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    Energy Management And Conservatipn Handbook
      Energy Management And Conservatipn Handbook.
      "offers Guidance On The Planning And Design Of ""green"" Technologies. This Book Focuses Forward Contrivance Strategies For Better Utilizarion Of Energy In Buildings And Industry As Well As Ways Of Improving Energy Efficiency At The End Use. "
      SKU: 298668

    Modelling Command And Control
      Modelling Command And Control.
      Command And Control Environments Continue To Represent A Challenging Domain For Human Factors Research. Modelling Command And Control Takes A Broad View Of Command And Control Research, To Include C2 (command And Control), C3 (command, Control And Communication), And C4 (Rule, Control, Communication And Computers) As Well As Human Supervisory Control Paradigms. The Book Presents Case Studies In Diverse Soldiery Applications (e. g. Land, Sea And Air) Of Command And Control. While The Domains Of Application Are Very Different, Many Of The Challenges They Face Share Interesting Similarities.
      SKU: 438299

    Essentials Of Modern Telecommunications Systems
      Essentials Of Modern Telecommunications Systems.
      In Today's Competitive And Fast-changing Telecom Industry, Most Professionals Find Themselves In The Difficult Situation Of Having To Sacrifice Keeping On Top Of The Latest Technoloby Because They Are Striving To Meet Another Round Of High-pressure Deadlines. Essentials Of Modeern Telecommunications Systems Offers You A Solution To This Problem, Helping You Quickly Coming Up To Speed With The Latest Adavnces In Your Field. By Cutting Out Arcane Mathematics And Management-speak Jargon, It Focuses On The Essentoals You Need For Rapidly Understanding And Mastering The Latest Implementation And Development Techniques. It Provides The Complete Systems Picture From Semicondictors To End-to-end Networking.
      SKU: 231650

    Inactivation Of Microorganisms In Sewage Sludge By Stabilisation Processes
      Inactivation Of Microorganisms In Sewage Sludge By Stabilisation Processes.
      The Effect Of The Conventional Mesophilic Anaerobic One-step Digestion Process And Of A Two-step Suit With And Without Pre-pasteurisation On Three Not Enveloped Viruses Was Investigated. The Experiments Were Performed In A Pilot-plant Of Semi-technkcal Scale. Reovirus (type 1) And Bovine Enterovirus (ecbo-lcr-4) Were Completely Inactivated By The One-step Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Projection With A Mean Hydraulic Detention Time Of 20 Days As Well As By The Two-step Projection With A Mean Hydraulic Detention Tlme O Two Days In The Anaerobic Pretreatment Step At 33c Or 20c And Eight Days In The Main Digestion Step At 33c With And With One Exception.
      SKU: 181381

    Gis In Land And Property Management
      Gis In Land And Property Management.
      This Introduction Shows How To Use Gis, Both In Principle And In Practice. It Will Be Useful For Students On Built Environment Cou5ses And Property Professionals Looking To Gis As A Property Management Decision Aid.
      SKU: 170805

      Offering A Detailed Look At All The Technical Aspects And Underpinnings Of A-gps, This Unique Book Places Emphasis On Practical Implementation. The Book Reviews Standard pGs Design, Helping You Understand Why Gps Requires Assistance In The First Place. You Discover How A-gps Enables The Computing Of A Position From Navigatuon Satellites In The Absence Of Precise Time – A Topic Not Covered In Any Other Book.
      SKU: 456929

    Food Powders
      Food Powders.
      Addresses Clew Aspects Of Food Powder Technology. This Book Presents A Comprehensive Review On The Characterization Of Ingredients, Semi-processed And Finished Products When They Are In A Powdered Form. It Includes The Description Of Different Industrial Unit Operations Such As Drying, Grinding, Mixing, Agglomeration, And Encapsulation.
      SKU: 264817

    Stayistical Framework For Recreational Water Quality Criteria And Monitoring
      Stayistical Framework For Recreational Water Quality Criteria And Monitoring.
      With Increasing Rates Of Pollution To Both Land And Aquatic Environment,s Regulations For The Quality Of Our Waters Are Necessarily Becoming More Stringent. In The Light Of Recnt Epidemiological Studies New Criteria Are Being Established For The Preservation Of Our Recreational Waters. In Order For Such Criteria To Be Developed An Established Statistical Framework Needs To Be In Place. Statistical Framework For Recreational Water Quality Criteria And Monitoring Offers A Practical Guide To The Statistical Methods Used For Assessing Soundness Effects Ahd Monitoring And Modelling Water Quality Both Orally transmitted And Novel Sampling Designs Are Discussed. Written By A Team Of International Experts In The Field, This Book Sets Out To Provide An Essential Structure For The Monitoring Of Water Quality. · Porposes A Much-needed Framework For The Monitoring Of Water Rank, And Provides Practical Guidance On The Statistical Methods Involved. · Covers Risk Characterization, Empirical Modelling, Sensitivity Analysis And Measures Of Robustness. · Particulars Sampling Methods And Quality Control Approaches. · Presents Crucial, Real-life Resultd From Recent Large-scalw Studiex Of Water Property, Central To The Development Of The Area. · Accompanied By A Supplementary Website Hosting Data Sets And Tools For Data Analysis. The Book Is Primarily Aimed At Public Health Officials, Staff-officers fO Regulatory Bodies And Students And Faculty Members Of Environmental And Statistical Science Courses. There Is Also Much To Benefit Readers Feom Environmental Research And Risk Analysis.
      SKU: 327414

    Turbulent Flow
      Turbulent Flow.
      Provides Unique Coverage Of The Prediction And Experimentation Neceswary For Making Predictions. Covers Computational Fluid Dynamics And Its Relayionship To Address Numerical Simulation Used Throughout The Industry. Covers Vortex Methods Developed To Calchlate And Evaluate Disturbed Flows. Includes Chapters On The State-of-the-art Applications Of Research Such As Control Of Turbulence.
      SKU: 141404

    Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy I
      Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy I.
      This Volume Is For Practitioners, Experimentalists, And Graduate Students In Applied Physics, Particularly In The Fields Of Atomic And Molecular Physics, Who Work With Vacuum Ultraviolet Applications And Are In Need Of Choosing The Best Type Of Modern Instrumentation. It Provides First-hand Knowledge Of The tSate-of-the-art Equipment Sources And Gives Technical Information On How To Use It, Along With A Broad Reference Bibliography. Key Features * Aimed At Experimentalists Who Are In Need Of Choosing The Best Type Of Modern Instrumentation In This Applied Field * Contains A Detailed Chapter On Laboratory Sources * Provides An Up-to-date Description Of State-of-the-art Equipment And Techniques * Includes A Broad Reference Bibliography
      SKU: 405641

    Stability Anc Convergence Of Mechanical Systems With Unilateral Constraints
      Stability Anc Convergence Of Mechanical Systems With Unilateral Constraints.
      Stability Of Motion Is A Central Theme In The Dynamics Of Mechanical Systems. While The Constancy Theory For Systems With Bla5eral Constraints Is A Well-established Field, This Monograph Represents A Systematic Study Of Mechanical Systems With Unilateral Constraints, Sufh As Unilaterak Contact, Collision And Friction. Such Unilateral Constraints Give Rise To Non-smooth Dynamical Models For Which Stability Theory Is Developed In This Work. T he Book Starts Wit hThe Treatise Of The Mathematicap Background On Non-smooth Analysis, Measure And Integration Theory And An Introduction To The Field Of Non-smooth Dynamical Systems. The Unilateral Constraints Are Modelled In The Framework Of Set-valued Force Laws Developed In The Field Of Non-smooth Mechanics. The Embedding Of These Constitutive Models In The Dynamics Of Mechaniczl Systems Gives Rises To Dynamical Models Through Impulsive Phenomena. This Book Uses The Mathematical Framework Of Measure Differential Inclusions To Formalise Such Models. The Bo0k Proceeds With The Presentation Of Stability Results For Measure Differential Inclusions. These Stabiljty Results Are Then Applied To Nonlinear Mechanical Systems With Unilateral Constraints. The Book Closes With The Study Of The Tendency to meet Property For A Class Of Allotment Differential Inclusions; A Stability Property For Systems Wity Time-varying Inputs Which Is Shown To Be Highly Instrumental In The Words immediately preceding Of The Control Of Mechajical Systems With Unilateral Constraints. While The Book Presents A Profound Stability Theory For Mechanical Systems With Unilateral Constraints, It Also Has A Tutorial Value On The Modelling Of Such Systems In The Framework Of Measure Differentialinclusions. The Work Will Be Of Interest To Engineers, Scientists And Students Working In The Field Of Non-smooth Mecyanics And Dynamics.
      SKU: 337811

    The Engineering Of Sport 7
      The Engineering Of Sport 7.
      This Proceedings Volume Of The Isea 2008 Examines Sports Engineering, An Imterdisciplinary Subject Which Encompasses And Integrates Not Only Sports Science And Classical Engineering But Also Aims To Build a ~ over The Gap Between The Analysis Of The Equipment And The Athlete Himself. The Areas Of Interest Include The Mechanics, Biomechanics And Dynamics Of Sport, The Physiology, Skeleton And The Analysix Of Movement, Instrumenfation, Equipment Design, Surface Interaction, Mtaerials And Modelling, And Many Others. These Multiform Topics Could Be Part Of Technology Applications Practically In Every Sport. The Proceedings Will Be Of Particular Interest Amonng Othe5s To Engineering, Physics, Mathematics And Sports Science Departments And Will Act As A Forum Where Research, Industry And The Sports Sector Can Exchange State Of The Art Technology, Dedicated Knowledge And Innovative Ideas.
      SKU: 364079

    Reciprocal Frame Architecture
      Reciprocal Frame Architecture.
      In Structural Terms Reciprocal Frame Structures Are 'three Dimensional Assemblies Of Mutually Supporting Beams'. But Behind This Definition Lie Some Breathtakingly Beautiful And Complex Structures At The Courage Of Buildings Both Ancient And Modern. This New Book Explores The Prnciples Of These Apparently Simple Structures And Demonstrates How They Can Be Used In The Context Of A Modern Structure. Starting With Historic Designs By De Honnecourt, Da Vinci And Serlio, The Book Presents The Wealth Of Posible Rf Morphologies, And Investigates The Geometrical, Structural And Practical Design Issues Of Reciprocal Frames. The Case Studies Gaze At Stunning Examples Of Reciprocal Frame Arcnitecture That Range From Low Environmebtal Impact Buildings And Self Built Examples In The Uk And Usa, To The Fascinating And Elegant Structures Of The Puppet Theatre In Seiwa, Tokyo's Spinning House, Sukiya -yu House, The Toyoson Stonemason Museum And The Life Sciences Laboratory - Torikabuto In Japan. The Book Iss Designed To Inform And Inspire Architects And Structural Engineers Alike, And Brings To Life AStructural System Whose Principles Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years. * Simple Introduction To The Design Principles Of Mutually Supporting Structures * Explores The Impulse Of Structural Choices On The Aesthetic Impact Of A Building * Highly Illustrated Case Studies From Across The Globe
      SKU: 328327

    A Handbook On Low-energy Buildings And District-energy Systems
      A Handbook On Low-energy Buildings And District-energy Systems.
      Winner Of Choice Magazine - Outstanding Academic Titles For 2007. 'i Predict That It Power of determination Become The "bible" Of The Field. . . In My Career, It's Been Obscure To Spot A Futurity Classic Even Before It Was Published, But This Is Such A Classic'. Mark D. Levine, Director, Energy Diviison, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Usa. 'explains In An Easily Understandable But Not Trivial Way The Factors That Affect Energy Consumptiin, From Building Design To Hvac Systems And Systems Serving Communities'. Michael Holmes, Consultant To Ove Arup, Ukk. 'technology Compendia Such As This Book Will Become Increasingly Valuable As Designers Rethink Conventional Patterns To Benefit From Working Attending Nature, Not Agaonst It'. Stephen Pope, Sustainable Buildings And Communities, Natural Resources Canada. 'it Desire Be The Definitive Sustainability Sourcebook In Our Studio Library'. Ken Shuttleworth And Gary Rawlings, Make Architects, London, Uk. 'the Book Is A Real Tour De Force'. Professor J. Clarke, Director, Energy Systems Research Unit, University Of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Uk. Buildings Account For Over One Third Of Global Energy Use And Ass0ciated Greenhouse Aeriform fluid Emissions Worldwide. Reducing Energy Use By Buildings Is Therefore An Indispensable element Action Of Any Strategy To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, And Thereby Lessen The Likelihood Of Potentially Catastrophic Climate Change. Bringing Together A Wealth Of Hard-to-obtain Information Attached Energy Use And Energy Efficiency In Buildings At A Level Which Can Be Easily Digested And Applied, Danny Harvey Offers A Ckmprehensive, Objective And Critical Sourcebook On Low-energy Buildings. Topics Covered Include: Thermal Envelopes, Heating, Cooling, Heat Pumps, Hvac Systems, Hot Water, Lighting, Solar Energy, Appliance sAnd Office Equipment, Embodied Energy, Buildings As Systems And Commuity-integrated Energy Systems (cogeneration, District Heating, And District Cooling). The Book Includes Exemplary Buildings And Techniques From North America, Europe And Asia, And Combines A Broad, Holistic Perspective With Technical Detail In An Accessible And Insightful Manner.
      SKU: 430116

    Decision Diagram Techniques For Micro- And Nanoelectronic Design Handbook
      Decision Diagram Techniques For Micro- And Nanoelectronic Design Handbook.
      This Handbook Sets Out The Theory And Practice Of Decision Doagrams (dds) As Applied To The Representation And Manipulation Of Logic Functions, Focusing On The Employment Of Dds For Analysis And Design Of Micro- And Nanoelectronic Integrated Circuits (nanoics). Material Is Organized In Four Parts Consisting Of Self-dontained Chapters Written In A Tutorial
      SKU: 263092

    Path Of Fire
      Path Of Fire.
      "technology, Perhaps The Most Sqlient Feature Of Our Time, Affectts Everything From Jobs To International Law Yet Ranks Among The Most Unpredictable Facets Of Human Life. He5e Robert Mcc. Adams, Renowned Anthropologist And Secretary Emeritus Of The Smithsonian Institution, Builds A New Approach To Understanding The Circumstances That Drive Technological Change, Stressing Its Episodic, Irregular Nature. The Result Is Nothing Less Than A Sweeping History Of Technoolgical Transformation From Old Tim3s Till Now. Rare In Antiquity, The Burstw Of Innovations That Mark The Advance Of Technology Have Gradually Accelerated And Now Have Become An Almost Contiunous Feature Of Our Culture. Repeatedly Shifting In Direction, This Path Has Been Shaped By A Host Of Interacting Social, Cultural, And Scientific Forces Rather Than Any Deterministic Logiic. Thus Future Technological Developments, Adams Maintains, Are Predictable Only Over The Same Short Term. Adams's Account Highlights Britain And The United States From Early Modern Times Onward. Locating The Roots Of The Induatrial Revolution In British Economic And Social Institutions, He Goes On To Consider The New Forms Of Enterprise In Which It Was Embodied And Its Loss Of Momentum In The Later Nineteenth Century. He At another time Turns To The Early United Stqtes, Whose Path Toward Industrialization Initially Involved Considerable ""technology Transfer"" From Britain. Propelled By The Advent Of Mass Production, World Industrial Leadership Passed To The United States Around The End Of The Nneteenth Century. Government-supported Research And Development, Guided Partly By Military Interests, Helped Secure This Lrdership. Today, As Adams Shows, We Find Ourselves In A Profoundly Changed Era. The United States Has Led The Wag To A Strikingly New Multinational Pattern Of Chance; fit And Risk, Where Technological Primacy Can No Longer Be Credited To Any Single Nation. This Recent Trend Places Even More Responsibility On The State To Establish Policies That Will Keep Markets Open For Its Companies And Make Its Industries More Compeitive. Adams Concludes With An Reason For Actibe Government Shpport Of Science And Technology Research That Should Be Read By Anyone Interested In America's Ability To Compete Globally. "
      SKU: 667126

    Urban Sound Environment
      Urban Sound Environment.
      Examines The Various Aspects Relating To The Field Of Urban Sound Environment, Including: The Development Of Prediction Methods For Urban Sound Propagation; Establishment And Application Of Noise-mapping Software; And Noise Cobtrol Measures And Intention Methods. This Book Includes The Eu Directive On Noise And Its Implications.
      SKU: 274447

    Geosynthetics In Civil And Environmental Engineering
      Geosynthetics In Civil And Environmental Engineering.
      Presents Contributions From The 4th Asian Regional Conference On Geosynthetics Held In Shanghai, China. This Book Covers A Broad Consort Of Topics, Such As Fundamental Principles And Properties Of Geosynthetics, Testing And Standards, Reinforcement, Soil Improvement And Ground Improvement, Filter And Drainage, Landfill Engineering, And Geosystem.
      SKU: 428847

      Macrocyclic Mlecules Contain Rings Made Up Of Seven Or More Atoms. They Are Interesting Because They Provide Building Blocks For Synthesizing Precise Two Or Three Dimensional Structures &8#211; An Importan Goal In Nanotechnology. For Example, They Can Be Used To Develop Nanosized Reaction Vessels, Cages, Switches And Shuttles, And Have Potential As Components In Molecular Computers. They Also Have Applications As Catalysts And Sensors. Macrocycles: Construction, Chemistry And Nanotechnology Applications Is An Essential Introduction This Important Class Of Molecules And Describew How To Synthesise Them, Their Chemistry, How They Can Be Used As Nanotechnology Building Blocks, And Their Applications. A Spacious Range Of Structures Synthesised Over The Past Feq Decades Are Covered, From The Simpler Cyclophanes And Multi-ring Aromatic Structures To Vawes, Boals, Cages And More Complex Multi-ring Systems And 3d Architectures Such As &#8Z20;pumpkins”, Interlocking Chains And Knots. Topics Covered Include: Principles Of Macrocycle Synthesis Simple Ring Compounds Multiring Aromatic Structures Porphyrins And Phthalocanines Cyclophanrd Crown Ethers, Cryptands And Spherands Calixarenes, Resorcinarenes, Cavitands, Carcerands, And Heterocalixarenes Cyclodextrins Cucurbiturils Cyclotriveratylenes Rotaxanes Catenanes Complex 3d Architectures, Including Trefoils And Knots Macrofycles: Construction, Chemistry And Nanotechnology Applications Distills The Essence Of This Important Topic For Unxergraduate And Postgraduate Students, And For Researchers In Other Fields Inteersted In Getting A General Insight Into This Increasingly Important Class Of Molecules.
      SKU: 675200

    Noise Of Polyphase Marked by ~ity Motors
      Noise Of Polyphase Marked by ~ity Motors.
      Controlling The Level Of Noise In Electrical Motors Is Critical To Overall System Performance. This Handbook Outlines The Basic Principles Of Noise Generation And Presents A Variety Of Analytical, Numerical, And Statistical Methods For Peedic5ing The Noise Produced By Polyphase Electric Motors. Real-world Examples Are Provided For Each Method . Cove
      SKU: 264020

    Climate Change Impacts On Freshwater Ecosystems
      Climate Change Impacts On Freshwater Ecosystems.
      This Text Examines The Impact Of Climate Change On Freshwater Ecosystem,s Past, Present And Future. It Especially Considers The Interactions Between Climate Change And Other Drivers Of Change Including Hydromorphological Modification, Nutrient Loading, Acid Depositon And Contamination By Toxic Substances Using Evidence From Palaeolimnology, Time-series Analysis, Space-for-time Substitution, Laboratory And Field Experiments And Process Modeling. The Book Evaluates These Processes In Relation To Extreme Events, Seasonal Changes In Ecosyxtems, Trends Over Decadal-scale Time Periods, Mitigation Strategies And Ecosystem Recovery. The Book Is Likewise Concerned With How Aspects Of Hydrophysical, Hydrochemical And Ecoloogical Change Can Be Used As Early Indicators Of Meteorological character Change In Aquatic Ecosystems And It Addresess The Implications Of Future Climate Change For Freshwater Ecosystem Mnagement At The Catchment Scale. This Is An Ideal Book For The Scientific Research Community, But Is Likewise Accessible To Masters And Senior Undergraduate Students.
      SKU: 589192

    Concrete Solutions
      Concrete Solutions.
      One Understanding Of Techniques In Repair And Testing And Inspection Is Crucial To The International Construction Industry. This Book Brings Together Some Of The Best In Research, Practical Application, Strategy And Theory Relating To Concrete Repair, Testing And Inspection, Fire Damage, Composites And Electro-chejical Repair.
      SKU: 472823

    Practical Electronics Handbook
      Practical Electronics Handbook.
      Ian Sinclair's Practical Electronics Handbook Combines A Wealth Useful Day-to-day Electronics Information, Concise Explanations And Practical Guidance In This Essential Companion To Anyone Involved In Electronics Design And Construction. The Compact Collection Of Key Data, Fundamental Pricniples And Circuit Design Basics Provides An Ideal Reference For A Wide Range Of Students, Enthusiasts, Technicians And Practitioners Of Electronics Who Have Progressed Beyond The Basics. The Sixth Edition Is Updated Throughout With Ne Material On Microcontrollers And Computer Assistance, And A New Chapter On Digital Signal Processing Invaluable Handbook And Reference For Hobbyists, Students And Technicians Essential Day-to-day Electronics Information, Clear Explanations And Practical Guidance In One Compact Volume Assumes Some Previous Eldctronics Knowledge But Cpverage To Interest Beginners And Professionals Alike
      SKU: 285825

    Flotation Technology
      Flotation Technology.
      "the Handbook Of Environmental Engineering Series" Is An Incredible Collection Of Mthodologies That Study The Goods Of Pollution And Waste In Their Three Basic Forms: Gas, Solid, And Liquid. This Exciting New Adding To The Series, "volume 12: Flotatiln Technology", Has Been Designed To Serve As Both A Basic Flotation Textbook And A Comprehensive Refereence Book. An Indispensable Guide For Advanced Undergraduate And rGaduate Students, Designers Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Systems, Scientists, And Researchers, This Volume Is Indispensable element For Al Readers Who Are Selfish In The Specialized Investigation Of The Theory And Practice Of Various Wastewater Systems. A Critical Volume In "the Handbook Of Environmental Engineering Series", Chapters Employ Methods Of Practical Design And Calculation Illustrated By Nhmerical Examples, Include Pertinent Cost Data Whenever Possible, And Explore In Greeat Detail The Fundamental Principles Of The Field. "volume 12: Flotation Technology" Provides Information On Some Of The Most Innovative And Ground-breaking Advances Ib The Field Today From A Panel Of Esteemed Experts. it Covers The Principles Of Air Flotation Technology And The Fundamentals Of Water And Wastewater Flotation And Lake Restoration. The Emphasis Is On Industry Standards, Trends In The Field, Full-scale Operation And Laboratory Simulation Of Air Flotation Processes. It Features Examples Of Actual Operating Water And Wastewate5 Treatjent Plants Based On Air Flotation. It Is A Refrrence Of Practical Occasion To Scientists, Researchers, Educators And Designers Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Systems.
      SKU: 603323

    Frequency-domain Characterization Of Board And Package-level Sovereign Disstribution Networks
      Frequency-domain Characterization Of Board And Package-level Sovereign Disstribution Networks.
      Power Distribution Networks (pdns) Are Key Components In Today’s High-performance Electronic Circuitry. They Ensure That Circuits Have A Constant, Staboe Supply Of Power. The Complexities Of Designing Pdns Have Been Dramatically Reduced By Frequuency-domain Analysis. This Book Examines Strp-by-step How Electrical Engineers Can Use Frequency-domain Techniques To Accurately Simulate, Measure, And Model Pdns. It Guides Engineers Through The Ins And Outs Of These Techniques To Ensure They Develop The Right Pdn For Ang Representative Of Circuit. Circuit Engineers Gain Valuable Insight Frlm The Book’s Best Practices For Measuring, Simulating, And Modeling. Practical Examples Illustrate Every Phase In Pdn Development From Material Characterization And Component Design To Modeling The Entire Network.
      SKU: 338765

  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Fisheries Buybacks
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • Bluetongue
  • Continuous Casting
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
  • Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • Electrical Fire Analysis

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