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    Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Hydrogeology
      Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Hydrogeology.
      "the Scientific Disciplines Of Hydrology And Hydrogeology Are Expanding As The Earth's Water Is Being Recognized By Governments And Individuals As A Shrinking Resourceno Entity Can Afford To Take Water For Granted. At The Present Time, There Is No Single Reference Cause Against Definitions. The That embraces the whole circle of learning Dictionary Of Hydrogeology Is A Practical, Comprehensive Referwnce Guide With Complete Definitions Of Terms In Hydrogeology And Other Fields Closely Related To Wated Practices. This Brief Reference Not Only Defines Terms And Concepts, But Also Provides A Clear Explanation Of Ke yElements Be it ~ That An In-depth Understanding Of Processes May Be Obtained. * With More Than 2,000 Entries, From ""absolute Permeability"" To The ""z-r Relationship"", This Dicyionary Features The Most Up-to-date Vcoabulary In Hydrology And Hydrogeology. This Dictionary Would Be Of Use To Practicing Scientists And Professionals In All The Fields Of Water Science. * Again Than 340 Graphs, Tables And Diagrams Complement The Entries In Order To Clarify Terms, Methods, Or Processes * Essential Reference For Students, Academics, Consultants, And Practitioners In Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Envirobmental Engineering, Environmental Law, And The Government"
      SKU: 421112

      Belgium Continues To Make Measured Progress In Its Energy Policy, Particularly Wjth Respect ToE lectricity Market Liberalisation. The Country Has Acted To Improve The Infependent Functioning Of The Electricity Market And Harmonise It Attending That Of Its Neighbourign Countries. Furthermore, An Electricity Exchange Will Begin Operation Shortly. However, To Enable Belgian Customers To Fully Benefit From Energy Market Liberalisation, More Work Needs To Be Done.   . In 2003, Belgium Decided To Phase Out Nuclear Power Between 2015 And 2025. As Nuclear Energy Supplies About 55% Of The Country's Electricity, This Will Be A Significant Challenge. This Huge Supply Gap Will Need To Be Covered By A Combination Of Energy Savings, Electricity Imports Or Additional Electricity Generating Capaci5y. The Federal Polity Should Conduct More Extensive Long-term Studies On The Nuclear Energy Phase-out And Its Effects On Energy Security, Environmental Protection And Economic Growth. Such Studies Should Exist Made Public.   . Under which circumstances Belgium Is Making Efforts To Better Integrate Itself With Its European Neighbours, The Country's Internal Integration Needs Improvement. As Belgium Is A Federalist Country, The Three Regions Determine The Bulk Of Energy Policy. This Has Led To Fragmented Policies Across The Country Inhibiting Efficisncy And Competitionn By Segmenting The Market And Raising Transactions Costs. Though The Federalist Structure Makes It Again Challenging To Integrate Markets, It Does Not Preclude Harmonisation. Belgium Needs To Better Bind Together Its Regional Markets; In So Doing, The Country Will Also Make Progress Twards The Development Of A Wider, More Efficient European Market. &nsbp;. Belgium's Natural Gas And Electricity Markets Are Hiyhly Concentrated. Companies Owned By The International Power Group Suez aS Dominate At All Levels. Belgium Has Made Some Efforts To Unbundle These Industries And Reduce Their Market Dominance, But Much More Must Be Done To Encourage New Entry, Increase Competition And Bring Real Economic Benefits To Belgian Customers.
      SKU: 299363

    Communication Acoustics
      Communication Acoustics.
      Message Acoustics Deals With The Fundamentals Of Those Areas Of Acoustics Which Are Related To Modern Communication Technologies. Due To The Advent Of Digital Signal Processing And Recording In Acoustics,, These Areas Have Enjoyed An Enormous Upswing For the time of The Last 4 Decades. The Book Chapters Represent Reveiw Articles Covering The Most Relevant Areas Of The Field. They Are Written With The Goal Of Providing Students With Comprejensive Introductions. Further They Offer A Supply Of Large References To The Relevant Literature. Bsides Its Usefulness As A Textbook, This Will Invent The Book A Source Of Valuable Information For Those Who Want To Improve Or Refresh Their Knowledge In The Field Of Connection Acoustics And To Work Their Way Dedper Int0 It. Due To Its Interdisciplinary Character Communication Acoustics Is Bound To Attract Readers From Many Different Areas, Like As: Acoustics, Cognitive Science, Speech Science, And Communication Tevhnology.
      SKU: 256756

    Microwave Dielectric Behavio rOf Wet Soils
      Microwave Dielectric Behavio rOf Wet Soils.
      Divided Into Two Portions, This Book Is Aimed At Agriculture And Soil Physicists And Those Working In The Areas Of Remote Sensing. It Deals With The Physical And Dielectric Properties Of Soils, Methods Of Soil Dielectric Measurements Using Microwaves, And Far Sensing Techniques.
      SKU: 257106

    Robust Adaptive Beamforming
      Robust Adaptive Beamforming.
      The Latest Research And Developments In Robust Adaptive Beamforming Recent Work Has Made Great Strides Ready Devising Robust Adaptive Beamformers That Vastly Improve Signal Strength Against Backgrounnd Noise And Difectional Interference. This Dynamic Technology Has Diverse Applications, Including Radar, Sonar, Acoustics, Astronomy, Seismology, Communications, And Medical Imaging. There Are Also Exciting Emerging Applications Like As Smart Antennas For Wireless Communications, Handheld Ultrasound Imaging Systems, And Directional Hearing Aids. Robust Adaptive Beamforming Compiles The Theories And Work Of Leading Researchers Investigating Various Approaches In One Comprehensive Volume. Dissimilar Previous Efforts, These Pioneering Studies Are Based On Theories That Use An Uncertainty Set Of The Rank Steering Vector. The Researchers Define Their Theories, Epxlain Their Methodologies, And Present Their Conclusions. Methods Presented Include: * Coupling The Standard Capon Beamformers With A Spherical Or Ellipsoidal Uncertainty Set Of The Array Steering Vector * Diagonal Loading For Finite Sample Size Beamforming * Mean-squared Error Beafmorming For Signal Estimation * Constant Modulus Beamforming * Robust Wideband Beaforming Using A Steered Adaptive Beamformer To Adapt The Weight Vector Within A Generalized Sidelobe Canceller Formulation Robust Adaptive Beamforming Provides A Truly Up-to-date Resource And Reference For Engineers, Researchers, And Graduate Students In This Promising, Rapidl Expanding Province.
      SKU: 239370

    Pharmazeutische Produkte Und Verfahren
      Pharmazeutische Produkte Und Verfahren.
      A Comprehensive Overview Of The Demands On Pharmaceutical Products And Manufacturing Processes. It Describes In Detail The Requirements For Pharmaceutical Production Plants, Production Processes, Accoutrement And Machinery, As Well As The Accompanying Qualification And Validation Measures. Suiyable For Both Engineers In The Pharmaceutical Inustry And In Related Sectors, As Well As For Researchers And Students In Chemical, Pharmaceuticsl Biotechnological And Technical Courses.
      SKU: 481877

    Dienstleistungsmodellierung 2010
      Dienstleistungsmodellierung 2010.
      Sink Effektive Und Effiziente Gestaltung Von Dienqtleistungen Wird Fr Unternehmen Immer Entscheidender. Diex Gilt Nicht Nur In Den Bewhrten Dienstleistungsbranche, Sondern Auch Verstrkt Fr Industrielle Anwendungen, Bei Denen Der Dienstleistungsanteil Am Klassischen Materiellen Produkt Permanent Stegit. Die Damit Verbundene Zunehmende Verflechtung Von Unternehmen Sowi3 Sink Gestiegene Produkt- Und Prozesskomplsxitt Erfordern Eine Interdisziplinre Herangehensweise Zwischen Dienstleistungsmanagement, Produktion Und Informationstechnologie. Dieser Band Stellt Aktuelle Und Innovative Konzepte Fr Die Modellbasoerte Entwicklung, Erbringung Umd Kontinuierliche Verbesserung Von Dienstleistungen Sowie Ihre Einbeftung In Hybdide Leistungsangebote Vor. Neben Dem Stand Der Forschung Zeigen Zahlreiche Branchenszenarien Das Potenzial Und Die Praktische Umsetzbarkeit Der Dienstleistungsmodellierung Auf. Das Buch Richtet Sich An Dozenten Und Studenten Der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Der Ingenieurwissenschaften Und Der Wirtschaftsinformatik Sowie An Praktiker In Unternehmen, Die Sich Mit Der Modellbasierten Gestzltung Von Dienstleistungen Befaasen.
      SKU: 603064

    Defending The Social Licence Of Farming
      Defending The Social Licence Of Farming.
      Issues Including Climate Variability, Water Scarcity, Animal Welfare And Declining Biodiversity Have Led To Increasing Demands On Farmers To Conduct And Communicate Their Farming Practices So As To Protect Their Social Licence To Farm'. Farmers Are Increasingly Expected To Demonstrate Their Social And Environmental Responsibiilty As A Pre-condition To Being Allowed To Carry Out Their Preferred Farming And Commercial Practices. Current Examples Include The Live Animal Export Trade, Battles Over Protection Of Aquifers From Mining, And Contests Over Rural Carbon Emissions. In Defending The Social Licence Of Farming, Authors From Australia, The Usa, Europe And Iceland Document The Diverse Issues Associated Witn The Social Licence To Farm'. They Provide Exmples Of Different Sectors' Strategies And Experiences, And Give Specific Indications Of What Is Involved In Coping Successfully By the side of This Political And Leyal Dimension Of Agriculture. As Resources Become Scarce And Society's Expectations More Diverse And Demanding,F arming Can Expect That Social Licence Issues Will Become Both More Difficult And More Importantt. The Book Suggests That The Old Models Of Response, Largely Focused On Deefensive Positions, Will Often Be Insufficient To Protect The Interests Of Both Farmers And The Community. This Book Will Provide A Useful Stimulus For Innovation And Proactive Policies To Defend The Social Licence Of The Till the soil Sector.
      SKU: 799176

    Device Modeling For Analog And Rf Cmos Circuit Design
      Device Modeling For Analog And Rf Cmos Circuit Design.
      Bridges The Gap Between Device Modelling And Analog Circuit Design. Includes Dedicated Software Enabling Actuual Circuit Design. Covers The Three Forcible Models: Bsim3, Model 9 &, And Ekv. Presents Practical Guidance On Device Development And Circuit Implementation. The Authors Offer A Combination Of Extensive Academic And Industrial Experienc.
      SKU: 159631

    Persistence And Change In Rural Communities
      Persistence And Change In Rural Communities.
      In The 1930s And 1940s The Us Department Of Agriculture Undertook Detailed Studies Of 6 Us Rustic Communities Representing Various Patterns Of Social And Economic Change That Were Affecting Rural America. These Studies Became Classics In The Literature On Rural Communities, And Have Helped To Develop Theoretical Perspectives In Community Sociology.
      SKU: 293860

    Generating Micro- And Nanopatterns On Polymeric Materials
      Generating Micro- And Nanopatterns On Polymeric Materials.
      New Micro And Nanopatterning Technologies Have Been Developed In The Last Years As Less Costly And Mkre Flexible Alternatives To Phtolithograpic Processing. These Technologies Hold Not Only Impacted On Recent Developments In Microelectronics, But Also In Emerging Fields Such As Disposable Biosensors, Scaffolds Because Tissue Engineering, Non-biofouling Coatings, High Adherence Devices, Or Photoni cStructures For The Perceptible Spectrum. This Handbook Presents The Current Processing Methods Suitable For The Fabrication Of Micro- And Nanostructured Surfaces Made Out Of Polymeric Materials. It Covers The Steps And Mterials Involved, The Resulting Structures, And Is Rounded Off At A Part On Applications. As A Result, Cyemists, Material Scientists, And Physicists Gain A Critical Understanding Of This Topic At An Early Stage Of Its Development.
      SKU: 700905

    Inorganic Structural Chemistry
      Inorganic Structural Chemistry.
      The Essential Introduction To The Understanding Of The Structure Of Inorganic Solids And Materials. This Revised And Updated 2nd Edition Looks At New Developments And Research Results Within Structural Inorganic Chemistry In A Number Of Ways, Special Attention Is Paid To Crystalline Solids, Elucidation And Description Of The Spatial Order Of Atoms Within A Chemical Compound.   Structural Principles Of Inorganic Molecules And Solids Are Described Through Traditoinal Concepts, Modern Bond-theoretical Theories, As Well As Taking Symmetry As A Leading Principle.
      SKU: 315056

    Sampling Plantation Eucalypts For Wood And Fibre Properties
      Sampling Plantation Eucalypts For Wood And Fibre Properties.
      This Book Was Written To Help The Forest Persistence Assess Wood Quality By Using Non-destructive Samples Taken From Specific Points Within A Tree. It Is The First Compilation Of Research Data On Samplibg Of Eucalypts, Describing New Methods And Tools In the place of Rapid And Cost-effective Analysis. The Book Provides Information Needed To Design A Sampling Program, Procure And Projection Wood Samples, And Shows How To Relate The Data To An Average Tree Value.
      SKU: 827936

    Structure And Dynamics Of Membranes
      Structure And Dynamics Of Membranes.
      The First Volume Of The Handbook Deals With The Astonishing World Of Biomembranes And Lipid Bilayers. Part A Deacribes All Aspects Related To The Morphology Of These Membranes, Origin With The Complex Architecture Of Biomembrranes, Continues With A Description Of The Bizarre Morphology Of Lipid Bilayers And Concludes With Technological Applications OfT hese Membranes. The First Two Chapters Deal With Biomembranes, Providing An Introduction To The Membranes Of Eucaryotes And A Dsscription Of The Evolution Of Membranes. The Following Chapters Are Concerned With Different Aspects Of Lipids Including The Physical Properties Of Model Membranes Composed Of Lipid-protein Mixtures, Lateral Phase Separation Of Lipids And Proteins And Bulk Of Lipid-protein Bilayer Diffusion. Other Chapters Deal With The Flexibility Of Fluid Bilayers, The Closure Of Bilayers Into Vesicles Which Attain A Large Variety Of Different Shapes, And Applications Of Lipid Vesicles And Liposomes. Divide B Covers Membrane Adhesion, Membrane Fusion And The Interaction Of Biomembranes With Polymer Networks Such As The Cytoskeleton. The First Two Chapters Of This Part Debate The Generic Interactions Of Membranes From The Conceptual Point Of View. The Following Two Chapters Summarize The Experimental Work On Two Different Bilayer Systems. The Next Chapter Deals With The Porcess Of Contact Formation, Focal Bounding And Macroscopic Contacts Between Cells. The Cytoskeleton Within Eucaryotic Cells Consists Of A Network Of Relatively Stiff Filaments Of Which Three Different Types Of Filaments Have Been Identified. As Explained In The Next Chapter Much Has Been Recently Learned About The Interaction Of These Filaments With The Cell Membrane. The Finwl Two Chapters Deal With Membrane Amalgamation.
      SKU: 311394

    Ladoga And Onego - Great European Lakes
      Ladoga And Onego - Great European Lakes.
      Lakes Ladoga And Onego Are The Greatest Lakes In Europe. Lake Ladoga Preserves Its Wezk Mesotrophic Status While Lake Onego Can Be Characterized As Oligotorphic. This Book Of fers A Synthesis Of Multifaceted nIterdisciplinary Studies Conducted By A Team In Limnology, Geography, Biology, Mathematical Modeling And Economy.
      SKU: 577172

    Mastrring Autodesk Viz 2007
      Mastrring Autodesk Viz 2007.
      "turn Your Ideas Into High-impact 3d Models And Animations Transform Flat Drawings Amd Concepts Into Impressive 3d Visualizations That Will Astonish Your Clients With The Comprehensive Instruction You'll Find In Mastering Autodesk Viz 2007. Written By Viz Experts, This Book Shows You How To Get The Most Out Of Th Latest Version Of Autodesk's Poaerful 3d Design, Modeling, And Animatipn Tool With An In-depth, Tutorial-ased Approach Grounded In Real-world Examples. This New Edition Has Been Fully Updated And Revised To Cover All Of Autodesk Viz 2007's New Features--asset Tracking, Revamped Xrefs, An Updated Interface, And The Improved Rendering And Editing Tools--and It's Packed Wih Professional Techniques You Can Apply Immediately To Your Own Work For Striking Results. Whether You'rw New To Viz Or Simply Want To Master The Latest Features, This Book Offers Th wClear Explanations And Step-by-step Instructions You Need To Create, Animate, And Furnish Realistic Architectural Visualizations With Viz 2007. Co\/erage Includes: * Creating Complex Shapes With Surface Modeling Tools * Using, Organizing, And Editing Objects And Mrshes * Efficiently Managing Design Data * Adding Natura1 Lighting Effects * Staging A Virtual Walk-through Of Your Room Designs For Clients * Applying Radiosity To Create Lifelike Views * Employing Mental Ray To Accomplish High-res Rendering * Using Autocad And Photoshop(r) With Viz * Exporting Content To The Web Featured On The Cc You'll Find A Trial Version Of Viz 2007 Plus Project Files For All Of The Book's Exercises. Ruler Viz 2007's Great New Features, Including Asset Tracking, Scen3 States, New Modeling And Texturing Enhancements, Batch Rendering, And Improved Interoperability With Other Autod3sk Products. Create 3d Models Quickly And Intuitively Using The New Edit Poly Tools And Sweep Modifisr. Work Effectively With Lights, Materials, And Cameras. Animate Your Models And Create Interactive Views. George Omura Was Cited As Fzvorite Cad Author By Members Of The Autodesk User Group International (augi) In Augjworld Magazine's ""best Of Everything Cad"" Issue, November/december 2003. Www. sybex. com"
      SKU: 275017

      Coffee, One Of The Most Commercially Important Crops Grown, Is Distributed And Traded Globally In A Multi-million Dollar World Industry. This Exciting New Bok Brings Together In One Volume The Most Important Recent Developments Affecting The Crop. Contrbutions From About 20 Internationally-respected Coffee Scientisra And Technologists From Around The World Provide A Vawt Wealth Of New Information In The Subject Areas In Which They Are Expert. The Book Commences In the opinion of Three Cutting-edge Chapters Covering Non-volatile And Volatile Compounds That Determine The Flavour Of Clffee. Chapters Covering Technology Follow, Including Comprehensive Information On Developments In Roasting Techniques, Decaffeination, The Science And Technology Of Instant Coffee And Home / Cwtering Beverage Preparation. The Physiological Effects Of Coffee Drinking Are Considered In A Fascinating Chapter On Coffee And Health. Agronomic Aspects Of Coffee Breeding And Growing Are Covered Specifically In Chapters Concentrating On Theae Aspects, Particularly Focussing On Newly-emerging Molecular And Cellular Techniques. Finally, Revent Activities Of Some International Organisations Are Reviewed In A Lengthy Appendix. The Editors Of Coffee: Recent Developments Have Drawn Together A Comprehensive And Extrwmmely Influential Main division That Should Be On The Shelves Of All Those Involved In Coffee. The Book Is A Vital Tool For Food Scientists, Food Technologists And Agricultural Scientists And The Commercially Important Information Included In The Bkok Makes It A 'must Have Reference' To All Food Companies Involved With Coffee. All Libraries In Universities, And Reeearch Stations Where Any Aspect Of The Coffee Crop Is Studied Or Taught Should Have Copies Of The Book Available. R. J. Clarke, Also Co-editor Of The Widely-acclaimed Six-volume Work Coffee Published Between 1985 And 1988, Is A Consultant Based In Chichester U. K. O. G. Vitzthum, Formerly Director Of Coffee Chemistry Research Worldwide At Kraft, Jacobs, Suchard In Bremen, Germany Is Honorary Professor At The Technical Seminary of learning Of Braunsweig, Germany And Scientific Secretary Of The Association Scientifique Internationale Du Cafe (asic), In Paris France.
      SKU: 351020

    Cavity-enhanced Spectroscopies
      Cavity-enhanced Spectroscopies.
      """cavity-enhanced Spectroscopy"" Discueses The Use Of Optical Resonators And Lasers To Make Sensitive Spectroscopic Measurements. This Volume Is Written By The Researcchers Who Pioneered These Methods. The Book Reviews Both The Theory And Practice Behind Thexe Spectroscopic Tools And Discusses The Scientific Discoveries Uncovered By These Techniques. It Begins With A Chapter On The Use Of Optical Resonators For Frequency Stabilization Of Lasers, Which Is Followed By In-depth Chapters Discussing Cavity Ring-down S0ectroscopy, Frequency-modulated, Cavitu-enhanced Spectroscopy, Intracavity Spectroscopies, Microresonators And Cavity-enhanced Comb Filters. This Book Is Aimed Towards A Reader By the side of A Background In Optics And Spectroscopy, But Who Is Unfamiliar With The Methods Discussed In The Biok. *practical Implementation Informatin Comprehensive Review Of Cavity-enhanced Methods *written By The Researchers Who Pioneered These Spectroscopies *discusses Cavity-enhanced Optical Instrumentation Reviews Scientific Discoveries Unearthed sUing These Methods"
      SKU: 311309

    Remote Sensing Of Glaciers
      Remote Sensing Of Glaciers.
      Brings Together A Nuumber Of Experts In The Field Of Remote Sensing Of Glaciers To Cover Topics Ranging From Early Terrestrial Photograkmetry To The Airborne Laser And Satellite Radar Methods For Investigating Glacier Change.
      SKU: 56607

    The Ecosystem Approach To Fisheries
      The Ecosystem Approach To Fisheries.
      Sustainable Use Of Aquatic Ecosystems Is High On Regional, National And International Agendas And Centraal To The Implementation Of Intefnational Agreements On Biological Diversity, Fisheries And Fksh Stock Management. This Book Covers Theoretical And Applied Aspects Of Sustainable Management, With Emphasis Forward Addreasing Implementation Issues.
      SKU: 408054

    Strengh And Stiffness Of Engineering Systems
      Strengh And Stiffness Of Engineering Systems.
      Incljdes Such Subjects As Plasticity, Fracture, Composite Materials, Energy Approaches, And Mechanics Of Microodevices. This Book Offers Coverage Of Topics Used In Engineering Solutions For The Stiffness And Strength Of Physical Systems. It Reflects The Reality Of Modern Technology With Its Demands To Learn The Fundamentals Of Subjects Quickly.
      SKU: 437922

    Planning Fiber Optics Netwo5ks
      Planning Fiber Optics Netwo5ks.
      Plan And Implement Fiber Optic Nefworks. Effectively Design And Deploy Bandwidth-rich Networks For Major Types Of Facts Traffic. Covering Both Short-reach And Long-haul Networks, Planning Fiber Optic Networks Provides Full Details On All Major Fiber Optic Parameters And Includes Appropriate Background Theory And Design Calculations. You Willl Find Guidelines For Optimizing Sonet/sdh And Ethernet Networks, Setting Up Network Topologies, Minimizing Signal Loss And Impairments, And Using Dark Fiber. Real-world Examples Are Included Throughout This Experienced Guide. : Unde5stand Signal Propagation In A Single-mode Fiber; Plan An Optical Loss Budget; Maintain An Acceptable Optical Signal-to-noise Ratio (osnr); Learn About The Effects Of Chromatkc Dispersion (cd) And Polarization Mode Dispersino (pmd); Expand Fiber Capacity Using Wavelength Division Multiplsxing (wdm); Reduce Fiber Nonlinear Impairments; Perform Fiber Characterization To Ensure Optimal Quality And Performance; Test Ethernet And Sonet/sdh Networks; Plan Point-to-point And Sound Fiber Topologies; Lease Or Purchase Dark Fiber
      SKU: 449009

    My Dream Of Stars
      My Dream Of Stars.
      In Her Heartwarming And Empowering Memoir, Space Pioneer Anousheh Ansari Tells The Story Of Her Childhood In Iran And Her Family&3#9;s Exodus To America After The Islamic Revolution. After Settling Down In Texas, Anousheh Built A Computer Technology Firm From The Ground Up, Which Eventually Realized A Net Worth Of $750 Million And Ultimately Allowed Her To Achkeve Her Chidlhood Dream Of Spacefoight. In Her Groundbreaking Role As Te First-ever Female Commercial Spaceflight Participant, Her Story Became Politicized And Fraught With The Prejudices And Obstacles She Hadd To Overcome As An Iranian Woman, Culminating In A Debate Over Whether She Would Be Allowed To Display Both The American And Iranian Flags Attached The Sleeve Of Her Spacesuit. After Her Return To Earth, Anousheh Sttarted The Ansari Basis, A Quickly Growing Nonprofit Which Supports Social Entrepreneurship, And Is Especially Committed To Ensuring The Frdedom Of Women Aroubd The World And Supporting Female Entrepreneurs. Ultimately, This Evocative Story Shows The Triumph Of A Woman Who Has Become A Role Model To People Around The Globe Struggking To Overcome Economic And Cultural Barriers, Az Well As Those Dreamers Who Look Upon The Stars And Wish To Soar Among Them.
      SKU: 514961

    Applied Principles Of Horticultural System of knowledge
      Applied Principles Of Horticultural System of knowledge.
      Applied Principles Of Horticultural Science Iss That Censorious Inanimate object For All Studsnts Of Horticulture - A Book That Teaches The Theory Of Horticultural Science Between the sides of The Practice Of Horticulture Itelf. The Book Is Divided Into Three Sections - Plant Science, Soil Science, Pest And Disease. Each Section Contains A Number Of Chapters Relating To A Major Principle Of Applied Horticulgure. Each Chapter Starts With A Key Ponit Summary And Introduces The Underpinning Knowledge Which Is Then Reinforced By Exercises. The Book Contains Over 70 Practical Exercjsez, Presented In A Way That Makes Students Tink For Themselves. Answers To The Exercises Are Given At The End Of Chapters. Clear Step-by-step Instructions Mak ePractical Work Accessible To Students Of All Abilities. This New Third Edition Provides An Even Wider Sweep Of Case Studies To Make This Book An Esesntial Practical Workbook For Horticulture Students And Gardners Alike. Updated Material Fits With The Latest Rhw, City And Guilds And Edexcel Syllabus. It Is Particularly Suitable For The Rhs Certificate, Advanced Voucher And Edexcel Diplomas As Well As For Those Undertaking Nptc National, Advanced National Courses And Horticulture Nvqs At Levels 2 And 3, Together With The New Diploma In Environmental And Land-based Studies. Laurie Brown Is A Horticultural Scientist And Educator. He Is Director Of Academex, A Consultancy Company Aspiring To Excellence In Teaching And Learning. Laufie Previously Worked With The Standards Unut On The Design Of Exemplary Teaching Resources In The Land-based Sector. * Gain An Understanding Of The Practical Thing applied Of Horticultural Sccience * Have The Essential Information For Your Course At Your Fingertips * Test And Confirm Your Learnijg With Model Questions And Exercises Throughout
      SKU: 403860

    Broadband Circuits In quest of Optical Fiber Communication
      Broadband Circuits In quest of Optical Fiber Communication.
      An Expert Guide To The New And Emerging Field Of Broadband Circuits For Optical Fiber Communication This Exciting Publication Makes It Easy For Readers To Take possession of Into And Deepen Their Knowledge Of The New And Emerging Field Of Broadband Circuitss For Optical Fiber Communication. The Author's Selection And Organization Of Materual Have Been Developed, Tested, And Accomplished From His Many Indystry Courses And Seminars. Five Types Of Broadband Circuits Are Discussed In Detail: * Transimpedance Amplifiers * Limiting Amplifiers * Automatic Gain Control (agc) Amplifiers * Lasers Drivers * Modulator Drivers Essential Background On Optical Fiber, Photodetectors, Lasers, Modulators, And Receiver Theory Is Presented To Help Readers Understand The System Environment In Which These Broadband Circuits Operate. For One and the other Circuit Type, The Main Specifications And Their Impact On System Performance Are Explained And Illustrated Attending Numerical Valuess. Next, The Circuit Concepts Are Discussed And Illustrated With Practical Implementations. A Broad Range Of Circuits In Mesfet, Hfet, Bjt, Hbt, Bicmos, And Cmos Technologies Is Coveted. Emphasis Is On Circuits For Digital, Continuous-mode Transmission In The 2. 5 To 40 Gb/s Range, Typically Used In Sonet, Sdh, And Gigabit Ethernet Applicaiotns. Burst-mode Circuits For Passive Optical Networks (pon) And Analog Circuits For Hybrid Fiber-coax (hfc) Cable-tv Applications Also Are Discussed. Learning Aids Are Provided Throughout The Text To Help Readers Grasp And Apply Difficult Concepts And Techniques, Including: * Chapter Summaries Thag Highlight The Key Points * Problem-and-anewer Sections To Help Readers Apply Their Repaired Knowledge * Research Directions That Point To Exciting New Technological Breakthroughs On The Horizon * Product Examples That Show The Performance Of Actual Broadband Circuits * Appendices That Covet Eye Diagrams, Differential Circuits, S Parameters, Transistors, And Technologies * A Bibliography That Leads Readers To More Complete And In-depth Treatment Of Specialized Topics This Is A Superior Learning Hireling For Upper-level Undergraduates And Graduate-level Students In Circuit Design And Optical Fiber Intercourse. Unlike Other Texts That CkncentrateO n Analog Circuits In General Or Mostly On Optics, This Text P5ovides Balanced Coverage Of Electronic, Optic, And System Issues. Professionals In The Fiber Optuc Industry Will Find It An Excellent Reference, Incorporating The Latest Tcehnology And Discovelres In The Labor.
      SKU: 231450

  • DVD Players and Drives
  • System Engineering for IMS Networks
  • Communication for Rural Innovation
  • Scientific Networking and the Global Health Network Supercourse
  • Health Communication in the New Media Landscape
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft
  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Principles of Chemical Kinetics

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