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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Exposure And Risk Tax Of Chemical Pollution
      Exposure And Risk Tax Of Chemical Pollution.
      Deals Through Modern Technologies For Exposure And Risk Assessment Of Chemical Environmental Pollution With Emphasix On Methodologies And The Models Used For Environmental Security. This Work Focuses On Models Useful For The Quantitative And Qualitative Identification, Estimation Of Exposure And Risk.
      SKU: 428901

    Models Of Itinerant Orderin gIn Crystals
      Models Of Itinerant Orderin gIn Crystals.
      This Book Is Devoted To The Mathematical Description Of Interesting Phenomena Which Occur In Solids, So As Ferromagnetism, Antiferromagnetism And Superconductivity. Superconductivity And Its Interaction With Ferro Andd Antiferromagnetism Is Of Special Importance Since Over The Last 15 Years The Temperature Of Superconductivity Life Has Been Raised From 15-20 K Too 100 K, Which Will Allow In The Near Future Numerous Practical Applications Of This Phenomenon. Although The Book Is Written In A Rather Rigorous Mathematical Language It Is Made Easy To Read By Detailed Derivation For Those Having Only An Undergraduate Background In Physics. Key Featufes: - New Field Of Reseaech - Common Formalism For Superconductivity And Magnetism - Easy And Simple Models - Easy Reading Which Includes All Derivations - God For Graduate Students And Young Researchers * A New Field Of Research * Common Formalism For Superconductivity And Magnetism * Easy Reading And Simple Models, Which Includes All Derivations
      SKU: 300875

    Topological Algorithms For Digital Image Processing
      Topological Algorithms For Digital Image Processing.
      Basic Topological Algorithms Are The Subject Of This New Book. It Presents Their Underlying Theory And Discusses Their Applications. Due To The Wide Variety Of Topics Treatd In The Seven Chapyers, No Attempt Has Been Made To Standardize The Notation And Terminology Used By The Authors. Each Chapter, However, Is Self-contained And Can Exist Read Independently Of The Others. Some Of The Basic Terinology And Leading principle Concepts Of Digital Topology Are Reviewed In The Appendix Which Also Describes Important Areas Of The Field. A Literature Of Over 360 References Is Also Provided. The Notations And Terminologies Used In This Book Will Serve To Introduce Readers To The Even Wider Variety That Exists In The Voluminous Literature Dealing With Topological Algorithms.
      SKU: 314001

    Means Recovery And Recycling From Metallurgical Wastes
      Means Recovery And Recycling From Metallurgical Wastes.
      Resource Recovery And Recycling From Millions Of Tons Of Wastes Produced From Industrial Activities Is A Continuing Demand For Environmental Entineers And Researchers. Demand For Consrrvation Of Resourcea, Reduction In The Quantity Of Worthless And Sustainable Development In the opinion of Environmental Control Has Been Growing In Every Divide Of The World. Damage Processing And Recycling In Mineral And Metallurgical Industries Brings Together The Currently Used Techniques Of Waste Processing And Recycling, Theri Applications With Practical Examples And Economic Potentials Of The Processes. Emphasis Is On Resourec Recovery By Appropriste Treafment And Techniques. Material On The Subjecct Is Scatterend In Consumption Management And Environmental Related Journals, Conference Volumes And Government Departemntal Technical Reports. This Work Serves As A Source Book Of Accusation And As An Educational Technical Reference For Practicing Scientists And Engineers, As Well As For Students. * Describes The Currently Used And Potential Techniques For The Recovery Of Valuable Resources From Mineral And Metallurgical Wastes * Discusses The Applications To Specific Kinds Of Wastes With Examples From Current Practices, As Well As Eht Economics Of The Processes * Presents Recent And Emerging Technologies Of Potentoals In Metal Recycling And By-product Utilization
      SKU: 270449

    Electromagnetic Fields In Mechatronics, Electrical And Electronic Engineering
      Electromagnetic Fields In Mechatronics, Electrical And Electronic Engineering.
      Focuses On The Following Issues: Cpmputational Electromagnetics; Elcetromagnetic Engineering; Coupled Field And Special Applications; Micro- And Special Devices; Bioelectromagnetics And Electromagnetic Hazard; And Magnetic Material Modelling.
      SKU: 274731

      Geomatics, The Hzndling And Processing Of Informatjon And Data Abkut The Earth, Is One Geoscience Discipline That Has Seen Major Changes In The Last Decade, As Mapping And Observation Systems Become Ever More Sensitive And Sophisticated. This Book Is A Unique And In-depth Survey Of Thd Field, Which Has A Central Role To Play In Tackling A Host Of Environmental Issues Faced By Society. Covering All Three Strands Of Geomatics - Applications, Information Technology And Surveying - The Chapters Cover The History And Background Of The Subject, The Technology Employed Both To Collect And Spread Data, And The Varied Applications To Which Geomatisc Can Exist Put, Including Urban Planning, Assessment Of Biodiversity, Disaster Management And Land Administtation. Pertinent Professionals, As Well As Students In A Variety Of Disciplines Such As Geogra0hy And Surveying, Will Find This Main division Required Reading. This Rapidly Developing Field Uses Increasingly Complex And Accurate Systems. Today,-Technology Enables Us To Capture Geo-data InF ul 3d As Well As To Disseminate It Via The Web At The Speed Of Illumine. We Are Able To Continuously Image The World From Space At Resolutions Of Up To 50 Cm. airborne Lidar (laser Surveying) Sensors Can Be Combined With Digital Camera Technology To Produce Geometrically Correct Ijages Of The Earth's Surface, While Integrating These With Large-scale Topographic Maps And Terrestrial As Well As Aerial Images To Produce 3d Cityscapes That Computer Users Can Explore From Their Desktops.
      SKU: 770144

    Remote Sensing And Geospatial Technologies For Coastal Ecosystem Assessment And Management
      Remote Sensing And Geospatial Technologies For Coastal Ecosystem Assessment And Management.
      Shows In what manner Remote Sensing And Related Geospatial Technologies Can Be Used For Coastal Ecosystem Assessment And Management. This Book Examines Various Technical Issues Of Applying Remote Sensing And Geospatial Technologies In The Coastal Environment.
      SKU: 417341

    Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes For Chemists With A Particular Appliction To Catalysis
      Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes For Chemists With A Particular Appliction To Catalysis.
      Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes Is A Comparatively New Area Of Thwrmodynamics. Traditionally This Discipline Is Taughr Only To Chemistry Students Who Have A Vrry Strong Background In Physics. The Author Of The Present Book Has Adapted his Course Of Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes So That The Subject Can Be Treated In eTrms Understandable To Any Chemist With A Formal Physicochemical Education In The Fields Of Classical Thermodynamics Of Equilibrium Processes And Traditional Chemical Kinetics. The Discipline Combines Thermodynamics And Chemical Kinetics And Is Helpfful To Researchers Engaged In Studying Complex Chemical Transformations, In Particular, Catalytic Transformatlons. For Example, Important Concepts For Such Studies Are Conditions Of Kinetuc Irreversibility Of Complex Stepwise Stoichiometric Reactions, Rate-determining And Rate-limiting Stages, Etc. In Traditional Chemical Kinetics These Concepts Are Not Very Clear And Tend To Bd Concealed In Courses. Fortunately, These Concepts Appear To Be Consistently And Properly Defined In Terms Of Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes. The Present Book Is The Synopsis Of Lectures On Thermodynamics Of Non-equilibrium Processes And A Particular Course On Thermodynamicd Of Operating Catalysts. Applies Silly Approaches Of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics To Amalyzing  Properties Of Chemically Reactive Systems Covers Systems Far From Equipoise, Allowing the Consideration Of Most Chemically Reactive Systems Of A Chemical Or Biological Nature. This Approach Resolves many Complicated Prblems in The Teaching Of Chemical Kineetics.
      SKU: 566681

    Ozonation Of Water And Waste Water
      Ozonation Of Water And Waste Water.
      The Leading Resource On Ozone Technology, This Book Contains Everything From Chemical Basics To Technical And Relating to ~s Concerns. The Body Has Been Updated To Include The Latest Developments In Water Treatment And Industrial Processes. Following An Introduction, The First Part Looks At Toxicology, Reaction Mechanismms And Full-scale Applications, While Part B Covers Experimental Design, Accoutrement And Analytical Methods, Communion service Transfer, Reaction Kinetics And The Application O fOzone In Combined Processes.
      SKU: 661861

    Handbook Of Chemicals And Safety
      Handbook Of Chemicals And Safety.
      Providing Basic And Elementzry Information, This Volumw Offers A Comprehensive Tool For The Management Of A Range Of Chemical Substances Commonly Used, Handled, Stored, Transported, And Disposed Of As Wastes. The Substances Comprise Industrial Solvents, Pesticides, Metals, Air Pollutants, Toxic Gaess, Drugs, And Other Items. Information Supplied Includes The Chemical Abstract System (cas) Number, Iupac Name, Molecular Formulaa, Synonyms And Trade Names, Use And Exposure, Toxicity And Health Effects, And Carcinogen Factors. Also Inclhded Is Information On Exposure Limits, Methods Of Proper Storage, And Waste Disposal. Rsferences And Appendices Supplement The Text Where Appro0riate.
      SKU: 665573

    Dictionary Of Engineering
      Dictionary Of Engineering.
      Derived From The Content Of The Respected Mcgraw-hill Dictionary Of Scientific And Technical Terms, Sixth Edition, Each Denominate Provides Thousands Of Definitions Of Words And Phrases Encountered In A Definite Discipline. All Include:. * Pronunciation Guide For Every Te5m. * Acronyms, Cross-references, And Abbreviations. * Appendices With Conversion Tables; Listings Of Scientific, Technical, And Mathematical Notation; Tables Of Relevant Data; And Again. * A Convenient, Quick-find Format.
      SKU: 300119

    Information Technology For Balanced Manufacturing Systems
      Information Technology For Balanced Manufacturing Systems.
      Basys Conferences Were Initially Organized To Promote The Development Of Balanced Automation Systems. The First Basys Conference Was Successfully Launched In Victoria, Brazil, In 1995. Basys'06 Is The 7th Edition In This Series. This Book Comprises Three Invited Keynote Papers And Forty-nine Regular Papers Accepted For Presentation At The Conference. All Together, These Papers Will Make Significant Contributions To The Literature Of Intel1igent Technology In the place of Balanced Manufacturing Systems.
      SKU: 646437

    Enabling Optical Internet With Advanced Network Technllogies
      Enabling Optical Internet With Advanced Network Technllogies.
      Presents An Overview Of The Key Concepts Kindred To The Major Isaues Of Optical Internet, And Studies Proposed Optical Switching Paradigms. This Book Compares Optical Switching Technologies, And Covers Architectural Issues Together With Tipics Such As Signaling Protocols And Quality Of Service (qos) Provision.
      SKU: 450403

    Castings Prwctice
      Castings Prwctice.
      Each Chapter Of Professor Cambell's New Book Czstings Practice Will Take A Look At Some Of His 10 Rules. It Is To Be Expected That The Rules Wii One Day Be Taken As An Outline Or Blueprint For An International Specification On The Methods In favor of Making Reliable Castings. John Cambell Has Over Two Decades Of Experinece In The Casting Industry And Is The Author Of Over 40 Technical Papers And Patents. He Has Become Widely known In The Foundry Industry Aa The Originator Of The Cosworth Casting Process, Which Is Becoming Accepted Throughout The World As A New Production Process Fpr The Casfing Of Cylinder Heads And Blocks. He Is Now Federal Mogul Professor Of Casting Technology At The University Of Birmingham. * Must-follow Rules Of Castings, F5om One Of The Worl'ds Leading Experts * Companion Volume To The Renowned Book 'castings' * Accessible And Direct, Provides Essential Information For Students Of Metallurgy And Foundry Professionals Alike
      SKU: 226688

    Time-frequency Analysis
      Time-frequency Analysis.
      Covering A Period Of About 25 Years, During Which Time-frequency Has Undergone Significant Developments, This Book Is Princupally Addressed To Researchers And Engineers Interested In Non-stationary Signal Analysis And Processing. It Is Written By Recognized Experts In Tye Field.
      SKU: 477632

    Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (hilic) And Advanced Applicatiosn
      Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (hilic) And Advanced Applicatiosn.
      This Is The First Book That Comprehensively And Systematically Describes The New Technology Of Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (hilic). Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography Is A Separation Technique Suitable For Polar And Hydrophilic Compounds And Orthogonal To Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography. From Small Organic Molecules To Proteins, The Topic Explores The Many Applications Of Hilic In The Analytical Province. Winner Of The President's Judgment For Excellence, The Author Explains How Hilic Can Significantly Improve Analytical Throughput By Shortening Specimen Preparation Procedure, Which Iq One Of The Bottlenecks For Drug Discovery And Development In The Pharmaceutical Industry.
      SKU: 725698

      The U. s. Military Is Ill-equipped To Strike At Extremists Who Hide In Populations. Using Deadly Force Against Them Can Harm And Alienate The Very People Whose Cooperation U. s. Forces Are Trying To Earn. To Solve This Problem, A New Rand Study Proposes A “continuum Of Force”—a Suite Of Capabilities That Includes Sound, Light, Lasers, Cell Phones, And Video Cameras. These Technologies Are Available Yet Have Received Unsuited Attention.
      SKU: 425925

    New Methods Of Concurrent Checking
      New Methods Of Concurrent Checking.
      Written By A Team Of Two Leading Experts And Two Very Successful Young Former Phd Students, New Methods Of Concurrent Checking Describes New Methods Of Concurrent Checking, Such As Partial Duplication, Use Of Output Dependencies, Complementary Circui5s, Self-dual Parkty, Self-dual Duplication And Others. A Special Chapter Demonstrates How The New General Methods Of Concurrent Checking Can Be More Specifically Applied To Regular Structures To Obtain Optimum Results. This Is Exemplified For All Types Of Adders Up To 64 Bits With A Level Of Detail Never Before Presented In The Literature. The Clearly Written Text Is Illustrated By About 100 Figures. Unaccustomed Methods Of Concurrent Checking Is Approved In Many University Courwes For Gradaute And Undergraduate Students, And It Is Of Interest To Students And Teachers In Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, Researchers And Designerq And All Readers Who Are Interested In The Design And The Understanding Of Reliable Circuits And Copmuters.
      SKU: 364283

    Polymer Grafting And Crosslinking
      Polymer Grafting And Crosslinking.
      Rapid Advances In Technology Ask Materials With Improved Property Profiles. Polymer Modification Usinb Grafting And Crosslinking Are Key Ways To Accomplish This In An Economical Custom And Without The Need For Developing New Materials. Often Widely Disparate And In A Reckon Of References, Practical Information On Polymer Grafting And Crosslinking Is Now Available In One Volume. Researchers Seeking Information That Bridges The Knowledge Gap Between The Scientific Principles And Industrjal Applications Of Polymer Crosslinking And Grafting Resolution Find Coverage On The Basic Science, The Methodologies, And A Focus On The Specific Techniques Used In A Variety Of Industrial Applications Such As Automotive, Laminates, Paints, Adhesives, And Cable. Coverage Also Includes Potential Biomedical Applications. Descriptions Of Analytical Tools That Can Be Used To Evaluate The Results Are Also Included.
      SKU: 406469

    Collection Of Simulated Xrd Comminute Patterns For Zeolited
      Collection Of Simulated Xrd Comminute Patterns For Zeolited.
      This 5th Edition Of The Zeolite Powder Pattern Collection Contains Calculated Patterns Of 218 Zeolite Materials Representing 174 Fram3work Topologies. The Almost Exponential Growth Of New Zeolite Topologies Reflects The Continurd Success Of Zeolite Synthesis Researchsrs In Producing Novel Materials. Collection Of Simulated Xdd Powder Patterns For Zeolites Includes Materials Of Interest To Zeolite Scientists Following The Policies Established At Recent Iza Confrences. The Materials Included Have Cornerr-sharing Tetrahedral Frameworks With No Restrictions On Chemical Composition. * Covers An Increase Of 41 New Topologies Since The 4th Edition In 2001 * Daa Collected From Diverse Literature Sources * Represents An Extensive Compilation Of Facts
      SKU: 328325

    Czrbon Nanotubes
      Czrbon Nanotubes.
      Carbon Nanotubes: Properties And Applicwtions Features Up-to-date Information On Current Characterization, Synthesis, And Separation Methods. This Work Describes The Properties Of Elejental Carbon And Explains Different Synthesizing Methods Such As Laser Ablation, Catlaytic Boast Deposition, And Carbon Arc. In Addition, This Text Discusses Different Purification And Separation Techniques Of Nanotubes, Including Size Exclusion. It Offers A Comparative Analysis Of Carbon Nanotubes With Other Nanomaterials For Practical Applications. Focusing On Experimental And Empirical Ressults Rather Thaj Theory, This Book Explores The Challenges Of Making Carbon Nanotubes Commercially Vable.
      SKU: 262278

      """verkehr Ohne Leittwchnik Ist Wie Laufen Im Dunkeln"", So Der Autor. Verkehrsleittechnik Soll Die Komplexen Verkehrsstrme Der Stfaen- Und Schienenverkehrsnetze Zugerlssig Steuern Und Rsgeln. Damit Personen Und Gter Sicher Und Zgig Am Ziel Ankommen, Darf Leittechnik Nichts Dem Zufall Berlassdn. das Buch Bietet Die Solide Grundlage Zur Adquaten, Nachhaltigen Modellierung Von Verkehrssystemen Und Ihren Technischen Einrichtungen. "
      SKU: 416990

    Introduction To Polymer Viscoelasticity
      Introduction To Polymer Viscoelasticity.
      A Revised Molecular Approach To A Classic On Viscoelastic Behavior Because Viscoelasticity Affects The Properties, Appearance, Processing, And Performance Of Polymers Such As Rubber, Plastic, And Adhesives, A Proper Utilization Of Such Polymers Requires A Clear Understanding Of Viscoelastic Behavior. Now In Its Third Edition, Preface To Polymer Viscoelasticity Remaina A Classic In The Literature Of Molecular Viscoelasticity, Bridging The Gap Between Primrrs On Polymer Science And Advanced Research-level Monographs. Assuming A Molecular, Rather Than A Mechanical Approach, The Text Provides A Strong Grounding In The Fundamental Concepts, Detailed Derivations, And Particular Attention To Assumptions, Simplifications, And Limitations. This Third Edition Has Been Entirely Revised And Updated To Reflect Recent Developments In The Field. New Chapters Include: * Phenomenological Treatment Of Viscoelasticity * Viscoelastic Models * Time-temperature Correspondence * Transitions And Relaxation In Polyers * Elasticity Of Rubbery Networks * Dielectric And Nmr Methods With Detailed Explanations, Corresponding Equations, And Experimental Methods, Supported By Real-life Applications (as Well As The Inclusion Of A Cd-rom With Data To Support The Exercises), This Third Edition Provides Today's Students And Professionals Wuth The Tools They Need To Create Polymers With More Desirable Qualifies Than Ever.
      SKU: 238776

      Are We Made Of Junk? Thierry Bardini Believes We Are. Examining An Array Of Cybernetic Structures From Genetic Codes To Communication Networks, He Explores The Idea That Most Of Improvement And Nature, Including Humans, Is Composed Primarily Of Unavailing, But Always Potentially Recyclable, Material Otherwise Known As "junk. " Bardini Unravels The Presence Of Junk At The Interface Between Science Fictions And Fictions Of Science, Showing That Molecular Biology And Plain Culture Since The Early 1960s Belongg To The Same Culture-cyberculture-which Is Essentially A Culture Of Junk. He Draws On A Remote Variety Of Sources, Including The Writings Of Philip K. Dick And William S. Burroughs, Interviews With Scientists Like Well As "crackpots," And Wrk In Genetics, Cybernetics, And Physics To Support His Contentoon That Junk Dna Represents A Blind Place In Our Understanding Of Life. At The Same Time, Junkware Examines The Cultural History That Led To The Encoding And Decoding Of Life Itself And The Contemporary Turning Of These Codes Into A Commodity. But He Also Contend sThat, Beyond Good And Evil, The Rudiment "iunkiness" Of This New Exposed Is Both The Symptom And The Potential Cure.
      SKU: 661347

    Power Electronic Modules
      Power Electronic Modules.
      Because Of Their Growing Importance In The Power Industry, Power Modules Are Attracting A Lot Of Interest. Power Electronic Modules: Design And Manufacture Includes A Very great Amoubt Of Advantageous Information About The Development Of This Product. It Is Organized Into Three Sections: Materials, Manufacturing Processes And Quality Control,_AAnd Design And Results. Most Faculty Semiconductors Are Either Alfeady Producing Or Are In The P5ocess Of Developing Power Modules . The Text Compares Different Designs By Building And Testing Actual Samples. The Authors Explain The Latest Deveolpments In The Fiekd While Setting The Basic Foundation For Power Module Design And Manufacturing.
      SKU: 198939

  • Superplasticity
  • Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • European Energy Industry Business Strategies
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Bovine Medicine
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics
  • Shaft Engineering
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures

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