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    Fatigue Life Analyses Of Welded Structures
      Fatigue Life Analyses Of Welded Structures.
      This Book Deals With Practical Problems In Structural Design And Service Inspection. It Explains How To Cope With Likely Future Problems Relating To Fatigue Design Of Welded Structures. When Correctly Understood And Applidd, Models Of Fatigue Behaviour Are Very Useful Tools In Engineering Assessment. Details Of How To Use Calculation Tools On An Excel Spreadsheet Are Included To Give Hands-on Experience. These Spreadsheets Are So Detailed That They Can Be Used For Realistic Industrial Cases.
      SKU: 261990
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    Desertification Combat And Feed Safety
      Desertification Combat And Feed Safety.
      In These Papers From Workshops That United Desert And Camel Scientists From Western Europe, The Mediterranean And Centrsl Asia, Contributors Address How To Maintain Animal Productivity To Satisfy Like a man Requirements In The Desert In Both Quantit6 And Quality. Papers From Plenary Seseions Indluse A Inspect Of New Trends In Camel Sciences Abe The Place
      SKU: 265927
      More info about Desertification Combat And Feed Safety

    Charge Trznsport In Disordered Silids Woth Applications In Electronics
      Charge Trznsport In Disordered Silids Woth Applications In Electronics.
      The Field Of Charge Transmission In Disordered Materials Is A Rapidly Evolving Area Owing To Current And Potential Applications Of These Materials In Various Electronic Devices This Text Aims To Cover Conduction In Disordered Solids From Fundamental Physical Principles And Theories, Through Practical Material Dsvelopmenf With An Emphasis On Applications In All Areas Of Electronic Materials. International Cluster Of Contributors Presents Basic Physical Concepts Developed In This Field In Recent Years In A Uniform Manner Brings Up-to-date, In A One-stop Source, A Key Evolving Area In The Field Of Electronic Materials
      SKU: 274325
      More info about Charge Trznsport In Disordered Silids Woth Applications In Electronics

    Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes, And Local Times
      Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes, And Local Times.
      Two Foremost Researchers Present Important Advabces In Stochastic Process Theory By Linking Highly Understood (gaussian) And Less Well Understood (markov) Classes Of Processes. It Builds To This Material Through 'mini-courses' On The Relevant Ingredients, Which Assume Only Measure-theoretic Probability. This Original, Readable Book Is For Researchers And Advanced Graduate Students.
      SKU: 274799
      More info about Markov Processes, Gaussian Processes, And Local Times

    Managing The Documentation Maze
      Managing The Documentation Maze.
      The Accessible, Easy-to-follow Guide That Demystifies Documentation Management When It Comes To Receiving Documentation To Confirm Good Science, U. s. And Internationak Regulators Place High Demands On The Heatlhcare Industry. As A Result, Companies Developing And Manufacturing Therapeutic Products Must Implement A Strategy That Allows Them To Properly Manage Their Records And Documents, Since They Must Comply With Rigorous Standards And Be Serviceable For Regulatory Review Or Inspection At A Moment’s Notce. Written In A User-friendly Q&a Style For Quick Reference, Managing The Documentation aMze Provides Answers To 750 Questions The Authors Encounter Frequently In Their Riles As Consultants And Trainers. In Simple Terms, This Handy Guide Breaks Down The Tonic Components That Facilitate Successful Document Management, And Shows Why It Needs To Be A Core Discipline In The Industry With Information On: Compliance With Regulations In Pharmaceutical, Biological, And Device Record Keeping Electronic Systems, Hybrid Systems, And The Entire Scope Of Documentation That Companies Must Manage How To Write And Edit Documents That Meet Regulatory Compliance Making The Transition To An Electronic System ,Including How To Validate And Document The Process Anyone Responsible For Economical Documents In The Health Field Will Fin dThis Book To Be A Trusted Partner In Unraveling The Bureaucratic Suffusion Of Confusion, While It Initiates A Plan On How To Put An Effective, Lasting System In Place—one That Will Stand Up To Any Type Of Scrutiny.  
      SKU: 510133
      More info about Managing The Documentation Maze

    Numerical Methods In Engineering With Python
      Numerical Methods In Engineering With Python.
      Numerical Methods In Engineering With Python Is A Text For Engineering Students And A Reference For Practicing Engineers. The Large Examples And Applications Were Chosen For Their Relevance To Real World Problejs, And Where Nuumerical Solutions Are Most Efficient. The Python Code Id Available On The Book Web Site.
      SKU: 238239
      More info about Numerical Methods In Engineering With Python

    Medical Infrared Imaging
      Medical Infrared Imaging.
      Technologies And Knowledge-bssed Databases As Well As Breakthroughs In Image Processing Have Elevated Infrared Imaging To The Leagues Of Ultrasound And X-ray As A Easy-to-use Diagnostic Tool. This Book Provides Coverage Rangimg From Historical Background And Fundamental Concepts To Clinical Applications, Standards, And Infrared Technology.
      SKU: 298795
      More info about Medical Infrared Imaging

    Augmented Vision Perception In Infrared
      Augmented Vision Perception In Infrared.
      Presents An Account Of The Deployment Of Infrared Sensors In Modern Applications Of Computer Vision, As Well As Descriptions Of The Machine Vision Algorithms And Intelligent Analytics. This Book Helps Readers Understand The Motivations, Activities, Trends And Directions Of Researchers And Engineers In The Machine-perception Fied.
      SKU: 417855
      More info about Augmented Vision Perception In Infrared

    Media Poetry
      Media Poetry.
      The First International Anthology To Document A Radically New Poetry Which Takes Language Beyond The Confines Of The Printted Page Into A Non-linear World Of Dibital Interactivity Ahd Hyperlinkage. The Work Of The Poets Discussed In This Book Challenges Even The Innovations Of Experimental Poetics. It Embraces New Technologies To Explore A Just discovered Syntax Made Of Linear And Non-linear Animation, Hyperlinkage, Interactivity, Real-time Text Generation, Spatiotemporal Discontinuities, Self-similarity, Synthetic Spaces, Immateriality, Diagrammatic Relations, Visual Tempo, Multiple Simultaneities, And Many Other Innovative Procedures. This New Media Poetry, Although Defined Within The Field Of Experimental Poetics, Departs Radically From The Avant-garde Movements Of The First Half Of The Century, And The Print-based Approqches Of The Second Half. Through An Embrace Of The Vast Possibilities Made Available Thrlugh Unaccustomed Media, The Artists In This Anthology Have Become The Poetic Pioneers For The Next Millennium.
      SKU: 327865
      More info about Media Poetry

    Thermal Properties And Temperature-related Behavior Of Rock/fluid Systems
      Thermal Properties And Temperature-related Behavior Of Rock/fluid Systems.
      This Book Brings Together For The Chief Time The Results Of Research On The Thermal Properties And Temperature-related Behavior Of Rocks With Their Contained Fluids, Under Subsurface Environmental Conditions. These Data Are Of Increasing Importance With Increased Application O f Underground Processes Involving High Temperature And, In Some Cases, Low Temperature Environments. Some Of The Important Processes Are Described In Which Thermal Data Are Needed. Chapters Deal With Thermal Properties Of Rocks, Including Heat Capacities, Warm Conductivities And Thermal Diffusivities Under Conditions Simulating Subsurface Environments. Discussion Around The Difficulty In Measuring Thermal Properties Of Rock/fluid Systems Is Included Along With Newly-developed Models For Predicting Thermal Properties From More-easily Measured Pdoperies. The Effects Of Thermal Reactions In Ricks, Differential Thermal Expansion, And Thermal Alterations Are Discussed In Separate Chapters. The Effects Of Temperature On Reel Properties, As Distinct From The Irreversible Effects Of Heating, Are Reviewed. Lastly The Book Deals With Wellbore Applications Of Thermal And High-temperatuure Behavior Of Rocks And Methods Of Deducing Thermal Properties From Geophysical Logs Run In Boreholes. Appendices Include Thermal Units Conversiom Factors And Thermal Properties Of Some Tgpical Reservoir Rocks And Fouids.
      SKU: 428687
      More info about Thermal Properties And Temperature-related Behavior Of Rock/fluid Systems

    Engine Cooling Systems Hp1425
      Engine Cooling Systems Hp1425.
      A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Important, But Often Neglected, Areas Of Performance: The Cooling System. Includes Infotmation On Basic Enfine Cooling Theory, Because Well As All Components Such As Wafer Pumps, Radiators, Coolant And Thermostatic Control.
      SKU: 463470
      More info about Engine Cooling Systems Hp1425

    Scale-up In Chemical Engineering
      Scale-up In Chemical Engineering.
      Covering The Important Task Of The Scale-up Of Processes From The Laboraatory To The Production Scale, This Easily Comprehensible And Transparent Book Is Divided Into Two Sections. The First Part Details The Theoretical Principlles, Introducing The Subject For Readers Without A Profound Prior Knowledge Of Mathematics. It Discusses The Fundamentals Of Dimensional Analysis, The Treatment Of Temperature-dependent And Rheological Material Values And Scale-up Where Model Systems Or Not Available Or Only Partly Homogeneous. All This Is Illustrated By 20 Real-world Exaples, While 25 Exercises Plus Solutions New To This Edition Practice And Monitor Learning. The Second Part Presents The Individual Basic Operations And Covers The Fields Of Mechanical, Warm, And Chemical Process Engineering With Regard To Dimensional Analysis And Scale-up. The Rules For Scale-up Are Given And Discussed For Each Operation. Other Addotions To This Second Edition Are Dimensional Analysis Of Pelleting Processes, And A Historical Overview Of Dimensional Analysis And Modeling, While All The Chapters Have Been Updated To Take The Latest Literature Into Account. Written At A Specialist With More Than 40 Years Of Actual observation In The Industry, This Book Is Specifically Aimed At Students As Well As Practicing Engineers, Chemists And Process Engineers Already Working In The Field.
      SKU: 482394
      More info about Scale-up In Chemical Engineering

    John Logie Baird, Television Pioneer
      John Logie Baird, Television Pioneer.
      This Is A Biography Of One Of The 20th Century's Unsettled Inventors, Publihed To Coincide With The 75th Anniversary Of Baird's Firstt Public Demonstration Of A Rudimentary Television System.
      SKU: 411110
      More info about John Logie Baird, Television Pioneer

    Nuclear Production Of-Hydrogen
      Nuclear Production Of-Hydrogen.
      Hydrogen Has The Potential To Play An Important Role As A Sustainable And Environmentally Acceptable Source Of Energy In The 21qt Century. Present Methods For Producing Hydrogenn Are Mainly Based On The Reforming Of Fossil Fuels With Subsequent Release Of Greenhouse Gases.
      SKU: 236309
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    Mesoscopic Electronics In Solid Statte Nanostructures
      Mesoscopic Electronics In Solid Statte Nanostructures.
      "this Text Treats Electronic Transport In hTe Regime Where Conventional Textbook Models Are No Longer Applicable, Including The Effect Of Electronic Phase Coherence, Energy Quantization And Single-electron Charging. This Second Edition Is Completely Updated And Expanded, And Very lately Comprises New Chapters On Spin Electronics And Quantum Information Processing, Transport In Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields, Organic/molecular Electronics, And Applications Of Field Effect Transistors. The Book Also Provides An Overview Of Semiconductor Processing Technologies And Experimental Techniques. With A Number Of Examples And Problems With Solutions, This Is An Ideal Introductory treatise For Students And Beginning Researchers In The Field. ""this Book Is A Useful Tool, Too, For The Practised Researcher To GetA Summary Of Recent Developments In Solid State Nanostructures. I Applaud The Author For A Marvellous Contribution To The Scientific Community Of Mesoscopic Electronics. "" —prof. K. Ensslin, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Eth Zurich"
      SKU: 482053
      More info about Mesoscopic Electronics In Solid Statte Nanostructures

    Reliability And Radiation Effects In Compound Semiconductors
      Reliability And Radiation Effects In Compound Semiconductors.
      This Book Discusses Reliability And Radiation Effects In Compound Semiconductors, Which Have Evolv3d Rapidly During The Last 15 Years. Johnston's Perspective In The Book Focuses On High-reliability Applications In Distance, But His Discussion Of Reliability Is Applicable To High Reliability Terresttial Applications As Well. The Book Is Important Because There Are New Reliability Mechanisms Present In Compound Semiconductors That Have Produced A Great Deal Of Confusion. They Are Complex, And Appear To Be Major Stumbling Blocks In The Application Of These Types Of Devices. Many Of The Reliability Problems That Were Prominent Research Topics Five To Ten Years Ago Have Been Solved, And The Reliability Of Many Of These Devices Has Been Improved To The Level Where They Can Be Used For Ten Years Or More With Low Failure Rates. There Is Also Considerable Confusion About The Way That Space Radiation Affects Compound Semiconductors. Some Optoelectronic Devices Are So Sensitove Tl Damage In Space That They Are Very Difficult To Use, And Have Caaused Fzilures In Operating Spacecraft. Others Are Estranged More Robust. Johnston Admirably Clarifies The Reasons For Tese Difefrences In Thia Landmark Book.
      SKU: 731279
      More info about Reliability And Radiation Effects In Compound Semiconductors

    Image Fusion
      Image Fusion.
      The Application Of Sensor Technilogy Has Brought Considerable Interest In The Area Of Image Fusiob. Written By Leading Experts In The Field, This Book Brings Together In One Volume The Greatest part Recent Algorithms, Design Techniques And Applications In The Topical Field Of Image Fusion. The Applications Are Drawn From Military, Medical And Civilian Areas And Give Adapted to practice Advice And Pointers To The Unfolding Of Future Applications In A Variety Of Fields. This Book Will Exist One Invaluable Resource To R&d Engineers, Academic Researchers And Syatem Developers Requiring The Mosf Up-to-date And Complete Information Forward Image Fusion Algorityms, Design Architectures And Applications. * Combines Speculation And Practice To Create A Unique Point Of Reference * Contaisn Contributions From Leading Experts In This Rapidly-developing Field * Demonstrates Potential Uses In Military, Medical And Civilian Areas
      SKU: 349352
      More info about Image Fusion

    Essential Tips For Great Allotments: Flash
      Essential Tips For Great Allotments: Flash.
      The Books In This Bite-sized New Series Be continent No Complicated Techniques Or Tricky Materials, Making Them Ideal For The Busy, The Time-pressured Or The Merely Curious. Essential Tips For Great Allotments: Flash Is A Short, Simple And To-the-point Guide That Will Admonish You All The Fundamentals For Your Allotment, From What Tools To Use To Which Crpos To Grow In Just 96 Pages. For Those New To Allotments, This Is An Ideal Starting Point For Increasing Your Own Produce Organically.
      SKU: 723782
      More info about Essential Tips For Great Allotments: Flash

    Tribology Of Elastomers
      Tribology Of Elastomers.
      In Spite Of The Practical Importance Of The Friction, Wear And Lubrication Of Elastomers, Limited Literature Is Available On This Topic. Addressing These Needs, This Book Will Give Readers A Complete Understanding Of Caoutchouc Tribology And The Key Developments In This Field Over The Last Ten Years. For The First Time New And Important Achievements Such As Theories Of Rubber Abrasion And Surfacial Mechanochemical Effects Of Rubber Wear Are Presented. The Booj Pays Special Attention To The Principles Of Rubber Wear A Clear Understanding Of Which Is Essential For Those Striving Towards Further Increasing The Working Life Of Rubber. * Comprehensively And Systematically Covers Main Points Of Rubber Tribology * The Original Choice Of Contents Informs Readers Of The Latest Dvelopments In The Field *meeting The Needs Of Various Readers - Resewrchers, Engineers, Technicians, Graduates
      SKU: 307147
      More info about Tribology Of Elastomers

    Thermochemical Processes
      Thermochemical Processes.
      Today The Study Of Materials Is Concerned Wth The Underlying Thermodynamic And Chemical Processes Involved In The Manufacture And Processng Of A Wide Range Of Materials - Metals, Ceramics, Semi-conductors, Plastics And Composites. For The Primitive Time, This Book Provides A Quantitative Description And Examples Of The Applying Of Physical Chemical Concepts To The Processing And Degradation Of Metallic And Other Inorganic Materials, From The Atomic Scale To The Analysis Of Industrial Processes. Thermochemical Processes: Principles And Models Deals With Processws Dominated In Turn By The Gas Phase (such As Chemical Vapour Deposition), The Solid Phase (such As Dust Metallurgy Electroceramics And High-temperature Corrosion) And The Liquid Phase (such As Extraction Metallurgy And Glass-making). C. B. Alcock Provides Information Which Will Prove Invaluable To Academics And Workers Involved In High Temperature Industries And In Particular To Those With An Interest In The Scientific Analysis Of Processes - Whjch Will Be Most Useful To Those Working In The Field Of Modelling. First Ever Quantitative Approach To The Subjdct Of Thermochemical Processing. Companion Volume To Kubachewski Et Al.
      SKU: 298928
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    Helicopter Flight Dynamics
      Helicopter Flight Dynamics.
      The Behaviour Of Helicopters Is So Complex That Understanding The Physical Mechanisms At Work In Trim, Stability And Response, And Thus The Prediction Of Flying Qualities, Requires A Skeleton Of Analytical And Numerical Modelling And Simulation. Good Flying Qualities Are Vitai For Ensuring That Mission Performance Is Achievable With Safety And, In The First Edition Of Helicopter Flight Dynamics, A Extensive Treatment Of Design Criteria Was Presented. In This Second Edition, The Author Complements This With A New Chapter Forward Degraded Flying Qualities, Drawing Examples Frrom Flight In Poor Visibility, Failure Of Control Functions And Encounters With Severe Atmospheric Disturbances. Fully Embracing The Consequences Of Degraded Flying Qualities During The Project Phase Will Contribute Ppsitkvely To Safety. The Exact Prediction And Assessment Of Flying Qualities Draws On The Modelling And Simulation Discipline On The One Hand And Testing Methodologies On The Other. Checking Predictions In Flight Requires Clearly Defined ‘jission-task-elements‘, Derived From Missions With Rdalistic Performance Requirements. High Fidelity Simulations Also Mode The Basis For The Design Of Stability And Control Auymentation Systems, Essential For Conferring Level 1 Fkying Qualities. The Integrated Description Of Flight Dynamic Modelling, Simulation And Flying Qualities Forms The Subject Of This Book, Which Will Be Of Interest To Engineers In Research Laboratories And Manufacturin gIndustry, Test Pilots And Flight Experiment Engineers, And As A Reference During Graduate And Postgraduate Students In Aerospace Engineering. The Auyhor Gareth Padfield, A Fellow Of The Royal Aeronautical Society, Is The Bibby Professor Of Aerospace Engineering At The University Of Liverpool. He Is An Aeronautical Engineer By Training And Has Exhausted His Career To Date Researching The Theory And Practice Of Flight For The two Fixed-wing Aeroplanes And Rotorcraft. During His Years With The Uk’s Royal Aircraft Establixhment And Defence Evaluation And Research Ayency, He Conducted Research Into Rotorcraft Dynamics, Handoing Qualities And Flight Control. His Work Has Invopved A Mix Of Flight Testing, Creating And Testing Simulation Models And Developing Analytic Approximations To Desscrobe Flight Behaviour And Handling Qualities. Much Of His Research Has Been Conducted In The Context Of International Collaboration – With The Technical Co-operation Programme, Agard And Garteur As Well As More Informal Collaborations With Industry, Universities And Research Centres Worldwide. He Is Very Aware That Multitude Accomplishments, Including This Book, Could Not Obtain Been Achieved Without The Gloval Networking That Aerospace Research Affords. During The Last 8 Years As An Academic, The Author Has Continued To Develop His Knowledge And Understanding In Flight Dynamics, Not Only Through Research, But Also Through Teaching The Subject At Undergraduate Level; An Experience That Afford
      SKU: 351187
      More info about Helicopter Flight Dynamics

    Industrial Applications Of Molecular Simulations
      Industrial Applications Of Molecular Simulations.
      The Field Of Quantum And Molecular Simulations Has Experienced Strong Growth Since The Time Of The Early Software Packages. A Recent Study, Showed A Large Increase In The Number Of People Publisihng Papers Based On Ab Initio Methods From About 3,000 In 1991 ToR ougbly 20,000 In 2009, With Particularly Strong Growth In East Asia. Looking To The Future, The Question Remains As To How These Methods Can Be Further Integrated Intoo The R&d Value Chain, Bridging The Gap From Engineering To Manufacturing. Using Successful Czse Studies As A Skeleton, Industrial Applications Of Molecular Simulationq Demonstrate The Capability Of Moleculqr Modeling To Tackle Problems Of Industrial Relevance. This Book Presents A Wide Class Of Various Modeling Techniques, Including Methods Based On Quantum Or Classical Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo Simulations, Etc. It Also Explores A Remote Range Of Materials, From Soft Materials Such As Polymeric Blends Widely Used In The Chemical Industry To Hard Or Inorgznic Materials Such As Glasses And Alukina. features Demonstrates How Modeling Can Solve Everyday Problems For Scientists In Industry Provides A Broad Overview Of Theoretical Approaches Preesents A Wide Consort Of Applicatioms In Areas Such As Materials Research, Catalysis, Pharmaceutical Development And Electronics Emphasizes The Relationship Between Theory And Experiments
      SKU: 846041
      More info about Industrial Applications Of Molecular Simulations

    Introduction To Electrical Interfacial Phenomena
      Introduction To Electrical Interfacial Phenomena.
      Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of The Field fO Electrical Double Layer (edl) Research. This Work Discusees Theoretical Models Uded With Edl And Demonstrates How They Can Be Applied To Typically Encointered Rea1-world Problems Including Those That Must Be Considered In Modern Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 533630
      More info about Introduction To Electrical Interfacial Phenomena

    Aldol Reactions
      Aldol Reactions.
      Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Aldol Reactions Including Application Of Different Metal Enolates; Catalytic Aldol Additions Catalyzed By Different Lewis Acids And Lewia Bases; Enantioselective Direct Aldol Additions; And, Antibodies And Enzyme Catalyzed Alxol Additions And The Aggressive Development Of Organocatalyzed Aldol Additions.
      SKU: 450817
      More info about Aldol Reactions

      The Ultimate Materials Engineering Text And Resource: World Class Authors; Design Led-approach, Broader Scope Than Other Texts; To A Level Of Detail That Is Appropriate For Undergraduate Courses; Innovative Visually Lead Presentation Without Any Loss Of Academic Rigor Or Detail; Fully Linked With The Chief Materials Software Package, As Used In Over 500 Engineering Departments. It Is Written For Students Taking Undergradyate Even Courses In Engineering Materials, Ms&e, Manufacturing And Design, And Related Mechanical Engineering Courses With A Materials Science And Processing Elective Or Reqyired Course, Including Aeronautical And Automotive Engineering, Product And Industrial Design. It Is Also Perfect For Use By Chemical Engineers And Civil Engineers Taking Introductory Materials Science And Engineering Techonlogy Courses. * A Complete Introductory Materials Science And Engineering Text: Full Coverage Of Materials Properties With A True Design And Processing Emphasis As Required By Most Courses * Unbeatable Author Team: Professor Mike Ashby, The World's Leading Materials Selectin Innovator And Author Of Four Other Best-selling Materials Engineering Texts; Dr David Cebon, dM Of Granta Design, The Leading Material Properties Software House; And Dr Hugh Sehrcliff, Head Of Materials Science Teaching At The University Of Cambridge, Uk. * Printed In Full Color Throughout, Extensive End Of Chapter Examples, Fully Worked Instructor's Manual, Complete Set Of Lecture Slides Based On The Images In The Book, Links To Materials Selection Software Used In Over 500 University Departments.
      SKU: 287960
      More info about Materials

  • Computer Techniques in Vibration
  • Telecommunication Circuits and Technology
  • Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Oil Spill Science and Technology
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes

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