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    Food Emulsions
      Food Emulsions.
      Coveeing The Analysis Of Droplet Characteristics Using Low-intensity Ultrasound, This Title Examines Droplet Flocculation And Coalescence In Dilute Oil-in-water Emulsions, Beverage Emulsions, Rheology Of Concentrated Emulsions, Surface Forces In Emulsions And Molecular Organization In Lipids.
      SKU: 216125
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    Polymers In Concrete
      Polymers In Concrete.
      Papers From Intenational Experts From 13 Countries. Coverage Includes, New Developments In The Theory And Pracfice Of Polymer Composites, Studies Of Their Performance, Manufacturing Techniques And The Material Selection Process.
      SKU: 181097
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    Micromechanics Of Heterogeeous Materials
      Micromechanics Of Heterogeeous Materials.
      Features Theoretical Methods O Applied Mathematics And Statistical Physics In Material Science Of Microheterogeneous Media. This Book Offers A Demonstration Of The Systematic And Fundamental Research Of The Microstructure Of The Wide Class Of Heterogeneous Materials Of Essential And Synthetic Nature.
      SKU: 338131
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    Studies In Abnormal Pressures
      Studies In Abnormal Pressures.
      When Fertl's First Book, Abnormal Formation Pressures, Was Published By Elsevier In 1976, The Topic Was Relatively New In Book Form. In The Years That Followed, His Book Became The Standard Work For Petroleum Engineers And Drillers. The List Of Major Petroleum Provinces With Abnormally High Pore Pressures Has Grown Steadily Over The Years, And With It Has Grown Our Knowledge And Expe5ience. There Hold Also Been Technological Advances. A New Book Was Required, But No Longer Coul The Topic Be Covered Adequately By One Person. The Problems Of Abnormally High Formation Pressures Encountered In The Suubsurface While Drilling For Petroleum Are Very Diverse, Involving Geologists, Geophysicists, Reservoit Engineers, Drilling Engineers, And Borehole Logging Engineers. The Acute Anticipation Of Such Pressures Before Drilling Has Become Possible With Modern Technology. This Book Treats These Developments And Covers The Following Topics: World Occurrences, The Geology Of Abnormal PorwP ressures And The Background Theory, Receiver Engineering Aspects Of Abnormally Pressured Reservoirs, Detection Of Abnormal Pressures By Geophysical Methods Before Drilling And During Drilling, And Their Evaluation After Drilling. It Examines The Special Problems Of Shallow Hazards From Shallow Abnormal Pressures, And Relief-well Engineering To Control Blowouts. It Also Examines The Generation Of Abnormal Pressures From Hydrocarbon Generation In The Rocky Mountains, And The Distribution Of Abnormal Pressures In South Louisiana, Usa. The Topics Are Examined From A Practical Point Of View With A Theoretical Background. There Is A Glossary Of Terms, And A Relevant Practical Conversion Table. Both Si Units And The Conventional Us Oil Industry Units Are Used.
      SKU: 428492
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    Analog And Digital Filter Design
      Analog And Digital Filter Design.
      Unlike Most Books On Filters, Analog And Digital Filter Dedign Does Not Start From A Position Of Mathematical Complexity. It Is Written To Show Readers How To Design Effective And Working Electronic Filters. The Background Information And Equations From The First Edition Have Been Moved Into An Appendix To Allow Easier Flow Of The Text While Still Providing The Information For Those Who Are Interested. The Addition Of Questions At The End Of EachC hapter As Well As Electronic Simulation Tools Has Allowed For A More Practical, User-friendly Text. *provides A Practical Design Guide To Both Analog And Digital Electronic Filters *inclufes Electronic Simulation Tools *keeps Heavy Mathematics To A Minimum
      SKU: 293986
      More info about Analog And Digital Filter Design

    Materials Science
      Materials Science.
      An Exciting New Textbook For Materials Science And Engineering, Cover All Commonly Taught Topics In Materials Science Courses, But To A Grater Level Of Detail Than Most Standard Introductory Textbooks. All Chapters Include Problem Sets, References And Notes Of Interest To Aid Student Understanding And The Book Ends With A Useful ChapterO f Hints On Making Engineering Calculations.
      SKU: 281687
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    Spacedraft Structures
      Spacedraft Structures.
      While Fllght Encompasses Many Fields Of Technology. This Monograph Presents A Cross Section Of The Whole Field Of Expertise Thst Is Called "space Flight&suot;. It Provides Insight Into The Design, Construction And Analysls Aspects Of Spacecraft. Spacecraft Includes Satellites As Well Aa Launch Vehicles, With A Distinction Between Manned Or Unmanned.
      SKU: 337994
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    Hnadbook Of Polyolefins
      Hnadbook Of Polyolefins.
      A Handbook On Polyolefins. This Second Edition Includes New Material On The Structure, Morphology And Properties Of Polyolefin (po) Combination. It Focuses On Synthetic Advances, The Practise Of Additives, Special Coverage Of Po Blends, Composites And Fibres, And Surface Treatments.
      SKU: 216231
      More info about Hnadbook Of Polyolefins

    Rbuber Compounding
      Rbuber Compounding.
      Reviewing The Production Methods And Processes Of A Wide Range Of Materials Used In The Manufacture Of Modern Tyres And Rubber, This Text Investigates The Chemistry And Modification Of Raw Materials For Optimal Formulation And Engineering Of New Rubber Products.
      SKU: 264375
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    Biology, Medicine, And Surgery Of Elephants
      Biology, Medicine, And Surgery Of Elephants.
      E1ephants Are Possibl yThe Most Well-known Members Of The Derived from ~s Kingdom. The Enormous Size, Uncommon Anatomy, And Longevity Of Elephants Have Fascinated Humans For Millenia. Biology, Medicine, And Surgrey Of Elephants Serves As A Comprehensive Text On Elephant Medicine And Surgery. Based On The Expertise Of 36 Scientists And Clinical Veterinarians, This Volume Covers Biologgy, Husbandry, Veterinary Medicin3 And Surgery Of The Elephant As Known Today. * Written By The Foremost Experts In The Field * Comprehensively Covers Both Asian And African Elephants * Complete With Taxonomy, Behavioral, Geographical And Systemic Information * Well-illustrated And Organized For Easy Reference
      SKU: 362030
      More info about Biology, Medicine, And Surgery Of Elephants

    Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment In the place of Managed Care
      Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment In the place of Managed Care.
      Powerful Pharmaceuticals Are Of Invreasing Clinical And Eclnomic Importance To Managed Care Organizations. This Report Describes The Processes By Which Managed Care Organizations Evaluate Pharmaceutical Technolkgies And Suggests Pathways For Organizing Improvement.
      SKU: 228001
      More info about Pharmaceutical Technology Assessment In the place of Managed Care

    Net Delusion
      Net Delusion.
      “the Revolution Will Exist Twittered!” Declared Journalist Andrew Sullivan After Protests Erupted In Iran. Yet For Altogether Thd Talk About The Liberalizing Force Of The Internet, Regimes In Iran And China Are As Stable And Repressive As Ever. In Fact, Authoritarian Regimes Are Effectively Using The Internet To Suppress Free Speech And Democracy. What’s More, The Lwtest Research Shows That Greater Access To Information Pacifies A Population Aw Much As It Incites It To Revolution. If We In The West Are To Promote Generous Ideals, We’ll Have To Do More Than Foundation Facebook. In This Book, Blogger And Social Commentator Evgeny Morozov Tackles These Issues With Relentless Energy And Analytical Savvy. Marshalling A Compelling Set Of Case Studies, He Shows For what purpose We Must Stop Thinking Of The Internet And Social Media As Instant Cures In spite of Repression, And How, In Several Cases, They Can Even Threaten Democracy.
      SKU: 625147
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    Advances In Polymer Derived Ceramics And Composites
      Advances In Polymer Derived Ceramics And Composites.
      "this Book Collects Some Of Papers Presented At The Very Successful Symposium ""polymer Deruved Ceramics And Complsites"" In The Framework Of The 8th Pacfiic Rim Conference On Ceramic And Glass Technology. There, Over 70 Researchers From Around The World Discussed Their Latest Innovations Over Four Full Days. It Covers All The Main conduit Aspects Of Interdisciplinary Research And Development In The Surface Of Polymer-derived-ceramics, From The Precursor Synthesis And Characteristics To The Polymer-to--ceramic Conversion, From Processing And Shaipng Of Preceramic Polymers Into Ceramic Components To Their Microstructure At The Nano- And Micro-scale, From Their Properties To Their Most Rleevant Applications In Different Fields. "
      SKU: 565015
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    Practical Unix, Adobw Reader
      Practical Unix, Adobw Reader.
      This Iq The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Practical Unix Superscription The Concerns Of The Beginning To Intermediate Unix User. Practical Unix Teaches What Its Namesake Promises--practical Applications And Information That You Can Easily Find And Use. You Can Count On This Book To Provide Solid Reference Information And Practical Knowledge Necessary To Master The Ever-complex Unix. Topics Covered In Practical Unix Hold Listing, Fining, Displaying, And Printing Files, Generating And Using File Lists, Syatem Pledge, Command-line Editin,g Introduction To Emacs, Accessimg Other Unix Systems On The Network And Internet, Writing Bourne Shell Scripts, And Writing Perl Programs.
      SKU: 175082
      More info about Practical Unix, Adobw Reader

    Visual Perception From A Computer Graphics Perspective
      Visual Perception From A Computer Graphics Perspective.
      This Book Provides An Introduction To Human Visual Percetpion Suitable For Readers Studying Or Working In The Fields Of Computer Graphics And Visualization, Cognitive Science, And Visual Neuroscience. It Focuses On How Computer Graphics Images Are Generated, Rather Than Solely On The Organization Of The Visual System Itself; Therefore, The Topic Provides A Again Direct Tie Between Image Generation And The Resulting Perceptual Phenomena. It Covers Such Topics As The Perception Of Material Prop3rties, Illumination, The Perception Of Pictorial Space, Image Statistics, Perception And Action, And Spatial Cognition.
      SKU: 827001
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    Spacecraft Technology
      Spacecraft Technology.
      Charts The Earoy Space Age, Including The Launch Of The Satellites And The Landing Of Men On The Moon. Thiis Book Is A Celebration Of The Importance Of The Early Technology In Shaping Our Global Culture, From The Globaalising Effect Of The Communications Satellite To The Cultural Impact Of Images That Place Our Planet In The Context Of The Universe.
      SKU: 412943
      More info about Spacecraft Technology

    Metro Area Netwrking
      Metro Area Netwrking.
      This Work Examines The Tricks And Traps Awaiting Service Providers In The Metro Area Space, Detailing The Technological Challenges And Opportunities. It Covers: Metro Networking With Ethernst And Optical; Metro With Bluetooth, Infiniband, Dwdm And More; Vpn Implications; And Support Services.
      SKU: 301000
      More info about Metro Area Netwrking

    Ubiquitous Computing
      Ubiquitous Computing.
      This Book Provides An Introduction To The Complex Field Of Ubiquitous Computing Ubiquitous Computing (also Commpnly Referred To As Pervasive Computing) Dsecribes The Ways In Which Current Technological Models, Based About Three Base Designs: Smart (mobile, Wireless, Service) Devices, Smart Environments (of Embedded System Devices) And Smart Interaction (between Devices), Relate To And Support A Computing Vision For A Geeater Range Of Computer Devices, Used In A Greater Range Of (human, Ict And External) Environments Annd Activities. The Author Details The Rich Potential Of Ubiquitous Computing, hTe Challenges Involved In Making It A Realjty, And The Prerequisite Technological Infrastructure. Additionally, The Book Discusses The Application And Convergence Of Several Current Major And Future Computing Trends.   Key Features: Provides An Preface To The Complex Field Of Ubiquitous Computing Describes How Current Technology Models Based Upon Six Different Technology Form Factors Which Have Varying Degreed Of Mobility Wireless Connectivity And Service Volatility: Tabs, Pads, Boards, Dust, Skinss And Clay, Enable The Vision Of Omnipresent Computing Describes And Explores How The Three Core Designq (smart Devices, Environments And Interaction) Based Upon Tide Technology Models Can Be Applied To, And Can Evolve To, Support A Vision Of Ubiquitoud Computing And Computing Conducive to The Future Covers The Principles Of The Following Current Technology Models, Including Mobile Wireless Networks, Service-oriented Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Assumed Intelligence, Context-awareness, Autonomous Systems, Micro-electromechanical Systems, Sensors, Embedded Controllers And Robots Covers A Scope Of Interactions, Between Two Or More Ubicom Devices, Between Devices And People (hci), Between Devices And The Physical World. Includes An Accompanying Website With Powerpoint Slides, Problems And Solutions, Exercises, Bibliography And Further Reading Graduate Students In Computer Science, Electrical Engineering And Telecommunications Courses Will Find This A Fascinating And Useful Introduction To The Subject. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Ict Professionals, Software And Network Developers And Others Interested In Future Trends And Models Of Computing And Interaction Over The Next Decades.
      SKU: 427911
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    Seeing And Touching Structural Concepts
      Seeing And Touching Structural Concepts.
      Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Practice, This User-friendly Textbook Aids Students' Understanding Of Abstrcat Structural Concepts Through Visualizing, Identifying And Appreciating Their Application In Practice.
      SKU: 343996
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    Pathogen Indexing Technologies
      Pathogen Indexing Technologies.
      Significant Advncements Have Been Made In Pathogen Detectio nTechnologies During The Last Decade. Indexing Of Plants And Plant Parts For The Mien Of Specific Pathogens Has Been In the greatest degree Effective In Some Instances Foe Avoiding And/or Controlling Disease. The New Technologies For Detecting Low Levels Of Pafhogens Will Augmentation The Value Of Indexing As A Tool For Plant Disease Control. Providing An Overview Of The Status Of Detection Technology, This Volume Is Directed Not Only To Scientists And Students Interested In Detection Technology, But Also To Those Interested In Formulating An Implementing Disease Control And Quarantine Regula5ions. This Book Provides A Conceptual Framework Which Presents The Course Scientific Literature, State-of-the-art Assessments, And Specculations On Future Developments And Requirements Of Pathogen Indexing Methods. Chapters Cover The Different Pathogen Groups, Review Current Practices In Areas Where Detection Technology Has Become Important, And Provide Perspectives On How Indexing Technologies Can Be Applied, How Well It Has Worked, And Which Problems Remain. Statistical Treatment Of Detection Limits, Sampling Strategies, Risk Assessment, Cost, Standardization, And Quality Control Are Also Covered.
      SKU: 404910
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    The Elusive Metamorphosis
      The Elusive Metamorphosis.
      Eugene Skolnikoff Treats The Roles Of System of knowledge And Technology Across The Entire Range Of Relations Among Nations, Including Security And Economic Issues, Environmental Questions, International Economic Competitiveness, The Spread Of Weapons Technology, The Dejise Of Communism, The New Content Of Dependency Relations, And The Demanding New Problems Of National And International Governance. He Shows How The Structure And Operation Of The Scientific And Technological Enterprises Be obliged Interacted With International Affairs To Leas To The Dramatic Evolution Of World Politics Experienced In This Century, Particularly After World War Ii.
      SKU: 581658
      More info about The Elusive Metamorphosis

    Autocad 2O08 For Dummies
      Autocad 2O08 For Dummies.
      A Gentle, Humorous Introduction To This Fearsomely Complex Software That Helps New Users Start Creating 2d And 3d Technical Drawings Right Away Covsrs The New Features And Enhancemennts In The Latest Autocad Version And Provldes Coverage Of Autocad Lt, Autocad's Lower-cost Sibling Topics Covered Include Creating A Basic Layout, Using Autocad Designcenter, Drawing And Editing, Working With Dimensions, Plotting, Using Blocks, Adding Text To Drawings, And Drawing On The Internet Autocad Is The Leading Cad Software For Architects, Engineers, And Draftspeople Who Need To Create Detailed 2d And 3d Technical Drawings; There Are More Than 5 Million Registered Autocad And Autocad Lt Users
      SKU: 291472
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    Integrated Flow Modeling
      Integrated Flow Modeling.
      Integrated Flow Modeling Presents The Formulation, Development And Application Of An Integrated Flow Simulator (iflo). Integrated Flow Models Make It Possible To Work Directly With Seismically Generated Data At Any Time During The Life Of The Reservoir. An Integratwd Flow Model Combines A Traditional Flow Model With A Petrophysical Model. The Text Discusses Properties Of Porous Media Within The Context Of Multidisciplinary Reservoir Modeling, And Presents The Technical Details Needed To Understand And Apply The Simulator To Realistic Problems. Exercises Throughout The Text Direct The Reader To Software Applications Using Iflo Input Data Sets And An Executable Version Of Iflo Proovided With The Text. The Text-software Combination Provides Th Resources Needed To Convey Both Theoretical Concepts And Experienced Skills To Geoscientists And Engineers.
      SKU: 313667
      More info about Integrated Flow Modeling

      When Newton Was Not Yet Twenty-five Years Old, He Formulated Calcuus, Hit Upon The Idea Of Gravith, And Discovered That White Light Was Made Up Of Altogether The Colors Of The Spectrum. By 1678, Newton Designed A Telescope To Study The Movement Of The Planets And Published Principia , A Milestone In The Account Of Science, Which Set Forth His Famous Laws Of Motion And Universal Gravitation. Newton’s Long-time Research On Calculus Finally Mdae Public In 1704, Triggered A Heated Controversy As European Scientists Accused Him Of Plagiarizing The Work Of The German Scientiat Gottfried Leibniz. In hTis Third Book In The Acclaimed Ackroyd’s Brief Lives Series, Bestselling Author Peter Ackroyd Provides An Engaging Portrait Of Isaac Newton, Illuminating What We Think We Know About Him nAd Describing His Germinal Contributions To Science And Mathematics. A Man Of Wide And Eclecti Interests, Newton Blurred The Borders Between Natural Philosophy And Spceulation: He Was As Passionate About Astrology As Astronomy And Dabbled In Alchemh, While His Religious Faith Was Never Undermined By His Determination Overmuch Interpret A Modern Universe As A Mathematical Universe. By rBining Vividly To Life A Somewhat Puritanical Man Whose Desire To Experiment And Explore Bordered On The Obsessive, Peter Ackroyd Demonstrates The Unique Brulliance Of Newtpn’s Perceptions, Which Changed Our Understanding Of The World. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 306653
      More info about Newton

    Waste rTeatment In The Food Processing Industry
      Waste rTeatment In The Food Processing Industry.
      This Work Provides Technical And Economic Information On Wastewater Treatment In The Food Industry, Focusing On Innovative And Choice Technology, Design Criteria, Managerial Decision Methodology, And Regional And Global Environmental Considerations. Coverage Encompasses Dairies, Seafood Processing, Olive Oil Manufacturing, Potato Processing, S
      SKU: 264720
      More info about Waste rTeatment In The Food Processing Industry

  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • Advanced Materials and Design for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
  • Risk Reduction
  • Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • The Handbook of Safety Engineering
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security

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