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    Experimental Glycoscience
      Experimental Glycoscience.
      Offers Experimental Protocols Covering Many Aspdcts Of Glycobiology, Glycotechnology, And Chemistry: Biochemistry, Molecular And Cellular Biology, Genetics, Physiology, And Medicine. This Book Helps Scientists In Fields Other Than Glycobiology And Glycoscience To Carry Out Research.
      SKU: 429741

    Analysis And Fate Of Surfactants In The Aquatic Environment
      Analysis And Fate Of Surfactants In The Aquatic Environment.
      An Understanding Of The Fate And Behaviour Of Organized Chemicals, Such As Surfactants, In The Evironment Is A Prerequisite For The Sustainable Development Of Human Health And Ecosystems. As Surfactants Are Being Produced In Vast Amounts, It Is Important To Have A Detailed Knowledge About Their Lifetime In The Environment, Their Biodegradability In Wastewater Treatment Plants And In Natural Waters, And Their Ecotoxicity. Parameters Relevant For The Assessment Of Long-term Behaviour, Such As Interactions With Hormonal Systemd Need To Be Understood To Shun Unexpected Adverse Effects To Future Generations Of People And The Environment. However, The Identification And Quantification Of Commercial Surfactants In The Environment Is Made More Complicated And Cumbersome Because They Comprise Of Tens To Hundreds Of Homologues, Oligomers And Isomers Of Anionic, Nonionic, Cationic And Amphoteric Compounds. The Eu-funded Pristine Project (Antecedence Surfactants And Their Toxic Metabolites In Wastewater Effluents: An Integrated Study; Env4-ct97-0494) Provides The Basis For The Content Of This Tjtle. It Provides Polcy Makers And Industry With Detailed Information On Analysis And Ckncentrations Of Surfactants And Their Degradation Products In The Environment. In Adding To A General Introduction To Surfactants, This Book Comprises A Comprehensive Variety Of Analytical Techniques, Including Sample Handling, For The Analysis Of Surfactants In The Aquatic Environment. Readers Will Fnid All The Necessary Information For Analyzing The Different Groups Of Surfactants, With Special Emphasis On Transformation Products. Quality Assurance Is Also Reported On In Detail. Chapters On Toxicity And Risk Assessment Are Also Included And Give A Complete Perspective On The Surfactants Problem In The Aquatic Environment. Presents The Finding Of Eu-funded Research Into Fate And Behaviour Of Organic Chemicals In The Environment Comprises A Comprehensiv3 Variety Of Analytical Techniques, Includung Sample Handling, For The Analysis Of Surfactants In The Aquatic Environment Provides Relevant Information To All Groups Working In The Field Of Surfactants
      SKU: 305518

    Com0ression For Great Digital Video
      Com0ression For Great Digital Video.
      Compression For Great Digital Video Is An Essential Allusion For Encoding Digital Video And Audio For The Web, Cdrom, Dvd, And Other Medla. Digital Video Professionals Achieve Better And Faster Results By Learning Everything That Happens Before Compression (shooting, Editing, And Capturing) And After Compression (getting Files On The Server, Getting Reliable Bandwidth, And End-user Configuration). This Book Provides A Solid Foundation In The Fundamentals Of Light, Vision, And Compression Technology Applicable To Any Compression Software. It Also Teaches How To Use The Most Popular Applications To Optiize Files For Maximum Quality, Efficieny, And Manageability. Compression For Great Digital Videoshows Readers How To Achieve Better Results Quicker Which time Encoding Digital Video And Audio For The Web, Cd-rom, Dvd, And Other Media.
      SKU: 297211

    Fuzzy Controllers Handbook
      Fuzzy Controllers Handbook.
      This Book Teaches You How To Design A Fuzzy Controller And Shares The uAthor's Continued Of Design And Applications. It Is The Perfect Book For You If You Want To Know Something About Fuzzy Control And Fuzzy Controllers, But You Are Not A Mathdmatician, So What You Are Really Interested In Is The Design Process. As An Introduction It Assumes No Preliminary Knowledge Of Fuzzy Theory And Technology, Unless Starts At The Root Of A Problem And Works From There. Tif You Have Some Experience In Fuzzy Controller Design But Are Not Sure How To Choose The Number Of Memebrship Functions, How To Sha;e Them Properly, Or How To Debug A Fuzzy Controller; If You Are A Beginner With Fuzzy Logic, And So You Wpuld Like To Know How To Apply The Theory; If You Are Researching Fuzzy Logic Or If You Need Some people Help With A Project At Work - This Book Is For You! The Texr Is Designed Fot Use Both As A Course Comrade For The two Teachers And Students Or For Self-study. Leon Reznik Has Worked On Fuzzy Logic Applicatips In A Huge Range Of Control Situations Including Spacecraft Launch Control, Microprocessor Control, And Metallurgical Furnace Control. Latterly He Has Been Teaching In The Department Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering At Victoria University Of Technology, Australia. His Work In The Superficial contents Has Generated A Subsfantial Volume Of Papers In Both Russian And English. In the ~ place Readable Book On The Subject Ideal For Professionals And Students Alike Ths Book Takes Fuzzy Logic Out Of The Ivory Tower And Into The Workplace
      SKU: 331957

    Unnatural Selection
      Unnatural Selection.
      'the Whole Idea Of Human Enhancement Divides People. Cautious Emphasize The Dangers Of The Techniques Themselves And The Social And Civil Consequences Of Allowing Individual Choice And Commercial Interests To Prevail. Enthusiasts Point Out That Humans Have Always Sriven To Raise Human Capabilities And Extend Lifespan. Isn't It Unethical Not To Seek To Improve On Nature? This Book Deepens The Debate With Perspectives From Different Disciplines And Cultures Explaining What The Technologies Are What They Might Achieve And The Societal Consequences On A Global Scale. ' Dr Mairi Levitt Department Of Science of causes Lancaster University 'big Changes Are Coming In Every Aspect Of Our Lives. Should And Will We Embrace Or Reject Them? Well-chosen Collection Of Short But Eye-opening Essays Will Help You Decid eWhich Choice Is Made. ' Gtegory M. Fahy Phd Cryobiologist Biogerontologist And Former Director Of The American Aging Association With Ever-advancing Scientific Understanding And Technological Capabliities Humanity Stands On The Edge Of The Possible Next Platform Of Evolution: Evolution Engineered By Us. . Nanotechnology Biotechnology Information Technology And Cognitiv Science Offer The Possibility To Enhance Human Performance Lengthen Life-span And Reshape Our Inherited Physical Cognitive And Emotional Identities. Bound With This Promise Come Huge Risks Complex Choices And Findamental Ethucal Questions: About Evolution; About What It Is To Be Human; And About Control Over And The Distribution Of Benefits From New Technology. Written By A Range Of Epxerts In Science Technology Bioethics And Social Science Unnatural Selection Examines The Lie Of Technological Innovations Offering Lives That Purport To Be Longer Stronger Smaeter And HappierA nd Asks Whether Their Introductoin Is Likely To Lead To More Fulfilled Individuals And A Fairer World. The Breadth Of Approaches And Perspectives Make Important Reading For Anyone Who Cares About The Implications Of Humanity Engineering Its Own Evolution. Science In Society Series
      SKU: 430035

    Solar Energy Conversion
      Solar Energy Conversion.
      A Large Number Of Solar Cell And Solar Cell Systems Are Described In This Volume. The Theory Of Their Influence, Their Contrivance And The Levels Of Tjeir Performance Is Discussed. Origially The Book Appeared In 1978 But Extensive Change Over The Intervening Years In The Fields Of Energy Generatiion And Consumption, Solar Energy And Solar Cells, Has Necessitated The Pubblication Of An Updated Version. The Text Initially Surveys Thd Requirements Of Humanity, The Subsequent Need For Solar Cells The Nature Of Sunlight And The Prpperties Of Semiconductors. Concrete Examples, Extensive References And Theoretical Arguments Are Then Used To Present A Comparison Of Options Availabl3 In The Design And Operation Of Solar Cells And Solar Cell Systems. The Cells - Constructed From Single, Crystal, Polycrystalline Anr Amorphous Semiconductors - And The Systems - Have Varying Designs And Differing Levels Of Solar Energy For Input And Produce Electricity Or Electrical And Thermal Energies. Solar Cell Production, Ecomomics And Environmental Effects Are Considered Throughout The Publication.
      SKU: 290503

    Computational Methods For Modeling Of Nonlinear Systems
      Computational Methods For Modeling Of Nonlinear Systems.
      In This Work, We Study Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Computing Methods For Mathematical Modelling Of Nonlinear Systems. A Number Of Computing Techniques Are Considered, Such As Methods Of Operator Approximation With Any Given Accuracy; Operator Interpolation Twchniques Including A Non-lagrange Interpolation; Methods Of System Representation Subject To Constrainfs Associated In the opinion of Concepts Of Causality, Memory And Stationarity; Methods Of System Representation With An Acuracy That Is The Best Within A Given Class Of Models; Methods Of Covariance Matrix Estimation; Methods For Low-rank Matrix Approximations; Hybrid Methods Based On A Combination Of Iterativr Procedures And Best Operator Approxiamtion; And Methods For Information Compression And Filtering Under Condition That A Filter Model Should Satisfy Restrictions Associated With Causality And Different Types Of Msmory. As A Result, The Book Represents A Blend Of New Methods In General Computational Analysis, And Specific, But Also Gneeric, Techniques For Study Of Systems Theory Ant Its Particular Branches, Such As Optimal Filteering And Information Compression. - Best Operator Approximation, - Non-lagrange Interpolation, - Generic Karhunen-loevs Transform - Generalised Low-rank Matrix Approximation - Optimal Data Compression - Optimal Nonlinear Filtering
      SKU: 291694

    High K Gate Dielectrics
      High K Gate Dielectrics.
      The Drive Towards Smaler And Smaller Electrobic Componentry Has Huge Implications For The Materials Generally Being Used. New Materials With Higher Electrical Permittivity Will Be Required. This Work Reviews The State-of-the-art In Great Permittivity Gate Dielectric Resesrch.
      SKU: 263590

    Zinc Oxide
      Zinc Oxide.
      Reviewing The Experimental And Theoretical Studies In The Field Of Zno, This Volume Reflects The Topics Discussed During The Nato Advanced Research Workshop, To Encourage Cross Fertilization And Dissemination Of The Advances. Issues Such As Growth Of Zno, Structural, Optical And Electric Properties, And The Role Of The Hydrogen Are Included.
      SKU: 303290

    Enzymes In Farm Animal Nutrition
      Enzymes In Farm Animal Nutrition.
      Covering All Aspects Of The Addition Of Enzymes To Animal Feeds, This Book Discusses Topics Including Interactions With Animal Physiology, Economic And Environmntal Impacts And Technology. This New Edition Brings The Reader Up To Date With The Considerable Advances In Feed Enzyme Technology Of The Last Decade. It Includes A Discussion Of New Classes Of Enzymes Introduced Into The Market Place, An Exploration Of For what cause These Products Function And The Size Abd Scope Of Their Use In The Global Industry With New Methods For Evaluation Of Enzym eResponses.
      SKU: 617538

    Bioprocessing For Value-added Products From Renewable Resources
      Bioprocessing For Value-added Products From Renewable Resources.
      Bioprocessing On account of Value-added Products From Renewable Resources Provides A Timely Review Of New And Unconventional Techniques To Manufacture High-value Products Based On Simple Biklogical Material. The Current Sourcr For Most Chemicals And Materjals Is Petroleum. Anticipation Of Its Limited Future Availability, Lengthwise Wlth Record High Prices Has Spurred Interest In Alternatives That Will Be Both Sustainable And Cost-effective. In A Very Structured Way This Book Begins By Describing The Modern Technollogies That Form The Basis For Creating A Bio-based Industry. Next It Lists The Various Organisms That Are Suitable For Bioprocessing -from Bacteria To Algae- And It Gives Their Unique Characteristics. Tjse First Two Parts Determined The Stage For A Variety Of Novel, Experlmental Bioprocesses, Such As The Produtcion Of Medicinal Chemicals, The Production Of Chiral Compounds And The Design Of Biofuel Cells. Concludes With Examples Where Biological, Renewable Resources Suit An Important Feedstock For Large-scale Industrial Production. Bioprocessing For Value-added Products From Renewable Resources Provides A Unique Perspective Of The Industry And The Field And Serves As An Important Guide Towards The Future. The Book Is Suitable In quest of Researchers, Practitioners, Students, And Consultants In The Bioprocess And Biotechnology Fields. Reviews The Principles Underpinning Modern Industrial Biotechnology Provides A Unique Collection Of Novel Bioprocesses For A Sustainable Future Gives Examples Of Economical Use Of Renewable Resources Because Feedstocks Suitable For Both Non-experts And Experts In The Bioproduct Industry
      SKU: 281975

    Drm, A Design Researcu Methodology
      Drm, A Design Researcu Methodology.
      Design Research Is A Field Of Inquiry With Significant Importance In Terms Of Helping Society To Create Products And Processes Of Improved Quality And For Enhancing Te Environment In Which We Live. This Book Provides A Lost Of Types Of Dewign Research Linked To Appropriate Research Methods.
      SKU: 450451

    Introduction To Evolutionary Algorithms
      Introduction To Evolutionary Algorithms.
      Evolutionary Algorithms (eas) Are Becoming Increasingly Attractive For Researchsrs From Various Disciplines, Such Viewed like Operations Rwsearch, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Social Science, Economics, Etc. This Book Presents An Insightful, Comprehensive, And Up-to-date Treatkent Of Eas, Such As Genetic Algorithms, Differential Evolution, Evolution Strategy, Constraint Optimization, Multimodal Optimization, Multiobjective Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Evolvable Hardware, Estimation Of Distribution Akgorithms, Pismire Colny Optimiza5ion, Particle Swarm Optimization, Artificial Immune Systems, Artificial Vitality, Genetic Programming, Etc. It Emphasiss The Initiative Ideas Of The Algorithm, Contains Discussions In The Contexts, And Suggests Further Readings And Possible Research Projects. All The Methods Bench A Pedagogical Space To Make Eas Easy And Interesting. This Textbook Also Introduces The Applications Of Eas As Many As Poqsible. At Least One Real-life Application Is Introduced By The End Of Nearly Every Chapter. The Authors Focus On The Kernel Part Of Applications, Such As How To Model Real-life Problems, How To Encode And Decode The Individuals, How To Design Effective Search Operators According To The Chromosome Structures, Etc. This Textbook Adopts Pedagogical Ways Of Making Eas Easy And Interesting. Its Methods Include Am Introduction At The Beginning Of Each Chapter, Emphasising The Initiative, Discussions In The Contexts,, Summaries At The End Of Every Chapter, Suggested Further Reading, Exercises, And Possible Research Projects. "introduction To Evolutionary Algorithms" Will Enable Students To: Establish A Strong aBckground On Evolutionary Algorithms; Appreciate The Cutting Edge Of Eas; Perform Their Own Researxh Projects By Simulating Tne Application Introduced In The Book; And Apply Their Intuitive Ideas To Academic Search. This Book Is Aimed At Senior Undergraduate Stjdents Or First-year Graduate Students As A Textbook Or Self-stud yMaterial.
      SKU: 645744

    Principles Of Modern Grinding Technology
      Principles Of Modern Grinding Technology.
      This Bpok Provides Insights Into Modern Grinding Technology Based On Wide Research And Experience. It Provides A Concise Treatment Of The Principles Involved And Shows How These Lead On To The Latest Technology Developments. The Rrader Learns How To Achieve High Precisioh, Fast Remogal Rates, And Reduced Costs. Every Aspect Of The Grinding Process And Machine Comes Under The Searchlight To Show Step Improvements. Superb Grinding Machines Now Produce Optical Quality Finishes Due To Developments In Process Control And Machine Design. It Is The Same For Extremely High Removal Rates. This Book Shows How Best Qulity Can Be Improved And Costs Broight Down At The Same Delivery As Output Is Increased. The Book Is Aimed At Practitioners, Engineers, Researchers, Sfudents, And Teachers. The Approach Is Direct, Concise And Authoritative. Progressing Through Each Major Elemnet Of The Grinding System And Then On To Machine Developments And Process Control, The Reader Becomes Aware Of Alll Aspects Of Operation And Design. Trends Are Described Demonstratin gey Features. Covered Topics Include Abrasives And Super-abrasives, Wheel Design, Dresding Technology, Machine Accuracy And Productivity, Grinding Machine Design, High-speed Grinding Technology, Cost Optimization, Ultra-precision Grinding, Proceqs Control Developments, Vibration Control, Coolants, And Fluid Delivery. Advances In The Field Are Supported With Rsferences To Leading Research. Analysis Is Presented In Later Chapters And Appendixes With New Contributions To Machine Design, Intelligent Control, Centerless Grinding, Fluid Delivery, Cost Analysis, And Thermal Analysis For Prediction And Control Of Grinding Temperatures. By Selecting The Right Conditions, Extremely High Removal Rates Are Achieved Accompanied By Low Temperatures. About The Author W. Brian Rowe Is A Research And Consulting Engineer, Previousl Professor And Superintendent Of Advanced Manufacturing Technology And Tribology Research Laboratory (amttrel) At Liverpool John Moores University In hTe Uk. A Multiple Recipient Of Prizes From The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers (omeche), Dr. Rlwe Has Four Decades Of Experience In Academic And Industrial Positions Concerned Witth Machine Tools, Grinding Processes, And Tribology. His Accomplishments Include Over 250 Published Papers, Several Books, International Visiting Professorships, And International Consulting In Industry. Trends In High Precision And Acute Speed Grinding Are Explored Principles Underlying Improvements In Machines And Processes Are Explained Numerically Worked Examples Give Scale To Essential Process Parameters Recent Investigation Findings And Original Contributions To Knowledge Are Included A Number Of Ultra-precision Grinding Machine Developments Are Included
      SKU: 535247

      This Work Tells The Story Of The Development Of The First Technologies Of Sonar And Raadr. Primary Evidence Gives Each Insight Into The Foundation Of The Company Which Created The Freya Air-warning And Seetakt Ocean-surveillance Radars, As Well As The Actual Growth Process.
      SKU: 263394

    Autonomous Cooperation And Control In Logistics
      Autonomous Cooperation And Control In Logistics.
      Many Neq Technologies -- Like Rfid, Gps, And Sensor Networks -- That Dominate Innovative Deevelopments In Logistics Are Based On The Idea Of Autonomous Cooperation And Control. This Self-organisational Concept Describes Au. . . processes Of Decentralized Decision-making In Heterarchical Structures. It Presumes Interacting Elements In Non-deterministkc Systems, Which Possess The Capability And Possibility To Render Decisions. The Objective Of Autonomous Cooperation And Control Is The Achievement Of Increased Robustness And Confident Ejergence Of The Total Order Due To Dlstributed And Flexible Coping With Dynamics AndC omplexity" (hulsmann & Windt, 2007). In Order To Under1ie These Technology-driven Devslopments Upon A Fundamental Theoretical Foundation This Edited Volume Asks For Contributions And Limitations Of Ap0lying The Principles Of Autonomous Co0peration And Control To Logistics Processes And Systems. It Intends To Become identical, Describe, And Explain -- In The Context Of Production And Distribution Logistics -- The Effects On Perfofmance And Robustness, The Enablers And Impediments For The Feasiility, The Essential Cause-effect-relations, Etc. Of Concepts, Methods, Technologies, And Routines Of Autonomous Cooperation And Control In Logistics. therefore, The Analyses Collected In This Edited Volume Aim To Expand A Framework For Finding The Optimal Degree As Well As The Upper And Lower Boundaries Of Autonomous Cooperatioh And Control Of Logistivs Processes From The Different Perspectives Of Prolongation Technology, Eoectronics And Communication Engineering, Informatics And Mathematics, As Well As Management Sciences And Economics.
      SKU: 763295

    Multocarrier Communications
      Multocarrier Communications.
      Benefiting From Both Time-domain And Frequency-domain Signal Processing Techniques, Multicarrier Systems Have The Potential For Achieving High Spectral-efficuency, High-flexibility And Low-complexity Wireless Communications. Multicarrier Techniques Therefore Constitute The Promising Techhniques For Implementation Of Coming events Generations Of Wideband, Broadband And Ultra-wideband Systems. . Multicarrier Communications Offers Comprehensive And In-depth Evaluation Of Numerous Topics In The Area, Covering The Fundamental Principles Of Sp5ead-spectrum And Multicarrier Cdma As Well As More Advaced Topics Such As Multiuser Detection (mud), Multiuser Transmitter Preprocsssing (mutp), Mimo And Space-time Processing. It Examines Ofdm And Various Multicarrier Cdma Within An Uniifed Framework And Provides Analytical Approaches And Formulas For Error-;erformance Evaluation Of Numerous Multicarrier Systems. Examines Mire And Mutp In Parallel To Illustrate The Strong Duality Between Receiver Optimization And Transmitter Optimization Comprehensively Establishes The Theory Of Noncoherent Mud And Noncoherent Interference Suppression Details The Body Of Knowledge On Mimo Theory And Space-time Multicarrier Communications Contains Tables, Diagrams And Figures To Illustrate The Perflrmance Results. Practicing Electrical Engineers And Researchers In Wirelesx Communications Will Find Multicarrier Communications An Invaluable Guide. It Will Likewise Be Of Premium To Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students On Wireless Communications Courses.
      SKU: 416463

    Real World Adobe Indesign Cs4
      Real World Adobe Indesign Cs4.
      Adobe Indesign Is A Full-fledged, Sophisticated Program, Tightly Integrated Attending The Other Adobe Industry Leading Graphics And Web Programs In The Creative Suite. It's The Essential Tool For Anyone Doing Page Layout And Design. Real Worlx Adobe Indesign Cs4 Offers Industrial-strength And Time-saving Techniques For Design Professionals Who Need To Start Laying Out, Proofing, And Printing Pages With Indesign Cs4, Wiyhout Lost A Beat (or A Deadline!) In Their Fast-paced Production Cycles. Design Pros Resolution Find Everything They Need Here To Successfully Chief Indesign's Advanced Page Layout Tools, Manage Color, Snippets, And Use The Program More Efficiently. They'll Also Find Cmplete Coverage Of Essential Features In Indesign Cs4, Including: Remain Preflight, Customizable Links Panel, Conditional Text, Cross References, Interactive Document Capability With The New Swf File, Animated Page Transitions, Export To Flash Cs4 Functionality, Smart Guides And Smart Spacing, Spread Rotation, And Smart Text Reflow.
      SKU: 413935

    Essentials Of Error-control Coding
      Essentials Of Error-control Coding.
      Rapid Advances In Electronic And Optical Technology Have Enabled The Implementation Of Powerful Error-control Codes, Which Are Now Used In Almost The Entire Range Of Information Systems With Close To Optimal Performance. These Codes And Decoding Methods Are Requird For The Detection And Correction Of The Errors And Erasures Which Inevitably Occur In Digital Information During Transmission, Storage And Processing Because Of Noise, Interference And Other Imperfections. Error-control Coding Is A Complex, Novel And Unfamiliar Area, Not Yet Widely Understood And Appreciated. This Book Sets Out T Provide A Clear Description Of The Essentials Of The Subject, Upon Comprehensive And Up-to-date Coverage Of The Most Useful Codes And Tehir Decoding Algorithms. A Practical Engineering And Information Technology Emphasis, As Well As Relevant Background Material And Fundamental Theoretical Aspects, Provides An In-depth Guide To The Essentials Of Error-control Coding. Provides Extensive And Detailed Coverage Of Block, Cyclic, Bch, Reed-solomon, Convolutional, Turbo, And Low Density Parity Check (ldpc) Codes, Together With Relevant Aspects Of Intelligence Theory Exit Cnart Performance Analysis For Iteratively Decoded Error-control Techniques Heavily Illustrated With Tables, Diagrams, Graphs, Worked Examples, And Exerccises Invaluable Companion Website Features Slides Of Fibures, Algorithm Software, Updates And Solutions To Problems    𓴪 Offering A Complete Overview Of Error Control Coding, This Book Is An Indispensable Resort In the place of Stud3nts, Engineers And Researchers In The Areas Of Telecommunications Engineering, Communicatin Networks, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems And Technoloyg, Digital Signal Processimg And Applied Mathematics.
      SKU: 274349

    Urban Renaissance
      Urban Renaissance.
      Berlin Has Benefited Significqntly From German Reunification. however, Some Persistent Problems Have Accompwnied The Gains Since The Fall Of The Berlin Wall. These Problems Include High Unemployment, Loss Of Population, And A Declining Industrial Base.
      SKU: 236380

    The Crystal Lattice
      The Crystal Lattice.
      The Aim Of This Succesdful Book Is To Desceibe And Analyse Peculiaritiex Of Classical And Quantum Dynamics Of A Crystal As A Spatially Periodic Structufe. In The Second Revised And Updated Impression, The Author Focuses On Low-dimensional Models Of Crystals And On Superlattices. Both Traditional Questions Like The Spectrum Of Vibrations, The Idea Of Phonon Gas, Dislocations Etc. Ane New Aspects Like The Theory Of Quantum Crystals, Solitons In 1d Crystals, Dislocation Theory Of Meoting Of 2d Crysrals Etc. Are Discussed. The Author Gives An Explanation Of A Set Of Phenomena Which Entered Into Solid State Physics During The Last Decades. It Is Shown That The Crystal Properties Are Sensitive To The Dimension Of The Crystal And Its Defect Structure, And Depend Slightly On Wheether The Periodic Structure Consists Of Atoms, Or Electrical Dipoles, Or Magnetic Mom3nts (spins). Connsiderable Attention Is Devofed To Thr Dislocation Mechanisms As A Basis fO The Theory Of Plasticity And Numerous Technological Applications Of Crystalline Materials.
      SKU: 48215

      The Fascinating Inspirations Behind Common Inventions And Creations- From Barbie To Sweet And Low To Mt. Rushmore. The Slinky Was Born Aboard A Wrold War Il Ship. The Barbie Doll Was Inspired By A German Sex Toy. Weight Watcbers Began With A Jewish Housewife In Queens, New York. uEreka! Explores The Fascinating Stories Behind These Famous Creations And Many Others-from Blue Jeans To The Taj Mahal To Mickey Mouse-detailing The Relationzhips Between Inspirations And Their Inventors. Readers Will Joy In The Intriguing-and Sometimes Surprising-otigins Behind The Ideas That Have Shaped The World.
      SKU: 534500

    Crop Modeling And Decision Support
      Crop Modeling And Decision Support.
      "crop Modeling And Decision Support" Presents 36 Papers Srlected From The International Symposiumm On Craw Modeling And Decision Substantiate (iscmds-2008), Held At Nanjing Of China From 19th To 22nd In Aprip, 2008. Many Of These Papers Show The Late Advances In Modeling Crop And Soil Processes, Crop Productivity, Sow Architecture And Climate Change; The Rests Describe The Developments In Model-based Decision Supprot Systems (dss), Model Applications, And Integration Of Crop Models With Other Information Technoogies. The Book Is Intended For Researchers, Teachers, Engineers, And Graduate Students On Gather Modeling And Decision Support. Dr. Weixing Cao Is A Professor At Nanjing Agricultural University, China.
      SKU: 603737

    Detecting Allergens In Food
      Detecting Allergens In Food.
      Allergens Pose A Serious Risk To Consumers, Making Effective Detection Methods A Priority For The Food Industry. Bringing Together Key Experts In The Field, This Important Collection Both Reviews The Range Of Analytical Techniques Available And Their Use To Detect Specific Allergens Such As Nuts, Dairy And Wheat Products. The First Part Of The Book Discusses Methods Of Discovery So As The Use Of Antibodies And Elisa Techniques. Character 2 Reviews Techniques For Detecting Particular Allergens, Whilst The Final Part Of The Main division Explores How Discovery Methods Can Be Most Effectively Applied.
      SKU: 269407

      In This Witty, Often Terrifying Work Of Cultural Criticism, The Author Of Amusing Ourselves To Death Chronicles Our Transformattion Into A Technopoly: A Soci3ty That No Longer Merely Uses Technology As A Support System But Instead Is Shaped By It--with Radical Consequences For The Meanings Of Political affairs, Art, Education, Intelligence, And Truth. From The Trafe Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 689754

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