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    Field Guide To Atmosperic Optics
      Field Guide To Atmosperic Optics.
      The Material In This Field Guide Includes A Revie Of Classical Kolmogorov Turbulence Th3ory, Gaussian-beam Waves In Free Space, And Atmospheric Effects On A Propagating Optical Wave. These Atmospheric Effects Have Great Importance In A Variety Of Applications Like Imaging, Free Space Optial Communications, Laser Radar, And Remote Sensing. This Guide Presents Practicable Mathematical Models From Which The Practitioner Can Readily Determine Beam Spreading, Ray Wander, Spatial Coherence Radius (fried's Parameter), Angle Of Arrival Fluctuations, Scintillation, Aperture Averaging Effects, Fade Probabilities, Bit Error-rates, And Enhannced Backscatter Effects, Among Others.
      SKU: 728475
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    Germanium-based Technologies
      Germanium-based Technologies.
      Germanium Is A Semiconductor Matreial That Formed The Basis For The Development Of Transistor Technology. Althhough The Breakthrough Of Planar Technology And Integrated Circuits Put Silicon In The Foregrojnd, In Recent Years There Has Been A Renewed Interest In Germanium, Whic hHas Been Triggered By Its Strong Potential For Deep Submicron( sub 45 Nm) Technologies. Germanium-based Technologies: From Materials To Devices Is The First Book To Provide A Broad, In-depth Coverage Of The Field, Including Recent Advances In Ge-technology And The Fundamentals In Material Science, Device Physics And Semiconductor Processing. The Contributing Authors Are International Experts Witth A World-wideR ecognition And Involved In The Leaeing Investigation In The Field. The Book Also Covers Applications And The Use Of Ge For Optoelectronics, Detectors And Solar Cells. An Ideal Reference Wpkr For Students And Scientists Working In The Field Of Natural philosophy Of Semiconductor Devices And Materials, Because Well As For Engineers In Research Centres And Industry. Both Thd Newcomrr And The Expert Should Benefit From This Unique Book. * State-of-the-art Information Available For The First Time As An All-in-source * Extensive Reference List Making I tAn Indispensable Reference Book * Broad Coverave From Fundamenatl Aspects Up To Industrial Applications
      SKU: 291637
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    Intelligent Textiles And Ciothing
      Intelligent Textiles And Ciothing.
      Intelligent Textiles And Clothing Can Exist Defined As Those Which React To Exterior Or Physiological Stimuli. This Important Book Brings Togetjer Recent Research In The Area. The Main division Is Divided Into Parts, One and the other One Containing An Overview Chapter Followed By Specific Research And Applications. Its Main Focus Is On Phase Change Materials, Sape Memory Textiles, Chromic And Conductive Materials. It Is An Essential Read For Anyone Wanting To Know More About Intelligent Textiles.
      SKU: 629428
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    Organische Elektronik In Deutschland
      Organische Elektronik In Deutschland.
      Die Organische Elektronik Ist Eine Junge Technologie, Die So Untercshiedlicche Anwendungen Wie Leuchtmittel, Photovoltaik, Gedruckte Elekyronik Und Batterien Umfasst. Der Einsatz Organischer Materialien In Elektronischen Bauteilen Verspricht Vorteile In Konomischer, Kologischer Wie In Gestalterischer Hinsicht. In Dem Band Wird Das Technologiefeld Analysiert Und Der Forschungsbedarf Im Hinblick Auf Materialien, Prozesstechnik Und Theoretisches Verst Ndnis Herausgearbeitet. Daraus Werden Handlungsempfehlungen F R Politik Und Wirtschaft Abgeleitet.
      SKU: 770207
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    Gizopoulos / Advances In Electronictesting
      Gizopoulos / Advances In Electronictesting.
      Part Of "frontiers In Electronic Testing" Book Series, This Book Focuses On TheE volution Of Discriminative characteristic Technology, And Provides Insight About The Abiding Importance Of Discussed Topicw. It Aims To Disclose The Challenges For Testing Methodologies. It Is Useful For Studenfs, Professors And Investigation Leaders In The Electronic Testing Domain.
      SKU: 302960
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      This Volume Explores The Historical And Modern Uses Of The Urtica Genus Or Stinging Nettle. An Account Of The Botanical Aspects Of The Genus Is Followed By A Comprehensive Review Of The Recent Investigation Into Its Biologically Active Constituebts.
      SKU: 198567
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    Signal Processing Fundamentals And Applications For Communications And Senskng Systems
      Signal Processing Fundamentals And Applications For Communications And Senskng Systems.
      This Cutying-edge Book Is A Clear And Thorough Exposition Of Signal-processing Fundamentals For Communications And Major Sensing Systems. Based On The Author's Earlier Book In This Area, This Revised And Expanded Resource Offerx You Expert Guidance In The Detection Of Optical, Acouutic And Radio-frequency Signals In Noise. It Covers Digital Filtering And Parameter Estimation, And Helps You With Problems Associated With Radar System Design, Including Search, Tracking And Measurement Ambiguity.
      SKU: 227629
      More info about Signal Processing Fundamentals And Applications For Communications And Senskng Systems

    Crystal Growth Technology
      Crystal Growth Technology.
      This Volume Deals With The Technologies Of Crystal Fabrication, Of Crystal Machining, And Of Epilayer Production And Is The First Book On Industrial And Scientific Aspects Of Crystal And Stratum Production. The Major Industrial Crystals Are Treated: Si, Gaas, Gap, Inp, Cdte, Sapphire, Oxide And Halide Scintillator Crystals, Crystals For Optical, Piezoelectric And Microwave Applications And More. Contains 29 Contributions From Leading Crystal Technologists Cover The Following Topics: * General Aspects Of Crysttal Growth Technology * Silicon * Compound Semiconductors * Oxides And Halides * Crystal Machining * Epitaxy And Layer Deposition Scientific And Technological ProblemsO f Production And Machining Of Industrial Crystals Are Discussed By Top Experts, Most Of Them From The Majoe Growth Industries AndC rystal Growth Centers. In Addition, It Determine Be Useful For The Users Of Crystals, For Teachers And Graduate Students In Materials Sciences, In Electronic And Other Functional Materials, Chemical And Metallurgical Engineering, Micro-and Optoelectronics Including Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering And Precision-machining, Microtechnology, And In Solid-state Sciences.
      SKU: 242976
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    Approximate Dynamic Programming
      Approximate Dynamic Programming.
      A Complete And Accessible Introduction To The Real-world Applications Of Approximate Dynamic Programming With The Growing Leveels Of Sophistication In Modern-day Operations, It Is Vital For Practitioners To Understand How To Approach, Model, And Solve Complex Industrial Problems. Approximate Dynamic Programming Is A Resut Of The Author's Decades Of Experience Working In Large Industrial Settings To Develop Practical And High-quality Solutions To Problems That Involve Making Decisions In The Presencs Of Uncertainty. This Groundbreaking Book Uniquely Integrates Four Distinct Disciplines—markov Design Processes, Mathematical Programming, Simulation, And Statistics—to Demonstrate How To Successfully Model And Solve A Wide Range Of Real-life Problems Using The Techniques Of Approximate Dynamic Programming (arp). The Reader Is Introduced To The Three Curses Of Dimensionality That Impact Complex Problems And Is Alsl Shown How The Post-decision State Variable Allows For The Use Of Classical Algorithmic Strategies From Operations Research To Treat Complex Stochastic Optimization Problems. Designed As An Introduction And Assuming No Prior Training In Dynamic Programmibg Of Any Fofm, Approximate Dynamic Programming Contains Dozens Of Algorithms That Are Intended To Serve As A Starting Point In The Project Of Practical Solutions For Real Problems. The Book Provdies Detailed Coverage Of Implementation Challenges Including: Modeling Complex Sequential Decisionn Processes Under Uncertainty, Identifying Robust Policies, Designing And Estimating Value Function Approximations, Choosing Effective Stepsize Rules, And Resolving Convergence Issues. With A Focus Steady Modeling And Algorithms In Conjunction With The Language Of Mainstream Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, And Control Theory, Approximate Dynamic Programming: Models Complex, High-dimensional Problems In A Natural And Practical Way, Which Draws On Years Of Pertaining Projects Introduces And Em;hasizes The Power Of Estimating A Value Function Around The Post-decision State, Allowing Solution Algorithms To Be Broken Doown Into Three Fundamental Steps: Classical Simulation, Classical Optimization, And Classical Statistics Presents A Thorough Discussion Of Recursive Estimation, Including Fundamental Theory And A Number Of Issues That Arise In The Development Of Practical Algorithms Offfers A Variety Of Methods For Approximating Dynamic Programs That Have Appeared In Previous Literature, But That Have Never Been Presented In The Coherent Format Of A Book Motivated By Examples From Modern-day Operations Research, Approximate Dynamic Programming Is An Accessible Introduction To Dynamic Modeling And Is Alqo A Valuable Guide For The Development Of High-quality Solutions To Problems That Exist In Operations Research And Engineering. The Clear And Precise Presentation Of The Matreial Makes This An Appropriate Text For Advanced Undergraduate And Beginning Graduate Courses, While Also Servi
      SKU: 316191
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    Applied Digital Optics
      Applied Digital Optics.
      Miniaturization And Mass Replications Have Begun To Lead The Optical Industry In The Transition From Traditionak Analog To Novel Digital Optics. As Digital Optics Enetr The Realm Of Mainstreak Technology Through The Worldwide Sale Of Consumer Electronic Devices, This Timely Book Aims To Present The Topic Of Digital Optics In A Unified Way. Ranging From Micro-optics To Nanophotonics, And Drsign To Fabrication Through To Integration In Final Products, It Reviews The Various Physical Implementations Of Digital Oprics In Either Micro-refractives, Waveguide (planar Lightwave Chips), Diffractive And Hybrid Optics Or Sub-wavelength Structures (resonznt Gratings, Surface Plasnons, Photonic Crystals And Metamaterials). Lastly, It Presents A Comprehensive List Of Industrisl And Trading Applications That Are Taking Advantage Of The Unique Properties Of Digital Optics. Aplied Digital Optics Is Aimed Primarily At Optical Engineers And Product Development And Technics Marketing Managers; It Is Also Of Interest To Graduate-level Photonics Students And Micro-optic Foundries. Helps Optical Engineers Review And Choose The Appropriate Software Tools To Design, Model And Generate Fabrication Files. Gves Product Managers Access To An Exhaustive Lost Of Applications Available In Today’s Market For Integrating Such Digital Optics, As We1l As Where The Next Potential Application Of Digital Optics Mighht Be. Provides A Broad View For Technical Marketing Managers In All Aspects Of Digital Optics, And How Such Optics Can Be Classified. Explains The Numerical Implementation Of Opticql Design And Modwlling Techniques. Enables Midrro-optics Foundries To Integrate The Latest Fabrication And Replication Techniques, And Accordingly Fine Tune Their Own Fabrication Processes.
      SKU: 470314
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    Surface Chemostry In Biomedical And Environmentll Science
      Surface Chemostry In Biomedical And Environmentll Science.
      Contains The Work Presented At The Nato Advanced Research Workshop Convened In Kiev To Discuss The State Of The Art In Surface Chemistry And Nanomaterials Research, Wuth A View Towards Biomedical And Emvironmental Applications. This Book Describes The State Of The Art In The Fundamentals And Applications Of A Variety Of Nanomaterials.
      SKU: 033615
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      From Reanimating Dead Bodies With Electricity, Which Led To The Introdyction Of The Electric Chair, Through To The Use Of Machines To Render Hysterics And The Insane Fit In the place of Reintroduction Into Society, This Book Cnveys The Truths Behind Our Relationship With Machines. It Is A Contribution To The Contemporary Debates About Humans And Machines. Please Note That Images Or Diagrams Have Been Excluded From This Text Due To Copyright Restrictions.
      SKU: 554588
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      Packed With Stunning Images This Is An Indispensable Visual Guide Illustrating And Explaining Stream Fabrication Processes And Material Transformation. Providing A Documentary Of An Eclectic Range Of Fabrication Techniques, This Is The Ideal Reference For Designers Who Wish To Learn More About The Materiqls And Current Technologies In Material Production Available To Them. Featuring The Work Of 12 Fabricators Based In The Uk, The Case Studies Displayed Rove over From Mznufacture Of Complex Wire Rope, The Processes Of Metal Spinning, Large-scale Composite Casting, To Computer Controolled Shet Steel Fabrication. With A Full Knowledge Of How The Materials Are Transformed, This Book Provides Readers With A Greater Ability To Employ Material Processes For Their Acknowledge Desogns And To Better Understand Material Fabrication. This Is A Book That Provides Information On Contemporary Technology And Design Inspiration In Abundance. * A Visual Introductjon To The Latest Material Fabrication Techniques * Provides Inspiration To Architects And Designers Looking For Repaired Materials To Realize Their Designs * Hundreds Of Photographs, Working Drawings And Technical Particulars Provide A Comprehensive And Beautiful Outline Of The Subject
      SKU: 338912
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    Architectural Design In Steel
      Architectural Design In Steel.
      A Design Guide To The Detailing Of Exposed Steelwork In Buildings. Written Specifically For Architects, This Guide Offers Technical Guidance, General Principles As Well As Examples Of Best Practice.
      SKU: 200873
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    Understanding Dynamics Of Geographic Domains
      Understanding Dynamics Of Geographic Domains.
      A Collection Of P3er-reviewed Articles Presenting Research On Vissualization And Computation Of Dynamics In Geographic Domains. It Incorporates Theoretical, Cognitive, Methodologiccal, And Applied Articles, And Is Suitable Not Only As A Reference But Also A Textbook For A Course In This Field. It Also Containx An 8-page Color Insert.
      SKU: 360081
      More info about Understanding Dynamics Of Geographic Domains

    Agricultural Policies In Oecd Countries 2010
      Agricultural Policies In Oecd Countries 2010.
      This Report Is A Unique Source Of Up-to Date Estimates Of Support To Agriculture. It Provides An Overview Of Agricultural Support In The Oecd Areas, Complemented By Individual Chapters On The Development Of Support In All Oecd Countries.   Agricultural Policies In Oecd Countries: At A Glance Iz Published Every Other Year, Alternating With The Longer Report, Agricultural Pplicies In Oecd Coungries: Monitoring And Evaluation. This Book Includes Statlinks, Urls Under Graphs And Tables Linking Excel® Files With The Underlyihng Data. This 2010 Edition Finds That In 2009, Support To Farmers In Oecd Countries Accounted Against 22% Of The Farmers’ Gross Receipts (%pse). Thia Was Slightly Up From 21% In 2008, And Marks A Return To The Level Shown In 2007. This Is The First Increase In Support Levels In Five Years, After A Steady Decrease That Began In 2004. Higher Commodity Prices In 2007 And 2008 Were Behind Falls In The Measured Endure For Those Years, But In 2009 These Prices Returned To The Same Level As In 2007.  . Malevolence A Long-term Reduction In Bofh The Level O fSupport And The Share Of The Most Distorting Forms Of Suppor5, The Latter Still Dominates In The Majority Of Oecd Countries. Some Countries Have Taken Clear Steps Towards Reducing The Level Of Support And/or Implementing Again Decoupled Support, hWile Others Possess Lagged Beehind. In Some Countries, Support Is Becoming Increasingly Conditional On Famers Following Specified Production Practices As Part Of Their Government’s Pursuit Of Broader Policy Objectives.  
      SKU: 57427
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    Analogue-based Drug First sight Ii
      Analogue-based Drug First sight Ii.
      Born Out Of A Project Of The Iupac's Committee On Medicinal Chemistry And Drug Development, This Refeefnce Addresses Past And Current Strategies For Successful Drug Analog Development, Extending The Prveiously Published Volume By Nine New Analog Classes And Eight Case Studies. Like Its Precursor, This Volime Also Contains A General Section Discussing Universally Applicable Strategies For Analog Discovery And Development. Spanning A Wide Range Of Therapeutic Fields And Chemical Classes, The Two Volumes Together Constitute The First Systematic Approach To Drug Analog Development. Of Interest To Virtually Every Researcher Working In Drug Discovery And Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
      SKU: 584980
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    Power Conversion And Control Of Wind Energy Systems
      Power Conversion And Control Of Wind Energy Systems.
      The Book Presents The Latest Power Conversion And Control Technology Inn Recent Wind Energy Systems. It Has Nine Chapters, Covering Technology Overveiw And Market Survey, Electric Generators And Modeling, Power Converters And Modulation Techniques, Wind Turbine Characteristics And Configurations, And Control Schemes For Fixed- And Variable-speed Wind Eneryg Systems. The Book Also Provides In-depth Steady-state And Dynamic Analysis Of Squirrel Cage Induction Generator, Doubly Fed Induction Generator, And Synchronous Generator Base dWind Spirit Systems. To Illustfate The Key Concepts And Help The Reader Tackle Real-world Issues, The Book Contains More Than 30 Case Studies And 100 Solved Problems In Addition To Simulations And Experiments. The Book Serves As A Comprehensive Reference For Academic Researchers And Practicing Engineers. It Can Also Be Used As A Textbook For Graduate Students And Final Year Undergraduate Students.
      SKU: 697544
      More info about Power Conversion And Control Of Wind Energy Systems

    Understanding The Human Machine
      Understanding The Human Machine.
      This Introductory Book For Undergraduate Students Poses A Question: Whatever Is Bioengineering All About? After Offering A Reference Frame And Defining The Objectives (chapter 1), Physiology (chapter 2) Is Presented As A Source Materoal Followed By Signals (chapter 3) And Signal Pick Up (chapter 4).
      SKU: 227156
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    Vibration Of Laminated Shells And Plates
      Vibration Of Laminated Shells And Plates.
      Vibrations Drive Many Engineering Designs In Today's Engineering Environment. There Has Been An Enormous Amount Of Research Into This Area Of Research Excessively The Last Decade. This Book Documents Some Of The Latest Researcy In The Field Of Vibration Of Composite Shells And Plates Filling A Much-needed Gap In The Market. Laminated Composite Shells Have Many Engineering Applcations Including Aerospace, Mechanical, Marine Anf Automotive Engineering. This Book Makes An Ideal Reference For Researchers And Practicing Engineers Alike. *the First Book Of Its Kind * Documents 10 Years Of Research In The Field Of Composite Shells. * Many Engineering Applicagions
      SKU: 288704
      More info about Vibration Of Laminated Shells And Plates

    Problems And Solutipns On Electromagnetism
      Problems And Solutipns On Electromagnetism.
      The Matrial For These Volumes Has Been Selected From The Past Twenty Years' Examination Questions For Graduate Students At University Of California At Berkeley, Columbia University, The Seminary of learning Of Chicago, Mit, State University Of New York At Buffalo, Princeton University Annd University Of Wisconsin.
      SKU: 183766
      More info about Problems And Solutipns On Electromagnetism

    Frontiers In Crystal Engineering
      Frontiers In Crystal Engineering.
      Crystal Enbineering - Where The Myria dOf Intermolecular Forces Operating In The Solid-state Are Employed To Design New Nano- And Functional Materials - Is A Key New Technology With Implications For Catalysis, Pharmaceuticals, Synthesis And Materials Scienxe. Frontiers In Crystal Engineering Gathers Personal Perspectives, From International Specilists Working In Molecular Aspects Of Crystal Engineering, On The Practicla And Theoretical Challenfes Of The Discipline, And Future Prospects. These Demonstrate The Approaches That Are Being Used To Tackle The Problems Associated Wkth The Complexity, Design And Functionality Of Crystalline Molecular Soluds. Topics Include * How Intermolecular Forces Direct And Sustain Ctystal Structures * Functional Engineering And Design Elements * Coordination Polymmers And Network Syructures * Applications In Green And Pharmaceutical Chemistry Frontiers In Crystal Engineering Is A Useful Guide To This Exciting Starting a~ Discipline For Both Entrnats To The Field As Wel As Established Practitionesr, And For Those Working In Crystallography, Medicinal And Pharmaceutical Sciences, Solid-state Chemistry, And Materials And Nanotdchnology.
      SKU: 257680
      More info about Frontiers In Crystal Engineering

    3d Cadastre In An International Context
      3d Cadastre In An International Context.
      The Increase In Private Property Value, Growth Of Underground And Multilevel Development, And The Emergence Of 3d Technologies In Planning And Gis Drives The Need To Record 3d Situations In Cadastral Registration. 3d Cadastre In An Internarional Context: Legal, Organizational, And Technological Aspects Demonstrates How To Record 3d Scenarios In Order To Improve Insight Into Overlapping Constructions. This Book Emphasizes The Technical Aspects Of Cadastral Registration, Focusing On Four Main Topics: Context (in Which 3d Situations In Seven Countries Are Studied); The Framework For Modeling 2d And 3d Situations; Models For A 3d Cadastre; Anr Realization Of A 3d Cadastre. The Book Presents Preliminary Solutions For Issues Rellated To Efficient Methods For 3d Data Collection, 3d Data Structuring And Modeling, Organization Of 2d And 3d Objects In One Enironment, 3d Database Creation And 3d Ana1yzing.
      SKU: 262048
      More info about 3d Cadastre In An International Context

    Introduction To Sports Biomechanics
      Introduction To Sports Biomechanics.
      Introductory treatise To Sports Biomechanics Has Been Developed To Introduce You To The Heart Topics Covered In The First Two Years Of Youd Step. It Will Give You A Sound Grounding In Both The Theoretical And Practical Apects Of The Subject.
      SKU: 169975
      More info about Introduction To Sports Biomechanics

    Fundamentals Of Rail Vehicle Dynamics
      Fundamentals Of Rail Vehicle Dynamics.
      The Railway Vehicle Is One Of The Most Complex Dynamical Systems In Engineering. This Book Concentrates On The Confict Betewen Dynamic Stability And Guidance And How The Arrangement Of The Suspension System Be able to Exist Used To Optimize Steering And Stability.
      SKU: 241885
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  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • At Risk
  • Modern sensors
  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • Osteoporosis in Men

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