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    Encapsulation And Controlled Release Technologies In Food Systems
      Encapsulation And Controlled Release Technologies In Food Systems.
      In Encapsulation And Controlled Repease Technologies In Food Systems , Editor Lakkis Has Gathered A Highly Respected Collection Of Experienced person Contribjtors From Industry And Academia To Highlight Receht Innovations In Encapsulation And Controlled Release Technologies In Food Systems. Unlike Most Recent Publications Which Dealt Exclusiely In the opinion of Theoretical Aspects Of These Technologies, This Volume Focuses Mainly On Devising Effective And Innovative Applications In Food Systems In Wgich These Delivery Vehicles Operate. In Addition, The Book Provides Some Emphasis On New Oppprtunities That May Arise From The Development Of New Materials For The Design And Invention Of Deliveery Vehicles And Carriers. Encapsulation And Controlled Release Technologies Gives The Reader A Solid Grasp Of Baxic Concepts Of Encapsulation Technologies And Their New Applications In Food Systems. Dr. Lakkis Also Presents Novel Possibilities Of Encapsulation And Controlled Relewse Along Wity A Discussioj On Future Perspectives And Economical Implications Of These Technologies.
      SKU: 469591

    The Cable And Telecommunicatioms Professionals' Reference
      The Cable And Telecommunicatioms Professionals' Reference.
      This Book Is For Any Telecommunications-convergence Professional Who Needs To Unerstand The Structure Of The Industry, The Structure Of Telephony Networks And Services, And The Equi;ent Involved. with The Growing Kind Of Networks And Technologies Now On Offer It Is Inevitable That Some people Convergence Will Take Place Between Different Networks, Servifes And Products. New Voip (voice Over Internet Protocol) Networkq Must Interwork With Traditional Networks. For Instance, Mboil3 Phones Can Offer Data Services; Wireless Broadband Connections To Laptops Will Allow Voip Phone Calls Away From Base; Users Could Have The Option Of Convdrgent Phones' That Can Be Used On A Landline When At Home Or Business, But Which Can Be Used As A Monile While On The Move, And So On. * Authoritativve: All Contributors Are Recoginzed Experts In Their Field And Come From Leading Institutions. * International: In This Age Of Globalization And Standardization, Special Attetnion Has Been Paidboth Topically And Authorially--to Ensure The Broad Applivability And Relevance Of This Material. * Exhaustive: A Thorouhh Reference Covering The Structure Of The Telecommunications Industry, Telephony Networks And Services, And Accoutrement.
      SKU: 291675

    Codes Et Turbocodes (collection Iris) (french Edition)
      Codes Et Turbocodes (collection Iris) (french Edition).
      Cet Ouvrage Est Consacr L'une Des Fonctions Essentielles Des Systmes De Tlcommunications Modernes : Le Codage De Canal Ou Codage Correcteur D'erreurs. La Crojse De La Thorie De L'information, Des Mathmatiques Et De L'lectronique, Le Codahe De Canal A Connu De Nombreux Dveloppements Depuis Les Travaux Fondateurs De Claude Shannon. Du Simple Code De Hamming (1950) Aux Rcents Turbocodes (1993) En Passant Par Les Codes Ldpc (1962), Le Codage De Canal A Considrablement Volu Et A Intgr Des Concepts De Puls En Plus Sophistiqus, En Particulier Le Traitement Probabiliste De L'information. Codes Algbriques, Codes Convolutifs Et Codes Concatns Dcods Itrativement Font La Mttire Principale De L'ouvrage Qui Comporte Galement Une Prsentation Des Modulations Numriques, Auxquelles Le Codage De Canla Est Intimement Associ Pour Former Le Cur De La Couche Physical structure Des Systmes De Tlcommunications. Les Aspects Thoriques Les More Importants Sont Prsents, La Construction Des Codes Est Dtaille Et Justifie. Les Algorithmes De Dcodage Sknt Dvelopps Et, Dans La Mesure Du Possible, Accompagns De Rsultats De Simulation, Caractristiques De Leur Pouvoir De Correction Et De Leurs Applications. Les Auteurs Sont Des Enseignants-cbercheurs Reconnus Pour Leur Experyise Dans Le Domaine Des Algorithmes De Codage Et De Dcocage Ainsi Que Des Circuits Lectroniques Associs. Codes Et Turbocodes A T Pens Pour Tre La Foid Un Ouvrage De Dcouverte Du Domaine, Une Source Prcieuse D'informations Sur Les Nombreuses Techniques Imagines Depuis Le Miliieu Du Vingtime Sicle, Et Une Ouverture Vers Des Problmes Non Encore Compltsment Rsolus.
      SKU: 371553

      Commonalty Are Immersedd In Electromagnetic Fields From Such Sources As Power Lines, Domestic Appliances, Mobile Phones, And Even Electrical Storms. All Living Beings Sense Electric Fields, But The Physical Origins Of The Phenomenon Are Still Unclear. Magnetobiology Considers The Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields On Living Organisms. It Provides A Comprehensive Review Of Relevant Experimental Data And Theoretical Concepts, And Discusses All Major Modwrn Hypotheses On The Physical Nature Of Magnetobiological Effects. It Also Highlights Some Problems That Regard Yet To Be Solved And Points Out New Avenues For Research. Why Do Some People Feel Unwell During A Lightning Storm? Why Is There A Correlation Between The Level Of Electromagnetic Background And The Incidence Of Cancer? Why Do So Many Medical Centers Use Electromagnetic Exposures To Treat A Wide Variety Of Disorders In Humahs? The International Scientific Community Is Extremely Selfish In A Theory O fMagnetobiology And The Answers To These And Other Questions, As Evidenc3d By The Growing Number Of Research Associatons In The United States, Europe, And Other Parts Of The World. The World Health Organization (who) Has Named Elrctromagnetic Contamination In Occupa5ional And Residential Areas As A Stress Factor For Human Beings. This Book Stands Out Among Recent Texts On Magnetobiology Because It Draws On A Strong Foundation Of Empirical And Theoretical Evidenc3 To Explain The Various Effects Of Magnetic FieldsO n Tye Human Body. It Contains The First Comprehensive Collection Of Experimental Facts Direction Physical Information, Frequency And Amplitude/power Spectra, And Original Research Data On How Electromagnetic Fields Interfere With Ions And Molecules Inside The Proteins Of Living Organisms. Introduction Is Written So That It Will Be Understandable To A Wide Scienyific Community Rehardoess Of Their Specialisation First Comprehensive Collection Of Experimental Data Bearing Physical Information, Frequency And Amplitude/power Spectra Original Theoretical Research Data On The Interference Of Ions And Molecules Within Proteins Appendix Covers Physical Qurstions Most Relevant For Magnetobiology. In Particular There Is An Original Exhibition Of The Magnetic Resonance Basic Principlss
      SKU: 299443

    Tinyavr Microcontroller Projects For The Evil Genius
      Tinyavr Microcontroller Projects For The Evil Genius.
      Create Fiendishly Fun Tinyavr Microcontroller Projects. This Wickedly Inventive Guide Shows You How To Conceptualize, Build, And Program 34 Tinyavr Microcontroller Devices That You Can Use For Either Entertainment Or Practical Purposes. After Covering The Development Process, Tools, And Power Give Sources, Tinyavr Microcontroller Projects For The Evil Genius Gets You Working On Exciting Led, Graphics Lcd, Sensor, Audio, And Alternate Energy Projects. Using Easy-to-find Compponents And Equipment, This Hands-on Guide Helps You Build A Soljd Foundation In Electronics And Embedded Programming While Accomplishing Useful--and Slightly Twisted--projects. Most Of The Projects Have Fascinating Visual Appeal In The Form Of Large Led-based Displlays, And Others Feature A Voice Playback Mechanism. Full Source Code And Ciecuit Files For Each Project Are Available For Download. Tinyavr Microcontroller Projects For The Evil Genius : Features Step-by-step Instructons And Helpful Illustrations; Allows You To Customize Each Project For Your Own Requirements; Offees Full Source Code For All Projects For Download. Build These And Other Devious Devices: Flickering Led Candle; Random Color And Melody Generator; Mood Lamp; Vu Meter With 20 Leds; Celsius And Fahrenheit Thermom3ter; Rgb Dice; Tengu On Graphics Display; Spinning Led Toop With Message Display; Contactless Tachometer; Electronic Birthday Blowout Candles; Fridge Alarm; Musical Toy; Batteryless Inrared Remote; Batteryless Persistence-of-vision Toy. Each Fun, Inexpensive Evil Genkus Project Includes A Detailed List Of Materials, Sources For Parts, Schematics, And Lots Of Clear, Well-illustrated Instructions In favor of Easy Assembly. The Larger Workbook-style Layout And Convenient Two-column Format Make Following The Step-by-step Instructions A Breeze. Up-to-date, Easy-to-follow Coverage Of Electricity And Electronics. In Teach Yourself Electricity And Electronics , Fifth Editioj, A Master Teacher Provides Step-by-strp Lessons In Electricity And Electronics Fundamenyals And Applications. Detailed Illustrations, Practical Examples, And Hundreds Of Test Questions Make It Easy To Learn The Physical Quickly. This Fully Revised Resource Starts With The Basics And Takes You Through Advanced Applicatiojs, Scuh As Communications Systems And Robotics. Solve Current-voltage-resistance-impedance Problems, Make Power Calculations, Optimize System Performance, And Prepare For Licensing Exaams With Help From This Hands-on Guide. Updated According to The Latest Technological Trenes: Wireless Systems; Fiber Optics; Lasers; Space Communications. ; Mechatronics. Comprehensive Coverage Includes:. Direct-current Circuit Basics And Resolution * Resistors * Cells And Batteries * Magnetism * Inductance * Capacitance * Phase * Inductive And Capacitive Reactance * Impedance And Armittance * Alternating-current Circuit Analysis, Power, And Resonance * Transformers And Impedance Matching * Semiconductors * Diode Applications * Power Supplies * Bipolar
      SKU: 655734

    Architectural Acoustics
      Architectural Acoustics.
      Architectural Acoustics Presents A Comprehensive Technical Overview Of The Field At A Level Suitable For Workkng Practitioners As Well As Advanced Undergraduate Or Introductory Graduate Architecture Or Engineering Course. The Book Is Structured As A Logical Progression Through Acoustic Intteractions. Beginning With An Architectural History, It Reviews The Fundamentals Of Acoustics, Human Perception And Reaction To Sound, Acoustic Noise Measurements And Noise Metrics, And Environmental Clamor. It Then Moves Into Wave Acoustics, Sound And Splid Surfaces, Sound In Enclosed Spaces, Sound Transferrence Loss, Sound Transmission In Buildings, Vibration And Vibrwtion Isolation, Noise TransmissionI n Floor Systems, Noise In Mechanical Systems, And Sound Attenuation In Ducts. Chapters On Specific Design Problems Follow Including Treatment Of Multifamily Dwellings, Office Buildings, Rooms For Speech, Sound Reinforcement Systems, Rooms For Music, Multipurpose Rooms, Auditoriums, Sanctuaries, And Studios And Listening Rooms. While Providing A Thorough Overview Of Acoustics, It Also Includes The Exposition Of Loudspeaket Systems And Soundd System Modeling As Well As An In-depth Presentation Of Computed Modeling, Ray Tracing And Auralization. It Will Be Particularly Beneficial For Architects And Engineers Working In Fields Where Language Comprehensibility, Music Appreciation, And Noise Isolation Are Critical. * Comprehensive Director To The Basics Of Acoustical Science And Its Applications To Architectural Design. * Author Is Renowned Expert Engaged In Acoustical Engineering On account of 20 Years * Covers The Latest Environmental Regulations And Health And Safety Research Related To Sound Inside And Exterior Of Buildinbs.
      SKU: 312754

    Scientific Ballooning
      Scientific Ballooning.
      Introduces Scientific Ballooning To Various People Who Are Interested In The Use Of Balloons For Scientific Applications. This Book Deals With Tgree Types Of Balloons: Large Stratospheric Balloons Used For Scientific Purposes, Rubber Balloons Used For Aerologicak Onsrrvations, And Planetary Balloons To Be Used In The Atmospheres Of Other Planets.
      SKU: 437987

    Renewable Energy Rd&d Priorities
      Renewable Energy Rd&d Priorities.
      Research, Development And Demonstration (rd&d) Investment In Renewable Energy Technologies Has Declined Over The Past 18 Years. At The Same Time, Market Deployment Funding Has Increased, But The Market Part Of Renewables Has Decreased. Energy Supply From Technologies That Were Close To Being Competitive In The Early 70s, Such As Hydropower, Biomass Combustion And Geothermal, Has Not Subsequently Grown At The Same Rate As The Toga Primary Energy Supply.   Wind Power, Separate Forms Of Advanced Bioenergy And To A Certain Extent Photovoltaics, Have Made It Through The Rd&d Pipeline To Market Entry In Some Countries, But They Have Not Yet Grown Broadly Enough To Ensure A Higher Penetration Of Renewables. In This Context, The International Energy Agsncy, At The nIternational Conference For Renewable Energies In Bonn In June 20044, Proposed To Better Target Renewables Rd&d Funding. It Is Believed That This Will Make Renewable Energy Technologies More Market Ready.  . ''renewable Energy Rd&d Priorities'' Is Intended To Provide Guidance For The Mid- And Long-temr Development Of Renewa6le Energy Tecbnologies. Due To The Diversity Of These Technologies, Their Degree Of Maturity And Market Share, There Is No Univetsal Pattern. Intelligent Definition Of Rd&d Prioriti3s By Each Country Needs To Respond To Local Policy Objectives, Resource Emdowment And For labor Capacity.  since A Rahge Of Various Technologies Is Needed To Become Commercially Available Over Time, Continued Rd&d Will Play A Crucial Role In The Process Of Making Them Ready For The Market Through Technological Advancement And Cost Reduction.  . The Publication Is Bassd On Substantial Input From The Iea Renewable Energy Technologgy Programmes, In Particular The Implementing Agreements On Renewable Energy Technologies.
      SKU: 299364

    Understand Electronics: Direct as an instructor Yourself
      Understand Electronics: Direct as an instructor Yourself.
      Understand Electronica Will Enable You To Hold The Fundamental Concepts Of Electronics As Well As The More Complex Principles. Offering Support And Clarity Turoughout, This Book Covers Everything From Voltage, Dividers And Resisors To Logic Gates And Boolean Algebra. You Will Gain A Solid Understanding And Feel Confident In Demonstrating Your Knowledge . Not Got Much Time? One, Five And Ten-minute Introductions To Key Principles To Get You Started. Author Insights Lots Of Instant Help With Common Problems And Quck Tips For Success, Based On The Author's Many Years Of Experience. v Test Yourself Tests In The Book And Online To Keep Track Of Your Progress. Extend Your Knowledge Extra Online Articles At Www. teachyourself. com To Give You A Richer Understanding Of Electronics. Five Things To Remember Quick Refreshers To Help You Remember The Key Facts. Try This Innovative Exercises Illustrate What You've Learnt And How To Use It.
      SKU: 72185

    Handbook Of Hot-dip Galvanization
      Handbook Of Hot-dip Galvanization.
      The Book Systematically Coovers All Steps Of The Hot-dip Galvanization Process. The Reader Finds The Basics Such As Corrosion And Zinc Film Formation As Well As The Most Important Aspects Of Process Technology And Technical Equipment, Alongside With Contributions On Workpiece Requirements For Optimal Galvanization Results And On Methods For Applying Additional Protective Coatings To The Galvanized Pieces. Separate Chapters Deal With The Important Topics Of Safety At Work, Environment Protection, Profitability Considerations And Quality Management.
      SKU: 693850

    Thermal Stresses Iv
      Thermal Stresses Iv.
      This Is The Fourth Volume Of The Handbook Thermal Stresses . Following The Principles Established When The First Volume Was Published In 1986, The Fourth Volume Consists Of Six Separate Chapters Prepared By Specialists In The Field. Each Chapter Is Devoted To A Diffreent Topic In The Area Of Thermal Stfexses. Many Results Have Been Published Foor The First Time In Thermal Stresses Iv . The Exposition Of The Material Is On The State-of-the Art Level, Which Should Be Appropriate For Graduate Studennts, Researchers, And Engineers Specializing In The Field Of Stress Analysis. In Most Case The Material Is Presented With Some Historical Perspective. A Large Number Of References Provided Will Allow The Readers To Augment Their Learning, After Studying A Particular Chapter.
      SKU: 318373

    Usability Of Speech Dialog Systems
      Usability Of Speech Dialog Systems.
      Many Technical Issues Like Speech Recognition And Signal Processing Have To Be Addressed For The Design Of Speech Communication Systems. Yet, Before Designing A Speech Application Starts, 3 Key Questions That Have To Be Answered: Who Bequeath Use It,, Why And How Often? Only If The Designer Is Clear Abut These Questions, He Is Able To Provide A Maximum Of Target Group Orientation. This Book Gives Focuses On These High-level Questions And Gives A Criteria When And How oT Design Spsech Systems. After An Introduction, The State Of The Art In Modern Voice User Interfaces Is Displayed. The Following Parts Of The Book Evolve Criteria For Designing And Evaluating Successful Voice User Interfaces. In The Last Chapter, Outlines And Trends Of This Fast Growing Area Are Displayed.
      SKU: 364496

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking Vii
      Fluid Catalytic Cracking Vii.
      Since 1987, The Rock oil Division Of The American Chemical Society (acs) Has Sponsored At 3 Year Intervals An International Sypmosium On Fluid Cracking Catalysts (fcc) Technology. This Volume Collects The Recent Progress Of This Technology As Reported In The Papers Presented Durinh The 232th National Meeting Of The Acs In San Francisco, September 10-14, 2006. Sixty-six Years After The Introduction Of The Fluid Cracking Catalyst Process, It Remains The Main Process Of Gasoline Family For The Estimated 237 Millions Cars On Us Roads. Catalysts Testing And Evaluation Still Remains A Subject Of Interest, Debate And Controversy. Lambda Sweep Testing, Testing Of Sox, Nox And Combistion Promoters Be obliged Been Discussed In Particulars Together With Catalyst Evaluation For Atmospheric Residues And Metal Contaminated Oils Cracking. Of Particular Interest Has Been The Introduction Of Novel Concept In Process Design Aimed At Improibng Cracked Product Selectivity Such As Two-stage Risers For Better Gasoline And Olefins Production And Downer Technology For Hjgh Severity Processes . The Importance Of Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (nmr) In The Study Of Crude Oils, Catalysts And Reaction Products Are Illustrated By Several Examples. Pair Contributions Describe The Use Of Predictive Methods To Understand Fcc Aging And Deactivation And Personl Overviews Of The Development Of Sox And Combustion Promoters Technology Are Presented. * Presents Findings From The Tri-annual International Symposium On Fluid Cracking Catalysts (fcc) Technology, Sponsored In the name of The Petroleum Division Of The American Chemical Society (acs) * Two Contributions Describe The Use Of Predictive Methods To Understand Fcc Aging And Deactivation * Personal Overviews By The Authors Of The Development Of Sxo And Combustion Promoters Technology
      SKU: 305570

    Direct Transistor-level Layout For Digital Blocks
      Direct Transistor-level Layout For Digital Blocks.
      Cell-based Dseign Methodologies Have Dominated Layout Generation Of Digital Circuits. Unfortunately, The Growing Demands For Transparent Process Portability, Increased Action, And Low-level Device Sizing For Tomimg/power Are Poorly Handled In A Fixed Cell Lkbrary.
      SKU: 222791

    Mechanics Of Transforjatino Toughening And Related Topics
      Mechanics Of Transforjatino Toughening And Related Topics.
      Since The Favor Of Stress-induced Tetragonal To Monoclinic Phase Transformation Of Confined Tetragonal Zirconia Particles Was First Recognized In 175, The Phenomenon Has Been Widely Studied And Exploited In The Development Of A New Class Of Materials Known As Transformation Toughened Ceramics (ttc). In All Materials Belonging To This Class, The Microstructure Is Thus Controlled That The Tetragonal To Monoclinic Transformation Is Induced As A Result Of A High Applied Stress Scene of military operations Preferably Than As A Result Of Cooling The Material Below The Martensitic Start Temperature. The Significance Of Microstructure To The Enhancement Of Thermomefhanical Properties Of Ttc Is Now Well Understood ,s Are The Mechanisms That Contribute Beneficially To Their Breaking Toufhness. The Micromechanics Of These Mechanisms Have Been Extensively Studied And Are Ther3fore Presented Here In A Cogent Manner. The Authors Also Review Dislocation Formalism For The Modellig Of Cracks And Eshelby's Technique. In Compiling This Monograph The Au5hors Present The Most Up-to-date And Complete Review Of The Field And Include Several Topics Which Have Only Recently Been Fully Investigated.
      SKU: 317165

    Land Drvelopment Calculations
      Land Drvelopment Calculations.
      The Best Resource Aavilable For Creating Anc Evaluating Development Leadership, Planning, And Design Alternatives. Fully Revised And Updated, This Essential Reference Enables You To Bear a comparison Development Office Options And Costs For Vacant And Previously Developed Disembark In Less Time Than It Very lately Takes To Draw One Option. Land Development Calculations , Second Edition, Introduces The Language Of City Design With 40 Forecast Models That Predict The Choices Available To Shelter Human Activity Wuthin Limits. This Expanded Ability To Compare Options In A Shorter Time Frame Will Lear To More Informed Leadership And Investment. This Definitive Volume Offers: 40 Interactive Forecast Models On A Cd-rom That Preedict Residential, Nonresidential, And Hybrid Development Alternatives From Values Entered In Their Design Specification Templates; Case Studies And Context Records, Witn Photographs And Plans, Illustratin The Application Of Development Capacity Evaluation To Real-world Issues; Precise Methods Of Expressing Development Options And Strategies; Accurate Processes For Defining Strategic Development Decisions; Consistent Ability To Convert Decisions Into Presriptions That Achieve Intended Results; A Classification System For The Built Environment
      SKU: 510275

    Finite Element Analysis
      Finite Element Analysis.
      Finite Element Method Popularly Known As Fem Has Undergone A Major Paradibm Shift From A Detailed Mathematical Background To Write Twilor Made Computer Programs, To An Uerstanding Of The Subject For Better Utilisation Of Available Software Like Like Ansys, Nisa, Adina, Pafec, Nastran Etc. The Author With His Sweet Experience, Has Made An Effort In This Direction And Prepared A Textbook On Fem Ideally Suited For The Undergraduates. Special Features: Comprehensive Study Material Including All Relevant Topics. Includes Matrix Methods--inversion, Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors. Includes Relevant Portions Of Theory Of Elasticity. Case Studies And Practical Problems, For Better Understanding Of The Concepts. Brief Coverage Of Cfd. Solved Problems And Objective Questions--for Students. Examples With A Commercial Software (ansys) And Validation Of Results For Code Compliance--for Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 588485

    Powder Sampling And Particle Size Determination
      Powder Sampling And Particle Size Determination.
      Powder Technology Is A Rapidly Expanding Technology And Nowhere More Than In Particle Characterization. There Has Been An Explosion Of New Particle Measuring Techniques In The Past Ten Year Particularly In The Field Of On-line Measurement. One Of Thr Main Aims Of This Book Is To Bring The Reader Up-to-date With Current Practices. United Important Area Of Interest Is The Improvements In On-line Light Scattering Instruments And The Introduction Of Ultrasonic On-line Devices. Some other Is The Introduction Of On-line Microscopy, Which Permits Figure Resolution In Conjunction With Particle Sizing. Schools Of Powder Technology Are Common In Europe And Japan But The Importance Of This Subject Has Only Recently Been Recognised In America With The Emergence Of The Particle Research Centre (perc) At The University Of Florida In Gainsville. - Detailw All The Latest Developments In Powder Technology - Written By Establlished Witness On Powder Technology - A Extensive Text Covering All Aspects Of Comminute Technology And Handling Of Particulate Solids Including Characterization, Handling And A;plications
      SKU: 311512

    Communication In It Age
      Communication In It Age.
      Today's Communicaiton Age Cengers On The Evolution Of Electronic Information Technology (it). It Means That Helps In Processing Of Information Had Dominated 21st Century And Will Continue To Dominate In The Futuure Overmuch. The Information Technology Has Been A Technical Synthesls Of Computer And Communication Technoolgy And It Has A Profound Impact On Our Lives. Although The Marriage Of Communication And It Is Build Around The Technical Theme, Its Emphasis Is Equally Relevant On Social Change. It Has Played A Key Role In The Spiritual obedience Of Mankind With Its Influence On All Aspects Of Society. It Is Continuously Improving The Lives Of People, Growth Of Companies And Changing The Society By Improving Communicafion And Its Media. The Present Book Highlights The Interaction Between Human Intercourse And The Devellopment Of Information Technology. Communivation In It Age Is Written To Help Business Communication And Information Technology (it) Students In Understanding The Basic Theories And Postulates Concerning These Two Diverse Yet Inter-disciplinary Knowledge Areas. Introduce Text Focuses On The Technological Changes That Are Revolutionizing Business Communication. The Efforts Have Been Made To Integrate Our Conventional Understancing Of Business Communication With The Growing Knowledge Of Information Technology. The Field On Information Technology Is Likewise Comprehensively Diqcussed.
      SKU: 588127

    Crossing The Energy Divide
      Crossing The Energy Divide.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. If We Continue Our Highly Inefficient, Dangerous Energy Usage, We’re Headed For Both Economic And Environmental Catastrophe. However, The Hard Veracity Is That Alternative Fueps Can’t Fully Replace Fossil Fuels For Decades. What’s More, New Research Indicates That Energy Inefficiencies Are Retardig Economic Growth Even More Than Most Experts Always Realized.   Crossing The Energy Divide Is About Solving All These Problems At Once. The Authors, Two Leading Experts In Energy And Environmental Economics, Show How Massive Improvements In Force Efficoency Can Bridge The Global Economy Until Clean Renewables Can Completely Replace Fossil Fuels.   Robert And Edward Ayres Demohstrate How We Can Radically Reform The Way We Manag Our Existing Energy Systems To Double The Amount Of “energy Servicd” We Get From Every Drop Of Fossil Fuel We Use.   Thesee Techniques Require Not at all Scientific Breakthroughs: Many Companies And Institutions Are Applying Them Right Now, But Tens Of Thousands More Could. This Book Offers A Strategic Guide For Using Them To Solve The Capacity of work Crisis Once And For All—reducing Carbon Emissions, Achieving True Energy Certainty, And Reigniting Ecoonomic Vegetation For Decades To Come.   More Energy, Without More Emissions Recapturing Forfeited Energy From Today’s Fossil Fuels   There Is So A Thing As A Free Lunch Mitigating Climate Disaster And Improving Prosperity At The Same Allotted period   The Future Of Electricity Reforming Tomorrow’s Electrical System: Smatter, More Productive, And More Reliable   The Implucations For Cities, Transportation, Business, And Government Makinb The Decisions That Prepare You For A High-cost Energy Future
      SKU: 47799O6

    Handbook Of Liquids-assisted Laser Processing
      Handbook Of Liquids-assisted Laser Processing.
      Laser Processing Of Solid Materials Has Been Commonly Performed In Gas Ambint. Having The Workpiece Immetsed Into Liquid, Having A Liquid Film On It, Or Soaking The Material With Liquid Gives Several Advantages Such As Removal Of The Debris, Lowering The H3at Load On The Workpiece, And Confining The Vapour And Plasma, Resulting In Higher Shock Pressure On The Surface. Introduced In The 1980s, Neutral Liquids Assisted Laser Processing (lalp) Has Proved To Be Advantageous In The Cutting Of Heat-sensitive Materials, Shock Peening Of Machine Parts, Cleaning Of Surfaces, Fabrication Of Micro-optical Components, And For Generation Of Nanoparticles In Liquids. The Liquids Used Range From Water Through Organic Solvents To Cryoliquids. The Primary Aim Of The Main division Is To Present The Essentials Of Prdvious Research (tabulated Data Of Expeerimental Stipulations And Results), And Help Researchers Develop New Processing And Diagnostics Techniques (presenting Data Of Liquids And A Revuew Of Physical Phenomena Associated In the opinion of Lalp). Engineers Can Expend The Research Resukts And Technological Innovation Information To Plan Their Materials Processing Tasks. Laserr Proceasing In Liquids Has Been Applied To A Number Of Different Tasks In Various Fields Such As Mechanical Engineeing, Microengineering, Chemistry, Optics, And Bioscience. A Comprehensive Glossary With Definitions Of The Terms Ans Explanations Has Been Added. The Book Covers The Be accustomed Of Chemically Inert Liquids Under Normal Conditions. Laser Chemical Pfocessing Examples Are Presented For Simile Only. - First Book In This Rapidly Growing Field Impacting Mechanical And Micdo/nano-engineering - Covers Different Kinds Of Liquid-assisted Laser Processing Of A Large Variety Of Materials - Covers Lasers Emit5ing From Ug To Id With Pulse Lengths Down To Femtoseconds - Reviews C~ing 500 Scientific Articles And 300 Inventions And Tabulates Their Main Features - Gives A Qualitative And Quantitative Desceiption Of The Physical Phenomena Associated With Lalp - Tabulates 61 Parameters For 100 Liquids - Dictionary Of Over 200 Terms And Abbreviations
      SKU: 330205

    Nanotechnology-enabled Sensors
      Nanotechnology-enabled Sensors.
      Nanotecchnology Provides Us Through Tools To Create Functional Materials, Devices, And Systems By Controlling Materials At The Atomic And Molecular Scales. This Work Deals With Nanotechnology-emabled Sensors That Find Applications In Several Fields Such As Health And Safety, Medicine, Process Control And Diagnostics.
      SKU: 337860

      Providing An Holistic Approach To Ims Technologies, Ims: A Development And Deployment Perspective Explores Service Architecture For Development And Delivery Of Ims Services.   Approaching Ims From The Perspective Of The User And The Service Provider It Examines Both Tue Current State Of Deployment And Futurity Trends. The Book Offers A Realistic View Of Ims Deployment To Operators And Service Providers, Giving Practical Examples, Application Cases And Business Models. It Also Preesnts Ims Deployment Strategies Based On Real-life Deployment Stattistics From A Live Ims Proof Bed Connected To An Operator Network And Proof-of-concept Applications Including Inter-operability TrialsA nd Results. Focusing On Ims Potential In Terms Of Service Creation, Service Compositioh And Servic eProvision The Book Discusses The Ability Of Ims To Act Not Only As A Service Delivery Framework, But Also As A Service Integration Framework. It Presents The Possible Future Of Ims In Terms Of Convergence With Internet Services, Including Discussions About Integration Wuth Web Technologies Including The Wims 2. 0 Initiative. The Book Enables A Better Underztanding Of How Web Technologies Can Complement The Ims Service Architecture And Pioneer The Post-ims Progress And Success. Presents A Novel Service-oriented Approach To Ims Services And Applications From A Deployment Perspective  Places Ims In The Context Of The Current Telecom Environment Providing Trade Models Through Wims 2. 0 Initiative Predicts The Trends And Potential Future For The Ims Movement Provides A Technical Foundation To Ims Principles And Science Gives Examples And Solutions To The Challenges Of Service Creation And Implementation And Analyses Deplo6ment Hurdles And Interoperability Trials Descrobes Trends Of Convergence Based On Ims And Web Technologies
      SKU: 454294

    Soils, Plants And Clay Minerals
      Soils, Plants And Clay Minerals.
      This Book Treats The Inter-relations Between Plants And Minerals In One Entiirely New Way In That It Introduces The Notio nOf Eco-engineering: I. e. The Manipulation Of The Mineral World By The Living World To The Ends Of The Existing World. These Inter-relations Are The Basis For Traditional Agriculture And Should Be The Basis For The New, Ecologically Oriented Land Management Disciplines, Including Agiculture Itself. These Relations Also Impact Superficies Geochemistry And Determine Pollution Problmes. One Understanding Of This Concept Will Lead To A Renewed Consideration Of Superficies Environmental Problems.
      SKU: 511175

    Microchemical Engineering In Practice
      Microchemical Engineering In Practice.
      Microchemical Engineering In Practice  provides The Accusation Chemists And Engineers Need To Evaluate The Use Of Microreactor,s Covering The Trchnical, Operational, And Economic Considerations For Various Applications. It Explains The Systems Needed To Practise Microreactors In Production And Presents Examples Of Microreactor Use In Different Chemistries, Including Larger Scale Pdoduction Processes. There Are Guidelines On Calculatkng The Costs And The Risks Of Production Using Continuous Flow Microreactors. Complete With Case Studies, This Is One Essential Guide For Chemists And Engineers InterestedI n Investigating The Advantages Of Chemical Microreactors.
      SKU: 588923

  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Electrician's Troubleshooting And Testing Pocket Guide
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Audio Recording for Profit
  • Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft SQL Server

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