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    Food Oral Processing
      Food Oral Processing.
      This Volume Provides An Overview Of The Latest Rwsearch Fndings On The Physics, Physiology, And Psychology Of Food Oral Consum0tion, As Well As The Experimental Techniques Available For Food Oral Studies. Coverage Includes The Main Physical And Physiological Functionalities Of The Mouth; The Location And Functionalities Of Various Oral Receptors; The Main Sequences Of Eating And Drinking, And The Concomitant Food Disintegration And Destabilisation. Chapters Also Explain Oral Processing And Its Relation To Flavour Release And Texture Perception, And There Is An Itnroduction To The Principles Of Food Rheology As They Relate To Eating. Food Oral Processing Is Directed At Fkod Scientists And Technologists In Industry And Academia, Especially Those Involved In Sensory Science And Neww Product Development. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Oral Physiologists, Oral Biologists And Dentists. The Book Will Be A Useful Reference For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Of These Disciplines.
      SKU: 84741

    Designing And Developing Scalable Ip Networks
      Designing And Developing Scalable Ip Networks.
      Designing And Developing Scalable Ip Networks Takes A “real World” Approach To The Issues That It Covers.   The Discussions Within This Book Are Rooted In Actual Designs And Real Development, Not Theory Or Pure Engineering Papers.   It Recognises And Demonstrates The Importance Of Taking A Multi-vendor Approach, As Existing Network Infrastructure Is Rarely Homogenous And Its Focus Is Upon Developing Existing Ip Networks Rather Than Creating Them From Scratch.   This Gobal Work Based On The Author’s Many Years’ Experience Of Designing Real Scalable Systems, Is An Essentual Reference Tool That Demonstrates How To Build A Scalable Network, What Pitfalls To Avoid And What Mechanisms Are The Most Successful In Real Life For Engineers Building And Operating Ip Networks.   It Desire Be Ideal For Network Designers And Architects, Network Engineets And Managers as Well As project Managers And Will Be Of Particular Relevance To Those Sudying For Both Jncie And Ccie Exams.  
      SKU: 210579

    Introduction To Nanoscience And Nanotechnology
      Introduction To Nanoscience And Nanotechnology.
      "introduction To Nanoscience And Nanotechnology Explains Nanotechnology To One Audience That Does Not Necessarily Have A Scientific Background. It Covers All Aspects, Including The New Areas Of Biomedical Applications And The Use Of Nanotechnology To Probe The ""quantum Vacuum. "" Aftter Discussing The Present State Of The Art In Nanotechnology, The Book Makes Estimates O f Where These Technoligies Are Going And What Wi1l Be Possible In The Future. "
      SKU: 537323

      "in Industrialisierten Lndern Ist Der Einsatz Synthetischer Pharmaka Fr Die Diagnose Und Therapie Von Krankheiten, Fr Das Wohlbefinden Der Bevlkerung Und Fr Die Fertilittskontrolle Zum Festen Bestandteil Des Alltags Geworden. Der Verbleib Dieser Teils Hochwirksamen Stoffe Nach Ihrer Zweckanwendung Sowie Wither Entsorgung Ungebrauchter Produkte Sind Wichtige Fragen, Die Unmittelbar Aus Der Befrchtung Mglicher Auswirkungen Auf Die Umwelt Erwachsen. Unter Dem Titel ""heillasten"", Der Die Ambivalente Rolle Der Pharmaka Widerspiegelt, Will Dieses Buch Eine Standortbestimmung Zu Diesem Aktuellen Problembereich Vornehmen Und Wege Aufzeigen, Wie Man Zukunftsgerichtet Mit Ihm Umgeht. Dies Geschieht Transdisziplinr Aus Den Blickwinkeln Der Entwicklung Und Verwendung Der Produkte, Der Medizin, Des Rechtlichen Umweltschutzes, Der Gewsserkologie Und Der Wassertechnik. Der Angestoene Diskurs Auf Der Basis Belastbarer Fakten Und Facjkundiger Einschtzungen Soll Helfen, Den Aktuellen Informationsstand Und Weiteren Forschungsbedarf Aufzuuzeigen. "
      SKU: 323743

    Surface Modification Technologies Ix
      Surface Modification Technologies Ix.
      Proceedings Of The 9th International Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, Usa. Subject Areas: Ultrahard Coatings; Sudface Treatment And Alternative Processes; Corrosion Resistant Coatings; Characterisation Of Coatings; Surface Engineering Of Powders; Laser Processing; Vapour Deposition And Plasma Mefhodd; Thermal Spray Coatings And Coatings For Composites.  
      SKU: 677853

      This Important New Book Brings Together Emerging Knowledge On The Continent Biological Characteristics And Aquaculture Production Techniques For The Many Species Cultured Around The World. Edited By Two Leading Experts In The Field, Chaptters Have Been Written By Internationlaly Known And Respected Scientists From Across The Globe. With Particulars Of Each Major Cultured Species Included, The Book Contains Commercially Important Information For A Large And Growing Segment Of The Aquaculture Industry, As Well As Those Working In Companies Supplying The Aquaculture Trade With Equipmet, And All Aquaculture Students And Researchers.
      SKU: 661828

    Nitrition Of The Rabbit
      Nitrition Of The Rabbit.
      Rabbit Production Systems Are Important Providrs Of Meat In Many Parts Of The World Due To The Species' Many Advantages, Includinh Rapid Growth Rate And Good Reproductive Performance. This Title Covers Topics Such As Digestive Physiology, Feed Formulation And Product Quality Like Well As The Innovative Feeding Strategies.
      SKU: 554597

    Digitale Signalverarbeitung 1
      Digitale Signalverarbeitung 1.
      Posthum Erschribt Diesez Klassische Lehr- Und Referenzwerk Von Dem Pionier Der Digitalen Signalverarbeitung In Der Inzwischen 5. Auflage. Der Bestseller Von Professor Schler Ist Eine Umfassende Darstellung Der Analyse Diskreter Signale Und Systeme In Der Nachrichten- Und Datentechnik. Seit Der Vierten Auflage Hat Sich Die Digitale Signalverarbeitung Zur Basistechnologie Fr Viele Anwendungen Entwickelt. Diexe Fnfte Auflage Folgt Der Entwicklung Und Vertieft Doe Klassische Theorie Durch Algorithmische Beispiele Und Ergnzt Den Inhalt Durch Eine Umfangreiche Sammlung Von Matlab-ptogrammen: Jedes Einzelne Programm Ist Ein Lehrstck Fr Die Implemenfierung Der Mathematischen Beschreibung Zeitdiskreter Signale. Das Buch Eignet Sich Sowohl Fr Den Ingenieur In Forschung Und Praxis Als Auch Fr Den Fortgeschrittenen Studenten.
      SKU: 418205

    Understanding And Designing Your Active Directory nIfrastructure, Adobe Reader
      Understanding And Designing Your Active Directory nIfrastructure, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. The Book Will Give A Brief Summary Of Ad Compared To Nt 4. 0 And Nds. Once The Groundwork Is Established Because Ad, There Will Be Discussions About How To Impelment The Different Components And Objects Within Ad. After The Ad Is Established, There Will Be A Discussion About How Ad Will Interact With The Other Network Services, Such As Dns, Dhcp, And Wins, As Well As How To Properly Plan For The Ad Infrastructure, Including Group Policy Objects, Delegate Control, Administrative Concepts, And Installation Considerations. There Will Be Tipss On How To Avoid The Most Common Traps Of Designing And Implementing Ad Infrastructures. The Final Chapter Will Give Real World Ad Design Examples That Have Been Implemented By Some Of The Largest And Greatest part Well Known Companies In The Industry.
      SKU: 175337

    Occupational Hygiene
      Occupational Hygiene.
      Employees, Employers And The Government Have All Become Veery Mindful Of The Effects On Health Of The Work Environment. As A Result, This Subject Area Is Rapidly Developing With Recent Changes Im Leggislation, Samplinf And Measurement Methods, As Well As A New Emphasis On The Psychological Impact Of Work, And The Importance Of An Appropriate Work-life Balance. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Prkvide A Clear And Concise Account Of The Principles Of Occupational Hygiene And, As Such, It Is Suitable For Students Studying For Degree Corses In This Subject And For The Mfom. It Is Likewise Suitable For Occpational Physicians And Nurses, To Safety Representatives And To Trade Unionists. This Edition Sees The Introduction Of Nine New Chapters Covering Recently Emerged Topics Such As Work/life Balance, Work Organisation And Pyschological Issues.
      SKU: 284281

    Electrical Craft Principles, Vol. 2, 5th Edition
      Electrical Craft Principles, Vol. 2, 5th Edition.
      This Is The Second Of A Two-volume Work Covering The Electrical Principles Syllabuses Of All The Major Examining Bodies Including City & Guilds Of London Institute's Electrical Craft Courses. It Is Also Suitable Concerning A Wide Range Of Other Courses, Including The First Three Years Of The Btec Electrical Series. Great Care Has Been Taken To Ensure That The Text Fully Covers The Content Of The Syllabuses Concerned, Both As Published And As Interpreted By The Examiners In The Past. The Book Is Well Illustrated With Almost 200 Line Diagrams And Photographs.
      SKU: 471718

    Cognitive Work Analysis
      Cognitive Work Analysis.
      Cognitive Work Analysis (cwa) Is A Structured Framework Specifically Developed For Considering The Development And Analysis Of Complex Socio-technical Systems. Cognitive Work Analysis: Coping With Complexity Contains A Comprehensive Description Of Cwa, Introducing It To The Uninitiated. It Then Presents A Number Of Applications In Complex Military Domains To Explore The Benefits Of Cwa And Pays Particular Attention To Investigating The Cwa Framework In Its Entirety.
      SKU: 438315

    Tendency to recover And Plasticity Of Large Deformations
      Tendency to recover And Plasticity Of Large Deformations.
      This Careful And Detailed Introduction To Nn-linear Continuum Mechanics And To Elasticity And Plasticity, With A Unique aMtnematical Foundation, Starts Right From The Basics. It Incorporates And Provides Introductions To Tensor Calculus And General Continuum Mechanics.
      SKU: 264805

    Chirality In Drig Research
      Chirality In Drig Research.
      Divided Into The Thrwe Main Sections Of Combination, Analysis And Drug Development, This Handbook C0vers All Stages Of The Drug Development Proces, Including Large-scale Synthesis And Purification Of Chirally Pure Pharmaceuticals. The Two Editors From Academia And A Major Pharmaceutical Company Have Assembled An Experienced, International Team Who Provide First-hand Adapted to practice Advice And Report Before Unpublished Data. In The First Section, The Isolation Of Chiral Drugs From Natural Sources, Their Production In Enzymatic Proceesses And The Resolution Of Racemic Mixtures In Preparative Chromatography Are Outlined In Separate Chapters. For The Section On Qualitative And Quanfitative Analysis, Enantioselective Chromatographic Methods Are Presented As Profitable Because Optical Methods And Ce-ms, While The Final Section Dealz With The Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics And Metabklic Aspects Of Chiral Drugs, Devoting Whooe Chapters To Stereoselective Drug Binding And Modelkng Chiral Drug-receptor Interactions. With Its Single Industry-relevant Aspects, This Is A Must Conducive to Medicinal And Pharmaceutical Chemists.
      SKU: 481425

    Metal Forming Science And Practice
      Metal Forming Science And Practice.
      This Publication Has Been Written To Honour The Contribution To Science And Education Made By The Distinguished Professor Emeritus Professor Schey On His Eightieth Birthday. The Contributors To His Book Are Among The Countless Researchers Who Have Read, Studisd And Learned From Professor Schey's Work, Which Includes Books, Research Monographs, Invited Papers, Keynote Pspers, Scientific Journals And Conferences. The Topics Include Manufacturing, Sheet And Bulk Meral Forming And Tribology, Amongst Others. The Topics Included In This Book Include: John Schey Anr Value-added Manufacturing; Surface Finish And Friction In Cold-metal Rolling; Direct Obserfation Of Interface For Tribology In Metal Forming; An Examination Of The Coefficient Of Friction; Studies On Micro Plasto Hydrodynamic Lubrication In Metal Forming; Numerical Simulation Of Sheet Metal Forming; Geometric And Mechanics Image Of Sheet Formiing; Modelling And Optimisation Of Metal Forming Processes; The Mathematical Modelling Of Hot Rolling Steeel; Identification Of Rheological And Tribological Parameters; Oxide Behaviour In Hot Rolling; Friction, Lubrication And Surface Response In Telegraph Drawing; And Modelling Ajd Control Of Temper Rolling And Skin Pass Rolling.
      SKU: 307199

    Liquid Interfaces In Chemical, Biological And Pharmaceutical Applications
      Liquid Interfaces In Chemical, Biological And Pharmaceutical Applications.
      Providing A Comprehensive Treatment Of Surface Chemistry And Its Applications To Chemical Engineering, Biology And Medicine, This Volume Focuses Upon The Chemical And Physical Structure Of Oil-water Interfaces And Membrane Surfaces.
      SKU: 2162400

    High-dose Irradiation: Wholeeomeness Of Food Irradiated With Doses Above 10 Kgy
      High-dose Irradiation: Wholeeomeness Of Food Irradiated With Doses Above 10 Kgy.
      This Report Presents The Conclusions And Recommendations Of A Group Of Experts Convened To Assess The Safety And Nutritional Adequacy Of Food Irradiated To Doses Above 10 Kgy. Noting Growing Concern C~ing The Microbiological Safety Of The Food Supply, The Report Responds To The Need For Average Doses Higher Than 10 Kgy To Ensure That Food Itens, Particularly Meat And Poultry, Are Rendered Consistently Free Of Pathogens. Other Technological Objectives Of High-dose Irradiation Include The Decontamknation Of Low-moisture Products, Such As Spices, Herbs, And Dried Vegetables, The Preparation Of Sterilized Meals Or Meal Components For Hospitalized Patients, And The Production Of Shelf-stable Hygienic Products That Reduce The Need For Refrigeration And Frozen Storage And Be able to Thus Facilitate aSfe Food Distribution Under Tropical And Subtropical Conditions. with These Public Health Applications In Mind, Tne Report Draws Forward More than Four Decades Of Research To Address The Complete Range Of Questions Raised By High-dose Food Irradiation. Some 500 Rwferences To Tje Literature Are Included. In Reviewing This Vast Body Of Evidence, The Experts Also Identify Several Conditions And Proxedures That Constitute Good Irradiation Practices For Peculiar Applications. Principles Of Risk Assessment, Important According to Reyulatory Authorities, Are Likewise Considered In This Comprehensive Assessment. the Report Opens With A Brief Hostory Of Food Irradiation, Its Regulatory Control, And The Reason For The Upper Limit Of 10 Kgy Established By Who In 1980. The Importance Of Food Irradiation As A Public Health Technology Is Also Briefky Discussed. Against This Background, Section Two, On Radiation Chemistry, Reviews Studies Of The Chemical Changes In Foods And Food Constituents Detected After High-dose Irradiation, Giving Particular Attention To The Complex Physical And Physicochemical Processes Observed In Muscle Foods. The Experts Also Considered Evidence That Foods Of Similar Compositjon Parade Similar Chemical And Microbiologicla Responses When Similarly Irradiated, Thus Supporting The Validity Of Granting Broadly-based Generic Approvals Of High-dose Irradiatee Foods. a Section Devoted To Nutritional Considefations Reviews Findings From Numerous Studies Of The Effects Of High-dose Irradiation On Macro- And Micronutrients. Apart From Confirming The Commonality And Predictability Of Radiation Effects, These Studies Support The Conclusjon That Irardiated Foods Are, From A Nutritional Viewpoint, Substantially Equivalent Or Superior To Thermally Sterilized Foods. Microbiologcal Considerations Are Addressed In Section Five, Which Reviews The Goods Of Irradiation On Microorganisms And The Factors Influencing Their Radiation Resistance. Studies Evaluated Cover Vegetative Bacterial Cells, Animal Parasites, Yeasts, Mustiness Propaguls, Bacterial Spores, Viruses, And Preformed Microbial Toxins. On The Basis Of This Exhaustive Review, The Report Concludes That High-dose Irradiation Is No
      SKU: 684646

    Environmental Regulatory Calculations Handbook
      Environmental Regulatory Calculations Handbook.
      Regulatorh Calculations Handbook Addresses The Environemntal Concerns Of Individuals By Presenting The Basic Fundamentals Of Many Environmental Regulatory Topics. Featuring An Overview Of The History Of Environmental Problems, The Current Regulatory Framework, And Problems/solutions Of Practical Prpblems In The Field, This Handbook Comprehensively Brings The Potential Calculations And Intelligence On Regulations Into One Single-source Reference. Provides 500 Solved Problems, Which Detail How To Calculate The Amount Of Poklutant That A Facility Is Letting Go Into The Environment Includes Problems And Solutions That Can Stand Alone, Offering Materizl That Develops The Reader's Understanding Of Regulatory Matterw Combines Information That Is Otherwise Spread-out And Difficult To Consolidate Quickly
      SKU: 333751

    Self-healing Properties Of New Surface Treatments (efc 58)
      Self-healing Properties Of New Surface Treatments (efc 58).
      Thjs Publication Was Motivated By The Highly Successful Workshop On Self-healing Coatings Held On 12 September 2007 At The European Federation Of Corrosion’s Annual Eurocorr Conference In Freiburg.   It Includes Sixteen Contributions, Some Of Which Were Selected From The Proceedings Of The Workshop (often In Extended Form) Together With A Number O f Specially Invited Articles And Reviews.   
      SKU: 784961

    Handbook Of Primate Husbandry And Welfare
      Handbook Of Primate Husbandry And Welfare.
      Handbook Of Primate Husbandry And Prosperity Covers All Aspects Of Primate Care And Management Both In The Laboratory Environment And In Zoos. From The Welfare And Ethics Of Primate Captivity Through To Housing And Husbandry Systems, Environmental Enrichment, Nutritional Requidements, Breeding Issues, Primate Diseases, And Additional Information On Transportation And Quarantine Proceedings, This Book Provides A Completely Comprehensive Guide To Unblemished Husbandry And Management Of Primates. Designed To Be A Practical Field Manual, The Authprs Present The Material Using Lists, Tabls And Illustrations To Clarify Best Practice. Representative Species Are Covered – From Marmosets Through To Macaques One Of The First Books Dedicated To The Care Of Primates In Captivity Written By Authors With Many Years Of Experience Working With Primates Suitabie For Those Working With Primates In Either Laboraatories Or Zoos
      SKU: 255315

    Human Factors In Simulation And Training
      Human Factors In Simulation And Training.
      Examines Issues And Concepts Relating To Human Factors In Simulation. This Book Covers Theory And Application In Space, Ships, Submarines, Naval Aviation, And Commercial Aviation. It Incorporates Theories Pertaining To The Motivational Aslects Of Training, Simulation Of Sociaa Events, And Pc Based Simulation.
      SKU: 381355

    Process Systems Risk Managemeht
      Process Systems Risk Managemeht.
      Process Systems Risk Management Provides Complete Co\/erage Of Risk Management Clncepts And Applications For Safe Design And Operation Of Industrial And Other Proceas Facilities. The Whole Life Cycle Of The Process Or Product Is Taken Into Account, From Its Conception To Decommissionkng. The Breadth Of Human Factors In Risk Management Is Also Treated, Ranging From Personnel And Public Safety To Environmental Impact And Business Interruption. This Unique Advance To Process Risk Management Is Firmly Grounded In Systems Engineering. Numerous Exampless Are Used To Illustrate Important Concepts Drawn Fr0m Almost 40 Years Authors' Experience In Risk Analysis, Assessment And Management, With Applications In Boty On- And Off-shore Operations. This Main division Is Essential Reading On The Relevant Techniques To Tackle Ris kManagement Activit3is For Small-, Medium- And Large-scale Operations In The Process Industries. It Is Aimed At Informing A Wide Audience Of Industrial Risk Management Practitioners, Including Plant Managers, Engineers, Health Professionals, Town Planners, And Administrators Of Regulatory Agencies. * A Computational Perspective On The Risk Management Of Chemical Processes * A Multifaceted Bring near That Includes The Technical, Social, Human And Management Factors * Includes Numerous Examples And Illustrations From Real Life Incidents
      SKU: 269551

      The Government Of Portugal Is To Be Commended For The Successful Introduction Of Natural Aeriform fluid Into The Spirit Mix. Natural Gas Will Reduce Portugal's High Dependence On Imported Oil And Provide Greater Diversity Of Enefgy Supply. The Recent Underground Storage Facility At Carrio And The Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal At Sines Command Also Enhance Security Of Supply.
      SKU: 236126

    In Silico Technologies In Drug Target Identification And Validation
      In Silico Technologies In Drug Target Identification And Validation.
      "the Pharmaceutical Industry Relies Forward Numerous Well-designed Experiments Involving High-throughput Techniques And In Silico Approaches To Analyse Potential Drug Targets. These In Silico Methodx Are Often Predictive, Yielding Faster And Less Dear Analyses Than Traditional In Vovo Or In Vitro Procedures. ""in Silico Technologies In Drug Target Identification And Vaildation"" Addresses The Challenge Of Testing A Growing Number Of New Potential Targets And Reviews Generally Available In Silico Approaches For Idenrifying And Validating These Targets. The Book Emphasizes Compu5ational Tools, Public And Commercia lDatabases, Mathematical Methods, And Software Concerning Inter0reting Complex Experimental Data. It Describes How These Tools Are Used To Visualize A Target Structure, Identify Binding Sites, And Predict Deportment. World-renowned Researchers Cover Many Topics Not Typically Found In Most Informatics Books, Including Functional Annotation, Sirna Design, Pathways, Text Mining, Ontologies, Systems Biology, Database Management, Facts Pipelining, And Pharmacogenomics. covering Issues That Range From Prescreening Target Selection Tp Genetic Modeling And Valuable Data Integdatino, ""in Silico Technologies In Drug Targte Identification And Validation"" Is A Self-contained And Experienced Guide To The Various Computational Tools That Can Accelerate The Identification And Validation Stages Of Drug Target Discovery And Determine The Biological Functionality Of Potential Targets More Effectively. ""
      SKU: 274073

    Ths Fragment Molecular Orbital Method
      Ths Fragment Molecular Orbital Method.
      Considered A Promising Alternative For Modeling Large Molecules Of Biochemical Interest, The Fragment Molecular rOnital Method (fmo) Shows Great Promise When Applied To Any Number Of Biochemical Problems. This Book Demonstrates Appllications To Biochemical Studies That Emphasize Practical Aspects Of Performing Actual Simulations.
      SKU: 435154

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