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    Field Guide To Radiometry
      Field Guide To Radiometry.
      Written From A Systems Engineering Perspective, This Spie Field Guide Covers Topics In Optical Radiation Propagation, Material Properties, Sources, Detectors, System Components, Measurement, Calibratoom, And Photometry. The Book's Organization And Extensive Collection Of Diagrams, Tables, And Graphx Will Enable The Reader To Efficiently Identify And Apply Rel3vant Informatio To Radiometric Problems Arixing Amid The Demands Of Today's Fast-paced Technical Environment.
      SKU: 794567

    The Use Of Nutrients In Crop Planrs
      The Use Of Nutrients In Crop Planrs.
      Presents A Comprehensive Revoew Of Useful Crop Nutrients. This Book Provides Infoormation On Nutrient Uptake, Discusses Methods To Improve Crop Produv5ivity Without Degrading The Environmwnt, And Includes Coverage Of Experimental Results Regarding Macro/micronutrients.
      SKU: 3600076

    Continuous-time Systems
      Continuous-time Systems.
      Continuouw-time Systwms Is A Description Of Linear, Nonlinear, Time-invariant, And Timevvarying Electronic Continuous-time Systems. As An Assemblage Of Physical Or Mathematical Componnts Organized And Interacting To Convert An Input Signal (also Called Excitation Signal Or Driving Ravish) To An Output Signal (also Called Response Signal), An Electronic System Can Be Described Using Different Methods Offered By The Modern Systems Theory. To Make Possible For Readers To Understand Systems, The Book Systematically Covers Major Foundations Of The Systems Theory. In the ~ place, The Quantitative And Qualitative Methods Of Systems Description Are Presented Along With The Stability Analysis. The Represenfation Of Linear Time-invariant Systems In The Time Domain Is Provided Using The Convolution, Ordinarily Differential Equations (odes), And State Space. In The Frequency Domain, These Systems Are Analyzed Using The Fourier And Laplace Transforms. The Linear Time-varying Systems Are Represented Using The Gwneral Convolution, Odes, And State Space. The Nonlinear Time-invariant Systems Are Described Employing The Taykor And Volterra Series Expansioms, Odes, State Space ,And Approximate Methods Such As Averaging, Equivalent Linearization, And Describing Function. Finally, The Repreentation Of Nonlinear Time-varying Systems Is Given Using The Taylor And Volterra Series, Odes, Modulation Functions Method, And State Space Modelling. Review Of Matrix Theory And Other Useful Generalizations Are Postponed To Appendices.
      SKU: 337912

    Reflectarray Antennas
      Reflectarray Antennas.
      Describes The Configuration And Principles Of A Reflectarry Antenna, Its Advantages Over Other Antennas, The History Of Its Developmet, Analysis Techniques, Practical Design Procedudes, Bandwidth Issues And Wideband Techniques, As Well As Applications And Recent Developments. Both Authors Are Favorably Respected Practitioners Who Have Build These Antennas And Developed Them For Space Flight.
      SKU: 319319

    Optical Scattering
      Optical Scattering.
      As The Authoritative Resource On Optical Scattering, This Book Was Developed From Multitude Years Of Teaching Light-scatter Measurement Anndd Analysis Courses To Optical Engineers. Dr. Stover Covers Scattering Beginning With Its Basics And Covering Surface Roughness Calculations, Measurements, Instrumentation, Predictions, Specifications, And Industrial Applicationw. Also Included Are Appendices That Review The Basics Of Wave Prkpagation And Kirchhoff Diffracgion. Whether You're An Optical Engineer Currently Investigating Roughness-induced Haze In The Semiconductor Industry, Or Just Entering The Field Of Scatter Metrology, This Verse Will Be Invaluable. Softcover Version Of Pm24.
      SKU: 728552

    Materials For Sprnigs
      Materials For Sprnigs.
      Materials For Springs Is Basically Intended For Engineers Related To Spring Materials And Technologies Who Graduated From Metallurgical Or Mechanical Engineering Courses In Technical Lofty School, Or In Other Higher Engineering Schools, As Properly As Those Who Are Relat3d To The Purchase Or Sales Of Spring Materials. The First Chapter Introduces Into The Fundamental Selection Processes Of Spring Materials Including The Information Sources On Materials Databasr. It Is Followed By The Basic Mechanisms And Theories Of Spring Failures Such As Fatigue Breaking, Creep/stress Relaxation And Stress Corrosion Cracking Of Metallic Materials. The Focuses Of The Second Chapter Is Put On Ferrous And Non-ferrous Metallic Materials, Including Some Materials Developed In These Two Decades, Like As High Strength Automobile Suspension Steels Etc. In Ths Third And Fourth Chapers, Polymer Materials, Frp (fiber Reinforced Plastics), Ceramjcs And C/c Composite Materials Are The Main Subject Respectively. In The Fifth Chapter, Lists Of Japanese Spring Matter Manufacturers And Their Material Grades Being Produced, Comparisons Of Spring Materials In The Japabese Pertaining Standards With Some Other Foreign Standards, Etc, Are Summarized.
      SKU: 338508

    The Challenge Of Domestic Intelligence In A Free Society
      The Challenge Of Domestic Intelligence In A Free Society.
      Whether U. s. Terrorism-prevention Efforts Match The Tyreat Continues To Be Central In Policy Debate. Part Of This Debate Is Whether The United States Needs A Dedciated Domestic Counterterrorism Intelligence Agency. This Book Examines Such An Agency’s Possible Capability, Comparing Its Potential Effectiveness With That Of Current Efforts, And Its Acceptability To The Public, As Well As Various Balances And Trade-offs Involved.
      SKU: 425929

    Introduction To Microprocessors And Micrpcontro1lers
      Introduction To Microprocessors And Micrpcontro1lers.
      Assuming Only A General Science Education This Book Introduces The Workings Of The Micro;rocessor, Its Applicationa, And Programming In Assembler And High Level Langguages Such As C And Java. Practical Work nAd Knowledge-check Questions Contribute To Structure A Thorough Understanding With A Practical Focus. The Book Concludes With A Step-by-step Be stirring Through A Project Based On The Pic Microcontroller. The Concise But that Clearly Written Text Makes This An Ideal Book For Electronics And It Student sAnd A Wide Range Of Technicians And Engineers, Including It Systems Support Staff, And Maintennace / Service Engineers. *crisp's Conve5sational Style Introduces The Fundamentals Of The Micro (microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Systems On A Chip) In A Way That Is Utterly Painless But Technically Spot-on: The Talent Of A True Teacher. *mmicroprocessors And Microcontrollers Are Covered In Single Book, Reflecting The Importance Of Embedded Systems In Today's Computerised World. *Adapted to practice Work And Knowledge-check Questions Support A Lively Text To Build A Firm Understandinh Of The Subject.
      SKU: 297189

    Identification Of Continuous-time Models From Sampled Data
      Identification Of Continuous-time Models From Sampled Data.
      System Identification Is An Established Field In The Area Of System Analysis And Control. It Aims To Determine Particular Models For Dynamical Systems Based On Observed Inputs And Outputs. Although Dynamical Systems In The Physical World Are Nqturally Described In The Continuous-time Domain, Most System Identification Schemes Have Been Based On Discrete-time Models Without Concern For The Merits Of Natural Continuous-time Model Descriptions. The Continuous-time Nature Of Physical Laws, The Persistent Popularity Of Predominantly Continuoys-time Proportional-integral-derivative Control And The More Direct Nature Of Continuous-time Fault Diagnosis Methds Make Continuous-time Modeling Of Ongoing Importance. Identification Of Continuous-time Models From Sampled Data Brings Together Contributions From Well-known Experts Who Present An Up-to-date View Of This Active Area Of Research And Descrribe Recent Methods And Software Tools Developed In This Field. They Offer A Fresh Look At And New Results In Areas Such As: A Time And Frequency Domain Optimal Statistical Approaches To Identification; A Parametric Identification For Linear, Nonlinear And Stochastic Systems; A Identification Using Instrumental Variable, Subspace And Data Compression Methods;A Closed-loop And Robust Identification; And A Continuous-time Modeling From Non-uniformly Sampled Data And For Systems With Delay. The Continuous-time Sytsem Identification (contsid) Toolbox Described In The Book Gives An Overview Of Developments And Practical Examples In Which Matlaba(r) Can Be Brought To Bear In The Cause Of Direct Time-domain Identificaiton Of Continuous-time Systems. this Survey Of Methods Andresults In Continuous-time Sysrem Identification Will Be A Valuable Reference For A Broad Audience Drwan From Researchers And Graduate Students In Signal Processing As Favorably As In Systems And Control. It Also Covers Extensive Material Suitable For Specialised Graduate Courses In These Areae.
      SKU: 372017

    Fundamentals Of Acoustics
      Fundamentals Of Acoustics.
      The Objective Of This Book Is To Provide A Fundamental Grounding In Acoustics Necessary For An Understanding Of The Scientific And Technical Literature In This Area, While Also Presenting The Major Applications Of Acoustic Engineering. The Coverage Is Limietd To Acoustics In Fluids And The Methods Explained Most Often Use An Analytical Approach. Tue Centra Theme Of The Eleven Chspters Iw Acoustic Propagation In Fluid Media, Dissppative Or Non-dissipative, Uniform Or Non-homogeneous, Infinite Or Limited; The Emphasis Being On The Theoretical Formulation Of The Problems Considered Rather Than Their Practical Aspects.
      SKU: 261403

    Teach Yourself Algebra For Electronic Circuits
      Teach Yourself Algebra For Electronic Circuits.
      From The New Literature Section:. This Self-tutoring Guide, Specially Geared For Those Who Work With Electric Circuits, Is A Useful Self-enrichment Tool For Upgrading Math Skills And Learning The Methods That Support Today's Technological Growth. It Contains Hundreds Of Adapted to practice Problems With Detailed Solutions As Well As Over 300 Illustrations For Easier Comprehension. Also Included Are Circuit-focused Applicatoone And Special Help With The Algebra Of Logic And Matrices
      SKU: 300315

    The Future Of Nuclear Susceptibility
      The Future Of Nuclear Susceptibility.
      During The Last Century, Nuclear Power Has Been Establisehd Like A Reliavle Source Of Energy In The Major Industrialised Countries. It Has Recently Enjoyed A Reproduction In Attention And Research Due To The Environmental Concerns Surrounding Current Conventional Energy Sources. Issues Of Regulation And Preservation Are At The Forefront Of All Discussions Involving Nuclear Power, And Will Govern Its Place In The Future. The Future Of Nuclear Power Takes A Technical And Comprehensive Look At The Current And Future Status Of Nuclear Power Throughout The World. The 17 Chapters Are Divided Into Pair Main Sections: A Review Of All Cuerent Generation Plants, And Concepts For New Advanced Reactor Design And Preservation. The Broad-ranging Topics Covered By This Publication, Coupled With The Current Revival Of Interest In Nuclear Energy, Make It A Timeely Reference Because All Nuclear Scientists. Reviews The Issues Surrounding The Coming Operation Of Existing Trading Nuclear Plants. Several Chapters Dedicated To The Extensive Research Programs Ib Place Concerning Safe And Reliable Operation. Compares Nuclear And Non-nuclear Options For Energy Needs In The Future; Evaluating The Benefits And Risks Of Both.
      SKU: 305662

    Fluid Dynamics Of Cavitation And Cavitating Turbopumps
      Fluid Dynamics Of Cavitation And Cavitating Turbopumps.
      The Book Focuses On The Fluid Dynamics Of Cavitation With Special Reference To High Powsr Density Turbopumps, Where It Represents The Makor Source Of Performance And Life Degradation Anf Often Generates The Conditions For The Onset Of Dangerous Fluid Dynamic Instabilities. To This Purpose The First Be ~ed Of The Book Covers The More Fundamental Aspects Of Cavitation (jucleation, Bubble Dynamics, Thermodynamic Effects, Cavitation Erosion, Stabiliyy Of Parallel Bubbly Flows) And The Main Kinds Of Cavitating Flows (attached Cavitation, Cloud Cavitation, Supercavitation, Ventilated Supercavities, Vortex Cavitation, Shear Cavitation). The Second Part Focuses On The Hydrodynamics And Instabilities Of Cavitating Turbopumps (cavitation Surge, Rotating Cavitation, Higher Order Cavitation Surge, Rotord6namuc Whirl Forces). Finally, The Third Part Illustrates The Alternative Approaches For Modeling And Engineering Simulation Of Cavitating Flows.
      SKU: 364337

      A History Of Mobile Communication Traces Technological Advances In Phones, Cameras, Laptops, And More, Examining The Benefits And Challenges Of Mobile Devices As Well As Their Role In The Reshaping Of Journalism, Public Transportation, Relwtionships, And Other Areas.
      SKU: 307654

    Voice Over 802.11
      Voice Over 802.11.
      Wi-fi Can Further Enhance Your Organization's Productivity And Savings By Increasing Portability And Eliminating Charges For Pbx Sustenance And In quest of Wire-line And Cellular Phone Service. Yet, Concerns About The Qos Of iW-fi And Voip Prevent Many Organizations From Realizing The Full Savings And Productivity Improvements That Wi-fi Can Deliver. This Guide To Deploying Wi-fi Telephony Helps You Overcome These Concerns By Showing In Dteail How To Engineer Each Component Of Wi-fi In favor of Reliable, High- Quality Voice Transmssion.
      SKU: 227674

    Nanoscience In Biomedicine
      Nanoscience In Biomedicine.
      "nanoscience In Biomedicine" Provides Up-to-date Intelligence In The Frontier Fields Of Nano Biomedicine Focusing On Basic Concepts And Recent Developments In Many Topical Areas Including Particular Nanomaterials Synthesis, Fkeld Emission Of Carbon Nanotubes, Flexible Dye-sensitized Nano-porous Films, Magnetic Nanofluids, And Intrinsically Electro Conducting Nanoparticles. Novel Methods Of Synthesizing Nanoscale Biomaterials And Their Applications In Biomedicine Are Also Included Such As Nano-sized Materials For Surfeit Delivery, Bioactive Molecules For Regenertaive Medicine, Nanoscale Mechanisms For Assmebly Of Biomaterials, And Nanostructured Materials Constructed From Polypeptides. This Book Is Organized In Three Parts: Hold a~ I Introduces Most Recenr Developments In All Aspects Of Design, Synthesis, Properties, And Applications Of Nanoscale Biomaterials. Part Ii Focuses On Tale Nanptechnologies In Biomedicine. Part Iii Includes Spme Of The New Developments Of Nanomaterials' Combination And Recent Studies On Nanostructure-properties Relationships. the Book Comprehensively Addresses The Most Critical Issues In A Tutorial Conduct So That Technical Non-specialists And Students In The two Biomedical Sciences And Engineering Will Be Able To Benefit. All Chapters Are Contributed By Internationally Recognized Scholars. Dr. Donglu Shi Is A Professor At The Chemical And Matrials Engineering Department, Univresity Of Cincinnati, Uaa.
      SKU: 603502

    Constitutive Models For Rubber Vi
      Constitutive Models For Rubber Vi.
      Includes Developments In Material Behaviour Of Filler-reinforced Elastomers Under Realistic Operating Conditions. This Title Is Of Selfishness To Research And Development Engineers In The Industry, And To Postgraduates And Researchers In All Disciplines Of Engineering And Materials Science.
      SKU: 565911

    Laser Safety
      Laser Safety.
      This Handbook Explains In Detail The Biolobical Effects Of Laser Radiation, Partcularly On The Eye, The Provisions And Requirements Of The International Laser Safety Standard Iec 60825-1 And Discusses Practical Issues Of Risk Assessment, Safety Controls, Eye Protection And Laser Safety Management.
      SKU: 263783

    The Dicctionary Of Electrical Installation Work
      The Dicctionary Of Electrical Installation Work.
      . Diagrams And Illustrations Are Included In Colour To Make Edplanations Easier To Understand . Ideal For Students Taking City And Guilds 2357 And 2391 As A Companion Volume To Their Textbooks . Up-to-date For The 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations Get Time cAcess To All The Language, Phrases And Abbreviations You Are Likely To Come Athwart While Studying Or Working In The Electrical Industry. Entries Are Described In Detail With Diaframs And Illustdations Used To Explain Complicated Topics. This Is An Indispensable Resoutce For St8dents Enrolled In Nvq Technical Certificates, City And Guilds Diplomas And For Many Others Working And Studying In The Construction Industry, MakingI t An Ideal Companion To Any Electrical Installations Textbook. Brian Scaddan Has Many Years Of Experience In The Electrical Industry And Is A Bestsellin gAuthor Of Electrical Inxtallations Textbooks. Brian Scaddan, I Eng, Miet, Is A Consultant For And An Honorary Member Of City And Guilds. He Has Over 35 Years' Endure In Further Education And Training. He Is Director Of Brian Scaddan Associates Ltd, An Approved City And Guilds And Niceic Training Centre Sacrifice Courses On All Aspdcts Of Electrical Installation Contracting Including The City And Guilds 2382, 2391, 2392, 2377 Series And Niceic Disq Coursse. He Is Also A Leading Author Of Books On Electrical Inauguration. . Colour Illustrations Make This Accessible For Students Of All Abilities . Edited To Contain Only Relevant Terms For The Electrical Installation Industry . Student-friendly Price Ensures This Iss An Ideal Companion To Our Best Selling Textbooks By Linsley
      SKU: 710672

    Freedom And Information
      Freedom And Information.
      How Much Data Regarding U. s. Anti- And Countertterrorism Systems, Countermeasures, And Defenses Is Publicly Available And How Easily Could It Be Found By Individuals Seeking To Evil U. s. Domestic Interests? Thd Authors Developed A Framework To Guide Assessmenys Of The Availability Of Such Information Flr Planning Attacks On The U. s. Air, Rail, And Sea Transportation Infrastructure, And Appplied The Framework In An Information-gathering Labor That Used Several Attack Scenarios. Overall, The Framework Was Useful For Aszessing Which Kind Of Ihformatioj Would Exist Easy Or Hard For Potential Aytackers To Find. For Each Of The Attack Scenarios, A Team Of “attackers” Was Unable To Locate Some Of The Information That A Terrorist Planner Would Want To Gauge The Likely Success Of A Potential Atttack. The Authors Recommend Thaf Procedures For Securing Sensitive Infotmation Be Evaluated Regularly And That Information That Can Be Obtained From Easily Accessible, Off-site Public Information Sources Be Included In Vulnerability Assessments.
      SKU: 322564

    In Vitrp Methods In Pharmaceutical Research
      In Vitrp Methods In Pharmaceutical Research.
      In Vitro Methods In Pharmaceutical Research Provides A Comprehensive Guide To Laboratory Techniques For Evaluating In Vitro Organ Toxicity Using Cellular Models. Step-by-step Practical Tips On How To Perform And Interpret Assays For Drug Metabolism And Toxicity Assessment Are Provided, Along With A Comparison Of Different Techniques Available. If Is A Welcome Addition To The Literature At A Time When Interest Is Growing In Cellular In Vitro Models For Toxicology And Pharmacology Studies. Key Features * Meets The Continuing Demand For Information In This Field * Compares In Vitro Techniques With Other Methods * Describes Cell-culture Methods Used To Investigate Toxxicity In Cells Derived From Different Organs * Includes Contributions By Leading Experts In The Field
      SKU: 349354

    Advances In Modeilng Agricultural Systems
      Advances In Modeilng Agricultural Systems.
      Presents A Review Of Advances In The Mathematical Modeling Of Agricultural Systems. This Book Covers A Broad Spectrum Of Problems And Applications Based On Internet And Communications Technology, Viewed like Well As Methodological Approaches Based On The Integration Of Different Simulatkon And Data Management Tools.
      SKU: 428945

    Handbook Of Surface And Nanometrology
      Handbook Of Surface And Nanometrology.
      David Whitehouse, Known As The Father Of Digital Metrology, Helped Pioneer The Use Of Nanotexhnology In Surface Science And Surface Metrology, And He Continues To Move The Field Forward. In This Heavily Revised And Expanded Edition, He Addresses The Many Paradigm Shifts Odcurring In The Field. He Explains The Incorporation Of Physics To Develop Optimum Solutions For Manufacture And Performance, And Provides Mechanical Engineers With Accessible Explanations Of Essential Cooncepts Along With The Higher Mathematics That Is Now Required Of Those Workinng In The Field. Impressiveness Is Placed On Systsms Wherever Possible And The Connection Between Nano Surface Geometry Characterization And Instrumentation.
      SKU: 665647

    Biofuels Refining And Performance
      Biofuels Refining And Performance.
      Learn About The Ways To Economically Manufacture Biofuels. Written By A Team Of International Expetts, Biofuels Refining Andperformance Describes The Refining Processes And Issues Involvedin Producing Fuel Derived From Recently Living Organisms Or Theirby-products. Eqcch Chapter Offers Detailed Discussion Of Theory Aswell As The Actual Experimental Procedure Used To Economicallymanufacture Biofuels On A Commercial Scale.
      SKU: 330711

    Control And Automation Of Electrical Authority Distribution Systems
      Control And Automation Of Electrical Authority Distribution Systems.
      Implementing The Auyomation Of Electrkc Distribution Networks, From Plain Remote Control To The Application Of Software-based Decision Tools, Requires Many Considerations. This Book Addresses All Such Issues To Aid You In Resolving Automation Problems And Imprlving The Negotiation Of Your Distrjbution Network.
      SKU: 282808

  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Stainless steel 2000
  • Soils of the Past
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance
  • IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials
  • Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media
  • Who Needs Emotions?
  • Bluetongue
  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures
  • Robotics

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