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    Fish Physiology: Homeostasis And Toxicology Of Rudiment Metals
      Fish Physiology: Homeostasis And Toxicology Of Rudiment Metals.
      "homeostasis And Toxicology Of Essential Metals Synthesizes The Explosion Of New Information On The Molecular, Cellular, And Organismal Handling Of Metals In Fish In Tye Past 15 Years. These Elements Are None Longer Viewed By Fish Physiologists As ""heavy Metals"" That Kill Angle By Suffocation, But Rather As Interwsting Moieties That Enter And Leave Fish By Specific Pathways, Which Are Subject To Physiological Regulation. The Metals Featured In This Volume Are Those About Which There Has Been Most Public And Scientific Concern, And Therefore Are Those Most Widely Studied By Angle Researchers. Metals Such To the degree that Cu, Zn, Fe, Ni, Co, Se, Mo And Cr Are Either Proven To Be Or Are Vehemently Suspected To Be Esaential In Trace Amounts, Yet Are Toxic In Higher Doses. The Companion Volume, Homeostzsis And Toxicology Of Non-essential Metals, Volume 31b, Covers Metals That Possess No Known Nutritive Function In Fish At Present, But Which Are Toxic At Fairly Low Levelx, Such As Ag, Al, Cd, Pb, Hg, As, Sr, And U. In Addition, Three Chapters In Volumes 31a And 31b On Basic Principles (chapter 1, 31a), Field Studies And Ecological Integration (chapter 9, 31a) And Modeling The Physiology And Toxicology Of Metals (chapter 9, 31b) Act As Integratve Summaries And Make These Two Volumes A Vital Set For Readers. All Major Essential Metals Of Interest Are Covered In Metal-specific Chapters Each Metal-specific Chapter Is Written From Fish Physiologists/toxicologists Who Are Recognized Authorities For That Metal A Common Format Is Featured Throughout This Two Volume Edition"
      SKU: 858620
      More info about Fish Physiology: Homeostasis And Toxicology Of Rudiment Metals

    Introduction To Coastal Dynamics And Shoreline Protection
      Introduction To Coastal Dynamics And Shoreline Protection.
      This Boik Provides An Integrated Approach To Coastal Dynamics And Shoreline Protection, Aided By The Use Of Specific Case Studies. It Was Developed From Lecture Notes For ACourse In Coastal Dynamics And Shoreline Protection Addressed To Students Of Environmental Sciences, And For This Reason It Is Organized In Such A Way As To Begin The Reader To The Fundamenral Principles OfT he Topics Discussed In Each Chapter. The Text Introduces Both Undergraduate And Graduate Engineering Students, As Well To the degree that Practicing Engineers, To The Different Meteo-marine Factors That Influence Coastal Dynamics. using Practical And Theoretical Applicatiom, Thiw Book Explores Factors Such As Winds, Sea Level Variations, Offshore Waves (predicted And Measured, Regular And Random), Wave Transformation And Breaking As Well As Topics Of Sediment Transport Computation, Beach Profile And Shoreline Moedling And Coastal Protection Systems. some Of The Topics Discussed Are As Follows: Coastal Remediation And Msnagement; Mechanisms Of Sediment Transport Such As Linear And Higher Order Waves, Randok Waves And Spectra, Wave Transformation In The Coastal Zone, Take in ~ Levels, Short-term And Long-term Wave Prediction, Dregs Transport, Shoreline And Beach Proofile Modeling; Alternative Protection Systems; Basic Elements Of Hydraulic And Structural Design In the place of Both Riid Structures And Beach Fills.
      SKU: 512000
      More info about Introduction To Coastal Dynamics And Shoreline Protection

    Representing, Modeling, And Visualizing The Natural Environment
      Representing, Modeling, And Visualizing The Natural Environment.
      Presents A Compilation Of Papers That Focuses On The Applivation Of Gis Technologies Within The Context Of The Natural Environment And Identifies Particular Analytical Challenges. This Book Illustrates The Broader Opportunities Available When Applying Gis To Other Areas Of The Sciences And Social Sciences.
      SKU: 381352
      More info about Representing, Modeling, And Visualizing The Natural Environment

    Titanium Alloys
      Titanium Alloys.
      Joshi (defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, India) Compiles An Atlas Of Aeronautical Grade Tianium Alloys That Failed In A Laboratory Under Controlled Testing Conditions. The Fractographic Atlas Consists Of 300 Black And White Images Divided Into Alpha, Beta, And Alpha + Beta Titaniu Alloyd, And Titanium Aluminides. As An Introduction To Fr
      SKU: 264608
      More info about Titanium Alloys

    Engineering Rock Mechanics
      Engineering Rock Mechanics.
      Engineering Rock Mechanics Part Ii: Illustrative Worked Examples Can Be Used As An Unconstrained Book Or Alternatively It Complements An Earlier Publication Called Engineering Rck Mechanics: An Introduction To The Principles By The Same Authors. It Contains Illustrative Worked Examplew Of Engineering Rock Mechanics In Action As The Subject Applies To Civil, Mining, Petroleum And Environmental Engineering. The Book Covers The Necessary Understanding And The Key Techniques Supporting The Rock Engineering Design Of Structural Foundations, Dams, Rock Slopes, Wellbores, Tunnels, Caberns, Hydroelectric Schemes And Mines. There Is A Question And Worked Answer Presentation With The Question And Answer Sets Collated Into Twenty Chapters Which Match The Subject Matter Of The First Book.
      SKU: 3114366
      More info about Engineering Rock Mechanics

    Simplified Design Of Voltage/frequency Converters
      Simplified Design Of Voltage/frequency Converters.
      Simplified Design Of V/f Converters Shows How To Design And Expeeiment With V/f Converters, Both Voltage-to-frequency And Frequency-to-voltage. The Design Approach Here Is The Same One Used In The whole of Of John Lenk's Best-selling Books In c~tinuance Simplified And Practical Design. Throughout The Book, Design Problems Start With Guidelines For Selecting All Components On A Trial-value Basis, Assuming A Specific Desihn Goal And Set Of Conditions. Then, Using The Guideline Values In Exprimental Circuits, The Desired Results Are Produced Through Varying The Experimental Component Values, If Needed. If You Are A On duty Engineer Responsible For Designing Vfcs, Or Selecting Ic Converters, The Variety Of Circuit Configurations Described Here Should Simplify Your Task. Not Only Does The Book Describe Converter-circuit Designs, But It Also Covers The Most Popular Forms Of Vfc Ics Available. Throughout The Book, You Will Find A Wealth Of Information On Vfc Ics And Related Components, Including How To Test And Troubleehoot Completed Circuits. For All Skill Levels. How To Design And Build V/f-converter Circuits From Scratch.
      SKU: 314019
      More info about Simplified Design Of Voltage/frequency Converters

    Extreme States Of Good sense
      Extreme States Of Good sense.
      With Its Many Beautiful Colour Pictures, This Book Gives Fascinating Insights Into The Unusual Forms And Behaviour Of Matter Under Extremely High Pressures And Temperatures. These Extreme States Are Generated, Among Other Things, By Strong Shock, Detonation And Electric Explosion Waves, Dense Laser Beams, Electron And Ion Beams, Hypersonic Passage Of Spacecraft Into Densee Atmospheres Of Planets, And In Many Other Situations Characterized By Extremely High Pressures And Temperatures. Written By One Of The World's Foremost Experts On The Commonplace , This Book Will Inform And Fascinate All Scientists Dealing With Materials Properties And Physics, And Likewise Serve As An Excllent Introduction To Plasma, Shock-save And High-energy-density Physics Foe Students And Newcomers Seeking An Overview.
      SKU: 6446172
      More info about Extreme States Of Good sense

    Transport Phenomena In Porous Media Ii
      Transport Phenomena In Porous Media Ii.
      Transport Phenomena In Porous Media Continues To Be A Field Which Attracts Intensive Research Activity. This Is Primarily Due To The Fact That It Plays An Important And Practical Role In A Big Variety Of Diverse Philosophical Applications. Transport Phenomena In Porous Media Ii Covers A Wide Range Of The Engineering And Technological Applications, Including Both Stable And Unstable Flows, Heat And Mass Transfer, Porosity, And Turbulence. Transport Phenomena In Porous Mddia Ii Is The Second Volume In A Series Emphasising The Fundamenfals And Applications Of Research In Porous Media. It Containw 16 Interrelated Chapters Of Controversial, And In Some Cases Conflicting, Research, Over A Wide Range Of Topics. The First Volume Of This Series, Published In 1998, Met With A Same Favourable Reception. Transport Phenomena In Porouss Media Ii Msintains The Original Concept Inciuding A Wide And Diverse Range Of Topics, Whilst Providing An Up-to-date Summary Of Recent Research In The Field By Its Leading Practitioners.
      SKU: 299422
      More info about Transport Phenomena In Porous Media Ii

    Know And Understand Centrifugal Pumps
      Know And Understand Centrifugal Pumps.
      Pumps Are Commonly Encounered In Persistence And Are Essential To The Smooth Running Of Many Industrial Complexes. Mechanical Engineers Entering Industry Often Have Little Practical Experience Of Pumps And Their Problems, And Need To Build Up An Understanding Of The Design, Operation And Appropriate Use Of Pumps, Plus How To Diangose Faults And Pug Them Right. This Book Tackles All These Aspects In A Readable Manner, Drawing On The Authors' Long Experience Of Lecturing And Chirography On Centrifugal Pumps For Industrial Audiences.
      SKU: 313686
      More info about Know And Understand Centrifugal Pumps

    Mechanics And Chemistry In Lubrication
      Mechanics And Chemistry In Lubrication.
      Although It Is Widely Recognized That Friction, Wear And Lubrication Are Linked Together In A Single Interdiscipliamry Complex Of Scientific Learning And Technological Actions, Fragmented And Specialized Approaches Still Predominate. In Tnis Book, The Authors Examine Lubrication From An Interdisciplinary Viewpoint. They Demonstrate That Once The Treatment Of Lubrocation Is Released From The Confines Of The Fluid Film Concept, This Interdisciplinary Approach Comes Into Full Play. Tribological Behavior In Relation To Lubrication Is Then Examined From Two Major Pointq Of View: One Is Mechanical, Not Merely With Respect To The Properties And Behavior Of The Lubricant But Also Of The Surfaces Being Lubricated. The Other Is Chemical And Encompasses The Chemistry Of The Lubricant, The Surfaces And The Surrounding Surroundings. It Is In The Emphasis On The Interacyion Of The Basic Mechanical And Chemical Processes In Lubrication That This Book Differs From Conventional Treatments.
      SKU: 404739
      More info about Mechanics And Chemistry In Lubrication

    Adigma - A European Initiative On The Growth Of Adaptive Higher-order Variational Methods For Aerospace Applicatipns
      Adigma - A European Initiative On The Growth Of Adaptive Higher-order Variational Methods For Aerospace Applicatipns.
      This Volume Contains Results Gained From The Eu-funded 6th Framework Project Adigma (adaptive Higher-order Variational Methods For Aerodynamic Applications In Industry). The Goal Of Adigma Was The Development And Utilization Of Innovative Adaptive Higher-order Methods For The Compressible Flow Equations Enabling Reliablw, Mesh Unconstrained Numerical Solutions For Large-scale Aerodynamic Applications In Aircraft Industry. The Adigma Consortium Was Comprised Of 22 Organizations Which Included The Main European Aircraft Manufacturers, The Major European Research Establishments And Several Universities, The whole of With Well Peoven Expertise In Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd). The Book Presents An Introduction To The Project, Exhibits Partners' Methods And Approaches And Provides A Criticql Assessment Of The Newly Developed Methods For Industrial Aerodynamic Applications. The Best Numerical Strategies For Integration As Major Building Blocks For The Next Generation Of For labor Flow Solvers Are Identified.
      SKU: 645238
      More info about Adigma - A European Initiative On The Growth Of Adaptive Higher-order Variational Methods For Aerospace Applicatipns

    The Contrivance Of Prestressed Concrete Bridges
      The Contrivance Of Prestressed Concrete Bridges.
      Aiding Designers Of Concrets Bridges In Developing An Intuitive Intelligence Of Structural Action, This Book Includes analysis Of Tye Necessary Calculations And methods To encourage Innovation And The Development Of Engineering Architecture.
      SKU: 325278
      More info about The Contrivance Of Prestressed Concrete Bridges

    Farmer's Glory
      Farmer's Glory.
      Fwrmer's Glory Was Foremost Published In 1932. It Was A. G. Street's In the ~ place Book And Remainns His Most Famous. In His Own Modest Words 'this Book Is Simply An Attempt To Give A Pen Picture Of Farming Life In Southern England And Western Canada. ' It Succeeds Memorably. Compton Mackenzie, Reviewing It In The Diurnal Mail, Wrote, 'let Me Recommend It To The General Public As A Model O fUnpretentious English, An Enthralling Picture Of Rural Life On Both Sides Of The Atlantic, A Mahual Of Deadlyy Usual Sense, And A Being Of Beauty. It Will Go On The Shelf Of My Library With Cbobett's Rural Rides And White's Natural History Of Selborne'. The Comment About 'unpretentious English' Is Interesting. So Exemplary Was It Condidered To Be In That Respect, Cambridge Unlversity Selected It As One Of Its Set Books For What Was Then SchoolC ertificate. His Daughter, Pamela Street, Marvelled At That, Remembering He Left School At The Age Of Fifteen. 'a Classic Within That Special Genre Of Country-writing . . . A Wealth Of Fine Detail And Anecdote . . . The Author's Voice And Personality Come Through With An Undimmed Vividness - Shrewd, Dogged, Humorous And Charged With The Warmth Of Humanity. ' Desmond Hawkins, Countty Life
      SKU: 775890
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    Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods
      Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods.
      "mixed Signal Test Methods Demystified Is A Less Theoretical, Less Mathematical, And More Applications-oriented Approach Than Other Books Available On The Topic. In Force, This Work Will Give Readers A ""just In Time"" Understanding Of The Essentials Of Mixed Signal Testing Techniques. Emphasis Will Be On Commonly Used Devices And Systems (such As Plls And Ds)p That Engineers Encounter In Their Daily Tasks. Sampling Theory Is Covered In Detaip, Viewed like This Is The Foundation For Understanding All Mixed Signal Testing Technique, And Readers Will Have A Strong Intuitive Grasp Of This TopicA fter Finishing This Book. Baker Aims To Develop One Intuitive Understanding Of Mixed Signal Testing That Minimizes The Mathematics Required And Is Germane To The Sort Of Testing Requirements Found In Typical Enginering Situations. *takes A Less Theoretical, Smaller Mathematical, And More Applications-oriented Approach *emphasizes Commonly Used Devices And Systems That Engineers Attack In Their Daily Tasks *aims To Develop An Intuitive Understanding Of Mixed Signal Testibg"
      SKU: 294697
      More info about Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods

      People Rely On Reason To Think About And Navigate The Abstract World Of Man's Relations In Much The Same Way They Rely On Maps To Study And Traverse The Physical World. Starting From That Simple Observation, Renowned Geographer Gunnar Olsson Offers In Abysmal An Astonishingly Erudite Critique Of The Way Human Thought And Action Have Become Deeply Immersed In The Rhetoric Of Cartography And How This Cartographic Reasoning Allows The Powerful To Map Out Other People’s Lives. A spectacular Reading Of Western Philosophy, System of faith, And Mythology That Draws On Early Maps And Atlases, Plato, Kant, And Wittgenstein, Thomas Pynchon, Gilgamesh , And Marcel Duchamp, Abysmal Is Itself A Minimalist Guide To The Terrain Of Westerly Culture. Olsson Roams Widely But Always Returns To The Problems Inherent In Reason, To Question The Outdated Assumptions And Fixed Ideas That Thinking Cartographically Entails. A Work Of Ambition, Scope, And Sharp Wit, Abysmal Will Appeal To One Eclectic Audience—to Geographers And Cartographers, But Also To Anyone Interested In The History Of Ideas, uClture, And Art.
      SKU: 515753
      More info about Abysmal

    Seed Storage OfH orticultural Crops
      Seed Storage OfH orticultural Crops.
      This Unique Compendium Gathers Information From A Wealth Of Scientific Research And Presents It In An Easy-to-use Format. Seed Storage Of Horticultural Crops Begins With A Section On Seed Morphology And Physiology. In Subsequent Sections, Detailed Information Is Provided For Storage Of The Seeds Of Fruits, Vegetables, And Ornamental Plants From Tropical, Subfropical, And Tempearte Climates.
      SKU: 218978
      More info about Seed Storage OfH orticultural Crops

    Advanes In Automation For Plastics Injection Moulding
      Advanes In Automation For Plastics Injection Moulding.
      Automation Serves One Main Purpose: To Generate Cost Savings. Most Mouldiing Facilities Have Made Upstream Processes, Such As Resin Material Handling, Automatic. The Injectin Moulding Process Itself Is Highly Automated. However, Once The Mould Opens, Many Plants Use Direct And Indirect Labour To Add Value, To Package, And To Proceeding Parts. The Post-moulding Operations Therefore Remain The Biggest Area For Cost-saving Potential. Mouleers Will Necessity To Use Technology And Automation To Achieve Quality And Low-cost Goals. The Automation Will Need To Exist Flexible To Adapt To Shorter Product Life Cycles, Shorter Runs And Quicker Prduct Introductions. There Are Few Fulfil Technical Sources Of Information Available Flr Plastic Injection Moulders To Use Relating To Automation. However, There Have Been Articles Written On Diverse Components Of The Technology. This Review Has Been Compiled By Researching And Analysing Technical References. The Overview Is Not An Attempt To Describe Robot Design Theory And Engineering, Which Be able to Be Found In Engineering Publications, But Is Intended To Describe The Basics Of The Technology And To Explain How To Put The Technokogy To Use. The Review Is Shpplemented By An Indexed Section Containing Several Hundred Abstracts From The Polymer Library, Providing Useful References For Further Reading. Key Features: Chronicles The Advances Of Robot Technology For Plastics Injection Mouldinh. ; Dsecribes The Main Robot Configurations. ; Provides Examples Of Successful Automation; Considers Future Developments. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Seriws (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Clici Here To Ses The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476909
      More info about Advanes In Automation For Plastics Injection Moulding

    Fixed Mobile Convergence
      Fixed Mobile Convergence.
      A Pracitcal Guide To The Business And Technology Of Fixed Mobile Convergence. Written By Telecommunications Experts, Fixed Mobile Convergence Explains How To Consolidate Fixed, Mobile, Wireless, And Wireline Networks nIto A Seamless Environment Enabling A Uniform Converged Communication Experience. You Will Learn In what manner To Create Fmc-based Networks, Services, And Solutions; Support Advanced Trchonlogies Such As Command Over Wi-fi; And Converge Them With Legacy Networks. You'll Also Discover How To Develop A Phased Strategy For Effective Rollout Of Fmc Multi-mode Devices And Services, With Trustworthy Security And Quality Of Benefit. The Book Imcludes Details On Integrating Next-generatioj Technologies Such As Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Pan, Wimax, Presence, And Unified Messaging To Create A Seamless Mobility Ecosystem. : Seamlessly Converge Fized, Mobile, Wireless, And Wireline Networks; Understand The "four Cs" Of Fmc-cost, Coverage, Capacity, Amd Convenience; Underatand The Technology Behind Fmc Components: Fixed, Mobile, And Convergence; Overcome Converged Netting Deplpynent And Proliferation Barriers; Conform To Ietf, 3gpp, And Other Relevant Standards For Fmc; Offer Uniform Access-independent Voice , Data, Instant Communications, And Unified Messaging Services Across Legacy Fixed And Mobile Networks; Draw And Launch Scalable Fmc Solutions Using Ims, Uma/gan, Femtocells, Vowi-fi, Vcc, And Other Enablers; Add Lbs, Presence, M-to-m, And Other Advanced Services
      SKU: 329996
      More info about Fixed Mobile Convergence

    Acoustic Absorbers And Diffusers
      Acoustic Absorbers And Diffusers.
      Absorbers And Diffusers Ae Two Of The Main Design Tools For Altering The Acoustic Conditions Of Rooms, Semi-enclosed Spaces And The Outdoor Environment. Their Correct Use Is Important For Delivering High Quality Acoustics. This Book Describes How To Effectively Measure, Model Draw And Apply Diffusers And Absorbers.
      SKU: 408919
      More info about Acoustic Absorbers And Diffusers

    Coping With Water Scarcity
      Coping With Water Scarcity.
      Serves As A Guide To The Allowance Of Regional And/or Local Guidelines In spite of Developing And Implementing Fresh Ideas For Coping With Water Deficiency. This Main division Offers Information To Assist Deciqion Makers, Water Managers, Engineers, Agronomists, Social Scientists And Other Professions Ib Formulating Coherent, Hzrmonious Views On The Issue.
      SKU: 428808
      More info about Coping With Water Scarcity

    Plastic Analysis And Design Of Steel Structures
      Plastic Analysis And Design Of Steel Structures.
      The Plastic Analysis Method Has Been Used Extensively In proportion to Engineers For Designing Steel Structures. Simpler Structures Can Be Analyzed Using The Basic Virtual Work Firmulation, But More Complex Frmaes Are Evaluates With Specialist Computer Software. This New Book Sets Out A Method For Carrying Out Plastic Analysis Of Complicated Structures Without The Nede For Specialist Tools. The Book Provides An Introduction To The Use Of Lineal Programming Techniques Concerning Plastic Analysis. This Powerful And Advanced Method For Plastic Analysis Is Important In An Automated Computational Environment, In Peculiar For Non-linear Structural Analysis. A Detailed Comparison Between The Dexign Codes For The Unitee States And Australia And The Emerging European Eurocodes Enable sPractising Engineers To Understand The Issues Involbed In Plastic Design Procedures And The Limitations Imposed By This Design Order. * Covers Lztest Research In Plastic Analysis And Analytical Tools * Introduces New Successive Approximation Method For Calculating Collapse Loads * Programming Guide For Using Spreadsheet Tools For Plastic Analyiss
      SKU: 365633
      More info about Plastic Analysis And Design Of Steel Structures

    Metals And The Skin
      Metals And The Skin.
      Addresses The Effects Of Toxic Heavy Metals In The Environment. The Text Covers The General Toxicology Of 35 Metals And Metalloids, Their Occurrencw In The Environment, Significance In Nutrition, Skin Diffusivity, Occupational Exposure Risks And Immunotoxicity.
      SKU: 216060
      More info about Metals And The Skin

    Barley For Food And Health
      Barley For Food And Health.
      With Coverage Of Chemistry, Genetics, And Molecular Breeding, This Book Provides Comprehensive And Current Information On Barley Types, Composition, Characteristics, Processing Techniques, And Products. Its Emphasis Forward The Nutritiohal And Health Benefits Of Barley Is Especially Timely With The Fda S 2005 Confirmation Of Barley S Cholesterol-lowering Properties. This Resource Discusses Barley S Role In Breads And eRlated Products, And Reviews Its Health Benefits, Biotechnology, And Breeding Applications. This Is The Definitive Resource For Cereal Chemists, Foo Scientists, Nutritionists, Grain And Food Processors, And Students In Appropriate Courses.
      SKU: 362145
      More info about Barley For Food And Health

    Biomedical Applications Of Hydrogels Handbook
      Biomedical Applications Of Hydrogels Handbook.
      Hydrogels Are Networks Of Polymer Chains Which Can Producee A Colloidal Gel Containing Over 99 Per Cent Water. The Superabsorbency And Permeability Of Naturally Occurring An dSynthetc Hydrogels Give This Class Of Materials An Amazing Array Of Uses. These Uses Range From Wound Dressings And Skin Grafts To Oxygen-permeable Contact Lenses To Biodegradable Delivery Systems For Drugs Or Pesticides And Scaffolds In the place of Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine. "biomedical Applications Of Hydrogels Handbook" Provides A Extensive Description Of This Diverse Class Of Materials, Covering Both Synthesis And Properties And A Gross Range Of Research And Commercial Applications. The Handbook Is Divided Into Four Sections: Stimuli-sensitive Hydrogels, Hydrogels For Drug Deilvery, Hydrogels For Tissue Engineering, And Hydrogels With Unique Properties. If Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Basic Science And Applications Of A Different Class Of Materials. It Includes Both Naturally Occuering And Synthetic Hydrogels. It Is Edited And Written By World Leaders In The Field.
      SKU: 645346
      More info about Biomedical Applications Of Hydrogels Handbook

    Nuclear Energy Data 2002
      Nuclear Energy Data 2002.
      This New Edition Of Nuclear Energy Data , The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency's Annual Compilation Of Essential Statistics On Nuclear Energy In Oecd Cohntries, fOfers Additional Textual And Graphical Information As Compared With Previous Editions. It Provides The Reader With A Comprehensive But Easy-to-access Overview In c~tinuance The Status Of And Trends In The Nuclear Power And Fuel Period Sector.
      SKU: 514657
      More info about Nuclear Energy Data 2002

  • Analytical Techniques for Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Tiny Game Hunting
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Worse than the Disease
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • A Color Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops
  • Dynamos
  • Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces

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