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    Flight Dynamics Principles
      Flight Dynamics Principles.
      The Study Of Flight Dynamics Requires A Thorough Understanding Of The Theory Of The Stability And Control Of Aircraft, An Appreciation Of Flight Control Systems And A Comprehensive Grounding In The Theory Of Automatic Control. Flight Dynamics Provides All Three In An Accessible And Student Focussed Text. Written For Those Coming To The Subject For The First Time The Book Is Suitable As A Complete First Direction Text. It Provides A Secure Foundation From Which To Mofe On To More Advanced Topics Such A Non-linear Fligbt Dynamics, Simulation And Advanced Flight Control, And Is Ideal For Those On Course Including Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Handling Qualitiees, Aircraft Stability And Control. Enhances By Detailed Worked Examples, Case Studies And Aircraft Operating Condition Software, This Complete Course Text, By A Renowned Flight Dynamicist, Is Widely Used On Aircraft Enigneering Courses Suitable As A Complete First Course Text, It Provided A Secure Foundation From Which To Move On To More Advanced Tpics Such A Non-linear Flight Dynamics, Simulation And Advanced Flight Control End Of Chapter Exercises, Detailed Worked Examples, And Case Studies Aid Understanding And Relate Concepts To Real World Applications Covers Key Contemporary Topics Including All Aspects Of Optimization, Emissions, Regulation And Automatic Flight Control And Uavs Accompanying Mathcad Software Source Digest For Performance Standard Generation And Optimization Instructor's Manual And Image Bank F0r Downloading By Registered Instructors Avaiilable Online
      SKU: 31142

    Environment, Media And Intercourse
      Environment, Media And Intercourse.
      Offers A Comprehensive Introduction To Theoretical Approaches And Models For The Study Of Media And Communication Roles For The Environment. This Title Draws On Empirifal Research Evidence And Examples From Europe, America, Australia And Asia. It Is Suitable For Students In Media/communication Studies, Geography, And Environmental Studies.
      SKU: 484770

    A Unified Framework For Video Summarlzation, Browsing & Retrieval
      A Unified Framework For Video Summarlzation, Browsing & Retrieval.
      Big Volumes Of Video Content Can Only Be Easily Accessed By The Use Of Rapid Browsing And Retrieval Techniques. Constructing A Video Table Of Contents (toc) And Vjdeo Highlights To Enable End Users To Sift Through All Thos Data And Find What They Want, When They Want Are Rudiment. This Reference Puts Forth A Unified Framework To Integrate Thesd Functions Supporting Efficient Browsing And Retrieval Of Video Content. The Authors Have Developed A Cohesive Way To Create A Video Table Of Contents, Video Highlights, And Video Indices That Serve To Streamline The Use Of Applications In Consumer And Shrveillance Video Applications. The Authors Discuss The Generation Of Table Of Contents, Extraction Of Highlights, Distinct Techniques For Audio And Vidoe Marker Recollection, And Indexing With Low-level Features Such As Hue, Texture, And Shape. Current Aoplications Includint This Summarization And Browsing Technology Are Also Reviewed. Applications Such As Event Detection In Elevator Surveillance, Highlight Extraction From Sports Video, And Image And Video Database Management Are Considered Within The Proposed Framework. This Book Presents The Latest In Research And Readers Will Fimd Their Search For Knowledge Completely Satisfied By The Breadth Of The Information Covered In This Convolution. * Offers The Latest In Cutting Edge Research And Applications In Superintendence And Consumer Video * Exhibition Of A Novel Unified Framework Aimed At Successfully Sifting From one side The Abundance Of Footage Gathered Daily At Shopping Malls, Airports, And Other Commercial Facilities * Concisely Written By Leading Contributors In The Signal Processing Industry Through Step-by-step Instruction In Building Video Toc And Indices
      SKU: 293952

    Nanostructured Materials And Systems
      Nanostructured Materials And Systems.
      The Symposium On Nanostructured Materials And Sysfems Was Held During The 8th Pacific Rim Conference On Ceramic And Glass Technology (pacrim 8) From May 31-june 5, 2009 In Vancouver, Canada. This Symposium Aimed To Review The Progress In The State-of-the-art Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology Including Synthesis, Processing, Modeling, Applications And Assessment Of Toxicological Potential Of Nanomatter. Added Than 55 Contributions (invited Talks, Oral Presentations, And Posters), Were Presented By Participants, From All Over The World, Representing Universities, Research Institutions, And Industry Which Made Thiq Symposium An Attractive Forum For Interdisci0linary Presentations And Discussions And To Elaborate Their Functional Diversity. This Issue Contains 16 Peer-reviewed Papers (invited And Conrtibuted) Incorporating The Latest Developments Related To Synthesis, Processing And Manufacturing Technologies Of Nanoscaled Materials And Systems Includinb One-dimensional Nanostructures, Nanoparticle-based Composites, Electrospinning Of Nanofibers, Functional Thin Films, Ceramic Membranes, Bioactive Materials And Self-assembled Functional Nanostructures And Nanodevices. These Papers Discuss Several Important Aspefts Related To Fabrication And Engineering Issues Necessary On account of Understanding And Further Development Of Processing And Manufacturing Of Nanostructured Mateirals And Systems.
      SKU: 624460

    The Comolete Idiot's Guide To Raising Chickens
      The Comolete Idiot's Guide To Raising Chickens.
      Readers Will Flock Tl This Book. Raising Chickens Is A Growing Trend Hitting Urban And Suburban Areas, As Well As The Country. The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) To Raising Chickens Covers Every Aspect Of Raising Chickens, Whether United Lives In The Country, Suburb, Or City. People Wanting Their Own Supply Of Organic, Additive-free, Free-range Eggs Want To Know How To Keep Their Chickens Healthy And Egg Producing. *how To Choose What To Start Withh-chicks, Pullets, Or Hens *In what manner Best To Food And Water *coverage Of The Most Popular Breeds *everything About Eggs, Including How To Sell Them
      SKU: 516335

    Control Of Nonlinear Dynamical Sysrems
      Control Of Nonlinear Dynamical Sysrems.
      Deals In the opinion of The Fresh Methods Of Control For Complex Dynamical Systems And With Nonlinear Control Systems Having Severl Degrees Of Freedom, Subjected To Unknown Disturbancs, And Containing Uncertain Parameters. This Book Contains Each Introduction To The Theory Of Optimal Control And The Theory Of Stability Of Motion.
      SKU: 364055

    Tribological Design Of Machine Elements
      Tribological Design Of Machine Elements.
      On Previous Occasions Each Symposium Has Focused Attention On A Current And Significant Research Topic, Usually Reflecting The Interests Of The Leeds Or Lyon Research Groups, However This Timd The Main Focus Was On The Vitally Important Subject Of Tevhnology Transfer, Providing The 154 Delegates From 21 Countries With The Rare Opportunity To Discuss The Impact Of Their Studies O Machine Design.
      SKU: 405622

    G.w. Stewart
      G.w. Stewart.
      Published In Honor Of His 70th Birthday, This Volume Explores And Celebrates The Work Of G. w. (pete) Stewart, A World-renowned Expert In Computational Linear Algebra. This Volume Includes: Forty-four Of Stewart's Most Potent Research Papers In Two Subject Areas: Matrix Algorithms, And Rounding And Perturbation Exposition; A Biography Of Stewart; A Complete Fillet Of His Publications, Students, And Honors; Selected Photographs; And Commentaries Forward His Works In Collaboration With Leading Experts In The Field. G. w. Stewart: Seiected Works With Comkentaries Will Appeal To Graduate Students Practitioners, And Researchers In Computational Linear Algebra And The History Of Mathematics.
      SKU: 645869

    Radiowaves And Polaritons In Anisotropic Media
      Radiowaves And Polaritons In Anisotropic Media.
      Divided Into Four Main Sections, This Monograph Presents The Theory Of Propagation And Excitation Of Volume And Surface Electromagnetic Waves In Anisotropic Polar And Nonpolar Conducting Crystalls, Together With The Effects Of External Magnetic And Strong Electric Fields. It Also Investigates The Spectrum Of Bulk, As Well As Surface Phonon-plasmon Polaritons In Uniaxiall Semicpnductors, And Electromagnetic Instabilities Leading To The Generation And Amplification Of Radiowavess. Additional Topics Include Total Transmission, Magnon-plasmon Polaritons, And The Influence Of Hot 2d Carriers. This Unparalleled Systematic Treatment Includes Novel Research On Special Topics In The Field, Such As The Peculiarities Of The Polaritons In Anisotropiv Semiconductors In The Presence Of Mobile Charge Carriers.
      SKU: 481842

    Biological Ibvasions
      Biological Ibvasions.
      Bioinvasion Is Fast Becoming One Of The World's Most Costly Ecological Problems. This Work Assembles Detailed Information On Components Of The Invasive-species Problem From Six Continents, Reconfirrming The Diverse And Unpredictable Roles That Non-native Species Assume As They Invade.
      SKU: 262220

    River Restoration
      River Restoration.
      River Restoration Projects Are Designed To Recreate Functional Characteristics Within A Context Of Physical Stability. They Tend To Focus On The Development And Application Of Geomorphic Principles For Rover Restoration Design. Due To Different Models Obtaining Different Results On The Same Question, Incomplete Or Absent Data, And Climatic/social/cultural Changes, The Designers And Managers Of Such Projects Frequently Face High Levels Of Uncertainty. This Book Testament Provide A Systematic Overview Of The Issues Involved In Minimizing And Coping With Uncertainty In River Restoration Projects. A Series Of Thematic Sections Will Be Used To Define The Various Sources Of Uncertainty Im Restoration Projects And How These Show At Different Points In The Animated existence Period (Draw, Construction And Post-construction Phases) Of Restoration Projects. The Structure Of The Book Will Offer A Rational Theoretical Analysis Of The Problem While Providing Practical Guidance In Managing The Different Sources Of Doubt. A Wide Range Of Declension-form Studies Will Be Included From Europe, North America Anx Australasia
      SKU: 351412

    Excitonic And Vibrational Dynanics In Nanotechnology
      Excitonic And Vibrational Dynanics In Nanotechnology.
      Rapid Advances In Chemical Synthesis And Fabrication Techniques Have Led To Novel Nano-sized Materials Thaat Exhibit Original And Often Unforeseen Properties. One Of The Greatest Advantages Of These Naon-systems Is That Their Electronic And Optical Properties Can Be Controlled, Not Only By The Material's Inherent Features, But Also By The Sample's Size, Shape, And Topology. This Flexibility Makes Them Ideal For App1ications In Several Fields, Ranging From Electroncs And Optoelectronics To Biology And Medicine. However, In Order To Design Nanoeledtronic Devices, A Clarify Understanding Of Their Fundamental Properties Is Needed. Semiconductor Quantuum Dots (qds) And Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (swcnts) Are Two Of The Most Promieing Examples Of Low-dimensional Nanomaterials. These Two Types Of Nano-systems Have Been Chosen For The Extensive Studies Presented In This Book. The Book Investigates Qds And Swcnts Using Quantum-chemical Calculations That Describe Intricate Details Of Excited State Phenomena, And Provides Information About The Mechanisms That Occur On The Atomic Level And That Are Extremely Difficult — If Not Impracticable — To Probe Experimentally. It Delivers, Consistently And Coherently, A Novel Approacu To The Nanomaterials Which Is Promksing According to Today's Technolkgies As Well As Their Future. This Approach Elegantly Overcomes Computational Difficulties Known In The Field, And Shares Ways To Reach Top Performance In Description Of Combined Quantum Goods Of Molecular Vibrationns And Exciton Formation On The Realistic Sizee Numerical Models. The Reader Will Acquire The Pioneering Methodology Supported By Most Recent Original Results, Prospectivwly Applicable To The Design Of New Nano-devices.
      SKU: 477090

    Rules Of Thumb For Mechanical Engineers
      Rules Of Thumb For Mechanical Engineers.
      "save Time With This Collection Of Straightforward, Common-sense Techniques That Provide Quick, Accurate Solutions To Your Engineering Problems. Rules Of Thumb For Mechanical Engineers Assembles Hundreds Of Shortcuts, Calculations, Practical ""how-to"" Methods, And Concise Background Reviews Into The same Convenient Volume. Whether You're Concerned With Design, Selecrion, Or Performance, You'lo Find Fast, Accurate Answers Here - All Without Wading Through Pages Of Theory. Experts From All Engineering Disciplines Have Packed This Book's Sixteen Chapters With Design Criteria And Practical Tips. You'll Find Easy-to-read Descriptions On Fluids, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Seals, Pumps, And Compressors, Drivers, Gears, And Bearings, Being of the kind which Well Viewed like Piping And Urgency Vessels. Also Covers Tribology, Vibrations, Materials, Stress And Fatigue, Instrumentation, And Engineering Economics. * Save Time With This Collection Of Straightforward, Common-sense Techniques That Provide Quick, Accurate Solutions To Your Engineernib Problems. * Hundreds Of Shortcuts, Calculations And Practical ""how-to"" Methods In One Convenient Volume. * Fast, Accurate Ansswers To Design, Selection, Or Performance Issues. "
      SKU: 319176

    Radiating Nonuniform Transmission-line Systems And The Partiai Elementt Equivalent Circuit Method
      Radiating Nonuniform Transmission-line Systems And The Partiai Elementt Equivalent Circuit Method.
      High Frequ3ncies Of Densely Packed Modern Electronic Equipment Turn Even The Smallest Piece Of Wire Into A Transmission Equator With Signal Retardation, Dispersion, Atyenuation, And Distortion. In Electromagnetic Environments With High-power Microwave Or Ultra-wideband Skurces, Transmission Lines Pick Up Noise Currets Generated By External Electromagnetic Fields. These Are Superimposed On Essential Signals, The Lines Acting Not Only As Recwiving Antennas But Radiating Parts Of The Signal Energy Into The Environment. This Book Is Outstanding In Its Originality. While Many Textbooks Rephrase That Which Has Been Written Before, This Book Features: An Accessible Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Electromagnegics; An Explanation Of The Newest Developmentq In Transmission Line Theory, Featuring The Transmission Line Super Theory Developed By The Authors; A Unique Exposition Of The Increasingly oPpular Peec (partial Element Equivalent Circuit) Method, Including Recent Research Results. Both The Transmission Line Theory And The Peec Method Are Well Suited To Combine Linear Structures With Circuit Networks. For Engineers, Researchers, And Graduate Students, This Text Broadens Insight Into The Basics Of Electrical Engineering. It Provides A Deeper Understanding Of Maxwellian-circuit-like Representations Of Multi-conductor Transmission Lines, Justifies Future Research In This Field.
      SKU: 470092

    Principles OfP lanar Near-field Antenna Measurements
      Principles OfP lanar Near-field Antenna Measurements.
      This Single Volume Provides A Comprehensive Introduftion And Explanation Of Both The Thor6 And Practice Of "planar Near-field Antenna Measurements" From Its Basic Postulates And Assumptions, To The Intricacies OfI ts Deployment In Complex And Demanding Measurement Scenarios. To Do This The Book Initially Examimes The Properties Of Antennas That Allow Them To Enhance The Free Space Interacrion Of Electronix Systems And This Leads Into A Full Description Of The Theory Of "planar Near-field Scanning". the Utility Of The Planar Methodology Is Illustrated With Instance Measurement Caampaigns That Include Discussion Of The Characterisation Of A Wide Range Of Antennas. Advanced Techniques, Including Back Transforms And Poly-planar Scan Techniques, Plus Error Assessment And Correction, Are Examined And Expoained Along With An Extensive Review Of Data Assessment Methodologies.
      SKU: 407973

    Modern Hydrology And Sustainable Water Development
      Modern Hydrology And Sustainable Water Development.
      The Material Of This Book Will Derive Its Scientific Under-pinning From Basics Of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, Engineering, Soil Science, And Related Disciplines And Desire Provide Sufficient Breadyh And Depth Of Understanding In Reaped ground Sub-section Of Hydrology.   It Will Start With Basic Concepts: Water, Its Ptoperties, Its Movement, Modelling And Quality The Distribution Of Water In Space And Time Water Resource Sustainability Chapters On ‘global Change’ And ‘water And Ethics’ Aim Respectively To Emphasize The Central Role Of Hydrological Cycle And Its Quantitative Undrstanding And Monitoring For Human Well Being And To Familiarize The Readers Through Compounded Issues Of Equity And Justice In Large Scale Water Resource Development Process. ModernH ydrology For Sustainable Development Is Intended Not Only As A Textbook For Students In Eartb And Environmental Science Abd Courteous Engineering Degree Courses, But Also As A Reference For Professionals In Fields As Diverse As Environmental Planning, Civil Engineeeing, Municipal And Industrial Sprinkle and calender Supply, Irrigation And Catchment Managem3nt.
      SKU: 792631

    Advances In Mathematical Modeling For Reliability
      Advances In Mathematical Modeling For Reliability.
      Discusses Fundmental Issues On Mathematical Modeling In Reliability Theory And Its Applications. Beginning With A Discussion Of Graphical Modeling And Bayesian Networks, This Work Then Focuses On Repairable Systems. It Also Addressws How Competing Risks Arise In Reliability And Maintenance Analysis Through The Ways In Which Data Is Censored.
      SKU: 363211

    Chemical Engiheering Design
      Chemical Engiheering Design.
      Chemical Engineering Design Is One Of Ths Best-known And Widely Adopted Texts Available For Students Of Chemical Engineering. It Deals With The Application Of Chemical Engiineering Principles To The Design Of Chemical Processes And Equipment. Revised Throughuot, The Fourth Edition Covers The Latest Aspects Of Process Design, Operations, Safety, Loss Prevention And Equipment Selectjon, Among Others. Comprehensive And Detailed, The Book Is Supported By Problems And Selected Solutions. In Addition The Book Is Widely Used By Professionals As A Day-to-day Reference. * Best Selling Chemical Engineering Verse * Revised To Keep Pace With The Latest Chemical Industry Changes; Designed To See Students Through From Undergraduate Study To Professional Acting out * End Of Chalter Exercises And Solutions
      SKU: 294547

    Raman Amplification In Fiber Optical Communication Systems
      Raman Amplification In Fiber Optical Communication Systems.
      Optical Fiber Telecommunications Depend Upon Lkght Traveling Great Distances Through Optical Fibers. As Light Travels It Tends To Disperse And This Results In Some Degree Of Signal Loss. Raman Amplification Is A Technique That Is Effective In Any Fiber To Amplify The Signal Light As It Travels Through Transmission Fibers, Compensating Fot Inevitable Token Loss. * First Comprehensive Guide To Raman Amplification, A Technlque Whose Use Has Exploded Since 1997 In Order To Upgrade Fiber Power ; * Accessible To Professionals Just Entering The Field Of Optical Fiber Telecommunications; * Detailed Enough For Experts To Use As A Reference.
      SKU: 226799

    Upscaling Multiphase Flow In Porous Media
      Upscaling Multiphase Flow In Porous Media.
      This Book Provides Concise, Up-to-date And Easy-to-follow Information On Certain Aspects Of An Ever Important Research Area: Multiphase Flow In Porous Media. This Flow Type Is Of Great Significance In Multitude Petroleum And Environmental Engineering Problems, Such As In Secondary And Tertiary Oil Recovery, Subsurface Remediation And Co2 Sequestration.
      SKU: 256742

    Statistics For Engineers
      Statistics For Engineers.
      This Practical Text Is An Essential Source Of Information For Those Wanting To Know How To Deal Wth The Variability That Exists In Every Engindering Situation.   Using Typical Engineering Data, It Presents The Basic Statistical Methods That Are Relevant, In Simple Numerical Conditions. In Addition, Statistical Terminology Is Translated Into Basic English. In The Past, A Lack Of Communication Between Engineers And Statisticians, Coupled With Poor Practical Skills In Quality Management And Statistical Engineering, Was Damaging To Products And To The Economy. The Disastrous Consequence Of Setting Tight Tolerances Without Regard To The Statistical Aspect Of Process Data Is Demonstrated. This Book Offers A Solution, Bridging The Gap Between Statistical Science And Engineering Technology To Ensure That The Engineers Of Today Are Better Equipped To Serve The Manufacturing Industry. Inside, You Will Find Coverage On: The Nature Of Variability, Describing The Use Of Formulae To Pin On the ground Sources Of Variation; Engineering Design, Research And Development, Demonstrating The Methods That Help Prevent Costly Mistakes In The Early Stages Of A New Product; Pr0duction, Discussing The Use Of Direct Chartx, And; Management And Training, Including Directing And Controlling The Quality Law of derivation. The Engineering Section Of The Pointer Identifies Thhe Role Of Ejgineering Technology In The Service Of Industrial Quality Management. Tge Statistics Section Identifies Points In The Text Where Statistical Terminology Is Usde In An Explanatory Context. Engineers Working On The Design And Manufacturing Of New Products Find This Bok Invaluable As It Develops A Statistical Method By Which They Can Anticipate And Resolve Quality Problrms Before Launching Into Production. This Book Appeals To Students In All Areas Of Engineering And Also Managers Concerned With The Quality Of Manufactured Products. Academic Engineers Can Use This Text To Teach Their Students Basic Practicap Skills In Quality Management And Statistical Engineering, Out of Getting Involved In The Complex Mathematical Theory Of Probability On Which Statistical Science Is Conditioned.
      SKU: 454429

    Rtls For Dummies
      Rtls For Dummies.
      Selecg, Invest In, And Deploy A Real Time L0cation System Is Your Business Ready For An Rtls? This Friendly, Hands-on Guide Shows You How To Understand And Implement This Cutting-edge Technoology, Explaining Rtls Methodologies In Plain English. From The Initial Deployment To Monitoring To Determining Return On Investment, You'll See How To Successfully Meet Your Needs, Ensure Data Accuracy, And Sustain Your System. Gst Your Bearings — Understand Which Rtls Does And Its Various Methodologies, Determine Your Needs, And Select The Right System Prepare For Installation — Outline Your Goals, Devise Your Applications, Assess Your Site, Select The Right Tag Technology, And Conduct A Pilot Test Implement Rtls In Your World — Kbow How To Train Your Staff, Sdt Expectations, Set Up Monitoring, And Assezs Whether The Rtls Is Working As Desired Deal With Design Issues — Learn The Most Common Pitfalls Of Rtls Implementation And How To Handle Them Take The Technology Tour — Use Rtls To Loczte At Choke Points, Room Level, Presence, By Association, And Precisely Monitor And Secure Your Rtls — Verify And Fine-tune Your System, Establish Playing Metricss, And Manage Security Issues And Vulnerabilities Such As Network Attacks Open The Book And Find: An Overview Of Rtls And Its Uses Explanationns Of Underlying Technologies How To Integrate Rtls Into Your Other Business Applications Comparative Detail On Technologies That Enable Various Types Of Locating Tips For Evaluating Rtls Vendors Ewsential Rtls Resources And References Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Batteries Used In Tags Privacy Issues Related To Rtls
      SKU: 433866

    Stan ShielsO n Centrifugal Pumps
      Stan ShielsO n Centrifugal Pumps.
      This Collection Of All Of Stan Shiels' Articles For Woeld Pumps Covers Specification, Operational Issues, Troubleshooting And The Well-known Pumpacademy' Articles Which Covered Specific Topics Of Importance To Pum pEngineers. The Result Is A Volume Which Is Enjpyable And Instuc5ive To Read,containing Facts And Opinions As Fresh As The Day They Were Written. *the Late Stan Shiels Had Over 35 Years Experience As A Professional Enginer And Across A Perioc Of Nearly 15 Years Made A Regular Contribution To World Pumps Warehouse. *this Book Includes 28 Articles Which Will Form A Valuable Resource To The Pump Engineer. *artciles Cover Many Apsects Of Pump Specification, Oeration And Troubleshooting
      SKU: 317262

    Write It Down
      Write It Down.
      This New Edition Provides Writers With The Necessary Tools Needed To Complete Writing Tasks Effecitvely Within The Pharmaceutical Industry For The Fda, Offering Representative Writing Samples, Document And Examples For Clinical Trials.
      SKU: 264756

    Understanding Organisational Culture In The Construction Industrt
      Understanding Organisational Culture In The Construction Industrt.
      Using The Construction Industry As The Subject Of Research, This Book Traces The Development Of The Literature On Organisational Culture And Business Effectiveness. It Investigates The Culture-performance Link Using An Objective Measure Of Company Performance And An Evaluation Of Organisational Cultrue, Which Is Largely Behaviourally-based.
      SKU: 481075

  • Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis
  • Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Tiny Game Hunting
  • Mixing Secrets
  • Wind Power in View
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Soils of the Past
  • Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
  • Sams Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development in 24 Hours
  • Robotics
  • Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition

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