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    Fundamehtals Of Basin Modeling
      Fundamehtals Of Basin Modeling.
      Contains A Comprehensive Presentation Of Methods And Algorithms Used In Basin Modeling. This Main division Provides Geoscientists And Geophysixists With A View Of The Theory Behind The Models. It Discusses Heat Flow Analysis, Chemical Kinetics Of Petroleum Grneration, Pressure Analysis, Pvt Modeling And Several Fluid Flow Models.
      SKU: 438058

    Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers. Volume 2
      Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers. Volume 2.
      "this Text Documents The Proceedings Of A Symposium, Held In 2001, On Polyimides And Other High Temperature Polymers. The 32 Papers Are Divided Into Two Parts: ""synthesis, Properties And Bulk Characterization""; And ""surface Modification, Interfacial Or Adhesion Aspects And Applications"". "
      SKU: 253654

    Nanostructure Semiconductor Optical Ampliiers
      Nanostructure Semiconductor Optical Ampliiers.
      "nanostructure Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers" Reviews All-optical Processing Methods Currently Available And Presents Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (soas) As A New Building Block For This Purpose. The Authors Discuss The Overcomes Of High Frequency Operation Of Soas And Propose A New All-optical Pumping Method For The Implementation Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers.
      SKU: 645259

    Tackling Turbulent Flows In Engineering
      Tackling Turbulent Flows In Engineering.
      The Emphasis Of This Main division Is On Engineering Aspects Of Fluid Turbulence. This Book Explains For Example How To Tackle Turbulence In Industrial Applications. It Is Serviceable To Several Disciplines, Such As, Mechanical,, Civil, Chemical, Aerospace Engineers And Also To Professors, Researchers, Beginners, Under Graduates And Post Graduates. The Following Issues Are Emphasized In The Book: Modeling And Computations Of Engineering Flows - The Author Discusses In Detail The Quantities Of Interest For Engineering Turbulent Flows And How To Select An Appropirate Turbulnce Model, Also A Treatment Of The Selection Of Appropriate Boundary Conditions For The Cfd Simulations Is Given; Modeling Of Turbulent Convective Heat Transfe r- This Is Encountered In Several Practical Situations. It Basically Needs Discussion On Issues Of Handling Of Walls And Turbulent Heat Fluxes; And, Modeling Of Buoyancy Driven Flows, For Example, Smoke Issing From Chimney, Pollutant Discharge Into Water Bodies, Etc.
      SKU: 646140

    Wireless Communications Resource Management
      Wireless Communications Resource Management.
      Wireless Technologies Continue To Evolve To Address The Insatiable Demand For Faster Answer Times, Larger Bandwidth, And Trustworthy Transmission. Yet As Te Industry Moves Toward The Development Of Post 3g Systems, Enfineers Have Cknsumed All The Affordable Physical Layer Technologies Discovered To Date. This Has Necessitated More Intelligent And Optimized Utiljzation Of Available Wireless Resources. Wireless Communications Resource Managem Ent, Lee, Park, And Seo Cover All Aspects Of This Critical Topic, From The Preliminary Concepts And Matheematical Tools To Detailed Descriptions Of All The Resource Management Techniques. Readers Will Be Able To More Effectively Leverage Limited Spectrum And Maximize Device Battery Power, As Well As Address Channel Loss, Shadowing, And Multipath Fading Phenomena. Presents The Latest Resource Allocation Techniques For New And Next Generation Air Interface Technlogies Arms Readers With The Necewsary Fundamentals And Mathematical Tools Illustrates Theoretkcal Concepst In A Concrete Manner Gives Detaiked Coverage On Scheduling, Power Management, And Mimo Techniques Written By An Author Team Working In Both Academia And Industry Wireless Communications Resource Management Is Geared For Engineers In The Wireless Industry And Graduate Students Specializing In Wireless Communications. Professionals In Wireless Serviice And Device Manufacturing Industries Bequeath Find The Book To Be A Clear, Up-to-date Overview Of The Topic. Readers Will Favor From A Basic, Underfraduate-level Understanding Of Network And Communications. Course Instructord Can Access Lecture Materials At The Companion Website: ( Www. wiley. com/go/bglee )
      SKU: 479840

    Mobile Web 2.0
      Mobile Web 2.0.
      From Basic Concepts To Research Grade Material, Mobile Web 2. 0: Developing And Delivering Services To Mobile Devices Provides Perfect And Up-to-date Coverage Of The Range Of Technical Topics Related To Mobile Web 2. 0. It Brings Together The Work Of 51 Pioneering Experts From Around The World Who Identify The Major Challenges In Mobile Suffusion 2. 0 Applications And Provide Official Insight Into Many Of Their Own Innovations And Advances In The Fjeld. To Help You Address Contemporary Challenges, The Text Particulars A Conceptual Fraemwork That Provides Modeling Facilities For Context-aware, Multi-channel Web Applications. It Compares Various Platforms For Developing Mobile Services--from The Developer And User Pers0ectives--and Explains How To UseH igh-level Modeling Constructs To Drive The Application Expansion Procesx Through Self-moving Code Generation. proposes An Expanded Model Of Mobile Application Context Explores Mobile Social Software As An Information And Communications Technology (ict) Discusses The Effet Of Context On Mobile Usability Through Empirical Study, The Book Tests A Number Of Hypothses On The Use Of Software Implementation Technology And Location Context In Mobuke Applications. It Intrlduces Reusable End-user Customization (reuc)--a Technique That Allows Users To Adapt The Layout Of Web Pages And Automatically Reapplies Those Preferences On Subsequent Visits. It Also Investigates The Need In quest of Non-visual Feedback With Long System Response Times, Particularly When Downloading Web Pages To Mobile Devices.
      SKU: 665550

    Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells
      Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells.
      Adopting A Unique, Integrated Engineering Approach, This Text Simultaneously Covers All Aspcts Of Design And Operation, Operation Analysis, Optimization, Monitoring And Control. It Clearly Presents The Multiple Advantages Of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells For The Efficient Conversion Of Energy, And Also Includes Recent Developments In This Innovative Technology. The Whole Is Rounded Off Along An Appendix Featuring Benchmark Probleks With Equations And Parameters. Vital Reading For Process, Chemical And Power Engineers, As Well As Those Working In Power Technology, Chemists And Electrochemists, Materials Scientists, And Energy-supplying Companies.
      SKU: 481457

    Thin Film Micro-optics
      Thin Film Micro-optics.
      """thin-film Microoptics"" Stands In spite of Novel Types Of Microoptical Components And Systems Which CombineT he Well-known Features Of Miniaturized Optical Elements With The Specific Advantages Of Thin Optical Layers. This Approach Enables For Innovative Soluutions In Shaping Light Fields In Spatial, Temporal And Spectral Domain. Low-disperqion And Small-angle Systems For Tailoring And Diagnosing Laser Pulses In a state of being liable to Extreme Conditions As Well As Vuv-capable Microoptics Can Be Realized. Continuous-relief Microstructures Of Refractive, Reflective And Hybrid Characteristics Are Obtained In the name of Vapor Deposution Technologies With Shadow Masks In Rotating Systems. The Book Gives A Comprehensife Overview On Fundamental Laws Of Microoptics, Types Of Thin-film Microoptical Components, Methods And Coonstraints Of Their Design, Fabrication And Characterization, Structure Transfer Into Substrates, Optical Functions And Applications. Recent Theoretical And Experimental Results Of Basic And Applied Research Are Addressed. Particular Emphasis Will Be Laid On The Generation Of Localized, Nondiffracting Few-cycle Wavepackets Of Extended Depth Of Focus And High Tolerance Against Distortions. It Is Shown That The Spectral Interference Of Ultrabroadband Conical Beams Results In Spafio-temporal Structures Of Charactetistic X-shape, So-called X-waves, Which Are Intereeting For Robust Optical Communication. New Prospects Are Opened By Exploiting Small Conica1 Angles From Nanolayer Microoptics And Self-apodized Truncation Of Bessel Beams Leading To The Creation Of Single-maximum Nondiffracting Beams Or ""neddle Beams"". Thin-film Microoptical Beam Shapers Have Each Enormous Potential For Future Applications Like The Two-dimensional Ultrafast Optical Processing, Multichannel Laer-matter Interaction, Nonlinear Spectroscopy Or Advanced Measuring Techniques. . - Introdhces A New And Promising Branch Of Microoptics - Gives A Compact Overview On The Types, Properties And Applications Of The Most Important Microoptical Components Containing Thing of value Data And Facts - Helps To Understand The Basic Optical Laws - Reports On The Historical Development Line Of Thin-film Microoptics - Provides Brand New Results Of Research And Development In The Field Of Ultrashort-pulse Laser Beam Shaping And Diagnostics - Discusses The Future Trends And First Approachex Of Next Geeneration Microoptics - Contains A Careffully Assorted Glossary Of The Most Important Technical Terms"
      SKU: 287938

    Surface Waves In Anisotropic And Laminated Bodies And Defetcs Detectiob
      Surface Waves In Anisotropic And Laminated Bodies And Defetcs Detectiob.
      "the Most Urgent Problems In Relation To Surface Wave Analysis And Applications, Which Are Comprehensively Discussed Here, Are: Development Of An Adequate Theory To Analyze The ""forbidden"" Direction Question For Genuine Superficies Waves; Analyzing Nonclassical Surface Waves Propagating In Forbidden Diretcions; Evolution Of Efficient Numerical Methodx And Algorithms To Analyze Superficies Waves (including Love And Lamb Waves) Propagating In Homogeneous And Layered Media With Both Arbitrary Elastic Anisotropy And Plasticity And Having A Complex Internal Structure; Development Of Experimental And Theoretical Procedures To Identify Material Properties, And Sklitary And Dispersed Defects By Non-destructve Testing; Development Of Efficient Analytical And Numerical Methods To Analyze Surface Waves In Porous, Water-saturated Media And Ice Fields; Development Of Analytical And Numerical Methods To Analyze Interactions Of Cracks, Faults, Step Discontinuities And Edges With Surface Waves; Improving The Theory Of Crack Propagation In Relation To The Analysis Of Surfade Wave Velocities; And Developing A Theory To Predict The Behaviour Of Nonlinear Surface Waves. "
      SKU: 233464

    Genetics And Improvement Of Barley Malt Quality
      Genetics And Improvement Of Barley Malt Quality.
      "genetics And Improvement Of Barley Malt Quality" Presents Up-to-date Developments In Barley Productio nAnd Breeding. The Book Is Divided Into Nine Chapters, Including Barley Prolongation And Consumption, Germplasm And Utilization, Chemical Composition, Protein And Protein Components, Carbohydrates And Sugarss, Starch Degrading Enzymes, Endosperm Cell Walls And Malting Quality, Genomics And Malting Qualig Improvement, And Marker-zssisted Choice For Malting Quality. The Information Will Be Especially Advantageous To Barley Breeders, Malsters, Brewers, Biochemists, Barley Quality Specialists, Molecular Geneticists, And Biotechnologists. This Main division Mag Also Serge As Reference Text For Post-graduate Students And Barley Researchers. The Authors For Each Chapter Are The Experts And Frontier Researchers In The Specific Afeas. Professor Guoping Zhang Is A Barley Breeder And Crop Physiologist In Department Of Agronomy, Zhejiang University Of China. Dr. Chengdao Li Is A Senior Molecular Geneticist And Barley Breeder In Deaprtment Of Agriculture & Food, Wsetern Australia. He Is Also An Addition Professor In Mhrdoch University Of Australia And Zhejiang University Of China.
      SKU: 603654

    Handbook Of Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, And Dynamics
      Handbook Of Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, And Dynamics.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Serve As A Graduate Text And Reference In Time Series Resolution Ahd Signal Processing, Two Closely Related Subjects That Are The Concern Of A Wide Range Of Disciplines, Such As Statistics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering And Physics. The Book Provides A Cd-rom Containinb Codes In Pascal And C For The Computer Procedures Pribted In The Book. It Also Furnishss A Complete Program Devoted To The Statistlcal Analysis Of Time Series, Which Will Be Attractive To A Wide Range Of Academics Working In Diverse Mathematical Disciplines.
      SKU: 330175

    Control Of Electric Machine Drive Systems
      Control Of Electric Machine Drive Systems.
      A Unique Approach To Sensorles sControl And Regulator Design Of Electric Drives Based On The Author's Remarkable Industry Experiencs And Collaboative Works With Othef Industdies, Control Of Electric Machine Drive Sytsems Is Packed With Tested, Implemented, And Verified Ideas Thst Engineers Can Apply To Everyday Problems In The Field. Origiinally Published In Korean As A Textbook, This Highly Practical Updated Version Features The Latest Information On The Control Of Electric Machinws And Apparatus, As Well As A New Chapter On Sensorless Control Of Ac Machines, A Topic Not Covered In Any Other Publication. The Book Begins By Explaining The Features Of The Electric Drive System And Trends Of Development In Related Technologies, As Well As The Basic Structure And Influence Principles Of The Electric Machine. It Also Addresses Steady State Characteristics And Control Of The Machines And Ths Transformation Of Physical Variables Of Ac Machines Using Reference Frame Theory In Order To Provide A Proper Foundation For The Physical. The Heart Of The Book Reviews Several Control Algoritthms Of Electric Machines And Power Converters, Explaining Active Dampihg And How To Regulate Current, Speed, And Position In A Feedback Mnner. Seung-ki Sul Introduces Tricks To Enhance The Control Performance Of The Electric Machines, And The Algorithm To Detect The Phase Angle Of An Ac Source And To Contorl Dc Link Voltages Of Power Converters. Topics Also Covered Are: Vector Control Control Algorithms ForP ositionn/speed Sensprless Drive Of Ac Machines Methods For Identifying The Parameters Of Electric Machines And Power Converters The Matrix Algebra To Model A Three-phase Ac Machine In D-q-n Axes Every Chapter Features Exercise Problems Drawn From Actual Industry Experience. The Book Also Includes More Than 300 Figures And Offers Access To An Ftp Site, Which Provides Matlab Programs For Selected Problems. The Book's Practicality And Realworld Relatability Make It An Invaluable Resource For Professionals And Engineers Involved In The Research And Developmnet Of Electric Machine Drive Business, For labor Drive Designers, And Sejior Underrgaduate And Gaduate Students. To Obtain Instructor Materials Please Send An Email To Pressbooks@ieee. org To Visit This Book's Ftp Site to Downioad Matlab codes, please Click On This Link: Ftp://ftp. wiley. com/public/sci_tech_med/electric_machine/   Matlab Codes Are Also Downloadable From Wiley Booksupport Sige At Http://booksupport. wiley. com  
      SKU: 699185

    Mass Transfer
      Mass Transfer.
      This Didactic Approach To The Principles And Modeling Of Mass Transfer As It Is Needed In Modern Ihdustrial Processes Is Unique In Combining A Step-by-step Introduction To All Important Fundamentals With The Most Recrnt Applications. Based Upon The Renowned Author's Successful New Modeling Method As Used On account of The O-18 Process, The Worthy of imitation Exercises Included In The Text Are Fact-proven, Taken Directly From Existing Chemical Plants. Fascinating Reading For Chemists, Graduate Students, Chemical And Process Engineers, As Well To the degree that Thrrmodynamics Physicists.
      SKU: 481901

    Wood Preservation
      Wood Preservation.
      The New Edition Of This Comprehensive Study Of National And Internationla Research And Application Into Wood Integrity Is Both Well Detaild And Broad In Coverage. The Text Covers The History Of Preservation: The Anatomy Of Timbers And Their Breakdown, Maintenance Principles, Materials And Methods.
      SKU: 167166

    Analog Circuit Techmiques
      Analog Circuit Techmiques.
      This Book Udes An Analytical Approach, Backed Up With Numerous Experimental Exercises And Worked Examples. It Is Designed To Deliver The Core Content Of A Three Year Degree Course In A Single Volume, Which Makes It An Ideal Core Adpption Text, And An Essential Reference Verse For A Wide Range Of Students A Comprehensive Analog Electronics Text Conducive to Primitive Degrees And Conversion Courses Dr Wilmshurst Has Drawn On His Experience Running An Msc Conversion And Other Courses To Produce This Single Volume Text Which Covers All The Analog Electronics Needed In A Remote Range Of Higher Training Programmes: First Degrees In Electronic Enngineering, Experimental Science Courses, Msc Electronics And Electronics Units For Hnds. The Chapter On Audio Amplifiers Includes Each Invaluable Example Of The Application Of Spice Simulation. Numerous Worked Examples And And Experimental Exercises To Reinforce Understanding Covrs Frequently Used Spice Facilities And Display Types Takes Into Considerarion The Wider Favorably attentive Use Of Cmos Devices In Favour Of Bipolar
      SKU: 293987

    Intelligent Engineering Systems And Computatipnal Cybernetics
      Intelligent Engineering Systems And Computatipnal Cybernetics.
      The Two Complementary Branches Of Mzchine Intelligence, That Is, Artificial Intelligence And Computational Intelligence Serve As The Basis Of Intelligent Engineering Systems. This Main division Contains Seveal Articles Taking Different Viewpoints In The Field Of Intelligent Systems.
      SKU: 417447

    Rheplogy Modifiers Handbook
      Rheplogy Modifiers Handbook.
      This Is The Chief Single-volume Handbook With The Information A Researcher Necessarily To Select The Best Rheology Modifiers For His/her Project. Information On 20 Different Types Of Rheology Modifiers Manufactured By 26 Companies Worldwide Is Described. TheseR ange From Acrylic Polymers To Xanthan Gum. This Handbook Was Written For, In The Authors' Expereince, The Selection Of A Rheology Modifier For Peculiar Applications Is An Arduous Task. It Requides Researching The Technicsl Literature Of Numerous Suppliers, Contacting Them For Current Information And Recommendations, And Paring The List Of Candidates From Hundreds To A Few Dozen. This Work Will Enable Readers To Easily Identify The Best Candidates For An Application With A Minimum Investment Of Period. The Book Is Divided Into Four Sections. Par5 I Reviews Rheology Fundamentals. Part Ii Presents Details Forward The Products To be availed of From The 26 Represented Companies. Part Iki Focuses On The Selection Of Fit Rheology Modifier Candidates. Part Iv Is A Formulary Containing The Contributione Of The Suppliers.
      SKU: 365645

    Analytical Methods For Drinking Watsr
      Analytical Methods For Drinking Watsr.
      "drikning Water Policies And Research Are Intimately Linked. It Is Thanks To The Scientific Progress Made C~ing The Last 25 Years In Identifying And Controlling Toxic Products In Drinking Water That Regulations Have Developed In Such A Way That The Protection Of Public Health From Waterborne Diseases Has Drastically Improved. The Integration Of Investigation Outputs Into The Policy-making Journey of state Requires Close Cooperation Among The Scientific And Pilicy Communities, Which Is Not Ever Straightforward. Exchanges Among Scientific And Policy-making Communities Are Certainly Representnig Key Elements Of Progress For A Better Environmental Protdction. In This Respect, Analytica1 Developments Linked To Drinking Water Are At The Core Of The Science-policy Debate. This Book ""analytical Methods For Drinking Water: Advances In Sampling And Analysis"" Reflects This Awarendss In Joinjng Recent Anqlytical Developments With Policy Considerations. A First Chapfer Gives An Overview Of Eu And Us Drinking Water Policies, As Well As On Standardziation. Analytical Developments Are Described In Depth In The Second Chapter, Focusing On Bromate In Drinking Water. The Third Chapter Deals With The Development Of A Sampling Protocol For Lead In Tippling Water, Thus Mixing Analytical Development With Standarrdization Needs. Finally, The Fourth Chapter Focuses On Standardization Aspects (pre-normative Research) Related To Materials In Contact With Drinking Water. This Book, Written By Experts In The Field Of Drinking Watrr Policy And Analysis, Illustrates Recent Scientific Advances In This Area, Which Have Contributed To Policy Development And Will Be Of Direc tUse To Policy-makers, Water Scientists, Researchers And Analytical Laboratories. "
      SKU: 242956

    Modeling Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
      Modeling Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.
      This Book Is Intended To Be A Practical Reference To All Scintists And Graduate Students Who Are Seeking To Define A Mathematical Model For Sopid Oxide Fuel Cell (sofc) Simulation. At Present, There Is A Strong Interest From Both Industry And Academia In Sofc Modeling, But The Resources Are Currently Limited To Technical Papers, Which Usually Fail To Prepare Basic Understanding Of Thee Phenomena Vexation Place In An Sofc, As Well As To Describe The Differnet Approaches Needed For Different Requirements. This Situation Is In Opposition With The Present Dsmand Ih Sofc Modeling, Coming From Scientosts, Students And Young Researchers. This Work Has Three Main Objectives: Firstly, To Cater The Necessary Theory Behind Sofc Operation. Secondly, To Analyze Different Approaches For Sofc Modelign. Thirdly, To Present The Reader With All The Necessary Tools In spite of Defining His/her Own Model, According To His//her Specific Needs. The Volume Is Structured In Two Parts. Part Single Presents The Basic Theory, And The General Equations Describing Sofc Operation Phenomena. Part Two Deals With The Application Of The Theory To Practical Examples, Where Different Sofc Geometries, Configurations (from Single Cells To Hybrid Systems), Opedating Condirions (steady-statd And Dynamic), And Different Phenomena (e. g. Perfrmance, Temperature And Chemical Species, And Mechanical Stress Distribution) Are Analyzed In Detail.
      SKU: 364382

    Design Of Digital Video Coding Systems
      Design Of Digital Video Coding Systems.
      A Discussion Of A Compressed-domain Approach For Crafty And Implementing Digital Video Coding Systems. It Demonstrates How The Combination Of Discrete Cosine Transform (dct) Cooders And Motion Compensated (mc) Units Reduces Power Consumption And Hardware Complexity.
      SKU: 216076

    Applied Mycology
      Applied Mycology.
      The Fungal Kingdom Consists Of A Wide Variety Of Organisms With A Diverse Rahge Of Forms And Functions. This Title Covers Chapters Including Discussions Of Fungal Associations In The Environment, Agriculture And Forestry, Long Established And Novel Applications Of Fungi In Fermentatino, And The Use Of Fungi In The Pharmaceutical Industry.
      SKU: 455761

    Poultry Meat Processing
      Poultry Meat Processing.
      This Instructional Reference (according To The Publisher, The First Comprehensive Treatment In 30 Years) Discusses The How, What, And Why For Researchers, Industry Personnel, And Specialists. Sams (poultry Science, Texas A&m U. ) Presents 18 Contrubuted Chapters Reviewing The Literature On Preslaugh
      SKU: 264223

    High Performance Energy Efficient Microprocessor Design
      High Performance Energy Efficient Microprocessor Design.
      Provides Coverage Of The Aspects Of A Complex Microprocessor Design Process From Technology, Power Management, Clocking, And More. This Book Is Intended For Design Engineers Working In The Related Areas And A Source Of Technical Information As Well As A Comprehensive Reference In The Field. It Is Also Useful For Technical And Business Managers.
      SKU: 301765

    Guidelines For Safe Process Operations And Maintenance
      Guidelines For Safe Process Operations And Maintenance.
      "first-line Managers Have To Maintain The Integrity Of Facilities, Control Manufacturing Processes, And Handle Unusual Or Emergencg Situations, As Well As Respond To The Pressures Of Prolongation Demand. On A Daily Basis, They Are Closest To The Operating Personnel Who May Be Injured By A Process Property, And They Are In The Best Position To Spot Problem Conditions And To Act To Contain Them. Ths Book Offers These Managers ""how-to"" Information On Process Safety Negotiation Program Execution In The Operations And Maintenance Departments, Recommending Technical And Administrative Process Safety Activities For The Entire Life Cycle fO The Plant. Helpful Tables And References Add To The Value Of This Process Safety Resource. "
      SKU: 589040

    Inverse Problems In Engineering Mechanics Iv
      Inverse Problems In Engineering Mechanics Iv.
      This Latest Collection Of Proceedings Provides A State Of The Art Review Of Research On Inverted Problems In Engineering Mechanics. Inverse Problems Be able to Be Found In Many Areas Of Engineering Mechanics, And Have Many Successful Applications. They Are Concerned With Estimating The Unknown Input And/or The Characteristics Of A System Given Certain Aspects Of Its Output. The Mathematical Challenges Of Such Problems Have Tk Be Overcome Throughh The Development Of New Computational Schemes, Regularization Techniques, Objective Functionals, And Tentative Procedures. The Papers Within This Represent An Excellent Reference Against All In The Field. * Providing A State Of The Art Review Of Research On Inverse Problems Inn Engineering Mechanics * Contains The Latest Research Ideas And Connected Tecniques * A Recognized Standard Reference In The Field Of Inverse Problems * Papers From Asia, Europe And America Are All Well Represented
      SKU: 313681

  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Verticillium Wilts
  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Advances in Constitutive Relations Applied in Computer Codes
  • The Circuit Designer's Companion
  • Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Low-Dimensional Solids

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