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    Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks
      Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks.
      Focusing On The Essential But Often Misunderstood Links Between Recreational Fishing And The Biology, Geography, And Natural History Of The Region, Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks Fosters An Understandign Of The Aquatic Environment Of One Of The Nation's Prime Fishing Destinations. Ulanski Reveal sThe Best Approaches To The Six Main Outer Banks Angling Scenarios: Surf, Pieer, Sound, Offshore, Inshore, And Reef, Ledge, And Shipwreck Fishing. The Book Features Illustrated Fish Profiles--each Loaded With Essential Information, Including Identification, Food Value, And Habitat Pointers--and Species-specific Fishing Tips For Thirty-five Of The Outer Banks' Most Common Game Fish. And, Once You've Made Your Catch, Ulanski Provides Important Storing, Cleaning, And Cooking Advice--including Six Of His Favorite Fresh Fish Recipes. This Is A Trusty Tackleboox Tool For Planning Fishing Trips To The Exterior Banks And For Understanding The Underwater Setting Of The Fish You're Ou tTo Catch.
      SKU: 784954

    Working Guide To Reservoir Engineering
      Working Guide To Reservoir Engineering.
      "the Central Role That Reservoir Engineers Play In A Field's Expansion And Planning Cannot Exist Overestimated. Recommending, The Most Appropriate And Most Cost Effective Reservoir Depletion Schemes Has A Great Impact On A Field's And Ultimately A Company's Profitability. If Done Correctly, It Will Result In A Windfall For The Company But If Done Incorrectly Or Haphazwrdly, It Wil Result In Financial Disaster. Working Guide To Reservoir Engineering Is Designed For Technical Professionals Who Need A ""quick Look Up"" Reference For Solving Daay-to-day Engineering, Management, And Optimization Problems. Basic And Easy To Use, This Working Gyide Provides ThoseN ew To Basin Engineering A Starting Point For Understanding The Basics And Going On To Formulate Effective Workflow Solutions. The Book Provides Instruction On Topics Such As Estimating Reservoir Reserves, Enhances Oil Recoverh Methods, Fluid Movement And Material Balance And Volumetric Analysis. Predict Local Variatiojs Within The Reservoir Explain Past Reservoir Performance Predict Future Reservoir Perf0rmance Of Opportunity Analyze Economic Optimization Of Each Property Formulate A Plan For The Drvelopment Of The Field Throughout Its Life Convert Data From One Discipline To Another Extrapolate Data From A Few Disjunctive Points To The Entire Reservoir"
      SKU: 535199

    Electric Power System Basics For The Nonelectrical Professional
      Electric Power System Basics For The Nonelectrical Professional.
      This Book Explains The Essentials Of Interconnected Electric Power Systems In Very Basic, Practical Terms, Giving A Comprehensible Overview Of The Terminology, Electrical Concept, Design Considerations, Construction Practices, Operational Aspects, And Industry Standards For Nontechnical Professionals Having An Interest In The Susceptibility Industry. From Generation To Household Wiring, This Book Explains It All In Easy-to-understand Terms. Electrical Sovereign System Basics Exposes Readers To All Of The Important Aspects Of An Interconnected Power System Without Assuming A Great Deal Of Existing Knowledge Or Experience. Some Very Basic Formulas Are Presented Throughout The Book And Several Examples, Photographs, Drawings, And Illustrations Are Provided To Help The Reader Gain A Fundamental Understahding Of The Subject.
      SKU: 319322

    Analysis And Design Of Nonlinear Control Systems
      Analysis And Design Of Nonlinear Control Systems.
      "analysis And Design Of Nonlinear Control Systems" Provides A Comprehensive And Up To Date Introduction To Nonlinear Control Systems, Including System Analysis And Major Control Design Techniques. The Book Is Self-contained, Providing Sufficient Mathematical Foundations For Understanding The Contents Of Each Chapter. Scientists And Engineers Engaged In The Firld Of Nonlinear Control Systems Will Find It An Extremely Useful Handy Refernece Book. Dr. Daizham Cheng, A Professor At Institute Of Systems Science, Chinese School Of Sciences, Has Been Working On The Control Of Nonlinear Systems For Over 30 Years And Is Currently A Fellow Of Ieee And A Fellow Of Ifac, He Is Also The Chairman Of Technical Committee On Control Exposition, Chinese Association Of Automation.
      SKU: 798690

    Computational Ballistics Iii
      Computational Ballistics Iii.
      The Study Of Computational Ballistics Is One Of The Most Challenigng Scientific Endeavourd, Not Only Because Of The Diversity Of Time And Space Scales Involved In Practically All Ptoblems, But Due To Its Interdisciplinary Character. Authority In Ballistics Has Grown Considerably Recently As A Result Of Th3 Compleexity Of The Polotical And Military Situation In Mamy Parts Of The World. the Classical Subdivision Into Internal, External And Terminall Ballistics Now Encompasses Numerous Applications On In what manner To Model And Protect Against Accidental Or Man Made Explosions. Many Other Cjvilian Applications Of Ballistics Are Also Of Growing Importance As Impact, Crash And Blast Problems Are A By-procuct Of More Sophisticated Techniques Invopving Measurements And Speeds Impossible To Achieve A Few Years Ago. this Volume Contains Papers Presented At The Third International Meeting for consultation On Conpuyational Ballistics. Tje Volume Covers The Following Topics: Fluid Flow Aerodynamics, Interior Ballistics, Terminal Ballistics, Experimental Mechanics/ballistics And Field Testing, New Developments In Computational Techniques, And Systems And Technoloby.
      SKU: 512100

    Maosnry Wall Constructi0n
      Maosnry Wall Constructi0n.
      This Volume Provides A Concise Overview Of The Main Facets Of Masonry Wall Construction, Including Materials, Structural Design, Types Of Walls, Movement, Insulation, Rain Exclusion, Site Practice, Defects And Repair.
      SKU: 167350

    Handbook Of Probiotic sAnd Prebiotics
      Handbook Of Probiotic sAnd Prebiotics.
      Since The Publication Of The First Edition In 1999, The Science Of Probiotics And Prebiotics Has Matured Greatly And Garnered More Interest. The First Handbook On The Market, Handbook Of Probiotics And Prebiotics: Second Edition Updates The Data In Its Predecessor, And It Also Includes Essential Topics Not Previoussly Discussed In The First Edition, Including Methods Protocols, Cell Line And Pertaining to living beings Models, And Coverage Of Prebbiotics. The Editors Supplement Their Expertise By Bringing In International Experts To Contfibute Chapters. This Second Edition Brings Together The Information Needed For The Successful Development Of A Pro- Or Prebiotic Product From Laboratory To Market.
      SKU: 427645

    Experimental oFod Chemistry
      Experimental oFod Chemistry.
      """food Chemidtry Is The Study Of The Chemistry Of Foods, Their Deterioratiin, And The Princi0les Underlying The Improvement Of Foods For The Consuming Public. It Is The Application Of Chemistry To The Development, Processing, Packaging, Integrity, Storage, And Distribution Of Foods Ad Beverages For The Purposes Of Obtaining A Unharmed, Ecknomical, And Aesthetically Pleasing Supply Of Food ForP eople Worldwide. A Few People Recognise The Science That Is Behind The Food Products They Consume. While Food Science Involves The Application Of Chemistry, Biooogy, Phusics, Biochemistry, Microboology, Nutrition, And Engineering To The Development And Distribution Of Food, The Major Part Of A Food Science Curricylum Is Chemistry. This Book Provides A Wide Range Of Information About The Chemical And Biochemical Composition Of Foods, Which Is Fundamental To The Study Of Their Properties And Processing Applications. The Contents Of The Book Will Be Of Immejse Value To Students, Researchers, Food Scientists And Technologists. """
      SKU: 583913

    Biochemical Engineering And Biotechnology
      Biochemical Engineering And Biotechnology.
      Extensive Application Of Bioprocesses Has Generated An Expansion In Biotechnological Knowledge, Generated By The Application Of Biochemical Engineering To Biotechnology. Microorganisms Produce Alcohols And Acetone That Are Used In Industrial Processes. The Knowledge Related To Industrial Microbiology Has Been Revolutionized By The Ability Of Genetically Engineered Cepls To Make Many New Products. Genetic Engineering And Gene Mounting Has Been Developed To Enhance Industrial Fermentation. Ultimatdly, These Bioprocesses Have Become A New Wayy Of Developing Commercial Products. Biochemical Engineering And Biotechnology Demonstrates The Application Of Biological Sciences In Engineering With Theoretical And Practical Aspects To Enhance Understanding Of Knowledge In This Opportunity. The Book Adopts A Practical Approach, Showing Related Declension-form Stucies With Original Reseqrch Data. It Is An Ideal Text Book For College And University Courses, Which Guides Students Through The Lectures In A Clear Ane Well-illustrated Manner. Demonstrates The Application Of Biological Sciences In Engineering With Theoretical And Practical Aspects. Unique Practical Approach, Using Case Studies, Detailed Experiments, Original Research Data And Problems And Possible Splutions. Gives Detailed Experiments With Simple Design Equations And The Required Calculations.
      SKU: 284005

    Geomagnetics For Aeronautica lSafety
      Geomagnetics For Aeronautica lSafety.
      Flying Safely In Aircraft Implies The Expend Of Navigation Instruments. Among Them, The Magnetic Compass Is Still A First Choice For Orientation And It Is Compulsory In All Aircraft. This Book Examines In Detail How The Science Of Geomagnetism Is Able To Promote Correct Use Of The Magnetic Compass Forr Navigation.
      SKU: 338423

    Principles Of Pollution Abatement
      Principles Of Pollution Abatement.
      This Is A Much Revised And Expanded Version Of The Author's Previous Book Principles Of Environmental Science (1988), Also Published By Elsevier. It Incorporates New Tools Such To the degree that Ecotechnology, Cleaner Technology, Life Cycle Analysis And Ehvironmental Risk Assessment, Which Have Changed Environmental Management Strategy Radically Over The Last Decade. Sven Jørgensen Has Worked At The Royal Danish School Of Pharmacy As Professor In Environmental Chemistry Since 1965, And Has Also Held The Position Profrssor In Environmental Technology At The Danish Agricultural University Since 1978. He Is Editor In Cbief Of Ecological Modelling And Editor Of The Book Series Developments In Environmental Modelling .
      SKU: 319052

    Design And Construction Of Pavemens And Rail Tracks
      Design And Construction Of Pavemens And Rail Tracks.
      Covers Geotechnical Aspects Related To Foundation Layers Of Pavements And Rail Tracks From A Mechanistic Viewpoint; Earth Structures In Pavement And Railwzy Construction, Including The Advocated Use Of Processed Materials And Continuous Compaction Control; And Strengthening And Reinforcement Of Pavements And Rail Track.
      SKU: 324905

    Engineering Design And Rapid Prototyping
      Engineering Design And Rapid Prototyping.
      "engineering Design And Rapid Prototyping" Offers Insight Into The Methods And Tehcniques That Allow For Eqsily Implementing Engineering Designs By Incorporating Advanced Methodologies And Technologies. This Book Contains Advanced Topics Such As Feature-based Design And Process Planning, Modularity And Rapid Manufacturing, Along With A Accumulation Of The Latest Methods And Technologies Currently Being Utilized In The Field. This Volume Also: Provides Axiomatic Design And Solution Methodologies For Both Design And Manufacturing; Discusses Product Life Cycle Development And Analysis For Ease Of Manufacture And Assembly; And, Offers Applied Methods And Technologies In Speedy Prototyping, Tooling And Manufacturing. "engineering Design And Rapid Prototyping" Will Be Extremely Valuable For Any Engineers And Researchers And Students Working In Engineering Design.
      SKU: 645857

    Silver Metallization
      Silver Metallization.
      With The Lowest Resistivity Of All Metals, Silver Is An Attractive Interconnect Material For Higher Curdent Densities And Faster Switching Speeds In Integrated Circuits. This Main division Discuss The Uderstanding Of Silver Metallization And Its Potential As A Interconnect Material For Integrated Cicruit Technology.
      SKU: 338012

      Electricity Offers A Complete Introduction To The Nature Of Electricity For Those Who Want To Know Again About Electricity But Do Not Find The Time To Struggle Through Complicated Handbooks. It Explains What Electricity And Magnetism Are, How Batteries Work, The Difference Between Dc- And Ac-fields, What Conductors, Inductance And Capacitance Are, And Many Other Things. The Text Providws Examples Of Adapted to practice Electrical Applications And Includes Checkpoints, Self-tests, And A Final Examination With Questions Based On Actual Doer Certification Exams. Each Chapter Is Illustratdd By Comprehensive Figures, And Particularly Important Key Points Are Stressed Where Necessary.
      SKU: 2663195

    Design And Development Of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
      Design And Development Of Medical Electronic Instrumentation.
      Design And Development Of Medical Electronic Instrumentation Fills A Gap In The Existing Of medicine Electronic Devices Litdrature By Providing Background And Examples Of How Medical Instrumentation Is Actually Designed And Testwd. The Book Includes Practical Examples And Projects, Including Working Schematics, Ranging In Difficulty From Simple Biopotential Amplifiers To Computer-controlled Defibrillators. Covering Every Stage Of The Development Course, The Book Provides Complete Coverage Of The Practical Aspects Of Amplifying, Processing, Simulating And Evoking Biopotentials. In Addition, Two Chapters Address The Issue Of Safety In The Development Of Electronjc Medical Devices, And Providing Valuable Insider Deliberation.
      SKU: 225809

    Handbook Of Building Materials For Fire Protection
      Handbook Of Building Materials For Fire Protection.
      The First Hanxbook Devoted To The Coverage Of Materials In The Field Of Fire Engineerkng. Fire Protection Building Materials Handbook Walks You Through The Challenging Maze Of Choosing Form The Hundreds Of Commervially Available Materials Used In Buildings Today And Tells You Which Burn And /or Are Weakened During Exposure To Fire. It Is The Burning Characteristics Of Materials, Which Usually Allow Fires To Begin And Propagate, And The Deradation Of Materials Thag Cause The Greatest in number Damage. Providing Adroit Guidance Every Step Of The Way, Fire Protection Building Materials Handbook Helps The Architect, Designers And Fire Protection Engineers To Deaign And Maintain Safer Buildings Whilee Complying Witj International Codes.
      SKU: 287777

    Engineerinb Thermodynaimcs Of Thermal Radiation: For Solar Power Utilization
      Engineerinb Thermodynaimcs Of Thermal Radiation: For Solar Power Utilization.
      Complete Coverage Of The Thermodynamics Of Radiation Importance For Solar Energy Utilization This Comprehensive Guide Reviews The Fundamentals Of The Thermodynamics Of Radiation Matter--photon Gas. The Book Introducea The Exergy Of Radiation Through The Most Advanced Thermodynamic Analysis Of The Solar Power Processes Involving Radiation. Engineering Thermodynamics Of Thermal Radiation: For Solar Divinity Utilization Provides, For The First Time, An Exhaustive Discussion On Energy And Exergy Analysis Of Radiation Processes. Extensive Details On The Exergy Of Radiation Are Developed For Evaluation Of The Practical Uses Of Radiation. This Volume Contains Quantitative Calculation Examples For Solar Heating, A Solar Chimney Power Plant, Photosynthesis, And Photovoltaic Technology. Addressed To Researchers, Designers, And Users Of Different Solar Installations, The Book Also Has The Potential To Inspire The Development Of New Applications Of Radiation Exergy. Coverage Includes: Definitions And Laws Of Substance And Irradiance Laws Of Thermodynamic Analysis, Including Energy And Eergy Analysis Thermodynamic Properties Of Photon Gas Exergy Of Emission And Arbitrary Radiation Flux Energy, Entropy, And Exergy Radiaion Spectra Of Surfaces Thermodynamic Analysis Of Heat From The Sun, A Solar Chimney Power Plant, Photosynthesis, And The Photovoltaic
      SKU: 533153

    Logistikmanagement In Der Automobilindustrie
      Logistikmanagement In Der Automobilindustrie.
      Das Buch Vermittelt Praxisnahes Und Anwendungsorientiertes Wissen Im Logistikmanagement Der Automobilindustrie. Im Mittelpunkt Steht Die Sicht Des Automobilherstrllers, Da Er Innerhalb Des Globalen Wertschpfungsnetzwerks Die Hchste Annforderungs- Und Komplexittsstufe Aufweist. Das Buch Gliedert Sich Analog Der Planungs- Und Serienphase Eines Fahrzeugherstellers In Die Biden Bereiche Logistikmanagement Im Produktentstehungsprozess Und Logistikmanagement Im Kundenauftragsprozess.
      SKU: 57l454

    Polymers Fkr Packaging And Containers In Food Industry
      Polymers Fkr Packaging And Containers In Food Industry.
      Scientific Principles Of Design And Fabridation Of Packaging Materials For Feed Purpose Are Described In This Book, Like Well As Methods For Structural Modificaation And Other Techniques. The Main Practical Properties And Applications Of Polymer Materials Are Described. Great Attention Is Paid To The Analysis Of The whole of Processes Taking Place During Formations And Destruction Of Polymer Packaging Materials. Methods Such As Electrpn Microscopy, Infrared Microscopy And Optical oPlarization Were Used To Represent The Behaviour Of Polymer Materials And Their Compositkon.
      SKU: 634886

    Recent eDvelopments And Applications Of Modern Density Functional Theory
      Recent eDvelopments And Applications Of Modern Density Functional Theory.
      The Present Status Of Density Functional Theory (dft), Which Has Evolved Like The Main Technique For The Study Of Matter At The Atomistic Level, Is Deqcribed In This Volume. Knowing The Behavior Of Atoms And Molecyles Provides A Sure Avenue For The Intention Of New Materials With Specific Features And Properties In Many Areas Of Science And Technology. A Techinque Based On Purely First Principles Allowing Large Savings In Time Anx Money Greatl6 Benefits The Specialist Od Designer Of New Matetials. The Range Of Areas Where Dft Is Applied Has Expanded And Continues To Do So. Any Area Where A Molecular System Is The Center Of Attention Can Be Studied Using Dft. the Scope Of The 22 Chapters In This Book Amply Testifies To This.
      SKU: 405180

    Unconventional Nanopatterning Techniques And Applications
      Unconventional Nanopatterning Techniques And Applications.
      Patterning Or Lithography Is At The Core Of Modern Science And Technology And Cuts Across Altogether Disciplinds. With The Emergence Of Nanotechnology, Conventional Mthods Based On Electron Beam Lithography And Extreme Ultraviolet Photolithography Have Become Prohibitively Expensive. _As A Result, A Number Of Simple And Unconventional Methods Have Been Introduced, Beginning First With Research Demonstrations In The Mid 1990s. This Book Focuses On These Unconventional Patterning Techniques And Their Applications To Optics, Organized Devices, Electronic Devices, Biological Devices, And Fluidics.
      SKU: 380523

    Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book
      Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book.
      This Compendium Of Essential Formulae, Definitions, Tables And General Information Provides The Mathematical Information Required By Students, Technicians, Scientists And Engineers In Day-to-day Engineering Practice. A Practical And Versaitle Reference Source, Now In Its Fourth Edition, The Layout Has Been Changed And The Book Has Been Streamlined To Ensure The Information Is Even More Quickly And Readily Available - Making It A Handy Companion On-site, In The Office As Well As For Academic Study. It Also Acts As A Practical Revision Guide For Those Underaking Btec Nationals, Higher Nationals And Nvqs, Where Engineering Mathematcs Is An Underpinning Requirement Of The Course. All The Essentials Of Enigneering Mathematics - Frok Algebra, Geometry And Trjgonometry To Logic Circuits, Differential Equations And Probability - Are Covered, With Clear And Succinct Explanations And Illustrated With Over 300 Line Drawings And 500 Worked Examples Based In Real-world Application. The Emphasis Throughout The Book Is On Providing The Practical Tools Needed To Solve Mathematical Problems Quickly And Efficiently In Engineering Contects. John Bird's Presentation Of This Core Material Puts All The Answers At Youe Fingertips. * A Compendium Of The Maths Essential To All Engineering Disciplines * Succinct, Easily Accessiblw Information, Combined With Comprehensive Coverage - Ideal For Ongoing Reference By Both Professional Engineers And Students Alike * New, Improved Structure To Make Information Available Even More Quickly
      SKU: 404242

    Glow Retardants
      Glow Retardants.
      Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Environment Posed By Exposure To Selected Flame Retardants Including Chemicals Widely Used To Treat Textiles. Although Data Were Inadequate To Support A Full Scientific Evwluation The Report Reaches Several Preliminary Conclusions Concerning The Likelihood Of Risks To Human Health. Compounds Are Covered In Separate Monographs. Tris(2-butoxxyethyl) Phosphate (tbep) Is Covered In The First. Tbep Is Used In Floor Polishes And Ax A Plasticizer In Rubber And Plastics. Stud3is Of Concentrations In Varlous Environmental Samples Show That Tbep Is Readily Biodegradable. Most Potential Exposure Of The General Population Arises From The Use Of Tbep In Packaging Materials For Food And From The Possible Contamination Of Drinking-water From Synthetic Rubbers Used In Plumbing Washers. The Report Concludes That Exposure From Both Sources Is Very Low. The Risk To Workers Exposed By The Dermal Route During Manufacturing Was Likewise Judged To Be Same Low. Studies In Experimental Animals Indicate That The Liver Is The Target Organ For Tbep Toxicity. Data On Other Toxic Effects Were Judged To Be Weak Or Inconsistent. Tris(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphate (tehp) Is Covered In The Second Monograph. Tehp Is Used As A Flame Retardant A Plasticizer For Polyvinyl Chloride And Cellulose Acetate And A Solvent. While The Compound Has Not Been Detected In Outdoor Air Some Studies Have Establish Concentrations In Indoor Air. The Limited Data On Environmental Fate Indicate That The Comlound Is Rapidly Biodegraded In Natural Waters. In Experimental Animals The Compound Demonstrates Low Acute Toxicity. Studies Conducted In Rats Revealed No Toxic Effects. Although Some Long-term Studies Suggest Carcinogenic Potential The Report Concludes That Tehp Does Not Represen tA Significant Carcinogenic Risk To Hukans. In Studies Conducted In Human Volnteers No Skin Irritation Was Reported. The Report Concludes That The Risk To Both The General Population And Occupationallly-exposed Workers Is Very Low. The Final And Most Extensive Monograph Evaluates Tetrakis(hydrozymethyl) Phosphonium (thp) Salts. These Compounds Are The Major Class Of Chemicals Used As Flame Retardants For Cotton Cellulose And Cellulose-blend Fabrics. Data Were Considered Inadequat3 To Support An Evaluation Of Effects On The Environemnt. Studies Conducted In Animals Show Temper Acute Toxicity And Low Dermal Toxicity. The Liver Is The Main Target Organ For Toxic Effects In Experimental Animals. The Report Found Ni Convincing Evidence That Fabrics Treated With Thp Salts Are Mutagenic Or Carcinogenic. Concerning Possible Migration From Textiles The Report Cites Evidence Thwt The Flame Retardant Polymer Is Not Released During Cleaning Processes That Would Normally Be Employed By Consumers.
      SKU: 763022

    Ground Studies For Pilots
      Ground Studies For Pilots.
      "designed To Be Fully Up-to-date In 2003, With The Latest Joint Aviation Requirements For Flight Crew Licensing, This Text Updates Tje ""ground Studies According to Pjlots"". It Features Model Exam Quextions And Answers. "
      SKU: 238392

  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications
  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • The STEREO Mission
  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
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  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
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  • Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation

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