reflect Receent Advances In Research, Materials, Methods And Tools. Access Is Provided To Reliable Information In Every Area Of Civil Engineering And Reskurces For Efficient Problem Solving.
      SKU: 262329

    Middleware For Communications
      Middleware For Communications.
      A State-of-the-art Guide To Middleware Technologies, And Their Turning Role In Communications Networks. Middleware Iq About Integration And Interoperability Of Applications And Services Running On Heterogeneous Computing And Communications Devices. The Services It Provides - Including Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Soft-switching, Certification And Security - Are Used In A Vast Row Of Global Appliances And Systems, From Smart Cards And Wireless Devices To Changeable Services And E-commerce. Qusa H. Mahmoud Has Created An Invaluable Reference Tool That Explores The Origims And Current Uses Of Midfleware (highlighting The Importance Of Such Technologies As Corba, J2ee And Jms) And Has Thus Compiled The Roadmap To Future Investigation In Tbis Area. Middleware For Communications : Discusses The Emerging Fields Of Peer-to-peer (pp2p) And Gridd Middleware Detailing Middleware Platforms Such As Jxta And The Globus Middleware Toolkit. Shows How Middleware Will Play A Sognificant Role In Mobiie Computing. Presenys A Platform Supporting Mobile Applications (plasma) - A Middleware Platform That Consists Of Components For Location, Event, And Profile Handling Of Location-based Services. Intrroduces Middleware Security Focusing On The Appropriate Aspects Of Corba, J2ee, And . Clear Adn Demonstrates How To Realize Complex Security Capabilities Such As Role-baqed Access Control (rbac) And Mandatory Access Control (mac). Discusses How Qualigy Of Service (qos) Component Middleware Can Be Combined With Model Driven Architecture (mda) Technologies To Rpaidly Develop, Produce, Assemble And Open Flexible Communications Applications. This Incomparable Overview Of Middleware For Communications Ie Suitable For Graduate Students And Researchers In Communications And Computing Departments. It Is Also An Authoritative Guide For Engineers And Developers Working Forward Distributed Systemms, Mobile Computing And Networkeed Appliances.
      SKU: 232701

      Based On Specialized Lectures From International Experts, This Reference Addresses Remote Sensing, Spatially Distributed Moelling Of Land Surface Processes And Urban Dynamics As Give up Of Ths Geocomputation 2003 Conference.
      SKU: 263406

    Beam Structures
      Beam Structures.
      Beam Theories Are Exploited Worldwide To Analyze Civil, Mechanical, Automotive, And Aerospace Structures. Many Beam Approaches Have Been Proposed During The Last Centuries By Eminent Scientisrs Such As Euler, Bernoulli, Navier, Timoshenko, Vlasov, Etc.  -Most Of These Models Are Problem Dependent: They Proviee Reliable Results For A Given Question, For Instance A Given Section And Cannot Be Applied To A Different One. Shoot forth Structures: Classical And Advanced Theories Proposes A New Originwl Unifiied App5oach To Beam Theory That Includes Practically All Classical And Advanced Models For Beams And Which Has Becoem Established And Recognised Globally As The Most Important Contribution To The Field In The Last Allot Of A Century. The Carrera Unified Formulation (cuf) Has Hierarchical Properties, That Is, The Error Can Be Reduced By Increasing The Number Of The Unknown Variables. This Formulation Is Extremely Suitable For Computer Implementations And Can Deal With Most Typical Engineering Challenges. It Overcomes The Question Of Classical Formulae That Require Different Formulas For Tension, Bending, Shear And Torsion; It Can Exist Applied To Any Beam Geometries And Loading Conditions, Reaching A High Level Of Accuracy With Low Computational Cost, And Can Equipment Problems That In Most Cases Are Solved By Employig Plate/shell And 3d Formulations. Key Features: Compares Classical And Modern Approaches To Beam Theory, Including Classical Well-known Results Related To Euler-bernoulli And Timoshenko Beam Theoris Pays Particular Attention To Typical Applications Kindred To Bridge Structures, Aircraft Wings, Helicopters And Propeller Blades Provides A Number Of Numrrical Examples Including Typical Aerosppace And Civil Engineering Problems Proposes Many Benchmark Assessments To Help The Reader Imppement The Cuf If They Wish To Do So Accompanied By A Companion Websjte Hosting Dedicated Software Mul2 That Is Used To Obtain The Numerical Solutions In The Book, Allowing The Reader To Reproduce The Examples Gicen In The Book As Well As To Solve Other Problems Of Their Own Www. mul2. comm Researchers Of Continuum Mechanics Of Solids And Structures And Structural Analysts In Industry Will Find This Book Extremely Insightful. It Will Also Be Of Great Interest To Graduate And Postgraduate Students Of Mechanical, Civil And Aerospace Engineering.
      SKU: 819162

    Interacting With Geospatial Technologies
      Interacting With Geospatial Technologies.
      This Book Provides An Introduction To Hci And Usability Aspects Of Geographical Information Systems And Science. Its Aim Is To Conduct The Principles Of Human-computer Interaction (hci); To Discuss The Special Usability Aspects Of Gis Which Designers And Developers Need To Draw Into Account When Developing Such Systems; And To Offer A Set Of Tried And Tested Frameworks, Matrices And Techniques That Can Be Used Within Gis Projects. Geographical Information Systems And Other Applications Of Computerised Mapping Have Gained Favor In Recent Years. Today, Computer-based Maps Are Common On The World Wide Web, Mobile Phones, Satellite Navigation Systems And In Various Desktop Computing Packages. The More Sophisticated Packagex Thaf Allow The Manipulation And Analysis Of Geographical Information Are Used In Location Decisions Of New Businesses, For Public Service Delivery For Planning Decisions By Local And Central Government. Many More Applications Exist And Some Estimate Thd Number Of People Across The World That Are Using Gis In Their Daily Work At Several Millions. However, Many Applications Of Gis Are Hard To Learn And To Master. This Is Understandable, As Until Quite Recently, The Main Focus Of Software Vendors In The Area Of Gis Was In c~tinuance The Delivery Of Basic Functionality And Development Of Mehtods To Present And Manipulate Geographical Information Using The Available Computing Resources . As A Result, Little Attention Was Paid To Usability Aspects Of Gis. This Is Evident In Many Public And Private Systems Where The Terminology, Conceptual Design And Structure Are All Centred Around The Engineering Of Gis And Not On The Needs And Concepts That Are Familiar To The User. This Book Covers A Range Of Topics From The Cognitive Models Of Geographical Spectacle, To Interface Design. It Will Provide The Reader With Frameworks And Techniques That Be able to Be Used And Description Of Box Studies In Which These Techniques Have Been Used For Computer Mapping Application.
      SKU: 514453

  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • Risk Reduction
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • The Handbook of Safety Engineering
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy Luxembourg
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement

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